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8 Jackie Berman and Having a Plan for your Pets

by Danielle Woolley & Elizabeth Gearhart
February 14th 2023

The Jersey Podcats Episode 8 with Jackie Berman - remember your furry friends in your will!

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If you love talking about cats, but your friends and family are kind of over it. This is the podcast for you. Join your hosts, Danielle Stray, Wooly and Elizabeth Calico Gearhart on the Jersey podcasts where everyday cat lovers share funny stories, challenging situations and ask their questions about cats. All right, let's get right into this episode. They're okay. We're gonna have a lot of fun already before we even started recording. Hey, everybody. Thank you so much for joining us. I am Danielle A K A Stray and I'm Elizabeth A K A Calico and we are Jersey podcasts. You know, they do that on radio lab though where they have like a little off kilter. So I think we're okay. Yeah. No, it's fine. So the reason we're laughing because I couldn't figure out why there was something weird in the corner of my screen and it was my arm. So that's just the kind of day that I'm having today. I couldn't figure out what it was and I'm like, okay, that's my arm. Anyway. So what were you just saying that before that Elizabeth?

It was really funny. I think we should start out So max update, Max is about the same. Um I take him back for a recheck. I'm going to try food. Although they think there's a 3% chance it's a food allergy. So he's getting, gonna get venison as soon as it arrives. But when I did the base pause analysis of Max, he's part ragdoll and rag dolls are called rag dolls because they just kind of lay over your arm and don't do anything. And the wet towel, A wet towel. So I was carrying him around today and then he's also part Maine Coon and then a whole bunch of other stuff, you know, he's just a Heinz 57 mix. But I was asking Danielle and Jackie. So when it comes to these cat breeds, what kind of cat um follows you around all day is always wants to have something to eat and even sometimes like licks and kind of slurps your face. And I was saying that sounds like all of my cats except for the face looking part. I don't think any of them have ever looked at my face before. I was gonna say a kid. Well, and my, my thought is that's not a cat.

That's a dog. Oh gosh. But doesn't Max do that sometimes? No, do cats do that? Do any of your cats do that. So, Max always wants to see what I'm eating and always wants to bite any time I go to the refrigerator, we've got this little step stool in the kitchen because I'm vertically challenged. He jumps up on the step stool and tries to get in the fridge to see what we're going to eat together. That's cute. So, we are joined today with one of my dear friends, Jackie Berman. Say hello, Jackie, hello, everyone. And I am cats. Actually I wasn't cats. My son's last name is Katz. So that's why I love cats. Go. and it took me a minute to put together what you were just saying? And I was like, is she coming out as a human cat? I did not expect, but I remember your last name was cats. Yeah, my last name was cats and we're not very formal today. What did you call it, Jackie? Yeah, because I was saying how, you know, I usually like to get a little dressed up, wear a blouse or a blazer on.

Um, but today's just been a day where I'm in a ponytail and a T shirt that says adopt a cat on it. So, so Jackie said very capital. So today's topic is going to be based around what to do to make sure that you're planning appropriate for the animals and pets in your life. So, if something were happy for you, so, you know, it's something that most people don't want to think about because we all want to think that we're gonna be here forever. But we will have like a real car conversation around things to take into consideration, maybe share some stories of things we've had happen just to help educate people and get them thinking of what to do if anything were to happen. And the reason we have Jackie here today for a couple of reasons, one, she's a great woman. She's a good friend of mine. Very proud to say. He also was there when we were like, hey, Elizabeth, we just met, we should do a podcast and Jackie was like, that sounds great. I'll talk about this topic and here she is. So thank you for being on. Thank you for putting this together. You know, lovers have got to stick together and, oh, I just want to say, and I knew Jackie from Lisa ask Alyssa's group before and Jackie's gonna come on the radio show that my husband and I do called Passage to Profit to talk about this topic too because it is a topic of interest to a lot of people.

Right. Yes. And it's an important topic that people don't like talking about. Yeah. So before we do that, let's talk about some already in my stomach. And I joke that I'm a very emotional person. So my stomach started like, oh, I don't know if I want to talk about this. Let's talk about something fun real quick. Okay. Let's talk about your kitty cat. Yeah. So how did you get your kitty cat? Tell everybody where her name? Is and how I have my fingers crossed that she's gonna wind up in the Guinness Book of World Records. Yeah. Okay. Um, my cat is named Leila. Um, and she's named Leila because I had at one time five cats. Um, and they all had the same background as two names. Um, they were all named after Boxers. So I had Rocky, I had ali, I had Frazier, um, trying to think which I had 11 more. I mean, uh, it's probably up here. Uh, so I was three then Leila and I'm trying to think the last one I can't even think of.

Oh, the last one was named before we went into that. It was, but she was named after, um, a guitar, guitar. But they, but one of my cats started biting the ear of another cat. Oh, you're Tyson that we named him Tyson. Can I just say something about Boxers? So, the first time I went down to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell. You know, what else is there? Right. Oh, yeah, there's Rocky Steps. The Lifestyles Rocky statue. It's like, I just started, like, laughing hysterically. Like I couldn't, I'm like, and then my daughter was like, yeah, like, they don't even have a statue of a real person that was famous from their town. It's a fictional character. That's hilarious. The only thing I know, the only thing I know about boxing is my nanu was really, really sought after Taylor, like he was really great at making suits and he has pictures of him.

He used to create the tailored suits for boxers and some pretty cool famous people. That's the extent of what I know about boxing. But my layla is named after Muhammad Ali's daughter. His daughter's name is Leila. So she was the the girl. So I was like, okay, what, what girl fighter? And she was a fighter. I said she's, she's Leila. Um, so Layla is the only surviving out of all of them. Um, and she is going to be 22 in March. And I've had, yes, I've had her since she was a kid. And so I know exactly how old she is. Yeah, that's great. And you and I have had conversations about this too and it's come up as a topic in a couple of other episodes so far about knowing like the personality of your cat. And it just wouldn't make sense for you to get another cat at this point because she's just so used to herself and, you know, your way and it would just actually be stressful to her to introduce another animal at this time. That's responsible. Yeah, I, I miss having more because I usually have a dog.

Um, and I lost my dog last year and I just really miss having it. Um, but I won't do that to Leila. I, matter of fact I won't even babysit somebody else's cat at this point because I don't want to stress her out right away and that's it. And I want to do whatever I can to make her senior years happy. So this could kind of segue into our next topic as you know, if you get another Elizabeth, I mean, calico, you're great. But if you get another round of cats, which I have told my Children, I will have cats till the day I die. And my daughter has agreed to take my cats. But if you do get another round of cats, when you, I mean, we're all going to die someday. I know it's morbid but what's going to happen to them? I have it in my will. Who's gonna take my cat? Um, and they know it ahead of time. That's something that's so important because how many pets get end up in a rescue because there are no plans for when the person passes.

And let's, yeah, we're all gonna go there. Um, you know, we don't have any choice that that's the way life goes. Um, so it's, to me it's a responsible pet owner who has the plans for the pet. Um, because I mean, you see it all the time in your adoptions, how many end up at the rescue? Because there was no plan. Yeah, and I've been seeing it too. Not just if something happens to you. Um, but just if your, your home ownership changes, if your status, if you have to go into a home or you go into a senior community where they don't allow animals. I've been seeing a lot of that happening. Um, and we actually have a couple of cats now where there was four and they're a little bit older and they don't want to split them up. But at this point, if that's the only way that they can get adopted, that's what's been happening. And at the end of the day, the cats are fine. Like once they get into a new home, it's fine. It's just all the stress of getting from point A to point. I don't want to say B to point C really? Now, Jackie, I want to ask, I'm sorry, Daniel.

I'm just probably gonna ask the same thing as our brains think. Okay. Well, Do you remember? I don't know how long ago it was like 20 years ago this really wealthy woman left all her money to her from New York. Yeah. Yeah. And she left all her money to the cat and the family was furious and there was nothing they could do because it was an ironclad will. Right. Wow. Yes, I remember that. Danielle. Are you too young? Well, you didn't hear me? I just said, how old do you think I am? I mean, I know I have gray hair kid. Are you kidding? Uh, I forgot she was a builder and all the buildings had her last name also. That's cool. Um, yeah, but it's so important to have, you know, like, just to have a plan for your pet, you know, you should have a plan for Children just as much and the pets need us even more sometimes than Children because the Children grow older. Um, and are self sufficient or a pet always needs you. Nobody sent us nasty messages about comparing cats to Children.

Okay. So she didn't mean it that way. Now I just met a woman the other, I just met a woman the other night who said her cat was her child and she's still grieving the loss of that cat that died a couple of years ago. So there are those of us who do feel like our pets or Children. Well, Not just what, what I meant. Is that a child? Yes, it's horrible for, you know, like poor Lisa Marie Presley, you know, she's got 14 year olds. Yes, they're gonna warn, but they are eventually going to get older and when they're 21 or 30, they don't need a parent to take care of them. Whereas a pet always needs somebody to take care of them. Now, going back a bit because like I said, I'm terrible doing intros. Um, give us just a little bit of a background of why this topic is also so important to you. Not just from the animal perspective, but just wills in general because I think that's a good story to share too. Which part? No, I'm sad. But I think it's important to share. Yeah. No. Um, it's so important.

I was, I was a widow at a very young age. Um, I was a widow at the age of 31. Um, and we did have a will in place. Um, because of the fact my husband at that time, you know, he was sick when we were in high school. So we made sure we had oral, our ducks in a row and it made my life a lot easier. Now, go back three years ago. Um, my brother passed away unexpectedly. He did not have a will. Um, and I worked with a company that does do wills, but he didn't have a will. He had five labs, he bred labs, he had five of them. He lived out of state. We had no, we didn't even know the names of the dogs. Um, but if he had plans, at least we would have known where the, where the dogs could go because none of us could take the dogs, the big dogs and none of us, uh, in the family were able to take any of them. And all five dogs ended up at a lab rescue.

Um, and, but if we had a name of some of the people that he knew that could have taken a dog, they wouldn't have ended up there. You know, I'm sure they all were adopted. Well, you know, but it was just the thought that there was no plan. Yeah, and we've had a couple of people contact Tami's cats rescue. Um, meaning while saying, hey, if I put you on our will give you some money, will you make sure my cats are taken care of? Um, we've actually told them to go back to their legal counsel to, to work that out because we don't feel comfortable because how do we know we're going to be around as a rescue in a year? Two years, three years from now, you know, like we just didn't feel comfortable saying yes, we can absolutely do that. Now, there are organizations that do that. Well, I was trying not to interrupt you. Lucky's tale is actually flapping back and forth. He keeps almost hitting my face with it right here too. So he's in a feisty mode. Um, and that was Tony and Thor is kind of hiding because I explained to him earlier today, he's going for grooming because he has a little knot on him that I don't feel comfortable getting out. Um, people are like listening, what are you talking about?

Go to youtube and you'll say, um, but what was agent saying with that? Oh, so having a plan for the cats and I have had people in my family say like, oh, I just assumed we're going to take my cats and I'd say like, you know, obviously I can't say no, it's the kind of person. I am, but I'd rather have something in writing. So somebody has it set up where it's actually the Burbage of it to something like we get, you could help professionally. I was just signed and I said, whatever, I don't care. But if you get a certain amount of money to make sure the cats are cared for and whether that means we keep them or get them adopted out, but just having a plan, it just gets rid of all that extra chaos because when something like that happens, you're grieving, like that's the last thing you want to have to figure out. Exactly. And the cat, the cat's grieving too, you know, the pets grieving. So it's nice to know with what the plan is and the family doesn't have to be going crazy. Who's gonna take the cat, um, you know, or dog or whatever pet you have, just make sure you have planned for that animal. You know, it just makes the life, you know, you love the pet so much, make plans for it.

Right. And exactly, if, especially too, if it's kind of a strange pet because I talked to this woman the other day and she does pet rescue in Chicago and she's gonna come on the show Daniel, but they take reptiles and they take everything sounds like. But I mean, how easy is it to get a reptile re adopted and who's gonna want to take your snake. I mean, maybe there, there is somebody, you know somebody, yeah, we do know somebody Erik the reptile guy. He would do it. He actually brought a snake back to life. Did he ever tell you that story? He had, had to force feed, it was depressed and it was dying and he loved it because he thinks there's there as lovable as cats are. And I love snakes too. But so he force fed it mushed up rats or mice like that. He got all anyway, I don't want to go into too much detail. But anyways, he brought the snake back to life. That's Eric. And if you ever want to see Eric, he does do events and he does bring his snakes with him and he does kids shows too and we'll link them into them.

You will link them into the show notes for sure. So what is something because you got my brain going? Now, what is something funny that Leila does that you've never had any of your other cats do before? Link? Well, she, now that she's older and she stuck, she sleeps most of the time. Um, but it's really funny because she, when she gets up, like all of a sudden she'll start crying and that's time to eat. That's time to feed her alarm clock. Yes. So I know as soon as she's up and she starts crying, okay, time to feed you. And they, she does get stuck in her own old ways. I have to leave the food in a certain place. Um, we have changed foods now that she's older to softer foods. You know, she likes having the soft look clickable foods. Whereas before she liked the harder food, you made me think of something funny that my cat checkers did and it was way before she got kind of senile and died.

But I didn't know if we had a ghost in the house because she would go on our four years, a two story foyer and she would have a conversation with them and Checkers never me out. She talked, she would have, I heard her having a conversation was something she was going to do it in the foyer. Yeah. Oh, around. And it was strange. Like, is there a ghost here? The reason I asked if it was in the foyer is because Loki used to do that because I think it's because the reverb like the echo of the voice off the wall and he used to do it just in the foyer. The other thing that he does too is he'll jump up to the railing and maybe I'll change my camera for a show because I'm sure he'll do it where he just jumps up and it's almost like he's bouncing on one ft, but there's nothing below him. It's a two story drop and I'm just scared every time again, my stomach flops where I'm like, oh, my God down, but he thinks it's hilarious. So he'll keep doing it because he sees me freak out. So I have to ignore him and pretend it doesn't bother me and then he stops. Yeah.

But at this point being that she's 22, you know, just about 20, I just let her do whatever she wants. You know, she just leaves. She used to climb, like, when I had, um, where I met now I had one dog and three cats. Now I'm just down to the one cat. Um, so as soon as she was the only, she loved being all I thought she would really miss the other cats, but she really enjoyed being an only pet. And it was like, wow. Yeah, we, we've had a couple of people come on and have the same experience and, and she's all of a sudden she's going under the blanket at night, you know, laying on me, which she never did before because the other cats and the dog were there and now it was finally her turn. So that's why I also don't want to get another until she passes. Um, because she's enjoying, let her enjoy her senior life. What does she look like?

Jackie? She's a brown cat, tabby. She's tiny, you know, they say the smaller you are, the longer lifespan. Well, it's true for, she's tiny. She only weighs about four or £5. Um, whereas the other cats weighed 15 - 20 lb. Now, Jackie going back to educating people and giving them an idea of what to think about. What are some things that your clients, you know, plan for like any tips? Like, where would they start? Like if someone says, and I know I texted you this the other day, so I'm actually a client of Jackie's as well. I have my will paperwork just sitting over there. Um, just because I don't want to do it. Like, it just seems so morbid, like, what are some tips for someone to just like, rip off the band aid do it and what things do they take into consideration when they're planning for their pets? Well, my company is, um, P P L S I, which is Legal Shield and I D Shield and we actually have a will questionnaire that we send out to our clients. Makes it really nice and easy.

And in it, it even has a question. Do you have any pets? And what are your plans? So we make it really easy for you to make that those plans. And I always say, talk to the person before you write them down and make sure it's okay with them. Like my son knows this was his cat, um, before he went to college. All right. Um, he knows that if something happens to me, you know, that cat knows him and that's where the cat's going, you know. Um, so just make sure the person is not all of a sudden surprise, like, ha ha, you got my cat, you know, or whatever, make sure it's okay with them because even, um, my dog, the person who was gonna take my dog was the dog's babysitter, my dog sitter. Um, so that the dog knew her. Now, would you recommend, like, writing some of this stuff out? Like, just thinking about all mine, like foods they will or won't eat and times a day they do stuff, the more the information, the better.

Um You know, people don't want to think about it but you never know what tomorrow will bring. Like I was discussing it just the other day with my son and he's like mom, I don't want to talk about it. And that day I got in a car accident, you're like, you just don't know what, what will happen. Um Yeah, my husband is, I've been trying to get us to get our wills done. We started one time and it's right there. I mean, I haven't done this weekend because I knew she was going to yell at me and I haven't done yet over here. He's superstitious. He's like, I feel like if we do our wills, we're inviting fate to strike us dead or something. And I'm like, really? So it's better to die without a will make it, make it easier because your loved ones are gonna be mourning you. And I say we call it a love letter to your family. It's your final, it's a final love letter to your family. Um, as to what, what your wishes are.

And this way, you know, even people fight over the dumbest things. Um, they could be fighting over a piece of like dishes or dishes or something like that or just make it easier for them. Um, so this way everything is planned and there's no fighting amongst the family. Do you think people should leave money to the cat or they just leave it to the cat caretaker if they leave money to the cat? Does that make somebody want to kill the cat? So, they, that is a funny question. I'd like to know what, like when it was Agatha Christie novels. Right. I'm not in an attorney. So I would say yes to your state attorney because you do get it with us. You do get a chance to speak to the estate attorneys. Um, but, you know, I just know that my son would take care of the cats and he's getting all my money anyway. So, well, now you're making me think if I can talk Richard into doing our well.

Should we give our daughter a premium since she's going to get stuck with the cats? Exactly. You know, make sure there's enough toys in there. Allergy medicine fund for your daughter. Right. Oh, gosh, we're terrible. But I'm glad we were able to make light of such a subject and kind of open up the conversation on it. Is there anything else you'd like to talk about cats in general at all? Like anything you have questions on that you want to put out to our audience to respond on? Well, one thing I was discussing with you, Danielle is something that I saw, um, that I'm gonna be getting my son actually for Valentine's Day, which, which I never saw before. Um, and it's a T shirt which has a pouch in it that you could put the cat in there and then an opening for the head to come out. I'm surprised that has not heard of that. I so need that for Max, I Richard and I, from the time we got Max, he was, he was a pound and he was all messed up.

He was a rescue. We started carrying him around the house because we wanted him to get used to snuggling and stuff. We wanted a cat that wouldn't, like, run away and then tried to pet it like my other rescues because they're all terrified because of their early childhood trauma. Right. Um, I want that, oh my gosh, Jack, you have to give something. I'm like, yeah, I'm thinking we should have a shop that we're gonna open with all the cool stuff to talk about. Oh, my gosh. Yeah. Actually had one. I got one. I think it was the beginning of the pandemic actually when everybody was buying everything that they scrolled across on social media and I was so excited for it and my cat didn't even halfway fit into it. He was already too big. So I gave it to my niece. Yeah. Well, Max is kind of growing. He is getting bigger but I'm telling you lugging that cat around. I was carrying him around today and he's getting heavy. How much does he just kind of flops to, like, like a rag doll? Yeah, I think he's close to £10 now. Yeah, nine months old. So he's going to be kind of a big cat because of the Maine Coon.

He has like, 1% Van Coon or something. Yeah, one of mine, my Rocky was part Maine Coon and he was the best cat, you know, I've had lots of cats. Um, and he, my Maine Coon was my best one ever. Well, yeah, so Danielle and I went to this pet Expo was a couple of weekends ago, I guess and they had expo. I was going to be there. Yeah. Well, there wasn't a lot of cats space. You would like the dog stuff. They have really cute things for dogs. They had a ball pen for the dogs that were jumping around and it was adorable. Yeah. But the cat part had a Maine Coon and that thing was ginormous. Beautiful. How much do you think that cat weighed Danielle? Um, well, it was much larger than Loki is and Loki is 13 lbs. So I would say at least 15. That hat. Yeah, it was huge. It was gorgeous. It had long hair, they brushed. It was, it was really nice and it was just hanging out was just sitting there hanging out and it was, so what I thought was so funny was it was just, just this little area for cats and curtain off.

They said no dogs allowed. So there's in the first place was all dogs, the rest of places, all dogs. So there's this person standing right at the door with a dog kind of like there is no place else in this huge place for you to stand there, roll breakers, nobody tells them where to stand. Where does it say? Nobody puts baby in the corner? Nobody dogs, they can't go in there. But I wanted to ask you, Danielle also you had mentioned because Mike, my Leila doesn't let me brush her and she really needs the grooming. Where do you take her? I have to ask you. So it's a new place that just opened up. So I will let you know of my experience and share with you as well. Um My prior experience was I actually because I like to learn stuff myself. So the last time we needed to groom him, we bought all the tools and did it ourself. It's just stressful like I sweat the entire time and I like, I don't want to take him off. I'd rather someone else take him off and then I'm like the one who comes in and saves him afterwards. Um, but then we actually did take him to another groomer, but they neglected to tell me they didn't really work with cats, but they were willing to try.

But I was already there and I was kind of desperate because it was in the spot where I didn't want to hurt him. And you know, there's professionals for that reason. Um But halfway through, he called me back and said, I'm so sorry. I tried but you know, I don't have the right tools. I'm not getting through his, you know, fluff. So then right back to me again. So I saw really good reviews for this place. The woman has been working with cats for over 15 years. She said she has three of her own. So I just felt trust there. I'll let you know how it goes and who knows beyond you have to find a place near me to get max's nails cut cause I'm kind of afraid to do it myself. Oh I've done it. Yeah, I have no problem doing the nails at all. Okay, Daniel will come and see me bring it down to you. Well, I learned through the rescue and it's funny because my rescue friends are like, it's really not that big of a deal and I'm like, I don't want to hurt them and you know, I'm not, you know, with scuffing, I don't love scuffing and I know there's both sides of people saying that it's needed. Some people saying it's unnecessary, especially cat behaviorist. But I just don't know. I always worry, I'm gonna hurt somebody. I wanted to ask both you guys to, since you've had cats forever.

Have you, or do you know anybody who's ever tried those fake fingernails that go on the cat's claws? Now, I've heard people talk about it but I would love to see it actually work because I don't see how I looked at it. You have to glue them on. Oh, I'll put that on my research list to learn more about that because I think a lot of faces today, like, oh, I know, I think Max was getting better partly because they cut his nails really short. Um, when I took it, I cut mine pretty regularly. I just, I've fallen a little bit behind with or so once you stop with his, that's when they're not start. And then I didn't want to get hit by his claws when I was trying to brush him. So that's why we're going to the groomer. Yeah, I might take them, see if Petsmart will do what I ask Petsmart. And they're like, I don't know, you got to go ask the groomers. I'm like, well, you work here. You don't know. It's like, no, I'm like, I'm not gonna go open the door to the groomers at a million dogs in there. So, but I'm gonna see if there's somebody local that, like, really close to me that will cut, or at least help me cut the cat's nails.

Well, my sister in law, she lives further down south though, but that's what she does her business. She does pet sitting and then she does in home nail clippings for rabbits, dogs, cats. Yeah. What about your vet? Sometimes the vets will do it, the vets will do it. But I gotta tell you up here. So I'm, I'm up in kind of like central northern New Jersey. Um, they are so busy. We'll only do it as part of an appointment and I almost feel bad asking them, especially with all the rescue work that are helping out with two. They're just so overwhelmed. They've got so much going on. Yeah, just to get him in there. Um, and he's got, you know, a lot of extra toes. He's Polly Dactyl. And so he's got like two or three extra fingers and then he's got an extra toe on each foot in the back. So there's a, well, we have, we have the cat behaviorist coming on. So, I mean, I can share my tips with you maybe in another episode about how I do the clipping. Um, it's different for each cat. Two of them. I could do one way, one. We have to kind of sneak when he's really wiped out and tired and kind of like trick him into getting his nails done while he's sleeping.

Um, and the other one, we just have to kind of hold him, talk to him, give him gravy too distracted while we're doing it and then apologize the whole time then were eventually done. But the other two, I could just kind of scrub them a little bit. They whine, I do it, they're done, they run away. You know what the problem with Max is too is we've given him so much medicine all his life practically. And we still are. I hate to do one more thing to the poor little guy. So, you know, I, and they're like, people are like, put a cone on him. I'm like, I have put the cone on. He turns into the total right now. He gets so depressed, he just lays there with his head stuck out and he's like, why are you doing this to me? And it's just like it breaks my heart and I am such a softie. So, yeah, I tried ordering from Amazon also. I sent it back because it didn't fit her. Um It's a cone that looks like it's a clear head of a cat. A cat's head that you put over your cat, um, and it clips on so that you could brush it and clip the nails and everything.

So the cat doesn't turn around to bite. You see, my cats don't bite, they swat. So like I get sliced up while I'm trying to cut their nails, but I've just been neglecting it and now I'm committing to getting a lot of stuff done this weekend, I'm gonna clip all my cat's nails and stay on top of it again. So that doesn't happen. So, thank you so much for being here today, Jackie. Um we can totally talk about 400 things another day for sure. A lot of things to follow up on. But how can people connect with you? How do you prefer to connect with listeners? Um You know, I could give out my phone number or my website is Jacqueline Berman dot com actually, or Jacqueline Berman dot We are legal shield dot com. Okay. We'll put it in the show notes on the youtube and if anybody's issues spelling anything, it should be in the title of the episode as well. Yes. Thank you here to answer any questions. Thank you. Thanks for asking me today. This was fun and I love what you're doing.

Thank you. Thank you, everybody for listening today. Make sure to join us on our Facebook group. It's called the Jersey podcast community. You can look for us there, visit our website, the Jersey podcast dot com and listen anywhere that you love to listen to podcasts. Make sure to follow the show, give us a rating and all that jazz. Thanks everybody. Thanks. Thanks so much for listening. Let's keep the conversation going. Give this podcast a rating so other cat lovers can find it, connect with the Jersey podcasts on social media or visit the Jersey podcasts dot com and leave a message, sharing a story or question about cats. Thanks again for joining us and we'll catch you in the next episode.

8 Jackie Berman and Having a Plan for your Pets
8 Jackie Berman and Having a Plan for your Pets
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