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Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Super Power

by Tyler Tysdal
April 26th 2021

Every entrepreneur has some kind of skill that truly makes them unique with something to offer. Having this unique ability is what pushes them to the top of the pack. Freedom Factory's Robert Hirsc... More

Yeah. Yeah. Hi robert heard from feeding factory and I want to talk to you about something that has really allowed me to bend time and has really allowed me to make a difference when running my companies are my entrepreneurial companies and I call it the stupid human trick. And I borrowed a bit of that from David Letterman watching his animal is stupid animal tricks growing up. But you know as entrepreneurs we usually have one thing that we do better than anybody else. And I've mentioned this in a few other videos but people really wanted me to spend more time on it and show you exactly what I'm talking about. So you know as entrepreneurs, you know there's two things that really help you know mentors and a peer group and you know I've been a part of of well at the time what was Y. O. And is now Eo or young entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs organization uh young presidents or Waipio and also Tiger 21 but there's great groups to figure out of entrepreneurs and build that peer group and there's great mentors and there's a skill set to being a great mentor and also to being a great mentee. And this all adds into it. And then you can also do a lot of self work and you know a lot of testing and for cognitive or things that you think such as Myers Briggs or an anagram or cognitive or things that don't change your instincts.

The best test I found for that is Colby K. O. L. B. E. And Kathy Colby has done a great job putting all that together. And what's different about a cognitive as opposed to a cognitive is it doesn't change if you take it whether you're 747 or 77 years old. But taking those tests understanding what your your best self is and also getting an understanding of your shadow self or your stress self and understanding the triggers when you go from one to the other can really help your efficacy. Not just as an entrepreneur but as a leader and a manager getting really clear on that can really allow you to bend time. Or as I tell a lot of my consulting clients, I help entrepreneurs bend time. What does that mean? Right, so we're familiar with the 80 20 principle 20% of what you do produces 80% of the results. Well I think when you become an expert at something it really turns into 95 5. But The way that that works is so let's say well just take 8020 for simplicity of numbers and let's say 20% produces 80% of your results.

If you can get rid of the other 80% of things occupying your time. Maybe things that you're good at but not great at. You know, for me I'm a great leader. One of a mediocre manager, I got rid of all my management. I've got great business partners that help me with that and I just focus on the 20% and if I can do that 20% 5 times, which is 100% of my time, I can create 400% of the value. Now if you if you subscribe to my line of thinking which is 95 5 and 5% produces 95% Of your value. Well if you can get rid of the other 95% and just do that 5% 20 times all of a sudden that's 1900% of your value are almost 20 times its 19 times almost unbelievable. The sharper you get there, you know, the easier and the more effective you can be. And so I think about it almost like a video game now when I grew up playing video games, I had an Atari, my controller had one button. I I play games against my kids and there's 20 buttons and I'm not very good.

So for purposes of this conversation, let's think about it as one or two buttons on the controller. Like a Nintendo. And so you have the stock, move the move that everybody can do kind of the a button punch or kick or jump, but every character has their special move or what I like to refer to it as as the b button, you know, this guy breathes fire. This guy does a back flip. This guy does Blankety blank but figuring out your stupid human trick is really figuring out your back flip. And once you figured out your backflip, stop doing everything else. And just to your back flip over and over and over again and you can produce disproportionate results in your company And that's really how you can shift the line and instead of growing at 10 or 15%, you're going at 100 or 150%. So again, figuring out the one thing that you do better than anyone else provides tons of value to your company, it will make you a better leader, it will make you a better entrepreneur. If you have any questions on this, why don't you give us a call it freedom factory. Thank you so much for watching, please like and subscribe and we'll see you soon.

Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Super Power
Discovering Your Entrepreneurial Super Power
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