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July 7th 2021
Ep. 15: Money Is Important: Make It Your New BFF!

Perpetuating the narrative that money isn’t important is damaging, it’s toxic and it's time to break that cycle.

Money is important and in this episode Jade gets into why and shares ... More

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June 23rd 2021
Ep. 13: You're Not Crazy...Or Sick! You're Elevating! (The Symptoms)

Have you been feeling a bit funky recently? Like you're crazy? Or maybe even like you're coming down with something? If the answer is yes, this is the episode for you! 

In this e... More

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April 14th 2021
Ep. 4: Why The Law Of Attraction Isn't Working For You

So many people watch ‘The Secret,’ read the book, listen to the audiobook and all of the things and they're hyped...Que all of the amazing desires, dream boards and expecting desires to just f... More

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April 7th 2021
Ep. 3: Three Hacks To Shift Your Mood And Elevate Your Vibe

We alllll have our days and moments where we get into a funk! That's part of being human and that's a part of life, but with these 3 hacks that Jade's sharing, no longer will you hav... More

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March 31st 2021
Ep 2: The Truth About Forgiveness And Why You Need It

No doubt you're familiar with the idea of forgiveness, but have you really harnessed its superpower to help you elevate and have it all? In this episode Jade's getting into the truth abou... More

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March 26th 2021
Ep. 1: How Your Positive Vibes Could Be Holding You Back

In this episode of Soul Growth, Jade's getting into positive vibes and positive thinking and why all of the positivity *could* actually be holding you back from elevating your life an... More

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