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Our Job is to Stay Planted - Episode 80

October 12th 2021
Next up in our Mahalo Maui series is a young woman who is a friend of a friend. Maria Hilman. She had a little nudge long ago that became a dream coming true. Her faith guides who she is and how s... More
Welcome to unabashed you conversations to become who you already are, Rachelle here to listen and courage and to share another episode. The focus at UI is to be who you are without apology as you are one of a kind without equal. These conversations will help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way. So listen, read and be inspired. Let's thank the countries who have been listening to recent episodes, the US Australia, Nigeria spain, the UK, Canada Germany, congo, Denmark, India Netherlands, Bulgaria France and the Philippines, wow, grateful you bet, keep listening, reading and being inspired by these conversations and if any of you would like to come on the show, give me a holler, we can make that happen. Why not? Next up in our Mahalo Maui series as a young woman who was a friend of a friend, Maria Hellman, she had a little nudge long ago that became a dream come true.

Her faith guides who she is and how she moves forward. Maria has a grateful heart and a song in her voice, check it out. It's a gift. While in Hawaii, I asked my friend Emily who lives there to come on the show, She said she had a better idea in mind her friend Maria Hillman who graciously said, yes, this is what I know about Maria, She sings beautifully. I youtubed her wow, we'll get more into that in a bit. If she and Emily are friends, that means she's creative kind, fun and deep, right off the bat, Let's get to know her welcome Maria, Good morning! Hello, good afternoon. Yes, yes, it's, I think it's morning for you. An afternoon for me. Wonderful. Well you know, we both have a great affection for Emily. So I love that she connected us. What did you? I'm sorry miss that. You do too. Yes, we love you Emily.

Yes, we love you All right. Is there anything you want the listeners to note before we sort of dive in before we start? Oh, that's a broad question. Um, you don't have to say I'm excited to be here and I hope these next 30 minutes can just be a um, just a moment of encouragement for you. Yes. And I love encourage that that word encouragement because I've always, I think naturally wanted to do that for other people. So that is, that word really, you know hits me in a really great place. Alright. Three words to describe yourself. Yes. So I had to like these down and think long and hard about it because I'm like three words. Only three words Yes I can. If I can sum it up in three words, I would say authentic. I would say deep and then I would say very outgoing. Yeah, those are great, authentic. Deep outgoing and I use the word deep in my discussions that I was like, well I was into newer into weeks.

Yes, authentic. Uh, it's clear you you are authentic authentic. Deep and outgoing and yes, then that circles right back to Emily because if you know Emily she's very outgoing and her friends are outgoing. So give me a new situation and new environment, a new person. I'm like so excited. I love that. Okay. Two Truths and a Lie. Are you familiar with this? Okay great. Not, I've played it before and oh man it's just it's a good thing I guess when it's very difficult to find a live think of a lie. You know I mean I hope that that's to say that's maybe a good thing, but I've got one here for you guys. So let's see. So um I've been to over 14 countries doing mission work. Um I've always wanted a puppy and um I played college soccer for four years.

14 countries doing missions work. Always wanted a puppy and um played college soccer for four years. One of those. Why? Okay. Um I'm gonna go. I think you probably always wanted a puppy. Although that's a question for me. Don't say anything yet because I feel like if you wanted one, why haven't you got one yet? So we'll put that one aside. You probably played soccer. I mean why not? So I'm gonna I'm drawn to the country one and here's the reason why because you used a number. So to me it could be, well she went to 13 or 15 or 12 or whatever so I'm going with that one is the lie. Oh so that one actually is true. Oh my God, I'm going to be very specific? So that Was good girl that threw me off. We also 14 countries for missions work. Yes. Yes. It's my life since a young age as a young girl, my mom started doing that and you know, exposing me just to what else was out there.

And so that is a huge part of my upbringing. Having traveled a lot and having it be with the purpose of just serving emissions. So I'm really um Very moved by that, that your mom started that and that you've continued it because you're clearly a young woman. So the idea that you've been to 14 countries already serving is extraordinary, truly extraordinary. Yeah, it's all thanks and just boy to God for that because it's been a remarkable experiences and all of those that he would use someone like myself or you know, any of us to just be a messenger of his love and his hope on with his grace. So absolutely. Okay, I'm going to take another stab. I'm just going to go down the list. So you're not always wanted a puppy. I've always wanted a puppy. Never had a dog in my life. I've never had one. And if you know me, like if I see a dog on the street, I'm like, oh, like I'm talking to it. Like it's, you know, just as important as the person walking and I'm like so excited at any little puppy.

Any dog. Okay, so why haven't you gotten a dog or a puppy? I think, I think just being raised just by my mom and I think for her, I was clearly probably enough energy for her. And it just was not something that I just ever that ever happened. And you know, it was never like a well that I get I get that because your mom was busy being a single mom, it sounds like totally understand that. But what about now? I mean, what about now? That's a great question. So we've been, I mean, a little bit of my story here, we're here in Maui, we've been here for almost 10 years and so we rent where we live and you know, that's a huge part. You have landlords that are like, oh, all day dogs are fine and then actually hear the renting um just community and it's very frowned upon to have a dog if you're looking for a place because they're just very No, no. And I understand because there's been some kind of stories, you know, now we have two boys and they're asking for the dog.

And so we are definitely reaching that threshold of like, okay, something's might need to change because um this is clearly a joy that we're all missing, right? Our lives for any of you that have dogs. I'm sure you would agree. Right, Well, yes, we have a puppy ish. She's getting close. Well, she's actually 10 months today. Oh my gosh! Right, so she's yeah, she's um she's going to be big and yeah, the puppy thing is really, I think if, if a person likes dogs, they really should get a puppy at one point in their life and I just have that whole puppy experience, right, We just we just did the kids first, so hopefully that's waking up in the night again with the puppy. That's going to be a breeze. You're right, it's going to be a breeze after having two kids. Oh my gosh, so yeah, and then with soccer, I for a year, because wait, you close on that one way. I went to Bethel university in ST paul Minnesota, and that's where I was born and raised, Oh my gosh, we have family in Minnesota, that's what it is, a great place in that state, will always be home, will always be a special place in my heart.

So, um but then after the first year, I went back into missions and kind of, that re entry into the mission organization that I was a part of growing up doing most trips with has been a huge part of my life and what actually landed us here in Maui, so it was a big change, I didn't know that was going to happen, I thought this was my road like sports and college and God definitely made it clear that he had bigger plans and not that those were any least, but I think I was just definitely write some other things that weren't probably as important and right, you thought you knew where the path was and he said, oh no, not so much, we're going to steer you, we got a left turn, right turn, however you want to think of it, good, I want to get more into that in a minute now. Have you seen Ted Lasso? Have you seen this show? Yes, Yeah. Wonderful. Okay, your favorite character?

Okay, well of the few episodes I watched, my husband loves the show and there's been moments of like I can't hang anymore but of the few that I have seen um one of, I have to, I mean Ted obviously is just, I mean his character is just, wow, whoever wrote this show and for him and then who he is an actor, he is incredible, like it's just that kind of person and I'm like, I hope I bring something of that into wherever I go because it's just contagious, his joy, his way he sees life, but um the person is a very small character, but it's a guy that's like football, his life, like daniel ha's Danny le, but any time he says that I just bust out laughing and it's just a moment of just joy and funny and um and just that relates his passion, I relate yes, in and just something as small as soccer or whatever, but and he brings that everywhere no matter where it is so right, right, he doesn't, but that actor does a very good job, he's so believable that I can't even believe he's an actor, I'm convinced he's Danny ross and that they just kind of scooped him up and said just that you could just keep doing that, keep doing that just when in doubt say football is life.

Exactly, so I just find that show just so many layers and just well and it's so positive and I think that's why I wanted to ask people lately if they've seen it because you know with everything we've gone through as a world, as a world the past year and a half coming up on two years and pretty soon here it's a great shot in the arm of just goodness being positive, you know, being for other people, I mean just the whole thing, it's just a beautiful and I had watched it season one and then my husband is not a big tv movie person, but I said you know, I think you might like this. Oh he just loves it, he just loves it. Yeah, he loves it. So yeah, that's a good one. Okay, so now I want it and so this is actually part of your story is how you got to Maui, so you kind of kind of touched on it just a bit, but tell us how you got to Maui.

Yes, so it is a wild story. Never in my life did I imagine I would live um the majority of it in Hawaii, like never, I'm like I said a midwest girl through and through which the irony I was raised though by a Colombian mother who is just, you know, so he was just incredible, just little mixer of growing up in the midwest, but with a very strong board um latin, american culture and upbringing and so um but yeah, I think it was through the times of just missions and being exposed to that, that just began to pull and tug on my heart and really be a part of the catalyst to so much of the change and growth and transformation I experienced in my faith with God and so, um I knew that I wanted to give my life to this, I knew in some way, shape or form, I wanted to um be just a vessel for God to use and to be um just seeing parts of the world and seeing that there's areas let alone right outside our door, that people are needing hope, people are needing um just someone to come alongside them and share that someone really loves them and just to, to be a practical blessing to be just a messenger of just um just God's message, his gospel and so um with that I tried to go about it my own way and be like college and that was a little bit of that earlier.

Speaking of that with soccer and all those things, but God just really quickly shifted um, my path in um, that coming of that second year and so I went back into where um William is uh called youtube emission, I'm throwing out the, I've heard of that, okay, what more, all over the world, they have basis in every state, almost let alone different countries, many different countries and um, their main hub is in kona hawaii, which is on the big island. Um, there they have what's called university of the Nations and they run many different programs catered to many unique walks of life, whether you're a young kid out of high school, whether your youth, whether you're married, whether you're someone in the workplace like they have so many different programs for people to come and serve and to be just those messengers of the gospel and hope um for wherever you are in your life. And so um that being said, I went to Denver colorado and just started my journey and missions, They're doing my own um schooling, which they provide for your first entry into the, to use of the mission, it's called discipleship training school and it's a six month long program where you get three months of just being poured into, I mean, well a lot of growth, a lot of healing, a lot of just, it's, it's about God and you and then from there being able to um which is so God's mission to, to transform and to go and transform the nation's and make disciples of nations and so from after those three months you go for another three months into a country or place wherever it may be, you here in the United States and you just go and you plant and you serve for those 2.5, 3 months and I'd say, I don't know which part of the journey is more transformative like you and you're trying with the Lord and just growing more to know who God is, but then walking out in that truth and sharing it with other people's lives changed.

So okay, so did you leave college in the sense that you then, because you felt a different direction and then you, is Denver a natural hub, that would be sort of the next step for the three months or was there a selection process? Um No, you can look online really anywhere and look for, you can just type in y wham, um you know Minnesota or what, you know, and it'll pop up the basis that are in different states if you're looking and for some reason I chose colorado. Okay, that's what I was trying to get to. Okay, so for some reason you're okay, you're in ST paul and you're like, well, you know, Denver, you know, a lot of no stooping and all those things like that would be cool, like, it's got to be, you know about what I want. Okay, so I see now how you got there, okay, so from there now three months there and then the next three months, where were you sent off to? And did you have a say in that selection process? Yes, yeah, so in that, when I did that, I went from my outrage to Fiji Vanuatu in Australia, I know some amazing, incredible, um, and let alone, yeah, it was just amazing and transferring, but yeah, and then after that, so what's cool with what I am is once you do, um discipleship training school, which for many is a pivotal point and whether they want to continue serving in ministry or take that and what they learned and go back into college or go back into the workplace wherever they are, um you can also continue to do further training schools that they offer.

So I went, I was studying media communications and so I thought the next thing would be um, you know, the school specifically offered a film and production um school where they use that tool, that method of like artistry and creativity to be a vessel for ultimately the greater purpose and mission of what just got in his love. So, I did that school and um, and then we traveled to Thailand to Burma and he did uh documentary, all on on sex trafficking and just, it was just, wow, like that was, I mean wild experience to say just the very least. Oh my goodness, transformative and just eye opening and yeah from there, it just um actually that is the point in where Maui came on an app, so I'm glad I'm proud of myself. Yes, I want yes, directions but I'm making No, no, but that's how, that's how life goes.

Yes. Yes, exactly. So on this trip when we were in Thailand there was a team there from, so why we're in Maui base and I met some people there and it was just like, I think literally when you say the word Maui it's like wow, you know, you like, you just think like palm trees and coconuts, it's just like wow. And um anyway, so just through friendship and through connection they were like what are you doing? Like you should come out to this base and serve on staff and that was the first time anyone ever had Um shared with me that you cannot just do schools, but you can also apply to become on staff for this ministry live and serve um wherever you want to go and and kind of be planted and there and then eventually lead other teams and take them. And so um that was just like Okay God, I really don't know what's next, so why not? And so I applied and um came out here in 2008 and it's been history since?

Okay. So when you first got there in 2008 what what kind of ministry were you doing there? Yeah so being here we um and I still say we it's so funny because I'm not part of what I want anymore but um there you are pretty much just coming alongside just the base and serving, so here we're having now all these kids come and do the discipleship training schools, like I explained earlier, they're coming and doing different schools that we also offer here here, they also offer a school of biblical foundations which is very much just diving into the word, doing a lot of um studying apologetics and so each base has different schools that they that they offer, so like Denver had like the film and they had very creative arts, this space is very much just um they offer the discipleship training school and then a lot of um study different study schools like school of biblical foundations or they also have one called reformation generation, that's where if you feel called to the universities and to come and just grow and understanding of how to communicate.

Um so yeah I was just serving on staff here and I was just being one of the members here to just come alongside these young, it's coming in like I was once at a different base and um yeah and then it was cool because while being here I was really beginning to discover this passion for music and this question for um for just really I think calling I've always had in my life, I've always enjoyed music my whole life. I was inquired as I was, you know, took lessons in piano and stuff, but um didn't necessarily have a purpose with it and then it was until coming out here and it coming into the form of like, will you serve us in this way and mind you, I was not good, I barely know how to play guitar, but they were like here just we'll give you this time, lead us. And it was just literally jumping into it that my heart came the most alive and I knew that I wanted to do. Um So my life, so it's kind of in history since my husband was here, he was on the leadership team of his face.

Oh that's a funny story in itself, We don't have time for that. But so he was in leadership here. Oh my God, it's a cool story. But the funny thing is he had to accept me to come on staff. Um If ever he gets to to share that side of the story, The Lord is so funny and so good how he works and we just we're really great friends for a long time and then it just grew, Oh that's wonderful, we're celebrating 10 years of marriage this month, Oh my gosh, all glory to God this 10 years. That's wonderful. Congratulations, that's fantastic. Oh my goodness! Okay, so that's how you got to Maui. Okay. And you through that process of being in Maui discovered something that was already kind of in your heart. But then it really, really had the chance to just burst open. Especially because there were no expectations.

Nobody was saying, let's listen to your demo tapes or I guess we don't even have tapes anymore. What do we have? Yeah, digital. You know, here's, here's me, here's what I can do. No, here's a guitar, figure it out. Let's go saying let's do it. Oh my gosh, and so I did tell you that. I thought, you know, Emily our friend mutual friend told me that you sing and I thought, okay, well I'll just I'll just google her and see what I can find and I landed on Youtube and listen to one of your songs. Nobody like jesus, is that the name of it? Yeah. Oh my gosh, Your voice is so beautiful truly. What a gift. Okay, so what what are you doing now with your music? And is it all original or? Yes, thanks for asking that. Yeah, I am. Um now pursuing this whole time this summer, I I recently got signed to a new label again.

All praise to choose us because I mean, I'm way out here in Maui and this labels like in Nashville in Missouri And I mean I started in 2019 releasing original music and that is why I have so many gods stories, but to just try to condense it. God opened the door just literally as someone walking to our community and to our church and um, hearing about me and you know, it was like, hey, like It was just a connection in which, which you realize in so many ways it's he's got connections that he works and that he does, and it can't be forced, it can't be manufactured. It's just when he does it, it's his best, it's the best for us. And so, um, it was just years leading up to 2019 of just knowing this was on my heart that I didn't know how to do this literally out here. There's not a lot of like to go there, all those things. Like it's just very simple life out here. I mean, gorgeous, but it's, you know, it's minimal in some ways. And um, so this kind of pursuit was daunting, but just every step of the way God provided the stone to step on and just to, to lead into the next thing.

And so, um, yeah, here we are now, today, having released another single and um, it's just exciting to see and know that like, can you just trust God with your dreams and even just the callings that you believe he's placed on your life, like he will create the way for it. And um, this summer Yeah, this this this label reached out and was just like, we we believe in you, we here we want you to to join us. And it's um it's just just beyond what I could ever imagine. Then just feel it's got allowing and bringing tools and people to be just that much more of a help and um, just a catalyst to what God is wanting to do. Because it's really not about me, It's through me, but it's unto the purpose of, like, heart and hope that people are encouraged and edified and just truth, your song and what's the name of the new single? Yes. The new single is called Only You and you can Spotify, you can find it on itunes, you can find it really anywhere you stream music and that's original.

This is all original. Yes, yes. All these songs I've written. Oh my gosh. Um it's just something I'm I'm also still growing in, but like, have just found such a love and uh, just respect for, for those that are, like, really good songwriters. It is a wild journey, just discovering how to write, how to express, you know. Um, so, you're doing the lyrics music. I mean, obviously, producers come and help do that. But the vision, there's just me and a little guitar or the voice memo, that's what I have. And then there's amazing people that come alongside and help burst that into an amazing, you know, ending? So, okay, so you're doing it a single out of time, Or are these coming off of an album? Yeah, so, my first release was an ep, Sony PS like mint. Um It means exclusive previews. That's small. Is that what it means? I thought it an extended play. Didn't used to meet extended play. I'm not sure. I, you know, I could very well be wrong.

No, no, no, no. You would know you're okay. So what's the P stand for again? I thought it was exclusive preview, but exclusive preview. Okay, let's go with that exclusive preview. Okay, great shoots. I could be wrong, but you have me doubting. I'm like, oh no, no. What do I know what I don't, This is not my area. Okay, so that was just about five songs that I that was my first kind of just released a Uh music is not as long as a whole album as you'll find 10-14 songs. Um and then after that, I released uh two more singles, three more singles. I'm sorry, three more singles. And um yeah, and then this one, now it's my fourth. And yeah, single is definitely um Today, within just music and artistry people are releasing more singles at a time versus just chunks of album and tons of songs and times, Right? And then those that are releasing big albums. Usually they're a little bit more um further on in their career and have the money as well to do it because it's quite a big expense when you go about it doing it for an album versus a single.

Right? So did Emily tell me that you've just got to Nashville, or am I totally making that up? So you're not? That is true. What we've, wow, we've been many times that has been where kind of the journey recording and um just the community that has begun to grow through that, um, that's where it all is. And so, um, we've been hopping on a lot of planes heading over to Nashville and back and now it doesn't even seem like a long trip, but that's got to be a good eight hour flight. Yeah, it's not, if not, then you do two planes, 16 hour, 1, 3.5 hour. Yeah, you're there. And so, um, yeah, I'm actually going this coming week to uh, you know, track into just connect and just uh to say Nashville's calling is an understatement. But we're here Lord and Lord knows what's going to happen. And right, so we'll do you have an agent at this point to kind of help you navigate these waters? Yeah, there's a team of individuals that are part of this, this label.

Um and they offer the management side and just kind of the and our side of connecting or just thinking where you'd be a good fit and um, so yeah, who knows what can come of this, but I've already gotten a glimpse into what it's like when you do have now a team of people that are literally your advocates supporting you, helping you make the best decisions for your, for your music and for the outcome that you have vision for. Um, it's incredible. And so I can only say that, yeah, Sky's the limit and God knows what direction. That's right. So do you regularly perform at church? Are you the worship pastor, so to speak. My husband actually is the worship pastor, it was kind of a two for one deal. That's how both of us um, just even came together in our relationship and it's such a huge part of our journey and so we have led for years just within different communities and churches, um, events or whatever, it may be a lot through the um, community and then I'm locally here in Maui and so yeah, he's the worship pastor, but then I'm um, also one of the worship leaders and um, so, uh, it's a joy to serve in an honor to serve.

And um, yeah, that's, that's really the, I call it the bread and butter of just um, what we do and what are what my passion is, you know, and just excites me. And so yeah, so do you picture at all moving to Nashville or continuing the back and forth, or is that not, Is that not a good question for now? I will not shy away. Um and I'll be honest. Of course, yes, we do and it's it's really um something we have already seen before as a matter of just got, you know, the best time, you know, the best way. Um You've never really like made a big move before as a family. Um It was really just my husband and I that came, you know, that we're here now here and you know, and that was it. And then so from here we've raised our boys and so it's, you know, in their young still, but it's definitely a daunting thought, but also an exciting one because I think with everything that's happened and where I am now, it's this opportunity that we see a window into of like it's time to run or you choose to just stay here and what's comfortable and what's known will work.

But will it be unto what is like the fullest potential for not just me but our lives, you know. Right. Right. And you have a heart, yeah, you have a heart for this and a gift for it because you can lot of people want to sing. You know, that doesn't mean they have, well, it's kind of like two things. It's one you have to either be a natural right or be trained in it and even I'm going to say even those that are trained in it or do not necessarily have that God given quality to their voice that, you know, I see a lot of theater, I listen to music. I mean there's just something that's different. Yeah, yeah, I fully agree. Um I think even in doing this, I'm always like God, like it has to be, you threw me because anyone can hear a nice sound or a pretty sound or a beautiful voice, but for them that to actually penetrate and like move your heart or like connect to what is being said, I think that's, that's definitely a special thing that you know, you know, and if that's, if that's what you're called to do and, and even those that are incredible, it's just like unto unto God, like it's all meant to just serve a purpose.

So do it and if it makes you come alive, like do it, you know? But yeah, that's wonderful Maria. I am so excited for you. You know, the new single dropping today, the ones that you have out, the ones that will be coming out heading to Nashville to keep the, to keep the momentum going and not not knowing but being excited and then the trust that you have the trust factor of whatever you want this to be, I'm here and you take it where you want it to go exactly the thought with that that comes and I heard it just recently actually from another podcast, but to realize that um if you view your life like a tree, like um it's really God, that is the one that is that is bearing the fruit, like he will choose the fruit that has to be buried and our job is just to stay planted. Our job is just to to stay close and and to keep really connected to the true source, which is him and in that in that girl's in the process and the things that maybe even are hard and you feel like I'm totally unfit for this, like no God is the one that will choose the fruit that has to be to bear through your life.

And so, um that just takes off so much pressure and just allowed, I realized like, okay, I'm growing or I'm in this process or I'm in this season, or this is where you have me planted God, I can rest in that because the rest you have, you have figured out and you have things that are actually good, right? So. Exactly. Exactly. That's wonderful. Is there anything in a conclusion that you want to say? Any last thing that you didn't get to say that you wanted to say? I mean, man, what a privilege it is to literally be speaking and whoever is listening to be like hearing my voice and I think if you never hear of me again or music or whatever, it may be just to be encouraged that whatever season you're in, um God has you and he wants to work in this through this um unto a great purpose and so don't lose heart and don't lose hope and that he's ultimately the one um that we are wanting, that we're meeting that were looking for, you may not even know it, it's ultimately jesus.

And so um you know, I think that's on the forefront of my mind since only you, that's that's a lot of the song, what it is about just being, it's only God that can truly satisfy us until the day that were with him. And so um to keep that in the center of our lives in our hearts and everything else will welcome that, and it'll be good, it'll be amazing. Thank you, thank you so much for that. I really beautifully said really beautifully said, um um any contact, any way you want to be contacted should people just uh google you and get your info. It's Hillman with one l I discovered one. Well that is right, and that is a good discovery because even like the checks are micro checkbook, we'll get it wrong, we're like, it's one out. Um but I get it, Hill, it's just, it's just what it is. Um you can find me on instagram on facebook, just literally write my name and yeah, okay. Um or just and like you said Spotify Youtube ITunes for the new songs.

Great. Yes, Yeah, I think social media really is kind of one of the most powerful ways of connecting in our day right now. And so it is, you can literally see there what I had for lunch today, you know, it's great how much you can know about someone in the quickest of moments. Right? Exactly. Well thank you for this time Maria. I just wonder if I've really been blessed and I know I've got Emily, we both have Emily to thank for that. Yes, it was an honor to be able to be with you today and just thank you for creating this platform for other speakers by Absolutely. And I'll get back to that word encourage. I love that word, love that word. All right. I wish you the absolute best and I cannot wait to see what unfolds for you next and I'm going to be watching. I'm team Maria. So we will be Yeah, well I will be watching and, and you know, I don't know if I'll have pom poms but you know, imaginary pom poms or something. Yes.

Oh, likewise. Likewise, I mean, I can't wait to share this podcast with others. Not just thank you, just a segment, but it's just thank you hoping about it. I was like how amazing this just the title and a basket with you. Like it's just, it's just so um, I think just freeing and just gives opportunity for anyone and everyone who God is created and uniquely and just so special to share and we need that one. Yes. Yes, Yes. And that's the idea. That's absolutely the idea be who you are without apology. You wanted to sing, you're singing, You wanted to serve, you're serving. I mean, all those things that make you you you get to be you. Yes. Yes, Exactly. And as long as we stay planted, it's going to do beyond what you can imagine. That's right. Right. Exactly. What was wonderful to meet you Marie. And I look forward to connecting again to all right, take care, Thanks so much.

Okay. But mm hmm, mm hmm. Mhm. So what did I learn from Maria primarily how unabashed and she is about her faith. I can appreciate anyone who has strong convictions, especially as they lead her forward into places she didn't know existed very cool. For sure. Also the importance of saying yes to the opportunities that come your way, look where they can lead. You just never know the end of bastion. The website has a page for each guest of photos, quotes in a blog with embedded audio to unabashedly dot com. You can find the show on other podcast platforms. Want to lend your support, encouragement. We invite you to subscribe, follow, rate, review and share on instagram and facebook. You can find to send her unabashed and you if you want to connect the email is unabashed u at gmail dot com for questions, comments, et cetera. If you want to be on our weekly email list highlighting that week's episode give me a shout, I'd be happy to add you and your info will not be shared.

We depend upon website visits, social media and word of mouth to share. These episodes were grateful for growth. Knowing these conversations help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way, so continue to listen, read and be inspired. And our blessing may the Lord bless you and keep you. May he make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you. May he lift up his countenance on you and give you peace. Amen, go be an abashed, be you.

Our Job is to Stay Planted - Episode 80
Our Job is to Stay Planted - Episode 80
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