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by Kyle Hebert
July 2nd 2021

Podcast paywalls, Gits and Shiggles punish Kyle for a grievous mistake, Cart... More

Christopher Walken singing Jesse's Girl: She's watching him with those eyes and she's loving him with that body. I just know it. Yeah. And he's holding her in his arms late, late at night. You know, I wish that I had Jessie's girl. I wish that I had Jessie's girl. Why can't I find a woman like that? This is the intergalactic boombox. I'm Kyle Hebert. A lot of the Dragonball Z cast and myself will be attending the fan con Kamehacon july 9th through 11th in Dallas at the Delta Hotel by Marriott. It'll be a Super Saiyan sized partay! My question of the week was, is a podcast still a podcast If it's behind a paywall? Adam Curry, the pod father, the creator of podcasting. as we know it, believes that the actual definition of a podcast is a free distributed rss feed.

Whereas something like joe Rogan's show on Spotify in exclusive, should not be called a podcast or anything like you watch on Youtube shouldn't be called a podcast mitch over at pod verse one of the awesome, amazing third party apps at new podcast apps dot com that support the podcasting two point oh protocol and the value for value model where you can stream micropayments as you listen, check the show notes please mitch says, yeah, as long as you can listen to a podcast in any app, it's less a matter of free versus paid and more. Is it available everywhere? Invisible Fly 21 says, I think a podcast is only a podcast when there is essentially only audio content. I think Livestream podcast can pass as still podcast since the focus is on what the hosts are saying without heavily relying on any visual props. I think when you start relying on visual props and our audience interaction and or specifically live streaming video taping, you've gone from podcast to talk show Kaiser, The advisor says if it has audio and mostly involves discussing topics without need for visual material, it's a podcast breaks, says a podcast to me is just audio where members discuss various topics And costing 81 says to me a podcast is a discussion of various topics without visuals, just audio.

I think even if it requires some kind of payment, as long as it's in the same format, it's still a podcast". To me, it's not a matter of whether it's paid or free, kinda like what Mitch at Podverse is saying, it's just that people need a buzzword to understand what it is, it's on demand talk show in MP three format, whether you access it freely or you pay a premium, there are what people refer to as video podcasts. I think it's dorky. that podcasting is called podcasting named after an ipod, which we are several generations of tech removed from now. I bet today's kids don't even know what a pod refers to. They know what an ipad is and an iphone, but an ipod? Not exactly as mainstream anymore. If anything, it's a nostalgia bomb. So calling a podcast after ipods used to cause confusion because they think, oh, a podcast means you have to have an ipod to play it. So it's catering to Apple fanboys and that was controversial, right? You know, Apple versus Android.

So to me calling it podcast is a matter of convenience. And podcasting's definition is expanding with podcasting 2.0 and the micropayments with value for value. You can have musicians release albums as a podcast, authors release audio books as a podcast, college lectures. I'm okay calling them podcast just out of convenience. If you want your reply read on next week's show, you've got to answer the question of the week. And this week the question is "What was your first video game console? (old man voice) Eh, back in the day, ya know, was it Intelivision, Atari, Colecovision, Sega, Nintendo? Mine was an Atari 2600. My cousin had one and then I saw it and like "Oh my God, Mom and Dad, I want one!" And this is like the early eighties. I remember the old Atari jingle on commercials on tv, and it's. like "Have you played Atari today?" And my dad would jokingly parody it and say "Have you paid 150 today?" Because it was $150 in the early eighties to own this console. And my first game was Pac Man..

It looked and sounded nothing like the arcade version, but it was still Pac Man, and you could play it at home. I even eventually got the world's worst rated video game of all time, E. T. the Extraterrestrial terrestrial. I played so many titles so many times, even though the graphics didn't even hold a candle to the amazing artwork of the packaging on the box or on the cartridges. Handheld stuff was years off. I think my brother got an Atari Lynx that you'd have to stick like double D batteries in and would only work for like three or four hours. So what was your first video game console? I want to see your answers @boomboxpod on Twitter, and on my Discord, The Intergalactic Boom Box, yeah. Or click on it in the show notes. Put your answer and I could be reading it on next week's show. Last week's episode during my Ryu is the Kevin Bacon of video game segment, I incorrectly credited Monokuma as being from Persona, when he is actually from Danganronpa. Gits: "Oh, Captain,

I think you lost some geek cred, homey." Yeah, I know. Well how do I earn it back? Shiggles: "Well, you are going to have to throw sliced baloney all over you." Wait, what? Gits: "Prepare for your punishment." Why? Gits: (sings jingle) "My bologney has a first name, It's O (splat) S (splat) C (splat) A (splat) R" Shiggles: (continues jingle). "My bologney has a second name it's M (splat) E (splat) Y (splat) E (splat) R." Gits (continues singing jingle): Oh, I love to eat it every day", Shiggles (continues singing jingle) "And if you ask me why I'll say", Kyle: Could you just not? Gits and Shiggles finish singing together: "Cuz Oscar Meyer has a way with B-O-L-O-G-N-A (Kyle gets pelted with bologna) Shiggles: "E-E". Gits: "What?" Shiggles: E-E, baloney. Gits". "No, it's A. Shiggles: "Well, it's how you say it, "bologney". Gits: What you doing with two Es? Shiggles: I don't know anyone that calls it "ba-lo-NUH". Except except Weird Al. So I was doing show prep for the podcast and came across a Cracked magazine article about the origins of famous cartoon characters and I was just gonna bullet points some of these and go over some that have meant a lot to me through the years.

First of all, Beavis and Butthead created by Mike Judge, Aeon Flux by Peter Chung, and an early version of Courage the Cowardly Dog by John Dilworth. All three of those were birthed on an MTV animated anthology show called "Liquid Television".. It showcased eclectic styles and cartoon shorts from numerous creators from around the world. It ran from 1991 to 95. Everyone knows Spongebob Squarepants, but how many people know that Stephen Hillenburg originally created the character as Bob the Sponge, a comic mascot found in the pamphlets for the Orange County Marine Institute. Pretty different from the pop culture icon generations know and love. How about Scott Pilgrim? Everyone's seen the movie right? With with (imitates) Michael Cera? It was originally Bryan Lee O'malley creating a six volume comic book series, long before the movie. The Simpsons, one of those iconic longest running cartoon shows in the history of man. Matt Groening first created those as commercial bumpers on a show called the Tracey Ulman Show, back with dinosaurs roamed the earth.

These short little animated things were like just a few seconds long and they were super weird and the characters look really radically different and the voices were way different too. Just search it up on Youtube and you can see "Whoa, someone was loopy on bus fumes." Some of the classic iconic D C superheroes from the Justice League appear as the Super Friends. They first appeared in animated form on Scooby Doo, complete with a god awful laugh track and horribly cheap animation back in the sixties, I do believe. Seth Macfarlane conceived Family Guy when studying animation at the Rhode Island School of Design and it wasn't called Family Guy back then, of course it was very different called The Life of Larry and a sequel, Larry and Steve, featuring Larry as a man and his intellectual dog, Steve. The short debuted on Cartoon Network's World Premiere Toons in 1997. And a personal fave here, the Animaniacs, who enjoyed a revival on Hulu this past year. Stellar!

Oh my God, it's so awesome. Can't wait for the second season. Their origin goes back to the days of Tiny Toon Adventures, in the early nineties when Steven Spielberg was the executive producer. He was anxious to crank out another hit cartoon. So Tom Ruegger, the producer, he spitballed off of a Spielberg suggestion of a Plucky Duck spinoff, and he created a group of siblings whose look imitated 1930s anthropomorphized characters. Now originally it wasn't just Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. It was actually four of them, Yakky, Smakky, Wakky and Dot. And Dot was named for the dot in the abbreviated form of "brothers". Warner Brothers, b.r.o.s., dot. (shock) What? Some characteristics were combined and you know, Yakky, Smakky, Wakky,, got whittled down to Yakko and Wakko. I was in college when Animaniacs first dropped, and it continues to be a huge inspiration to me personally for the stellar voice talents, the comedic writing, the genius of all this stuff that, like classic Warner Brothers, Looney Tunes. Stuff that would entertain the kids and tons of jokes that went right over their heads and the adults just loved it, too.

Intense movie trailer voice with reverb: "Stop what you're doing because I'm about to ruin the image and the style that you're used to". Wait, are you? "Naratorr The Magnificent." Oh yeah, yeah. You make everything sound like a movie trailer. Well, great, because I was just going to mention that people need to check out the amazing trailer for Foundation. It's this new 10 episode series on Apple TV+ coming in the fall and It looks so epic. It's kind of a shame it's not on the big screen, unless you happen to have like a 75" or bigger TV. But yeah, you should totally watch the trailer. I got a link in the show notes. Naratorr,. let me guess, you want to narrate the trailer? (movie trailer style)"A cunning host of a subpar podcast is seemingly smarter than he looks." Well, okay sure. Why not? Just, uh spoilers everybody. If you haven't seen the trailer, go watch the link and then come back, I guess. Or just skip ahead. Naratorr, knock yourself out. Narrator, super dramatic: (ahem) "In a world of awesome mobile and desktop wallpapers, one old man stares at himself as a fetus." (Kyle: Huh?) "From one of the visionary minds behind Batman Begins, Men of Steel and the Blade trilogy, where he totally didn't get along with Wesley Snipes when he was in the director's chair

but that's okay because the third one sucked anyway." That's a good point. "Game of Thrones, in space, explosions, ships, war, a cityscape that sure looks a lot like Coruscant." Really?? "A library. Yes, they still have those in the distant future. Based on the ground breaking classic sci fi novels by Isaac Asimov, an author that today's generation says "who?" Ok, Boomer. "A film that looks almost exactly like Denis Villeneuve's upcoming Dune adaptation, but without giant sand worms that look like butt holes." (chuckles) "But seriously, this show looks incredible." It really does. It really does. "You can't save yourselves, but you can save your legacy and your money for that Apple TV+ subscription. Foundation. Streaming September 24." You know, honestly that sounded more like a reaction video. "Don't question my methods. Herbert.", Ay-bear, Kyle, "ay bear". "I'm an actor and I actorate." That's totally not a word. Oh gosh, look at the time, it's not over till the fat dude sings.

There's a Harvey Weinstein opera in the works. (record scratch sound) Harvey Weinstein, badly singing: "I'm a creep. I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doin- (PUNCH, collapse, children cheering). Thanks for listening, at boomboxpod on Twitter, I'll catch you on the flippety floppity.

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