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The Art of Genuine Selling: Shifting the Entrepreneurial Mindset

by Marissa Rehder
June 26th 2023

In this episode of the Marissa Rehder Show, Marissa talks about shifting the entrepreneurial mindset when it comes to selling. Many entrepreneurs struggle with the idea of selling because they worr... More

All right. Welcome back to another Monday mindset episode of the Marisa Raider show. I'm so excited that you're here today. Today, we are talking about what to do when you feel like selling is for lack of a better word. Icky. So hop on into the episode. I'm so excited that you're here and let's get started. Welcome. Welcome. I'm so darn excited that you're here today. And this is something that I hear all the time selling is icky. So many businesswomen struggle with the idea of selling because they worry it might come across as pushy or self serving. But the thing is is that you have to remember that selling is actually a way of serving your community. Ok. People are here because they like you, they are in your community because they want to hear from you. They want to know what you have to offer. You are adding value to their lives and they want you to be a part of it. And so we have to push past that idea that selling is sales.

Now, there are definitely sales selling tactics and I hope to bring on an expert in that on the podcast real soon. So if you know one drop, drop their names into my D MS because I'd be happy to interview them. But for now, I want to help you with the mindset piece around the fact that we often feel like selling is not ideal. So first thing is is that when you think about selling, don't think about of it as a way of making money. I want you to emphasize the benefits that your product or your service provides to your customers. What are you giving them? What value are you providing in their lives? What problems are you solving? When entrepreneurs understand how their business can solve problems or make somebody else's life better? It does not feel icky per se. It gives you more confidence about promoting what you're selling.

The next part is, is just share your story. People want to connect with you, they want to be a part of your journey and they want you to be a part of theirs. And so share how your business came to be, build that trust with them, show up authentically. This makes selling feel less like a city sales pitch and more like a genuine conversation. That's what's key here is getting rid of the pitch and actually focusing on the conversation that you can have with people when you're creating content that centers around your products and your services do it in a way that gives value that acts like a genuine conversation next, you need to reframe the language that you use. So instead of using words like sell or market, try using phrases like serve or help. This can help you reframe your mindset and see yourself as a problem solver rather than a sales person.

Another way to avoid that icky sales feeling is actually building relationships when you focus on building relationships with your customers, instead of just making a sale, provide value, engage in the conversation, build genuine connections, create an environment where selling feels natural and authentic. So don't just start conversations with people to make the sale, like, genuinely be interested in people and what they're doing and what they have to say and what their story is and how you can incorporate your story into where they're at to make that sale. And then the last thing is, and this is the hardest piece when you have to overcome that selling is icky feeling or mindset is that you have to practice, practice, practice and more practice. The more you practice selling and promoting your business, the more comfortable and confident you're gonna become and it's gonna seem less like a rehearsed sales pitch and it's just gonna flow more naturally, which is what we all want.

So start small work your way up, whether it's through social media, pulse networking events, email marketing. With time, you're going to realize that selling is just another way of serving your community and helping others achieve their goals. This is something that I personally have struggled with time and time again. I struggle to sell my product and myself and to know what it is that the, the people I'm talking to want to hear what changed that for me was getting to know the people that I wanted to use my products. What is it that they're looking for? What could I create that filled a need for them? Instead of just creating something to create something created it with my consumer in mind? What is it that they're looking for? What do they need? Help with? What problems can I actually solve for them that they find value in? And that right there changed my entire outlook on selling because now I wasn't just selling a product that I came up with.

Now I'm selling something that I know that they need and they know that they need and that alone has been complete altering for my business and my mindset. So just to recap here really quickly start off by focusing on the benefits, not the selling emphasize what you have to offer to your customers and the value that you have incorporate your story into it, reframe your language, you're not selling, you're not marketing, you're serving and you're helping build those relationships with your customers and then practice, practice, practice, practice and start small. You guys just start, that's the key to this. So I hope you found this mindset Monday episode. It was fast and furious, but this is a powerful one. So go ahead, share it out, help me grow the podcast here. The goal is 10,000 downloads still working on it. So go ahead, share this out. Um Leave a review, let know when you've done that, I'll send you a little special, something that I have that I only offer to people who leave reviews and it's top notch.

It is a tool kit for the rene running a business who is also trying to build their faith. So if that's you go ahead, leave a review and I will get it to you for free when you send me that screenshot on Instagram, my handles at Marissa Raider coaching and I can't wait to hear from you.

The Art of Genuine Selling: Shifting the Entrepreneurial Mindset
The Art of Genuine Selling: Shifting the Entrepreneurial Mindset
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