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Episode 57: Find Calm pivoting to entrepreneurship with Carol Aranos

by Deb Schell
November 14th 2021

In this episode, I talk with Carol Aranos. She’s the founder of Essential Joy Wellness, a holistic coaching program to help people create the bes... More

Okay, hi there and welcome to the fine calm here podcast. I'm your host, Deb Shell on this podcast. I share conversations I have with community builders and entrepreneurs who offer tips on what's working for them resources for helping you and me find calm in the community building process if you're new as a community builder or if you're just considering community to bring your clients, customers and audience together, but you don't know what to do or where to start to be happy to help you gain a little bit of clarity during a discovery call. Um there will be a link in the show notes to schedule that with me. The other thing I'd like to do is invite you to the fine column here community and you can join. Currently we have a free trial going on and so we're doing lots of fun workshops. I have a coworking, weekly coworking time and some workshops coming up, but I'm excited to uh do with the fine come here members and then there's a lot of new resources, so there's a blog, the fine calm hair blog grab and uh the the guides, the column guides are being built currently in the community.

So there's lots of new things happening there. We've got tons of enjoyable things happening. So I'm looking forward to supporting you as a community builder in the Fine come here community and you can also learn more about that at fine calm here dot com. Okay, so I am excited to introduce today's guest carol, Ann knows she is the founder of Essential Joy Wellness, a holistic coaching program to help people create their best health of their lives. She teaches people to shake off their sugar addiction, regain balance and learn to love themselves again through natural solutions and proven processes of education, support and accountability. She holds a health coaching certificate certification from the Institute of integral, I'm gonna guess that uses integrative nutritional uh nutrition, integrative nutrition, I'm sorry, she's also an Essential oil experts wellness expert and certified certified with terra essential oils International and she's got a master of business administration from Eastern University.

In addition she does personal coaching, she teaches classes on breaking sugar addiction, woman's wellness and destructive these constructing cravings is an upcoming work show I believe she's got coming up, she runs a sugar boot camp where she gives individuals the tools and confidence. They need to learn how to make healthy decisions for healing and transformation. So I'm excited to introduce carol. Welcome to the fine comb your podcast. Yeah, thank you so much for having me today. Deb I really appreciate, appreciate being with you. Yeah, I'm excited to chat with you, you know, tell us a little bit about um I know you and I met a couple of years back through an in person networking community which is called sympathy and in the Harrisburg area here we're in pennsylvania for anybody listening who doesn't know what we're talking about who's not in pennsylvania, but um tell us a little bit about like what you've been up to in the last couple of years, and um maybe what you've been working on now.

Yeah, so um I'm sure that a lot of people are in similar shoes um over the last few years, I feel like we're a little bit in the twilight zone. Um and I have been on marketing and um communications professional for 30 years and found myself unemployed. I call myself a covid casualty um and really just spent a lot of time kind of deconstructing myself and figuring out what was important to me. Um and kind of recreating myself going forward. I've had a lifelong passion for health and wellness, uh had my own personal training business years ago, and um have been an essential oil expert now for almost four years uh and really enjoy just sharing um alternative health solutions to you know individuals.

And so while I was off during Covid, I um I realized that I just wanted to pursue my passion for health and wellness full time. And at the time, Deb and I reconnected um as I'm talking to your audience and I participated in her mastermind um organization, and it was an amazing eye opening, soul searching, self revealing experience. Um there were quite a few um entrepreneurs that were, had an idea and we're trying to you know, launch their business or figure out what does that business really look like, And so it was really a perfect opportunity for me to participate in that mastermind and the experience was invaluable. So I got my certification through, I I n as a health coach and started my own business after, you know, going through the mastermind with the support and the help of the folks that I met in the mastermind group and here I am, so I'm teaching a boot camp for sugar and um I am working on building classes, some of them are held in person, some of them are virtual, I do personal coaching as well um and so I feel like there's just been a lot that's happened over the last probably two years to bring me to this point, hmm, so interesting and so interesting that um we've got to connect, reconnect and it's been such a great experience uh to to get to know you much more than I had ever before, so I think um and same, I'm sure for for getting to know me a little bit more, so um I'm so glad that you know, honestly I was just a year ago, it was about a year ago that we started with this mastermind and I was still trying to figure out like who my ideal member was and what I was going to do with my business and how I was gonna make it work and so one of the things I found was that it was a stressful time to be an entrepreneur and starting out and it's helpful to have people to bounce ideas off of and just say, you know, like what's working and what isn't, and the mastermind really helped me with that too, and so what I had done was I put out just for everybody who's listening to the process is that I um decided I wanted to lead a group of people who wanted to start a business, like a side hustle and um so I've had people invited people on facebook and in some of the communities and I had a few people that, that signed up and carol was one of them and said, yep, I'm interested and so what I did was a beta mastermind group to decide if I really wanted to do masterminds and had some structure to it and then uh you know, recruited some people and then they worked with me for 90 days and, and then we had some goals and connected with each other in these zoom calls and it it was such a great experience to like see different business ideas and how, how to get more clarity on them.

So I think, yeah, overall it was such a great experience to um, to work with all of you in the group and I think you each had so much to bring to the table, it was so different, um different backgrounds and different experiences when I was doing the, the exit interviews with each one of the members, that was kind of what came through the most, that everybody said was everybody had such different, unique um things that they brought to the group, and so that's what I think really made it successful for sure. You know, the experience was really excellent because, you know, even from where I was, when I created my website to where I am now, um my vision and the, you know, my target market has really even narrowed down farther from where I started at the end of the mastermind, um and so um but it really just gave me clarity on really kind of who my target audience was, what was my niche, how was I going to approach them?

You know, even flushing out things like the name of the business or how I was going to approach my niche market and, you know, everybody had really incredibly valuable insight, um everybody was at really different stages as they started the mastermind, some of the individuals had really already launched and they had successful businesses and then there were other individuals like myself who were just trying to kind of figure out how did all the puzzle pieces go together, and so I think that that really was invaluable to me, you know, even connecting for, you know, how do I start, you know, do I do an ei N number, do I, you know, use my social security number, you know, there was an accountant in the group and so she again helped. We had a kind of a side of conversation and she was really helpful in helping me determine what the best course of action was for even starting the business.

So it was really an incredible, I would highly recommend uh, participating in a mastermind. You don't know what you don't know until you get into that situation and then your eyes are just flung wide open um for either what you don't know or for them to, you know, I always say that iron sharpens iron and you know, when you come out with what your idea is or your niche market, you have individuals that are very business minded and entrepreneurial and they're challenging you at what that supposition is or what does that really mean? Or you know, how are you going to really make that happen? And so there was a lot of that challenging um notions happening. And I think it just made me stronger for what the output was at the end of the mastermind. Mm hmm. Yeah, I know a year ago, I remember I was I was wondering if you remember your goal that you set um when we set goals in the beginning, do you remember what it was?

No, but I'm sure you went back and looked at it. Um No, I didn't. I'm just thinking of it now. I don't, you know, honestly at that point in time, I didn't even know if I really wanted to start my own business. I mean, that's how I came into the mastermind just really not even knowing um if this was really the direction that I wanted to go, um you know, did I want to be an employee with a health coaching certification and you know, wellness or did I really want to start my own business? So um I probably said something like, I really don't know why I'm here, I really don't know what I want to get out of this. I don't really know if I want to be an entrepreneur, but I'm here to just be open to whatever happens through the mastermind. And so I'm very grateful for all of the participants and I'm grateful to you for including me in it. Yeah, I'm curious. So it's funny because, yeah, you were you were definitely like there and I was kind of in the same place too, because I was just starting my business, but I was also, I had left my corporate job by choice, but then like, I was like trying to figure all this stuff out with covid and all this.

Um And so I really, I'm curious. So a year later, this is a really great thing to be able to see like a year later. So what do you feel like now after, not just the mastermind, but after the year that you've been really, you know, after the mastermind, you did a lot of work um to like get your website going and get your, you know your email going and all that um and you're proactive with all that, so how do you feel like a year later almost, you know, um I feel really great about where I've come um in a year, I think it's been kind of a wild year um and I think what I've learned, you know, one of my very first blogs that I wrote and posted on my website um at a central Joy wellness was about what brought me to this place and I blog about how my grandmother who came to the United States at age 13 on the boat from Germany with her father and her brothers and her one sister.

And So at age 13 she couldn't speak the language and she um you know basically her dad, you know said okay you're going to be a nanny and so she was a nanny to a family in new york city and um you know, I think that she is like the epitome of people that come here for the american dream, although she didn't realize that it was the american dream, but what she always wanted was to have her Children have a better life And then there was 13 grandchildren. And so what she would always tell us is that you have to work hard to tell the truth and never, never quit and so a year later um you know, I'm still working hard. I'm you know, working part time at a in a corporate job and then um you know, building my business on the side from there. And so I don't think I've ever worked harder in my entire life. Um And um you know, just really being determined and not letting the day to day setbacks, you know, get you kind of veered off course um and then just building on, you know, the integrity of who I am and what's what's important to me.

So um it was it's always been a really good life lesson. I feel like it's like the mantra of my life. Um And so a year later I just kind of continue to stand on, you know that saying and know that it takes time and effort and you just have to keep being determined and people are really hurting. I mean, they're hurting not only as a result of this last, you know, year and a half with Covid, I mean, but even before that people are hurting emotionally, they're hurting physically. They're hurting spiritually. And so I just feel really privileged to be in the space of health coaching. Um So many people think that health coaching is really, you know about your physical fitness and your you know what you put into your mouth, but there's a lot more that goes into it. Um And our society I think is really kind of at a tipping point and you know, Covid hit people with, you know, co morbidity these harder than any other population, high blood pressure, diabetes, um obesity and you know, those are all things that as a health coach that you know, people come to me for because they've hit a point in their life where they need a change and they've tried it 100 million times and they just haven't been successful and so they hire a coach like myself or they attend um you know, a sugar class or cravings class or a wellness class and um you know, it gives them the opportunity for hope and to know that they can change and that they can have restorative wellness and they can have joy back in their life and you know, so it's you know, a year later, I feel I feel pretty happy about that.

And the branding to your talking, I was, you know, in the beginning we're talking about, you're not even sure about if you want to be an entrepreneur and you've gotten from saying I want to be an entrepreneur and um you're doing it and how did you get, you know, clarified on who you want to help because you talked about a little bit about your niche and you're actually touching down even more since um Maybe like the beginning of 20, Yeah, so you know, originally if you, you know, when you go out to my website, it's really about, you know, people, you know, come to me because they want to lose weight or they have health challenges that they are really struggling with, but you know, you know, in a weird way, I kind of journeyed myself um you know, when I was a year and a half ago when I lost my job, I was, you know, in the throngs of corporate America had a really demanding job, Excuse me, at a really demanding job. I had two teenagers, um my husband, you know who I want to have a healthy marriage, so I'm trying to dedicate time to him.

Um I'm in the sandwich generation, so I'm also caring for my mother. Um and I had kind of like, yep, you know, like in a weird way, sorry, I know your listeners are like, oh, this is so weird, but I was like having these hot flashes that were like painful and I was gaining weight in my midsection, and I had that, like, you know, that dunlop belly that was just like flowing over my pants and I just felt like no matter what I did, I just couldn't lose it. And so as I was journaling and meditating and coming through just my own personal healing, what I realized was that was all being driven by nutrition or lack thereof, or by sugar. And so as I started to work with people, what I realized was that the weight loss is really all about the nutrition and what you're putting into your mouth and you know, we are addicted to sugar as a nation, the standard american diet is filled with sugar and it's filled with processed, you know, food.

And the minute that I made a choice to do my own, what I called my sugar challenge Was to just reduce the amount of sugar to less than 10 teaspoons a day. Um and I cut out, you know, a lot of simple carbs and again, I'm not gluten free or anything like that. I don't really espouse a diet. Um the weight literally fell off of me, I felt better, I was able to exercise more. Um I just felt like a better human being, the hot flashes really almost, you know, stopped. And so what I realized was that people that are struggling with weight loss that it's more emotional and stress related and it's it is the food that you put into your mouth. But you know, I went through a healing process with all of that to get to where I am. And so what I quickly realized was that it really is about sugar and changing the standard american diet and then your own personal healing journey with stress and lifestyle and emotions.

And um so I talked about journaling, I talk about really finding balance. Um and I think as a nation we're just really out of balance in a lot of ways. And so um because we're out of balance, I think people don't love themselves, they have lost who they are because they're literally just trying to survive on a daily basis. And that is definitely the story of where I came from over the last year and a half. Mm hmm. Yeah. So you experience yourself personal, your personal journey of discovery is how you are helping others. Is is basically you've learned like this is what's worked for me and you're sharing that with with your clients as you work with them. Which is, which is a really great way because then you can see um, the people that are most like you will relate to your message because you are telling them this is literally what I did.

And um, you know, not guaranteed that this is gonna work for you necessarily. But I believe that if you take these steps, you'll see, you'll start to see some, some results that you're looking for. And I think that's a great way to, to talk to people about what you're doing because it's like, well, you know, that's what I'm doing i in my business. I basically have a consulting business because I said, I build a community and then people said, hey, can you help me build mine? So exactly how did you do that? Well, this is how I did it. And yeah, I mean, you're exactly correct. I mean if I hadn't gone, you know, again, you know, I've been always into health and wellness, um, and I've always, you know, been on the more well side. Um, but until you go through that yourself, I don't think that you can really empathize with the clients that you're, you know, trying to build their community with because you really haven't had success for your, success for yourself or for me, you know, the fact that I actually went through it and did it and, you know, it's not necessarily even about just the food.

And again, I don't really espouse the diet. I really just we really just focus on controlling the amount of sugar and um, you know, working with your emotions and really trying to just figure out, you know, the latest blog I wrote was about, you know, cravings, where you're sitting there and it's eight o'clock at night and you've just had a great dinner and you've done great all day and all of a sudden, like, you start to crave sugar and you know, why is that? And so breaking down what, what is happening, you know, emotionally, physically spiritually really can help you kind of figure out where is it coming from? Because it's not coming from your belly necessarily Unless it's unless you ate like six candy bars for dinner. And then, um, then it is coming from your belly, but, you know, just really kind of help helping discern where that's coming from and then strategies to overcome it.

Yeah, and, and, you know, you're talking strategies that you do on a daily basis, right? Your things that you do every day. Um, and the tools that you use is what you're sharing with clients. Exactly. And I think the other thing too, you know, we talked a little bit about balance and you know, using natural um resources to acquire that balance in addition to, you know, things that you're doing like journaling or you know, if you're spiritual, but maybe it's a spiritual practice or maybe you're meditating or doing yoga or exercising but using all the tools at your disposal to um, you know, to overcome whatever is happening at that very moment. Yeah, I think it's a cool um, I think a lot of people struggle with this of of how do I kind of like how do I figure out what problem I solve who I serve and how I uniquely serve it. Uh, you know how I uniquely help people I should say. And I think for your, you know what I found working with you in the mastermind was was all of these connections and how all of your life um, experiences you brought them together so well into the branding of essential.

Well it's a central joy with us. Yeah, Central Joy wellness because it brings together three different three components that I see as you know, values that I would when I think of you like essential oils is something that I think of when I think of you and I also think about joy, you bring joy and laughter into into our group when you were, when we were meeting on a weekly basis, and you talk about wellness all the time and inspiring me to do more with my wellness and and encourage me in a positive way, you know, because I I've had a couple conversations with you about, you know, my struggles with with my weight and emotions and things like that, and that's really, really been challenging for me this year. And so I've really appreciated your um just no judgment around it and and just being, you know, accepting. I think the most challenging thing when people are looking for like a health coach or something is the judge, you know, not wanting to be judged or pushed in a certain direction and I think that you've got a great skill for for being being open minded and then being able to approach it with tactics that will help me.

Yeah, you know, everybody is really, really different and you know, the thing that I've learned, you know, through my professional career as a marketing and communications professional is that there is actually a lot of skill and leadership that I've learned over the years. And you know, that collaboration and so when um you hire me as a coach or you attend to one of my classes, you're not looking for me to tell you what to do. You're really looking to me to collaborate to say how can I achieve this goal X, Y. Z. In the best way. Um so whether it's you know creating an event or hitting a marketing goal or you know a mission for you know, whatever it is, even in the corporate world, that process is really still the same.

And so, you know, you talked about how it's, you know, my kind of my journey has brought me to this point and I would say that that's exactly correct. I mean, you know sometimes our journeys are a little bit circuitous and we don't really always understand and sometimes were in situations that we don't really like and um maybe they're not the most positive for us, but ultimately I just believe that everything works for our good and it brings us to a point of, you know, what we're supposed to do to fulfill our mission in life and to touch humanity. Um and that's really what this is all about. I just really I feel passionate about wanting to show people that they're valuable and they can love themselves. And one of the things that I always say and this is especially true with women is that women um judge their value by the reflection of what comes back in the mirror.

And so if you're in the mirror and you feel good and you look good, not even occur according to your own standards, but what we view as the world standards and how they're judging us then um you know that really impacts us emotionally and spiritually and physically, ultimately. And what I really just want to show, you know, women in particular is that your valuable and loved and lovable and that you're everything that you're meant to be, no matter what. That reflection is coming back at you in the mirror. That it's not really about that reflection. It's about who you are on the inside. Um and so maybe you don't look exactly like you want to look physically, but maybe you're probably maybe you're the healthiest person or the healthiest version of you that you've ever been in your whole entire life.

Because again, wellness and health is not just about your weight. It's about all of the other things that you know contribute to your health. Like your spirituality and your creativity and your relationships and um you know, your nutrition and you know, your natural environment and what does your home feel like? And do you feel happy in your home and you know, all of those kinds of things. So, um I think we just focus too much on that reflection and my goal is to just show women that there that they are valuable in their love no matter what that reflection looks like. Mm hmm I love the messaging and I think you could also take it as an entrepreneurial standpoint too because I think a lot of entrepreneurs that are starting out that I that I talked to or just that I see out on social media are just feeling like they have to have all the things and it has to be perfect right away, like I have to have the best website in my social media has to, you know, I have to have like, you know, 20,000 followers or something or you know, it's not good and you know, all of these things and it's just not true and so, I I think, you know, like you do and like I'm doing, we just have to start somewhere and you know, never give up, like you were saying earlier and be and be focused, but also realistic, like I think part of what I really liked about the mastermind was that we kept each other like out of the clouds, but of of above water, so we didn't, we didn't let each other sink, but we also didn't, we also kind of questioned a little bit of like pulling from the clouds because I tend to be like this very optimistic person, but then I'm like, oh that's me, like yeah, I tried to launch a community and thought I was going to have 100 members in the first two weeks of my membership and I, you know, and a year later, I only have, I have not only I have 20 amazing people in over 20 amazing people in my community, but it's a whole different ballgame from what I was thinking a year ago, I've I've definitely shifted my perspective on what growth means and in my business and in in the community aspect and I think that was just like I said it's just it's so helpful to be able to have people that you trust and know and build these relationships with people that can help you again, like not sink but also not fly up into the clouds.

Um keeping a steady was like the best thing I thought for sure. Yeah, I agree and I would say that my 16 year old daughter also keeps me steady so um Any entrepreneur that wants to borrow a 16 year old girl who will be um ah your best cheerleader and then she will also be your hardest critic and shine the mirror up in front of you, you can borrow her anytime, she's pretty amazing and um you know she's the first one to say oh that instagram post was horrible, take it down so but she's also my trusted trusted advisor, it's important to have trusted advisors in our life right? And and collaboration and I really wanted to point back to what you said earlier too about collaboration because I think we as entrepreneurs think we have to do it all ourselves and feel very alone in that journey and I think it was really helpful because now you have this network of community people that can you can tap of people you met in the mastermind that have this network and you can tap into those resources and and know that you don't have to do it alone, you could you could talk with somebody to help you about a question with accounting, where uh you know, maybe somebody who knows a little bit more in in the tech area that that you don't know and it's a it's a really cool thing to be able to have those, those connections and so I I'm glad I did the mastermind.

So that was the business mastermind, which it was the business development masterminds, what I called it a year ago and then at in january, I did what's called the muddy mastermind and worked with a group of people who are community builders and I just launched the mastermind again, and so we just started this particular this past week, we started with a group of people who are building community, actually, there's one business person in there and then there's some community people, so it's actually a mixture and it's been really exciting and so, but I got so much feedback from you and from all the other Greg and Tara and um and all the people that are in our Gabriella and everybody was in our mastermind was just so really great at at at giving feedback and being supportive along the way, so I can't as a community builder and as somebody who helps people build community, I can tell you that that was that was the most valuable component for me personally and I was told that from everybody else's perspective, it was just such a helpful thing to have that place, so I think that's what, that's what the value of community can, can bring and you can change your life and so um with your, you know, give you accountability as you progressed and now a year later you're holding you're holding these workshops.

So I went to one in person workshop, you had, what was that last month, I guess, right in september and then you have one coming up to tell us a little bit about the workshop is coming up so we can make sure that any local people hear about that. Yes, so it's actually on conquering your cravings. So you know, one of the last month I taught a class on basically kind of identifying and kind of busting through your sugar, your sugar addiction. Um we're all addicted to sugar. In fact sugar has from studies has been proven to actually be as addictive as a drug cocaine um and it affects our bodies in the exact same way. And so that was kind of the first step and then the second step is okay now when I've reduced my sugar, I'm you know, doing the sugar challenge and I'm being successful at it um then what happens when I get to the point where I, you know have had a good dinner and I'm craving this or I'm craving that and really just kind of helping people identify where those cravings are coming from, which I just blogged about.

Um but then also how to overcome those, you know, cravings. So Believe it or not, about 70% of Americans are dehydrated and so when you have a headache or you're hungry or you're craving something, typically you really just need water. And so I did give a little quick tip in my blog to basically say, you know, go drink an eight ounce glass of water. Um you can, you know, I have water with me at all times pretty much and you know, I use a lot of essential oils, but the one tip that I gave in the sugar class was that fennel um one or two drops of fennel will actually cut your sugar. You know, you're like that desire for sugar. Um it's super sweet but of course there's no sugar in it and no calories and so that's what the next classes um it's coming up next Tuesday 7 30 at H. Two L. Studios in Mechanicsburg and then um in a couple weeks after that in the beginning of november, I'm going to be teaching a class on uh kind of preparing for the holidays and what are some strategies that you can put into place before the holidays hit so that when you come out of the holidays, you don't have to create a New Year's resolution to say, oh, I need to lose £10 or the £10 you know, that I gained over the holidays.

But then also, how do you go to a christmas party when there's all that good food around you and still, you know, be successful with your sugar challenge or with, you know, staying true to what your health goals are. So, that will be in november. Very cool. So lots going on, lots of things. And so anybody who's listening, make sure you check out the blog, what's the website for us? If you want to share that, it's essential Joy wellness dot com. There you go. Essential joy wellness dot com. Uh, so anybody listening check out the website, there's got, she's got some great blog posts, as she mentioned. Uh, thank you so much carol for being on this podcast. Um, so thankful that we reconnected and got to to do that really cool Three months of mastermind together and to keep connected as I see you, your business, just like blasting off because it's very exciting and I'm excited for your, your next next year in the journey and I'll be here to support you and every step whenever you need it.

You know, I'm here. So thank you. I appreciate it. I'm very grateful and grateful to all my supporters and my family who have just been really, really encouraging and uplifting and yeah, I just feel really blessed and just very happy in the space that I am right now. Yeah, well that's great and that's a great way to wrap up is um it's just that that's what, that's what all of this comes down to is that we can live a calmer, healthier, happier life and it's just a matter of bringing ourselves into the right community into the right space with the right people and and doing, you know, these um, these different doing the work and having some accountability and that all kind of helps to make transformation possible, I think, um because it's hard to do it alone and I know that there's a lot of things that I've struggled with, but I continue to struggle with and I'm learning about the benefits of, of collaboration with other people, whether it's in life when I have to call, when I call a friend just say like I just need to chat, I just need to have a conversation and and other times it's about, you know, business and I'm like, man, I'm really stuck with, you know, a tech thing or maybe I just need feedback on like my offer or pricing and now I've got these communities that I can go to and tap into for resources for these different areas.

So I think it's just a point to note that like all of these things can bring us calm and bring us joy in in such a unique ways that we're just so lucky to to be in the timeframe when, when we have access to these things and and that kind of stuff, so yes, so thank you so much for being here and sharing with us um for everybody who's listening, please subscribe lots of cool interviews. We are bi weekly podcast now, so I officially announced that in the last episode or in two episodes ago, but um so every other week find calm here will be launched out on all the podcast platforms and I'm excited to have some really cool guest coming up. Uh so make sure to subscribe and if you write a review, I would be your biggest best friend because I'm I'm hoping to increase the awareness around find calm here podcast. So if you're listening, if you love the podcast, if you're enjoying it, please do a review or a rating and I appreciate that until the next time.

I hope you are finding calm in your day, afternoon, evening, morning, whatever time it is, wherever you are, whenever it is, I hope you're finding calm until the next time, take care and I'll talk to you later. Bye. Mhm

Episode 57: Find Calm pivoting to entrepreneurship with Carol Aranos
Episode 57: Find Calm pivoting to entrepreneurship with Carol Aranos
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