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Ep. 13: You're Not Crazy...Or Sick! You're Elevating! (The Symptoms)

by Jade Stoner
June 23rd 2021

Have you been feeling a bit funky recently? Like you're crazy? Or maybe even like you're coming down with something? If the answer is yes, this is the episode for you! 

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that life, you've been secretly dreaming of the one that keeps whispering to you, reminding you that you're meant for more, it's meant for you and it is possible your part in making it all really is to get your inner game on point and I'm here to help you do just that. I'm jade stoner, host of soul growth, the podcast, transformational life and soul coach, online content creator and entrepreneur. I've spent over 10 years studying living and breathing, personal and spiritual growth and I'm here to help you elevate so that you can live the life you love inside and out. You are worthy of more and your time is now. So let's do this. Hello and welcome back to this week's episode of soul growth where I'm getting into elevating symptoms what they are, what they look like in real life and why you're not crazy, sick, weird or any other label that you've put on yourself when you're experiencing these symptoms, which are part of the package when you're doing the inner game work and elevating your life and you think that because these elevating symptoms are a part of it, more people might be sharing about the shadow side of healing, but I found that they're not and for years that left me feeling like I was crazy, you know, I'd be getting all of these symptoms time after time and when it became a regular recurrence, I started to feel like I was making stuff up and making excuses for not getting stuff done, like I was lazy or being melodramatic and all of the things and when people would ask me, you know, what have you been doing, What have you been up to lately?

You know, pretty standard questions, I'd start to feel really uncomfortable because the truth is, most people don't get the path that we're on. They don't understand wanting more in their life and going after it. They don't understand the inner game work involved in that it's often not as simple as say, what you want to sit back and receive it and on top of them not getting it, I didn't understand all of the things I was experiencing. So I had no hope in hell of articulated to them without both of us feeling like I was crazy and there was definitely some level of embarrassment and shame in there too. And so if this is you right now, I get it and I want you to know that there's nothing wrong with you, if you haven't already figured it out, elevating your life, you know, going after your dreams and desires. It isn't so much about the stuff, it's about the becoming, it's about clearing away all that is unlike your true self, everything that's out of alignment with your soul.

The stories, the beliefs, the traumas, the limitations, the perceptions, all of the things that are in the way of you, real life in your soul's desires. And because this journey is about more than the stuff more than your soul's desires when you're on this path, there's no getting off and believe me, I've wanted to let it all go so many times. And I've often joked and said, how I'd really like to leave a note for my soul in some sort of time capsule to remind myself not to sign up for the same level of growth and bullshit in my next lifetime, because sometimes it feels too much, but that's only in my disempowered moments. And part of all of this is learning to rest, not quit, but like I said, even if you wanted to, you can't quit. This is what our souls have signed up for and were never given anything that we can't handle. And also, once you've opened yourself up to this bigger way of understanding life, you can't unknowing and actually, you probably wouldn't want to go back because that just means subscribing to mediocre and settling in your life and just being okay when you know that you're meant to thrive and that would be soul sucking at a whole new level.

So, before I get into exactly what these elevating symptoms look like in your life, I want to be very clear that I'm not a doctor and I'm not giving you any medical diagnosis. I'm simply sharing my experiences with you and what I know to be true from my many years doing this work and understanding your own journey and your own unique experiences that takes some discernment and you're always going to know the right thing to do for you, you just have to listen to your own soul and trust it. You know we're all different and we're all at different stages of our journey and if you do need some medical feedback to put your mind at ease then go do that. So what exactly are these elevating symptoms basically they're the physical aftermath of something shifting in your energy and it's anyway that your body releases the old stagnant energy that your body was holding onto.

And some of the most common symptoms are going to the toilet more than often burping bottom burps cold like symptoms. So blocked nose, sore throat and crying your body holds emotion. It stores old energy and trauma even though you may have no cognitive awareness of this. And so what happens is that when you start looking at old beliefs and stories and trauma etcetera and you start to move and clear all of this old energy whilst it's done instantly energetically we live in a world of duality. So that means as humans, we operate in both an energetic or spiritual capacity and also a physical capacity. So when you clear energetically the scales have to be balanced to clear physically. Which put another way means that your physical body needs to release to match the work that you've done energetically and this is where you start to experience the physical side effects of your body, releasing all of the old crap, the old trauma, the old stories, all of the things.

So going to the toilet more often than usual releasing wind or gas, getting cold like symptoms, All of these are your body's way of releasing the old energy from your physical body. And you can see why you need some discernment when figuring out whether you're actually sick or whether it's your body just releasing in my experience if I feel calm in my body like a piece and it's just my mind, my ego, that's making up all kinds of doomsday stories about what could be wrong with me. I know I'm okay. Remember that ego is based in fear and that's where all of the fear based stories come from. And also if I get sick around the time I've been working through something again for me, I know I'm okay and it's all part of the healing, it's just the physical releasing of what I've worked through energetically crying is another way that your body releases old energy from your physical body and contrary to what you've likely been programmed to believe crying is actually good for you.

And I allow myself to cry more these days because I know that it's just something passing through me, even if I don't know what it is. I just know how I feel and I let the tears flow because that's what energy is meant to do, It's meant to flow and the problems come when you try to suppress that emotion, when you try to block that flow and as you now know, your body stores emotion. So when you don't allow the tears to do their thing, that energy gets stuck and blocks the flow of energy going through you. And that energy then shows up in your physical life as a problem in any area of your life, be that in a relationship or money or your health or whatever, everything's energy and it's all connected. And we've been taught that crying is a weakness, especially for you men. But when you reframe it in this way and look at the truth of crying, it takes on a whole different meaning. I used to call it soul cleansing when I would sob like literally sob with tears.

It felt like such a release. And that is exactly what crying is. It's a release and you cleanse your soul with that release. All emotion has its place in life including tears. So let them be what they are. And you'll find that when you stop trying to fight them, hold them back and suppress them, you'll move through that pain that you're experiencing that discomfort faster. Elevating symptoms can also show up as headaches, sneezing stomach cramps or stomachaches. You might find yourself super tired and needing to get more sleep even napping during the day. Your appetite may change. So that could mean that you don't want to eat even though you're hungry. I know makes a lot of sense, right? Or it could mean that you eat more than you usually do and I've experienced all of these and more, and sometimes I get multiple symptoms all at the same time. So don't be alarmed if you experience the same. I've been physically sick on occasion. I felt like I was going to be sick.

I have woken up feeling like I was hungover even though I hadn't drank in over a week and just sometimes it looks like feeling blah for no logical reason, it really is a whole barrel of fun on this journey. But like I shared, there's no getting off this rollercoaster. So it's best that you learn to embrace it and understand how to roll with it rather than wasting your energy trying to fight it, it's going to catch you either way in my experience. I also believe that as well as the body physically releasing old energy, these symptoms also show up as a way of getting us to slow down and learn new ways of being because here's the thing, we're not machines and were not meant to be or go, go go all of the time. It's about us learning to let go and surrender and trust. Even though that took me a few goes to figure it out. But when we let go as well as creating the space for us to grow.

You also create space for other things to come together, Even things that perhaps you hadn't even thought of. Sometimes it's just about us getting out of our own way. So elevating symptoms like the ones that I've shared, they usually show up when you're healing old stories and memories etcetera, basically doing the deep inner game work like cleaning house to welcoming your desires. So now you know this, you can be more aware of and learn to roll with the punches because that's what this is all about. And if you're not already, it's likely that at some point you will start experiencing some version of these elevating symptoms around specific times of the year, such as full moons and powerful energy portals or times like the summer and winter solstices and eclipses. Now I don't know loads about any of these things other than their times when a hell a lot of high vibrational energy is basically being downloaded to us and I have mostly come to know this and understand this stuff through my own experience.

So I would be filled in all out of salt's super, super tired for no apparent reason, emotional and all kinds of things that I've shared with you and I would literally feel like I was crazy at times. You know, there'd be no logical reason as to why I was feeling this way and then the universe would semi clarity and it was usually and still usually because it still happens now is in the form of post on instagram from energy healers or astrologists sharing how some big thing is going on in the preface. You know, this thing called the Schumann residents had spiked really, really high and all of these other things that I had had no idea were a thing. And then when they'd share the potential symptoms, Nine out of 10 times they would be bang on the money with what I've been experiencing. And I think to myself, I'm not crazy and it was such a relief. It was almost like getting a validation, but I still feel uncomfortable sharing that stuff with my friends, what I was experiencing, even though we're all doing some level of inner game work, it would feel very vulnerable to share how I was feeling and what I was going through.

But now I'm used to it and I understand that it's part of the work even though sometimes it is bloody inconvenient and I often joke and I'm like, I feel like I say this all the time, but, and then I go on to share how I've been feeling and what I've discovered is going on like there's a full moon eclipse or whatever is going on at that time. And the conversation that got me the most was the instigator for me sharing this extended part of when elevating symptoms show up was speaking to my cousin earlier this week and I shared how I had woken up feeling her over for no reason. Like I think I've actually woken up feeling better when I had been drinking, that's how bad I felt. And she sent me a voice note sharing how she'd been feeling and crying for no reason the day before and all of these other things, these symptoms that she was feeling and she had no idea why she was feeling like it and how she thought she was getting sick. And I was like, wow. And I shared how the next day was the summer solstice.

And there was a lot of powerful energy around that and most likely why she was all in her fields and that brought her some level of peace and understanding that there was something bigger than her at work and also that I guess she felt like she wasn't crazy. There was some understanding as to why she was feeling the way she was. And again, I don't know the ins and outs of the solstice, but I know enough to know that it's a really high level energy vortex that can potentially bring a lot of sh it up. And it's not about making you feel bad, it's come up for you to clear it to release it. And that's the uncomfortable but necessary side to elevating your life and in those exchanges with my cousin, I realized that I had to share this probable cause of elevating symptoms being triggered with you too because I recognize that there are a lot of people needing to hear this stuff right now, that you need to hear it right now and if you don't need it right right now, I know that you will soon.

And when it happens, you're going to be like, oh yeah, that episode of soul growth that I listened to where jade was like, you're not crazy, you're not sick. You know, these are elevating symptoms and having that understanding will massively help you. So what can you do to help you navigate through the times you're experiencing all of these things first off, remember that you're not crazy and also that you're not alone. I know like that it can feel like it when you're going through it, but you're not alone. And if you haven't already, I really encourage you to set the intention to find your soul family, the ones that you can have these kind of condos with and share how you're feeling unapologetically when you need to because trust me, it makes so much difference. Another really big thing I want you to get is that when you're in it, when you're experiencing these elevating symptoms don't fight it, just accept it because when you try and fight it, you create resistance and that resistance just builds up a bigger barrier for you to overcome.

And I know this may be easier said than done for some of you and that's okay. That just means that that's your journey, your path and there are more things for you to learn in that letting go and remember that it's all soul growth. The more you work on your inner game, the more you do this work, the faster and easier you'll find yourself moving through the physical elevating symptoms if you get them at all, a couple more tips for you, drink lots of water. This helps to flush out what you no longer need and helps to rebalance your body rest. It's very likely that you'll be tired regardless of what activates your elevating symptoms, whether it's you doing some deep inner game healing work or it's something going on at a universal level. Honor your body, show it some love and rest as much as you can get out in nature. It's medicine for your soul and it will help to ground your energy and not make you feel so lightheaded and all out of sorts meditate.

Give yourself this time of going with him. You don't have to sit with your legs crossed in your eyes closed. I get cramps sitting like that. So when I meditate, I sit on a chair and I also like to do walking meditations. When I'm out in nature, it doesn't matter so much how you meditate just that you give yourself that time of sitting in silence or being in silence and going inside and really checking in with you and how you're feeling and what messages your soul and the universe are trying to communicate with you eat foods that feel nourishing to your soul and you might think that I mean eat aquino a salad and avocados. And if that's what your soul is nudging to you, nudging you towards then by all means, go do that, go eat that. Just know that it could also mean pizza cake and ice cream. It's whatever your body wants again, honor your body. I call this intuitive eating.

So I very much check in with myself and if I feel like eating something that is considered healthy, I'll go eat that, but I won't force myself to eat that thing. And if I want to go and eat something that's considered not so healthy, I go do that and I don't give myself any ship for eating that I'm honoring what I want to eat. Listen to your soul and trust it. Have an epsom salt bath, keep a crystal on hand, basically all the things that I shared with you in episode nine. And if you need a recap, go back and have a listen. All of those things will help you move through your growth more effortlessly when you're experiencing elevating symptoms. This is the time to turn yourself, love, dial all the way up, Be gentle with yourself, be kind and be patient, it will pass and you will get better and better at navigating your way through these times And again remember you're not alone and most of all you're not crazy.

So that's all for today's episode, share your favorite soundbites on social and tag us at soul growth podcast and use the hashtag Soul growth podcast. I love to see how all of this is helping you to elevate so don't be a stranger and until next week I'm out, Big love. Thank you for hanging out with me today on soul growth. I hope you enjoyed listening to the show as much as I loved creating it for you. I have no doubt that there was something in today's episode that you were meant to here. So whatever nudges and inspirations you had while listening, trust them and act on them. That's your soul speaking to you. If you haven't already, make sure you're subscribed and following the show on your favorite platform, so you'll be the first to know when the next episodes dropped and if you're wanting more of the good stuff, follow me on. It's stuff that I am jade stone

Ep. 13: You're Not Crazy...Or Sick! You're Elevating! (The Symptoms)
Ep. 13: You're Not Crazy...Or Sick! You're Elevating! (The Symptoms)
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