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Episode 37: Find Calm creating a successful network with Carol Dockum

by Deb Schell
May 30th 2021

On this episode of the Find Calm Here Podcast Carol Dockum, CEO and Founder of Beautiful Faces Going Places - a Women’s Suc... More

Okay. Yeah. Hi all, welcome to the fine calm here podcast. Um Deb Schell, creator of fine calm here, a consulting agency supporting muddy network hosts, build launch and grow the communities they create so that they can thrive. I believe it's possible to find calm in building a community on the muddy networks on this podcast. I share conversations I've had with my network hosts who have built launched and grown their networks, they share what's worked for them and offer resources that have helped them find calm in the process of building a community. The fine calm community, the one that I lead is now exclusively for money network hosts. So that's just a recent new update. So if you've been a listener for a while, this is a brand new thing um now you can find calm with building your money network with the tools and resources that I use with my clients to help you successfully launch, grow your membership and tackle any challenges with the support of peers and a safe space that's affordable and enjoyable. I'm happy to introduce today's guest carol dot com, the Ceo and founder of beautiful Faces going places, A woman's success network.

She's a former adjunct professor and Chamber of Commerce Commerce executive director who brings together women in business across the globe during this episode carol and I are going to talk and we're going to share her journey, building a money network with the intention to offer a platform to speakers, trainers, coaches and professionals to network, inspire and connect and learn from each other and empower each other. That's what she offers Insider community along with workshops, Webinars online summits lunch and learns master classes and a business directory where members get to highlight each other in and encourage collaboration and connection on a global level. So welcome carol to the fine calm here podcast wow, wow, wow, thank you so much. Deb for inviting me to be a special guest on your podcast show and it really is about keeping calm, finding your calm while creating your mighty network. So I just want to say thank you, thank you so much for having me here today and I'm excited, I'm so excited to get into learning about your strategy and your journey.

We talked about a journey because it really is a it's not a one time fit solution that's like done, it's kind of never done, it's kind of evolving over time as we say. And so what got you first started in create, wanting to create an online community? Was it something that you moved from in person events to online spaces or how did that, how did that kind of come together? You know, I love that you you said the word evolve, you know, because as as entrepreneurs, um we are on an entrepreneurial journey, you know, and we do evolve over time, but I actually got started while I was in the position as a Chamber of Commerce Executive Director and President running a Chamber of Commerce, which I absolutely loved. I loved all of the various aspects and wearing all the different hats uh and and the focus was about members, Right? Our chamber members and providing that value and creating programs and opportunities for them to, you know, learn, you know, providing the resources and also to network And support one another.

So I know that was the Foundation and five years ago I had this vision while I was a chamber president of creating an online chamber of Commerce for women in business and and I thought, gosh, wouldn't that be really, really super cool to connect women around the world and small business owners, entrepreneurs and even men in business uh by through technology. Right. And and so that was the vision five years ago, but I struggled with the how how do I do this? You know, and uh let me just say thank thank thank you Zoom zoom was the how um and then honestly, you know when Covid hit March of 2020 you know, I too was in shock like the rest of the world really concerned about the economic implications and the health implications and what is that going to do and impact small business owners.

And I immediately thought, wow this more than ever is needed right now, community support, information resources and that's when I said it's go time, it's time to launch and uh and that's exactly what I did. So you kind of connected locally right? And you moved it from a local community to a global community basically over this period of time, where, where are you based at that? You started, you know, I based out of, I am based out of greater Cincinnati Ohio and yet you're absolutely right. We were beautiful faces going places, women's success network. We were hosting monthly lunch and learn networking events and um, at the same time, you know, I did create our free facebook group, which has been growing slowly over time. Um, and that's just a great way, you know, really for everyone to get a taste and the flavor of who we are, what we do and what we have to offer.

And then, um, so that was growing over the last, you know, two years really, um, the free facebook group page. But my, and, and then we were hosting in person events as well, you know, the monthly lunch and learn networking events And let me just say, I mean, I love meeting people in person, you know, there's nothing more than, um, and I'm a hugger. So I love to hug, but there's nothing more wonderful than to meet a person, you know, to meet in person, belly to belly and really, you know, just get to know people as individuals. Um, but then I just thought, wow, imagine what we could really truly accomplish through technology by leveraging technology and meeting people around the world that may need what you have to offer. And um, so yes, we made that transition to virtual world utilizing zoom and uh, and, and really when covid, you know happened, it was two weeks in and I thought it's go time, you know, let's create these online programs.

So we started creating virtual networking events and uh, we hosted three different business, I think they were called Business Week. So we had three different events that we're all focused on building business. And um, yes, so and monthly workshops and all kinds of great programming lunch and learns all online. And then when I was introduced to mighty Networks, you know, it was more of a let me just and I'm a big researcher. You know, I love to learn what's new out there. You know what software, what new programs, what is available that I can use myself for my company and then also share it with our members. And when I discovered Mighty Networks um, what I loved about the software program is building community And that would be the special place where our members can actually communicate with one another. They can chat. They can share their own information and resources and that's their members only portal.

And right now my focus is calling it our members only app. So we have our own special app which is so, so cool. Um, as you know, Deb I think with social media there are so many distractions. It's such a noisy world that and you you know what, and we're at the mercy of algorithms. Right? And they seem to change monthly daily, weekly, you just never know what's gonna be seen. Are your members actually going to see that information or they're gonna miss something an important event that you have coming up. Um, you know, which is why I fell in love with mighty networks. Um, I think the software is phenomenal and it's a great way. It's, it's a special place for, you know, you're paid members, your community to actually get all the value, you know, in one location. And uh, and then also communicate, you know, communicate with one another and build that know like and trust factor and uh, and guess what we can do that globally now.

Right. Mm hmm. Is so amazing. I like, I want to point out a couple of things you said about during covid, especially businesses, some of these people had to close, some of them made, many people didn't reopen their doors or they had to do it differently and figure that out. So having a safe space online that you've created here with people that you already knew like you've already built relationships with them and like offering a place for them to kind of just show up and say, I don't even know what we're doing. Like I don't even know what to do, like where to start and then actually offering them some support as far as like some courses or some kind of education or instruction around here are some things that, you know, maybe you need to transition and in this way. Uh, so I think great timing for something like this for business owners because specifically, uh, Covid really did a number on the economy for sure. As you mentioned. Um, but also, you know, connecting just even thinking of leveling above, you know, your Cincinnati area.

How else can we bring people into this space and give us what's really great is when you move from a local to a global level, you can actually connect with people who have such different perspectives and you you get to open up to understanding like how other people are dealing with things on other sides of the world and other states, like each state has had their own kind of the process of what they're doing, even in pennsylvania here, different parts of different counties or even kind of dealing with reopening and all that kind of differently. So there's a lot, there's a lot there that like, business owners could use support. So I really appreciate that you, you were sharing something that you felt the need to do and that you're offering this space for um, going to the money networks as far as like when did you officially launched your money network and how, who did you invite in where you just, you start with a small group or how did you start that? Sure. Um, and I I love, love, love what you just said about going local to global and uh it's it's amazing how small the world really is.

And one of the things that I've learned from this time this past year is that we're we're all actually basic, very similar, you know, we have similar needs and wants and desires and uh it's it's just been an amazing and I love to look at it more as a silver lining in all of this. So I'm so so grateful that we we have been able to make friends around the world and support one another to make the world a better place. So um thank you for sharing that and uh and yes, you're you're absolutely right. Um I officially launched Or signed up for mighty networks last June June of 2020 when I saw, Oh my gosh, this looks like a really cool app. Um as I am a solo preneurs, it took me several months to just play around with it, you know? And uh and make sure the branding was in line and the messaging was in line with our our company. And um and then I also wanted to build out some of the content um I love how you can segment your topics, you know, so I thought, okay, what topics would my membership be interested in, you know, from marketing, you know, social media uh to business development, you know speakers, I mean that's an entire topic and subject matter in it in and of itself and so really thinking about all the different topics and what would be of interest to our members and I spent some time just inputting and adding some of the content and it didn't have to necessarily be my content, you know, I want to, I want to share my members content so if I have a member that is a speaker, I can share, you know, something that they've already created and and and add that to you know that topic um you know, we have several business coaches, mindset coaches that that work with us that are part of our membership and marketing experts, sales coaches and so those are all topics and categories, so I did spend probably a month or two really, which I don't think it's necessary to do that, that's just me as a solo preneurs, I like to make sure everything is in line and in place before I officially launched so and then I started, the second thing I did was and then I invited a few people to pop in and and just gave them a free membership or act free access really so that they could check it out and get feedback from them and and then the next step was to add the live button onto my website and that's that's the strategy that I've used um prior to that my membership was on the website but it was all filtered through stripe and then I would get an email notification, you know regarding the stripe payment.

But what I love about Mighty Networks is that once a new member joins our membership organization, our success network, they automatically get popped in is what I called it. They get popped into our Mighty Networks. Members only portal. I call it as well. Our members only uh ap so and then they get to create their own profile, right? They can add their beautiful face, their name title, how they prefer to be contacted and I believe also connect to all of their you know linkedin facebook instagram they can add all of those ways to engage and be contacted as well. So um that has been my process and so once I implemented or just made it live on the website and as I'm out and about, you know creating virtual events and in the future we'll go back to in person and hybrid events and um and now we have members all over the U.

S. A. And several outside in other countries which is so cool. We are global now. But the beautiful thing is that they automatically just get popped in and filtered into the network. So I mean in terms of you know logistics or automation and process is I don't know how much more simpler you know that can be. And then what's so cool is I get notified on my cell phone, you know, welcome new member. It's like, wow, that's so exciting. I get to welcome a new member. So push that little button and welcome them and then I can follow up and schedule a 1 to 1 to really bring them, you know, like an on boarding call and, and and share with them how they can leverage their membership here at beautiful faces going places. So um, yeah, that's been my process so far. Thank you so much that you've hit on so many points that I work with with clients. The first one being user centric, focusing on the user experience in the very beginning, when you're creating topics and when you're trying to identify, you know, how people are going to experience this space and how that connects to what your goals as a business owner are for this space.

Right? And so I think it's not everybody gives it time and I think it's important no matter what you're doing or who you are to like really test out and just like play around and maybe invite a free, you know, somebody, a colleague or a friend or somebody in there and like back and forth with them and say, hey, you know, how is this, you know, do you like this or you know, are you finding things like if I'm doing this, do you know where it is? You know, and testing it out as well. That's the other thing I usually recommend is that you invite just a few, a small group of beta, basically beta testers that you chat with, then you invite them in and and that kind of gets away any glitches. So like when you invite people, you've already gotten a sense of like what works and so you've already made improvements and so that they get a much better user experience, because the biggest thing with when you're transitioning either with moving a facebook group or bringing people in from any other, um just a space like this is that you really want them to feel like they're welcomed.

And so when you create an onboarding experience, like a concierge is what they call it, concierge onboarding, where you're actually personally out, reaching out to them and say I'd like to schedule a call with you, I want to make sure you know, all of the resources that are available to you as a member here. And this amazing space you also mentioned about sharing and highlighting other members content and that's a really great way to connect members to each other is saying, oh carol created this amazing article, or carol has this amazing resources, she does this amazing business thing and maybe that helps somebody else. And then that also connects them to each other and oh, I want to meet carol because she does this amazing thing and I really actually need somebody to help me with that. So it also kind of promotes that co collaboration and a business networking spaces, what you've cultivated here for professionals and that's really what tends to work is when you connect those members together and then they're realizing as a solo entrepreneur, you can't do it all and so you can't be a head of marketing and head of sales and and head of community management and head of all of these different things.

You you have to be, but it's helpful when you can bounce ideas and get resources from others. So creating that space is amazing and so what you've done is really create a great user experience which leads to retention because then people will say oh this is a great space that I want to keep staying and you've you're charging it's not a free membership, you're charging for for to get in the door. And so then they value it because then they're like okay it's a, you know it's costing me X. Amount of dollars a month or a year or however the subscription is but then they're showing up versus a free membership, there's not a lot of accountability because it's free and so then ah well maybe I don't have time and I'll get to it eventually and six months later they still haven't come in because and checked things out or used the resources and pools because they just, it's it's not as important or high priority. So those are all great things that um I think that's what making your successful right.

I think you're absolutely right and I love that you said um you you mentioned the word free and believe me, I am a huge giver and I even think about all the programs that we delivered here this past year and I made sure many of them were free because I was cognizant, um what is going on in the world and our economy and I wanted to make sure everyone had access to the right information to help them or at least, you know, give them some inspiration and hope and information and resources to help them in their small business and but you know, you're absolutely right. Um what I my background and what I've experienced is, you know, sometimes when things are just free, they're not as valued and you're not held accountable. So you know, there at some point, you know, you what you're creating as the community uh designer, the community creator uh is a value.

It's a huge value. So um there should be some, a dollar amount assigned to that value because you are bringing together people and opportunities for collaboration or referrals and information support. That's why it's called a network, right? And they want to connect to you and your network specifically. And that's the other point is, you know, mighty network has to be different. It has to why as a there's a lot of places for people as business owners, there's a lot of free networking spaces, there's a lot of resources out there. My chamber of Commerce has events, there's um local little networking groups that have been doing things in my area. Um you know, so really crafting that experience for the person of and and and your copy on your landing page and your marketing on your on your advertising, on your social media, you know, all of those things just saying this is why this place is specifically different and so that the people who connect with your message will then resonate and then they will then want to join.

And not only is it valuable for the people that join us your time and your experience is valuable and I think a lot of money, network hosts don't necessarily value or feel like, oh I have to give so much away and you do already, you know, many of us give a lot of things away especially with facebook and like you know there's a lot of things that we offer all the time. So it's not like we're like this, you know, greeting people saying we're never gonna give stuff. But what I'm saying is that when you spend community building is a long term venture and it's a lot of work, it really is, it's not just like you pop in, you build a network and then you peace out and go to the beach. It's really there's there's there's some time and energy, you know, Gina says a community that you can charge for so great you can charge for and it can run itself. Yes. And I would also say after you've built that solid foundation of like people coming in and connecting and that takes the groundwork to the time and effort to do that. Nobody's paying you for that unless you're charging for your time is valuable, just like other people's time is valuable and people that are at large companies who have the title of a community manager and I don't know if a lot of people know this that are listening, but there are full time community managers that corporations and brands that people higher too respond to customer questions.

Get feedback from customers about improvements on products or services handle all those other issues. As well as like launching new products or offerings. Those people Make 60 to 70 $1,000 a year. It's a full time career. And so like money network, a lot of people don't think, oh well this is just like I can do this on my own. But it honestly it really is and it can become, depending on how you gauge it, it can become a full time time consuming thing. That's why we use some of the automated tools to like schedule outposts and um have some of these members that you offered in to have a free membership and they communicate with other members and connect with people and create content and so then it's not solely relied on you and so that's kind of like creating that Ambassador program and all those other tools that you, you know, just utilizing the tools in the toolbox, basically that is already there. Um and in stages, like we don't have to do it all all.

I love that you said stages because it is, it is, I think that is one of the things of starting a community, being a community creator that it does take time and and I I've seen and witnessed, you know, some community creators, they get stuck or they don't really realize that it's a long term commitment, if this is something that you truly have a passion for that you truly want to build community collaboration camaraderie, a place where like minded individuals can come and play get support and uh you know, they share an interest, common goals, common values and a desire for whatever it is, that's gonna be the glue that holds them all together, but there is that commonality and that's that's the beautiful thing about mighty networks and building a community, but it does take time and uh if you can, I truly recommend to work with a community builder.

I know Deb you are amazing, I have been in a few of your trainings and I so appreciated you and your expertise and knowledge and uh and how just how you you operate because you truly are a brilliant community builder and I'm so excited for you and what you've launched and created and the help that you can help other community creators. So, and I know you, you, you come from a heart centered place as well, so I know you want to see everyone succeed, anyone who works with you. So yes, um it is a long term, it's, it's, you don't just push a button and poof, you've got a community mighty networks in place and you know, it takes time. And then I love how you also talked a little bit about what it takes to get the word out about your mighty network, you know, your mighty networks and your community that takes time as well, uh you know, and that's called marketing and branding and and it it takes time and consistency so of getting the message out out into the world and and then when people see your community and say, oh my gosh, you know, that's that's my tribe, that's my vibe.

What does it, what does it take to join? You know? So, um messaging is so important and and getting those foundational, who you serve, what problem you solve those business foundational practices and when you're building a muddy network that's super important to know, not only who who you serve and what problem you solve, but also what they're going to need you for going forward. So a lot of things I talked with my clients about is uh journey of clients. So I think that Gina causes a year in the life but you could also consider it a lifetime membership. So how are you helping them through a lifetime whether it's a business or it's personal growth or development. Um there's different stages that people come into your space and they're in different places but they came in first specific purpose right over arching. Like why we're bringing people together is specifically clear, but then they all have kind of different perspectives.

And so I really worked with people to to see well you know where are we going next because maybe I took your course, but then what's next after that? Maybe I want to like I love you and I want to keep working with you, how do I keep, how do I keep participating with you? And so I think that that's a really solid point to like across and just um connecting with those messages of the lifetime journey. I just read a book called the forever transaction. And so not only do you want to provide your members with a lifetime offering, but you also as an entrepreneur want to have a consistent most people that build money networks building because they want some recurring revenue, they maybe do project based work or maybe there's some uncertainty, you know every business have some kind of like a flow or uncertainty in different times and seasons and so you know having that reoccurring revenue, subscription models create some consistency. So you know, I'm getting an X amount of dollars in per month so I can cover the rent or whatnot. Um but you can't do that if you don't provide people what to do next or why they should stay.

So if you if you're thinking futuristic in that sense that like okay, whatever they're gonna do after the course and what are they going to do after this or that happens? Um is another great way that you were a little bit touching on and talking about that going forward. Um and you talked about a bunch of different tools that you like for the money network. What's your favorite feature? You know, I think my favorite, I've got several, but I'm going to touch on the first one because I've already touched on it is I love the simplicity of join, join our network. It's it's clearly it says membership, you know, and as I'm out and about, I'm I'm speaker, you know, I'm a speaker on other people's stages virtually in person and on podcast programs and spreading the word and the message about beautiful faces going places, women's success network, driving them back to our website and clearly it says membership joined. So I love that aspect and that feature is that it's it's there, you just click a button and you can join and there's several different ways to join depending upon what what you value, what your needs are, which membership level.

So that is my number one favorite thing. And then I get a little ping on my iphone that says welcome new. You know, a new member just joined and I just go, I'm so excited. I can't wait till, Oh yeah, we talked about celebrating earlier and I forgot to mention that. But I think it's really great to celebrate little little Things and one member, I like how you're saying even, you know, just one member, maybe that's not a big deal to some people, but it can be just those little, it's a little mention of like this is a great deal and then you're actually really connecting to individuals instead of like the overall metrics of how many and how much money is this making me versus like these are people connecting people. We like absolutely, we're connecting people. We love people. Exactly. So yes, just even that one member that joins. I mean I just do the happy dance and I'm so excited and, and then it's like, okay, let's go on to the on boarding. I need to do a social media splash and and welcome them that way and then make sure they're uploaded to our business directory on our website, you know, so there's a system and a process in place.

Um, and then also that 1 to 1 zoom call of, Hey, welcome. Here's, here's how, how to participate, how to plug in and play and what I've noticed, I'm so happy that you mentioned you were just talking about the forever transaction. And I'm noticing as I've, you know, launched last june, I'm noticing people joined for various reasons. They joined different organizations, whether it's the Chamber of Commerce professional associations or communities like fine calm here or beautiful faces going places, they're, they're joining for various different reasons and um, you know, some might join beautiful faces going places because they just want to be listed in the business directory. They just want to say they remember, you know, I have others that are speakers, trainers, coaches and experts that want to actually be seen, be heard be found and they want to, you know, host their own virtual networking event on our platform or maybe they just want to um, they want to host a lunch and learn and give a 2030 minute presentation followed by Q&A.

And they actually get to facilitate, you know, a lunch and learn or a workshop or seminar or they want to be part of our summits, you know, so there's various different reasons to join and uh, and I'm cognizant of that. And so as I'm developing programs, I'm making sure that I'm, I'm hitting all of those different touch points so that there's something for everyone and within the membership, but um, and some just want to come and have fun like, hey, I just wanted, I wanna, you know, uh network virtually meet new faces around the world, you know, uh and just really enjoy friendships and you know, collaboration opportunity. So it really depends on that individual member and, and that's kind of something that I'm only, you know, just recently recognizing like wow people are joining for different reasons, you know? But the main thing is to, you know, create your programs, your membership value and that experience.

I love that you said you touched on the word experience because I truly believe and I know with everything that we create here at beautiful faces, going places. Um it's all about the end user. It's I want to create an experience for them whether there were, you know, we're meeting in person, like for example our annual women's success conference that we host every november and last year of course it had to be a virtual conference all day conference. But the whole essence is what experience, what's going to be the takeaway. I want them to have that warm fuzzy experience. I want them to get the knowledge resources information and an opportunity to meet new people, new connections because that's what's gonna help move the needle um in their businesses because I always say you never know who you're gonna meet in our zoom breakout rooms and who might be your next collaboration partner, a referral and or business partner or even a client, you just never know.

So it's all about creating that experience for everyone and and people join for different reasons, So but then again, as you said, it's about the messaging. So, you know, are you delivering a clear, concise message in terms of who who who this community is for, who is this for? And what problem are you going to solve? You know, what is going to be their transformation, what results are they going to receive as being a part of your membership community? So uh Yes, all of that is is important. Yes. Uh so funny um when you're talking about events, for example, we talk about a pre events uh during the event and then a post event. So you can look as well as what are you offering them before? What are you going to offer them during and then what are you offering them like after if you're doing our times mastermind group or some kind of group coaching or if you're doing of course or something like that, um or even just understanding and getting to know them in that 1 to 1.

Well then tell you why they're there. And so then how much time they also learn how much time they have to commit to this space because there's a lot of demands on all of each person has demands on their time. And so each person allocates their time differently depending on what their priorities and values are. And so where is this uh this community specifically line up on the scale of their priority list is super important to understand because then you can know. All right. So I asked them and then I create something. I also talked about like not creating stuff until you've asked the community or the members or uh, you know, people that you talk to, you know, are they asking for things? Uh, you know, talking about being a solo entrepreneur, you think that you have to create so much content but really, uh, less is more in so many perspectives and people are just so busy. They just want these bite sized pieces of information. Um, I wrote, I just read that book and I wrote a book review about it in the fine concord community that I posted just recently and a friend, the other carol that I have in our group said, um, I love this because I don't have to read it.

Like you basically read it for me and you put all the information and like I put some really great prompting questions that I pulled out from the content for like muddy network hosts to think about in the group. And so, so it's just like They don't have time to, I mean I'm trying to read books, but even me, I'm a slow reader and so I'm like blocking 20 minutes on a timer to try to like get myself every day to read a little bit to knock a little bit more out of the book until I get it finished. But just accepting that as we go, I think is important, I think when you join a community or a space, um you know, you have to consider that members might not have, or if you're, you know leading the community, you have to consider, members might not have time to spend an hour on a course each day or each week, and so really understanding that member time commitment and like having those expectations set in the beginning, I think it's super important because if you're asking them to like do an hour a day and they're like, I have five minutes for this, you're you're sitting two different understandings or expectations.

So I think it was great that you clarify, just connecting with those people and those, those specific targets. I love that Deb and you're absolutely right, it's uh setting the expectations, you know, and, and not to be discouraged as the community creator leader, um you know, if if you're seeing lack of engagement or you think, you know, people are not participating, you're absolutely right, everyone has their own life to live right? So I love, I love that you stated that because everybody has different timing and demands on their lives, personal and business, so, but you know, you can easily set up all those expectations during your onboarding process when you welcome your new members, So, um and just clarify that, and then just just have fun with it, right? And keep communicating with your, your members within your network, your mining network and really just have fun with it, deliver value and uh, and and build your dream community.

Yeah, you just mentioned also, I want to highlight the calm method, the call method is clarity, awareness, learning and motion. And so when you're talking about us, you got clear on like what your, what your purpose or goals were for the community, you clarified that with your messaging. Um you became aware when people were like giving you feedback during those first beginning months and then you learned other things or changed or maybe pivoted a little bit depending on what feedback you got and then you kept emotion and you kept going and trying different tactics and just trying to keep connecting with people and learning and having fun with it. So I wanted to point out the call method there because I was thinking of it earlier when you were talking um but thank you so much for sharing, I wanted to ask one last question if the mighty Networks, is there something that money Networks doesn't do that you wish it did or feature you wish, you know there is only one thing, but I know it's in the works and it's on its way is to, is to have that ability to do a quick, live a live stream, but I know there is a workaround with that utilizing loom I believe, but um, you can share videos as well.

Um, I love the feature of creating events because we are an event organization. We hold, you know, our monthly events, uh, to help individuals, small business owners, entrepreneurs connect through networking and all kinds of great programming. So I love their event feature and um, and I know in the works is the ability to do live video. So I would love to be able to just pop in every once in a while and say hello or deliver some value or a message and also for the members to do that as well. So, um, and and know that they're, we're able to connect and deliver that communication piece. Uh, you know, directly to the community through video. We know that video is king and you know, posting a long winded text message, you know, doesn't always get everyone's attention. So I'm excited about, I'm excited to see that feature launch and engage with that. But there is a workaround, I do believe utilizing loom.

Um, so that is possible to do some, you know, share video live streams if you will. Um, but I do love how we can pre scheduled events. So, you know, every month I send out a monthly newsletter to our members and to our, our database in our community, um, beyond our members. And then I'm able to share that within our mighty networks as well. And then also create events, post that within The community and then they're able to chat with one another and comment um and connect, you know, schedule wonder ones and really meet, meet one another outside of the mighty Networks as well. So um yeah, there's so many wonderful features and I have not dived into the courses yet. I am looking into making that available to our success team members and they are, you know, speakers, trainers, coaches and experts that want to get their expertise out into the world. They may have special courses on how to do X, Y, Z.

And uh so I'm looking into uh figuring out how to tap into that the course aspect of Mighty Networks because um I personally love to learn, I'm a life long learner and I'm looking for others that love to learn as well and I want to continue to learn and grow personally and professionally. So, um I think those are the features that I love about Mighty Networks and I'm just really grateful uh to have Mighty Networks as our members only portal as our, you know, members app and uh it's been an amazing journey and we're just gonna keep learning and growing together and uh you know, touching lives, small business owners, entrepreneurs and women around the world um in so many different ways to help them learn and grow as well. So thank you Deb yeah, thanks for sharing. I appreciate that so much. Um so much wisdom in what you were saying with just um learning and growing and these features.

Yeah, so I will just clarify the live video is actually now available in course is only right now on the money networks as of this recording, which is May 7th. They open that up during uh mid april I believe is when they launched that offering. So they have a big list of tech updates that are happening throughout this year um that they had shared in the end of 20 20. And so that is something on the list. I I don't know when it will be coming to the main network for um for other people who have like the community plan because I have the community plan, I've worked with clients who have the business plan and have done courses. So um course features have the live video, just not in the network right now. And the loom is definitely a workaround. In fact, today, this morning you must have read my mind because this morning I actually did a loom video and put that into the fine come here community uh to show some members a feature of the money networks.

So that is definitely a workaround and it's free. We all love free things as solo entrepreneurs. We have many expenses in this tech world of subscriptions and so that's a free offering for sure. I'll put a link to loom in the show notes for anybody who's listening and wants to learn more about loom and how to use that in your mighty network. Um thanks so much carol for being here. Can you tell everybody where if they want to connect with you, where they can find you bet. Thank you so much. Deb this has just been an honor to be part of your find calm here podcast program. Thank you so much for having me. Yes. Um if you are a small business owner, entrepreneur women in business around the globe and you're interested in connecting with other like minded women who who want more out of life, who are who want to be more, do more, give more. Um you can find us at beautiful faces going places dot com and uh and yeah, just take a look at all of our upcoming events.

We love meeting new people were all about sparking conversations, making new connections and creating Opportunities for one another. So uh beautiful faces going places dot com and or reach out to me on linkedin as well and I'm also on facebook and we do have a free facebook group page as well but we're all about mighty networks here. So uh coming to thank you so much appreciate you sharing about all of those resources. I will have links in the show notes to connect with you and on social media will be sharing this down into the social media land this podcast episode when it airs uh so you all will be able to connect with carol and see her there as well. Thank you again for being here carol and sharing all of your amazing experiences with us. The fine come here listeners and myself. I appreciate your time that you've given today, anybody who's listening, you guys have questions. Please let me know join the community.

There's a two month free trial with fine calm here. If you know of other muddy network hosts, that would be a really great guests for fine calm here. Please let me know because I will now looking for exclusively muddy network hosts to become guests on the fine calm here community. We've got some really great interviews coming up in the next few weeks. So definitely subscribe. Stay, stay subscribed and continue to learn more about community building on the money networks with me in the fine calm here community. Uh, and so next time take care and have a great weekend, day or night. I hope you're finding calm wherever it is you are, whenever this is for you. Take care and see you next time. Yeah.

Episode 37: Find Calm creating a successful network with Carol Dockum
Episode 37: Find Calm creating a successful network with Carol Dockum
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