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by Kyle Hebert
August 6th 2021

Comics/manga/books that shouldn't become a movie/TV series, Stan Lee lookalike Da... More

Mhm. Testing testing want you is this thing on? Okay, hurry up Gates. She goes, take a chill pill. I just want to remind you guys that Kyle labor is going to be in Atlanta comic on august 6th through ninth. Yeah and it's going to be at pucci con august 28th 29th in atlantic City, New Jersey and then he's gonna swing by Ocala comic card september 11 to 12, october 1st through third car will be at you Nikon in Vegas, october 23rd and 24th will be at the R. G. V. Fanfest in harlingen texas and in december anime Pasadena december 11th 12th. Okay, here he comes right. Right places everyone right -4321 zero. Yeah. Mhm I'm slim shady. Yes, I'm the real shady or you other slim shady's are just imitating so won't the real slim shady? Please stand up.

Please stand up. Please stand up because I'm Ben Kenobi. Yes, I'm the real Kenobi or you other Ben Kenobi's don't even know meas well, hello there. Welcome to the intergalactic boombox. Just sounded like a dropped a deuce. Just reading a list the other day, cities with the fastest growing populations and out of the top 15, there's like three or four entries that are all texas and I'm from Dallas. Dallas is like number seven. But the top of the list is Austin. You know, you had joe Rogan there, you had adam curry, go there And all these people in Austin are like go away. All you people from other states, you're ruining the cost of living here. So everyone moving from expensive California and other pricey states go to texas because it cost half as much. But now the real estate price is shooting through the roof. So now, even if you wanted to move to texas, it's probably not going to cost you any less anymore. Now, how do we get the California cost of living down? We have to nominate another actor for governor, Dwayne the rock johnson. I'm looking at you. I can smell what you're cooking set.

Cat set cats, we're talking about the cats who throw SATs at me on podcasting. Two point oh apps, the awesome sauce. Dave jones co host of the podcast in two point oh show says, hey Kyle episode 12 was great. Sure you can send me 2000 and 70 SATs using curio castor drive scott go podcasting boost. 10,784 sets sent using pot friend drops, sent another 10,413 SATs using pod friend. Probably because I keep on saying links in the show notes. Should to show, don't want to know what SATs are and all that. Just check the links in the show. No, check the links in the show notes. You'll learn about value for value, new podcast apps. Dot com podcasting is evolving all right. What comic book or manga should never become a movie or tv series. Dave Jones for podcasting. 2.0 says hey Kyle to comics that I hope Hollywood never gets their hands on would be chrono knots and Tokyo Ghost.

The first is written by Mark Miller and Tokyo Ghost is written by rick reminder. But what makes them both so amazing is that Sean Gordon Murphy is the excellent illustrator in both of those and to try to replicate what he drew on the screen would just take away from the whole thing of what they are. They really, you can't separate the story or the feel or anything of those works from his artwork and to put it on the big screen, which is rob it of of part of what it is. So I hope nobody ever tries that, even though the stories themselves are quite amazing anyway. I love the show, love Intergalactic boombox and I will definitely be sending you some boosts boosts baby baby booths and on the discord Discord dot gg slash Kyle, a burqa ghetto in new Zealand says Dragonball evolution away. They already made that maybe slayers slayers Next slayers try cost in 81 says the Star Wars Darth Bane book trilogy.

I used to think I wanted the heir to the Empire timothy Zahn trilogy to be a movie because it just was a very cinematic writing and everything. But then again, you know, Grand Admiral throne is shown up in clone wars and all that. So it's like we're already kind of getting like a bastardized version of it. Right, New Question of the week. What old cell phone do you miss? Everyone's probably had multiple cell phones ever since they got their first cell phone. I don't remember my first one. It might have been in like a Nokia or something. But a cell phone that I totally miss was one that I had for years. The T Mobile Sidekick. Remember this thing? The screen would like flip out and then the keyboard was hidden underneath the screen so you could just type with the with the two thumbs and all that. And then another one was the Samsung Matrix phone limited edition. It was a tie into the second Matrix movie ended up finding it on Ebay. I was supposed to be like a Best buy special edition and I went to Best Buy every week and it was never there anyway, ended a couple of sound effects on there, but a black and green screen, like the graphics in the movie.

There's no keyboard. This was before smartphone. So it's very much a dumb phone and it's kind of small and it's kind of flimsy, but it popped open, kind of like Neos phone and I admit I like showing it off. Do you miss an old dumb phone? Did you have one of those big mid eighties bricks? You held to your head? This blasting radiation into your brain. Did your rocket Motorola razor, I want to know. Give me a making a model. Leave a voicemail on the pod page, goodness! Show notes. As usual. We'll slap those answers on next week's episode Excelsior. He may no longer be with us, but that doesn't stop him from appearing at comic conventions. Stanley lookalike dan li a k a dan Gruden from florida makes photo op appearances. He's 73 apparently gets quite a crowd all riled up in no time. Danley says, quote, this all started about 2.5 years ago while I was working part time at Disney. That's an awful Stanley impression. Sounds more like Popeye, but anyway, guests started coming up to me saying, I looked like Stanley. Then someone did a tiktok on me and it went viral.

You ever wonder how many people pining for a selfie knows that he isn't Stanley? Or are they just that impressed that someone looks a lot like Stanley. Danley has even been a guest at celebrity lookalike conventions. At least there's a heads up at cons that autographs and pictures aren't free. I mean, he's got to be doing better than the costume beggars on Hollywood boulevard that are dying to pose with you and then hit you up for money, you know, like bag lady Black Widow, Captain morgan, Jack Sparrow, party city Darth Vader dad bods superman. Oh scar jo seems like wherever you go, controversy follows. I called Black Widow another surefire hit for marvel and Disney. Yeah. Many people flocked to the theaters. Many people coughed up $30 to watch it on Disney Plus. But Scarlett Johansson filed a lawsuit in L. A. Superior Court claiming a breach of contract that her salary is based in large part on the box office performance of the film lawsuit. Also says quote Disney intentionally induced marvels, breach of the agreement without justification in order to prevent mrs Johansson from realizing the full benefit of her bargain with marvel.

Listen here Natasha, you ordered the earn $20 million plus, you stand to earn additional compensation from the Disney plus premier access. Stop being drama, llama. Dwayne Johnson said he ain't gonna be suing Disney over the simultaneous release of Jungle Cruise and Dave Batista said told them they should have made a Drax movie. But no, The pandemic is like forced the hand of many studios. Not a lot of people feel safe going to theaters and honestly it's cheaper to pay $30 and stay home and you know safer. Do you agree with me? If so you're not podcasting? Two point oh app hit boost. Thank you. It's addicting isn't it ready for a ready player? One world owned by facebook. Mark Zuckerberg thinks meta is better. He wants facebook to pivot from social media into becoming a full on metaverse, a virtual world for all of us to work and play and live in digital goods like with games were avatars, et cetera are transportable across experiences. He wants to manufacture affordable headsets and thinks the company will profit from advertising and commerce within this metaverse facebook already owns Oculus so where is VR leading us?

Oh I think I know who this is. West of the rockies, you're on the air, this the instamatic moon rock, intergalactic boombox. Say it with me. Intergalactic boombox, ah conspiracy here. Hi ken you know what? Face Plant is more machine now than man, twisted and evil. True facts. Truth, you can't handle the truth heart Bell, my twitter board is a robot, robot robot 10. I'm not Art Bell. What are you on? Dope. No, no, no, I'm a big fan of Art Bell but he passed away a few years ago. Rest assured. The alien globalist agenda will resurrect him in the metaverse. You really got to lay off the espresso quiet sweetheart. The grown ups are talking what? We don't need a metaverse, We need a fed averse. You know why? Because cheese makes the world go around unless you're lactose intolerant at that point, you're just plain sucked. That was pretty good. Actually. I've been voice acting ever since 2000 and a lot of people ask, what is it like when you record anime and ever since the pandemic started, the voice acting industry is actually one of the few that actually thrived talent had to upgrade their home studios to broadcast quality so they can record remotely.

I happen to be in an acoustically treated walk in closet, glamorous, right? But a lot of people also invested tons of money in recording booths but a closet that is fully stuffed with closet things, you know, boxes, quilts, pillows, clothes that does wonders for sound absorption, which you absolutely need. My toys ain't cheap. The microphone you're hearing me on is Anointment Tln one of three. And the pre amp is a universal Audio Apollo Twin X connected to my Mac and for my recording software I use Adobe audition but the industry standard is pro tools which goes way over my head. Some people stick with freeware like Audacity. But yeah, back to recording sessions from home. So we use programs like source connect or session link pro. Meanwhile, studios or other home setups that the engineers are at can connect with the actors online and with anime we're watching for the lip sync over video. So we use Skype or zoom to watch for the lip sync and the engineer records the session on their end and sometimes the actor is asked to record a backup on their end and we'll typically get a script by email.

There's no rehearsal, there's no studying of the episodes ahead of time. We depend on the director to give us context, a quick summary of the plot, what's happening in the scene or character is in the script is broken down numerically and we record one line at a time in order. If we have more than one character to record would just do one character at a time, usually the main character first and then like ninja or monster be or man see after that and we can crank through like 50 or more lines, an hour lines or reactions, you know, all the uh but with the scriptures there's no rehearsal. It's basically cold reading the script notes, the time code for the video. So the engineer can queue up to the exact time frame, the hours, the minutes, seconds, milliseconds and frame, there's 30 frames of second per video. So yeah, there's a lot of math involved but the computer does most of the work, but the engineers are the real heroes, my friends, they make us sound good. The time code is burnt into the video file, which is usually like a quicktime video file and where the pro tools recording session, the engineer can key things up and have the beeps.

The beeps is like a starting gun for the actor. It's three beeps and where the fourth beep would be, that is where the actor starts their line. We preview the footage with the line in japanese for reference so we can get how loud or soft, see what the original context was for the scene. Hey professor, I got a question. Yeah, gets what's up? What is M. N. S. Stead for on the script? Well, that's a good question. Yeah. Yeah, scripts have little things that stand for other things, so M. N. S. That stands for mouth not seeing. Oh, I thought that was something my sister gets every month. I'm like, don't kill me here, have a snickers bar Anyway. MNS basically means there's no lip sync to worry about and the actor loves that. You know, if a character has a mask on or they're not facing the camera or it's just basically voice over so you don't see the character talking, but we still get three beeps. So you know when to start, I'm acting. Yeah, don't quit your day job gets okay. What is your day job? You know, you know, just coming in unannounced when you're doing your podcast.

Well sir, you are a professional of that. So the voice acting is just like coming into the room and talking into a mic, right? I mean, anyone can do that. Yeah, sure. You know, if you're a celebrity like chris rock, you know, I walk into Boots and I'll make a million dollars and like, yeah, because you're chris rock, not everyone has that celebrity status. So the voice actor, it's it's more about acting, that is the foundation, everything is built on not doing voices, this coming from the guy who has tons of voices on this podcast and voice acting. But anyway, how do I become a voice actor? Well, first of all gets, you don't anyone else wanting to become a voice actor, take acting classes, acting experience, get training, work with coaches one on one or you know, online with Skype and zoom and all that. A lot of voice or acting coaches are doing their teaching remotely. So this is a great time to work on that. You've got to have some raw talent, but you got to hone those skills to, and it doesn't happen quickly or cheaply, you got to invest in your future. Just like, you know, people go to medical school to train to be a doctor or go to law school to become a lawyer.

It's the same with acting, you've got to invest in the craft, invest in classes, invest in equipment a lot of time, a lot of blood, sweat and tears, a lot of networking and a whole lot of luck too. I recommend going to a site called I want to be a voice actor dot com. It's got great breakdowns with advice and info and tips. So when people just kind of forget that google is a thing and they're like, I want to be a voice actor, that's the direction I point him to, I want to be a voice actor dot com If you can't remember that makes in the show notes, thank you, gets, it's kind of my job. That's all the time I got for this week's episode, follow at boombox pod on twitter for the latest updates and keep an eye out for Kyle labor dot com. I'm relaunching my website soon so you can access all the episodes of the podcast. I'll have an appearance page that shows all the cons I'm going to this year. Meanwhile, stay hydrated. Take care of yourselves physically and mentally. Until next time I'll see you on the flip flop.

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