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Music & Healing with Desi Winter

by Tavi
July 13th 2021

In this episode on Tavi Time, we discuss music and healing with our guest Desi Winter! 


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Yeah. Mhm. Hello everyone, welcome back to my podcast. It's tv and welcome to T. V. Time. Thank you so much for tuning in on today's episode. I appreciate every single one of you. If you don't already feel free to follow me on my social. So I have a instagram podcast page for T. V. Time and it is at Tv time podcast. You can also follow me on my main brand, my riding page underscore T. V. Rights where you can explore all of my literary works, my spoken word projects and so much more. You can also check out my website www dot tv rights dot com on my website. You can find my blog, you can find my merchandise which you can purchase, you can find my poetry book and a lot of other cool things so feel free to check out my website.

I love to have you. I've also added a couple of services on my website so feel free to check those out and I will be glad to assist you Now I am extremely excited for this episode because it is the first time that we will be having a guest and I promise I will be having more guests from now on because I have a lot of people in mind that I want to have on the podcast so that we can talk about real conversations and I'm really excited about it. It's on today's episode. We have Desiree Winter my sister, she's a producer, she's also a musician and she can sing and she can write and she's awesome. So everybody here Welcome my sister does every winter Hi daddy how are you?

I'm so excited to have you on my podcast I've been talking about for a long time and yeah I would love to discuss a lot with you. So this is what this episode is for and I'm really excited about it awesome. Um So do you want to tell our listeners a little bit about yourself? Uh Sure. Hey guys my name is Desiree um Like a pointer. I'm a music producer and artists. Um Well I guess yeah. Mhm. What else to say? I'm music out um on Australian platform so if you want to that's not in my music uh Free to check it out at daisy wants our Apple music, Spotify Sound club, all my social media. There you go. My sister is awesome and we also did a collaborative project together. We put out a single called The Way that you are and it's beat tape.

So yeah go listen to it. It's really relaxing if you like Lo Fi beats. It's definitely for you. We also did a remix is E. P. And we have some different sounds to the an extension of the original on there so feel free to check those out and share with a friend. So on today's episode since my sister, Desiree is a musician and she is obviously a huge advocate for music. Um We are going to be talking about music and healing and I'm really excited about this episode and having desire right here because she's very passionate about music. I'm also very passionate about music, but I feel like music plays a big role in helping us heal. So we're gonna talk about that today. So does he, how important do you think music is too healing? That's a good question. I think music is very important to healing because it's just and all around universal language.

It's just it's something that makes us feel, whether like a song lyrics and you're listening to like what the artist is saying and how they're saying it in like finding a way to kind of take what they're saying and related to a situation that you're in or that you've experienced. And then other ways that I think is very important to healing is how like how you said like within a oh we put out a b tape single and then we put in little ap out and just feel that it gives you listen to it is healing within itself, because you're kind of losing yourself in like getting lost in like your own little world when you listen to me, that's why I like because it kind of takes you out of your day just like I'm home too. I absolutely agree with everything you just said. Um I cannot emphasize enough how important and crucial listening to music has been for my healing and I didn't realize how intense it is and how life changing it is to be able to connect to a song and have it literally illustrate and you know, replicate your own life and your own life experiences one of my favorite songs right now or has been one of my favorite songs is traded by a liberal Rodrigo.

I love this girl, she is amazing. Um, but when I first heard the song, I didn't realize why I loved it so much, I was just like, wow, I love this song. It's such a great song for voice is amazing. I love this song. And then after a little bit of time of like listening to it and like actually paying attention to the lyrics. I'm like, oh my God, I love this song because I can relate to exactly what she's talking about in the song. And it wasn't until that moment where I still really started to pay attention to like the songs that I love and I favor and like I asked myself well why do I like this song? And then it's mostly most of the time it's like me connecting really deeply to the lyrics and for me to be able to listen to a song on repeat over and over and over and over. It's my favorite song. I love it and I can connect to the lyrics eventually in time. Like I find healing because I got to experience this, you know, song and it, it is a direct reflection of something that I've experienced in my life and you know, the more I listen to it, the more I kind of work through my healing my son, that's my trauma, whatever it is and then like months later I can still listen to the song and be like, wow, this is a great song, this was a part of my healing journey.

So I love music, I think music is amazing, I appreciate you for making music, I appreciate you for making my music. Um so yeah, music is amazing and then it definitely should be appreciated, so daisy, what is your favorite song right now and Why? The 3rd song Right now would have to be wonder but remember, oh my gosh, that song is like a feeling in itself, like when you listen to that song, it just feels like he's touching your soul, you know, like when you listen to the live version, I'm like, this man is a genius, we've seen Shawn Mendez and concert twice already and uh he just gets better and better every time. But one of the things that I value about tremendous that he is like real and honest and he's wholesome, you can tell and he's creative, like he's a lyrical genius in my opinion, his music is like Top Dog, I give 100% agree with that.

I absolutely love like watching his grope into the arts that he is today because I remember when we first saw him on vine, I actually I first saw him on Youtube and it was a cover at Sharon. I think it was like a lego house or something. I was like this, I was like, I like this guy, he's like he's really cool and then she'll be him a couple months later on that. And I was like, I remember just do I remember I remember something. Yeah, I have very much loved his evolution. Um It's just nice to see somebody really like driven in like indulge in their craft like that. Um And you can just tell he's authentic and he does not care to cater to a crowd that wants him to be a certain way. Um But I think that's why his music is great and is healing because he is honest and vulnerable in his lyrics, but he's also creative and yeah, I'm pretty sure there are a couple songs that I have heard by him that I could like relate, you know, fully to.

So I know we both like to Nicu I have always loved her music because it just touches me on a different level. She's very spiritual. She's very calm. She's very insightful with her lyrics and she uses healing instruments and I've just always loved her by it. How do you feel about Geneco in her music? Um I'd like to about today. How long is it? Mine? Mhm. That's easy to decide. Um I feel like her music is very real and very honest. You can tell that the stuff she's talking about, she's actually been through and it's kind of like just telling us her your any as we watch. Right. Right, Right, Right. And I feel like a lot of the stories she tells through her music like we can relate to because she talks about like real shit, like it's not like those basic artists that, you know, we hear on the radio every day and like they're just trying to get some money so they, you know, sing about or rap about whatever the fuck, and I'm like, you know, I don't really connect to music like that anymore.

I used to but I feel like it was more so because I was trying to fit in and whatever the case may be. Um But now like I really connect to music that has deeper meaning, you know, that has substance, that talks about stuff, we talk about this all the time, but we're not really a big fan of Ariana grande's music anymore, because we feel like her music lack substance and it's more like, you know, radio pop music. Um I love her voice, I think she's amazingly talented, she's beautiful. Um But I feel like her music just lacks substance and I don't really listen to it as much as I used to and one artist that I listen to on a consistent basis is taylor swept and that's where you can vouch for this obviously. Yeah, I can definitely see how many times do I listen to her album a day?

Um, Morning, I'm dead. I really do. And I didn't realize how big of a fan I was of Taylor Swift until like I listened to her last two albums, um, folklore and Evermore. And I fell in love with both of those. But then I went back to her discography and I'm like, I literally know every single song from every single discography I think, except for reputation and lover. But those are only two and her to start free. Like really big. I'm a huge status with fan. I love her music, but the one thing I've always loved about her is the fact that she can tell a good ass story. Okay, what do you think? Uh, she's definitely one of the greatest storytellers of our generation. Absolutely. And I will kind of uh, nail you went to the ground because you should have listened to the doctor. I know I need to go back and listen to them, especially since we only, I'm done.

Right? We do, we do own one. Um, I will listen to those eventually. You know, I get around to it when I get around to it. I'm an Aquarius. So I have to avoid the hype as much as possible. I can, I definitely avoid the hub for at least a good two weeks and then I'm like, okay, I don't know. I don't listen to Enough for me? It's enough because like I do want to I want to hear what the production sounds like. I want to hear. Like how hard the bars are. Like J Cole's new album, whatever. So like I played at least two weeks and what the uh, I died down when it's no longer trending, right? And I'm like, okay, I can listen to like, I don't see anyone else posting about it right now. I don't know what it is about me. I'm like, if it's too mainstream or if it's too hyped up, I will not fuck with it. And then like five months later I'm like, oh my God, wow, I love it. And everyone's like, we're Pop Up, I don't fucking care. Yeah.

Um Yes, Taylor Swift is a lyrical genius, lyrical genius. She is fantastic and the magic of her music isn't even her voice. It's her amazing ability to tell stories. Um and that's why I also love Olivia Rodrigo because she can also tell really great stories along with an age. And I can also tell, you know, there's a lot of artists that can tell really great stories that have to really great stories. Like Gambians album is amazing. Mm I haven't listened to the album. No. You definitely to what is your favorite song off of his album. And how does it make you feel? Yeah. Everyone says what everyone says. That Heartbreak anniversary is the previous song and I'm just like why? Because it's a Tiktok song. I know, but that's like give the rest of the album a chance. Like my favorite song is either stuck on your vanished. There you go.

I think I've heard of vanish actually and I really did like it. Um, you probably played it for me probably. Yes. Everyone loves that song. It's on Tiktok. Yeah. A anniversary. Like every time the second you here, I'm like, okay, it's too basic for me. I love it. If I don't hear it for a while, like I forgot this was such a great song. And then like just because like it's boca runs and everything right and it, the production is up to, but then like you're going to take it off and you see it every five seconds. Yeah, it's annoying. one song by Johnny. I grew that I always listen to if I'm having a bad day or if I need like a little motivation to get through something. Um, I listened to promises by jenny gu um, and in the lyrics of that song, she says, promise, I'll be all right. Promise. I'll be all right. Promise I'll be all right.

And those lyrics changed my life forever. Like all I have to do is play that song and I don't know, I'm just magically cured or something. It heals me okay. What about you? Do you have a song like that where you listen to it and you're like damn. Like I'm, you guys can't see me during the chest movement. I am huell. Yeah, she's really, I am like levitating, not levitating uh a song that I feel like mad. Like I don't know what that was, but like that would have to be I think purpose by Justin Beaver. That's a good song talks about somebody giving him purpose, right? Something, giving him purpose. I love that song. It's a great song. That was a great album to um Yes, conversations by Mac Miller.

That song, it's phenomenal. R. I. P. To a fucking king making rest in peace to a fucking gold. Let's get it correct. King. I said King, king and goat together. Um I love this song. That song is amazing. Um it's healing in a different way for me because I feel like when he's talking to me, that whole album, when he's talking to me or when he's, you know, singing or rapping, I feel like he's speaking to me. Um, and I can relate to a lot of shit that he talks about. You know, he talks about mental health. He talks about, you know like being lonely even though he has everything he's ever wanted in life and he talks about being different and how like nobody can relate to him. Like nobody's on the same level as him and he's just a fucking bite. He's chilling Mac Miller's music makes me feel something, I don't know what that something is, but it's a good something um conversations is one of my favorite songs.

When I hear jet fuel, I don't know what happens to my body, but it's instantly like is this you're just gonna wrap right? Like I just, it's just a vibe man. If you guys have not listened to those two songs, I highly recommend that you do. They're both great. If anything, just listen to the entire album from top to bottom. Yeah, absolutely. But then again, everyone at some point any, everyone's heard Macklemore Swimming, it's impossible not to write. It's really good. I love that album. I feel like when people hear the word healing, they instantly like think of all of the negative aspects of healing, but since we did bring up Mac Miller and you know how amazing his album is to our healing. Um a lot of the songs on his album, not all of them are like sad or like, you know, um Opie, I feel like music can heal us in positive ways to um like give us confidence.

Like give us motivation um inspire us. Um Nicki Minaj that woman inspires me. Like when I listen to her, I'm like I am the baddest bitch because Nick you said so she don't even know me, but she know me and she said I'm a bad bitch so nobody can tell me anything, period point blank. I mean even if Nikki didn't say it, I would still be a bad bitch. It doesn't matter. But because she stood on a bud bitch, everybody better come correct. Okay. Yes. I love her music because she makes me feel confident. She reminds me like, you know that I am amazing and to own who I am fully and I think that's amazing that her music can bring that out of me. Do you have an artist that makes you feel like that? I feel like I already know what you're gonna say. I feel like I already know what you're gonna say. You know what I'm gonna say?

Yeah, I guess finally chopper. No, no. Who is it? Okay honey. Oh my God. I was like on the completely wrong. Well, chapter two. But like if I were to choose which one I'm listening to when I first like unlock my phone and go out of my music, it's Lonnie. Yeah. So she makes you feel like confident. She makes you feel like a beat and stuff is just so turn up to you. Okay. Okay. I like Kalani to her music is amazing. She is a beautiful woman, Kehlani, if you hear this, um, hit me up girl. Stupid. Um, yes, I love her music. I think she's amazing too. So daisy. What is your creative process? Like when you structure be, huh? Well, my great questions like structure beat or when you like work on a project. Okay. I was like, I was like that so interesting to ask. But normally just opened my dog and then I'll go through like my folder of sounds and stuff to figure out what, what type of feeling or vibe.

I'm gonna go or if I already have an idea in my head and I'm like, okay, I'm gonna make a guitar beat. And so either I'll choose to using my guitars that are in my room or I'll go through and play on my keyboard through like a virtual. So special awesome. So when you are about to start a project, do you have a specific idea of what you want to do or do you kind of just go with the flow of it? I kind of just go with the flow of it. Like when I was first starting out, I used to try and have an idea and I was like, I have no idea what I'm doing because like you're just starting out right? But like now I kind of just go with the flow and I just create whatever comes to me. That's good. Yeah. I feel like as an artist that's a better way to kind of look at your creative process. It's a lot harder when you like make yourself pick something. It's a lot easier when you just allow the ideas and the inspiration to come to you.

For me, my creative process is kind of sporadic and just area, it's up in the air. I mean I am an Aquarius and I have a gemini moon? So there's a lot of air signs going on in my birth chart. But anyways um yeah, I am the same way. I kind of allow myself to just go with the flow just to just allow ideas to come to me and to not be so stuck on being perfect. I feel like I've done a great job in mastering that um within my heart and my business. So everything comes a little more naturally to me as opposed to me being so controlling about everything. Um Yeah, I'm trying to think of my creative process when it comes to writing, it'll be so random. Like I could be walking down the street and I'm like, oh my God, that is a great saying. And then I have to write it down in my phone.

Like when I get inspiration I have to act on it. I can't be like, oh I'll think about it later because I probably won't, I won't forget about it. So like when I come up with an idea for a poem or a blog post or you know, a spoken word, a project, I have to write it down or put it in my phone because I don't want to like allow that idea to flow away from me. So I create a lot of my best work when I'm going through something. So if I'm like really sad um I'm dealing with something hard. That's usually when my best work comes to me. Um Yeah. What about you? Do you feel like you have to be in a certain mood or like um you have to be going through something in order for you to kind of like create from a a deep place.

Uh Yeah, just like, you know what I have to be sung? I mean I don't have to be sad either, but when I am sad, I create the fuck. I mean, I mean literally when anyone is sad, that's when they create the greatest, they're not like having their guard up in terms of anything, they're just like, I'm gonna put the song all right. I mean, I'm just vulnerable 1,000% of the time. So Yeah. Oh my God, that's funny. Um I feel like as a recently true it's been easier for me to write from a place of happiness and confidence and self respect and that was a lot of and self love. So I do have a lot of poetry like that, which I am very grateful for. Um you know, I can feel confident and comfortable in writing from a place that's not dark and sad. I feel like when I do write from a place that's dark and sad, the poetry is a lot more um impacting and like people were like, oh, I feel that like I felt it too girl, that's why I wrote it.

Oh, that is so funny. Yeah. All right, everyone, so that's all we have for today's episode. Thank you so much. Desire Winter my sister for being on my podcast. I'm sure this is not the last time that I will have you want to hear. Absolutely not definitely be on here again. Yes. And I want you guys all to go follow her on her on her socials. Um she has a page for her producing on instagram. It's underscored dizzy winter. So go ahead and follow her on that. And then you can also see all of the other things that she's up to. Up on her instagram page, so feel free to check her out. Thank you guys so much for tuning in. As always. I love you guys and I am wishing you all the best on your healing journeys. You got this well, listen to some music and get your healing on, Okay, listen to your favorite song, that's what I want you to do.

I love you guys so much. Have a great day and I'll see you next time on the podcast. Mhm Yeah. Mhm Yeah, mm

Music & Healing with Desi Winter
Music & Healing with Desi Winter
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