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Screened (pt.1)

by Joi Mitchell
July 9th 2021

Meet 18-year old lifestyle YouTuber—and much to her dismay—high school senior LYDIA, as

she and her 19-year old college freshman girlfriend TASHA walk through the crowded mall. They dodge sta... More

are you dead ass Michael? You don't have to lie to me by Derek tried to get mike to stay but he knew she was pissed. Are I can't believe you would ask me that then why would you run away from the police? I freaked out. I was called down to the office and saw two officers waiting for me. I felt like I couldn't breathe so I ran out of the school. I couldn't go in there. But Nia, you gotta know. I would never hurt Ronnie if you didn't do it, then turn yourself in. Jason. Stop. No, no. Too late for that little lady about to get his ass. What? I'm going to kill you old man. No, no, get off. Put the gun down. Move. No. Hey you this is tales of the text short fiction stories filled with drama, secrets and plot twists marinated in black team culture. Today's tale is screened meet 18 year old lifestyle Youtuber. And much to her dismay, High school senior lydia as she and her 19 year old college freshman girlfriend, Tasha walked through the crowded mall.

They dodge stairs as a camera hovers over their heads because that's what vloggers do. Right? Hey, y'all walking back to my channel, It's your girl. Really say hi tosh. What's up? So ask you can see we are walking through the mall doing some pre move shopping. Now. Obviously you all know. I'm still waiting on my acceptance to Southwestern and my trunk party isn't for a few weeks, but we thought we do some window shopping to finalize my registry because this one will lose it if she doesn't get a bedspread that matches her dorm Pinterest board. Shut up babe. Anyways, we're about to head into some stores and I don't got time for people to keep staring at me and asking me what I'm recording for. So I'm just going to show you all a little footage of the mall and I'll check back in later. Ak it's hot. The handy videographer will be anyways. Speaking of Pinterest boards and things. You walking by my registry for college gear, dorm supplies and more at the link below in the description box.

Don't forget to check out part one of my college tour vlog after you watch this. See you later. Damn. My arm hurts. That's the name of the game. Right. Right. Well it doesn't hurt to take a break. We could just, you know, enjoy the day together. Can't we enjoy the day while I vlog. Well yeah, but babe, I told you I need my subscriber count the girl within the next few months. The monetization ain't hidin like you needed to. I know I'm sorry. I'm just giving a ton of pressure right now. Until I know if Southwestern except me, I won't know about the scholarship until I know about the scholarship. I'm gonna be sure seem like a motherfucker trying to figure out how I'm gonna pay for this. You got it in the bag league. I'm already knowing. Thanks babe, luckily I got you to look up to mm After catching her breath and Tasha's glorious embrace. Lydia suddenly gains a bitter taste in her mouth. I guess good things don't last forever. You want to go into johnny jazz instead. Hell yeah, I would.

But since when do you want to look at streetwear? Don't play? You know, I'm gonna wanna look you at the football games. Oh so you're going to go to some games with the kids? Whatever. ***. These love birds are so caught up in their band to lydia forgets what put that bitter taste in her mouth in the first place. Until boom. A teacher's pet comes marching her way. And unlike Lydia, teacher's pets, they don't forget much. Hey, Tasha. Hello Deanna ligier. I'm going to stop in johnny jazz real quick. I'll be close. I see you're still up to the Youtube thing. Did I mention teacher's pets? Don't forget much. You already knew that contrary to your self centered beliefs. Everyone is worried about the lie. I mean life you're living online. You seem to me I'm at the mall, not student council. Can I help you? Actually? You can. I'm helping Mr Duncan prepare the graduation presentation and we need to know where you'll be attending this fall for the program slides.

He asked me to check in with you the other day but I didn't see you in class. Right? He'll know when I know it's not set in stone yet. Okay well do you know what you're studying? We could at least work with that. You all will know when I do should know soon. Lydia forces a smile faker than her Birkenstocks. But again, not much scares the teacher's pet either. Okay. Duncan is known to extend grace. I doubt you'd be an exception. One more thing. Yeah. Have you thought of law? You seem like an excellent. What would Michelle Obama do when they go low? We go to hell or whatever are forever. First lady said deep, ready to go in babe. Tasha with the save. Never, ever, ever, ever let a hater see you sweat. Sure am later that day. Damn girl. I told you, tell me when you get home.

I need help making my thumbnail cute. Like yours. Meet Lydia's younger sister Kalen. They have different moms. The apple still don't fall far from the tree. Can we do that tomorrow after school? I'm too tired. You said that last time then. Can you wait until I have the energy to help? You always need this or that? I need some sleep. Fine. So how's Tasha? She's good, headed to the bus stop now. You know what I mean? I don't think I do. Okay. Have you all talked about it? About, about it child? That's another discussion for another day. We're happy now and it's looking like we'll be keeping at this as college grants to I'm glad to hear it. You know, purchase couldn't say the same thing. They're older cousin. She's still broken up over her boyfriend cheating on her as they hit campus. Can high school sweethearts actually become long term lovers. Time will tell and I'm not patty me and Tasha in this thing for good.

Okay. Why you don't believe me, ain't you? The one that's a gay girls move too fast. Yes. In the beginning we're far past six months. So it's a light thing now. Your comprehension is lacking. Little one coming from the girl who skips class like the plague, but more on that later. Well, this little ones off to bed. Dad said, if you want to write in the morning, you best be up bright and early. Mm hmm. Could it be the moment of truth? What's up y'all? So it's here. I just got my decision letter from Southwestern. I'm so nervous. Yeah, I know. I pride myself on being transparent on my channel. But even I don't know if I can handle this. I don't think she can handle this. Alright, I'm opening the email. Wait, should I get my dad? He wants me to sleep right now. Never mind. I want this moment to myself for now. I can tell him tomorrow. You gotta be kidding me. Seriously. Mhm.

Mhm lily. Why are you crying? It's over. Wait, what do you mean? What happened? I was just over there. I told you I was going to my aunt's. No, no goofy as you. I didn't get in. Oh babe, calm down. It is okay as he was and everything. Where's your dad? Okay? You want me to come back your way? All that time I spent on that complicated as common app scholarship applications. Always planning for our future. We're fucking nothing. Fuck this. I guess I'll just be a bimbo head blogger for the rest of my life. Now. You of all people know if you wanted to, you could just flogging thing for real and it wouldn't make you a bimbo now. It wouldn't be my favorite thing in the world for you to do. But josh ouch, truth hurts. But hey Liza the real killer. As long as it's making you happy and paid, I'm here for it. Look, either you get your dad, you get Colin or I do unless you want me to finesse my way in. They're not worth the trouble. I, but we will figure this out.

Maybe by the bus before school I guess. Call me back as you talk to your pops. Mhm Yeah. Hit. They don't call her queen of capturing the moment for nothing. Maybe she can save this moment for the archives you think? No, just a typical day in lily's world. Go to class for video editing session or ditch class for slumber today. She chose both. What else is a girl to do? After a night of tears and a morning flood. It was still on for a little Youtube one oh one Leader. Lydia has her sister in classmate Kaylin to thank for her rare appearance in class. If not for her, she would have ditched altogether. Give me until next week please. I'm too all over the place right now. Shellfish silence is deadly. Deanna. Hi. Hi. Lydia was wondering if you had an update for me? I know as he was your first choice and all.

How would you know? Oh, so you do watch my channel. I got my acceptance letter yesterday night and figured you may have an update for the graduation presentation. I still don't have an update for you, Deanna and I love it. If you allow me to check in with you instead of hounding me for it. Just following Dunkin's orders or I'll also let Duncan know myself. Thanks. Spotted a yellow hard drive as bright as a check engine light from Lydia's computer as she heads to the door. Babe, are you good? Meet me in the parking lot. Look, I just talked to Kaylin. I'll come up there if I have to girl. Where are you? Just get out of school now. Now you know, Lydia has the group chat on DND also known as do not disturb while her phone silently buzzes with warnings. The c student heads for the school doors. That is until she hears an eerily familiar voice on the hallway speakers get louder amongst the quieting student body.

All that time I spent on that complicated as common app scholarship applications always planning for our future. We're fucking nothing. What the and bomb? A teacher's pet making its rounds again, complicated as coming up, huh? Maybe southwestern wouldn't have been a good fit. You might want to stick to the tube for once. Mrs clap back is speechless. When the air is being snatched right from under your nostrils, you either faint or fake the funk lydia said fucking hall and struts in the direction. She was already headed out of that insufferable school. But wait a minute. Who do you think leak the audio? Well, you have to find out in part two. Now that we have your attention. Go to your favorite app, you know, google podcasts, Spotify or apple podcast.

Search tales of the text, Subscribe or follow press play and uh if you like what you hear share with your friends till next time tells of the text podcast is produced with support from P. R. X. And the google podcast creator program created an executive produced by Joy Mitchell writer jenny a green lydia voiced by chema v antoine. Tasha voiced by Israel Raglin. Deanna voiced by canvas air calin voiced by kale Anita long tail narrator. Joy Mitchell sound designed by scott strinic music and special effects epidemic Sound

Screened (pt.1)
Screened (pt.1)
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