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Episode 42: Find Calm managing a Mighty Network with Lynne Nieman, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 3

by Deb Schell
July 4th 2021

In this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast, I speak with Lynne Nieman, the community manager for the Location Indie Community, a

Welcome members On June 20. Um so this actually this podcast will be airing right after that. So if you've joined, thank you. Um I appreciate you guys all coming in. I'm excited to work with some really amazing Money network hosts uh in this episode. So this is a three part series that I'm doing a feature, like a spotlight on the location that I have. I'm sorry the membership that I have been in for the last four years and actually june 20th is my four year anniversary of being a money network member, location indie, which is looking at the first money network I've ever been a part of. And the first episode I did in our series was with Jason moore and he was the co founder of Location Indie. Um the second episode, this is actually a third besides I think, I don't know, I'll decide when I put it out there and you're just all find out. But um we had a a member callie that we interviewed and then today I'm interviewing the community manager Lynn and she's going to talk to us about, she just took on the role of community manager for the location in the community.

And so she's going to talk to us about that. I'm gonna tell you a little bit about Lynn and then we'll we'll bring her over here. Um so on this episode um Lynn Neiman, I forgot to ask you if it's nine miners Neiman, Thank you. Um the community manager for location in the community and the network for those seeking to leave the 9-5 life and become location independent. She shares experiences and her being a member of the community, connecting with this tribe of like minded people who supported her in launching her travel planning business, wander your way, which focuses on resources for european travel with the support of the location in the community. She has been successfully blogging about the travel and um about her travels in europe and she just launched a podcast herself which is also called wander Your Way to Talk about all these amazing places that she's visited in europe and that you can visit someday as well. So thanks Lynn for joining us here on the pine cone here podcast and thanks for having me Deb Yes, for sure.

So tell us a little bit about how you came to be in the location in the community because I know you and I met online through the membership right? Um so I actually had been part of a an online community, wasn't a mighty network, not sure what they use um called screw The 9-5 um and they still have a podcast and I think they may be relaunched the community but they were actually shutting down their community membership At the end of two 1018 and I had been listening to travel and Jason's podcast independently, you know, Pop and 0 to travel and location indie. And so when I heard that in early January of 2019 when when they opened up the the community, it was like this perfect timing because one community had shut down and Then this other one opened and because I was already familiar with their with their podcast and what they were all about, I was like oh maybe I should make the jump and join this community and just try it out, you know, try it out for a few months, see what it's all about.

And once I got in there and started to get to know people like Deb like you and everybody else um you know, I just felt like I found my home, I found my family so um it was just kind of the perfect community for me to join. Yeah, I think you found your tribe right? Exactly, exactly. That was it. Um what were you doing travel writing before you joined location? Indie. Yeah, yeah. I started Um I started doing the blog probably back in two 1000 maybe two 1012 or 2000 13 because I had taken A really long trip in 2011 where I was gone for a little Over three months. So kind of after that I kind of started to put the blog together but I started wonder your way, It's kind of the end of two 1013, early 2014. So that's when I started to go into more of the travel planning services and where I really kind of honed in on europe travel and kind of that customized kind of off the tourist off the main tourist trail um you know travel that I that I just felt like that was missing.

I wanted to be able to help people create those trips and to give them a lot of resources. So I already had my business going when I joined location indie, but I will say that since joining then I just feel like that I have better clarity on on everything and I feel like I have, you know more of a wealth of resources of people to ask and people that get it and understand me and what I'm doing. Yeah. Yeah. So um specifically what do you think was the game changer? Um and joining a community, was it like the people was their content that you found valuable? Was it a combination? I think it's a combination. Um you know, definitely good content. I think the the the calls that we do because we tend to do weekly calls um you know, it kind of focused on a different, a different topic each each week. I think that's been helpful, especially those monthly accountability calls, I felt like those were great um because it gave everybody a chance to to talk about the things that they were struggling with and it was nice to be able to um talk through my own struggles or to help other people with theirs and to realize the commonality of so many of our struggles.

And I also think that just finding some other people that I could connect with that just, you know, kind of could help really support me in a lot of different ways. So it's been it's been a it's been a combination, but it's been great and yeah, I'm just super happy now that I've been a part of the community for um about 2.5 years, not as long as you, but, you know, but definitely long enough to feel like that's its home. Well, you've stuck, yeah, you've stayed there as a paid member um, of the money networks and location, indie, I mean, um you stayed in that platform and you know, that's the question I was gonna ask next is what kept you in there and, and, and participating to the level that you had been, because you were really active. I know there's points that maybe you weren't so active, but because of life things, but um you're pretty active in there, which I think is part of the reason why you ended up transitioning into this role. So, um what kind of led to you being so interested in giving so much time like to connect with people, you know, I just remember when I was just getting started and when I didn't have a community, and then when I did find a community, I just realized all the things that, like, I didn't know what I didn't know, so when you're starting an online business, it's like, you don't, you don't know what, you don't know, and I happen to be a little bit older, so, you know, I'm over 50 and kind of getting into some of the tech stuff, you know, it's like, I don't know all the hip happening stuff that's going on, so it was, I think that just um having people be able to help out and you know, I loved being able to help other people out and I liked being able to feel free about putting out my questions, even if I thought this is probably a stupid question, but there is no stupid question.

Um so I I just found that like getting into that into the mighty Network and I also found that it was very easy to use and it was kind of just friendly for putting things out there and being able to look through the threads and and read things um you know the community that I had been a part of it started in something that was like that kind of like, you know, we would call it like a forum and then they transitioned everything over into the the private facebook group and I hated it, it was just too noisy, I hated being on that. So What I like about location in T. two is the use of the mighty Network because I think it's a very user friendly place and I think it just lends itself to being able to have little groups of people that can chat and than the greater group being able to kind of find the the um the events very easily.

Yeah, and I just um I don't know, I just kind of found like once I went in there, it was just a lot of fun to be in there and to read people's stories to see what people were doing. Yeah. It motivated me to what do you think contributed to you being able to feel like you could ask any question whether it was, you thought it was stupid or not. Like that safe space is kind of what it was really a foundational skill of any money network space. You have to have that ability to have a space where people feel like they can post something like that. Is there anything that you could recall that um you know, either a conversation or or some kind of instructional um information that that kind of allowed you to say, oh this is a place where I can ask these questions, you know, I think it was just um you know, um you know, when I first joined obviously traveled Jason saying it's a safe space Casey who was the community manager before me saying it's a safe space. Um I think that was just reiterated by, you know, you know, by the location and the staff and saying, you know, this is a safe place because it's only us in there and you know, it's people are just tend to be really um respectful and mindful and you know, there's nothing, you know, people aren't dissing each other or saying bad things about each other, you know, nobody laughs at each other unless it's like you know, really meant to be laughing at each other.

Um So you know, it's just I think that that was just always put out there that this is a safe space. Mhm. Yeah, and then the language that they speak when they're on calls with that with trav and then there you know when you're watching replays of things to their you're seeing that message. Um and and also, you know, not they don't necessarily have like a code of conduct or anything like that, like it's official, but it's kind of a overall collaborative space where people are like genuinely interested in supporting each other and not in a competitive, like I'm a virtual assistant and you're a virtual assistant and so we can't be friends, but it's all kind of we're all we're all here doing something and we want to support each other with positive um positive words, positive feedback and so I think it's like maybe, you know, unspoken thing necessarily, like it's not somewhere where people have to sign on and say that they're going to no act a certain way, but it's just kind of this and that goes more to like a culture of how you create a community culture because they've established this as they're having these conversations, they're just kind of using specific words that are kind of like you're saying safe space, we're creating this stuff is cool if you, you know, ask a question, there is no dumb question, those are things that really create that safe space.

So um as a um a community member, I think that I felt the same way I wasn't, I got on a plane and went to Colorado to meet all of the people that I had never met and we actually stayed in a hostel and I Was staying with 12 other people in the hospital, with people I had never met before that I was online with and I think I told my mom and she's like, are you crazy, what's wrong with eggs, if you end up in little pieces um know it all luckily it all worked out really well. He, he the armstrong uh it was like one of Michael and heath were like the first two people on the scene and they were like the second I got there and started talking to them, I was just like, okay, I'm okay. Yeah, I mean, and and you're right, I mean it is like such a, like, it's just like they've cultivated that culture and so it's just like you and in, in people, there's that whole like, you know, we just trust each other and you know, I kind of find it's great that people um you know, so many people I think over, you know, over my, you know, almost 2.5 years of being part of the community is, you know, some people have really opened up and been vulnerable on some of the calls to about things or, you know, even if they post something in the mighty network, you know, sometimes people are putting things out there that, that really um you know, are things that you're like, you know, wow, you know, it's, it's a very trusting and, and like you said, there's no like a written code of conduct or anything, it's just, it's just the culture that has been cultivated and um you know, we're all adults and, and, and, and yeah, and I don't think that people necessarily would like the first post, they're gonna be, it's gonna be super vulnerable, most likely not.

But over time, there are people that have been in this community for quite a while and over time they can sense in the temperature in the room of if this is something that I can post here or not, and this is something where I feel like I'm going to get uh you know, somebody who's going to care and I don't want to respond to me in a kind way and and then they can be vulnerable and then people really, that's when you get a really authentic community because then people are really being their true selves and they're saying, look, this is where I'm at, you know, this is what I'm struggling with and this is what I really need help with and then you've got, you know, six people jumping in to say, oh well I'll help you or if you want to get on the call or um here's what I learned and just all of this feedback um that's just like uplifting instead of, you know, well sucks for you. Exactly, exactly, yeah, definitely, very, very supportive. Yeah, so tell me about, I know, so you've been in the community for quite a while and I know you've got some like you have your travel business, but then obviously the pandemic kind of changed a little bit of that.

Um so and then you were actually having like a part time in person job, I know that you had told me about last year, so how did the transition kind of come about for you to take it on to take on this role basically. Um you know, I think as as location indie started to grow and you know kind of add more um services and and more, you know with the lifestyle launch academy, that Casey, the community manager started to to go more into into doing some of that work and I think it was just too much for her to keep doing the community management piece. So they were kind of like we need somebody else to maybe take over the community management piece and so you know, early this year in january, I think it was late january that Jason actually approached me about, you know if I was even interested in it and at the time I was still working, I had a part time kind of location dependent job working at the local community center, but I was so ready, I was just ready to get out of there, especially just with Covid and everything, because it doesn't always feel like a safe place for me to be because even though people had to wear their masks part of the time, they didn't have to wear their masks when they were actually working out and that was the part that was Where I was working, where people are working out and I live with my elderly father, so I was just really looking, I've been looking to get out of there anyway because I wanted to be 100% location, independent.

so um you know, when Jason asked me about it, I was like, yeah, I'm interested, I mean, you know, for many reasons, I mean, you know, first of all, just because I love the community and obviously I was already very involved, which is why, you know, he and Travis both were like, you know, Lynn's kind of the person that we would like to have first, so let's ask her if she's interested and so, you know, I was interested and then I just got trained by the the one and only Casey who is has been an amazing community manager. Um but yeah, so she kind of started to, I started training with her and then I just, by the end of March, I had started to take over and it's been a lot of fun and I'm just, you know, everybody on the team and even a lot of the members are like, because I'm like, oh my God, I have these shoes to fill with Casey because we all love Casey and they're like, you know what you need to be, you, you know, and I really appreciated that. So, um, so yeah, so I just have started to, you know, now that it's been a couple of months, I feel like I'm kind of, you know, putting my own stamp on it and, and becoming the community manager that I think I'm supposed to be.

Mm hmm. Yeah. Because everybody's got their unique personality, right? You're not Casey and that's OK because you're lit. Exactly. Yeah. So let me let me break it down just a little bit. Um for people listening just because this might be interesting for money, network coast to kind of understand and I know that there's no right way to do things and everybody's got their own system, right? So, um but I did mention that Jason, I was going to ask you some questions just about, did you, So you you got approached by Jason in june So he you didn't ask like he asked you and you said, yeah, I wanna, I'm interested, what was, was there a hiring process, did you have like an official interview? Was there uh you know, some job requirements that they were looking for to ask you about or no, actually in this case there wasn't um you know, I would imagine that, I think because they tend to be the type of business um and I think trav and Jason just like to hire from within, I mean they hire from within their community um and I think that that's something that they've always done, you know, Casey was a community member before and you know, then they asked her so, you know, I think that that's kind of how, how it rolls with them, they knew that I was completely capable of course of learning like all the aspects that I needed to do, like the logistical stuff, the technical stuff, whatever.

Um they knew that I was already active in the community and well known and I think that they already saw that I was somebody who also was just very helpful to people and so I think that those were some of the things, I mean, had they done an interview, like if they, it was, it was like me and somebody else, I'm sure that those would have been things that they would have looked at or asked about because I think that kind of just also be really being willing to help out, you know, and really being able to reach out is huge for being a community manager and I had already over the course of time, just because you know, a lot of people that, that would join location India, a lot of people would ask about like being a travel planner and since that's what I was, you know, I've jumped on probably half a dozen calls, you know, before I became community manager with you know, people that may be where new members were curious about it and you know, I was always happy to help people out because I certainly didn't have a lot of help when I was first starting, so and I think that's a big thing for me, it's like there are so many things that I didn't know and I wish I would have had people helping me out and so I feel like you know that some way I can give back and you know now I can kind of do it also as a community manager and get paid for it, yeah, you know, not that I'm not that I wouldn't do it anyway, but you know, it's you know, but there is that that part of me, yeah, that's the merit of a true um community spirit because community builders and people who love community like myself, um we do things just because we love it a lot of the time and have so much time and energy that that we put into these things and so um I think that's a key component of you know, 22 aspects, right?

You, you knew the content because you were in the community for a while, you are a travel planner. So it's like your personal passion. So like the committee is all based around like leaving your 9 to five and becoming location independence. You can travel. So like that is Who you are, who you identified as um whether you are a specific 95 or you just wanted to become location independent. Um so you're already kind of relating with the identity of the group and feeling like it's your tribe. So you know the content you're able to uh educationally or emotionally expressed like here's what I felt and like it's authentic. You're not like, well let me go google somebody and how they did it right? Because you had, you had the experience of of of some of the life experiences that you've had. So when you're responding to people when you're posting on comments and things like that or messaging or answering messages from people that might be having questions. It's great to have the ability to have educated answers for them around the topic. And also um the money network technically is not super hard to learn, but I was curious as to your um training in that respect of like learning the back end of the money network as a host or or a moderator, I don't know how they set you up but um how has that been?

It actually hasn't been that hard. Um you know, like I said, you know, I spent some time with Casey and she, you know, we we like, you know, I had like an hour or something like once a week through the month of March, you know, and thankfully we recorded things so so I could go back if I forgot anything and go back and watch the recordings and you know, she really kind of walked me through a lot of of the back end and setting up events, which is always kind of one of the big thing things to me that was kind of the one thing that I wanted to know more than anything, um you know, being able to, you know, schedule out, you know, post like doing drafts and all that kind of stuff. It's so, I mean it really was pretty easy. I mean it's pretty intuitive if you ask me um you know, the everything about it just seems really kind of simple that the interface and everything, it it doesn't seem, you know, there's a couple of things that that every now and again I'm like, okay, where is this again?

You know, but that's also I'm only two months in and some things you, you know, until you you you really are doing them over and over again. So um you know, I just kind of find that that that part was even though that was Maybe one of the things that I was maybe kind of like, you know, wasn't had some, I don't know, I want, I don't really want to say trepidation, but you know, that was the one thing was like, well I don't know that, you know, where is like doing the newsletter, which is part of my thing, which is done and convert kit and I'm like, well I do that anyway, so that was kind of like, I'm like, I'm not as worried about that, I already know how that stuff works. But you know, learning, learning the mighty network back end. It really was, it was, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. That's awesome. That's really great to hear because some mighty network hosts really struggle with understanding the back end and so it sounds like Casey really taught you ways to navigate now. You're not doing a whole lot as far as like creating plans, I don't think of creating bundles or anything like that because the location and um actually doesn't use those features in the money network and they don't have courses utilized right now.

So there's, there's a couple of features that you're not utilizing right now that maybe in the future and there's going to be a lot of features coming up in 20, Um live video for one. Um there's, there's Just like, there's a list of about 30 New features that are coming out in 20, that they're going to make the money network awesome. Um so yeah, there's tons of stuff and I can share some more with you then too. But where was I going with that? Oh, just to say that you have like um I'm not, you know, modified view of like the back end because you're not doing all of these other complex things that a lot of people kind of get, get stuck in as a host. However you have a system that works for you in the community. Like that taught you that operating system basically because that's what they use. So that's all you need. So you don't need the other the other things. So it's very simple in the training and that's so that's a good thing to note for money network host is like how can you keep it really simple so that when you hand this off to somebody, it's really simple for somebody to just walk in and say, oh I can just pick this up in a couple of weeks and kind of get the hang of it.

Obviously things like navigating and forgetting where things are, that's like, I still forget where some stuff is half the time because there's just lots of layers of muddy networks but um having that ability to um to be feel that confident about it, just two months and it's really great also for money network hosts that are listening. It's helpful to understand um I feel like a lot of people think, oh well they have to know the mighty network or I have to spend a lot of time training them on the mighty network and that might be you brought in about convert kit and so utilizing like the other um, opportunities that you have with maybe a member that they have other experiences that can bring to the table that kind of flesh out the experience and then them under your understanding as the money never coast like, okay, well she can help with these aspects of the business and that's how this would combine and to make a job role and maybe we bring some of these aspects together since she already does these years she knows or familiar and combining that um, might help alleviate some things that the host was doing in some cases, depending on the role.

So there's ways to like, you know, Jason and his interview was talking about well, as soon as you like whenever you like, the question is when do you hire somebody as soon as possible? Because there's, that's what's his answer because it's like when there's things that you don't want to do, like the scheduling of posts creating events like those basic things, they do take time and they're tedious and um, you love lovely that the money network has just hit the update about six months ago with the events features. So you can have reoccurring events Up until six months ago. they didn't have reoccurring events so you had to create each event. Um You can duplicate courses, you can duplicate of course by just saying course and then duplicate and then it's right there for you and everything that you have set up is already set up. So there's a lot of really great features that make it easier for either the Mighty Network host or the Community Manager to like make it really simple but again some things are still really manual so um I'm glad that you had that that's super easy training for um for what you're doing um what was it like to to maybe take over this role and how has it been going in the in the first couple of months, you know I'd say.

Um I definitely feel like like it's just been probably within the last week or two that I finally feel like I'm kind of getting things dialed in, you know where you know, just again it's some of it's just kind of learning some of that back end stuff um both with Mighty Network and just you know, all the other things that you have to do and just remembering all the little tests that you have to do um And you know also just again feeling like you know I've finally kind of made it my own, you know, it's like it's it's like okay I'm the community Manager, I'm putting my my voice into it, my stamp on it, and um you know, trying to get, you know, maybe some events kind of going to that, that I feel like maybe, you know, the the community wants, you know, I'm I'm really trying to listen to what they're saying and what they, what they really are liking about some things and what they're not liking about other things, and then trying to be sure that those are the things that we're doing, you know, like, we just did our first speed networking event, which was so much fun and they loved it, and I'm like, okay, we're doing another one, and the guys were like, I'm like, can I do, is it okay, I'm going to add an extra event, and they're like, go ahead, you know, so it's kind of been fun to kind of be, you know, trying to to do some, maybe kind of do some, some other different things, and, you know, and again, just also trying to get everybody to be really engaged, like, within the Mighty Network itself, I really want to see you no more engagement.

Get more people in there and and, you know, I'm trying to kind of carry over some of the things like that people are posting in the Mighty Network, and I'm trying to put that stuff out like in our weekly newsletter, so that maybe people will be drawn into to the community a little bit more to read those posts, so um yeah, I mean it's, you know, I think I was a little nervous maybe the first couple of times, you know, and kind of doing some of the things, but now I'm now I feel like I'm, you know, I'm kind of really adjusted to it and and yeah, it's a lot of fun. It's a lot of fun, no doubt about it. Um is there anything that you like learned in the last couple of months that would help many community managers or hosts that are being also a community manager? Um Well, the first thing I would say is, you know, kind of depending, but but I think, you know, you have to kind of be yourself um as a community manager. I mean, you know, more than likely you've been hired for a reason because that's going to be something that you're going to be good at. You know, you're good with people, you're good at helping people, you know, you're good at maybe rallying the troops, so to speak.

Um you know, so definitely use your personality, I think to your advantage. Um you know, as far as like things like, you know, using things like the Mighty Network. Yes, you know, don't be afraid to kind of just also kind of look around and see what all is there, you know, I mean, obviously because then you can kind of start leveraging that to um to get maybe more engagement with groups or um you know, even just like organizing, you know, and and scheduling things out in advance or you know, like I found myself going, oh there's a draft feature, I can kind of draft some things if I want in advance, even if I don't have the exact date maybe for an event, but I can maybe start drafting it out and getting some of it in there and then once we get everything settled then boom it's ready to go. So um you know, that would be something else, you know, if you've got time and you know, you've got some stuff coming up if you want to, you know, do a bunch of drafts or schedule things out in advance, that's a great thing to do to is with like with posts, if you want to get things out there and things like that.

So yeah, I wanted to go back to what you were saying earlier about engagement. Did you have any other um resources of training about strategy? Um as far as like community building practices or best best procedures as a community manager? Was there any kind of um resources like that that that they shared with you? Um I can't think of anything outside of the fact that I know Casey just kind of had a list of like questions like just kind of like, you know, trying to to post those questions, you know, sometimes it's something fun sometimes it's something more, you know, maybe business related in our case. Um and she said this is always a good way to, you know, to ask some of these questions and and to kind of get some engagement going and trying to do that and you know, once or twice a week. And I noticed that she like, she scheduled out a couple of that in advance for me to help me out, you know, being Casey and um so I think that those actually end on May 31st, so I'm like, okay, it's my turn, I get to start, you know, kind of putting those out there.

So that's what I'll be. That's another good question. So you're in control basically of deciding those questions. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that's cool. Sometimes like as a community manager, when I was a community manager, I would work with the host to identify like what they feel um they want to have asked or what makes sense. Now, that wasn't a course, like that was a specific course that these people were in. And so I kind of worked with her and she actually gave me ahead of time. She gave me like a list of questions and she just said pick from these and then just post them randomly through the five, eight weeks, whatever it was, they think it was eight week course. And so that's like a pregame kind of helped me um to to like then the pressure is not on so much for me to like, well what questions am I asking? Um and that leads to the question about content calendars and do you have something where you have like a meeting with travel J and have a conversation around content at any time? Has that been a conversation or shared with you anywhere as far as with content?

No. Um you know, I think when it comes to things like the um, you know, it's pretty, it's pretty loose and, and just, we kind of just kind of go with the flow um and I think that that's kind of one of the, the pluses to location Indy and the community. Um you know, Kasey just had like, I think it was, I think it may be, is a spreadsheet of like all, like a whole list of questions that she kind of found somewhere probably somewhere like, hey, here are things that you can ask your community and you know, she might have tailored some of them and so she just kind of check them off as she used as she used them. So I know that I can go back and I'll just check things off as I use them, but to be honest, there probably will be some other things that, that I might want to ask, you know, and I'll put in some, some other different things in there as well. So um yeah, so so we really don't, you know, um you know, trav and j tend to just kind of, you know, they'll they're like they just trust who's ever the community manager to do it.

They're not as, you know, they're not is involved in that part of it, you know, and it's because there's a lot of reason for that because right now they're focused. So they have a program called lifestyle launch academy and so what they do is um they open up the money network location India actually opens and closes for those who might have missed the other episodes. We talked about this with Jason um but they actually open and close at specific times of the year. So you um, when you, when you join um either whether it's just as a member or through the the L. L. A. Program. Um A lot of the times Jason and Travis are spending their time with those people and I think that's what, when it goes, what it all goes back. When people ask me about engagement and how do I get people, my people to talk to each other, like nobody's commenting or nobody's posting things. It goes back to onboarding because in that very beginning, when you're talking about, they established a safe place, they told me that I can say things they said, you know, ask any questions. No, there's no dumb questions, those are all foundational onboarding and they gave time and they spend time with you um those are all on boarding practices, it's more of a concierge service versus like a group setting or like a email sequencing?

Like you're talking a little bit earlier about, you know, send an email and um like I tell people like, here's what's going on the committee, which I get those updates and they're great because then I don't always have time to go into location indians. So then I see that I'm like, oh, I really wanted to check that this out or oh, that's cool. It reminds me like sometimes that I don't think about it. So I think that's great and I actually like the format and I'm kind of like actually using that in my emails, I'm working on taking some of the Ideas from yours and a couple other money networks that I'm in, I'm in about 15 or 20 million networks at this point. So I I've been really um really researching a lot of like what different people are doing to get people to come back in their money network because that's the biggest problem a lot of people have is maybe they join and then they people never come back. They have to create that habit to come back. So part of the habit that they create is um with the lifestyle launch academy program. If they're in there, they're creating that habit and and that's that's their kind of way and then once those people are already in like kelly had said in her interview um she's like, why wouldn't I continue to join them and stay in this space?

Because like now I get like what this space is, but it's creating that really great onboarding experience for those people understanding that you have to put a bunch of time and energy in in the very beginning with these people and then once you do, then they're willing to like post and share and comment because you've already given them so much like as a host, you've already given them so much of your time and they know and they value the space and so then they want to give their time, but like asking people up front without that, sometimes people don't have that much hand holding or on boarding and then that's what breaks down in the system. So setting people up for success is what I try to do with my clients and so we talk a lot about that, but I think that's a great model to something to model is is location in these format of, of how they're very um welcoming in the very beginning. So cool, well, thank you so much for sharing all of this. Um, you're an amazing community manager already just being brand new in there.

Um, and Casey, you know, she has big shoes to fill, you have big shoes to fill with Casey, but also you're making it yours. And one of the things that you said that Jason also said was our community managers own the role and that's why we pay them and you pay, you get, you get what you pay for. And so sometimes volunteers are really great. So that this goes back to kind of, I'll wrap it up by just saying somebody network hosts might think. And it's helpful to get volunteers in the beginning to help you create this engagement. But it's really about the Foundation of creating a space where people really want to contribute and then they'll volunteer on their own. They will raise their hand and they'll say I really want to help out and then, but also if you want them to do specific tasks or have show up specifically, um, you just need to invest and pay that person because that's, they all own the role like you're saying and they really make it their own. And so I'm excited to see how that transition as you grow into that role for location.

Indie, uh, turns out for you. So thanks for sharing all of your amazing experiences with the location Andy and the community. Oh, you're welcome. Um, I wanted, thanks for having me. Yeah, I wanted to chat just a little bit about your travel. So, um, what's going on with wander your way and you've got a podcast happening. Yeah, podcasts started um, end of january, sort of something came out of the blue, but um, I'm having fun with it. And um, it's just kind of another way for me to put more europe travel out to people and um Yeah, I'm just hopeful for, for Europe travel more than likely in 2022, you know, I mean things are opening up over there as we record this at the end of May, but um, you know, it's, it's complicated. Are you booking a trip? I probably will go over in the fall as things kind of hopefully, you know, kind of settle a little bit over there and they get more people vaccinated and their numbers come down. I'm telling a lot of my clients not to go until 2022.

Um Certainly I, I'm really hesitant to, to advise people to even go this summer um or even this fall, but I mean, like I said, for me, it's a little bit different because I'm not going to be traveling place to place, I'll go, I'll go over there for a few months and like hunker down into place for, you know, two or three weeks at a time and stay in one place. So, um it's not like I'm going to be out at all the sites, so I'll be, you know, doing the remote work thing. Do you know where you're going? Probably italy first because it's the most complicated to get into, So, so right now. Well, no, because if you want to go after it's going to be harder. So they have Covid tested flights that you can get on. Delta's got flights. I think United is starting with something I don't know about americans. So from leaving through a couple of the Gateway city's kind of, you know, on the east coast of of the U. S. You can get over there. If you're vaccinated, you just have to do a couple of tests. I think you have to do a test before you go and you have to do a test once you're over there. So they're still testing. So that's why it's complicated.

Places like Greece Croatia. Um, I don't know how everybody else is going to be your vaccinated? You can be in Italy still wants to test you. And if I were to go to Greece first and then come back to ITaly, they may make me quarantine. I mean it's kind of, who knows just yet. So it's just, that's why I'm starting with the most complicated. So yeah, hopefully I'll go back, I'll be excited to see all your adventures and listen to them on the podcast. Um, if anybody wants to learn more about you, specifically you. Um, I already have the location of the information in there, but where can they find out about more about you? I would say go to wonder your way dot com. So W A N D E R Y O U R W A Y wonder your way dot com. And that's me on all on instagram, facebook Pinterest. You can find me there. And uh yeah, that's the best place to find out more about me. I got a pretty hefty um website. Lots of blog posts, podcast stuff is on their travel planning services. All of it my story.

Yeah. And what I do want to note though too, is going back to just you're still doing all of this as a community, like you're still a community manager for location Indy and it's like a part time role and then you're still doing your own business. And so um at the inception I'm guessing that there was no like you have to quit your job to work for us, right? No, no, I mean really, I mean, you know, I'm only putting in, you know, like maybe you know, a dozen hours or so weak. Um you know, with, with all that I'm doing sometimes it's a little bit more, sometimes it's a little bit less. So it's kind of the perfect amount for me to do to kind of balance out, you know, the travel planning business and everything that I'm doing with that. So, you know, um you know, I'm the community manager for now, like, you know, it, you know, may not be forever, but that's, you know, it's a good place for me to be at this point in time, I'm really enjoying it. So I can't see myself going anywhere. I would not, I can't ever imagine leaving location indie. So that's cool.

That's cool. And that's the kind of members they wanted the lifetime. Lifetime members. Um because they make the most amazing employees to, so, um thanks for sharing again. Just to like, just to say that you can still, if somebody's out there listening and wants to be a community manager, but kind of has this like side hustle thing going, I think community management in this kind of a way, is that like a part time um role gives you some reliable income um as somebody who might be trying to start a start a business or start something. And typically what I've found is that you can do both things like that's okay. It's not like you have to work for a company and then they're like, well you can't do anything else. Um which is why I think I'm attracted to to do in community management as well. So very cool. Thanks for sharing. Thanks everybody for listening to the fine. Come here podcast. I hope you're finding calm wherever is whenever it is for you, whether it's your morning, evening night, afternoon, daytime, saturday, sunday weekend weekday or whenever find calm and I'll talk to you next time

Episode 42: Find Calm managing a Mighty Network with Lynne Nieman, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 3
Episode 42: Find Calm managing a Mighty Network with Lynne Nieman, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 3
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