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Your One Thought Away

by Mark & Annette Anderson
September 17th 2021

What if I told you, it's possible to change your thoughts? That it doesn't matter where you find yourself today you can live an extraordinary life! 

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Welcome to Trail Angels. It's a net Mark Anderson with Karen the load and we are so excited to have carry tip Adina with us. Welcome Carrie. Hey you guys, I'm so excited to be here and we're gonna have some fun. Yes we are now Carrie, she is a global leader in women's personal development, focusing on mindset, mastery, emotional intelligence and self love. She supports women in challenging their self defeating behaviours and overcoming past traumas and fears to create a life of true happiness rooted in self love. Her perfect health mastery awakened and discover your sacred self programs have supported thousands of women to uplevel their lives in all areas including physical, mental and emotional health relationships, professional careers, finances and more Carrie.

It's an honor to have you here and thank you, I'm just thrilled to have you be a part of Trail Angels. Well thank you for having me, you guys, I love the work and the message that you guys are putting out there and the whole idea behind trail angels and how you know we don't, we don't have to, we don't have to try to reinvent the wheel right? Like let's let's allow those trail angels who have gone before us, the the pioneers to streamline our own process out of the struggle, right? It's a great concept, I love it for sure and you know, before we get too far into it. I heard the word women a lot of times in that bio before the guys tune out a message that we're gonna be talking today about is not just centered around women, right? It's something that we all can benefit from and that has been your your focus in in helping women your niche and and thank you because I think so often really we do have those self defeating behaviors and thoughts and they run through our mind and we are so concerned about taking care of everyone else that we forget to take care of me and we get the leftovers right?

Yeah. Then the hard way to live, right? It is such a hard way to live. And and I think the majority of us women, sorry men and our token gentlemen, that's the problem we have. How did you get started in this arena of helping women? Mm Yeah, that's a great question. So thank you for starting there because I think um starting from where like the root of it, I think it's important to understand um not me, but why I'm why I'm committed passionately to this work and really why our company and our team is committed to helping as many people as possible. Not just women, but even though it's women who are in our programs, we love you men to we love you, we love you and everybody else however you classify yourself. We love you. Um for me personally, I went through a really hard time in my life where I didn't believe in myself quite honestly and my confidence was down.

I had been through multiple painful relationships. I personally was an emotional eater. So I had it, not just an emotional eater, I had a full blown eating addiction. I was bulimic. I was anorexic at times. I just flip flop through it all. So I was about £50 heavier than I am today. And um and it just got to a point, it got to a breaking 500.0.1 night where before I had this company and I've been in this industry, the wellness and personal development industry for about 20 years. But before I have this business, I worked in the corporate world. I had a big deadline at work and and you know, I remember driving home, I was going to deliver it the next day and I remember driving home my hands around the wheel and I'm driving home and I'm telling myself, just don't stop at the store carry, don't stop at the store carry because I knew my pattern was to stop at the store, get all my comfort food and check out and when I got to my neighborhood where do I find myself. But of course I find myself in front of the store and as I'm going up and down the aisle with my car and I'm putting all my comfort foods in and I'm saying to myself this time, it's going to be different this time, it's going to be different and and and I paid for my groceries, I went home, I was putting it away and I'm hungry at this point because I haven't even dinner and I find the peanut butter jar and I unscrew the blue lid and I peel back the silver foil and I'm just going to have one spoonful, one spoonful turns into two turns into three.

And then, you know, when my spoon hits that bottom of that jar, my heart breaks because once again, I've broken trust in myself and that's the most painful thing. So that night I tried to purge it all out, which doesn't ever work. And I found myself curled up in a ball on my cold white tile floor of the bathroom crying and scared because my heart was racing. And I knew enough about I knew enough about health at that point to know that my electrolytes imbalance, which was impacting my cardiovascular system. And I had a best girlfriend, a girlfriend from college whose mom had died of an eating disorder because her organs failed. So I had this personal direct experience of, oh my gosh, if I keep doing this, I could die right. And it was the first time I really got it. And it was a defining moment for me because in that moment, I really understood that if I keep doing this, I know where I'm headed, or I picked myself up and I turned my life around and I was really caught up in that struggle, which I know you guys focus on really helping people get out of that space of the struggle.

I was really caught up in the cycle of the struggle for so long and uh and that even though as terrifying as that moment was, it was also one of the greatest gifts in my life because I picked myself up off the bathroom floor, I traveled the world, I studied with monks, I studied in India under an indian doctor. Um I studied trauma resolution work, like I really dove in to my personal development And my company, which I've had for about 20 years now, my company birthed itself pretty much on the back side of that because it was like, I feel like once you've been at rock bottom and you crack the code on how to get out of it. For me personally, I felt it, I felt a personal responsibility to then go help as many people as possible, realize there is a way out and the way out is actually a way in first you go in first to get out of the struggle and out of the pain.

Um but that's where it all started many, many moons ago, there are so many things that you just shared that resonated with me and and how those defining moments in each of our lives, you know, we, we have that choice and I think that many of us, I had a friend, I have a friend who a few years ago we were talking and she has an eating addiction and the eating disorder and she was actually hospitalized for quite a long time to gain control over that. And we were talking and there was a group of of women from our neighborhood and you would never know that. And she shared with me, she said we all have a type of addiction. And she said, what about your comfort food? What do you go to? And it was like this light bulb went off in my, in my head and I thought, well I do, I do have that comfort food.

And but what you taught us there is that, you know, we all have experiences in life that take us down that road where we have learned to to manage to manage the pain or whatever is going on. But at this point you had to take control. There's a point where each of us have to take control and we have to say, okay, this may have happened. But now I as you pointed out, when inside you have to go inside and it hurts to go inside. It is not an easy jury. So when you recognize that carry to go inside and that need to, were you able to reach out to get some help or to figure this out on your own. Yeah. So a couple of really important things. That is a great conversation. Um, so so let me answer the question first and then I'm gonna come up, I'm gonna speak into something else that's come up.

So I absolutely believe that loan, I call it lone wolfing lone wolfing is when you're gonna figure it out on your own and I'm going to reinvent the wheel and I'm gonna, I'm gonna wear this big s on my chest for superwoman. A lone wolfing is not the way to go. I feel like if you really want sustainable results and it's not really necessary. I mean, there is absolutely somebody who has already been where you are at and found their way out and so allowing yourself to lean in, you know, for us, we have a group of a community of women and um, they lean into each other, their lean into our, our team of coaches and mentors to do it alone. It usually takes a lot more time, energy and money than to just allow yourself to be supported by somebody who is at least two steps ahead of you who can then give you what worked for them on a silver platter and then what you gonna do, not saying it's easy, but it's often much more simple than we make it out to be.

And uh, and then what we can do is breathe life into the strategies that have already been proven to work. So, um, a quick mindset shift that I think could be really helpful for all, all of our female and male friends here is that, you know what, it's interesting because we don't actually have to do anything, right? We don't have to get support. We don't have to change our mindset. We don't have to heal to have a good life and that. But if we start to shift the way we think about the half twos and we start to understand, wow, I get to have a good life, I get to be happy. I get to let go of the struggle. I get to lean into somebody who has been there done that. I get to have their processes that have already been proven. Actually, I don't just get to choose, I don't get just choose to get to have that I'm blessed to have support.

I'm blessed to get these strategies. I'm blessed to fill in the blank. Right? So even that even the shift in the language around that can help take off some of this pressure intention to need to do it or to do it right? Or to to check it off my list or you know, we have a lot of stories around that. But um, I think that shift in mindset really supported me and it supports has supported thousands of our clients as well. It's not something you have to do. You get to because as humans, one of the greatest gifts that we've been given is the power of choice, Right? And so then it's like, what are you going to do with it? That's a great thought, You know? And when you're talking about that, the power of choice, you know, made me realize that uh well, you know, anything we do in life revolves around choice, but the thing that maybe maybe I'm going to take the pessimistic view for a second and and I'm the person that says, I'm just so busy, I can't do this and you justify yourself all the way, all the way all the way to the point where change never happens.

And and justification is a is something that can be very, very cruel if we don't allow it to help us. And so my question would be, how do you find, how does that person experience that defining moment? How does that person come to the realization that they get to versus they have to Yeah, usually it's got to be more painful to stay the way you are than to change to make the change. So, um so that's one thing that I would say, and let me explain why there's more to this. So if we have a pattern, like, let's say there's a resistance pattern around time, since you brought up time, Well, I don't have the time to change. I logically, I know what to do, but you know, I'm not doing it? And and so if somebody staying in that in that cycle, it's because they're getting some payoff and that might sound totally crazy because you might say, well, what's the payoff?

I already know I want to change. I already know, you know, I already know I want to create this result. So why would I keep doing it? If I, if, I mean it doesn't make sense. Right? And so after working with so many people, what I see the three really common payoffs and I know that there's probably more, but the three I see the most are you get to look good, You get to be right or you get to play safe. And so if there is some element there for us to look good playwright or be safe, then then we're going to stay in the pattern until we have the awareness around it and then we shift it and then the next piece of that. So like what's the payoff right would be a question one around that. And then once you can identify the pay off, then the next really important question, the next important question is, and what is it costing you? You know, and not just like some old like umbrella statement, I've always costing me fitting into my clothes or it's cost me, but no, like get down and get down into the details in regards to what is this really costing you to stay in the pattern.

So let me give a quick example. So if somebody says, um, if somebody says, I really want to change, I really, I got a scary diagnosis and I want to, I want to turn my health around my physical health and you guys market and that you both, we all agree health is physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, like we all agree to that. We understand where holistic things, but let's say somebody wants to shift their physical health, but yet, and they say, oh, I'm going to exercise, I'm gonna start exercising tomorrow, right? And then tomorrow comes and they don't do it and then the next tomorrow times and they still don't do it, right? So there's something that they're getting from staying in that cycle. So I'm just going to make this up. But let's say that they get to play safe. Well, what does that mean? Like, how is that playing safe? Well, maybe by not going out and exercising they're not going to hurt themselves or they're not going to push them past, um, you know, push them past the limit that maybe they, they hurt themselves in the past, right?

And so or maybe it's look good. Well, I'm gonna, I'm gonna start exercising tomorrow, but oh gosh, I'm scared to go to that yoga class because I'm afraid of being judged. What will people think of me, Like, I know I'm gonna look ridiculous. So their payoff may be looking good. And so, so we could say, okay, so what is that costing you? Well, it's costing me, like, I'm not in great shape, Okay. Yeah, I get it. But what is it really costing you? Because I know that you said that you you have this big dream of traveling the world with your spouse and your kids and because you're not getting in great shape, you can't go do that trip that you've been dreaming of since you were a little kid. And so not only is it costing you your physical health, But it's also costing you these memories. It's costing you that dream trip around the world that you've had since you were a kid. It's costing you being able to do that with your family. It's costing you memories that your family would talk about for the next 50 years. All because you are more committed and more loyal to the resistance.

You're more committed and more loyal to looking good and playing safe. Then taking on your resistance doesn't mean we're not scared, but we're gonna be courageous. Anyways taking on the resistance and really getting getting intimate with it, slowing down and getting intimate with it so that we can create a different result. So most people are not in touch with what it's really costing them to stay in the self sabotage, which is why they keep self sabotaging. It's like there's this veil that gets to be lifted and hopefully this is a defining moment for many of our friends here that are listening to this and they're gonna be like, wow, oh my gosh, I didn't even get it. I didn't get it. What was really going on as you were talking? I recall a conversation I had recently with someone that uh I've never heard of the position. I ask them what they do for a living and they told me the name of the company and they said that their role is there the change agent changes.

And I never, I've heard the term but I've never heard of that as a, as a role in the company. And I asked him what that means and he said, well, here's what it looks like. He says we have too many people that are afraid of making a change because of what it might look like and it might expose them, it might put them in a position that they're not comfortable with. And so I absolutely hear what you're saying. And I, and I'm really curious to hear some of your thoughts about how we can become change agents within ourselves and some of the habits you talk about in the morning habits. But I know and that had a question there as well. So, well I'm thinking of it personally. Mm hmm. And I'm thinking how I have, I have been stuck where I've played it safe and how in some ways I may be playing it safe today right. And and I think of, you know when I start trying to go inside and and be honest with myself, which I think is what we all is, what it's gonna take a lot of us to go inside and be honest and real with what we are.

You know, what are we losing? What's holding us back or why are we staying in this safe place? And and so I love that. I don't have to figure, I don't get to figure it out. I'm going to be changing my verb egx here because all right. And so that's all all what carrying the load is and trail angels is to help others recognize there on that right path that we're not alone. Someone's been in the same place that I'm at today and they'll help me, they'll help me get to the point that I understand this gift, this gift of of having this experience that helped me. Yeah, it's a change, right? You know, a lot of people have this idea that that change equates to pain, right? And so they push back on change there.

Like I don't want to change. It's going to be painful. I try to change in the past. It was painful. It hurt my marriage, it led to a divorce or whatever it is, whatever it is, right? But what if what if we looked at change as an opportunity then that opens up an entirely different way of being. And it also opens up an entirely new um an experience, a life, a different life experience that can that can meet us with where we're at and open up, you know, the destiny and the future of where we want to be, where we want to go. So it's powerful and it doesn't mean we're not scared. Okay, so like some people think, oh, but I'm scared, so I must be off track or I must be doing it wrong or whatever that is, it's not about that, it's about harnessing your bravery anyways, right? And you harness that bravery so that you you take and it doesn't have to be with fireworks.

It might be a baby step, right? But baby steps consecutive consistent baby steps still lead to the top. They really do. And that's another point that as we look at it, as we embrace that that consecutive consistent baby steps, that's where beauty lies too. I think of there's been so many experiences in my life personally and in our life and and I look at those things and in many things, there has been a lot of change and growth that I have been able to embrace and that I've come to the point where I am today where I want, I feel, not only do I want to, I feel this passion to share what I have learned with others and now I find myself, you know, maybe I'm up here now, but I know there's more, I know there's another level of understanding, I know there's more growth and and that's where I'm really appreciating this conversation of OK, it's time to move again.

It's time to move forward in my life's passions in my mission in helping in helping others. And it is that one thought away and it's that consistent movement forward, right? And that's exciting, right? I mean it's not scary, but then again, it's like, what am I more loyal to? Wow, I'm now I'm not feeling that fire, I'm feeling that momentum pickup. And so this is this is a really good example actually of um when you're, when you get around the right people and you get the right strategies and you start having the conversations that matter what gets to happen from that place. So for myself personally, I will always be a student of the work of the personal development work. I truly believe the minute I stop growing, there's a part of me that stops, starts dying, right? So I will always be a student's personal development. I believe that there's always the next level doesn't mean I'm not happy with where I'm at, but I went from rock bottom to good, good to great.

Now I get in grade two, extraordinary, extraordinary, gets to stay extraordinary. So um so surrounding yourself with conversations like this, wow, it's like if the people around you are getting like getting are raising up, like we all rise up together. We all rise up together is truly how I feel. We had a friend that made us some magnets for a refrigerator. It said good, better best. Yeah. And you know, we, I think that there are too many times that we uh, we commit ourselves to good but not to better and certainly not to best. And so, you know, I hear what you're saying and I, and you know, the thought I had is is you know, you are talking about progression is do you think that sometimes we look at the progression is linear progression? I think that when we do, maybe maybe we, we disappoint ourselves because we're just looking at that linear progression and forget that there's going to be some zigzags along the way there as well.

There's always zigzags, right? But see here's the thing life would be really boring if we were all cookie cutters, right? We were all cookie cutters of each other. And there were no, there were never any zigzags is like, I mean it sounds kind of boring, right? Because the zigzags our where we, where we grow, where we gain character. Yeah, we're getting scars and all that stuff, but the scars are badges, you know, So I'm sure you both have been through some difficult times. Just like I shared a little bit here of just some of mine and it's like, but that, that's who, that's why we are who we are. And so, um, what if we started to honor and respect the journey to the point of like, wow, yeah. And I'm excited for my next stumble because I know exponential growth can come in those moments that are the most raw, right? So it doesn't mean we want all those, you know, we don't want to be thrown to the floor all the time.

But what if we realize those are the moments for exponential growth in a short period of time? The what if to be extraordinary, right? When you talk about the scars, why do many of us hide our stars lack of self love? Mhm. And how do I mean, I totally agree with you, But when I began to understand that those stumbles, those scars didn't equal being less than that, didn't became the badge of honor. You know, when I add that mind shift, the self love increased the awareness, the vulnerability that being willing to share and have conversations like this, all those things began to happen for me and and I just opened up a new world and that world really became beautiful.

So when we talk about lack of self love, when women or men reach out to you, what are some of the things that you can share with them and share with the audience here to help them with their self love. Yeah, well first and foremost what I'm going to say is I mean if if if our friends get anything from this conversation, the first and most important thing I would want them to get is it doesn't matter what your current age, doesn't matter what your current size, current economic status, employment status, whatever, whatever you're dealing with right now, I promise that there is a way out. If you're looking for an improvement, if you're ready to take it to the next level, it's just having the desire to want it and the willingness to do whatever it takes. And so if some of our friends are having a difficult time right now as they're listening to this, which I know they are, um, I really like the message I want to land for you and with you is that this is a temporary moment in time, right?

It just doesn't have to be the end all, like this moment is the temporary moment that could be that broken down bathroom floor moment that I had, that could then catapult you to a life better than you ever have jumped up before, because you didn't think that big, right? And so, um, I truly truly believe that. And then where do you start is you start with how you're thinking. You know, it's it's how you're thinking is impacting everything. So the way that you think is impacting how you feel, how you feel, is impacting how you think around around around we go and those things are impacting the actions that you're taking and the consistent repetitive actions you're taking are becoming your habits and you're consistent habits are directly impacting the results that you have in your life right now, even if you just look at the room that you're sitting in as you're watching this podcast or the state of your car.

If you're listening to it while you're driving that all first started in your head and what you believe is possible for you, what you believe you deserve. And and there's no reason why you can't change it ever. So it goes back to that. You would thought away one thought away. So you're one thought away from having the life you want or not. And so so what we can also look at is that the life that we have right now? The state of our bodies, the state of our homes, the state of our bank accounts, the state of our relationships. So if we look at all of that and we can ask ourselves, you know, what is the feedback that I'm getting from? The results that I have in my life right now and then and then instead of getting emotional about it. What if feedback was neutral? And so what if feedback was really about you being a detective and collecting data in regards to, okay, if I'm getting these results in my life right now, that could mean that I'm showing up this way and and then from that place because you have emotional mastery, once you come and do this work with us mindset mastering emotional mastery, then what gets to happen from that place is you can you can decide what you want to do with the data, you can decide to shift it or you can decide not to shift it, but at least now you, you're educated around what's creating these results and you can make a decision from that place and an empowered decision.

Not, I have to decision, but I get to decision. So these are important tools and we're both writing a lot of notes here. Good, your notes are versus the hers note, we're going to have to compare and let you know. So no minor boxes around thought the same thing here is what I love this discussion because it isn't a woman discussion, it's a human being discussion and we all deal with these, these issues. You know, we, we start in a, well, our objective is to get into that growth mode where maybe sometimes we're sitting in a, uh, I can't grow, I can't move, I feel paralyzed, Nothing I can do is, is good. And I think we've addressed that pretty well as to how we can get that. But what about the point when we start telling ourselves we're feeling pretty good, you know, I, I think that things are going well, I'm feeling pretty good and I've got a little swagger going on here and hey, I'm looking good.

I'm feeling good and you know what, I'm okay? What happens at that point there, what are some of the sustainability type tools that we can use so that we don't get too comfortable within our own skin rituals, rituals are so I think like having rituals, I call them non negotiables. So non negotiables are like your baseline of what you do on a daily basis to make sure you sustain your results. So, um, and I think a great time to, to do rituals, I think book ending your day, but you can start with your AM rituals and then move on to your PM rituals once you get your ams going. Um, but starting off your day in a way that is solid with you're doing, you're doing the things that, you know, work for you to create a foundation for you to show up the best version of you possible that day. So rituals are great and then the other piece. So that's how to sustain it and then how to not get stuck there is another conversation, right? And what I would say is, who are you surrounding yourself with?

What conversations are you in? Are you surrounding yourself with people who are having expansive conversations like this? Where, where it's, there's not any judgment involved? Uh oh, well you've been, you've been in a good life for 10 years. When are you going to get into extraordinary? Right? Like being in conversations and in relationships with people that, that are forward focused that inspire you, that motivate you, that you watch what they're creating and you start to think differently. Well, if they can do it, maybe I can do it right? And that's I think that's important who you're surrounding yourself with the conversations you're having. It's been interesting for me to see how you know what when it's covid a lot of us got forced out of our typical surroundings, those that support group, right?

The beauty of what has happened in my life and I hope and many others is that I learned a new way to surround myself with forward like minded thinking, people that have lifted me up again that have helped me to continue to progress to continue. I feel like I'm becoming a better version of myself. But it's I think as we can we work on ourselves as we have these rituals, then we attract those types of individuals to right? The law of attraction is a real thing. Alright. Yeah. If you're constantly a positive person, you start to attract people who are like minded if you're constantly down in the dumps and I'm not saying that's bad and I'm not saying fake it till you make it. I'm not saying that at all. I'm not saying if you're feeling sad or grief or anything like that, pretend like you're not so that people want to hang out with you. I'm not saying that at all an emotional mastery helps you be with those emotions um and not run for them from them or escape from them.

Um but what I am saying is who are you spending the most time with and when you are in those moments that feel maybe you feel a little deflated or you are settling life by default versus design. Do you have people around you that are going to stand for you and stand for you in the fire to have the life that you really want to be, the person that you really want. So I think that's great and I, and I'm thinking of a lot of people that probably don't have rituals, they probably get up in the morning and they may be their ritual is the same thing every morning they get up, make themselves Ebola cornflakes and their onto their day. What would you tell a person that really doesn't have healthy mourning rituals as to how to begin, what does morning ritual look like to a lot of people? Um, I'll speak. My morning ritual is um, so I have quiet time first thing in the morning. I mean I'm still, as you guys know, I have little twins, they're only 19 weeks there.

So, um, I spend time with them feeding them and doing all of that and then as soon as I have taken care of them while I'm doing that, I'm doing, I'm going quiet Right. I'm setting intentions for the day. I'm committed. Like I'm looking at, what am I committed to for my day and then as soon as the babies are taken care of and, and I hope people understand I'm not some 20 year old up on a soapbox. I'm actually almost 50. I just have had, I'm just very blessed to have twins babies late in life. Um, but but with that being said, I then I had straight out into nature, we live on the beach, so I go straight out to the beach, I get my exercise in, I meditate, I pray, I do all of that first and foremost. And so that when I come back, by the time my husband, you know, by the time he leaves for work, I've already done all that, I've taken care of myself. I, I have my rituals that are non negotiables for me. And so as the day goes on and you know, I run a very successful business, I have a lot going on.

But as the day goes on, I'm gonna get, there's gonna be fires to put out, I'm going to get distracted, you know, And, and so it's like, I know I've already taken care of myself and because of that, I've become more efficient, more proficient. I have, I'm able to be more focused, more successful. And, and so really I find to get clear on what the rituals are for the individual that are going to work for them. You know, we can definitely give them, I think we're going to talk about my gift, I think own your rituals. So we have a program called, it's just a free gift, Own your rituals dot com and it's going to take you through a step by step. Sacred. Beautiful, simple yet powerful process to figure out how to create that, that platform for your morning so that you can crush it at work so that you can be present in your relationships so that you can parents or grandparent with patients like so that you can show up in your day as your best self.

And, and I find when I don't do that, the day can go crazy pretty quickly to be honest. So listeners, here's our testimonial of the day right here. If a new mother of twins that are 19 years old can do it, anyone can and I have a six year old year old and I'm thinking that personally my rituals need to become non negotiable. They get you. And so for me it's a gift. I just need to open the gift. You get to Yeah, it's already there in escrow. Right? The things that we want our already there in escrow for us. It's just as stepping up and saying, I claim that I'm a yes to that, right? And until we claim it, it's like, it's, it'll just keep sitting there and it is available for all of us, which is amazing. This has been really an exciting, an exciting time and and so many valuable nuggets.

So Carrie, thank you. Thank you for having me. This is super fun. I do have a question for you before we get off here before we let you go. Yes as we've talked about trail angels, you know, you are a trail angel for many, you know, thousands of, of individuals that you've, you've worked with and your courses and different things and, and the thousands of others that they've inspired through there, their own personal lives and actions who has been a trail angel in your life. My mom, oh my gosh, my mom is one of the most amazing and I'm not just saying that like it sounds like a candle for a can't answer. But my mom is amazing. Like she has taught me to be that family woman and to put God put family first. She has, she has had her bumps in the road as well. And I've never once seen her waiver in regards to, you know what she pours into us as family, her Children, her grandchildren now.

And uh, it was at the belief event um, last, it was, it was about 10 days maybe not even 10, maybe like seven days before Covid took the world by storm and living on earth felt like living on mars right. So last believe event was literally the week before all hotels shut down and everything. And I remember my mom was there. So I always invite my family on stage morning, one session one, which we're going to have a lot of kids this year. And uh, and so my mom is there to help with the kids every year. And, and so I had the whole room like they, you know, they introduce them to my son and my husband and then I had everybody stand up and turn towards the back of the room. I didn't tell my mom because she would have been, she would not have wanted it. Right. And I had the whole room stand up turn towards my mom and give her a round of applause because that's who she is for me and that's who she is for our family and, and she's amazing.

She's amazing. What a tribute. Yeah. And she hated the minute of it. I'm sure I love to, I love that. That she's your trail angel. Yeah, she's my trail angel. I mean it's interesting to um, some of the lessons that I got to learn in this life where many of the lessons my mom learned in regards to trust and faith faithfulness, I should say in relationship and all that. And uh, and so I really learned a lot from her on how to handle certain situations, um, by, by, you know, who she continues continues to show up as not because she has to, but because she chooses to, she chooses to, that's who she is. Yeah. Maybe you should probably shy away from the cameras. So we'll see what we look for. Uh, thank you for joining us today and friends.

We hope that you've enjoyed our conversation with Karita Patino. Each of us have a story to share. Author Burn A Brown reminds us that owning our story is the bravest thing you will ever do. The stories and experiences our guests share, inspire us as well as help us to grow and connect with others. We invite you to become a part of carrying the load community and trail angels through social media as well as to share the site with those. You know, we are stronger together. Keep Karen. Yeah. Okay.

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