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Where to STAY in St. Croix - USVI

by Wendy Payne
July 7th 2021

Last week, I shared where to EAT in St. Croix! This week, I am sharing where to STAY in St. Croix, USVI. This was such a blast meeting all the hospitality small business owners on the island for th... More

Hi, welcome to my podcast, Talking travel with Wendy. I travel the globe interviewing really cool people and small hospitality and tourism businesses join me each week as I discover and share something or someone new with you. You can find more at www dot travel with Wendy dot net and remember it's always an adventure when you travel with Wendy, where should we stay? This? Itinerary element can be tricky in Saint Croix, the U. S. Virgin Islands choosing a hotel. A resort is no exception. Most accommodations on the island are family run small businesses and offer experiences like no other. During my spring visit, I was fortunate enough to meet some of the Hotel BNB resort owners and these are a few of my favorites visiting ST Croix right now is perfect. It's part of the U. S. And hashtag no passport is required as well as using their easy covid travel portal is really simple to so join me today as we look at these incredible stays on the island, let's start with Saint Castle on the beach.

This lovely oceanfront boutique resort hotel in Frederick Stead is located on the western part of the island in one of the most beautiful pristine beaches I've ever seen. The sunsets are breathtaking or should I say will take your breath away. This hotel has exceptional decor class amenities and its staff are Seaview suite was divine, with a little terrace overlooking the ocean and palm trees, a kitchenette fans in every room and breakfast for guests as well as serving lunch and dinner in their terrace restaurant, Saint Castle on the beach amenities include kayaking and snorkeling equipment. It's close to hiking and the island rainforest, two swimming pools, a beach bar and it's adults only boutique hotel and resort. I had the privilege to meet hotel owner chris Richardson, who was a delight, his welcoming spirit and nature make me miss the island and their place. Even while I'm recording this, I have much more information on my exclusive log and you can also check out their website Sand Castle on the beach dot com backslash stay.

Next is the Sugar Apple bed and breakfast. This is one of the newest hotels in san Croix. However, it has a long history in the hospitality industry on the island. Originally built in 17 80 from island materials, you can still see the shells and the coral in the foundation. Later on, it became the pink fancy in 1948. It's been newly renovated and is perfectly located near the pier and christian said the Sugar Apple BNB is such a unique hotel stay in ST Croix. It has a turtle oasis yoga on the patio on Sundays, relaxing pool deck with an upper patio that overlooks the harbor. Our room was spacious. Had a little microwave refrigerator fan, a C. And visiting this past april. We had a delightful, wonderful stay Natalie. The manager is fantastic and handled every request with these for more information on staying at the sugar Apple bed and breakfast. Check out the links in the description below. So Candy and I and my new friend Wendy are here today at the North Shore, North Side Valley in Fredrikstad and Frederick stead and we've just met owner ginger.

She's right over there. So you're definitely going to want to stay with us as I will show you some video of this absolutely precious gem in Fredrikstad. North Side Valley is an eco friendly villa estate located on the western part of the island, featuring eight villas that provide outdoor living space as well as high ceilings and fans for grabbing the ocean breezes. This is truly a one of a kind experience that you'll have on ST Croix. Such a shady, secluded, peaceful area. You may never return home. The villas are within walking distance of swimming holes, the beach and some of the best snorkeling you'll find on the island. It's also close to the rainforest in Mount Washington. If you're looking to do some hiking as well, each villa felt just huge while I was touring them. I wish we had enough days in Saint Croix to stay at all these hotels. I just ran out of time meeting ginger brown vanderveer, the estate owner was a trip and she loves her family property and I love touring it with her. Each one of the villas is unique and special, just like her parents designed them years ago to be parents wished for a house for every child and they had eight Children.

And so they did. They built eight houses. So that's the story and they wished they could do that and they did it. And so see I said, the wishing bridge works and then dining on the dining there and then this little like this was that Wendy was talking about communal spaces and this is one of them. Oh my gosh! Birds! Yeah, that is a little patio here. This house, you know, it just goes on and on. So I want to thank Wendy from go to ST Croix dot com. Thank you Wendy. She's been introducing me to people all over the island, like ginger from north side valley here in frederiksted area. Right? Yeah. So it has been great. I hope you've enjoyed our quick tour and I hope you decide if you're going to come down here and you want an oasis that feels like you're in the rain forest that you come here with wifi with wifi. Thanks number four, the buccaneer.

This elegant and expansive beach and golf hotel resort in ST Croix is amazing. If you're looking for a world class beach resort, stay here in ST Croix. This is definitely your place. Although I wasn't able to stay while visiting this april, I did have a group planned, but Covid got in the way, I was able to go golfing and grab lunch a few times at the terrorists beach restaurant and it was great. I will have more on golfing here in ST Croix, coming up the panoramic views over the ocean. It really made us feel like we were golfing in paradise. Yeah, so we're here at the buccaneer Hotel and golf course. This is an absolutely beautiful resource. It is really inexpensive to golf here and they have lots of things available kayaking, C. J. Say hello when you're here, we're going to go for it again right now. Next is Corals Edge Bed and breakfast. Located halfway between Frederick stead and christian said is the newest premier adults only bed and breakfast on the island.

That actually includes a personal chef. On my first visit to ST Croix in october, we drove past quarrels Edge on our way to cane Bay Beach and I knew I would find out more about this unique accommodation. You have no idea how thrilled I was to find out. Adam's Hain's personal chef and owner was a johnson and Wales alum jules and atoms offer luxurious amenities like a swimming pool overlooking the gorgeous north shore, a bistro dining room, an incredible sunrises and sunsets. There's an honor bar available for BNB Guest and each room has a king size bed, a. C. And a ceiling fan. There's so many more amenities including scuba certification, You're just gonna have to check it out on their website. Corals edge stx dot com. Adam's personal chef skills are exquisite and you can ask for your own private dinner or room service. Their caribbean inspired breakfast includes specialty mimosas, a tomato, ricotta, stuffed crispy baked ham and eggs. Benedict or rum punch waffles.

Just to name a few. A stay at Corals Edge B and B is certainly a one of a kind experience. Visiting ST Croix has been just an amazing experience. If you are hesitant to begin travel again because of Covid, this should definitely be a must see destination on your list. You don't need a passport, they're very safe. Most businesses still require masks and you can even get your vaccine while you're visiting. We felt very safe both times we visited. I hope you check out some of these properties in your research on where to stay in Saint Croix and it's made it a little bit easier for your travel planning. Most of the businesses in ST Croix are small businesses that support local families. If you haven't checked out my vlog on where to eat in ST Croix, check that out too. There's more information on my website. My podcast helps support small businesses and share authentic experiences around the globe. Remember to like follow and share my podcast. I'm also on facebook Youtube and instagram if you're interested in traveling the world, join my private facebook group. Travel planning with Wendy where I share unique tips and information with my group each week.

Thanks for listening. It's always an adventure when you travel with Wendy. Yeah. Mhm.

Where to STAY in St. Croix - USVI
Where to STAY in St. Croix - USVI
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