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Be Your Authentic Self - Episode 79

October 5th 2021

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welcome to unabashed you conversations to become who you already are, Rachelle here to listen and courage and to share another episode. The focus at UI is to be who you are without apology as you are one of a kind without equal these conversations will help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way. So listen, read and be inspired. This is the Mahalo Maui series. Mahalo means thank you. I wanted to invite a few people I connected with while there. Yes, we were on vacation for two weeks which we've never done before and we feel blessed for having had the opportunity. One night we were out in the bartender sai shout out to him at louis lounge, told us to come back the next night because there would be a live music with Carlos Santana's nephew brian on his advice. We did and we were not disappointed. Oh and that voice.

So this is our conversation. Me and brian listen to all the wisdom. This 28 year old has I heard brian play music recently when we were in Maui on a vacation. His voice is pure tender and rich. Okay, I'm not a musician so not sure if those are musical words to describe his unique sound, but there are the words that come to mind. When I think of his music, I asked him to come on the show and to my delight he said yes, welcome brian, thank you for having me. Oh my gosh, I was really excited when you said yes, is there anything you want the listeners to know about you? Just to kind of get us started. Uh you know, I'm all about just being your authentic self and I put that out there. Yes, that is one of my favorite words yourself. Yes, authentic. Love it, Be yourself. Yes. All right. So what three words would you use to describe yourself?

They were able to use to describe myself uh light And like love and happiness. Uh three Okay, light Love and Happiness meet light meaning you don't get let's see, like down like yeah, as in like, you know, there's a lot of like we all have like we all have our backside, arco side or dark side and our light side, right? And people, you know, think that, oh, because I have negative thoughts about us like that. It's the end all be all and no, you know, we all have that and we just have to choose, we have to choose which path to go on right now. And there's an old saying from, from a cartoon I used to, I still watch each other's day and the guy goes, you know, it's um, it's easy, it's easier to say, hey, but it's stronger to love, oh gosh snap, snap or whatever we did whatever we do these days to say, that was very wise and profound.

That is, it is easy to hate, isn't it? And it is harder to love, but isn't that love them stronger. To love stronger to love. Okay, and then that also in my mind um there's more pay off in the things that are the strength of love or the sacrifice of love or what have you. That that might not be the easier road, but it's the better road, right? Right. Well you know what's funny is that it's funny you mention that because like I my last encounter with like not wanting not being patient, but having to be faces or patient or else I wasn't going to get the reward last last december. I was on this project um because I'm like I'm trying to take my business to the next level of music and trying to you know make room so I can continue to record and produce and you know that all that requires money, you know that requires, you know requires taking care of your credit and requires all that stuff. So I for the longest time had a very bad credit.

Oh I got a friend of mine got me into credit and how to repair it and take care of it and And I wanted to start working on that stuff and I wanted the results to be like within like 23 weeks or a month and no it just it doesn't it doesn't work that way and by the end of the month and then me not getting what I wanted yet, I was disappointed because I was because I was like started I wanted to get the funds now so I can start working on this stuff now and you know what? But I was forced to like wait and ask but put in the work and it's like one of those slow journeys but like it's like, you know, we we overestimate what we can accomplish in a month to a year and we underestimate what we can achieve within like 2, 3, 4 years, you know, Oh my gosh, you are just full of wisdom today. I mean or any day, I mean this is the first time we've actually talking in real life.

But my goodness, just all these wonderful nuggets from you. I'm just I'm loving it. So, I've been following the work from my friend and the some of the people that teach about credit and all that stuff and I've been putting in the work and within like six months I was already doing some making some a lot of good progress and I was like, wow, I was like a moment. You need to figure you'd have a better relationship with time. Yeah, that's good. A better relationship with time? Oh my gosh, that is a good one. I love that. All right, So three great words to describe you. So, two truths and a lie. Have you, are you familiar with this concept? I honestly, I've never heard of it. And so you okay, so you're you're saying three things about yourself, two of them are true and one is and you can put the lie in wherever you want and then I I it's just kind of a fun little ice cream here and then you know we go from there. All right, well let's see number one, I my I have an uncle, a famous uncle. His name is Carlos Santana.

Okay. And then the second one is I was born in Mexico. Okay. And the 3rd 1 is I met my my artists idol. Usher. Oh okay. Your uncle is Carlos Santana. You were born in Mexico and you met Usher. Okay, well I do happen to know that Carlos Santana is your uncle. So we know that that's true, we know that that's true because cy the bartender louis lounge where you were playing, he was singing your praises and telling us we had to come back the next night which we did on his advice, We came back the next night specifically to hear you play? So shout out to side. So I know that one's true. Okay, Yes, Mexico. Okay, I'm gonna put that one aside for a second and I think you met Usher. So I'm gonna say he weren't born in Mexico. I'm gonna say that's the lie, wow, look at you, you got it.

Okay, where were you born? I was born in Los Angeles, O. L. A. O. K. L. A. Wonderful. Okay, now we've got to hear the story about how you met Usher. See, well, so usher I recently met him in august okay. And so that was like that he's the reason why I started singing, you know, are you serious? Yeah, like, Like my uncle Carlos, he's the reason why I started playing guitar and I wanted to get like super into it and I want to be, I want to become a musician. I was like, I was like 10, 11 and I started singing, I started singing like around 17. Mhm. But like, all the stuff that I listened to like from Usher, I'd be like, I don't want to seem like that guy, Like he sounds so awesome. Like everything to me that he does is like perfect. Like no one can touch his voice. So I was like, that's what I want to be like him. And so finally, like after years of, you know, working on my own stuff and everything, I always wanted to go to a concert of his and meet him and everything, but I just never really tried to make it happen because I didn't mean financially, I didn't think I could do it yet.

So don't try. And so finally, last year, during the pandemic, I heard that it was going to be in Vegas, um he was gonna be in Vegas for for for residency as a future. So he was there for like 23 weeks and I was like, I'm going to that concert, I'm going to that concert. And I'm going to meet them. Not only am I going to go see it because I'm gonna meet them. So they had like the whole V. I. P. Thing where you like, you can actually meet and greet them and all that stuff. And at the time when I said I was going to go see him in concert and medium, I was like, I don't know how to do it because we're all just stopped and I have no source of income right now. I was like, I don't know how I'm gonna do but I'm gonna go. And so it's funny because like within like two months of the concert coming or three months I was in May Mayor june, I bought my ticket in june, I still didn't know how I was going to pay for it until until june came but I did it and so violent I was able to pay for everything.

And I got myself over there. I took my mom with me, she was in California. So I picked her up and it's funny because I did like, I do like the whole experience. I bought myself a sport. I got myself a sports car for the trip for the trip. Got my, got my mom in there, we drove up to Vegas fun. I went to, I got to do the, it was like a two hour V. I. P. Section where you got to hang out with Usher and you got, they were doing like a show, like all the things that like kind of inspired usher to like create the music that he's created so far, wow. And you know, I got to like come up to him and say, hey, you know, it's good to meet you, you know, you're, it's an honor to meet you whatever. And so and so that was really cool. It's one little thing that I probably, I didn't get out of that one was like, I didn't get enough time with him because I was so distracted by the show that they were putting on the V. I. P. Section and he was hanging out with us. But I was like just an odd like everything in life.

But yeah, no, it was it was amazing. Honestly, I because everything that I that I that I that I imagined it would be like um like meeting him and like watching a show because like I've been so involved in his music and his performances that like, you know, I know what he does after a show. I just never been been to it like face to face. Right. Right, so it was really cool to be like put that in front of me, wow. And did you get to meet him again? Did you said in august or No, that was that wasn't that was told that OK, the concert ticket in june got it august, oh my gosh, I love that you you had, you know, he inspired you tremendously, obviously great influence on you in terms of his voice and then of course your, your uncle with a guitar playing and then you just said I'm going to do it. I'm going to do it. I don't know how I'm going to do it, but I am going to do it and you, you made it happen because it was that important to you.

Right? Well, you know, it's funny as a um at a certain point in the journey between when I start, when I, when the moment I said I'm going to go to, when it finally happened that I said that I was that I was going to go I with Iran mayor june I was like, I want to, I want to do this. I'm not going to force it. So I'm not so if it's not going to happen, I just, I'm not ready for it then okay. If it's not going to happen is because I'm not ready for it. But like God or the universe or whatever it is that people believe that I believe in God. Yeah, if if God wants me to do it, he's going to show me the means to do it. But I just got to continue to put my energy there, continue to put my, my, my, my, my attention towards it and he put the means in front of me. So I'm like taking me these means that I'm going to that car, that is so great. Oh my gosh! So just quick follow up. What has meeting usher done in terms of your your music?

I mean, did you come back? Just like, oh my gosh, I gotta start writing. I gotta start playing. I just like, want to do it all right now. Yeah. Well, you know what's funny is that so um prior to like going to this concert and I want to say like, the last year, my my thoughts have shifted a little bit um when I move, uh this is I'm gonna take you back to when I moved here to molly okay. Um when I moved here to Maui, I wasn't trying to stay actually, I was here for like a couple of months to give something that had nothing to do with music actually. Okay. But I didn't want to do some gigs out here. And I just, it dawned to me that, oh, if I'm in Maui, I can meet people that are in the right places to get me to the next level music, right? And so I did that. And then, but, and then I was like, I met someone that told me, hey, you can make a living and music over here and then you can, you know, it would be good. And I was like, no way. So, I thought about it.

I was like, okay, I'm gonna try. If it doesn't work out, I'll go back to Mexico and you know, long story short it worked out, I'm I'm still here but in that, in the time that I've been here, I got a little comfortable just, you know, performing and and just pay my bills and I was starting to focus a little more like just on the finances, just for the sake of making money and taking my financial well being to another place. Um and so I was leaning back a little bit on the, on the wanting to do bigger things and like get people's attention in that way, you know, right? But you know, going to his concert, it kinda it revitalized that kid, you know, my kid the kid that I was 10 years ago and I was like, I want to be a rock star, I want to be a superstar, I want to do all these things. And so I was like, you know what, I can't let that go, I can't I can't really put it in the background like I have to try Yeah.

And if it doesn't work out whatever. But like at least I tried. So my, you know, one of my biggest goals and music is to become a producer, mm you know, I want to be a producer. So I like to me that makes me feel like a full artist, right? Well, you know, I'm able to sing my music, I'm able to write it and I'm able to produce it um Because like I don't know it just like it doesn't feel like I've done music before where like I wrote the lyrics but the music was not even mine, I just kind of was like looking for it and and like you know you consider that collaborating but it just when I did it back then I just didn't feel like oh this is me, this is brian this is like the kind of music that I want to be, you know making just gonna feel that way. So no, I love the idea of producing because then it's um you know sometimes control gets a bad name, I mean and certainly you can take control too far but to have creative control of your your content and what you're putting together I think makes perfect sense.

And is the smart wise way to go well. And I've noticed that like a lot of musicians, they don't know what they want to make and so when we come together it's kind of like we're juggling and we're kind of just like, oh let's see what we make and I'm like yeah no I mean it's fun to do that but like there should like there has to be for me a sense of direction, you want to do more and you want to do it intentionally. I love intention. You know like I it's funny because like there's a certain that there's a certain point to me that loves intensive and then after that I kind of like I like the releasing it, like releasing it uh like not knowing what's going to happen in some way, you know? And that's where like I guess I have a hard time too because I do have I do need to have a little bit a bigger level of, you know, mastering like predicting, hey, what am I going to do for the next six months a year?

What about projects for the next couple of years? Like I been pretty bad at that. And and and it's funny because like I relate that to this guy that I was starting a long time ago and he called, he has this thing that everybody has this thing called pace, it's P. A. S. E. And we all have the P. We all have the area of the S. P. L. E. And he says, you know, P is for practical, Okay, practical people, they they, you know, they do all that, they make sure that everything is written down, they know exactly what's gonna happen when it's gonna happen this time it's gonna happen. You know, they do all the numbers right? Is that the problem with people that are that are practical and they're like, they make sure they try to make sure everything is perfect before they start, is that a lot of times they don't tend to start because they want to make sure everything's perfect, right? So then you got e which is emotional, you know most of the people that you know they're very they can be very passionate and everything but also like if they don't feel like doing it they won't do it.

And then you got you got the like the the s was just like you know they they say that um um this is for more more for like action people. Okay so like they just want to do do do do do do do that's where I come it because like I'm like a do do do do do but the problem with people that are that are action oriented, we tend to be a little more um on the if something comes along we'll drop what we're doing and we'll go try the other thing and so we never finished anything because you know because because we're always on the awe of like oh let me go try that now instead of finishing what I did here and now then then moving on to the next one. Okay so A was for action. Yes it's for action and what's so we've got s so p is practical interaction S. Is for social and e. Is for emotional os is for social.

So that s so the S would be like so I think like the people they love to like socialize with people they interact with people amazingly. So that gives them a really good edge of like, you know, putting themselves out there, but when it comes to like doing the actual action stuff is like they're like, they don't do it, that they're more about like the interaction with the person, but they're not doing like the, you know, where that's when the time comes in and you have to like, you know, take notes and learn a skill or ability, right? So in this model is the idea to have balance between, have balance between be able to, you know, take advantage if you're an action person, it doesn't mean that it doesn't mean that the other three that you have are bad if you don't have them at a good level, it just means you have to work on them and so on. And so I've been working on the, on the practical side of me a little bit a little more and more. But so that's where like the production part of me, you know, taking my music to like knowing like what kind of album I gonna am I gonna make, you know what song or what tempo songs and I do, I want to create.

And that's if you're like, if you're in the business, you know, if you want to become like a like an actual artist in the business, you know, like my uncle Carlos, like if you read if you've read his, his last book that he, that he wrote um came out like two years ago, I think it's all about him, it's not about the band, right? And there, he was so obsessed with music. And he wanted to, he wanted to be like, the greatest he could be, He wants, you know, he loved producing. Like, so he would learn the parts of each instrument with his guitar. Oh, wow. And you just did it because he wanted to just say it was in him. And but at a certain point after like, he was, he had the band and in the beginning it was like, it was like a group thing where everybody was putting, but at a certain point, you know, a lot of resistance, they, it was, I think it's like this in every kind of business they didn't like, sometimes I didn't feel like doing it. Or sometimes they were too drunk or too high or like whatever, you know?

And he was, you know, he was getting frustrated because like, these guys weren't putting in the work, He's like, I want to do this, I want to make this like, I think, right? And so after a while, you know, yeah, literally the band Santana became Carlos Santana and he was like, no. So he became like a businessman in the music room. And he started looking at, okay, how am I going to, how am I going to take this next level, what musicians do I have to replace when like, all those things, right? The business side of it to keep it. And that's that that control that you're saying that sometimes we put a negative connotation with it, but like there's a started as a fine light. It's important. It is absolutely, you know, yeah, you're right. And there's a line, there's a line. So you've probably been inspired and learned a lot by your uncle and sort of watching the trajectory of his career and then his passion and then also the hard work he's put in this is not something that was handed to him. This is something he worked very hard for well, particularly after like even after listening to his, because I don't even know about this.

Um you know, to me it's just like most people think, oh, you met the right producer, you met the right engineer or whatever. Those people put you in the places to make it and know he was so intentional about everything that he did. You know, he put himself in the position to make it happen. So it's like, you know, as you know, he created, you know, right? He created this this this journey and in front of him and like, I know that like, again it could be called manipulation, but like, you know, it's like he put himself in the requisition and knew like what was going to make it happen, right? Exactly. And that's a good thing. That's a very good thing. Okay, so let's talk about your music and where you're at. So I listened to the song that you shared with me. Beautiful. I can't remember the name of it. Can you remind me the name of it? It feels so right, feels so right. Yes. Okay. So is that on an album?

That so that was a single? That's a single right now? Is that going to go on an album? Is that the next the project that you're going to be working on? So when that single came, I dropped two singles right around that time and actually, so I dropped those two singles and then I dropped an album back then. Oh good. I'm gonna look that up. What year was that? I'll send you the smmt. It was 2000 at the end of 2019. Okay, so fairly reads the December 2019 and I released two singles. It feels so right, was one of them and lo siento was another one. Yeah. And then the rest of the album was eight songs. So the whole thing was about 10 songs. Perfect. But they're divided. Which I sort of put them all together than ever. So, I have eight songs of one project and the um the album is called Let me See, I suck at this History all that I am I think um Uh huh.

Yeah, it's called Live Your Life. That's what it's called. Ok, I love that you weren't the title That's so Perfect Live Your Life and I love all that? I am? Those are both great titles or albums. Okay, okay. I will be looking at up like right away. And for anybody listening, is that something obviously we can get through all the normal channels? Itunes, Apple music, Spotify now. Okay. I accidentally, we, we already went through this via instagram. There is another brian Santana that does music. So what the heck. I mean, how do we have to parse out you versus him? I actually need to, I need to work on that. I needed because I already, I actually went to um like Spotify and I told them um to separate myself from that person. Yes. Um but for some reason there's like two songs that they still have that are connected to my name.

So like when you look me up, like you might find one or two of the songs of this person, okay. They haven't really released anything in a long time and like, okay, and you don't know this person is not a distant relative. Okay. And what was so weird was when I heard that his music, I was like, oh no, the voice just didn't sound right, but I went with it because I thought how many brian Santana's can be music industry. And then when you said, oops, that's not actually me, Oh hey, on my face, I'm so sorry. And then you know the proper song and I was like, yes, that's The voice. How did I not pick that up. How did I not pick that up? That is, that is funny, but it makes for a good story. Makes for a good story. Okay, so you got to Maui for something else, But then you discovered that you can actually make a living doing music there.

Yeah. So then you are, you're doing covers because that's typically, you know, in lounges, what a tourist want to hear or whatever. That's what they think. Anyway. Okay, so meanwhile, then you're also working on your stuff. Yes, so good. So basically, um like I said, I moved, I moved here four years ago. I was, I was here to do a construction kind of thing job for an uncle of mine. I said to her uncle uncle. Um so yeah, I got the opportunity to be out here and everything Because like lining up for me to stay. So I ended up staying and I ended up working on with that. I've been, I've been working on my original stuff since like 2014. Excellent. Like really Dedicated. Yeah, so like, so 2014. Um that's, that's what I was telling you about how like that first album that I did. Yeah, you'll find me, you'll find me with another name actually what um this is like the young brian younger brian kid brian um back then it was B J.

Santana. Okay, okay, because is your middle name john or James Jonathan? Okay, got it. Okay. All right, so back then, all I did was write lyrics and back then my a friend of mine, he was like really involved in trying to become an artist himself in L. A. And he started like, you know, throw, you know, he started like putting me in the direction of like, hey you should like write lyrics to these beats And it was hesitant because like I said, I didn't just didn't feel as proud of right of working on that because I didn't feel like 100% mind like right? But I did it because that's what I want to start. And so I said I did record a whole album of original stuff produced, produced by like other other musicians and put it out there and that and that was that I left it there and I didn't really try to do anything else for a few years. And then when I came out here after being here for two years, a friend of mine convinced me to do another album.

And so I started working on my originals then. But now I was a little further ahead on my on my music knowledge when it comes to like producing. And so I went and I did I did part of the music. So I took some samples of like drum beats, like a drum for the kick and all that stuff and I would just put the guitar and the bass, the keys, all that I would do and I did that and that's the album, you know, you know, live your life right? And I put those originals and together. And now today I last year during the pandemic, I wrote like 40 songs, Oh my God, I really like 40 songs last year during the pandemic. And Before that I want to say like I wrote like another, 10 Wow. I was just like, okay, I want to do these songs, but I want to do them. I want to create the beat. But it's like, it's, you know, to me it's intimidating to be able to like do drums and all that stuff and so like slowly, slowly, like a snail slow, like turtle slow, like not, they cannot happen then.

So finally like I start getting enough guts to like, okay, I want to do this. So I want to do this. So finally I started making the beats for the songs and like I actually, as we're talking right now, I'm about to finish One of the songs from 40 lift song that I have, I'm about to finish the first one and I'm super excited because like this one is literally beginning to end, oh that is great. But you know, if you, if you like turn around and look behind you can see that you've had these wonderful stepping stones that led you to right now, which you were talking about earlier, being patient with time, and so now you're now you're really um sort of in a, in a place, experience wise to be able to do the things you want to do, which is really to do it all totally. I mean, honestly, it's funny because, like, you know, I'm I'm the example of like, you know, doing it, not working out, trying to do it again, not work it out, do it, not working out, but, you know, like, you know, again, God, the universe, whatever it is, wanted me to do music because I mean from the beginning, even when I started playing music, I've had, I had a week, I have a weakness, I've had a weakness before now, it's like way more evened out than it was back then.

But I was, I was really bad at tempo and I was really bad at timing. Um so it was really hard for me to play with other musicians and you'd never know that now, that could have ended me back then. Like, that could have been like, oh, well, since I can't do that, then, I can't be a musician, you know? Which is, it could be a, you know, you can justify that, that could really stop you from being a musician. I love that, you didn't, I love that. He said, well that's too bad. I'm not just going to try, but I'm going to figure it out. I just kept on trying, you know and I have this saying with everybody, look I'm not the most talented person in the world, I'm not the fastest person in the world like but what I have over everybody else or is that I just don't stop. That's right, I just keep on trying and trying and trying and trying unfortunately uh since I started, since I started performing, I was able to do it on my own. So people accepted me like that, just playing on my own and little by little started getting better at the temple part and being able to work with other musicians And you know, I look back today and a lot of my recordings from when I was, when I started working, I started working in music when I was 22-28 right now.

Okay. And I started making money back then. That was the first two years I was in Mexico and I was playing in Mexico was playing in baja and baja, I was playing in SAn Diego, I was playing in L. A. And I was like just juggling between that and I was barely getting my feet wet. Okay. And and I look back today, a lot of the stuff that I did back and I'm like wow, that's pretty bad. I don't know how people are listening to me like that's crazy that people are listening back because I'm way better now, you know and way better than I was back then and I'm like like people are so nice because I was not that good and they and they wanted to hear me, they wanted to see me play uh they they made me they made me feel better than I actually was. But That's wonderful. Really? Because don't we all have to keep doing the thing to get better at the thing, whatever that is, and like you said, you can't wait until you're 100% ready. That's not how it works. Especially especially people that are like me that like that we're not that they're not that fast, you know?

It takes it takes a it takes a lot and I'm catching up on a lot of other things and I think I'll be able to I think it will be able to accomplish you know, a lot more things in the future, so Right, well, I'm excited about the next album because you've got 40 plus the 10, you've got 50 songs, you've got a few albums there at least. So that will be wonderful when that comes out. OK. I want to end on kind of a fun question, which is are you watching ted lasso goodness, I haven't seen that. That's alright. That's okay. Um That's fine because my follow up question was, is there something else you're watching or binging right now. So I've been there's actually a show that I've binged watched um for like 10 years now, I want to say, what is it? Like? I've seen it over and over again and this is my, you know, it, you know, this is like when people are watching Friends, this is what I'm probably watching. And there's a show called Entourage. I don't know if you yes, I I am familiar with jeremy Piven and I know a few of the people in it, but okay, so you re watch it, that's how much you like.

Yeah. You know, it's funny because like, it's a story about a guy that, you know, he wants to be, he's a he wants to be a superstar. You know, he wants to be an actor and he liked, and he gets to he actually does well in his career and he gets to enjoy all the things that an artist usually does. So I'm like fascinated by looking and I'm like, wow. So that's, you know, some of the stuff I probably, it's not, it can't be 100% realistic, but you know, but still don't like. And so I really enjoyed watching that show and it kind of makes me like, feel a little like connected and sale I should try to continue to do what I'm doing. Yes, I want to experience that stuff. Yes, absolutely, absolutely not not to even begin to mention, okay, you've got the driver, you've got the passion, you've been working on the skills and getting to the point of being able to produce. I'm gonna tell the listeners you have a beautiful voice and you know, a person can take musical training and learn how to sing.

But that quality that you have your voice is a gift. It's not something that can be trained into a voice. Right? Right. Like the actual, like the actual settle down in the actual yes. And I didn't know what to call that music. That's a God given. Yes. And, and, and that makes for me that makes you unique and stand out. Like, you know, I went to a play last night. Yeah, there were a lot of music, a lot of, you know, really good voices all trained exceptionally well. But there were two out of the, you know, quite a few that like just, oh my gosh, they stood out. They stood out. And that is, that's what I'm saying about you. You stand out. You stand out. I love it. Okay, well I can't wait to put this together. And um, what a pleasure. It's been to speak with you. I want, I am team brian Santana all the way.

The real brian Santana. Not, not the, the other guy, this guy, not that other guy. We don't wish him any harm, but you're the real deal. Yeah. So just let let me know how I can help and be of support. I'll get all your info out there and make sure that, yeah, people can be listening to, to you and I'm so glad we got to connect brian, thank you so much for this time. What a pleasure it's been. Mm hmm. As I record this, I'm still swimming in the positivity and inside brian has. And did I mention he sparkles when he smiles, he understands what it takes to keep creating to do the work and to learn all of the aspects to be the successful musician, songwriter producer, he will be and I say will because I have no doubt it will happen. It is happening. There are direct links to brian's info in the episode notes.

Please find him there. The unabashedly website has a page for each guest of photos, quotes in a blog with embedded audio at unabashedly dot com. You can find the show and other podcast platforms. Want to lend your support encouragement. We invite you to subscribe, follow, rate, review and share on instagram and facebook. You can find a center unabashedly. You if you want to connect the email us and about you at gmail dot com for questions, comments etcetera. And if you want to be on our weekly email list highlighting that week's episode, give me a shout. I'd be happy to add you and your info will not be shared. We rely upon website, visit social media and word of mouth to share these episodes were grateful for growth. Knowing these conversations help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way So continue to listen. read and be inspired. And now our blessing may you delight in music, taking in all she has to offer. May it fill your heart as it touches you and move your body with knowing its steps all while it soothes your soul.

Amen go beyond a passion for me. Yeah, yeah.

Be Your Authentic Self - Episode 79
Be Your Authentic Self - Episode 79
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