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Full Circle Weekly News #222

by Full Circle Magazine
August 9th 2021
Glibc 2.34 system library released: Third candidate for Debian 11 “Bullseye” installer: More
mhm mhm mm. You're listening to full circle weekly News. These articles are compiled by eric the Unready and I'm your host loss Bliss. This is episode 2 22 covering with 31 august 2nd 8, 2021. Mhm. The new C library G Live C 2.34 has been published a system library which fully follows the I S O C 11 and possess 1-2017 standards. The new release includes fixes from 66 developers. There is a long boring list at the link in the show notes. A 3rd release candidate for the installer of the next major release of Debian Bullseye has been published. Currently, there are 48 critical released blocking bugs a month ago. It was 1 55 2 months ago, 1 85. The release is scheduled for august 14th, according to Valve's july report on the preferences of users of the steam game delivery service. The share of active steam users using the Lennox platform has reached 1% a month ago.

This indicator was 0.89% of all the distributions you been to 20.4 point two is in the lead used by 0.19% of steam users followed by Manjural Lennox Arch Lennox you been to 21.4 and Lennox Mint 20.1 With an estimated 120 million active steam users. The number of Lennox users on steam is approximately 1.2 million. The rise in interest in Lenox among steam users can be attributed to the announcement of the links based steam deck. It can be mentioned that the peak number of Lennox users on steam 2% was recorded after the end of the beta testing of steam for Lennox in 2013. Then this indicator began to decline in in 2017 reached 0.6 after which it began to grow again slowly, christian review announced his decision to open the source code for loft crack, designed to restore password hashes. This product has been a development since 1997 and was sold to Symantec in 2000 and four, but in 2000 and six it was bought out by the three project founders in 2020 the project was absorbed by terra hash, but in july of this year, the rights of the code were returned to the original author's due to default on the deal.

As a result, the creators of loft crack decided to abandon the supply of tools in the form of a proprietary product and open the source code. The code is planned to be published after the def con conference which will be held from august 5th to eighth. The code will be hosted on Get Lab, not on GIT hub. Out of dislike for Microsoft. Among the plans for the further development of loft crack is the porting of the code. The links and Mac os. Initially only the Windows platform was supported. This should not be difficult since the interface is written using the cute cross platform library code weavers released Cross over 21.0 based on wine code and designed to run programs and games on Lenox written for the Windows platform code weavers is one of the key contributors to the wine project sponsors its development and returns to the project. All the innovations implemented for its commercial products testing of a new installer has begun a nightly builds of U boot to desktop 21.10 implemented as an add on over the low level installer, which is already used in the default sub equity installer in Dupont to server.

The new installer for Ubundu. Desktop is written in dart and uses the flutter framework to build the user interface. The new installer has been designed with the modern U. Boot to desktop in mind and is designed to provide a consistent installation process across the entire U. Bahn to product line three modes are offered repair installation for reinstalling all packages available in the system without changing the settings. Try ubuntu for getting familiar with the distribution in live mode and install a bond to for installing the distribution on disk. The new features include the ability to choose between dark and light themes. Support for disabling Intel RST when installing in parallel with Windows and a new interface for partitioning the available installation options so far boiled down to choosing between a normal and a minimum set of packages to install. The inclusion of partition encryption and the choice of the time zone are noted among yet to be implemented functions. Dead beef 1.8 point eight is available. The source code of the project is distributed under the GPL V to license the player is written in C and can work with a minimal center dependencies.

The interface is built using the G T K plus library supports tabs and can be extended through widgets and plug ins. Among the features are automatic trans coating of text and coating and tags. Equalizer support for q files, minimum dependencies, the ability to control through the command line or from the system tray. The ability to download and display covers a built in tag editor, flexible options for displaying the required fields and song lists. Support for streaming internet radio playback modes without pauses. The presence of a plug in for transporting content, pipe wire, 0.3 point 33 is a new generation multimedia server to replace pulse audio pipe wire has enhanced video streaming capabilities over pulse audio, low latency audio processing and a new security model for device and stream access control. The project is supported in Vietnam and is already the default used in Fedora Lennox. The project code is written in C and distributed under the L G P L V 2.1 license, pipe wire can also act as a low latency sound server with functionality that combines pulse audio and jack capabilities, including the needs of professional sound processing systems that pulse audio could not claim.

In addition, pipe wire offers an enhanced security model that allows device specific and thread specific access control and makes it easier to route audio and video from and to isolated containers. One of the main goals is to support self contained applications in the flat pack format and work in the graphic stack based on Wayland Edge X 2.0 and open modular platform for interoperability between IOT devices, applications and services is out. The platform is not tied to specific vendor hardware and operating systems and is being developed by an independent working group under the auspices of the Lennox Foundation. The platform components are written in the go language and are distributed under the Apache two point oh license. Edge X allows you to create gateways that connect existing IOT devices and collect data from various sensors. Edge X is based on the open IOT stack fuse, which is used in the Dell Edge Gateway. The platform can be installed on any hardware including X 86 arm CPU based servers running Lennox Windows or Mac Os.

The project includes a selection already made microservices for data analysis, security management and solving various problems. The languages, java, javascript, python go and C slash c plus plus can be used to develop your own microservices and SDK has offered to develop drivers for IOT devices and sensors. You've been listening to full circle weekly news for more details. See the next issue of the magazine at full circle magazine dot org. Or check the links in the show notes, you can find my contact information on its Moss dot com. I'll see you next week.

Full Circle Weekly News #222
Full Circle Weekly News #222
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