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The Liza Impact: Empowering Struggling Go-Getters with Liza Heidelberger

by Marissa Rehder
August 25th 2023

In this compelling episode titled, "The Liza Impact: Empowering Struggling Go-Getters with Liza Heidelberger," we delve deep into the life and work of our guest, Liza Heidelberger. Drawing from a d... More

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Hey, hey, welcome back to another episode of the Marisa Raider Show and I have another lovely guest with me today. Her name is Lisa and I met her last year at the woman to woman conference and I could just feel the calm that she brings into a room. And it was amazing. And then after talking to women that have worked with you, Lisa, I was like, oh my gosh, I need more Lisa in my life. So welcome and a little bit about you. Yeah, thank you. Yes. Thank you for having me. Yeah. My name's Liza Heidelberger, um live in Sioux Falls South Dakota and have um been in my business for three years now, which is really exciting um called released Emotional Health Solutions. And just to this understanding that man, there are things that we all need to be released from, but also things we need to be released into. And that's I think, you know, when people end up coaching, coaching and doing what I do, um It just comes from a huge part of, of my story um of things that I personally experienced and, and I did the hard work, I did the hard work and got the training and, and did the a lot of the own my own inner work and, and I'm still doing it, which is a huge part of, of everything that is wrapped up in who I am and, and what I do.

And so I hear that so much that um you bring the calm in the room or people like they say that all the time um that comes from a really special place that doesn't mean I'm always the calm person all the time. You could ask my kids and my husband. But it's like, it's, it's a result of doing a lot of work and, and ultimately for me to, you know, my faith is, is such a huge part of, of who I am and what I do. So, yes, earlier this summer you did a, we met on Mondays and it was just an hour or so of women coming together and celebrating their faith and being intentional, 10 intention, intentional towards their heart, intentional about their faith and building it into their week. And that was such a non-negotiable for me, the space that you created and the approach that you took to, that was just a testament to your ability to communicate what God is putting on your heart.

And it made me even more excited to have you be a speaker at the conference this year because I was like, my gosh, this is, it's just, and it just, you walked away just feeling really good. Yes. Yes. Yes. And yeah, it's um it's interesting because a lot of people like, I'm, I'm not overtly, you know, like very faith based with all my marketing. I have a huge heart to work with everyone. Like the things that I've been trained in, they're for everyone. Um But those spaces that like, we're really just really getting in the presence of God like God. God does things that no healer or no person trained like I am would, would be able to do. And so, yeah, it was really special having all of you in that and to be able, that was like a business planning space to, so to be able to really set time apart and, and hear from God clearly about what he has for business I think is it's, it's, it's how I run everything and, and what I do.

So it was really cool to be able to that. Uh Well, and I just like a testimonial wise to that space that you created. I went into it not really knowing what to expect, but it was the beginning of summer. My kids were home, our daycare closed back in December, which I think I mentioned in like every episode because I still have some ptsd from that. Like, did we really do this? Is, is this really like now? Right? But I went into it thinking, ok, am I really meant to be doing this coaching? Am I really meant to be putting on this conference? Am I also supposed to be doing this product based business? I was feeling kind of chaotic and didn't really know I wasn't taking the time to sit with myself and sit with what my purpose was and I was ready to give up one or the other just to have some calm in my life and that whole month every time I left a phone call we had some time to sit and kind of marinate and it, I hate that word, but it really was just some time to sit and, and feel and think, and listen and, and take in what we, I was supposed to be doing with all of the things.

And every time I walked away from a phone call, I had a very clear understanding and I was able to see the signs from the week before or the pushes that were, that were being brought my way that I was maybe ignoring or that I was like, I'm trying to simplify life, like quit trying to make it harder for me. Like that's not supposed to be what's happening. Like the goal is to like, be calm so that I can be a better person and a better mom and all of these things. And what really happened was I learned to do those things in the thick of the busy season. I was still able to make time for my kids. I was still able to make time for my habits and all of the things. And I was no longer feeling like I was pulled in 1000 directions and you did that, like you presented the space and even if you weren't like holding my hand through the whole thing and like, ok, tell me about it, you know, like your approach is very different than like going to a therapist and needing somebody to, like, walk you through step by step.

What should I be doing and giving validation? It allow, it gave me permission to like, actually listen. So that's just like, that's just a side point to Liza here. Like that's my own personal experience. So if that doesn't tell you on coming and listening to her at the conference, I don't know what does Yeah. Oh, I love that because it's such a personal um testimony of what actually happens with, with the work that I do and the work that I've had to do for myself, right? And learning that there's just noise, there's like experience that kind of creeps up in our lives and that can be health wise. And for me personally, like, I will have seasons where I experience a lot of chronic pain and that, you know, I'm just coming out of another season of that. And man, if I'm in pain, like, and I'm not sleeping well, things get funky and you know, so I'm like, OK, how do I need to, you know, that's, those are the seasons of life that have really pushed me into like, how do I come back here? And so for me, there's so many people out there that have so many pieces to the puzzle.

But for me, it was discovering um and rediscovering in a lot of ways, like my nervous system, this whole bodily system that people are starting to hear we're learning more about because of COVID and talking about our bodies and the effects of trauma and all of that. Um And then also like our emotional system, how are like our emotions and those aspects of our personality and maybe old thought patterns like creeping in and kind of taking over and when those can, when that can all step back and, and just have, you know, give that space, then that's where that, yeah, that calm is that that thing that really is resonates with a lot of women. But it's that space of like love and joy and peace and um being to really able to fully experience that without having the filter of these, these other emotions and, and inner agendas that sometimes run in, in our subconscious that we don't know about.

And so that's, that's a huge part of what I do is helping um women discover like you, you were designed to protect yourself in a lot of ways, right? In the trauma, trauma field, we talk about that a lot. But man, you were also designed to heal and for those of us in that faith based community, you were designed like in that space, you can meet the healer in really, really beautiful and profound ways. So, yes. So my, I was just talking to my friend Shannon um July. The end of July, beginning of August is like kind of a hard time for me. Um I lost my grandpa in high school at in July. I never got to say goodbye. Like, just always had some trauma around that lost my best friend from childhood in a car accident. A few years later. And now this year my grandma passed away back in February, but we didn't have her burial because of just weather and family things. We ended up doing it in July. And so right after the fourth of July, we were up there and I realized that it had been like 18 years since I had been to see my grandpa and like, revisited it.

And I was like, every July ish, whether I'm like acknowledging it or not, it's like that I still have trauma that is like subconsciously in there. And she was like, ok, so your stress doesn't know if you're being chased by a lion or if you know, like your fight or flight doesn't understand if it's a real imminent threat or not. Like it just skyrockets. And so being able to like, recognize that and, and be in tune to yourself. And what I love about what you do is you work with the nervous system, which we all know, like grounding it. Um One of the activities that I with my, my oldest has some sensory things, some trauma from birth that we're working through. Like that's a whole whole other story. But like, what's something you can see right now, what's something you can feel right now, what's something you can hear? What do you taste? What do you smell right now? Just working through those senses so that she can get back in the present moment and move past whatever it is that's heightening her anxiety at the time.

And so being able to work with your nervous system in a way that's like that. Most of the people that I've encountered are not Christians who do this work and they are en energy healers. They are telling you that the universe is doing these things. And so when I met you and you were a woman of not just faith but of strong faith who lives biblically, not just by what, you know, modern day Christians are manipulating to be like that was something so huge and such a great connection for me to make with you because I feel like it's really easy to get lost. And we know that we need these things in our lives and we need to regulate our nervous system. But finding the right person to help you facilitate that is, yeah, like the whole, the whole point of all of this, like you need to do it in a way where like you are not, you're not saying I can heal you. You know, like you're saying no, let me get you to a place where you can be healed, you know, like open to it with God, the true healer, you know, I don't know, there's just something so powerful about that piece of what you do.

Yes, I love that. And it, for me, it all comes back to understanding that we are, we're spirit, soul and body and so often we've like disconnected from, from the body and there have been other realms of, of like healing and things like that where like they've kind of taken that up. Um But man, for me, I'm like, where's the science? Where's the science show me? Like, can I register this in biology somewhere in psychology? Um So even what you were talking about with like going back and, and kind of like your body reliving some things from 18 years ago, like one of the things for me is that your body remembers what your mind forgets. And um that one of the really important things to understand about trauma is like there's trauma, traumatic memories, that's a trauma that's stored in parts of our brain where there's no time stamp. So when that's hit, it feels like, you know, you're that that age again and you're so right that initiates that limbic response and, and puts us into to fight flight and, and you're, that's, that's where that phrase um triggered comes from.

Like it's old information in your system that's getting poked at and you're living not only just in your body but from what I do from um the like the psychology or an ifs standpoint is there are actually like aspects of our, our personality that, you know, have, have kind of like held onto those young memories in, in those young places. And so I don't know if you have ever thought of this, but, you know, maybe you can think of a time where you had an interaction with someone or you did get triggered and you're like, oh dang, I actually like that felt what came out of me, felt really young, you know, um or interacting with this person. I'll often ask like, if, if there's a hard interaction with someone, I'll be like, OK, let's just take a little bit of time to reflect how old did you feel in that interaction? And they'll be like, oh OK. And then how old did that person feel when you are interacting with them?

And so, you know, even like this has been helpful for me and my husband sometimes when we're getting in arguments, it's like, oh OK, we're 16 in this interaction right now. We're, we're not 43 and 49 we're back. We're like, our teenagers are, are coming out strong in this interaction. Like let's just step back and come back to being adults. But the whole point is that you recognize it to like move on from it and, and almost kind of laugh about it. And that's something that I have to constantly remind myself. It's easier for me to recognize that um for myself. But for, for our oldest daughter and, and there are, like you said, there are different personalities that it seems to have a bigger effect on my middle child. Can, it can roll right off and she'll be fine. My youngest, she basically, like, like we'll give you the middle finger and walk away and she's over it. It's done. It never comes up again. Like she, she's like, whatever.

But my oldest, she, she's eight and I don't talk a ton about it because it's, it's, it'll be her story to tell someday. But she had a very traumatic birth. Um, she had, she filled a newborn screen. We ended up taking her to the NICU on our own. Like our doctor called and we drove her there, which they had never done before. I accepted a baby that had been at home for a day and then came into it. Like she was poked, she was prodded, they ran in so many tests on her and she started having sensory issues that were, I mean, at like 12 months old, like refused to wear socks, like had a wholly fit if socks were on, you know. And so we found out through physi uh physical therapy and just different things that if this was still happening at like seven or eight, it's probably a trauma response to how she came into this world basically. And so she's been doing therapy and doing stuff. But when she's triggered, she goes back into baby talk, she goes back into needing her blanket, her security blanket and she, she just wants to be left alone and she eventually will come out of it.

And if you leave her alone, it, it happens much quicker. But that's all things that we know and, and we're working on her personality type is, is so much different than the other two. But I'm like that and I can see myself in her and I know what a struggle things were all through my childhood and into my young adult life until I recognize some of these things. And so having someone like you in even a child's life is, can be life changing. I think of like if we've known the things that we know now when I was a kid, you know, how amazing would that have been? And yeah, I just have to keep reminding my husband like, no, we do not want our eight year old talking like a baby, but that just means there's more work to do. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And what a, what a blessing for this generation, you know, like when you think even the trauma field didn't even really emerge, you know, until we were maybe like, you know, born or just a little bit, you know, before that.

So this is all very new information that's, that's permeating the culture now. Um the fact that like for you that like you're working on that, that's generational impact, that's so huge. Yeah. And so a huge part of my background is um I, I was an autism team leader and worked with um kids with autism diagnosis of autism, sensory processing disorders, things like that for almost a decade. And then I went into ministry for about another decade and got to a point where I was like, I was just, I was hitting walls. I was, you know, I'd say things like I feel like I'm running on a treadmill. That's too fast for me. I can't keep up. Um, I would like, have these crashes where I'd have like a migraine and be knocked out for three days and then I'd come back and be ready to go again. Um, it was just like, and, and finally it got to a point where my body just shut everything down. Um, I went, it just like I hit a wall so hard that I had no choice but to find answers.

Um, I would wake up in the middle of the night and I'd already be crying and shaking. My body was just like responding to all these things. So, um, I was going to a, a therapist and kind of like an inner healing prayer person and they both gave me books on trauma in the same week. And I was like, ok, well, there's something, there's something here and that was, that's really what brought me back to nervous system work. Like, all of the things that we do with kiddos, just like what's happening with, with your child now that, that doesn't have to be specialized, you know, like we need those, we need those things too. Um Our nervous systems are, are just as like important and especially as when it comes to trauma, a lot of that that translates for us too. Um And then I just happened to find some other things that worked really, really well for me and got certified in it and I now get to teach it to people, but all of that is so full circle.

Yes. And it's funny that, that you talk about that because um that's what my talk is going to be on is like your journey through entrepreneurship and how we feel like it should look this way and, and it definitely does not look anything like that. It's the fact that you've been able to merge you, you did something for 10 years and then you did something else for 10 years. And now what you're doing is an accumulation of how God prepared you to be at this exact moment and helping the people that you're helping in the way that you're helping them. And I literally have goose bumps from like I like on my head down to my toes right now, just thinking about how many amazing that is that you, it took you to get to that point and it would have been really easy to be angry and be like, God, why are you doing this? Like, why can't my body just do what it's supposed to do? But what it was was it was that moment where he was, like, you've been ignoring me.

Do I have your attention now? Absolutely. Yes. Yes. I was actually thinking about it yesterday. I was like, you know, it would have been really, because one of my, one of my considerations coming out of high school is to be a therapist. And I was like, oh, I don't know if I could, like, do that. I think that'd be really hard. But now it's like 20 years later, it's so I'm not a therapist, I'm not a licensed therapist. Like I'm, you know, there are certain people that are specialized to work with certain types of people. I have my certain type of people that I work with just to be super clear about that. But like, it's so like the uh that I had to go through my, my own journey and it's a journey of hope too, right? Like I did spend months in, in bed almost like it was hard to get out of bed and force myself to even go get a drink of water in the morning and make sure I was eating enough and like I had hit so hard. Um but it's also a story of redemption and a story of hope and um a story of, of God's goodness to be on the other side of those things and to look back and to see like God's hand in every single moment to get you from here to there is, is so powerful and so powerful.

Oh, my gosh. I, my husband struggled with that too. A little bit when I left teaching because he was like, you still have student loans from becoming a teacher and you're leaving the profession altogether. And I'm like, hi. Yes, it is me. I am doing that but it got to the point where I had been talking about leaving and I had this five year plan and it was, I was gonna do all these things. And all of a sudden, my school board didn't like my stance on teacher mental health and how um schools should be taking that into consideration, especially coming out of the COVID era into the transitioning back into the classroom and all the extra expectations that were gonna be on us. And they presented me a letter that said we can dictate your secondary employment. We no longer support your business. So it's us or it's your business. I think it was three weeks before school started in 2020 that fall. And I walked out and I called my husband. I was, I had tears streaming down my face and I said I just quit my job and I was in a complete panic.

Uh He's self-employed. So there were all of our benefits, any stability that we had an, an entire income. My kids only had ever known me being in the building where they were at for day care and school and everything else. Like, I basically, in a matter of 30 seconds made a decision that uprooted our entire lives. And now we fast forward three years and I can't even imagine what life would be like if I was still in that situation. But once again, it took something so drastic for me to, like, walk away and do what I've been called to do and knew I'd been called to do it for years. I mean, it was, it was a good solid three years that I was, that I felt that pull and I was like, when I'm ready, when I'm ready, I will leave. When I'm ready, I will leave. And finally, God was like, you're not ready, but I will make you ready. I totally understand that that has been a pattern for me where I will stay probably about a year longer in a situation that I need to because I'm like, I'm just gonna make this work.

I'm gonna show up. I'm gonna, yeah. No. Ok. I think power through it'll be fine. I'm strong enough and God's like, I don't care. Yes, you are. But that's not what we're doing. Exactly. Exactly. Yes. Yes. Yes. And, yeah, I think that's where, like, discernment and all of that really comes in too and, and being able to, to discern through a lens. That isn't true. You know. Yes. Oh, my gosh. Well, and that's, um, heather, one of the other speakers at the conference. She's talking about how obedience is a blast. And I am like, people are gonna read that and they're gonna be like, I'm gonna leave before this. No, I'm just kidding. But I used to have such a hard time with obedience and I, if somebody told me not to do something, I would do it twice just to say, see, like that's just like, it's an, it's a part of my personality that I've had to really like condition to not be present, but that discernment and that obedience.

And it's, it's funny how I did not have, I don't really go into picking my speakers with a really solid plan. I don't know if I should admit that to people, but I am like that person. There's just something in my brain that says that person, that person, that person, and I've yet to be turned down really to have speakers at this conference. So this is the second year we're going on eight speakers and I've yet to really be turned down. But all of the speakers have aligned so perfectly every year and, and the things that you're going to talk about align with what Heather is gonna talk about and that aligns with what I'm gonna talk about. And then Maddie and Melissa's speeches tie into what I'm also gonna talk about. And so it's like this giant web of like come and you are going, it's like a holistic approach that is really unplanned for. Yes. Yes, I love that.

That means that's gonna bless some people. There are gonna be people that are coming or they're on the fence and they're hearing this and they're like, ok, I know there's something special and I need to, I need to be part of that. I need to come. So, yeah, if you're a person that's on the fence, just come, that's like you will not be disappointed. And I'm not just saying that because I want you to come like it is, there's something so powerful and you came last year, you attended the conference and I people asked me to describe it and I'm like, I don't have words. So maybe you're better at describing. Yeah, I struggle too. Oh, I loved it. I loved the atmosphere from first walking in. It was just, it, it was warm, it was welcoming, it was like um it was calm. That's like it was just, it was just open. And um the every speaker like I, you know, a lot of times you go to conferences and you're like, I can't even remember the name of that person that spoke.

But every speaker I can remember something that stood out and, and was important and then the connections like there was just so much space for connections and what has come out of that conference for me personally has been just so rich and fulfilling, but also for my business has been huge. So, um it's just like there's so many, it, it really is its community, it's encouragement, it's connection. Um, and I walked out of there and the gals that with we were just like, that's amazing. We're coming back next year. So, yes. And a little did you know you are. We are. Yeah, you're coming back this year by popular demand. You're coming. Oh, I love it. Yes. I, and that is kind of exactly what I wanted. I wanted a space for all of those things for women and I connected with so many people and honestly, I walked away feeling like, like during the the networking parts, I felt like I just kind of wandered around because I didn't know what I should personally be doing.

And I'm like, dang, I missed out on so much of that relationship building and being present with the people and really getting to know people and their stories. But what came from it was now, even almost a year later, I'm still making connections with people that came to last year's conference. And that's amazing. And just even getting to know you and Melissa attended and Heather attended last year and just knowing the, the relationships that we built and are able to bring a second conference is just phenomenal and to know that that happened for other people's businesses being in that same room and not just for the conference itself is, makes my heart so happy because that was the whole, the whole point of the entire event. So that's so good. Yeah. Awesome. Well, I'm so glad that you could be here with me today. Is there anything that you wanna share that? You're like, I just, I have to get this out into the world or I'm gonna regret it.

And no, I feel like we hit on so much. Um But the one thing that I always come back to is like, so often we don't know what we don't know. So if something hit or resonated or even like hearing part of my story or some of the things that you shared, like you make sense, you make sense and it's not what you're experiencing, maybe in your body and your emotions. It's not something that you have to push away or shame away or like, you know, fight against. They're actually just man, if you can get into that space where, where you can heal and be released, be released from those past burdens, be released into what God has next for you. Um That's, that's such a, a powerful thing. Just gets me so excited for, for people and, and their story and God's story in their lives. Oh my gosh. I absolutely love that. Where can people come and find you? Like, where do you like to hang out with people on, in on the internet, in the internet, whatever.

Yes, I'm on Instagram. It's at Liza dot Heidelberger. I've been really quiet on there but you can like come talk to me and I will, I will interact with you. Um And then I'm on Facebook and my website is Liza Heidelberger dot com. So perfect. I will link all of that in the show notes so that be super accessible for everybody. But thank you so much for being here today and both Lisa and I are gonna be here. Cheering you on. Yes. Thank you. Thank you for joining us for another episode of the Marissa Raider Show. Our goal here is to support and encourage female entrepreneurship along with managing the everyday chaos. Life throws our way. We strive to help women who want to take their lives and business aspirations to the next level and know that that takes focus, dedication and hard work to get there for more great content for Marisa. Be sure to check out her website www dot Marissa Raider dot com or follow her on Instagram at Marissa Raider coaching. See you next time on the Marissa Raider Show.

The Liza Impact: Empowering Struggling Go-Getters with Liza Heidelberger
The Liza Impact: Empowering Struggling Go-Getters with Liza Heidelberger
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