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Episode 91: Navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with Lois Koffi

by Deb Schell
October 23rd 2022

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In this episode of the Community Strategy Podcast, Lois Koffi shares her... More

Hi there and welcome back to the community podcast. My name is Deb Schell. I'm a creator turned community builder. After launching my online community in 2020 I have a passion for online events and bringing people together. I now consult business owners and leaders just like yourself who have a message, their life's work or a vision for helping others transform through their online courses, cohorts or memberships on this interview style podcast, you'll hear conversations with community leaders, passion for bringing people together online. Our goal is to provide you with interesting conversations to inspire you to build, launch and grow an online community with energy, confidence and purpose. Let's get started. Hi everyone, this is Deb, I am popping in before this episode to just give you a kind of scoop about what lois and I talked about and I think right now it is so challenging right now to be an entrepreneur.

So if you are listening to this and you are a business center, a small business owner or an entrepreneur, solo entrepreneur, this is an episode you should definitely listen to and here's why It is not a straight line as we would love to have plans and we plan and plan and then then then life happens right and I have certainly experienced this in 2021 and 2022 as I've been consulting and 2021 was like an amazing year for me and then all of a sudden lots of ships happened this year in 2022 And as we're going into the end of the year and looking forward to 2023, I think it it deserves a time for us to pause and to really think, what is it we want to do, what are we trying to do with our life? How are we trying to live and work and speak and talk and experience the world and how are we doing that together in community?

And so Lois and I just talk about these navigating ups and downs of challenges, you know, making a lot of money and then how that doesn't necessarily bring joy or peace can and and and can cause and can also lead to other challenges. We we talked about um how to be, how to offer members to be heard and seen and and to be paid. Um I think this this time is like we keep being told that we should, you know, be present and show up and provide value over and over again as creators and business owners and I think that gets draining and exhausting and there's times that we certainly need to just pause and stop and say, what is it really that's that's driving us and how can we create meaningful interactions and build relationships better and more authentically. So I think that's some of what we talk about, She talks about course correcting with her journey and changing her program, her coaching program.

She just launched changing the name of that because what she realized in 2022 was that business owners are really just trying, you know, a lot of people she's talked with are just turning inward and and kind of doing this self discovery and self awareness of you know, where am I and how am I feeling about this, where I'm at, you know, uh just kind of listening to our experiences and developing an openness to just sit in those moments of challenge and try to learn from our experience. She talks about setting, you know, easy to attain goals and really focusing on building relationships before all of the other things that get in our way, like tech platforms and the challenges around that. Um so that that's the episode in a in a nutshell and I think you're gonna love it.

So uh let me know, please shoot me an email Deb at finding calm here dot com. If you want to ever jump on a call and just chat about what you're working on, but otherwise enjoy the episode. Hi all and welcome. This is Deb with the community strategy podcast. I'm super excited today for today's guest lois. Coffee, is it coffee, is that right? Coffee? Coffee, tomato, tomato. It's good. So that's what we'll thank you for joining us. Your uh somebody that I've been following for quite a while just online and facebook and linkedin and just noticing some of the things that you're doing in the coaching world and just really started to want to have this amazing conversation you and I chatted briefly a bit ago um about some of the journeys that you've been on? So I wanted to just get a sense of, I think today it would be great to talk about, there's so much to transition in the world, and so you just mentioned to me right before we jumped on live about transition and I'm in transition, So it feels like that's a good word for us to kind of focus around of dealing with transition and navigating that, but tell everybody before we jump into that a little bit about you and your background.

Yeah, absolutely, super excited to be here today and about what we're talking about because I feel it's so relevant to the whole global world and what everybody is experiencing right now, I think everyone feels like they're in transition. So I've been in sales for 23 years. I found out at 2025 that I, I had a really good knack for, for coaching and sales. I was also a running coach, became an Ironman triathlete that same year at age 25 I was living life like I was a realtor at the time making multiple six figures, um had a mortgage company as well as a real estate team and I was also an Ironman triathlete and I didn't work nights or weekends, hardly at all right, so if you if you if you think about that for a moment, a lot of people who are in real estate are like, what, how is that possible? And I was 25 making way more than people twice my age, working way less and I discovered I had a gift for work life balance, um transformational stuff and, and really making sure you, you focus on your priorities.

Like Jim Rowan always said it was one of the guys I studied in my twenties was are you here to make a living lowest? Are you here to design a life? And I really loved that quote and I was like, I'm here to have fun, I'm here to help and improve the world and impact people, but also have a blast traveling all of the things and then I shifted because the real estate market crash happened and I tumbled, I lost everything. Um I went from being at the top of the world to the bottom, homeless for closures, had my car repossessed. So I also share that because I've been at the highest highs and the lowest lows and really the pandemic helped me come back to center and I had been avoiding doing what I'm doing now because I was so afraid to be seen impostor syndrome. All of the failures that I had in 2007 with the recession really hurt me like wounded me deeply subconsciously. So I went and was a salesperson still making pretty good money, but I sold for other companies, but that wasn't my true passion and as a result of not pursuing my true passion, I actually became a binge drinking workaholic and got completely out of balance and then the pandemic woke me up and I said enough is enough, I'm pursuing my, my mission, my purpose is a transformational sales coach to help people self discover you can have a life, you can design a life and make a living.

So that's, that's the short version, there's a few longer versions as you can probably imagine. Um I'm also a wife, homeschooling mom um living here in southern California and have a podcast called healthy and wealthy and wise, I love it, there's so many, so many great things out of that, but the challenges that you've experienced and right now we're going through as we're recording this is in October of 2022, there's just been a lot of shifts happening um in the economic world in just life of just different ways that we're navigating life differently um putting boundaries up, you know, trying to figure out the life work balance. I find it so fascinating in the last you know, two years you're saying you you from what your experience was, you started to really be able to balance yourself out during the pandemic, which I think a lot of people it was the opposite, they're like all of these things now I have to like the kids are home and or whatever, like everybody, there's everybody was heather and experience with that.

But just to say that um that shift that you had, you know provided resilience for you to continue right? Yeah, 100%. And I was lucky just before the pandemic, I had gotten what's called a 12 week year certification for my sales coaching business and that had been something that I've been using inside of my business and and forgetting about the personal. So I said okay enough is enough with this certification and I'm gonna have to walk the walk and talk the talk right? So they set business goals and personal and of course I had a coach who also helped me to unpack you know the workaholism and all of the things and I realized I I got to surrender and come back to my truth, which for me is is I'm I'm not here just to be a workaholic and all of the, all of the numbing mechanisms that I had found before the pandemic, I was like I'm done. I wave my white flag and I said I'm gonna die if I keep going at this pace. And so it took me about 18 months full disclosure.

Um 18 months of rigorous deep dive spiritual transformational work now that I've added into my coaching as well because I saw a lot of people, I talked to thousands of people during the pandemic. I coached mostly on lead generation and sales strategy and time management during the pandemic. And at the height of it, you know like 2020 2021 a lot of people were also struggling. They were they were being workaholics. They were give me the tactics lowest, just tell me what to do, how do I sell this that and the other, I'd give them all of the tools and guess what they were becoming alcoholics doing way too much and just also at the same time self sabotaging when it came to asking for the sale. And so I discovered it was a lot of that that mindset that that heart set and really getting back to taking care of themselves, that was going to be the game changer. And so I was able to change that into my coaching this year in 2022 helping people get more into alignment with their heart and their purpose and their passion, get rid of the numbing behaviors, get rid of the things that were blocking them.

The self sabotaging limiting beliefs and then all of a sudden not surprising the sales started falling from the sky. They improved their marriage, they lost weight. It was just like what happened for me, I lost £30. My marriage is the best it's ever been. You know, if if you're personal life is part of you right and it's an extension that shows up in your sales career. Um so it's hard to sell with excellence when everything else is all topsy turvy, so that was a lot to share, but that was a lot of what I saw in in the midst of the pandemic and um I wanted to change how I was delivering sales coaching so people could really get to the heart of the matter and then life is so much better when your personal life is in order, when you're healthy, when you're vibrant, you show up on sales calls and you don't even have to ask for the sale. People are like, where do I sign up? How much? Um I'm ready to go as opposed to the other way around people were putting the cart before the horse and so I help them be able to balance that out.

Yeah, I find that with a lot and myself, I struggle with selling and I think a lot of creators that I speak with um who who identify as a creator uh really have this, this they love to create, but they hate to sell. And I just, I was just speaking about this yesterday, my biggest learning lesson this year has been not to create until I sell, and I've been really trying to put that first and I don't know what your thought is around that, but I wanted to get your thoughts around, you know, like I think that the other the other concept that you're talking about with um starting with self care first is the first stage, right, is like, are we okay first before we and we tend to do the opposite. So those are the two things I'll say and you can you have some thoughts I'll stop. Yeah, well and there's a catch 22 also I will tell you I was because of losing everything in the great recession and keep me honest. Let me get back to your question about the creative stuff.

So don't let me get too far off down the road. But what I discovered for myself and now I'm helping my clients discover I was actually making a lot of money. I got to 20 to 40 K months from zero in the midst of a pandemic and I felt dead inside still as a result because I was still the binge drinking workaholic and when you're, when you're in those space, I I've studied a lot of trauma response, fight or flight freeze on, not that I'm going to go into all of that, but I was coming from people pleasing over delivering no healthy boundaries, all of the things that I had gotten into which slowly crept into my life over a 10 year period. It didn't happen overnight and I recognize, oh my gosh I'm stuck in the human doing this, the action, the activity and I read a book and actually found a mentor, he wrote the book called the closet spiritualist. He reminded me of something that I had forgotten and this goes back to your your creative point when the recession happened.

I had so much not enough nous fear of abandonment, rejection losing everything that I shut down the right side of my brain. The right side is the creative side. It's also known as the feminine energy, not male or female but feminine. The intuition, the creation, the imagination. Um you know, trusting, trusting your intuition and and love and compassion side. So I had shut that down and I went into worker bee mode, which is the left side of the brain. The logic, the action. Um the numbers, the analytical mind unfortunately. So I had shot down the intuition the creative side and I was just in the doing this I got results but because I had shut down this part of myself, the right side. The creative the intuitive and all of that. I was so out of balance. And so for me when I hear the word balance, some people hate that word and it gives them like a visceral reaction. I'm not even actually talking about time management here.

I'm talking about your brain. Are you? Yes. You got to use that logic. Yes, that's the lead generation. Yes, that's the sales. However if you don't use the creative side then you're just like a robot and I've seen it all in men and women where you can just feel it and that's where they used car salesman comes across. You know, coming from that place of not enough means I gotta have more money. I gotta close more sales, I gotta do this. I gotta do that. What you're talking about, what I see because I work mostly with coaches and healers and spiritual people. They're the opposite of where I was at their all creative, all imagination who I can put out more products, more services podcasters to, I'll just put out more podcasts. I'm like, what product can I create? Like my co I joked with because my business coach was joking with me a couple of months ago when we were talking about this whole challenge that I've been having of clients recently in the last six months and it's, you know, I want to create the program, the, the shiny thing, the six month, you know, thing or um, the offer and you know, the slide deck, the pretty campus slide deck that goes with it and I could spend all day on idea generation.

I have no lack for ideas. What I have is a challenge of actually pitching and selling myself. So yeah, exactly what you're talking about and I think so many creators and so many just business owners can relate to this idea of, you know, having these ideas, but having a challenge to get the right. Um, I don't know if you want to turn it pitch or how you describe that. Yeah. For me, it's my thing that I like to say is, you know, how can I help you be seen be heard and be paid. So to be seen to be heard. Um, I don't like the word pitch and, and trust me, there's some really masculine dominant coaches out there. Women and men who are like, hey, I can help you make the pitch right? Nobody wants to be pitched to anymore. I don't care that times are changing the feminine energy that's coming in right now, galactic lee globally. Whatever you believe in, whatever you wanna call it, people are quitting their jobs right? The great resignation. Um, people are, are feeling like, you know, their values are changing.

They just don't know what, how did to work with that, right? And so that's my hope is to be able to have a net where people can fall to be able to figure out what is my passion. How do I want to be seen be heard? Whether it's podcast, whether it's webinars, whether it's linkedin, those are my three favorites. Um, but really it doesn't matter if you're in clubhouse, wherever the tricky part is, focus on one, maybe two, which is hard for a lot of people because social media gives you a lot of instant gratification. Dopamine hits right? Depending on the way you look at it? Yeah, So you can't spread yourself too thin on social media and do it all. You got to focus on one, maybe two and go all in for 12 weeks or 12 months and master it. That's what I did in the midst of the pandemic, that actually did get me to the multiple six figures and all that kind of stuff. But it was more about just getting my megaphone out there. So I started with webinars that I went to podcasting and guess what, two years later, still webinar is still podcasting.

I'm just now getting on the clubhouse, I didn't do the fomo and clubhouse started. Yeah, I I jim Rohn and those guys back in the day, they said if it's a good deal now lois it'll be a good deal a year from now. So I was just chuckling because everybody and their brother and none of them had lead generation tactics, they were just going to spend time and I'm like, but how are you going to capture leads from that? How are you going to follow up and have a sales process? So it is about going, you know, a mile deep with your lead generation and sales strategy but then also, you know, taking care of that intuition imagination and then putting it into those one or two lead generation strategy platforms that that can be consistent, consistency and persistency persistence is what pays off in the sales world and especially if you're building a community um people won't trust you, this is just my personal experience, if if you're all over the place right, you know, confusion doesn't sell.

So if you, if you're consistent persistent with one or two platforms or building an email list, you're doing your webinars. I had a gal who she watched me for 12 months, 12 months and then all of a sudden had no problem giving me 10 grand because I had been consistent persistent. She's heard the same content 12 times and it was her time sales is always the timing of of the the person they have to really trust you and see the benefit of the benefit sales is not a get rich quick scheme. Even though a lot of people might think it is, what if the transition, uh, things that you've recently been experiencing taught you the last the last couple of months because I know you said you've been through the, the initial transition of, of um, during the pandemic with this amazing growth and then discovering you wanted to really hone in on who you're working with and purpose and and getting in touch with more intentionality around well being. But what happened in the, in the past year with transition?

Where did that lead you? Yeah, I did a deep dive because um, it was actually in 2021 when I hit what I would call proverbial like um, alignment with my heart rock bottom because I was making 20 to 40 K months, life was good and I was dead inside and what I realized was I had been following the crowd, um, a lot of coaches and people in the podcasting space and all of that. I even hired a coach and he was a phenomenal coach. Um, but we focused on high ticket and high tech. It offers are great, but you can only help so many people and I started to feel kind of lonely. I used to be in networking groups, I was in the MLM industry. So you always had, like, these larger community groups, right? And I had, I had started a community membership Alongside the same time, I started my high ticket offers in 2020. Again, something had to give and practicing what I preach and it just wasn't possible, it wasn't sustainable to try to market these two.

What did you do as far as that? How did that strategy, what did that look like? Well, yeah, I completely put the community on hold, I went the one on one route, the high ticket and it wasn't fulfilling. I was like, I'm I'm a community creature, I love teamwork, makes the dream work, helping cast a bigger net and having a bigger vision and a community. So that's what happened that shifted for me this year. So I started um, in july um, I launched my community membership And because before I had been so focused in 2021 and 2020 on the regeneration in the sales tactic, like I shared with you, I, I kept noticing people were still being workaholics. They were out of balance, they were either too creative or too analytical and I had come back to center this year and I said I want to help people be in their zone of genius coming from their heart, but then also being able to sell with excellence.

So I created my community membership based on my, what I saw in my myself, my own clients, and that's why my membership is called healthy and wealthy and wise, basically coming from the super conscious creation place to be seen, be heard be paid what you're worth and be able to sell with excellence, you know, fearless selling and having fun. Also inside of a community, what did that look like as far as your community strategy when you were building or putting together this thing um and how did you uh talk to people about it? Yeah. Well, number one, I studied other community memberships and other memberships just period, so my community membership is only $197 a month um and they receive about $6,000 worth of life coaching and sales coaching. Again, healthy and wealthy and wise, so it's not just sales coaching because I like I shared with you, I've seen people focused on the sales stuff and anyway, there's a both and approach to it and that's why I wanted to create this.

So I studied what was working and what I didn't like in other communities first, before I launched in july. And so for me, the lead generation strategy for me hasn't changed because I what isn't broken, you don't, you no need to fix, right? So I still do webinars and I still use my my podcast as those two are my, my lead generation strategies and then I follow up with people um just through my own referrals as well as my, my marketing and lead generation um leads that I capture my goal inside of the community is to teach you how to generate 100 quality leads per month um with your chosen either one or two lead generation strategies and then to be able to time block, how do you do that? How do you create that? How do you create follow up systems? So I just, I just do what I do and um it's it's it's growing slower than I had anticipated. Um but it's almost like because I rebranded um and I love being transparent reminding people, you know, I'm in some ways, I came out of a cocoon And I'm rebuilding relaunching.

Um so I just started because we're in Middle October already um at the end of September, I started my new 12 week year campaign, I go all in for 12 weeks on this one thing and and that's where I'm at right now. That's so exciting. Um and I love the 12 week year, I've done that program twice now, um earlier this year and like last year it's very intensive though. So I hate breaks well and and if you do it according to the book, just quit, quit coaching tip. That's the best part. If you follow the time blocking system, you have strategic blocks every week. You have breakout blocks. If you're, if you're following the system, it actually is built in to give you spaciousness and breathing room and reflection time, because that's what most people forget about is that reflection and and tuning in with your imagination and intuition and course correcting along the way.

Yeah, what I mentioned about community building, uh being slow, I think that's that's the way it's been for so many that I've worked with is is it's, you know, the expectation is different than what the the actual um experiences in the beginning, I think for some people, I don't know what your thoughts are around that. No, I agree with you. And here's the good news, even though I won't lie. Um sometimes there's moments in my day in building this that I just want to build it so much faster because I'm just so excited about how I can serve and help people. And yet I don't want to say the pros and cons like the cons of building a community is people, you know, if maybe they're already in another community, so can they handle a second one right. Um A community means belonging, A lot of people have been shut off and shut off from the world and more inward. Right? Since the pandemic. I do believe that's changing.

I think people are hungry for it. Um so, and I've pivoted already that before we got on, I told you I've actually added one more element since the last time we talked. So now I have a lower level $77 a month subscription. For anyone. They don't have to be in sales. So I have corporate America people and I have stay at home moms and I have a few sales people that are doing that lower level. So I'm, I'm monitoring and of course correcting along the way based on the signs of the times and yes, to build a community because I've built, I've built sales teams. I've built organizations. I've built communities. When I was in B and I business network International, I started from nothing to build and it's, it's a labor of love and that's why I didn't go all in on it. I focus on high ticket first. But now that I'm here, I'm all in because if you go in and out and in and out again, that's where people don't trust you and they're like, she's just trying to sell me another thing.

So you you really got to give it a full two years, it's almost like a new business. If you're building a community membership, that's just my personal opinion and experience so far, I agree with you. I think community is, is it is, it's a business, in a sense, it's a business, um, it's a revenue, it could be a possible revenue stream, additional revenue stream to what you already have. So it could be a part an arm of your business, but it also could be his own business and I was just interviewing another person earlier today, another community builder who uh, you know, him and his partner were doing um consulting work for quite a while and then decided to um launch a community and they transition their entire business model to community, um over a period of time where that's then was their focus for their business and it was no longer serving, you know, clients, It was helping startups um, in their community as a, as a goal, but I think it's challenging and it takes a lot of um intentionality and knowing the problems that you're solving and then understanding the commitment curve around what you mentioned earlier of where our people in the commitment curve are they, you know, do they have the space?

And I think that's when you have clarity around what you're portraying to them is whatever this, I think timed programs are so um much better for new community builders, but if you have a membership, it also can be challenging and beneficial, but there's just two different ways to like a time, like start and end date is a lot easier for some people to like block it on their calendar, but other people want the consistency of meeting every month. So I think you're serving um a few different audiences. Yeah and it's interesting too because this is the way I look at it also, I've cast a vision like I, my vision between now and end of 2023 is I 1000 members, you know, the more you share that vision with people also and beat that drum. I think the faster the community will go and for me because I'm also building out, I want to do seven day retreats, my husband's a healer um we want to do seven day wellness retreats for business people. We want to do all sorts of different things. So as you build this beautiful slow that study and then it'll be thriving.

It's like it's like that J curve now you have people that love you trust you. They believe in your vision as well. The referrals start flowing in and then you have this amazing community that you know for better for worse, you can up sell them to retreat, you can Upsell them to this, you can cross sell them to that and then then you have a huge massive ab set. I mean look at amazon in a lot of ways, look at iphone apple, they're not maybe quite the community you and I are talking about but that's the brand I'm building, you know, and and that's the way I look at it and so if you build it, they will come and you gotta have pay, sorry, faith and patience and consistency along the way. And I've made a lot of tweaks to your point, like, I had set class times and then I decided I'm gonna, like, change the class times every week and I'm still in it girl. I'm I I don't have all the answers yet, because I literally just launched in july, made some changes last month and here we are today.

Yeah, I love it. So, it's great to just share some insights around what you think, um, you know, transitional e your loving about this new experience, what's been lighting you up with community um in the last couple of weeks since you've, since you've, kind of like, tweaked some stuff yeah, now that I'm, you caught me at the right moment, and I remember when we met, I was like, I think something's telling me, I got a book this in mid october because I'm trusting my intuition now more and more, you know, before I'd be just like, you know, I'm just gonna push through, let's let's do this podcast next week and then it'd be outdated already by now, right? So, for me, honestly, it's actually been the challenges the that have caused me to get frustrated to cry to be like, what the heck am I missing? You know, and, and and listening to that voice within saying, well, this is why that's not working because you're supposed to be doing this.

So, it's actually helped me what I just said, really tune in and meditate more and tune in with my spiritual higher self and be like, okay, so what's next? I don't even have a business coach right now. Mhm. It's forced me to go within and trust my guides and my own higher self to be able to co create what really, what, what does this universe need right now? Why am I here and how can I shine my light? So, the name change came about because it was mindset and sales mastery membership community when you and I spoke and then one day and my meditation is like, nope, that's not it. And now, since I've changed the name, I've got newer customers, my, my previous customers like, oh my gosh, I love that name, I'm getting more people showing up to calls, like literally just last week and this week. And so there's an energy shift because I've tuned in and listen to my heart space and now I'm applying it And now I just imagine again, staying consistent for my full 12 week year, it's, it's gonna come to fruition because I've also shared my vision.

I put it on my linkedin profile, I'm talking about it with every prospect, call every client call, asking for referrals. So, it's interesting how, you know, the energy shifts when, when you're you're really in alignment with your purpose, your passion and then it's like, let's go. So I feel a renewed sense of energy even amidst the struggle, the times where I was like, what am I missing? It's been really, really profoundly enlightening and empowering for me. Have your members told you what you're missing? Oh, and that's the best part. Ii surveyed them. Like this week, I'm doing a five day heal your relationship with money challenge. That was my members. So, absolutely, I I asked lots of them like, what do you want to see? And that's actually what what caused me to bring that lower subscription um as well, because some people are just like, I want more of that, you know? And and so that's absolutely, thank you for reminding of that because I did surveys um of the active members and I'm giving them what they're asking for, not making it all about me.

That's so great. And I love um to focus on like, empowering and elevating community members and just to get their insights on, especially when we feel challenged like where we're creating or building or doing or, you know, and then we're not getting like the experience or results that we feel like we might have expected. Uh it can be challenging to get in that, what am I doing, but I think it's also like asking the members of, well is this if it's not the right um, solution or fit or whatever, then what is missing from this And being bold and asking those questions to the members is just gonna invalidate that those members really feel like they're hurt, right? And there are part of the creation and then the other word you use is co creation, which is a great term to do. You just lit up so I'm gonna stop talking. You just made me remember something though too. And this is like this is just across the board I think in any business owners realization journey, because you know, I started marketing this earlier in the year and then I did a rebrand and all of these different things.

I also was told who may not be my ideal number, right? You know, so that was invaluable to learn and and now, you know, because I studied this other membership before starting mine like little things, I'll give an example. So at first the first half of the year I would I would use facebook or linkedin messenger to send little reminders to members. And then that got that became a crutch, I realized that's not duplicate able when I have 1000 members, Even 100 members. That's silly, right? And plus I personally think social media platforms are going to be slowly going away, but that's just just me. They're they're less connected with my, that was gonna be my question. Next is what platform did you choose for your community if you choose one? Yeah, no, no, not yet for now until I hit 100 member a month. Um I'm still researching too by the way. So that's another reason why I don't want to just jump into bed with one platform. So I'm just using good old fashioned email because the membership that I studied that is making millions every year.

They don't even use a platform, they're all inside of their member vault. So I have my member vault and I have my email and that's it. And I discovered the people who were dependent upon the facebook stuff and would only show up maybe because they got a message reminder on facebook, but they won't check their email. That taught me I don't want that plant. I want people who religiously check their email every day, they use calendar invites and I didn't know that in the first half of the year, so that was invaluable. Even if it meant I lost members, I'm cool with that. Yeah. One of the things that keeps coming up this week is you can't want it more than them and I don't know if you've heard that phrase or what I've said it, I've said it because I was remember I was an MLM industry and I was even in D and I and I was a recruiter in both industries and you know, people would sign up and expect like all of a sudden to get rich or get all these referrals or all of the things and they would just kind of sit and wait, look around and I'm like, you know, you can't want it more for them than they want it for themselves.

Yeah and kudos to you for not like being stuck because 99% of people that talk that I talked with seem to be asking the first question of which platform is the best platform today for me to use Well and I will throw, I will throw this out there, I'm not committed. Um but I have used inside of a couple other groups that I'm in the mighty Networks and I I do enjoy that one um the most, so that that would be, that would be my thought, do you have any recommendations? I am a Mighty Networks expert. So I know a lot about the Mighty Networks platform that was where my community was for 2.5 years. Um it just closed recently in september because I'm making shifts as I mentioned with transitions around writing a book and doing a lot of other stuff. But yeah, um money networks is a great platform, They've got tons of features, They just upgraded again, did another big upgrades. So um you can do live streams on there, you can have courses on there, you can have, you know, different areas of content and creating and allow members to create their own posts and poles and all kinds of fun.

Um there's all kinds of fun things in there, it does get complicated and sometimes there's the biggest challenge that new communities builders face is is that tech stack of like what is my tech stack look like. And I think what you're talking about is keeping it, you know what I recommend a client. So what you're talking about in the beginning is just like let's keep it the lowest barrier and like get people um consistent somehow showing up somewhere or participating in some way and that can be community. It doesn't have to be, you know, an integrate. You know, it doesn't have to be a sales funnel that that's all automated with zap here. That, that gets you from one thing to the next. If you don't have, you Know 50,000 people or 10,000 people. If it's just like you and 12 people you can just get together on scene or or just meet up at the park and some of that conversation um, in the beginning with your like data or founding members can be the way that you really identify what problems you solve in your community or how you serve your members as a host.

I think those are really great. The smaller, that's why I always recommend smaller groups to get started and not starting with a big group. That's awesome. Yeah. And I say my vision as 1000 I'll be happy with 250 really committed showing up doing the work transforming themselves. And Ii do month to month subscriptions as well. I don't hold people hostage, but I do have, if people want to sign up and save a lot of money and do the annual thing that, that's also, I guess one other um, community membership or subscription option that I that I have been playing with. No, so great. Thanks for sharing all these different strategies. I know we're wrapping up, we we have a hard stop here in a second. I respect you on that. So, um, I just wanted to just quickly say, is there any, um, tips you have real quick for community builders that you've just learned about our experience in the last, uh, you know, 30 days that you've seen as a trend. I think again, it's gonna be so redundant and, and simple is really tuning in with your intuition, your higher self and, and really making it, it's an extension of you, right?

So being and becoming your highest and best version of yourself even first, maybe before starting or launching one that worked really, really well for me because once you go in and you launch, um, it helps not to be changing things constantly. All that kind of stuff. Even having like a beta um, test group of course, that's where you got to really, really, really make sure you get committed people. Um, but really, really tuning in with, your brand, your mission, your passion, your purpose because I don't care what lead generation sales tactics you might end up using. If you aren't sold out on you and obsessed about your brand and your passion and your mission and your message. Um, it's, it's gonna be painful um, in the end because when you think about it, if you have these subscribers and you're not passionate about what you're doing, then what happens, it's easy to burn out really quickly when you're, when you're in that mood. Yeah.

Okay, well, thank you so much for being here and for sharing your wisdom, maybe wants to catch up with you or connect with you. Uh, join your community. Where is the best place for them to go. Yeah. Dot com forward slash resources. Both my subscription and my membership community are linked there. So lowest coffee dot com forward slash resources and of course my podcast. If they, if they check out my facebook podcast community or they subscribe to my podcast, they'll hear more about my passion about help you create your best health, best wealth and best wisdom as a salesperson as well. So they can even just follow me stalk me. Subscribe to my youtube channel because it's all all healthy and wealthy and wise and that's a great way to learn more. Cool. Well, thank you again for joining us and for everybody continue to uh, subscribe. I just announced that we are going to put a pause on the community strategy podcast coming up at the end of the year and we're in the celebration with the last 10 episodes before the pause, which thank you louis for being a part of that amazing journey with me.

And um, until the next time, I hope everybody's finding calm and we will see you soon. Thank you. Thanks. All right, bye. Hey, this is Deb show and I am super so psyched to let you know, I am writing a book. Big deal. I know maybe it's not for you, but for me it's a big deal. And guess what? I'm writing this book for you because honestly, as a new community builder, two years ago in 2020 I had no idea what I was doing and I really got really confused easily. So I'm going to simplify things for you. But what I need from you right now is to actually help me make this book possible. And so you can support me with a crowdfunding campaign that I'm running through. I fund Woman. I'm going to have a link in the show notes. Please support me this. This is running from september 1st room through the end of october. So I'm really hoping to reach my goal to be able to write this work style book. It's gonna have worksheets, it's gonna have templates, it's gonna be something that you can actually use today.

It's not a course that you have to take for four weeks. It's not um, a big book that's not going to give you actionable steps. You're gonna be able to take action the same day that you read the book. I'm super excited about this. I've had lots of feedback from clients, but this is what they want. This is what they need. So I'm putting it together and I hope you can support me with it and I hope, I hope it's going to help you. So let me know. Please check out the show notes for that link to the I Fund Woman crowdfunding campaign for the new book I'm writing. It's called Creator to Community Builder. I'm so excited. Thanks for L. P. V. If you've already donated.

Episode 91: Navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with Lois Koffi
Episode 91: Navigating the ups and downs of entrepreneurship with Lois Koffi
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