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December 18th 2020
Tales to Terrify 464 Sonora Taylor

Welcome to Episode 464. This week we make one last stop in Manitoba to learn the ghostly origin behind a roadside monument. For fiction, we have one tale that follows a boy growing up in a world wh... More

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December 11th 2020
Tales to Terrify 463 David Stevens Stephanie Kubin

Welcome to Episode 463. This week we travel to The Pas, Manitoba to learn a thing or two about fur trappers. For fiction, we have two tales for you. The tale of a girl who needs a hand coming out o... More

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December 4th 2020
Tales to Terrify 462 Leah Capgras Timothy G Huguenin

Welcome to Episode 462. This week we unearth some Icelandic history in the middle of Manitoba. For fiction, we have two tales for you. A man returns to life… and not for the first time. Then, a rep... More

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