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Capturing Life through a Lens - Episode 76

September 14th 2021

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While Annaba should you started for women, it became clear men are benefiting from the content. So we've decided to refresh the brand of it. You will still see the pair with the teal background and the name Unabashed You. You stays the same instead of women talking about stuff because that is no longer accurate. We've moved to conversations to become who you already are on the website. It goes on to say be who you are without apology as you are one of a kind without equal. These conversations will help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way. So listen, read and be inspired and today I say, thanks for joining us. Let's start with the confusion I created when I miscalculated the time difference between California and Nigeria. Our guest for this week's insta summer series episode and it'll showed up on time and I was nowhere to be found.

We finally connected through some direct messaging and I want to express my gratitude for any tom's understanding and flexibility. Oh, and by the way, it was worth the wait. He's a go getter and deeply committed to his passion of photography. And did I mention kind? Yes, he is very this is a pretty cool story. Someone used the hashtag unabashed view and I saw it. I admit I was quite excited, turns out it belongs to Benetton. This week's insta summer guest here is what I know so far. He is from Nigeria. He's an extremely talented photographer and is studying biology in university. I can't wait to find out more. Welcome to the show. Thank you. You're welcome. Okay. Say your name for us one more time because I want to really make sure we get this right. How did you say any time?

Any time? Oh, that's so beautiful. Does that have like a french influence in it? I'm not really. The Nigeria was colonized by the british so that any time is the local name? Oh, it's a local name and doesn't mean story exactly, because I looked it up when you first use that hashtag I thought oh this is so interesting. Exactly. Ok. Any tom Oh gosh, it's so beautiful. What a beautiful name is there anything you want the listeners to know before we really jump in? Um Let's just proceed. Maybe as time goes on we get to get something to say. Okay, that sounds, that sounds good to me. What three words would you use to describe yourself? Wow. Just okay. Like to describe myself. It was just like um hardworking, persistent and not giving up. Yeah. Not giving up is the main thing there.

Yes. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Very good. Hard work, persistent and not doesn't give persistence and then you don't give up. Doesn't give up. Okay, I love that. I can't wait to find out more. Okay, two truths and a lie and this is where you say three things about yourself? One of them is not true and then I get to guess. Um Can you give me an example of what it's like. okay, you could make it around like what you study, you could make it around jobs, you could make it around your work, you can make around the things you love to do. Like my favorite color is red. I have been to New York two times. I have 20 Children. You know, then you have to decide. Then you decide which one is not True and obviously it's the 20 Children. I don't have 20 Children. Well um Okay, three nights 3. Okay. Um um well it is kind of a difficult task for me too.

Take over or let's get to execute. Um Okay, I am married. Um I've traveled out of the country three times. Um Okay, wait, wait, wait, what are the rules? Two truths on one line. Right, okay. Okay. Um I am married um above 18 then. Um uh what can I see what You said, you traveled out of the country three times. You want to keep that? Yeah, I want to keep down. Okay, so married traveled out of the country three times and you're older than 18. Those are your, those are your old. No, no, no, no, no. Let me drop, let me drop the travel out of the, okay, okay, okay. Married 18/18 over 18 and I'm, I'm an entrepreneur. Yeah. You're an interpreter. Entrepreneur entrepreneur. Which is is that a place, entrepreneur entrepreneur like um like um self employed.

Oh entrepreneur. Okay. God, I got it. Okay. I'm sorry, I was not, I was not, You have a beautiful accent. It's so gorgeous. But I just wasn't, I wasn't, I wasn't grabbing that. Okay, so your grade 18 entrepreneur, Okay, got it. I think you are an entrepreneur. So that was, I'm gonna tell you my process. So that one to me is true already, I think that I think you might be above 18 and I don't think you're married. So I think the lie is you're not married? Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Only because I haven't seen any posts about you being married, so maybe I'm cheating in that way, but that's, that's a, that's, that's what I think that's cool. Okay. And you are ok, You know, let's get to that in a minute. Okay. Because I, I really want to deep dive into to what you're doing here, you know, with all the things that make up you.

Okay, so now this should be a little easier for you one of your favorite movies of all time, one of your favorite movies. Maybe you don't like movies, but I don't know. Um um I don't really see movies because I spent most of my time on youtube watching tutorial videos and learning more about photographic, but um, the movie, I was The movie, I will say it. Um there's this movie, I think last year there was 2020 money heist. I think, 2020 2019, 2020 is money has a seasonal movie. Okay, that has been my favorite so far. Okay. And that sounds familiar to me. I can't think of who's in it, but we'll have to look that up and you liked it because it was adventure and suspenseful. Yeah, exactly. Okay. All right, very good. Name. A woman that inspires you. Is there a woman that inspires you? Um, I can't really say that for now.

I haven't really gotten any assad now. Okay. Do you have a man that inspires you may be a photographer or somebody that you really look up to? Yeah, yeah, sure, definitely. I do. Okay. And who is that? Because I think you have a mentor, right? He is the photographer to the president as an engineer President. Wow. Yeah. And and he really like, opened my mind two more about photography storytelling and it was even his program I attended that actually made me use the hashtag the honor bashed you because the program was actually tagged on abashed. Oh, nice. Exactly. So when I was typing the, was called the hashtag for unabashed, which I saw on a bus. She was said to use it and oh, that's how we got to know each other. I love that. I really love that. That makes me so happy.

All right. Is there a piece of wisdom that you keep handy or something that you, that you well, obviously you don't give up. So is there something around that or something else that you like, you know you you keep it up, you keep it ready, you keep you use it. Um one thing I will say I use is um musical is still like based around the issue of the hard work and persistence because I realized over time hard work learning more like not having the mindset of you know everything because which is the exhausted because if you have dimension that already know everything then you don't have to go out there. You have to leave your comfort zone or you'll have to do is remember where you are. And that is very bad because everyday technology is improving every day. We keep learning things, keep learning new things that we don't have idea about before. So it's not circles around self improvement.

Self improvement. Very good. I mean and you already talked about how you're spending time on Youtube learning more things about photography and that that brings us to the deep dive which is your passion. So there's two things I want to talk about. One is um we'll get to photography in a minute. But I wanted to kind of start with what you're studying in university which is biology correct? Ok why are you studying Biology and what do you want to do with Biology? Um Well with the way the education system is in Nigeria like I actually my my dream was actually to be in the military. I like to serve in the military. And yeah and I applied The Defense Academy 3 3 times. I was after high school. So I applied three times but I wasn't selected and after then I was now like instead of staying at home doing nothing I think I just need to apply for because now do for the meantime.

So that was what actually made me to select biological sciences. So the biological sciences has actually let me say opened um not really opened my mind but just give me it has given me more, more drive and let me just say it does. So the reason for me studying biology in general is just for due to the fact that I wasn't offered admission in the Nigerian Defence Academy and I have no option no no of education. So I just have to proceed to study biology. Okay. Are you enjoying studying Biology? Um well really well, yeah, to be to be to be real here and to be truthful, I won't say a ingested in biology because that's not really my passion that my I'm just doing it to avoid at home and just to have knowledge on area in particular field. Well, I really can't say I enjoy starting it.

Well I admire the fact that you are doing what you need to do to continue to educate yourself which is clearly very important to you. But meanwhile, okay, so you're studying that because that was a door that was available to you to go through. And so now your passion though, really is photography. And let me tell the listener, you have got to follow this young man immediately on instagram his photography. You're gifted. You're already gifted. You're a gifted photographer. Okay. Let's let's start unpacking that. When did you start getting interested in photography? Well, I started get uh studying photography way back as 2015 now, six years ago, six years ago. Okay. six years ago you started interested? Yeah. But then I had no access to a camera. So I only use my phone. I use my mobile phone for the photography and the editing.

I use my phone. But I was able to what I was able to get my professional camera, which is this one right here. I was able to get it last year. That was during the pandemic during the lockdown. Yeah, I was able to get to dinner and ever since I got here, then I advanced to professional photography. Okay. And I I notice on your post. Okay, so a couple things. One did you recently change your username from pick scene to its 16. Yeah, sure. Okay. And why did that happen? Somebody else had it or what? Yeah. Someone else was trying to actually use the same pattern because it was before it was at underscore pigs in. So someone else was trying to use it. And most people after giving them my user name, they get things mixed up and the person is also a photographer. So I don't have to change it. It's okay. God don't be any mixed. Okay. Got it. Got it. Okay. That's and I will, I will include that info here for everybody.

I've noticed in your, in your photography. Like I've said they're beautiful. You're, you've got a great I you, it's kind of a combination of portraits and then also I would, I would think of as photojournalism because you're taking pictures of things that are happening around you or maybe you go out to seek what's happening around you and we do have a gardener here. So we are going to hear some buzzing. It's very fun, very fun. Okay. So tell us about that portraits. You know, you take pictures of people versus kind of out there. What's happening? Yeah. Um, well my dream is actually on photojournalism. It's actually say, yeah, he's on photojournalism boats. Well, the way I have it, I started photography so I don't really have link up with like media houses and the rest.

So I just mix everything up and I do this because I don't really find the portraits like interesting because you do portraits photography, you need a studio space. You need some lighting, you need some other equipment and stuff. But photojournalism, once you have the, once you have a story to tell once and events happening, you can actually go there creates like stories, compelling pictures and posts online. So for the portraits only do the portraits for the money. Yeah, I wondered about that. Yeah, but the photo journalism since I have like no one paying me for that because I'm doing it from my own passion for it So oftentimes when is an event and I know it is okay. This is actually up to my portfolio. I just go out there on my camera. I take pictures, creates memories and pulls them online. But if I can actually have my way my dream is actually traveling, documenting places, telling stories about them because I realized the power of the internet that's even without you having the money or the funds to travel outside the country, you can actually go online, watch videos and see pictures about places and the information about a place tells a lot about it because you can actually go online now and read about, let me say um Africa and general information that people have about Africa is like a place where most people are suffering, there's no food, there's no good water, there's disease, terrorism and the rest but there's actually two true to some extent boats.

The real story is they actually mm nice sightseeing places in Africa. They are like tourist centers. There are places to visit historical center and stuff like that. So my dream in this documentary, photography or photojournalism is actually exploring those places, posting them online for the world community to actually see what let me say the good parts of africa or the good part of Nigeria. So that was just my goal. And I actually wrote my last exam the day before yesterday, that was on Tuesday. So I hope that probably from next week I should be traveling to some places and documenting. You'll be seeing everything on my stories as time goes on. Yeah. Wonderful. Okay, so once you have taking pictures of a story, you're photojournalism, where are you posting them? Do you have a website also? Are you try to sell them to news outlets or what I mean?

I see them on instagram but where else are they? Yeah, pandemics and like I only post, I only post them on instagram and my facebook for now. I'll also talk some media houses and also who's ever, I would be interested in buying them. So that's what I do for now and now that I'm done with school, I think I need to improve on creating a website and probably storing them there. Another folder section by section on which whichever is to either interest to. They can check room fabulous. I love that idea. I can't wait to see that come to life. How much more time and university do you have? I'm done. So you're done. Yeah, I wrote my final paper on Tuesday. That was the day before yesterday. So do they consider that you've graduated. Is that what they, is that or do you, you've graduated?

Yeah. Once you're done with your final paper, then you just expect the results to come out. Then you do your clearance and congratulations. Yes. That's exciting. That's so wonderful. What are the next plans? Are you going to start traveling and taking pictures? And that's that's now the plan were doing where our education system is. After your education. After university education you will be going for does this trouble you call National Youth Service or you're breaking up a little bit. I know we've got, you know, we had to really make this work. Uh, Yes. Okay. So after the, after you're done with school, does this National Youth Service cobb that you serve with. And their aim is actually to um, involve you in the real life situation of the working environment.

It's more of like an industrial training barista is like an Advanced one. So when you are done, you go for that that it lasts for a year. And in the process of you walk in with an organization, you get to be paid, You get repaid about I think about 17, $70. Yeah, Because we paid about $70 for a month for the next 12 months. And when you are done with that, you'll be given a certificate and after that one, you are left on your own to either go and search for a job or if you have a job already good for you. And if you have a job, then brush up your skill and anyway, money. All right. And is that when you will go into photography full time? Um, Yeah, after that, I'm planning on owning a studio and why the studios running, I'll find some trust that person to be running it for me while I pursue my photojournalism. That was such a great plan. I love that. That's wonderful what you are doing some really great things.

You have a real love for photography. It shows and you keep learning and wanting to get better and better. I think that says a lot about you sure, your character and how you want to learn and improve and get out there and tell some stories. Yeah. Well that's just wonderful. Do you have anything in conclusion that you'd like to say? Um in conclusion, I would just like to say that so many people over here, like we're here in this part of the world they saw especially the youth every Oh, this sounds good any time. But you froze again. So we got to wait for a moment. Can you hear me now? I can Yes, Okay. You were talking about the youth? Yeah. Like in Nigeria, to be precise, the government doesn't really provide job opportunities.

Like they only leave the youth to explore their skills. Okay. What can you do? What can you do to fetch your money? So majority of people who are done with school now, they don't really rely on the government or organization. Instead they pick themselves up and find out this q they have worked on it and find how it can stretch them revenue and keep them going. So my advice is, let me see. My advice is just like because I believe everyone has a skill does what I believe, even everyone has the skill to just let for you to realize what your skill is, work on it. Getting necessary materials, improve and try to be the best. Because I'm actually trying to be the best to the Yankees are calling best photographers in Nigeria in africa in the world. I'll also be like, I'll also be making the list. I just, I love that. You know what you want to do and you've got a plan to go forth and then also you're speaking life into anyone who listens about a skill or a gift or an interest of passion to really go for it.

Exactly. That's why thank you for your patience and your flexibility and that we had a little bit of uh you know, did not calculate correctly on our time, but I I really appreciate your grace where that's involved. So thank you any time. It's been such a pleasure to get to talk to you in real life. I'm so excited and I look forward to seeing all the good things you're going to do and sharing your pictures. Thank you so much. Have a wonderful evening. I owe. This has been wonderful. Really, really wonderful. Thank you. All right, see you later. Bye bye bye. Mhm Yeah. Next I am still challenged to pronounce his name correctly and tom I'll keep working on it. In the meantime I marvel at and he told his plan to pursue photography and to show the real africa the real Nigeria, not just the underside we hear about.

He wants to share the beauty to create memories and to tell stories. This is what he gets to do what he is driven to do. I can't wait. The unabashedly website has a page for each guest of photos, quotes and a blog with embedded audio at an embassy do dot com. You can find the show on other podcast platforms. Want to lend your support encouragement. We invite you to subscribe, follow, rate, review and share social media instagram and facebook unabashed you. If you want to connect the email is unabashed, you do at gmail dot com for questions, comments etcetera. And if you want to be on our weekly email list highlighting that week's episode, give me a shout. I'd be happy to add you and your info will not be shared. We depend upon website visits, social media, word of mouth to share these episodes. We are grateful for growth. Knowing these conversations, help you think celebrate who you are and move you in some way so continue to listen. Read and be inspired and now our blessing, God bless Africa guard her people, guide her leaders and give her peace.

And I will add. And bless Benetton's efforts to tell her stories. Amen that is by Trevor Huddleston, you know, go beyond a bash it be you. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Capturing Life through a Lens - Episode 76
Capturing Life through a Lens - Episode 76
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