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How Do You Connect to Your Purpose with Your Business?

by Tyler Tysdal
January 27th 2021

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mm Hey robert from Freedom Factory and I want to talk to you about something today that's part art and part science, but probably more art, which is how do I know when the time is right to sell my business, You know, the first thing, which is are you as passionate about your business as you used to be? And you know what I mean by that is, you know, do you, is that the last thing you think about when you go to sleep? Is that the first thing you think about when you, when you wake up and you know, there's certain there's certain times that your passion is going to ebb and flow in your business and that's normal. But if you're not feeling connected to it, that's a really good indicator that maybe it's time to sell. And another indicator like that is when you hear a new idea, do you immediately contextualized it within your business meaning? If you hear an idea, do you think, how can they serve my team and how can it serve my company? And if you're thinking about it that way, then you really locked on and connected to your business? Probably not the right time to sell if you're not doing it that way. If you're not doing at that time, probably something to think about.

And then the third. And I always think about it in terms of myself is are we connected to our purpose And so as entrepreneurs, you know, my businesses are really just a trojan horse for my purpose and my purpose here is to help fellow entrepreneurs change their family's lives and help them with the biggest deal they're alive, and that really motivates me and gets me up in the morning. Now, if you don't feel as connected to your sense of purpose through your business, that's probably a good sign that it's time to sell or time to to re engineer it. Now, if you have any questions about what's my business worth or how do I sell it, or how do I connect to my purpose? Why do you give us a call here at Freedom Factory? We look forward to speaking with.

How Do You Connect to Your Purpose with Your Business?
How Do You Connect to Your Purpose with Your Business?
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