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Episode 62: Find Calm transitioning a Facebook group to a Mighty Network

by Deb Schell
January 23rd 2022

In this episode, Jackie Cote, a Leadership and Mindset Coach shares her experience working with Deb... More

Okay, mm hmm. Hi all and welcome to the final column here podcast. I'm your host. Deb Shell on this podcast. I share conversations I have with community builders who offer tips on what's worked for them and resources that have helped them find calm in the process of community building. If you're new to community building or you're just considering community to bring your clients or customers together, uh maybe you'd like to chat with me, I would love to chat with you, send me over an email at fine calm here dot com or you can email me directly at Deb at fine calm here dot com. And uh I'd love to learn more about what you're working on if you need support and accountability with a group of community builders. I'd love to invite you to the join the fine compare community, you'll receive support tools and resources to help you have a successful launch, grow your membership and tackle any challenges with the support of peers in a safe space that's affordable and enjoyable. That tossed tons of awesome content inside the fine Come here community with our calm guides.

I'm actually re re launching these is like a mini guides in the next couple of months, so lots of new content gonna be dropped in there soon as well as we've got lots of really great new members Inside Finn come here. So I'm excited about that. But today I'm talking with a community of fine calling their community member and a client that recently I partnered with Jackie coat coat is a coat. I always forget how to say that, thank you, thank you. Yes, coat. Uh she was on the podcast not too long ago. So Jackie and I chatted a few um weeks ago actually on the podcast, but she and I decided after that podcast interview to work together and so we've been working on building out her Mighty Network and offering her um new six month program, a new home inside the muddy networks platform. And so she's here to chat about that today. Um, she helps people um, begin at, at the beginning of december is when we started our partnership from the last month and it's the beginning of january 2022 as I'm recording this.

Uh she helps clients awaken and empower and own the leader within that's dying to come out and allows them to bring their dreams to reality. Um, our partnership included weekly strategy sessions, collaborations, um with community program within her Money Network and putting together marketing materials, onboarding guides and actually having a welcome party, which we just recently had. Uh so welcome to the Fine, come here podcast again, Jackie. Yes, I'm so glad to be here. Thanks for having me again. Awesome. So yeah, tell me a little bit about what you were doing um with your program before. Um and maybe why you were thinking about moving it over to something like the Mighty Networks. Yeah, so I've done multiple group programs in the past um, year and a half since I've started my business and I've always run them through a facebook platform and doing zoom calls and like live coaching. And um and I've started a new facebook group every time I have a different group. So small group, large group whatever.

And one of I always do these um feedback calls at the end of my groups just to find out like what did you like the best, what would you want? Different stuff like that, What would you like more of? And one of the number one concerns was like I'm sorry but when I go I don't use the facebook group that much because like it's like squirrel like you know you get to facebook and there's so many things that distract you and they would try to find the group and if they didn't like market or this that dada dada so it's just a very noisy busy place to be. So that part of the program wasn't really useful. And so to make that part of the program useful, I was like how can I do that? And then when we started talking I was like, oh I can move it off that platform, it can have its own identity and they can just like if they know I signed up for Jackie's program. So then now I click on that that bookmarked, you know site and it's right there. So there's not like this 50 million other things that can distract them to take them away from what they should be doing for the program. So it lessons I wanted to lessen the noise and like make it more simple for people.

And that's where meeting you and transitioning to mighty networks. I'm excited for the journey. Me too. Yeah. It's been a really fun time getting to know you more and your, your program and really what diving into like what you do. It's been really exciting. I was attending some of your uh, you had some live sessions and with some of the potential people that you then brought into the program I think. And um tell me a little bit about like how you know, you, you yeah, how you did the, did the program getting people in there in the first place. Like how did you invite town? How did I get them into mighty Networks or into my group program? Well into your group. I mean, and then we can talk about how we built out Mighty. Yeah, definitely. So I do a lot of uh community challenges, you've probably heard of them before where you do five day challenges or like 11 workshop, a 90 minute workshop. Um and I've done multiple of those in the past which has built up a community of following to be in my world and learn about like what I do and, and work with me.

So, and there's some great free stuff that I've done on facebook that has led people to want to work with me and from that point, um whether it's my one on one clients or my group clients, they still stay very engaged in my community and my world on facebook. Um, but what I discovered two was that uh you get to know me on facebook, you get on facebook and become my friend on facebook and you're gonna learn everything and you're still going to get value and you're still gonna like, you're gonna have both sides of like my world plus my coaching and so I didn't necessarily need to utilize other groups on facebook for that purpose. And so moving people now over the Mighty Networks gives the purpose that's like solely for the purpose of coaching. And so I get to like identify and kind of separate like that, here's to get to know trust and like platform and now come into this community and let's get serious. And so that's where my, my future agenda with Mighty Networks is, is to move that group that I was using over there fully into. We're doing it in stages, right? The main, the first small group that we're doing and then in february will move a larger group over.

Yeah, exactly. I love um and we talked about this right, when we had our first session together, we were kind of talking about, like how do how do we um you know, where do we start a lot of the questions that I get from clients are like, where do I even start when I'm talking about this because I want to do like, all of these things may be having lots of ideas around different programs and, and maybe memberships and other, you know, one time memberships versus like membership, you know, recurring with the monthly. Um how did you find like the experience of sorting that out with, with, with our program? Like how we worked together when we had our calls of just where to start? Yeah, no, it was super easy. Like, I mean, you know, your stuff, you obviously are the expert in your field of doing this, like what we're talking about today. Um And even when I was like, I don't know, hold on, that's too much. You're like, okay, let's let's, you know, you you would take you definitely like worked with my um the fears that we would have of the switch over.

Like initially I want to say there was this, I don't want to do all this extra work. Like I already know like we always want to stay in the comfort of the known even though the known is not here comes my coaching, right? Even though the known is uncomfortable and it's not like really the right fit anymore for where we want to go, we stay there because it's comfortable and going on to a new platform and moving everybody over just sounded so like so much to me when in reality it wasn't like the unknown sounded so much, but it really wasn't, it was a matter of just going, okay, here's how here's what, what do you want on it? What do you want them to see? How do you want to work the group? You taught me how to do it. And so now I can I easily move them over into the small group. And it just made me realize, oh, just like most things in life are not as hard as our brain makes them think it is and with your support, it made it even easier. So the calls were great each week because sometimes I didn't know what, I didn't know having the check in calls each monday was it was really helpful for me to see what I didn't realize I wasn't necessarily like grasping yet or this and that and you helped me through that.

So yeah, the process was really easy. Um, and I feel like that's going to make the next step even like easier. Yeah, yeah. Because you're talking about the next step being you're talking about right now, we, what we did was set up a group within your Mighty Networks. You're Mighty Network is Dream makers is the Mighty Network and Destiny makers. Sorry, Destiny makers. Thank you. And within Destiny makers is the the program, the six month program that we put together and build. So we really focused just on the specific program that you launched this january. So tell us a little bit about that specific program um from your perspective of like what your plan was for that. Yeah so this program is a six month program that's split up in two month chunks like so um and it's also a program that my one on one clients get access access to if you become a V. I. P. One on one client with me. And and so we I wanted to transition them into a private place where they can feel really comfortable being like because because we go we go there with my programs and we dig deep and we go into private things and like and as a group we all get to form a small tight knit community to support each other on the journey of growth and I talked about awakening leader within that's really going into like places where you might the unknown that we just talked about right?

Like being really nervous to go to that unknown of that new step that next place, that vision turning that vision to reality. And then we talk about empowering that leader and and and really setting those boundaries being clearly communicated and and then owning it is like really being honest where you're at so that you can step forward so these are all you can see it can be really like sensitive topic so having it in this private group where uh if facebook gets shut down or whatever like this that's not the case here, like that's all separate so they get to come here and feel safe that no one's going to like see their stuff or you know and and and and get into that those private videos and stuff. So moving that group over was nice. Um And I haven't experienced like the paid platform of mighty networks yet and that's next because I have my own like um separate platform for that at this point in time I always have but having that platform now gives me the experience to go, okay now I can create this membership site, that's the next thing that we want to move over now is into the membership site of the platform.

Is that your question? Do I answer it properly? Yeah. I just wanted to go over the program and the differences between like what your program really is and it's a six month um program where you're working intensively with with a group of people specifically and with the next uh step for you is looking at. Okay, well membership, what what does that look like and you're wanting to do that for what reasons, what was, what would the reasons be? Yeah. So the intense intense six month group um or any of my group programs, they include like live coaching with me um whether it's weekly or every other week. Um and there's like assignments and like different stuff that goes through that program, but not everybody can jump into that, like there's different layer levels of coaching with me. You know, you've got your V. I. P. One on one which is the highest investment, but you get the group program and you get one on one time with me and we get to go deep with just you know, not everybody in the group, whereas the group, you get the group dynamic and I and I created this hybrid so that people can have the community atmosphere as well as the one on one with me so we can dig deep into their issues particularly and their excitement in their future.

But that's a big leap for some people who are just starting in the personal development world, maybe just starting to hear the word mindset, just starting to get into or just starting to build their their wealth or their success and it's like scary to jump into the higher investment ticket items that are out there and and I feel like I'm kind of in the middle of the road for what's out there and coaching when it comes to investment, I'm not crazy, you know, super enormously expensive or anything like that, but at the same time, I don't want to exclude the type of the people that I love serving as well who are just kind of getting started because I once was just getting started, right, we all were just getting started and and but I'm not a self, how do I say, I'm not like a self driven, like, like do it yourself person, like um when it comes to buying a program that's just self directed videos, click, that's just not my learning style, and that is for other people, right? And so I never really created that, cause I'm like, well that's not the way I learned, so why would I create that?

Why would it self study or self like, guidance? So what I decided with the membership group is that I'm gonna, I'm gonna include that self guided kind of learning in there, but I'm also going to keep the live element in there because I want that to be part of all my programs, no matter how, whether the price point is a low price point, mid price point or high price point, I want to make sure everybody gets some of that live element of like where they get like that. So there will be live coaching in my membership with me, live coaching calls, there'll be live workshops with me, um teaching different concepts, um and there'll be other special um experts in their field coming into the membership as well, and this will be something that's extremely affordable for the masses so that people can come in and still start and once you start then you get to see more of what's possible in the world, right? And sometimes we just need to have that little nudge and start at a place that we feel comfortable so that we can see what's possible and step into the bigger pictures whether that's with me or another coach.

Um and I just, I just remember the beginning when I was like oh my gosh, what do I do, how do I get started? And this is a way for people to get started and get start working on that mindset, that inner work um really starting to learn that there's a leader with inside of them, that's dying to come out and know that that it's possible and they're worthy of it all, mm hmm. Yeah, worthy of it all. And you so you and I partnered together to help you build out. So when we started we had a um a first session where we kind of do a strategy and we talked about well and basically I walked you through what I've done with Finn come here and I said here's what I've done with Finn, come here, here's what navigating you to like the masterminds where I kind of started was in the mastermind. The mighty mastermind was like my first cohort experience within the community and that really um those people in the mighty mastermind helped me then structure what is now um what we're doing now in the fine compare community and I continue to ask members of the community about like what they want out of the membership and how it's going to be valuable for them going forward.

And so we talked a little bit about that in our first session so that you could kind of see and get an idea and get more familiar with mighty networks because there's that fear right? And I'm like oh this is so unknown and new and I don't know how to do anything and you know you wanna have a good you know good experience for yourself as well as the people that are doing your program. So that discomfort a little bit um can be friction where a lot of people stop you know when they when they're like okay this sounds really cool but I just don't have time for it. And one of the biggest things that I hear is Deb I should have hired you six months ago and a lot of that is to do with the fact that they try to do it all on their own and they try to do it you know like way too fast and then get overwhelmed and then get stuck or something and so I wanted you to just speak to the experience you had working with me because we just kind of each week we kind of knocked out something little we started with that um the strategy and then we worked out um you know how it's gonna work specifically for your program and then we went into like some actual design and customization and then we did some on boarding so that's kind of what our road back was and it wasn't like six months, this is all like for anybody listening, we did all of this in four weeks, right?

Yeah. Yeah. And I think to a good point that you just made is that like we we think that we have to make these massive changes in big steps but they really weren't that big like they were all small steps that like stacked on top of each other and that's how we build habits and and comfortable itty and and all that other stuff and like knowledge and and so taking it step by step like so like if something like someone decides they want to do this, it's great to have that option of. What you, what we did was weekly calls here because we're all really busy in our brain. We are probably busier than we really are because we make it seems like so much and then in reality it doesn't take that much and so you did do small chunks, small chunks, small chunks and I gotta be honest like I always felt like I was so like like slacker girl like every week, you know like when I was like oh I didn't get anything done for her, I'm like ah you know because but because I was showing up for you like I still showed up even if I didn't like do everything 100% correct or not even great or like, like what I was supposed to do, like, you were like, that's fine, you know?

And you showed like me how right there and then so I don't suggest those of you who are going to do it to not do your homework, but I suggest you do your homework. Um But you did a great job on not like um on making me feel like okay with whatever I came to the table with and we still got it done, so I took that overwhelm each week out, which also creates a trust and like relationship with the with the clients. So um I appreciate that because I can't tell you and now I know how my clients feel when I come to my calls are like, I didn't do anything that he said I was gonna do last week and I was like, this is not like I'm not going to take a big red pen and mark your paper and tell you how much you suck. Don't worry, I'm not doing that's not what this is about. Um because it's still my journey ultimately and you're my coach on the journey for that process, you know? So um so, thank you for that. Yeah, it's uh it's funny because I remember we were gonna start in november and then we got pushed back in a week and then we pushed back another week and you're like, I don't know if I can you you were like, we almost didn't even do this because you were just like, I don't think I'm ready right now.

And then I'm like, well, I think you could be ready and it's really not gonna be that big of a deal. And then you're like, all right, let's do it. And then we got our first call, you're like, oh, we could do this, it's cool, we'll work it out. Oh yeah, yeah, it was classic. Being on the other side of what um I experienced like on my end with bring on clients was like, I could see myself doing what I've also helped people through the fear of what like it could be. And and and and it's funny like our brain, our brain is a crazy, strong, insane thing because it can create realities that don't even exist. Like it you can create and that can go for both directions, right? I was creating the reality of this is gonna be so hard. I can't do this right now. I'm like, no, no, no, I don't want the extra work, blah blah blah. It's gonna be so hard. That's usually with technology, by the way, that's my response to technology because I'm not like, I've never wanted to be great at technology, but technology was always like the thing that like, I was never the even though I know a ton now than I ever thought I would, but that's where I'm like, the old person, the old Jackie goes, nah, no, it's too much.

I'm not gonna do it. And you're like, well, but what if it wasn't hard, what if it was something that would be really easy? It's not gonna be. And so you kind of played my own game on me and get away. But, and that's when I knew like, I'm not telling myself a story right now. Like she's here to support me and that's what your program includes. Is that support to help people get through the, and the unknown. You're like, no, watch, just trust. It's not gonna be that hard, you know? So, yeah, and keeping it simple is the biggest thing that, um, but I found that people get really, technology is challenging. I've struggled with technology a lot. I don't feel like I'm tech savvy in a lot of ways still and sometimes it comes, it's kind of like an inferiority thing, like, you know, oh, I'm, I'm, you know, most people must get this and I don't get this. And a lot of the things that I learned on calls and I'm talking to clients and they will be like, I can't figure this out and then I'll go and I'll do it in like 30 seconds and, and then they'll be like, Oh my God, how did you do that?

I said, I just spent like more time on it. And you know, I just, I've just been doing it for a while and I just dig in and, and, and take the time. I think a lot of my struggle has been like, I have that resistance and I'm like, I don't want to learn something new, and then like I get in there and I try to learn something and then I'm like, no, this is too much and I get overwhelmed right away and then I just quit and that's like the worst thing you can do, because then it's like, well you're never gonna learn it if you just quit. What's nice is to have somebody along the journey to hold your hand a little bit. And so that's what's really great about like community in general is you can tap into um experts and, and um you know, other people that are doing whatever and you can say, hey, I notice what you're doing, I'm interested to learn more and maybe create a partnership or spark something and so that's, that's really um what I find super valuable about what I'm doing and just helping others along the way because we, we find that we have these mutual connections of, oh well you're kind of doing most of my clients have really cool communities that are actually things that I want to learn or do in my own life, like personally, like I'm like, this program is amazing, like your program is amazing.

Like I would really love to do this for myself um you know those kinds of things and that's because we align with like the people that are like in you know our circle. I feel like we just we have that the universe is like putting us together in this in the same place at the same time because of these purposes. That's to me what it feels like um recently with like you and a couple other people that I met recently that are really um sparking um this excitement around community building and and specifically on the mighty networks platform and how we do that. Um Very cool. I I really um I really liked um the calls and I it was funny when you were talking about not showing like showing up but not doing the stuff like whatever because like every one of my clients at some point has been like so dub, I didn't do the thing you told me to do last week and I'll be like well that's alright because guess what? Now we can do it together on this call. And one of the things that it does is it allows you to then break down the barrier of I don't know how to do this and then you just put it off or whatever.

Um because if you're on the call with something and it makes it more fun and enjoyable, we do it together And I've done this with many clients with um like a landing page for example, they're like, I don't know what to put on my landing page. I'm like, Okay, well let's look at a couple of things. And within 15 minutes we they have a landing page because we've worked out, oh well who are we bringing together? Why, what are we doing inside? And it's basically that stuff. Um now I can get what you're saying around like maybe you don't know all of those things as a client. And I've actually had that experience recently where I thought I had a plan around something and then I was like on the other side of it and then I'm like, oh wait a minute now. I feel like I have just pause and wait and push back. Um But what I realized and what you said earlier too is very true of you almost or like it's almost too much and then, but then you're like, but what if I could flip it and look at it differently and when you can do that and say, all right, well maybe I don't need to do all of the things.

And the biggest thing I've learned is that clients think they need to have a lot of content up front. They have to do a lot of work. And what I really work with my clients is no, what's less is more how can we um you know people that are in the community that you invite in here. There are people in real life that have real life things going on like kids to pick up from school, husband to make dinner, you know, going out with friends traveling. You know, I was just like, you just came back from florida um got to travel a bit and had fun with that. So everybody's got these different things going on and so when you feel like, oh I don't have enough stuff in there, it's like, but is that really true? Probably not. It's like one of those questions like is that true? Probably not. You probably have plenty and they might not even be able to when I realized that I was building up the com guys is they can't even, they don't even have time even if they wanted to go in there. Um even if I had put all of these things that I wanted to create out in the world up there, they wouldn't have the time, It's like they take things in chunks.

So maybe it's something that took me a month to create, it might take them three months to consume that content. So just thinking about that and I think with your program um that you're doing everything live, so it's not even like your, you put some things ahead of time, but it was, did you feel like there was a lot of content that we had to create or that you had to create. Not at all. Not at all. And even, but I want to like, so my my group is so simple and very organic week to week with my clients. And like I build it like I have an idea of what I'm gonna do each month, but then I let it flow with what the clients need as well. So um so that's why I don't have a lot of like guides and worksheets and stuff like that with my kind of coaching, but what it also opened my eyes to well and what it opened my eyes to is with the next group that I plan on transitioning to mighty networks is that I've thought about a membership program for like eight for like a year now to almost two years, right? For like a long time. And I was like, it's gonna be so much work, right?

And what I said to myself, I said, what are the possibilities of instead of saying what are like what like what the challenges are gonna be, what are the possibilities? So the possibilities is that and what are like the, like what what do people really want? So I kind of did a survey on facebook, just kind of pull like what do you guys want? And I found out was like a coaching call with me during the month to get a line each month right? Um the like educational workshops that they can join into, you know? So I was like what's the foundation of it? So I picked three things I'm gonna do absolutely every month, three things just three and everything else can organically happen because what you said really clicked is that you said it and someone else just said it to me recently is like the people in your group create the content, like you open, like, they like a lot of times what they're sharing with the world, because I do like, like I bring that share what your favorite book is and like what your, you know, if you have something you found on Youtube that you thought was valuable like for educational purposes and, and of course it's monitored, but at the same time, like, it's what, what can they bring and then there's, there's content created and that forms the community side, like, if it's just the coach, the coach, the coach, the coach, the coach, then it gets pretty boring in my opinion, like, you can only, it's kind of like listening to mom over and over and over and over and over again and you're like, yeah, mom, okay, yeah, okay, mom, But no, but when they've got like, this person comes in, like you post something in the group and you share something about community and what you do and then someone, so share something and, and it's not gonna be a sales page, it's more so just the sharing of best tips and tricks and, and ah ha's and feelings and emotions and vulnerability and all that stuff and that's what creates a true community in my opinion and they get the live aspect of me every month and so I in my head was like, I had to create all this stuff in reality, that's not true, I love that question by the way, is that true?

And I use that with my clients and like myself all the time when I'm like, going crazy, I'm like, is that true, Jackie? That's really true. And then brings You back to reality of like, it's really not true that I have to have 52 million things ready before I can launch this group. No, I'm gonna launch this group in three weeks from now and I'm just gonna and I'm just gonna go with it And I'm and whatever, people don't know what they don't know, like if they don't get in there and they don't know that it could have 52 items in there, or it could have these three items in there, they don't know. And so anyway, you get to grow it as along the journey, it gets to like, organically grow and that's what I think, what's great about how you get people into a community is that you start them and let them know that it's safe to grow along the way, it doesn't have to all be created on the front end, It all has to be perfect that's bs yeah, there's new perfection for sure and it's so exciting to get to get to create content together with other people to co create content.

And that's what I really, you talked a little bit about asking people and I really recommend highly recommended people before they think about what platform and how I'm gonna do this, you know, who are you bringing together and why? And have you talked to those people at, you know, whatever, whatever that means. Have you talked to those people and say, what do they want to meet online? Do they want to chat in a, in a, you know, in an online community? Do they want to share resources or connect on a coaching call? Like doing that? Like front end work. A little bit of just asking a couple questions with either a survey or you know, you're just posting in facebook or however that is um or sending out an email to a couple of people and say, hey, I'm thinking about doing this. Would you be interested in learning more and getting people kind of interested in what you're doing and then you bring them in and you just say this is what I envision this space to be. But I need your help to create this space because it's not just the Jackie show or the Deb show, it's the were everything together because we're smarter together or wiser together when we have the shared wisdom that we create on these events with the calls.

One of the foundational things of why I started to find calm here was because I truly believe each of us have unique knowledge and experiences that sharing on a virtual call can then help each one of us expand our awareness around something like uh the question around um you know, negative unconscious thoughts is the nuts, which is Elijah Goldstein is a mindfulness meditation teacher in California and he hired me to do a transition from his with, with his funding network and his program is called Uncovering the Power Within similar to your title um but just really so again it's really aligning on, you know, we have this innate power within us but it like it it transforms when we connect together and then we can create transformation for each other in an online community with the ability to use these platforms and learning a little bit, getting a little uncomfortable and learning that tech and then getting familiar with it, you know, that opens the space to them to say let's connect here, let's share and connect your resources together.

So great, great thoughts. What was the best at 11 more question. I think we're gonna wrap up, what did you find that was the most helpful within our last couple of weeks. I know we did a, we recently did an onboarding call which I didn't talk about yet, so um you can talk about the on boarding call and then share like what was your biggest maybe take away or um, favorite experience from the last month. Yeah. Um, real quick comments, what you were just talking about is that I always have to tend to remember and remind myself and the people in my world that we didn't, everything we've done right now. We didn't know how to do one day, everything from walking, eating, drinking, sleeping and what we know to sleep, but um, in our own way, but we still have to learn how to sleep as we get older, right? But I mean everything was new at some point in time and we've all done impossible things our entire life. And so when we get into that state of like, I can't like, I don't know yada yada. It's like, well duh, you didn't know anything, you know right now. Like it was awkward when facebook was new to every single one of us at one at one day about what, 10, 12 years ago, 15 years ago, whatever timeframe it started, it was all new when we first got on there, did you ever get your memories from facebook and it's like a sentence instead of like a picture and this and that.

But like when we first started, it was just like eating breakfast, that was your whole post now there's this like massive post with beautiful pictures and videos and lives, but it was all like elementary in the beginning, so have faith that like any, you've learned so many new things. You can learn something new. So if you're thinking about doing this transition, it's, it's, I can tell you from someone who is the simplest and I said, I call myself simple minded and a compliment. I'm a very simple minded person. I like to simplify things for my clients. Keep them simple because it doesn't have to be a struggle. Doesn't have to be this big hustle and grind and yada yada. I'm big on that stuff and that makes it simple for you. So I just want to give you that plug. Um, so the one of the fun things I would say two things. 1 I, what we talked about already about how like week after week the dynamic changed even with us and it got more and more comfortable and more and more like funny and fun to go through the process. Um, and I, and, and, and, and it's pushing through that first like unknown like insecurities yourself and then having that person on the other side helping you with it.

So that's number one, that's what coaches are for your kind of your urine, that coaching seat when you're doing that for us. But the second thing I really did like the orientation call. Um, I loved, um, I've done like little orientation things for my groups before, But that was, um, I never did it in a zoom version. I did a war like just make your post and introduce yourself and here's a little orientation video, but I really liked taking it to zoom, have anything to see the person behind the scenes. That was helping me, like the little wizard behind the curtain that was helping me with this process because a lot of those people have worked with me for a long time previous. Um, and so they love seeing me try new things and to see the person who was helping me try new things. That was kind of cool that that combination, and I'm pretty sure some of them will work with you one day because of it. So yeah, uh, we had a great on boarding call with your with your members of the program that are just starting out this week, we had that call a few days ago. And what, um, one of the things that I've found that's helpful uh, is to put together a orientation packet and so I'm working on templates, um, and created one with you, but I wouldn't really refine these templates a little bit more in the next couple of weeks for clients and um, but having that template kit of just saying, you know, okay, here's something.

And one of the things that, um, what you said was really funny about, like getting to know each other better and just being able to enjoy the call of instead instead of showing up and being like, okay, you know, we've got to do these things today and this is what we have to do? It was it was fun and and more, you know friendly of just like okay, we're here to like hang out and while we're hanging out we're actually gonna get some stuff done and in the meantime, you know, we're gonna hang out, but we're also going to get some stuff done. And one of the clients I had recently had the same experience, like she came to a call and she's like Deborah didn't do anything, I'm feeling really overwhelmed, I don't know what to freaking do, I'm like exhausted, I have no idea. And I said guess what? I just put something together for you. And I opened up and I shoulder the template that I put together for for you and she's just like, oh my gosh, dad, you like did it all, like it's it's there and and she was just so thankful, she was like okay and then I gave her the canceling so that she could like edit, you know, edit.

I made it all in Canada and so she could edit herself and you know, just having some like screenshots of your network so that you can like really um give people different learning styles. I said it a little bit earlier, like some people like to watch videos, other people want to see a screenshot of like okay, what am I what am I supposed to look at on my phone or on my desktop? Like what is it supposed to look like? What am I supposed to see Other people like to read? Like step one, do this step to do this. And so if you can offer all of those things at the same time, in some way with like a format and which is what we do is the pdf that we put together is like the the the visual aspects of the screenshots that we share, and then there's inside the community. When we put together that welcome post, there's links there for them to guide them to like how to set up their profile for them to, you know, how do I connect with other people? Um you can put guidelines in there or like, you know, here's what's what we're really excited about, here's what this place is for, here's how we're going to have it, it's a safe space, it's a private place um where you can feel free um and feel safe to share, whatever is on your heart, whatever you feel like you need support with.

And so um that and then we do a video with a welcome party where we're literally walking the members through it step by step and we're making sure that they're getting into the right place so that they can see all of this content um from the very beginning, so that you don't have three weeks later, somebody being like I still can't figure out where this is and then them feeling like left behind. Um It really allows you for you to not leave anyone behind when we do the welcome call and then you record that and then you also have additional content um for people to like watch the video. So I think that um that was a really good experience. I thought that you enjoyed right? Yeah. Yeah, no I absolutely enjoyed that. I like I like I actually am the coach who likes when other people are able to teach within my containers. Um Like I used to be in the beginning the one who wanted to be the The teacher, the mentor of the coach, the lead the show like like you said earlier, the Jackie show and then I realized that like the power of other people all in one container bringing it together.

Um so having you be able to teach on that call was really cool to like have another. Like I just I'm 20, Trust is my word. But my action like collaboration is one of my naming actions in 2022 and that's to collaborate with as many people because doing collaborations like that was so much fun, you know? And then like you said again, satisfying all the learning styles, everybody getting to meet each other feeling comfortable with the new process. All that stuff is really cool but I love the collaboration part to see like here's who I'm working with guys, here's who's helping me with this process. These people are also, some of them are also building businesses or podcasts or this and that, you know, and now they know you then you can now go talk with them, they can all connect with you and that's how we like build community connections, networking over time. Yeah. And they can connect with each other and you, what's magical about community is the moment when a community builder realizes the spark between two members and that they created that spark. That's what's amazing what happened years ago when I was at first in my first money network, I was in location indie.

Um and I met Jason from zero to travel. I've been listening to his podcast for a long time and then I got on a plane and flew to Denver colorado and I got to meet him in person and um and then I connected with other people in the community and Jason came to me and said Deb, it's so great that you're connecting with all of these members and it warms my heart that I could be a part of your journey and bringing you two together and that is the magic of like a community host of, of when you can see the members actually connecting and you created that space for them to their and um expand and create and collaborate together and so that's really an exciting place and, and and I'm excited for you and your journey there with connecting more people on a deeper level if somebody's listening and really it's kind of like, oh Jackie, I want to, I want to find out more about Jackie's program, how do they do that? Um, so I facebook, my facebook page, my personal facebook page, Jackie coat, real simple um that you'll get all the information, whatever she posts with this podcast as well, but like just just come chat with me.

Like come become a friend with me, message me if you have questions about what we talked about today, I'm the most, how do I say this? Like, open, welcoming? Like let's have a cup of coffee over zoom whatever you wanna call it, kind of person. Um and what you see is what you get, if you want to get to know who I am, you're like, is she really this silly or this funny or this because I think I'm funny um this, whatever go on my facebook page, you'll see all about like that, what my, my morals, my values, all of that stuff, secondly, um, the program itself, I have links to it that I can share and I can also talk about, but my biggest thing as a coach is I like to get on a call with people so that I can get to know you, you can get to know me because I'm a firm believer of fit and energetic alignment. I'm not big on, I went through a period where I wanted to hire everything shiny object coach out there, right? And like you were saying earlier, like I see all these great people in this community, I want to do all their programs. Like how do you, how do you decipher? Like you can't join all their programs, you'll have no profit at the end of your day, Like you're like, you can't do it at all and you can't, the mind can't physically bring, I mean I can't bring all that in and, and and integrate it.

So how do you choose? I think it's a vibe, I think it's a connection, I think it's an alignment and I like to get on a 30 minute call with everybody sometimes 60 minutes because we just have such a good time. But I would love to get on a call with anyone who would like to get to know me more so I can get to know you more. And if I don't feel like I'm the right fit or any of my programs are the right fit, I will connect you with the right person because I know thousands of people in this world, whether it's a high, like whether it's more spirituality you need versus this versus that whatever it is, I have a huge community to pull from and I'll be the first to refer you to someone else if I'm not the right fit or if we're not the right fit together. Um, so I say reach out to me that way. I do have a website, Jackie could take coaching dot com um, altogether. Uh, and I'm trying to think of what else and soon I'll have a mighty networks, community and membership, but that hasn't, that's not official yet. That link will be out in the next couple of days. So yeah, I was gonna say, well, we'll be announcing your community eventually when we get that set up. Um, uh, that'll be exciting for your membership to, to be opening that up to, to have, allow people to get more, gain more access to you and what you do in a more intentional way.

And I did want to just go back to like the idea around investment and money you show up for what you invest in and sometimes if we are investing, you know, 10 15 $20 a month, you know, do we use the gym membership? Probably not all the time. Um, or not not as much as we feel like we want to. And sometimes people see numbers like $2000 or $5000 or something and they're like, oh my gosh, that's a lot of money. But the thinking about it that I find is if I'm going to prioritize this right now, a can I prioritize this right now, is there something else in my life that's, that's like not going to allow me to prioritize this because then it's not a good time to get this program. In fact, there was a year ago I got a youtube course. I did like two sections of the Youtube course and then like, didn't prioritize it because you know why? Because I needed to get clients, I didn't need to make a Youtube channel. I needed to get clients and the 1 to 1 building relationship that no, like trust factor in getting to know people directly was what I needed to focus on.

But let's say that, you know, there's a program that I want to focus on and then it costs $5,000. And if it's the time the timing is right, then of course I prioritize that because that's what's important to me. And I know that the return on investment will be better because I've spent and invested the money in it. Just like in investing in coaching or investing in somebody like me, if you're building a community because you could spend six months or a year figuring out. And this is the thing I started in the beginning about is I've talked to people that have spent six months or a year, but you know, trying to figure out how to make their community happen, what's the structure and bouncing around and, and just not being and most of it's just they, they wanted validation that they're on the right path and they have the same challenges as many other people that I work with. But it's just like I am I the only person that's like thinking this is really hard and I'm like no, a lot of people, I thought it was really hard but it's like, it's like that mindset and bandwidth thing if you have a little bit of a mindset and a band went around, I really am interested in the possibilities of a community and what that might mean for my life and for my clients or my customers and how I can, you know, how can I create something that they're going to enjoy and I'm going to enjoy.

So I love that you and I went on that journey together. I'm excited to continue working more with you and connecting in these um you invited me to some networking events with some other organizations and I think and that's how we met initially through a networking event. And the biggest thing that um that I suggested people in um that are thinking about community is join a community. Um, if you're interested in him in mighty networks. Well there's lots of free money networks out there that you could join a free money network and kind of see, check it around, check it out, see if it's the right platform, if you like it, The visuals and stuff. But then honestly just network with some people just jump on some people's calls and say hi and and then just um you know, see how their, their experience was. I think that's the best, you know, way to just kind of start instead of like thinking, oh, I have to do it and spend six months building out an online self study course when it could be just actually I can start small and I can actually bring people in in the next 30 days because I'm gonna structure it out and maybe hire somebody to help me, So that I'm launching in 30 days instead of three months from now.

Yeah, I mean, and I'll be really honest, like I built my 1st 66 figures and I know, I think I've told you this before, but I built my first six figures in this business with my facebook personal page and networking, like how we met, that's the only two things I did is I went, I talked to a lot of people met, a lot of people went to networking meetings the old school way where I drove to the meeting and I had to sit and have lunch with people. Like, and now it's all virtual and simple, you don't have to leave your house. So like I, but that's how I built it. And I didn't have a website, I didn't have all the bells and whistles, you can build a community if you decide you want to build a community. And I have a community on my personal page from that piece. Now I get to branch out and do other things with it and create other um branched off communities from that um to make it more, you know focused for those people of what they need um but agreed, don't wait like figure out, you know what it is, if you want money, money mindset work, come join my community in february because the money mindset mindset in general, I'm going to teach a lot about how on mindset in general, because there's not just one particular mindset, once you learn how to work with your thoughts and how you get to control your thoughts, you can change your mind set on anything.

And so to that point when you're trying to decide like to work with Deb or me or join the community this and that like go for something and get started like stop waiting on something on it and then you're going to see the possibilities of being able to go into those larger containers or those more intense containers that are that that really make the significant change because I I will tell you my most of my changes with the higher ticket things like you said all my change come from came from that like I I you can get a little bit, but if you're not consistently with with something and and grow you won't grow as much so that's why community is so important. Yeah and and and to I mean it's not just like you're gonna, you're not just taking everybody in from facebook and moving them to this other platform, you're still building relationships with people on social media on facebook on other places. But the intentionality around your program and in general and people I work with creating, you know, a community on mighty networks, they're really focused on intentionality and like how do I want to spend my time with these people and how do they want to spend their time with each other?

And it's much of, you know, it's it's a it's not a like button, it's it's more intentional and it's more um authentic. I think when you when you connect with these people on a deeper level and that's community, they say community is deep where social media is wide, so you might be able to branch out and and reach some people with with your message on a larger scale and social media, but when people listen to your message and connect with you um they're gonna, they're gonna wanna go deep with you just because that they are really resonating with what you're talking about. So I think it's a good point of distinction of just saying you're not going to completely forget about social media right now that you've got a mighty network, however you're really great content, your time and your energy is going to be spent on paid areas, which is a really, really point, I want to just make um of saying social media stuff is free and we give so much free stuff away. And so I never recommend people to build a mighty network that's free because it's so much time and energy to create and to spend their and so but the benefit of that is once you bring people into a muddy network that he asks them to pay something upfront for that because that creates then their engagement because they want to show up because they've invested in something that that allows you to have a little bit more financial freedom, right?

And and and have more intentionality around what you're creating and how you're creating it and who's consuming it because you're not just giving it all away, you know, on facebook or things like that. I think it's a great point to make. Thank you so much. Have a, have a lovely day, Jackie. I'm excited to keep working with you in the future for everyone who's listening. You know, will be show notes available in here in the podcast episode. So you can jump on and get to know Jackie moore and I'll have a link to the Fine Come here community as well. If you want to learn more about that. Until next time. I hope you're finding calm in this day, evening, afternoon morning Tuesday at brunch or wherever it is, whenever it is for you finding calm until the next time, Take care and talk to you soon. Bye. Yeah. Mhm.

Episode 62: Find Calm transitioning a Facebook group to a Mighty Network
Episode 62: Find Calm transitioning a Facebook group to a Mighty Network
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