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Ep. 3: Three Hacks To Shift Your Mood And Elevate Your Vibe

by Jade Stoner
April 7th 2021

We alllll have our days and moments where we get into a funk! That's part of being human and that's a part of life, but with these 3 hacks that Jade's sharing, no longer will you hav... More

that life, you've been secretly dreaming of the one that keeps whispering to you, reminding you that you're meant for more, It's meant for you and it is possible your part in making it all really is to get your inner game on point and I'm here to help you do just that. I'm jade stoner, host of soul growth, the podcast, transformational life and soul coach, online content creator and entrepreneur. I've spent over 10 years studying living and breathing, personal and spiritual growth and I'm here to help you elevate so that you can live the life you love inside and out. You are worthy of more and your time is now. So let's do this Hello and welcome to this episode of soul growth where I'm sharing three of my favorite hacks with you to use when you need to shift your mood and elevate your vibe, Let's be real.

We all have our days and moments where we get into a funk that's a part of life and if you've listened to episode one, you'll remember that your negative vibes have their place in your life and they also have a lot of wisdom to offer to help you grow and it's great to have some tools, some hacks to help you elevate your vibe for after you've processed the feelings that don't feel so great or when you know you've done the work and the crappy feelings that are coming up for you. Just the hangover habits from whatever it is that you've let go of and before now perhaps your go to pick me ups have been things like shopping, which many people like to call retail therapy, food, sex and anything sex related alcohol drugs binge watching a Tv show insert your own vice. And whilst for the most part these things are okay in moderation, turn into these things as your default coping mechanism when sh it gets rough, that's not healthy or sustainable.

You know, enjoy what you want just for the fun of it, not because you feel you need it in some way. There's a massive difference energetically and otherwise in that. So I'm here to share a few more options to add to your arsenal for when you're not feeling like your best self that are healthy. Wholesome feel good and can be fun too. So use them when you're feeling blog or use them when you're already feeling good and you just want to vibe even higher because you know, that's where you move into ultimate creation mode. So let's get stuck in my first hack is sound and sound is a really powerful tool to use to shift your mood and elevate your vibe because it works with our natural rhythms. Everything in the world that we live in is based in frequency and vibrations including us. And this isn't just some new age way of thinking. It's scientifically proven. We all vibrate at certain frequencies and when we're feeling low vibe emotions like sadness, anger, disappointment, frustration and all of the other things, our energy is literally moving at a slower pace and it makes us feel heavy and when we're feeling high vibe so emotions like being happy, excited, free in love and all of the other good feelings.

Our energy moves at a much faster pace, making us feel light energetic and just really good. So when you're feeling down, sound works with your energy to raise your vibration. And that's why listening to music can be a really powerful hack to shift your energy and elevate your vibe. And you've probably heard sayings like music is good for your soul and music is medicine and I 100% believe this to be true. And you can probably think of times where music has transported you somewhere in your mind when you danced and felt amazing or just simply how listening to music makes you feel good, full stop. That's not a coincidence. And this is exactly the power I'm talking about music is powerful and a great way to feel good. You know, I can think of so many times where music has uplifted me or given me strength in some way, songs and sometimes whole albums have given me life and helped me to navigate through a challenging situation and whether it's the lyrics of a track or just the melody and the way the track has been put together, it's a vibe and many times when I feel worn out, I put on some of my favorite tunes and it's like I can literally fill myself coming back together and I begin to feel alive again and fulfilled and it's an amazing feeling listening to music is sometimes when I create my best work.

So music is a huge one for shifting your mood. So the next time you're not feeling on your a game, put on your favorite song, turn it up and let it work its magic. And remember you don't have to wait until you're feeling blah to listen to your favorite music, listen to it just because you want to and you want to take your good feelings to the next level when you're in that place of feeling good. That's when you're sending out the signal that you're open and ready for more good feelings to come your way and you normalize having and holding on to good vibes in your body. Now there's a reason that I didn't just name this hack music and I specifically called it sound and that's because as well as music, another of my sound goto's are sound baths not as well known as music right now, but sound boss are definitely on the popularity rise. Sound baths are kind of like a Barfield energy and an amazing way of moving and releasing any stuck stagnant energy inside of you.

So it's basically clearing out the crap, realigning yourself in your chakras and basically making space for the good feelings to flow in. They're slightly different to music in the, when you listen to music, you can be doing whatever you choose to do. Sound baths are more of a meditative experience. So it's more of a make the time lay down quietly and listen to the power of the music in the sound bath. And the way this music is created is using a variety of healing instruments. So that could be crystal singing bowls, gongs or chimes for example, and it really depends on the teacher and what they choose to use and also on the intention of what the healing is being used for. So, back before the world got shut down in 2020, you could take part in a sound path in a venue and I went to two like this and really enjoyed them. Although since trying them remotely slash online, this is now my new favorite way of doing a sound bath because I'm not distracted by anyone else.

But I say find whatever works best for you and whether you do a sound bath in a group setting in a venue or online or you hire a sound teacher to give you a V. I. P. 1 to 1 session or simply go on youtube and find one there to listen to just give it a go and experience the benefits for yourself. And what I'll do is I'll link a few people and video that I've used in the episode notes before I wrap this hack up, I have to share my final sound hack with you and that is binaural beats And these are something that I started using around 2,018 and I absolutely love them. They basically work on different frequencies that your left right here register at different levels. Honestly, I don't understand the full science behind them, but I do know they work. If you're the kind of person that needs to know the ins and the outs of everything, then our friend Google can definitely help you out there.

The way I look at this is I have no idea how electricity works and yet I still enjoy the benefits of it. Same with a car, I don't know the ins and outs of a car and nor do I need to know so that I can drive one, I just need to know how to drive it. And in the case of binaural beats, I just need to know where to find them and listen to them. Um My go to for listening to binaural beats is Youtube. And you can simply search binaural beats and see what it throws up and also see what you're being nudged towards what you are being drawn towards if you want to. You could search for binaural beats for specific uses. So, like, concentration or stress relief anxiety and the like, and I tend to listen to binaural while I work and also when I'm feeling heavy energetically. They're great for shifting your vibe, releasing negative energy and elevating your vibe.

And I believe in the power of binaural so much that I actually had a bespoke track made and I incorporated some powerful affirmations into the track too. It's called Elevate Your Success from the Inside Out, and you can get your hands on this exclusive track by downloading it using the link in the episode notes again, as with sound baths, give binaural beats to try and find what works best for you. So moving on to hack number two, Hack # two is movement. Moving your body is another powerful way to shift your mood and elevate your vibe. And very often the reason that you can find yourself feeling less than great is just because your energy is stagnant and it needs to move energy needs to flow. And that's part of the reason exercise is really great, not just for your physical health, but for your mental well being too. So exercise is a great way to start working out the kinks in your energy.

It is really, really important that you do the inner game work and become aware of your inner thoughts and beliefs and memories and stories, etcetera and how they impact your life. And this shouldn't be bypassed if you do, you're only ever treating the symptom and not the actual cause of your negative emotions and all of these hacks can help you to process and work through those feelings and to keep your in a game in check. You know sometimes a low vibe feeling is as I shared earlier just a habit meaning that sometimes you've done the work around whatever it is. So you've cleared the route and this habit is just an old habitual way of being that you need to let go of. And all of these hacks can help you regardless of why you're funk is showing up. So the next time you're feeling less than great go and exercise.

Whether that's working out in the gym, going for Iran boxing yoga, whatever your thing is go do that, you can dance while listening to your favorite songs of course. Also going for a walk and moving your body in that way is also powerful. Could ride a bike, skate whatever it doesn't matter so much as how you move your body as it does. Just actually moving it. And a great bonus here is for you to walk or cycle etcetera in nature because being in nature is its own special kind of medicine with a multitude of benefits. So go to a forest or by the sea and fill your vibe. Elevate all the way up. So my final hack that I want to share with you is emotional freedom technique which is better known as E. F. T. Or tapping. And it is really really powerful for shifting your mood and elevating your vibe an F.

T. Works by tapping on your body. Seven meridian points. And as I understand these are the same points that are using acupuncture and E. F. T. Works to help you balance your energy. It's a great tool for calming your body down in times of stress and anger and frustration, et cetera. As well as helping you to feel more confident attract your desires into your life and feel more high vibe. Like with some of the other hacks that I've shared with you that you may be unfamiliar with. It's one of those where I say just give it a try. You know I could wax lyrical about tapping and you might try it and you may not like it. As with everything else in life there isn't a one size fits all. You know I've met people that absolutely love tapping and I've met others that can take it or leave it. I highly recommend checking out the tapping solution. This is the name of the company I first learned tapping with and took one of their courses. And again I recommend Youtube. Another resource that I've used a lot similar to binaural beats.

Search tapping for whatever it is you're looking for you know tapping for feeling happy tapping for raising my vibration. You get the idea and you'll be shown suggestions. Graduates is a very popular teacher and he's got a lot of videos for you to follow along with. So you don't need to worry about knowing where all of the tapping points are and whether or not you're doing it wrong. It's really, really easy and You just follow along with the video and the videos are usually around 6-7 minutes long. Once you've learned the tapping points which are above your eyebrow side of your eye, underneath your eye, above your mouth, your chin, your collarbone and the top of your head, you can tap any time you start to feel yourself getting into a funk. And it's also a really great tool to teach the Children in your life too. I talked jaden a few years ago and now it's part of his arsenal. So anytime he starts to get in a mood or if he's upset about something, he has that tool to help him process his emotions and shift his vibe.

Again, I'll link a few resources for you in the show notes, for you to check out and to get you started. So there you have it free of my favorite hacks for shifting your mood and elevating your vibe sound. So music sound baths and binaural beats, getting your body moving and eft tapping. And I've already said it and I'll say it again. Use them. They will only work if you use them right there isn't any need for you to be at the peril of everyone and everything outside of yourself in your life. The truth is, you often can't control much of these things outside of yourself, but you can absolutely control what goes on inside of you. Sure might take you a minute to get this on lock, but it's absolutely doable and it's needed, it's time for you to stop giving your power away. You're meant for more and getting a handle on your inner game and learning how to work with it when you're having a moment or when you're stressed is part of the growth that is needed for you to attract the more that you desire into your life.

So that is all for today's episode, share your favorite Soundbites with us on social at Soul Growth podcast and use the hashtag Soul growth podcast. So, until next time I'm out, thank you for hanging out with me today on Soul growth. I hope you enjoyed listening to the show as much as I loved creating it for you. I have no doubt that there was something in today's episode that you were meant to here. So whatever nudges and inspirations you had while listening, trust them and act on them. That's your soul speaking to you. If you haven't already, make sure you're subscribed and following the show or your favorite platform. So you'll be the first to know when the next episodes drop and if you wanted more of the good stuff, follow me on it's stuff that I am jade stone

Ep. 3: Three Hacks To Shift Your Mood And Elevate Your Vibe
Ep. 3: Three Hacks To Shift Your Mood And Elevate Your Vibe
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