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Monologue #1 - Question Everything

by Wojciech Salski
August 13th 2021

Today's episode will be very different than any of the previous ones. I will challenge myself to freely express a few thoughts that have been on my mind for the past weeks. I aim to discuss co... More

Hello and welcome to the unusual stories podcast. Today's episode is going to be different, very different than any other I've done so far and I will try to challenge myself to tell you as it is without any cuts and changes without any stories, but those that I will mention and I will let my stream of consciousness manifest itself over the past weeks. I've been through quite a new experiences and quite a few changes that have defined my life here in Edinburgh right now, I've recently, as you might remember, finish the job in a breast with moved to Edinburgh, find the flat, found some jobs, lost some jobs, applied for some other jobs and kept on going with my own stuff and I wanted to to this episode from my own self to your self, and talk about a few things that recently has been on my mind the law and something that I've maybe struggled a bit with and to some extent, I hope that by voicing those things, I will help you with whatever you might be going through as well as I will put a little bit of a consistency and pen to a paper, so to speak in a audible manner.

And as well, I will challenge myself to just freestyle because I've been listening to another podcast by a polish podcaster and an artist that draws satire. And I'm quite taken by the fact that the guy manages to just sit down in front of a microphone and just speak and feel the loose, normal, genuine vibe of that person and I would like to challenge myself to try it as well. So bear with me as we depart on this very new adventure. So, over the past few weeks I've taken on some new jobs, mostly in hospitality. I've worked in one restaurants and in one of the restaurants in Edinburgh and I took up another and both of them had there positive and negative science. Of course, this is not about comparison, I think every experience is different because in essence everything is different, especially people and at the end of the day, jobs are mostly due to who you work with, what's the environment you work in.

But since I've been quite active over the past months, I would say even years in doing my own stuff and being my own boss, so to speak, because I must be honest, working with the student union, especially throughout the pandemic enabled me to arrange my own day and as long as I fulfilled the promises of the work, I was able to do much more in the afternoon as I desired, both in the afternoon and in the morning actually, it's sort of like my life was not being scheduled by someone else. I was the one scheduling around the job, so that's something I definitely came to appreciate and I miss a lot because I struggled to find time for my things nowadays. So this idea that suddenly I had to go from being quite a productive, quite efficient, I would say artist and I know a writer, a person, a young entrepreneur, suddenly I am stuck in this rut of trying to squeeze in my own work between the job and the sleep and I'm struggling a little bit.

So I just wanted to reassure you and reassure myself that as long as you're doing those small steps each day and comparing it to the past or comparing it to what you could do if you were ideal in that particular moment might not really help you as long as you're doing as much as you can in the moment and as long as you're doing any sort of small step and advancement, I think that it's worth it and you should be a bit more lighter on yourself. I should be a bit more lighter on myself. And during those days when you feel like when I feel like my day literally went past, because don't get me wrong hospitality demands of you too be present. But it also takes away that presence from you because you're being present for the customer and for the cooperative workers around you.

Yeah, you're not being present in your own time. So I feel like some of those days just passed by and I just, you know, I left through them rather than lift them and in those moments, I think important to keep reminding yourself what matters to you and what in the long run you're going for and being honest and appreciative towards yourself and just don't judge yourself for the fact that you feel exhausted and just want to lie down and at the end, I think an important lesson from those few weeks is like, don't let the momentary low take away your high because if you look back and if you notice what you've achieved over whatever period of time, as long as it's a growth mentality, as long as you're continuing towards your goal, whatever that goal is, you're doing the right thing.

And then he sat back and any need to, I don't know, pay your bill by doing a day job that you might not necessarily feel inspired to do is definitely better than not doing anything. Another big thing that I've, I wanted to touch upon during this podcast is actually in connection to the nature of one of the restaurants that I worked in. Um and in connection to this idea of worrying about yourself and the planet, I don't know about yourself, but I feel that we're not really in a great stage of taking care of our planetary business. I find it disturbing and I find it quite frankly scary and not to say scary in a way, oh my God, we're, you know, we're all going to die.

Sure, that's certain we're all going to die. But I don't really like this idea of first destroying whatever is around us while we go down. That's that's a nasty going down and I've been, I've been interested in this subject. I think for quite a while, I would say a year and a half, two years, like intensely just because of influences of people around me, just because of the sources that I've been reading and watching and just my own curiosity and maybe the appreciation for the world and realizing that it is not as maybe we were brought up to think it is. And I would like to invite you to think about what you could do and do what you can to make it a bit better. And those can be really small and touches from choosing not to buy another bottle of water, rather buy Reusable one and keep walking around with it to refraining from eating meat or fish every day, maybe every week, maybe every month, maybe every year to deciding to commit, I don't know, a little part of your monthly expenses to some charity that would help the planet plant some trees because we're cutting them down at a rate that is definitely not within the frames of our nature's ability to get them back on time.

It takes quite a bit for a tree to grow. And I feel like our, whoever's in charge of cutting them down do not really realize it's a very short sighted activity I think. And I would like to invite you to doubt. You know, I've recently been doing a little activity with my friends from back home, we have a shared instagram account and we did like a day, we're still doing actually a day of an influencer. You know, each of us would log in and do a little story over the day of how their day looks like and taken by the moment I mentioned the movie that I've recently watched and I've mentioned whatever I was eating at the time and invited people to doubt. And one of my friends pointed out that doubting actually sounds quite smart.

So I wanted to share that with you. I would like to invite you to doubt whatever you think is true and doubt whatever someone else tells you it is and both ways it works really, I would like to invite you to doubt in your own thoughts and ideas and opinions as well. I think we are the most biased towards our own ideas and thoughts and at the end of the day we might not know at all. You know, people like Socrates, probably one of the wisest men ever ever to work walked the earth. His wisdom came from admitting that the only thing he knows is that he does not know and maybe that's a little humbling lesson to take on board whenever we try to offer our humble, not that humble of an opinion and impose it on others.

And as well, whenever we're watching the news, listening to the gossip or observing someone on the street and judging them straight away, which is not a bad thing in itself because judgment will be there were constantly subconsciously judging our environment, it's a part of survival. But at the end of the day, you can always doubt whether or not that judgment is correct and it can be in any subject in any way of, of anything in your life really. So if you have a negative thought about yourself, maybe ask yourself a question. Is that what really true? Do you have any, do you have any proof that would suggest that that foot is true? And similarly to other things, like, if you have a an idea and an opinion about something, maybe you've heard it from your parents, Maybe you've got to know it at school, maybe you've learned it over the news internet, whatever it works.

And it pays off to ask yourself every now and then, like how do I know if that thought, that idea is true and to what degree would that truth be, maybe profit making for someone else? Let me rephrase that. Is there anyone that will gain from me believe believing in that truth to be true? Is there anyone that could maybe gain something from me believing in it? And at the end of the day as well, I wanted to touch on this subject about those thoughts of ourselves and those recurring events that I think happened in our lives every now and then, and everyone has them differently. I feel that whenever something is bothering you and whenever something's bothering you again and again in a similar manner or you find yourself in similar circumstances going on a similar tangent with your thoughts.

It might so happen that there is something underneath it. That is actually the problem. And asking yourself questions why and what would bring you to be in this state? For instance, why would you feel this anxiety being put in a certain circumstance, especially if those circumstances occur again and again and you find yourself reacting to them the same way and you don't like that reaction. Maybe there is a different underlying problem, underlying belief at hand. An interesting book that my sister asked me to get for her and I finally I got it for her and I'm going to read it before I give it to her once I'm in Poland. It's called The Mountain Is You by Briana West and I've only read the first chapter but it seems like the whole book is exactly about that, about finding out what's the underlying issue underneath the issue.

So maybe I would like to invite you to think about those as well. Whenever you're going through something you don't like whenever you're suffering in a sense. On the third note, on the third point, I have a little don't get me wrong, this is a freestyle. But I have a little list of four or 5 points that I would like to touch upon. So I don't get off for a tangent completely. On the third point, I would like to raise an issue and not an issue raised a case, raise a voice of all those hospitality workers out there, all those customers service based jobs, all those people that serve you in the shop and a restaurant and a cafe anywhere that requires the person to be face to face with the customer and especially especially in restaurants that are heaving lee intense. I would like to invite you to appreciate those because over the past two years I've had the cushy job of an office worker.

You know, Someone on a 3rd of managerial position, someone that would rather delegate organized students or just send a few emails. I did not have to run around for nine or 11 hours and constantly make sure that everyone around me is feeling great while I'm actually exhausted and dehydrated. So I would like to invite you whether or not you've had a chance, which I think every person should at some point have in their life to work in hospitality, to just understand how humbling this experience might be. I would like to invite you to appreciate those and to welcome them wholeheartedly whenever they approach your table or whenever they're serving you coffee because it's a hard job and it is necessary because there is such a demand for it and believe me, this is not, it pays for you to smile for me to serve you for sure helps.

So yeah, appreciate those people and appreciate those situations and give them a little smile and if you feel like it gives them a little tip, that's another thing, I've recently heard them abstract for myself, a concept that in the United States apparently waiters don't get paid, they only pays from tips and if that is true that is for me and another level of necessary appreciation because that person's job literally depends on you giving a tip. So looking from this perspective and working for the past four weeks in an environment that demands of me those exhausting hours and exhausting experiences while trying to make sure that I, you know stay afloat with my money, I think tipping. Yes sir, great way of giving thanks to that person whenever you are and whenever there is an opportunity to do so and even a kind world where even a few kind words and saying thank you, we'll do so the last thing that I would like to touch upon because I can see that I have already mumbled for Almost 20 minutes, Oh hey turns out you can talk to yourself for that long.

I would like to invite you to check out a few great sources that recently has been recently is an understatement, I think or overstatement. It's been a while for some of those that I've been listening to, but definitely they've been a big part of my life and I've already made. I think two or 3 episodes about Wim Hof method. Only recently did I start doing cold showers all the time. And only recently did I try to invite more of my friends to try the breathing and quite a few of them said that it helped them especially with anxiety and especially with grounding themselves in the moment. So I would like to invite you for sure to check out 1/2 method you can do it online, you can do it on his app, you can go on Youtube and find Wim Hof method breathing, anything will do. There is great deal of sources and they are only growing.

The second thing that from this straightaway flourishes is flowers flourishes, I don't know is Wim Hof podcast, which I would definitely recommend checking out. There are some great talks with Russell brand Jordan Peterson and the director of C Spirit see great people, great discussions and a great deal of really nature driven pure human wisdom inspiration to make your life a little bit easier and to make the planet's life a little bit easier at the end I wanted to mention as well. The Life on our planet by David Attenborough on netflix. It's been a while since it came out. I hope that you've watched it. And if not please do, there is no other time that now to wake up to some of the troubling things that the world is going through and remember that the change starts with you.

So whenever you have a thought of, oh well if only everyone would do it, it would be okay. It doesn't really matter if everyone would do it, if everyone thinks that way no one will. So you might as well be the first one, be the change you want to see and the last two movies that I will mention as well, documentaries on netflix is beyond boundaries. A very recent movie by David Attenborough and See Spirits See by, I don't remember exactly whose name is that both of those documentaries, especially beyond boundaries are very informative and very, I would say important to watch and to try and understand the scale and the ability of ours too to help the planet. So at the end, at the end of the ends I wanted to just give you a little call to action and advice so to speak, a challenge if you will.

I feel like always whether in my usual episodes or in my interviews with others, there is always a part at the end. That is sort of a little advise driven inspiration. And I would like to invite you yet again to ask questions. Don't hang onto details and try to look at the whole picture whenever you're discussing and difficult topic or whenever you're discussing something with yourself, try to stand on the side and notice both sides. Mhm That sounds funny. Try to stand on the side and notice the whole and ask yourself again and again whether or not what you think is true really is and what are the indications of that being true? So yeah, this sort of different episode. I wonder if you like it or not. I would like to hear your feedback so be sure to either comment on the post or send me an email on my website, feel free to comment underneath the websites, blogs, wherever you can direct message me on instagram or facebook.

Yeah, this sort of, I don't know, stream of thoughts and ideas and troubles that my mind and my body has been going through and expression of love towards the planet and our beings and the being itself. So yeah, thank you very much for coming Used this 25 hour, 25 minutes adventure. I hope this inspires you and helps you on your journey. I hope this, I hope this inspires you to be a better person towards others and a better person towards yourself and other than that. Stay happy, stay healthy and I'll see you next time

Monologue #1 - Question Everything
Monologue #1 - Question Everything
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