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Episode 54: Find Calm getting your daily dose with Jeff Turner

by Deb Schell
October 3rd 2021

In this episode, Jeff Turner, founder of Fit2Play, shares how he helps his coaching clients improve the way they move, look, and feel. He helps his clients conti... More

Okay, mm hmm. Hi all and welcome to the fine comb here podcast. I am your host. Deb Shell on this podcast. I shared conversations I have with community builders who offer tips on what's working for them and resources that have helped them find calm in the community building process. If you're a new community builder or you're just considering a community to bring your clients, customers or audience together, but you don't know how or what to do. I'd be happy to help you gain clarity during a discovery call. Uh feel free. There will be a link in the show notes to schedule a discovery call with me. Also, you can sign up for our calm community newsletter. We have lots of resources and more information there opportunities to connect with people in the front of your community and other things. So you'll have an option to subscribe to that as well in our show notes today. Um if you are looking for support and accountability with a group of community builders, I'd love to invite you to join the fun. Come here community, you'll receive support and tools and resources to help you find it, have a successful launch, grow your membership and tackle any challenges with the support of peers in a safe space that's affordable and enjoyable.

We've got tons of awesome things happening inside the community, including the Newcomb guides to support you in any stage of your community building journey. I'm happy to introduce on today's podcast, Jeff turner, he's the founder of fit to play. He helps his coaching clients improve the way they move. Look and feel he helps with continued improvements over health performance and longevity to live a stronger longer life. He's just launching or about to launch actually, he hasn't launched yet, about to launch his new community on actually the Circle platform. So welcome Jeff to the fine comb here podcast. Hi Deb, thanks for having me excited to talk about what I'm about to do and what I haven't been able to do. So yeah, tell us your background, how we met, we met on monday with the networks platform, but give us a little bit of your journey on why you wanted to actually do a community in the first place. I wanted to add a, a community to what I what I do. I've been wanting to do it for a long time. Um, and then when Covid hit it, it really just kicked it into gear um to move my whole practice, my whole coaching practice online.

And and that sounded simple and easy and and that road was a lot harder to hold than I, I thought it would be. Um, but the community is just, you know, I like people and and I, you know, I always have said that I don't want to scale, you know, that, that, that I iconoclastic, you know, point of view, but this allows us to scale on a, in a business sense and also talk and serve and and you know, bringing together a lot of people, so doing what I do. It just, it made sense. And I wanted to do it and um not wanted to do it. I I I put the hiking shoes on and went started to go up the hill and wasn't going to stop unless I died or made it to the top. So, um plenty of struggles. I love all the way. I love the fitness references, like hill hiking roads, that's really great. Yeah, tell me a little bit more. I described it a little bit, but tell me what you really uh really lights you up when working with people and how you help them.

Mhm. Yeah. You know, and that that has been, I don't want to say the bane of my existence, but that has been a really hard one is to, you know, because everyone says, what is your ideal client, your ideal client avatar, whatever you wanna call it, member. Um I've worked with a lot of people from elite, some of the best athletes on the planet to their to their parents, to their kids, um 25 years with with with athletes and then started personal training in the early 80s, with adults and and that's kind of my main focus now. So for me, it's like, well, am I going to serve coaches, other trainers, adults, kids, you know, who, so that that that was a real tough one for me to do. Um but but what, What I decided on at least this week is you know, again the I don't want to say tagline, but the overarching theme is to help people live stronger longer and that could mean if you're 13 Or if you're a 30 year old, you know, Olympian or if you're a 55 year old who is just looking to, it's like dude, I want to play with my grandkids, you know, I don't I don't want to be that person who can't do that.

I mean, you know, getting older is inevitable but becoming weak and fragile in the process is preventable and there in lies what I do, I help people um you know, I don't want to say perform optimal that that that has been apart, but just we'll just we'll just say live stronger longer and and then they come back, what what does that mean? It's like it's an individual thing, it's contextual, situational, it depends. So that was a mouthful. Sorry, no, no apology necessary. It's the journey of being an entrepreneur and trying to identify your ideal client or ideal member. It's a really long journey. I mean I went through the same thing in the last year when I launched my community, so I think and I even in the last week two weeks I'm tweaking it because honestly I'm just really learning more about who I want to work with, who I can best really help and um who's going to invest in in my support.

Right? So I think it's just, it's just a challenge that you work through. So it sounds like um you're right where you need to be. Yeah, I mean that's, that's part of the acceptance thing and I heard from another coach out there and he says, because how can you possibly niche down when you have, I mean, be the best generalist you can be and your niche will find you. And I'm like, oh, I like that steve Chandler is, and he's authored many, many books, he's incredible, credible coach, life coach, there's all kinds of cool stuff, but it made sense, you know, and because I've, I've done and not just me, there's a lot of us who have done a lot of things and finding that sweet spot if you will is sometimes um, be tough, challenging. So we met through um, mighty Networks because I had been taking the community design masterclass as as you had and you and Karen actually kind of, I credit you for being the founders, technically the actual founders of what is now the money mastermind, because um initially you and Karen had got together and said, hey, we'd like to meet, keep meeting after that, five weeks of that class.

And so you and Karen and a couple other people, we just started um connecting each week and talking about what we're doing with our communities, what our ideas are and you know, what our thoughts were about the Community Design Masterclass. So tell me about that experience, how was that for you and um yeah, just tell me about your journey there with the beginning of I guess community for you. Yeah. Well my M. O is when I when I'm into something, I'll research it a bit and I did that with with Gina and and being kini and and where she has been in her life and I listen to every podcast she had ever been on because I wanted to see what she was made up about what she wrote and different things and I really, I really bought into her and her vision and then when I met Jessica after that it was oh my gosh, these they're all about serving and about, you know, um I love these two and then the community was really cool as well and I like where mighty was going and what it looked like. But see I I like a lot of things, I like the idea of these things and then when you put me in it, it's like then I get that deer in the headlights and it's like, oh my gosh, now what do I do and in the past, what that has done or my response to that was I'm out, you know, I just, I got so bogged down in the tech.

I mean I, you know, I've got chops at what I do, I've been doing it a long time. I love doing what I do, but when not being, but I can't make the thing happen, you know, the platform, whatever happened, it just, it was, you know, there was, it was depressing, it was frustrating, I was pissed. Um there were many emotions. So after after the the master class and I thought it was really good. I wanted more, I mean, I need to be able to keep keep motion. You know, we we need to be able to keep moving and, and uh and then I guess Karen had the same idea and so she had Jessica up, I think, you know, her and I at the same time, you know, just got a couple of messages, but bam, bam. So um put us together and, and, and then, and then we started it and I had no idea what it was going to look like. Um but that, that was the impetus of, you know, the why keep forward, you know, momentum. Yeah. And so when you were doing all this research, did you look at other platforms or were you, how did you discover many networks in the first place?

I'm sure I I saw it twice. I don't remember the first time. And then another time, brian clark from, he was with copy blogger, you know, for years and um unemployable as his saying, you know, he was, he had Gina on the podcast and then I'm like, okay, I'm gonna, I'll check it out again because I did check it out for a minute and I'm like, I don't know what am I gonna do? I mean again, like I said, I love the idea, I knew what I wanted to do, but I just didn't know how to do it or how it would fit in my business and structure a business model around that. So, but that's that's how I found it and then plugged in and kind of, you know, we've had conversations, you know me, it's like, where does this go? Well, how do I get there? It's like, damn it. I don't even know where you showed me how, but I don't know how to get back three steps to get to that and that. So, but yeah, you're not alone, you're not alone. And that's a lot of what, over the time that I started doing this consulting business and learning, because I had gone through the same thing of like the tech and there's just so many moving components that are all happening at the same time and trying to figure it all out.

And at the time I didn't have, you know, I wasn't working full time, I was looking for work, but I had all of this time to really dedicate to learning it. And so I really had taken a lot of time and this is like my 120% in basically on, on learning the thing and then, you know when people started asking me about helping them around this and that's exactly, they were like, I know what I want to do, but I don't know how to do it on this platform. And so that's not what I really work with people about because I think they get so um conflicted about, oh there's so much like I have to figure out so much and then um but I really help people with now that I've really had a kind of a full circle on this is that um I help people like realize they don't have to have all the features, they don't have to integrate all the technology. You can really just keep it as simple and the best thing is to really just keep it as simple for you as a host and for the members in the very beginning for those founding members as simple as possible and then add the features when they're needed, when the members are asking you add additional things, but not until other people ask for those things.

So I think that's one of the things I've really learned is you don't need as much as you think you need. Yeah, you know, it's just like in fitness, I mean, you know, people have this, this story of what they think it takes and I don't have the time, I don't have the energy, I can't, I can't go to the gym three days, heck I don't even want to go to the gym now, you know, in today's landscape and, and then, so they get so overwhelmed with all the stuff. So it's kind of one of the things that I do is kind of see what their environment, what their life looks like, what their environment is like and give them, I almost don't like the term minimum viable product, but it really works, or minimum effective dose because sometimes, you know, we have to have the grace to just go, okay, this is it, this is, this is the season I'm in, this is what I'm gonna do. So in my world and fitness, um part of it is just getting them to create a physical practice to, to start doing something and be consistent with that.

And then as you said, as they need more things within the community, more bells and whistles, whatever in my world, whether it's with an elite athlete or, or just a general fitness, a client, they earn the next lift or as their time opens up, we start adding things to where it fits and it feels good and, and it, and it helps them, it helps them continue and, and, and, you know, have that consistency and, and it helps them build confidence because they're, you know, continuing those to achieve small winds almost daily. So that's, that's the fun part. So when you're talking about, you know, again, you're the minimum viable thing, what can you do? And that's what I wanted. That's, that was blinders on, that's where I'm at. What's the minimum that I can get people in? We can talk, I can do coaching calls, I can answer questions and I can do, I don't care all the bells and whistles. So that's where I met and, and because I'm a bells and whistles guy, I want, cool. I wanted to, I wanted to look really good, but I'm now at the point to where I just want to work.

I want to be able to do what I do and, and serve my people and, and I don't want to get bogged down in the, you know, like calling a text. So the mechanics of it. Yeah, awesome. So tell me, so that's kind of why you decided that my networks isn't for you in this moment. Right. And so you found circle and that seems to have, um, a better, um, feasibility for you, I guess. Is that why you found that to be a little bit easier? It is, it is again on listening to brian clark on unemployable his, his podcast. He, and, and uh, Jared Morris I believe who, who is his co host? They were talking about it and mighty had some things that just didn't really work with them and there was a couple, you know, hiccups and I'm like, huh, okay. And again, they're huge. I'm not. Um, but I, you know, they've been forerunners in the online presence since day one, so I wanted to listen to what they had to say and then they, and they, you know, so they would switch from Mighty to to circle, you know, they had their reasons.

So I looked at, you know, that was the main reason. I went to go look at circle again was the user experience, um, not just for the end user, but from, for me, you know, can I put things in here and can I make it to where I know how to move things around and invite people and, and, and just do the basic stuff to where I could coach to, where I could answer questions to where I can engage my people and that have that with a synchro, you know, synchronized. What's the word I'm trying to say is asynchronous, yeah, yeah. Asynchronous communication. And I love that because we can um, you know, you have a question about what you did today and, and then, you know, I don't get back to it until four hours later I'm in, I'm in back and forth. So that works really well. And, and so anyway, I wanted to be able to do that and, and with circle, I found that, you know, the user experience was much easier and setting it up and doing all of that from what I understand.

It doesn't, it doesn't do what mighty can do, you know, it's like Apple and PC, you know PC or you know, an iphone and a SAm in a galaxy Galaxy way more functionality. Way more. But um, I don't use 10% of what the iPhone has. So I'm happy there. Those are some good points that you made specifically about comparing the user um, experience to the host experience, this the ease of setting up and um, even just a lot of people and myself included, you know, went to muddy networks because of the visual because of the visual aspect and I'm in a couple of circles and I don't really like the visual and it doesn't really appeal to me. It's not like a pretty place necessarily, it's more functional. Like I know where the, the thing of it is, it's like I know by that left sidebar, I know what to do and where to go. So the basics of when you have a user experience, you wanna make sure it's easy for people to know why are they coming there, what are they doing and you know, how do they navigate in your platform?

And it sounds to me like that just for you was such a better experience visually as you're looking at it and setting it up for yourself that you're like this is the way to go. Yeah, and and I love like you, I love the big banners, I love, you know, I love that, that, that visually appealing stuff. Um but the thing about circle is these guys, I think two or the three of the co founders, I think they came from teachable. And so they've been in this space and you know, a long time and there if, if there's a need, they get after it and they change it. So to where, you know, the banners were certain got a little jinky and then, so they said, hey, no problem, We made it wider, we needed this. So their roadmaps, they're building them, they're letting us know and they're, they're, they're coming to fruition a lot faster than others have, um, than others do their, their wonderful matter of fact, when I was, when I did my trial with them, one of the co founders, Andy actually was on the call, um, with on our zoom call and was asking me, you know what I was looking for and this and that and, and then one of the other guys stuck with me for a few more calls and answering questions seeing where I was and you know, how can he help?

And again, it's that stuff. And again, Gina and jess were like that too. They were just super helpful, but I think that needs to be because a lot of us, you know, we do what we do, we're not like, you know, I keep saying tech, it's not a whole lot of tech, but it's still, it's, it's, you know, putting the pieces together. It's like, you know, Sisyphus pushing the ball the big stone up the mountain. It's like dude I can't get this done. It's, it's just too hard. Well there's, you can and a lot of people can, it's time investment and not everybody has the time to invest. So that's why they hire people like myself to help them to either build it for them or you know, co collaborate with that you mentioned about teachable and I'm curious about course functionality because I haven't gotten into circle enough research wise yet to understand like what all the features are. I know there's a place like a start here place and there's some um other places where people can connect and post and share and things like that and there's a resource section but is there an actual place where you can have, you know, like either a self study course or on a live course or any of those things?

I think so because I know people integrate teachable into it. I mean it talks it, you know, talks nicely teachable, I don't know any of that functionality um because that's of course isn't really, you know my main focus, it's, it's being able to coach, you know, and so there is a new thing that's coming out is is that you know what mighty did you know months ago, which was the zoom integration integration where you don't have to leave the platform, it's just right there, create the zoom link, okay, that's good to know. So you can create a zoom link within circle. Um, and then you can have that. Is there an ability for sharing recordings? I guess it would be like are you posting them right in the, in the platform or is that where you go on youtube and post it on youtube and then you share the link? Okay, no worries. Those are just questions that I was thinking as far as the back end, but let's talk a little bit about um what you're going to be doing with your members inside your circle. So I know you didn't launch yet and you've got a podcast that you're launching as well.

So tell me about what the, what the podcast is going to be in the community and how those two are going to kind of connect. So a lot of what I talk about, again, it doesn't matter who the client is. You know, it could be an elite, you know, Professional athlete or 13 year old or 60 year old. It's, it comes down to doing the right amount of the right stuff at the right time and I've coined that it's the dose and it's not just that I'm sure others have as well, but it's, it's what I've, you know, that's what I've named the podcast, that's what I've named my community. It's the dose. Um again, a lot of people have that mindset of more is better. So you know, it's like bro, I'm gonna go to the gym tomorrow, I'm going to crush it and it's like, you know, that's not necessarily a good thing but so many of us have that in their head. So if you crush it, how are you going to feel the next day? Well of course I'm gonna hurt well because that's hurting as part of the process and no it's not. So I've come up with it's it's going to be the dose and we're gonna talk about that. I'm going to have uh I have friends who are clinicians, whether the physical therapist, orthopedists, um massage there all kinds of people who have who have clients who have done it wrong, you know wrong enough long enough and are paying the price, you know uh to where if they knew what we know now, if they knew it back then they would have done things differently.

Some of my friends who are the clinicians, I've got one friend who's an orthopedic surgeon who had a double hip replacement because of what he did playing tennis. But anyway, so the dose, that's that's what it's going to be called and I want to coach, we're gonna have a coaching call that will be, you know, once a week and I'll post different content in there and you know, it's I'm really, I'm going to see what the community wants, you know, instead of, you know, this is how it's gonna be, it's like I could care less, I just don't care. You know, you had mentioned time before and unlike a lot of people, I do have the time to do this. So I'm going to see what they want um and and I'll just I'll build it from there. So um that's a really broad vague stroke. I know, but that's okay. That's where I'm at right now. It's it's uh the ability to be calm with the unknown is so hard sometimes for a lot of people and it seems like you are able and actually excel at accepting the unknown in this regard with community because you're wanting to instead of building it and then they'll come your um which is not what I recommend, you know, what you're doing is like I want to bring people here and then see how they like to connect.

Let's talk, let's bring people in here and see what we'd like to talk about. How can I help you become stronger longer, right? So that's just um a great ability to have an openness about that. It's it's gonna be well, thank you for saying that. I mean that I that's how I feel. Um But it's, you know, it's like people like us do things like this and a lot of people are going to go, I don't want to do that and it's awesome, you know that they will self select out and you know, I plan on getting everyone every single person on the phone or on a zoom call and I want to talk to them about what we're doing and, and to make sure they understand this is not about, you know, me writing programs for you about how you can kick your butt, you know, five times a week. Um you know, there's plenty of instagram, you know, hard bodies that can, you know, just do all that stuff where they can go to youtube, you know, they can, you know, google that stuff. We're talking a lot about things that you can't google or you can google but you, you have no idea what it means. So you know, that's with all my experience experience is that um we're going to talk about in the community and that is where, and then others who will share their stories too.

So, um, so yeah, that's, yeah, we talked a lot about um you're mentioning uh the on boarding process and that's like what I described in the calm guide to onboarding is the concierge. So 1 to 1 call where you're really identifying if this person is a right fit for the community if they are interested in participating and you know what their goals are and how they'd like to transform over time with you in this space and with others and that's a really great way to, not only get feedback from them about any content or things that you would put together in there, but also what they would like to do with others because I think a lot of the time people I have an idea about, I want to bring, you know, my coaching clients say I, you know, I'm doing 1 to 1, I'd like to do the one too many so I can, you know, in one hour I can talk to 10 people instead of 10 hours, right? Which is a nice model for a coach because then you get a little bit of your life back, right?

Then you can do other things, spend time with your family, travel or whatever, maybe book more clients or whatever you wanna do. Um but it gives you the ability to lake establish what you can contribute and then asking and giving a little bit of the burn it onto the member as well because I talked about this with somebody the other day and I thought it's a really good point as you're talking to bring up about what my responsibility is as the host and what your responsibility is as a member because it's a shared responsibility and we bring together all of this amazing wisdom that you have and that I have and that the community members have into this space so well, it's you're the leader of the space and your um kind of sharing all of these awesome life lessons that you've learned. Your also offering customized um you know customized daily doses for these people, you know, in a way, you're, you're basically telling them um start where you are and here's little things so that you can celebrate your little benchmark winds along the way and then you're helping them implement.

And so the difference between to me in like a Youtube video and I think you and I talked about this before and other conversations about, you know, the difference between Youtube and and working with somebody like a coach in a, in a group setting is that you're then able to have your personal questions addressed directly. They know you, you know them and there's more ability to have really great knowledge that you're giving them the best um suggestions and that they are then implementing them and coming back to you and saying I really had a hard time with this exercise that you gave me and you know, how could I make it a little bit easier or whatnot. Um you and I were talking the other week about things, I've been having a really hard time just getting outside because I've just been so stuck to my desk and just doing so much great stuff online. But I wanted to, You know, pull the plug and like go outside and um you're just giving me the permission to say, I don't have to do 45 minutes or two hour hike.

Right? I could just do 10 minutes and that's okay and I think I had that mindset as far as fitness goes. It's like, okay, I gotta get 45 or at least 45 minutes or an hour workout in because I'm not gonna hit my, you know, my weight loss goals or hit these things. The fitness goals I want to do if I don't, I think that's just past belief, right? An untrue belief because we can still hit goals and achieve things and it's more about the consistency, which I think is what you're talking about when you're talking about like a daily dose. I I really like that. Yeah, it's and we also talked about, you know, movement snacks and and it's just so instead of doing that 45 minutes thing um do do five minutes even if it's just getting up from the desk and doing a few stretches on the wall. What that does is that helps the body not just constrict into and and stay into that short and tight frame.

If you will um just getting up for five minutes and going, drinking some water stretching, but, but the walks, you know, small walks throughout the day will also get the brain going a little bit better. We'll be able to think better. So it's it's just, yeah, but it's it's been an adventure. It's um, it's it's, you know, people are really committed to their stories of what they think it takes. So part of what I do is changing the way they think about getting fit and it's fun and part of what, you know, back to one of the original questions why I do what I do, it's it's I love seeing the light bulb, you know, turning the lights on and and which enables them to tap into their, you know, their own source and and and grow at their own pace. I mean, that's fun. That that is just that's that's more fun to me than standing on the sidelines, you know, in a pro sporting event, and we're working with one of those athletes. Yeah, and it's all about, um I mean, for me, and I'm I'm I'm guessing for you too, but for me, it's like, I'd rather go deeper with few people than wider with a lot, and and and and we talk about um social media is wide, you could speak to many people, but you really can't get really deep with them, but in community you have the unique ability to get really deep into whatever the topic of the community is or whatever the the focus is and really explore changing the mindset, which takes time or reassessing and saying, here's um support around whatever the task or whatever it is you're trying to do.

So I feel like it's just such a great perspective to have of, I just wanted to have more impact in people's lives. I think that's my goal for sure. Just helping at least 11 person find calm is kind of my, I have helped one person and I feel like I've done something right? Well you did, you got me right here that you know that that helped, but but yeah, there's more than one that that wants to, I find calm, I mean, Mhm the opposite of calm, you know, it's it's yeah, stress and chaos and and uh you know, there's some people that say they they strive in that, but um you know, yeah, I don't, I think the people that say they thrive in stress just haven't like burned out yet, but because I can recognize that that sensation of like um you know, I thrive on this like, you know, challenges and things like that, but I think I got to a point now in my life where I don't necessarily, I think discomfort is good, but I feel like constant challenge is not good for me.

I need times of rest and recoup and reflection before I can like jump back into something because I've done the whole, you know, I mean most of my life has been just one thing after another, so like only in the last year have I really, in the last six months actually really been able to take time to really excessive like what is it? And that's a good point to about community is when you're launching a community in a podcast, like you're doing um thinking about how does this fit into my lifestyle and we talked a little bit that on some other podcast episodes, and I think it's a good point to just bring up to. It sounds like you're really working your lifestyle and considering the time that you want to commit to this before you're offering it up to people, so you're not just saying we can do whatever you want in here guys, you're, you know, you've got some guidelines around, okay, here's the time I have, and within this time, you know, here's what we can hear some things that we could do, and I'm open to suggestions. So I think it's just a good point to make about lifestyle.

Yeah, I mean, definitely, you know, my life is kind of a nomadic thing right now, but it is, you know, as I mentioned, I mean, I do have the time now, I do have the time and I want to make what people want to be in. I want to I want to have that place to where they want to gather, where they want to come together, where they want to share and and ask questions and and and all this stuff, so boundaries. But yeah, I want to make, I'm I'm going to make what they want. So I don't know, and I don't know what it's gonna look like. I honestly don't and I don't care at this point, I'm just gonna, you know, my goal, I'm gonna do what I tell my clients to do, show up and then come back tomorrow and, and you know, what are you gonna do after you show up? I don't know, we'll see, that's really showing up, that's the first step. It's everything, it's everything, it's like, you know, carol even said on one of our calls, we were doing some wind, sharing some wins on the mighty mastermind and she goes, well, I showed up to today and she's like, that's all I did, and I said that's perfect, like that's amazing.

You could have decided not to show up today, but you, I took the decision to show up, so I was like, that's awesome and you're in the community and the fun come here community and there's tons of, um, resources that, you know, are there for you to support you when you have a question around, you know, onboarding or um, you know, just creating these different other community building structure, things that um, compliment any platform that you're on. So what I'm building inside francom here can help you in circle, it can help you in many networks that can help you if you're doing a slack channel or a facebook group, all the things that I'm teaching are really just transferable. So, um, I'm excited that you're in there, There is another circle member that just joined in the fun, come here community, his name is dale Wilkinson, he's going to be on the podcast, I think in like a week or two, I'm recording it anyhow, it'll come out in a couple of weeks. But um he has a community on circle that I'm a part of and happy to like share that with you too just to give you the heads up.

That one thing I recommend to people is that if they wanted to look at the platform, be a member of other places. Um, so there's lots of, of free money networks that are out and about. If you just do a quick search, um I'm sure you'll run across a few muddy networks that are free um that you can pop into the same with circle and then a couple of circles and the ones that I'm in a free and um, and Dales is specifically focused on job searching for individuals that are looking for jobs or work. But it's just like, yeah, community is community. Every everything is just about how do you bring people together, What are you going to do together and how are you going to make these amazing connections? Help people bring people together in that way because I think once you see the two people connect um in your community, it's a magical thing that you brought those two people together because then they can then be friends forever. You know, the people that are in fine come here, they can connect with each other and now you know that person and who knows the potential.

So I think that's another good point about community is that you could spur partnerships or projects or anything with people once you start really networking. But I always definitely recommend just talking to people about what communities you're in already and um, you know, looking at that as a from a user perspective and what you like and what you don't like and and those kinds of things. So that's definitely something I always Just two people for sure. Yeah, I love it. That's what's what I've done. Any last things that I didn't ask that maybe you want to share if you want to tell us a little bit, um, when you're launching, when when is that happening? Do we have a date yet or we just, we're still working. You know, last, last week I said two weeks. So I'm gonna stick with it next week. I'm going to go live and, and honestly right now right now, I don't even know what that will look like, but that's okay. But yeah, I will have, you know, and you'll be one of them handful of people in there and then I'll open it up and um, you know, and we'll see the, and then the podcast will be shortly after that, but one of the things, and I think this has helped me and you kind of mentioned it.

Um, you know, give yourself the grace to, to go at your pace two instead of so many people have, you know, they've got a road map and you've got to hit that road map and you've got to do this at this time and this at that time. And, and I found that, I mean, I get it, I get goals, I get, you know, mile markers and stuff. But um, you know, my thing, I focused on the direction and I do this on my feet with my clients as well. And you know, we, we haven't, we have a goal and then, okay, I know where you want to go. We're gonna put that over here and then we're just gonna focus on showing up and, and hitting mile markers and celebrating the winds. I mean, and I do that. I, I will kind of, you know, pat myself on the back or just kind of chill and be, and I'm stoked that I just did this, you know, or, or that I was able to connect that to this and, and so, and that hasn't, that, that's, that's taken a long time. But give yourself the permission. I think it's a great point to have of grace. My word for 2021 was grace and I always have a word each year that I kind of bring back to center me and you know, have an intention for the year.

And I try to revisit that as often as possible. And I think it helps me with clients to say this as well as it doesn't have to all be done tomorrow. It it lets lets just one thing at a time. So like what can we put on the shelf? My client said this to me once and I really like it. What can you put on the shelf um that you don't need to like really address right this moment. And then let's work on like, you know, one little step at a time and then moving forward. So I think that's a great think to to comment on. Um So thank you for sharing all of your awesome wisdom today with us. If you could please share with us where people can learn more about you and working with you and then possibly joining this community when I right now I'm at fit to play. And that's F. I. T. The number two P L A Y dot com. And across all social media for now. And that's what I've gone by over the last almost 30 years. But um I don't even know what the domain will be.

It'll be it's it's the dose dot circle dot io right now. But that's not even live and I'm probably going to change it to living lives stronger longer dot us. So I'm going to integrate that in there. Yeah because that's again that's that makes you know, I know the domain is us but I don't care about that. I my to me I got the us because it it really you know it's community and it's about us. So I like it. I like it very cool. Well, thank you. And we will have notes and links in the in the show notes to uh to check out more and learn and connect with Jeff for everybody who's listening. Hopefully you have subscribed because we do have a couple of really cool uh interviews that are next up that I'm recording. If you're interested as a listener in wanting to be a guest on the podcast, um please reach out to me because I'm going to start looking for a podcast guests again um in the next couple of months. And my email address is Deb dB at fine calm here dot com. So if you wanted to email me directly and uh send me over some information, I'd be happy to chat with you more about podcasts and until next time, I hope you're finding calm in this day, evening, afternoon, morning, wherever it is, whenever it is for you, I hope you're finding calm Until next time.

Take care. Bye. Okay. Yeah. Mhm.

Episode 54: Find Calm getting your daily dose with Jeff Turner
Episode 54: Find Calm getting your daily dose with Jeff Turner
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