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Change Happens

by Mark & Annette Anderson
October 20th 2021

Mark and Annette chat openly about the uneasiness of change and how they have navigated change in their lives personally and collectively as a family. Change happens. And it's often not what w... More

Welcome to trail angels powered by carrying the load it's a landmark. And we are thrilled to have you with us today and I am thrilled to have my favorite guest on the show who's our guest today, You know, there's nobody else in the room but the two of us and what must be me. It is you, you lucky duck. No, I'm the lucky one. And so are you friends? This has been an interesting time in our lives, a time that um this conversation is perfect for what is, what is happening and and something that we just wanted to talk openly about and talk with your friends. You know, it's been um almost six years since we've lived in our new home, it will always be our new home For 25 years. We lived in a beautiful home in a nearby community called Bluffdale.

We raised our Children there. We um had some wonderful, wonderful times there and one day what happened Mark? Oh I remember the day well we were actually, I was downstairs on my laptop computer doing some work and during that time I decided just for fun let's take a look at houses for sell in nearby communities now. Have we even talked about the idea of moving up at that point we really hadn't, I wouldn't even allow myself to think about it to dream about it because I never, never, never, never thought you would ever move from there. It was, it was an old family community and farm that marks great grandparents um were raised on and and they we had family that surrounded us, the memories of our Children there, the beautiful gardens and orchards and everything we had and there was no way I ever thought you would ever move.

In other words, there was no rational reason why we should have moved. You know, we love the area that we lived in and and it is absolutely right a lot of memories there, that farm had been in the family for over 100 years And we were very comfortable living in that community and have been for the last 25 years. but for whatever reason we just looked at the idea maybe of going for a ride that afternoon, you know there might be some homes that might be available nearby, let's go take a look and see what there is well and even with that it was Let's just look at and see if we can find an area we like. So in 3-5 years when we when we maybe are more serious about moving because we had all we did was yard work with the orchards and the flowers in the garden and and things and we thought you know we had another 3 to 5 years in us to continue to take care of to take care of the grounds and and you know, so it was a complete surprise as we're driving along and we turned down the street as I look out my window here and it felt like home, he did that he was in the next county or, and as we were driving through the neighborhood, we both kind of looked at each other and said, hey, we could live in a place like this.

And as we did, so we, we stopped at the model home in this brand new community and uh, we didn't know anybody there. We didn't know the area. Well, we thought just for fun, let's stop and take a look and see what kind of lots are available in this new community. As we stopped there, we found that as we talked to the person at the model home that there were no lots available in that particular phase. And so we got in the car thinking, okay, well it's uh, that was a good thought. Maybe we'll explore this again sometime. But then the person that was in the model home came out and said, wait a minute This morning there was a person from texas whose work relocation didn't go through, who called and said, we're not going to buy this lot after all, would you like to go take a look at it? Well, that was, that was, it didn't take long to answer that question, did it? We, we answered, sure, let's go take a look. And so before long we're outside looking at this beautiful lot that had a great view of the mountains in the backyard and within a half hour, what did we do?

We bought the lot. And the funny thing is that really the two most critical decisions that we've made in our life. We're rather rash and spontaneous. The first being our marriage, our world wind knowing each other before we got engaged. Right, Right, Right. And it was so fun. And but when there's something inside that tells you that this is right, that you belong here, you belong together, um you need to trust it. And and the reason why we're talking about this today is because we want to talk about change. You know, I'll tell you when we made that change. We went home, we we had to even talk to the kids about it and we go home and we call our friend, we have talked about it, we go home and call her realtor friend and with within a very, very short time all of a sudden our house is sold and we're homeless and we were very fortunate that we had access to another condo that we were able to live for five or six months.

But the reason why this is an important topic that we want to discuss with you today about change is because we found that there were some unintended consequences associated with change. Now when we, when we hear the word unintended, usually we put a negative connotation to it, don't we? We do. But in this particular case there were some unintended consequences that were very positive, even though we try to justify this doesn't make sense. We haven't really thought it out. We were going to lose all of our friends that live in this community that we know so well, you know, and really, the only thing I was really, really worried about was what I have any friends, what will people think of me? Um, you know, I was a little bit insecure of Starting over, starting fresh even though all of our good friends were all of 20 minutes away. It's not like we were moving to different states and you'd never have an opportunity opportunity to see them, but it is different. It was very different.

And we started rationalizing, we started talking about all the reasons why this didn't make sense Even though we thought it would be exciting, we hadn't had a change like this in 25 years. Let's look at the idea of moving. No, it doesn't make sense. Will lose all of our friends, we'll lose our social status in the community. Did we have a social status? I don't know, maybe we did. Maybe we didn't, we're going to lose all of these different things, but we can look back six years later and tell you that even with all of those insecurities that we had in the decision that we made to move. It's been a wonderful move. It. There has been so much growth and I think that's one of those unintended um consequences that you were talking about the growth, the healing that has taken place since we've been here and I think another one is that we have become even closer as we moved and, and we started fresh, we we started um doing things together more often.

We weren't always out in the yard, taking care of taking care of the orchard of the garden or the flower beds. We had time to, to date, time to, to really, you know, fall in love even more Even after 38 years. Huh? Yes. Well it's always been 38 now, just about but yeah, so even more, but another reason that we want to talk about change, is there some big changes happening in our family and specifically in in marks career and after 21 years he has retired from his, his former employer, How do I say this? And he's starting a new job, a new career to finish out his Career before he retires for good um with another company in two days and we're thrilled.

But Mark and I just want to ask you, it's been interesting on the sidelines here because for the last couple of years you've been feeling a little anxious, anxious. You could tell there was some changes, there were things that you had lost this love and this um, this just drive for, for the job that you had had for all these years and, and it wasn't something you enjoyed getting up and doing every day. I don't know if it wasn't so much enjoying what I was doing so much as sometimes we get a little bit still with certain things in our lives now. We've never been still in our relationship here and we love our relationship, but there are things that are important that we do along the way, whatever it is, whether it's career wise, whether it's in a relationship that you have to make sure that things don't become still. So they came became still and, and, and that's one of the things I love about living in an area that we live in which has four seasons, we're entering into the fall season and it's a beautiful time.

The colors change it. There's a lot of, there's a lot of thought about what's going to happen next. We're going to see it get cold, it's going to snow and all the leaves and all the beautiful flowers that we planted in the spring are now gone. We had our first big frost this week, didn't we? And that's a big change. And so as we're talking about change names, we're talking about in my situation, a career change. We're talking about change in general, there are so many different aspects of change that can be good. But sometimes we look at changes being a negative thing. So when we talk about change, we talk about careers, how many companies did your father work for? My my father worked for one company in 43 years. Okay, so marks a lot like his dad And 38 years. I've worked for two companies. 38 years for two companies. And here so this is a big deal for the Anderson household that he is making this career change now today.

Um the younger generation that that are in the workforce, it's not uncommon to go from employer to employer every few years. Things are very different. It's a different model. It's different today than it used to be. But the picture I'm hoping to paint is that we have liked the consistency of our life and and knowing how things roll, knowing how things work etcetera. And so here we are going to this brand new experience where we we have an idea of what it's gonna look like but we don't know right. But at the same time and and the reason why it was probably a difficult change to make is because very often we put ourselves in a very comfortable place and we're in a situation where maybe we're scared to step into the next realm, the next unknown. And what happens is as long as our current state provides us with security with With the comfort that we've had during the last 21 years sometimes making that change is difficult.

And so making this change is actually given me new excitement. It has and really to be honest friends probably about two years ago I started trying to to encourage you to maybe think about making a change because I could see the the wear and tear of your current job because of that stillness. You didn't have that excitement in you to, you know, to do certain things. And I and and we would talk and you weren't you just weren't loving getting up and going to work like you had in the past. And so here we are. Change. And and it's been interesting from my point of view, as I've watched Mark because we talk a lot about how we watch where people watchers and and I've watched him contemplate, I've watched him reminisce I've watched him going through files and then getting phone calls and emails from associates over the years, congratulating him and thanking him for helping him have been successful in their careers.

But there was also this melancholy side. Mhm. And that melancholy side is something that is probably the impetus as to why we don't make change. That melancholy puts us in a state of man. I'm not going to be comfortable if I do this. And and the problem that we run into is that we have this idea that comfort is the best thing for us and very often those unintended consequences. We may not know what those unintended consequences were. For example, when we moved, we didn't know that the unintended consequences where we're going to gain a different set of new France, which has been wonderful during these last six years, it's going to give us opportunities to stretch our wings and to grow and to do different things in the community, to help out to, to, to work in different capacities that we have ever worked before to have a podcast. We have probably never done that. We would never have done this. We hadn't seen those changes. We saw the changes and we, we saw and understood at a different level because we, we have friends that had different careers in technology and social media and different things and we felt this, this push from within to make a change, to be more vulnerable to share the lessons that we've learned to help you along the path.

You know, I think that um had it always been comfortable, we wouldn't have sought for something different. You're, you're absolutely right. And there were times when it wasn't comfortable, wasn't, wasn't it? But you know, the interesting thing is that during the last number of years it has been comfortable and it had been very easy to maybe stay where I was at and to just continue my career for the next five years before I retire. But sometimes you have to listen to that small voice inside yourself. And that small voice told me that it was time for a change. It was time to recognize that there are other avenues out in the world that we haven't explored yet that could potentially bring us some incredible joy. And I think that it's interesting how as, as companions as, as friends, sometimes we see things in, in those we love and care about in a way that we can help encourage them to take those leaps of faith in change because I don't know about you.

But sometimes I like to dig my heels in because that comfort and, and things like that. But honestly I'm really excited about this, this new change and I'm excited for you mark, you're excited because I've been working from home for the last two years. I'm actually going to be working in off in the office again, I think that that is not the only reason I'm excited. The only reason that I must admit, I'm kind of excited to have you go to the office again, I am too. And again, it's kind of like moving. We, we moved and we, we gained new friends and associates and the same is going to be true with this new opportunity for me as well. You know, when, when I was thinking about change, you know, there's again, there's been a lot of change around us the fall season. It was just last month that we were running around in shorts and sleeves, uh, you know, shirt sleeves and, and now we're wearing jackets outside. In fact it snowed for the first time here in Utah last week and we realized, hey, those beautiful flowers that we planted in the springtime are gone, it quickly got called.

It did. And so as we looked outside today, it's a beautiful day today. It was about 70°. But we looked outside now, most beautiful flowers that we planted. They lost their luster and they are now no longer the beautiful colors they were even a week ago. And I wonder, I wonder if that has some similarities with, with our lives here as well that we wait and we wait and we wait till a point that we've lost that luster before we actually are able to make that change while we still have the vibrance that is needed to make a change. I like that analogy. But when you were talking about those flowers that have lost their Lester, I'm looking at pictures of our grandchildren on the wall with and their by their flowers. But the thought also came about the beautiful snowcapped mountains that I see today. And so one change, you know, we, we have lost one thing here with the flowers but then had been given another beauty and that's what I believe is happens with change.

It might not be as immediate as one day. The flowers are beautiful and then it freezes that night and they've lost their luster and they need to be pulled out now and the snow capped mountains. It might not be that immediate. But it's exciting to me knowing that as we step forward and take that leap of faith that there will be beauty and the changes of our lives and they might not always be easy. But as we persevere and as we act towards what we desire, that's when we see the miracles happen. That's when we see the beauty that's all around us. As, as I was thinking about doing this podcast, I thought about the different steps when it comes to change management in our lives and there's really five steps to change management in anything that we do. And for us, when we moved that first step was the awareness, hey, maybe there's an opportunity somewhere else.

And we really hadn't thought about that because that awareness wasn't there. We put ourselves in a position where we were content with the status quo. And I think that's really the critical issue when we're talking about changes that we have to not be afraid of the status quo and getting out of the status quo. The second component of of change management is having a desire. We got in the car and we came and took a look at the various opportunities there might be and, and, and after that desire, we, we we is, it comes knowledge. That's the third step in change management is knowledge and the knowledge for us, was that hey, we may be uncomfortable for a little bit, but you know, well, we've got faith. I think faith and knowledge go hand in hand and and even though they are so different in so many different ways. Their knowledge is having, you know, an understanding, faith is having a hope, but you put those two together and that's when we see the miracles that we're talking about.

We do see those miracles and and those um the miracles we, we really never dreamed of, at least at least for me. Um, and it does take action, you know, anything worthwhile isn't easy. Well, and that's interesting that you say that because the fourth component of change management is action and that's probably the most difficult part of change as well is we might recognize that maybe we need to make a change, we might have a desire to make a change, but actually taking the action to do so is probably the most difficult part. You know, this is a little twist on change from what we're talking about that I've recognized and realized that I need to make some changes with my personal care by health and what does that mean for me and how does that look? And and you know, how do I eat healthier, How do I make sure that I am drinking enough water?

How am I making sure that I'm, you know, doing X, y and z. And as I've done some research and as I've done some things, you know, I'm starting to implement and and to be honest, you know, I was doing pretty good a few months ago and then I slacked off? And I thought, well, I don't need to record this, you know, I'm thinking, I've got this great app on my phone and I go in and I can just, you know, put in what I ate and put in what exercise I had done and how much water I drank. Well, I stopped doing it and it's amazing to me how easily we can slip back. Uh and, and so we need to incorporate those changes long enough in our lives for them to become a habit that's not really out of the scope at all of what we're talking about. Because the fifth component of change management is perseverance, perseverance is, is critical. And those habits that we establish our habits only if we, if we continue as we persevere, We've heard it said before that it takes about 21 days to create a habit.

And there, there are a lot of things that we start, you know, I'll tell you there, there's a around december and january are times when, when fitness centers make the most money, You know why? Because people make these commitments, they make these decisions, I'm going to go and I'm going to exercise every day. And what happens before one February they're out of threw out of the game there, out of the game and they're paying the monthly, the monthly membership fee And so why do we have to wait to January 1 to start new goals to make changes in our life. I'll tell you why, I think most of us do it that way is because we are uncomfortable and again, try to rationalize that. Okay, well, if this is, if I just wait until this happens, then I'm good now. If I would've said, okay, well let's wait before I change jobs, Let's wait till we have our house paid off or let's wait until we have a car paid off or if we do this in the other and the next thing, you know, that house has paid off for that car is paid off and all of a sudden you have a new debt and you say, well, okay, well hold on a minute, we'll wait until this is done.

And we, we make those rationalizations over and over and over again so that we don't do it. And we, and we, we give, we give titles to our, to our rationalization. Those titles are called New year's day, they're called my birthday. They're called, I'll wait until I'm down to £150 before I start making this change or I'll do this or I'll do that. So we kicked the can down the street. We definitely kicked the can down the street and we find that the status quo, sometimes it's just too comfortable and that's and I think that really brings us into an area before you get off of this, It is comfortable and I've heard it said that we won't get off the status quo. Get off the dime if you will until the pain is greater, then the pain of the change. Yeah, that's really true. So we're more comfortable in our pain, which doesn't make sense to me when logically, when you think about it, it doesn't make sense.

But yet it does make sense and we all do it, it does make sense because the pain that we're experiencing right right now is a known pain. It's familiar where the pain of the unknown is something that we think again rationalized might be more difficult. But there's a lot of reasons why people don't make change. And we we've talked about a couple of them already, but sometimes people don't make a change because change uh maybe maybe involves other changes as well. If I decide that I'm going to exercise every day, that means I'm maybe gonna lose weight. That means I'm gonna have to go buy new clothes. That means that I'm gonna have to stay on and persevere with this every single day, which is going to take time out of doing things that I used to do that I did before I decided to make that change. So perseverance. That's a key. That's a key making a plan. Um those are all things that will help you be successful in your change.

So as I've watched, as I've watched you Mark in preparation for this change, It's been about a year since you seriously started thinking about making a change with work. And, and there were plans along the way, there was research along the way, there was talking to experts um in the field and, and wondering because I remember talking to you and you're wondering if your past, you know, the prime of your game and he wasn't, but he just needed and he isn't, but sometimes we forget are worth our value to employers or to others because we're stuck in this bubble. It does all of us so much good to have mentors to have people to be able to reach out to and to help us as we contemplate change.

And I think that's an important reason again why some people refuse to change as well as because what if I felt, what if I, what if I do this and I'm not successful with it? What are people going to say about me? And, and we, we use those self defeating behaviors as a means to not make that change. And that becomes, that becomes debilitating. It does. And honestly you fell without trying. Yeah, you do. And so I like what you said about the idea that uh, we, we sat down and we looked at all of the different uh ideas, we talked about different employers. We talked about different careers possibly and and decided that it was in the best interest because of licenses and different things that I have that would be best to stay in the same uh, in the same area, but sometimes we don't make changes because we're unclear of the benefits associated with the changes. We had to sit down, didn't we? And we sat down, can we afford to do this because it will probably take something out of our savings in order to make this change and make it effective?

Uh so that we can start making money again and an education is not a bad thing. Sometimes we, we don't have the courage to really look to be honest with ourselves, Where are we at, financially, where we at um education educationally, where we are in so many facets of our lives and this is a good thing to incorporate often and to have a regular evaluation of where we're at in certain areas of our lives because I think at one it takes courage, it takes courage to look inside courage to honestly evaluate ourselves and see what we can do differently and how we want to grow and how we want to help others and how we want to, to succeed in life. All these things are good and there's nothing wrong with sitting down and just thinking about what is this change going to look like in our life and having having the courage to think about those kinds of changes because sometimes we don't have the courage, sometimes we don't want to give ourselves the chance to think about what change might look like because again, we're afraid of what failure might look like.

And we're just, let's put it out that we're afraid of change. Now. I um, one of the things that I love is that, you know, if we've got, let's just throw out, you know, we're talking about employment, we're talking about um, evaluation and we, every month, every month we're short every month, we don't have enough money to cover our expenses. We evaluate, we, we go through and we do things and we're not spending foolishly, we're not going out to eat all the time. We're really, we're real, really living frugally. But there's just, it doesn't add up. But you know what? Oftentimes we think we're not, well, we can't change a career. We can't go in and ask our boss for a race. We can't do this, we can't do that. Well, yes, you can. And there are more. I know that many of you feel like, you know, there's not enough hours in the day. I need to work more hours, but I'm already working 18, 20 hours.

I can't do anymore. That was our life 20 years ago. It was, wasn't it? And and it was it was during those times that we, we made another choice about 21 years ago and that was to make this change to the company that I spent the last 21 years with. And it was an important change and a change that needed to be made in order to allow me to get where I needed to be. Yeah. And at the same time, there was those things that we were unsure about. Is this smart, Is this the wise thing to do? Not only did you make that change? I also made a change and we started a home based business which allowed us two to work together and work together with the Children and to make up some of the shortfalls to allow for the music lessons or the sport camps and the different things. So there's things that can be done when you think outside the box. Yeah, I I agree. And it's again, I don't want to sound like a broken record, but that's what it's all about, is being able to have that courage necessary to make the change, not knowing what the result might be, but having the perseverance to take that action.

So, so what else have you learned during this period of change? You know, we're gonna go off subject here for a second as it pertains to my career, because this has been, this has been a fall of significance for me. One of the things that we we often share on our podcast when we're talking about some of our personal habits and some of the things that we do is that I love to hike every morning and this entire summer, there's been a mountain hike that I've taken most every morning. I've done it over 100 times this season and it's a great way to start a day. But I noticed something a few weeks ago when the leaves started to change. Instead of continuing to hike up the trail, I sat on a rock, right, stand on, I'd sit on a bench or I'd sit somewhere and just contemplate and I've really enjoyed in it. You you talked about sometimes we get little bit melancholy and sometimes we, we sit down and I don't know if it's all melancholy as much as it is.

We appreciate the older we get the change that takes place, not only in us, but also in nature and everything around us. And I think that's something that we all should incorporate. Um you've had this happen this fall. But honestly, if each of us could take a few moments every day to reflect, to think of our goals, to think of how we could do something differently. That brings the satisfaction, that brings the changes necessary to be able to reach those bills. The change that we're talking about changing the itself is an interesting word because change is really more than anything else Subsequuting one thing for another and and we have to ask ourselves, what am I trying to substitute for something better And as I, as I have made those choices and as we've talked about those choices, we truly believe that we're substituting something good for something better now, it wasn't something bad uh what we've had has been a real blessing to our family.

Uh We we've been in a in a really good spot, but we're changing something good for something better. And I think that in our lives sometimes we're content with the good, maybe we're content with the better, but are we ever content with the best? It's hard to get that way sometimes because of having the faith necessary to go from good to better to best it is and it's worth it, you know, I think I think often it's not it's not easy at all, but it is worth it. And when I reflect on, you know, changing something that's good for the better or even for the best I think of growth, I think of of not the status quo, but I think of the opportunities of growth, the opportunities that that change allows us to have.

Now. I understand that before. I don't think so. Uh I don't think I I truly understood this. Um but it's something I have come to understand and I wish That 15, 20 years ago I would have had the vision to look forward to evaluate my life and to look forward with change. I was doing the best I could to stay stay afloat and and keeping the Children all doing their activities and everything they needed to do and homework and etcetera that I kind of forgot about me a little bit and I know there's a way to do it. I know there's a way to have a better balance and friends, whatever that balance looks like to you, whatever that good or better or best looks like to you. What we're suggesting is that you take the time to look to evaluate and then have the courage.

That's it to move forward. And and it has been when Mark finally had the courage two commit to this change you talk like I'm a weakling here. No, I it took a lot of evaluation because you have had a great, a great career. But when you have this, when you said this is what I'm going to do, it feels right. I could see this weight lift off your shoulder, I could see this. It was like this this heaviness just floated away and and we don't often see that in ourselves, but it was interesting to be able to see that. So I'll give you that. I think the courage probably is the right word as we're having this discussion then, because again, we don't want to admit that we're not courageous. We don't want to admit that we're weak in certain areas, but maybe we are, you know, you're gonna laugh because you know, and knows I I love to quote and I love to read.

And uh well maybe when I start quoting from the book little Women, you'll you'll start to laugh because maybe that's not the kind of book that I would typically read. But there there's so many treasures and so much truth and and little nuggets of of of of just great information and advice in that. And I remember and I wish I had the quota itself. But when joe's sister dies and she sits back and she reflects and she and she begins to reflect on the fact that the death of her sister has made her more serene, has made her more able to accept, more able to judge without harshness. And I think of change and changing it of itself might not be easy. But you know what, you know what is easy is when we begin to reflect and we begin to change our lives because of the change that we've experienced. We try to sometimes go around change, not through it.

And that's when it becomes difficult is that we we we we go around the problem and we try to sweep it under the rug. And the next thing, you know, there's no change. There's no growth. There is no opportunity. But when I look at the change that I've gone through during the last number of years, as I think of the spring, summer falls and winters of my life, I'm grateful for that change. And I hope that it has made me more serene. I hope that it's made me more serviceable in God's kingdom? I hope that it's made me a better husband, a better father, a better co worker with with with manny. And that's what change brings us. Amen. You know, I am not going to laugh at that because that's that's a wonderful um way to look at life. And it's something that we would all do well. And you know, I guess who operate, I guess what I'm really saying is that is that sometimes We're afraid to make the change, but we don't realize the unintended consequences of what that change will bring and for for for many the unintended consequences.

And we talk about this often of of of the time that we lost our 21 year old son. But the unintended consequences that they brought have been wonderful blessings that we would not trade right for anything for the pain Well in tradition with all of our guests on trail angels, I want to ask you one question. Who's been a trill angel in your life. And probably in true fashion, I'm going to tell you, I don't know where to start with the trail angels that have been part of my life. But the trail angel that I'm going to to mention. And and it's only because that this person truly is my my trail Angela issue and you're my trail angel in it because you have been able to help me to recognize when I needed to maybe think a little bit differently. Have you considered this mark? Have you, have you thought about the consequences that might happen if this happens.

I think of the times when we've been able to comfort one another during times of difficulty. There have been times in our life and we've been very blessed in the fact that when Annette struggles, hopefully I've been there for her and when I struggle, she certainly and definitely been there for me. There will be times in our lives where we will, we will look at each other and and say, you know, maybe I can't give everything, but I'm going to give you everything that I've got and, and, and that has meant a lot to me when I think of trail angels Trail Angels are someone that has gone before and trail angels is someone not only that goes before, but also is there with you during times when you have to make difficult decisions on which trail to take, especially if there's a divided trail and you're not quite sure where to go to have someone to be there with you too. Help make those decisions along with you to acknowledge what you're feeling, how you're feeling and to acknowledge that that you're not making this decision by yourself is comforting.

And so I've got you to thank for for being my trail angel. Thank you. I didn't expect that there are many trail angels that you, I know you have in your life and that is, that is so sweet. So thank you. Um, and listeners thank you for joining us today. We hope that you've enjoyed this conversation as we have been real and vulnerable and discuss the changes in our lives. Each of us have a story to share. Author Burn A brown reminds us that owning our story is the bravest thing you will ever do. The stories and experiences our guests share, inspire us as well as help us to grow and connect with others. We invite you to become a part of the Trail Angel, uh, care in the load community through social media as well as to share the site with those. You know, we are stronger together. Keep caring.


Change Happens
Change Happens
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