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Never be Afraid to Ask and Other Gems - Episode 75

September 7th 2021

You can find Liz on Instagram at Remember Me Accessories.


while Annaba should you started for women, it became clear men are benefiting from the content. So we've decided to refresh the brand of it. You will still see the pair with the teal background and the name unabashedly. You stays the same instead of women talking about stuff because that is no longer accurate. We've moved to conversations to become who you already are on the website. It goes on to say be who you are without apology as you are one of a kind without equal. These conversations will help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way. So listen, read and be inspired and today I say, thanks for joining us. Zest. This woman has it in spades. She is fun, funny and vivacious. You'll be able to hear all that and more in this conversation with Liz fletcher we met in an instagram course. Honestly, I had to be schooled in social media as there was so much to figure out.

Liz has gone from men's to women's fashion and now she's celebrating 25 years in the jewelry business. She has some remarkable things to say. Uh huh Liz loves jewelry and her posts are beautiful. I was delighted when we made a connection on instagram. She's a consistent, warm, thoughtful engage. Er She is our guest today for instance, summer but as she pointed out in Australia, it is winter, I haven't thought of that being in the us. It did take us a while to schedule with a 17 hour difference. We persevered as women do and now we get to have the long awaited conversation. Welcome to the show list. Thank you. Thank you for having me. Oh my first podcast. Oh, that just makes me so happy. That makes me so happy. Really does. All right. Anything you want the listeners to know before we get started.

Um, well my name is Lizzie Fletcher and I've been in the jury industry for 25 years and I just celebrated it the other day. Yes. And we're going to circle back to that because I definitely wanted to talk about the big milestone. It's really wonderful. What three words would you use to describe yourself? Yeah. Um, fun lobbying. I can't even tell you how perfect those words are because your post and everything you do are fun and loving and cheeky. So that's just perfect. You know yourself? Well, that's great. That comes across for sure. All right, So this is like an ice breaker. It's you're gonna say three things about yourself. One of them will not be true. We call it two truths and a lie. So I have to kind of see if I can guess which one is not true. So three things about yourself.

Um, I drive 55 km 55,000 km a year. Uh huh. I have been in the fashion and jewelry industry for nearly 50 years and the third one is, I love working on the computer. Uh huh. Okay. You drive 55,000 km a year. You've been in the fashion and jewelry industry for 50 years and the last one is you love to work on the computer. I'm at a gas. The lie is that you love to work on the computer? Is that the lie? Okay, definitely. I'm not a computer person. I much prefer to either speak on the phone or do writing and I do everything by hand. So I do use my mobile phone for the instagram. But I am not really big on computers. My partner has brought me a computer in every color trying to get I've got a white one and black one, a red one, the public, you name it.

But my attention span only lasts for about half an hour to an hour and then I'm off because I I can't even still a full of energy and a lot to move around and Oh, and I can see that. I bet you're a dancer Liz are you a dancer? Yes, I think I've always liked dancing. Yeah, I think I've seen some posts about, about dancing. Well, you know, for somebody who doesn't really love the computer, I will say you have a very strong and consistent presence on instagram. I mean you really, especially if you're doing it from your phone, which is, let's face it, that is a small computer. I mean it just didn't. And you you you really you get a lot of great content out there. So you're you're you're hitting a home run right there. Okay, so the other things are true. So I'm gonna guess that the 55,000 km has to do with your business. Yes, I do. So because you're getting out and making sure that everybody sees your stuff buys your stuff.

Stores are carrying your stuff, that sort of thing. Exactly. All right. And that's and that's good because you you want to be able to get your stuff out there and your stuff is really unique and we're getting into more of that later And then your second one list. Okay, so you've been, we know you've been in the jewelry business for 25 years, so you've also, but in the fashion business as well, what does that look like? Well, that's how it all started. When I was about 15, I got into working for a menswear store. They asked me would I like to work there And I said Yes, not knowing. And then there are the days when they only paid you $2 an hour. I learned I was in my school uniform at the time. So I made sure I dressed up and I learned a lot about menswear, naturally being young. You know the guys sort of like me, but I discovered that I was good at dressing men and then later on I went into dressing women.

Isn't that something that you were just asked to do this on a whim and that you you actually had a natural gift for this and here you still are in an extremely related industry because fashion jewelry is a part of fashion. I don't even know how you have fashion without jewelry. Exactly. It all goes together. It all goes together, anything about anything of a dormant you can put on and then, you know, you can change your whole look and you can then add something like some jewelry or you know, different handbag or different accessories and it can make you look so much better. Yes, I agree. Okay, we're going to get to more of that in a minute. One of your favorite movies of all time bombshell. Oh, bombshell, is that Nicole Kidman, charlize sarin and who's the third one? Um I can't remember, I can't remember it now, I see them but I can't remember the name I kind of remember guys about but the reason I liked it so much is that when I was watching it, I had no idea that it was a real story.

And then, and then my girlfriend halfway through the movie because we went to the opening before everyone else saw it and he said in my this is a real story, really? I thought it was just, you know, another story. And then I actually went back and so it again with my daughter Bianca and then I went, it really said a lot meant and all the things that men were getting away with. And somehow it resonated with me and I was very glad that they wrote a movie and made it clear and you know you can't do that anymore right and you having been in those especially started in the men's part of fashion. You have I have no doubt seeing this and experienced this firsthand on some level whether it was you know a huge or minor, I really learned early not to mix business with pleasure.

I always kept it separate of course you know if you guys might like you or fancy you. But I grew up with two brothers so I knew how to handle them and no one got the better of me. Yeah you could hold your own. No problem, I can see that. Yes and I bet you haven't parted that to your daughter Bianca as well that she's her own woman and she does not have to take any kind of business from anybody that she you know. Exactly. Yeah. Very good. I've got two daughters so they yes I've got Bianca and Sophia and I gave them lots of choices which I didn't have when I was growing up. But the good thing is that are responsible with their choices. So I had all the freedom but they didn't go crazy. That sounds like you did a really fabulous job allowing them to learn and find their way a little more independently maybe than the average parent would do it and I think in hindsight, looking back at, you know, the our kids that we raised everything, I think if I had to do it over again, I probably would have done more of that, certainly we did some of that, but I think I would have done even more of that.

So that's a good one. Is that how you were raised or you just thought, no, I want to do this very differently than the way I was raised? Yeah, totally. I was brought up in a very religious household. My parents, my father was actually a preacher and also he was in sales. So that's where I get my personality and um, and and the drive because I saw him always on the move And my mother also ran a business, she started doing it at 45 and she looked after elderly people. We had a beautiful massive big house and eight bathrooms, 10 bedrooms and we looked after only people. It was like a very, very luxurious retirement village before you went into the, You know, the rest home, this is before that transitional time, they don't do it now, they've cut all that out. But those days they were available and my mother started her business at 45, so she worked seven days a week.

So I really, and a bit of a workaholic working and my father working, it was a go go go household, well those are good qualities, good qualities to have, but I imagine though as you as you've gotten older as we all are getting older that you have very much incorporated play into who you are now, definitely. I was always cheeky from a little girl. I always got told I talk too much all my life but it still didn't stop me. Good, good. When I stop talking that's when everyone would worry because I think what's the matter with Liz she's not talking. No. That's so funny. That's so funny. So speaking of inspiration because it sounds like both your parents inspired, inspired. You can you name a woman that inspires you? My best girlfriend, her name was Deborah, I met her when I was 19 and I worked in this most beautiful upmarket boutique that you could ever imagine called Halsey Merivel in Melbourne in Collins street, which is the street and before that I was doing modeling and then I was sort of you know how actors do waitressing jobs.

So I was doing modeling and then I thought oh just you know pop back into retail because I've been doing retail off and on and before you even work there you have to get two hours a free trial that didn't you know they didn't pay you to see if you were good enough that they were and luckily Deb she was my manager. Um she saw the potential in me and I was also lucky on that day because the lady came up and said I'll just handed me this cardigan, that was worth about $300 and this is in the late 70s, she said I'll take that and that really helped my sales. You know, I got the job through her and Debbie seeing the potential in me and then you know, eventually we became best friends and I used to look forward to seeing what she would wear every day and make up and her hair. I was just in love with her and eventually we became friends and you know, we were together on and off for For a long time.

I mean she sadly passed away when she turned 60. I'm also friends with her daughter, just like a mother, oh that's wonderful, A piece of her and that way lives on. That's beautiful. Really beautiful. I'm really glad you got to have that friendship with her for those many years. And of course you remember her and hold her close to your heart now. A piece of wisdom you keep handed. Maybe this is something that Deborah taught you or your your hard working parents, but what's something you keep handy? Um Mine is never be afraid to ask Yes. Everything. Every every job opportunity in my life has either, mainly by asking and I say that to my daughters, they can only say no, but then they might say yes, most of the time they do and it's a bit like asking the universe to you know, if you need something or want something, you put out to the universe because I listened and then it comes true.

That's really, yeah, it doesn't hurt to ask. You're absolutely right. That is really good piece of wisdom for I think, you know, people are afraid to put yourself out there, but you're right if the worst thing they can say is no, no, thank you. So that obviously wasn't the right direction for you. Anyway, so move on to another another way. That's it. It's just like, you know, with all my customers, jewellery retailers that I have to see, you know, I have to make an appointment with them first. I just don't drive out there and hope for the best and uh, you know, you talk to them and they might be saying no, no, no and somehow, you know, you turn it around and you know that yes, I love to see you live. So there you go, you have to be consistent to in the, in the asking but not pushy. I'm not pushing at all. But I know you have to have that focus and then things will become real well at the word finesse comes to my mind when I think of how you probably operate in the world is that you've, you've got the finesse, I mean you, you can read the room, you, you know, you have high quality products and you know that their their customers are going to want what you have, they just you just you know just You know you are able to be who you are in that moment of making the appointment and then showing them and I'm sure nine times out of 10 or more you know they love what you have because it's so unique which brings us to your passion.

As you said, you are celebrating 25 years of being in the jewelry business. And then on your instagram bio you say knowing happiness never goes out of style, which I thought was really a beautiful way to talk about yourself your life and then also jewelry. And then I I love that you say jewelry speaks that speaks a story because different pieces do bring up different stories for us. So how did you decide or maybe you asked, how did you, how did you make the shift from clothing? You went from men to women's and then over to jewelry. How did that shift happen? Um it was all through one recommendation. I had a girlfriend who I met on the road called lisa and she was sitting down with this story designer called Monique and Monique said I'm looking for a sales rep.

Do you know anyone? And my girlfriend said Liz fletcher overnight. I went from the fashion and I went into fine jewelry. So I need to sell costume jewelry. I've sold belts, beautiful shoes, clothing, knitwear, everything wholesale and retail. And then I just got sick of fashion a bit because everything started to be made in china and everyone wanted lower quality and I don't like, you know, mass produced of anything to be honest. So I went into the jury industry so I learned along the way and I went to all the different states, I went to victoria Queensland, that's where all the driving came into it. And so you know, finally met all my made some new customers and built up my based from there. I always change and do things and it's like a week in between. It's like when I went from working full time at a fashion boutique after I came back from crete and then got this opportunity offer to me.

So within a week I'd open my own boutique. Oh my goodness, you are a go getter. Well, it just happens, you know, when it just comes to you and you don't even realize at the time that if you think about it too much, you can help yourself out of it. That's absolutely true. Absolutely true. The hope of my own Boo ticket 22. And then I got into the fashion into the jury industry at 30, 35. Okay, so I want to know as somebody who doesn't really necessarily understand um you know, the jewelry industry, do you search out like particular pieces or kinds of jewelry. How do you end up with the jewelry that then you turn around and either sell to other jewelry people or directly to a client. Um with jury, it's all very in house. They don't advertise because of the trash value. You know, they just can't hand over a complete stranger all this jury that's worth fortune.

But once I started with Monique from there, I found other supplies and I thought, oh my God, I love their jury. So once again, I would ask high, I'm looking, I'm looking for another range and I'm, I do, I go here and I go there and I have lots of clients and, and then, you know, you all come together. So at the moment I have about five different designers. Some are made in Melbourne. I try and keep things made here, which it's more personalized and you're supporting other people. And then I have other ranges from Germany italy Greece. Um yeah, those those countries. No. Okay, so, okay, so you're representing these five different lines and I love the focus on local being one of them. That's a great way to give back. Does that mean then that you have to travel the world?

Like to those places? Just, I just know I don't have to any traveling. I do. You're seeing my customers. Okay. It's like, it's like you having a beautiful jury range that you created, you love and but you don't have any customers where I have all the customers. So you put them together and then I get the beautiful job of making the appointment driving to their beautiful, gorgeous jewelers stores that you know, just gorgeous to be in. And then I show them all the collections. Not sometimes anymore want the diamonds or other times they're not just want the pools. That's you all have different customers for different ranges too. Wow. That is so fascinating. And then I'm guessing this is like mid to higher end range jewelry in terms of cost. You're not, you're not doing an expensive stuff. You're doing like unique middle to upmarket. Yeah. I want my, I want my customers to come back to me. I don't want them coming back to me saying the stones fallen out or it's broken.

You know, if they sell it to a customer. I mean you get a few of those, but generally, and I only can get excited about something that I like myself. Oh, I like that. That's a good barometer. Right? Deciding if you like it and that's it. How can you show something someone and you don't like it? It would show for me. That's a good point. Yeah. It's like with fashion, you know, if I put you in a beautiful outfit and I don't like it. I'll pull a face and get now take that off. Well, especially be honest because customers come back. I remember. Yes. Okay, so you liked jewelry that speaks a story. So do you have a favorite piece of jewelry that speaks the story for you. Yes. I love art deco is one of my favorites and I have a beautiful art deco and diamond ring, which I designed. But the designers from Russia and he learned with the fab a shape. So his workmanship is extraordinary and he does all the beautiful feel, agreeing Milgram work.

So I've been with him for 21 years longer than some marriages I say. And um, we've been working together. He does most beautiful art deco inspired designs because he specializes in that. And that's one of my favorite things to just like, I also like black and white movies and anything that's got a bit of an art deco flavor. Okay, so that speaks the story to you of the friendship. You have the craftsmanship he has and then also that period of time, the style that you love so much. Yes, that's the story it tells. Have you given your girls special pieces of jewelry that are, that have become a story for them? Yes. Um, both are given them both beautiful antique heart pendants on a gold chain because I used to style antiques to one stage, which was fantastic. Um, so I've given those as gifts and along the way, I've given them jewelry because they've got different styles to me.

They've got their own style And they're just really in their twenties are starting to get into it where I fell in love with it at 13 and enough and I had no influence from anyone either. My parents didn't wear my mother never wore jury didn't wear makeup, didn't do anything. I don't know where I got it from. But trust me, when I discovered it, there was no stopping me. Well, you came that way because some don't you think sometimes like you've got two girls and I imagine that they are very different and that they came the way you could see in them, you know, differences and they were their own people already from the get go. Exactly, yes, they're totally different. But there intelligent. Um they can see through people much better than me. They really clever. Um and they're both, you know, in doing art too. So I'm artistic also. So and I also mama daughter does has done her degree in biochemical science because my partner is very scientific.

So that's sort of the best. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness, What's next for you? Listen, I mean, you're you're just just doing so well, you love what you do that that much is evident. Are there still some things you're trying to Yeah. Well, because because I haven't been able to go on the road since last March when the lockdown started, this is locked down in Melbourne. So that prevents me from going on the road. So I thought what can I do to get out there because I'm so used to seeing everyone face to face including, you know, I also do private showings sometimes with my friends. So I decided that instagram was the way to go and I started doing that and then in I just started up with Carla and that's how I met you and all those gorgeous other amazing women were all on the same journey together. So I absolutely love that if you're both of you are America, but that's alright, one day we'll all meet, I'm being with my partner Stefan, we've been building a website and soon we will be launching that.

So I've been very busy every day taking photos and writing captions and I actually did my first real the other day, so I've got to start doing more of that. It's not so much, I'm not afraid of being in front of the camera, but it's just um keep thinking you look good enough on the day. Oh no, I couldn't do that now. Do you see yourself? You think, oh my God, I look like a wreck because when you're not that I really am, but you know when you're in lockdown you're in a different mode, you're not getting, getting dressed up to go anywhere, you're just sort of thinking, oh I can be really relaxed and but I have been very creative, I do love doing display merchandising because I did all that when I was in the fashion retail and it's all when we come together now, that was so fantastic that you are going to launch a website and that, that came, that was a good thing that came out of Covid and I find that as horrible as that time was, there have been a lot of really good things to come out of that.

So I'm very thankful and grateful for that and I can't wait to come back around with you when you have the website so that we can, you know uh send people there and help, help you make make it a success. Yes, I'm looking forward to that because everyone said to me for years, you know, go online, go online. But you know, I don't need to, you know, I didn't see everyone face to face, why do I want to go on a computer. Um but here we are and everyone goes online now. So like I say, if you can't beat them, join them, that's right. But this, this has been such a treat. I'm so um I'm just so excited that you said yes that you wanted to come on the show and that we got to connect in real time and this instance summer, of course it's winter for you. But the series has been so much greater than I thought it in my mind. It was like, oh my gosh, how is that going to be able to be talking to people I've never talked to before and yet it has been guest after guest after guest.

It has blown me away with the connection that we've already established. We're just bringing it another layer, Another dimension to the connection we already have and it's been a fantastic, wonderful adventure and I'm glad I said yes to myself because I could have talked myself out of that you know like well you can't do that. You know the self talk of doubt and all that's like no. Yeah I can't I'm doing it. Yeah. That's fantastic. I love it And I moderate and I've listened to so many of your podcasts and there's so inspiring and you talk to all sorts of people in different walks of life and I just love people and I love listening to their stories. I find people fascinating and if I do meet people I remember everything about them. You know they're star sign what they wore, what they said. Sometimes it freaks people out but have incredibly good memory which really helps when you're in sales. Yes everyone wants to be remembered and that's why I called it.

Remember me accessories. Yeah. I would love to be remembered. And we also love to remember what we wore or how we felt on that day, how we look. I mean it's not just not just a superficial I'm talking about how you feel inside and within yourself because I dress and love dressing up that I make sure I always feel comfortable so you can still look fantastic but you don't have to be in pain. Oh, absolutely. I I I'm working on that. I don't wear super high shoes anymore. No, me. Yeah, me neither. It's got to be comfortable or forget it cute, comfortable and cute can go together. They absolutely can. It was so funny. I was looking, I found this because you know, there's so much time on your hands. I found this folder in it when I had my boutique. I used to ride a in the for the local paper had fashioned by Liz and a little picture of me. And then I talk about fashion and I had a little lamb because it says something about shoes are saying now if you're going out wearing shoes, it's a good idea to have them on.

I mean still, but it's obvious, you know when you go out you do wear shoes, but I wrote about your shoes and make sure you wear comfortable shoes way back then. I must have been into it and saying, you know, because you don't want your poor feet to feel the consequences of wearing high shoes for a long period of time. Exactly, it's not worth it. It's not. And I think a lot of women have to go through that to come out the other side to say, you know what, it's not worth it. I don't care. I gave them up when I had my Children. Oh yeah, you can't run out wearing high shoes and then breaking your neck with your baby in your arms. It wouldn't go down. No, that would not go down well at all. We'll say I am celebrating with you, congratulating in for your 25 years has been in the jewelry business and all of the wisdom and fun that you bring to your instagram posts. And I'm so happy that we connected. I thank you for this time. And a big shout out and thank you too stiff on for helping us launch and get this conversation going.

So, it's you know what? That's great. Yeah. Give him a big thank you and a hug from me and and one last thank you, Liz you. As I said in the intro, you are so kind and so generous and so very consistent with your encouraging words. I I'm very grateful for that because you don't necessarily have that or get that, I don't want to say from everyone, because obviously everyone can't be that way. But you know, it's not like we were friends before and now of course, I'm expecting you to be encouraging. No, no, no, that's not it. We connected through instagram and now we are encouraging one another in our in our different paths. And I think it's wonderful. And thank you also for being an avid listener of unabashed, should you, so that, you know, women can be who they are without apology.

And then now we've got men listening to, but just be who you are, don't you don't be who you are. That's it, that's it, that's it. That's it. Bu bu bu thank you, Liz, my dear, I'm so grateful. And we will be in touch very soon and see you on instagram. Fantastic. All right, thank you. Bye to buy I yeah, one of my favorite takeaways from our time together is the wisdom of never be afraid to ask. The worst thing to happen is you will get a no. And if you do dust yourself off and carry on, you will survive. You may even thrive. Justus Liz almost every opportunity she has had has come from putting herself out there and I love that she has taught that same life principle to her daughter's like Liz, let's not be afraid of Now. The unabashedly website has a guest page of photos, quotes in a blog with embedded audio at unabashedly you dot com you can find the show and other podcast platforms.

Want to lend your support and encouragement. We invite you to subscribe, follow, rate, review and share. Still waiting on west Virginia and Rhode island to discover us. Our social media accounts are instagram and facebook unabashedly. You if you want to connect the email is unabashedly you at gmail dot com for questions, comments, etcetera. If you want to be on our weekly email list highlighting that week's episode, give me a shout, I'd be happy to add you and we will not share your information. We build upon website visits, social media, Word of mouth to share these episodes. We are grateful for growth. Knowing these episodes and conversations help you think celebrate who you are and move you in some way, so continue to listen, read and be inspired. Our blessing harness the power of today, sees the blessings of today. Make something happen, enhance your life, make someone laugh, help a friend, love, love, love that is by steve Marie, bully and amen to that.

So go on, go! Love. Being a bash should be you.

Never be Afraid to Ask and Other Gems - Episode 75
Never be Afraid to Ask and Other Gems - Episode 75
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