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Something Different can be Something Good - Episode 81

October 19th 2021

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Welcome to an impassioned you conversations to become who you already are, Rachelle. Here to listen and courage and to share another episode. The focus at UI is to be who you are without apology as you are one of a kind without equal. These conversations will help you think, celebrate who you are and move you in some way so listen, read and be inspired, grateful to the states who have been listening to recent episodes, California hawaii, michigan florida, new york texas, Virginia, south Carolina, Ohio Georgia, north Carolina, Vermont Illinois Utah and Wyoming, thank you. Thank you. Thank you keep listening, reading and being inspired by these conversations. Ben hur Delfino is our guest today. Yes, I said Ben hur you get to hear that story for sure and he has one of the best laughs I have ever heard in our zoom call.

We froze on each other a few times but kept at it also. I didn't notice how far away my mic was initially so you will likely hear more echo from me in the beginning. Ben is next up for the Mahalo Maui series and thanks for your patience in any technical pauses, enjoyed Ben as much as I did. Uh huh. So while we were in Maui we got to do something that's been on my bucket list for a long time walk into a Tiffany store and buy a little something that they would then wrap up in a Tiffany blue box and put in a Tiffany blue back that part was as special as the piece of jewelry itself and may I say my husband was gained to help me check it off my list. Who? But our guest today was the one to help us. Ben is charming, fun and friendly. We have a bit of a challenge, coordinating schedules, but we persevered and here we are welcome.

Ben, thank you. Aloha. Uh Oh, this is so fun. So this is the first podcast which is just excites me to No end. Excites me to no end. Is there anything you want the listener snowbank before we get started? Well, if I was to describe myself and people who know me, they would say that I'm very fashionable. I'm a good observer down to earth, a hard worker and currently I have been taking the initiative to be a risk paper. Being on this podcast is something new for me. I love that. Well that is thank you. That we are the risk that you're willing to take. That is wonderful. But those are, there's a wonderful phrase is the way that the people would describe you and to get us started. Now you've got a narrow who you are down to three words with three words. Would you use to describe yourself? I would say faithful, creative and open minded, faithful, creative, open minded.

Those are beautiful words that really starts to paint a picture of who you are. Oh, I love that. Thank you for sharing that. Okay, have you ever played two truths and a lie? I have. Okay, actually, I'm so sorry, I haven't, I read about it going to depart for me. Okay, so it's three statements about yourself. One is not true and I have some fun trying to ferret out the one that's not true. So three things about you. Ready, go. Okay, I love to serve on my days off and enjoy the outdoor activities. Number two, I was a med student And number three, I graduated high school at the age of 16. Whoa, love the ocean where a med student and graduated at 16. Oh my gosh, I think all of those could be true. I really do. Okay, so I'm gonna I'm gonna kind of, I'm gonna go, I'm gonna start at the beginning. OK, so don't say anything yet. Here's my thought of roses.

How on earth can you live in Hawaii? And I love the ocean and love the water and maybe maybe you know, surf on occasion at the very minimum. Okay, so I'm going to put that one aside is true, secondly men student, I know you have a really good University University of Hawaii. In fact, one of my previous students went on to Go there and she's now a doctor. So I know that's a possibility, I'm going to set that one aside. You graduated early at age 16. OK, I'm going with you were not a med student, that's what I'm going with? Actually I wasn't Oh my gosh, Oh my gosh, Okay, so you love surfing? So that's true. You love the water? You love surfing? That's true. Okay. And we know that what's true is that you were a med student? Okay. So tell me about that. Okay. So actually I'll tell you what is not true.

I can't sir. I Did graduate from high school at the age of six. Oh my gosh. I wanted to make it a little bit. You made it, You really tricked me. Oh my gosh. Okay. No one's ever taught me that good before. Okay. Okay. So wait let's start at the top. But do you like the water? I love the water, I love the ocean but I don't go out as much as I should and you are correct living in Hawaii I should be more out, but for whatever reason, I never find the time to do. So I mean well off I'm a home body. I just, I get that because I will get to your career later. But I mean you're you're in a career. I mean I mean you're, you know, you the stereotypical, not everybody, but a good portion of people that know why work in the hospitality industry because That's what we all want to go there and visit and we need to eat and we need somewhere to to you know sleep and all that stuff.

So of course we like to shop. So and so there's that picture of you know serving or a service waiting tables at night surfing during the day. Okay, so you don't serve, but you love the water. Okay. And you were a med student. Okay. Okay. And so you also graduated at 16. So tell me about your education. How did that, how did that all go, How it happened at graduating at the age of 16? My father was actually, I was part of the military family was a military brat, you know what people would say? Um I'm the youngest in the family, so my father retired and him being originally from Manila Philippines. Um he took me along there and that's when I continue my education and at that time they did not have intermediate school or junior high. Oh my gosh. Oh yes, I went straight from, I don't even recall graduating from fifth grade. I think I was in the middle of the year of sixth grade and I went straight to first year high school when I arrived there.

Oh my God. Yeah. So I took what they call like an examination, I forgot what it was called, but it was basically an exam to determine whether I would repeat my sixth grade in elementary or should I go straight to high school. So upon taking that test, that course I passed where it was equivalent where I'll eligible to go to straight to high school. Oh my God. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Whoa. So you skipped all the middle school years, went right to high school to high school. Now. Looking back, was that a good thing for you? I mean obviously you've made good out of it, but if you had to do that part over again, would you do it the same way? I would most likely do it the same way because it really taught me to put up with the challenges because there's something that I was not prepared for and one of them was like the maturity side, I was still in elementary mode and all of a sudden in high school mode, so I had to quickly adjust myself.

Oh my gosh, that must have been really so very challenging socially socially. And then secondarily I would think physically because they're at a different physical development stage than your at and that can make it difficult also and learning the culture, learning the language and understanding the lifestyle, it was all just like I would say it was overwhelming, but when I think about it, you know it was it was a good thing because it really made me be stronger, you know, it's strengthened my skills, you know, to always be positive to always move forward. Um look at more of the positive side rather than the negative side of being, well it really empowered my inner self. Yeah, so looking back it was a good thing, but at the time I'm sure it was very, very hard at the beginning, the transition was hard and that's where I got to get my inspiration from the old Tv series Duty Helder young listeners out there, I don't know it but well google it, they can google it, they can google it.

Yes, good for you. So did you go from high school graduation then into what's the next step? Medical school? Yes, I'm in college College for like biology or whatever one would study I did, I went as far as I believe, 2.5 years and I was going into my third year of medical press and I was starting off as a medical technician and uh it was a well known school there in Manila called Far Eastern University. They were a chinese, very well established medical go with a strong history of being very um I guess you would say how to get into the university to enter the school, it would be that easy, you have to take all these types of exams and requirements and qualifications in order to get in because they only allowed a certain corridor, a certain number of students. Um so it was very, it was very challenging, but it was very also inspirational for, you know, building again my inner self of my strength, right?

Always not give up. Right? So that's a that's a good one. That's a really good one. Oh my goodness, wow, okay, I'm gonna, we're gonna like finish this part, the how you know the, getting to know you and then I think I want to circle back to uh you know, I have got a couple of questions career wise, so, so okay, so, you know, a lot of people are watching this show Ted Lasso and I don't know if you've seen it and if you haven't, that's fine, this is no kind of commentary on your tv viewing habits whatsoever. Have you seen Ted Lhasa? I have it, but I did watch the trailer of it, that's great. Did you find it intriguing and telling my coach, I believe in Kansas a little bit and how you went to, I believe England to coach for a professional. Yes, so I can imagine he, he must be, have gone through all these challenges, similar to what I have gone through going for the country, yes, understanding the culture, yes, lifestyle, look at those parallels.

Exactly. I and so one of the questions was if you had seen it, why is it a thing? And I'll kind of answer that and I think it's such a shot in the arm of positivity amongst, you know, him being a fish out of water and then he's getting to know all these people, but no matter what happens, he's so positive and he has these quirky sayings and you know, these characters go through these different transitions and become better versions of themselves because he came into their life, not that he was trying to come in and quote unquote, change them, that's not why he was there, he was just there to, you know, to do the job. But anyway, I just, I find the show very uplifting and especially with what our world has gone through this past year and a half. I think that's one of the reasons it is so popular because it's so nice for a change of pace to have something that's just really, really upbeat positive now.

Are you have you been or are you binge watching anything? These, these covid times? Well I have I just finished the netflix series of Downtown Abbey. Oh yes, yes, So you watch the whole thing of that? So you started from the beginning? Well then that was a good long ride. Yes. Isn't that wasn't that like five seasons or something with a couple of christmas specials, something like that. Ooh, that's a good one. That is a good one. And what is interesting at first, I don't think I would have liked it because it was an english film, I wasn't too fond of the heavy accent and I was like I know in the past when I watched like four films, especially from um England, it was the narrative is a little bit too long but then when I first saw the 1st and 2nd episode I was like I clicked on it. Yeah, I was like wow, this is something different, Something good, you know, and something different always can be something good and not in a negative way.

Exactly. Exactly. Oh I'm so impressed and you made it through the whole thing. I have a friend who's obsessed with that. Maybe she has gone to visit the actual place where they filmed it. I mean she just loves it. Loves loves loves it. Okay, I have a tip for you for future and maybe you already did this. But this is something that even when someone is speaking english, if you're having a tough time tracking what they're saying, turn on your captions, your clothes captions in english, seriously, I'm serious. It meant you're like, oh that's what they're saying. Oh, okay, because the accent can be so thick sometimes that you like, I know they're saying english words, but I don't have any idea what they just said. Uh yeah, that can be very helpful and that's something that I tried during Covid, I was like okay, I'm gonna remember this if I'm having trouble in any way with what they're saying the accent.

Sometimes people are just too mumbly, you know, they don't even have an accent there mumbling, you're like what's that? An important plot? I don't know, I don't know what they say, they say too fast. Yes, yes, so just keep that in mind. Keep that in mind. Okay, so Downton Abbey was your binge? Oh that's so good. Okay, so let's share how you got to Maui, How'd you get to Maui? I was in Maui for work. Um I was helping our team with our company. Um They were kind of shorthanded because at that time when you were folks were there um because of Covid we had to store closures, a lot of shops were closed. When people return to work, they had their vacation dates high. So basically the time being when you both were visiting, a majority of them were on vacation. Oh my gosh, that's great. Okay, so how did that? Right, yeah, he's on vacation. How did you get to hawaii?

So you covered somebody's vacation? How did you get to Hawaii? Okay. You were in the Philippines. And then when was the next stop? Oh So I uh I came back here, I believe that the age I was 18 or 1994, um 90 or 91 or 92 30. And uh I decided that hey, uh I want to be back home in Hawaii because this was my father's last stop before he retired. I love the weather. Um whether it's very important to me. Um I love the scenery of seeing the ocean driving by it. I'm just being around it. Give me that positive energy. So um who I was at a location that I wanted to most likely spend more from my life, you know here on the island. Yeah. You know maybe a time when I could think about moving somewhere else to another state and there are times I have thought about it but it was very difficult.

Well you know what it's really I mean even just hearing you talk and I'm transporting myself back and there there is something to that. I mean I haven't been to a gazillion tropical places so I can't speak for all of them. But I will say that when I'm in Hawaii I am I am very relaxed. I like to take things as they come. If there's just there's this peace and tranquility that happens and I do think some of it is being surrounded by water and isn't there you know some sort of a science behind being near the water. I can't remember I read something a while back about I want to say ionization but I may just be completely making that up. But something happens to our well being center when we are near the ocean. So I believe that's true because you know just knowing the that you are surrounded by this paradise of the beautiful air.

The beautiful wind, beautiful people, beautiful scenery. It's relaxing knowing that you're in a place that calm people and we describe it as locals as the law spirit. So we always try to stay at a positive energy. So we use the low has an expression at times when you're feeling down. So you could be walking down the street and you don't know the person, you can just say aloha and that greeting is just gonna share that person up. You know you may not know the person, you may not know what they're going through but when you cross paths and to say hello uh you know it's just it's the same way just saying hi but in our case on our islands we say Allah and it really builds up this energy you know it's like you're transporting from your positive energy to the other person when you're saying the word a lot to them because it's a greeting so they feel like oh yeah you know well and I think it's more than just high, I really do. It is yeah. Everything. It's a very strong expression.

Yes yes yes yes absolutely. Okay so now we're going to take the deep dive into your passion and I don't know if your passion is your career. We're going to find out just a minute but I am going to say that you work at Tiffany and so I got to have my bucket list. Uh experience happened under your watch and then you had another gal help us as well. But it was such a fun experience and a great thing to be able to do because I have another friend not the friend referred to but another friend who's all about Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany Tiffany. She loves your store. So this got me curious about you and I mean this is definitely your career, you're going up the Tiffany ladder how how did we get into first of all? How did we get into Tiffany? What degree? Okay. You just need to tell me, tell me, tell me at all.

So, you know, you know, there are islands are known as tourism were based on, as you mentioned earlier hospitality. So everywhere, everywhere you go, you're surrounded by um, hospitality that is somewhat connected to tourism. It's all about customer service, it's all about entertaining the clients and making everybody feel positive and happy, especially during those who are on vacation. It's funny too, I know it is very different. I mean, what, I never thought I would have gone this path in my life. Um, I love, you know, meeting people, but I never thought I would be in an industry where it's more of a form of entertainment, where I'll be having the luxury to meet people every day and getting to know them. And you know what? It draws me inside of me that I enjoy this because it was like, I'm an explorer again, to discover, discover all these.

You're cutting out there for a second. I hope you're coming back. You cut out now, are you now you're back? Okay, good, you're back. Okay, so, you know, that's okay, you were saying that you get to explore every day that you didn't imagine this would be your groove back, but here you are in it and you're enjoying it and you're thriving because you're such a people person. I mean, I knew that from the second we walked in. You're a people person, right? Yeah. What also I would share is that there was a possibility during my younger, during my um, back in the year before I joined uh, Tiffany's was I was almost getting into the flight industry, so I was going to be a flight attendant. I could see that, I could see that uh because you're so good with people back in the day to all of my, all my friends and family were saying, you know what you should be a positive. Even my professor in college told me, you know what you should be a flight. Oh my God, Well, you know, that's a compliment because of what it means is that you're very friendly, Your vivacious.

You, you listen, you see people you care about, you know, their needs or what have you, plus you get to travel, you know, Okay, so you didn't go directly from med school to Tiffany, I'm guessing. No, it was first I had several different jobs as you know, it would be normal for everyone in the early life, it would jump from one job to another. So I was also in the restaurant industry, I was a whole, I was also a server. I was in peril, retail selling clothes, I sold men's suits and I think after that, that's when I went um, to inquire with the United Airlines at that time as a flight attendant went all the way through Chicago for the pre training and then I backed out because I got a call from Tiffany. Really wow, wow.

Oh wow, that is a really cool option to choose, right? Yeah, yeah. Oh my gosh, so I've had it at both ways. Either option I chose, I looked at it that I'm still going to get to meet people, I still get to entertain people and I think for either choice I would have um decided on I would be happy because it would be something that I enjoy doing. Yes again goes back to exploring. Maybe I'm not really currently flying around the world, but then I'm meeting people from around the world that's coming to me. Yeah, that's so true. I mean let's be, let's be real When we talk about a flight attendant, very hard job number one to, I mean, you know, their servers in the sky, you know, you know what I mean? They need to know all the emergency procedures and they need to stay calm in an emergency and all of that, which I hope we never have to be in that situation.

But day today when they have a shift, you know, they've got a deal with people who are irritated and frustrated and the car back and forth and I mean the job itself, it's got to be very tough. I mean just in terms of what you're doing and and versus Tiffany people are coming in, they want to buy some jewels and they want to try stuff on and you know that part of it is very different. Of course. You know the travel, you nobody can argue with the perk of being able to travel. But anyway, so you chose a really cool path and maybe an unexpected one. And yet, here you are, some years later, I'm assuming, and you're, you know, you're heading up the Tiffany ladder because I know one of the days we were talking about maybe get together, you had corporate training. So it's not just like, okay, you work at Tiffany, you're good to go, okay, go sell you. They are.

It sounds like they are continually wanting to, you know, build you into the brand. There you go, groom and build you into the brand. Mhm. That's wonderful. I really like that. And do you have aspirations to kids? You know, to keep going? Yes, I do. And I hope that I can see as how far and potential I can go and I don't mind like relocating to other places. Um It will be all about the right timing. Nice. No. Oh, I'm just so excited for you. I can't wait to see what transpires we're gonna need to keep in touch. Okay, so one more thing we have to talk about. Well, maybe two more things. Let's see. Okay, so I introduced you as Ben now I'm going to tell the listener that your first name is Ben hur. Now you knew that you we already told you we're gonna need to talk about that because we don't need that many people.

I can't imagine I've ever met somebody whose first name Was. Ben Heard two words just like the movie title. So now you're gonna have to tell us, you know which parent that was and how that happened. I'm sorry to show you got broken. Okay, how about now, can you get me now? Yeah, good. Yes, I do. I can hear, you know, Okay, so which parent was independent her. And how did that happen from what I was told um from my father, was that my my dad and my mom were big fans of the movie Ben hur at the time. And uh they were actually thinking about making me Benjamin and they thought, why don't we do something unique and something different, you know? So because they were a big fan of Child Heston, they decided why don't we go for bed her? I really, really appreciated that. That was the decision made because that got me a long way um with you're cutting out again, but that got you a long way, having a very unique name.

I don't think there is another Ben hur, I mean, I can't imagine right there you are, you're back. Okay, so you've never met another Ben hur. Right? I mean that's no, I have, I have not. Yeah, that's just a very unique name and you're right because your name is so unique, it probably has opened doors and has made you more memorable than you already would be with your great smile and your laugh, that I absolutely love your laugh. Thank you. There it is, there it is. Right on cue. Right on cue. Oh, I love it. Okay, so is there a passion that I that I that we didn't get to that you have? Well, yeah, it was, it was really hard for me to something to think about. Um there's so many things that I would consider a passion. Uh one thing I say that I love, I have a deep passion for mid century, especially in this century Home.

Okay, so that modern madman feel, Yes, I loved it, you know, discovering like what type of gadgets were back then, what kind of designs of houses, the cars, the lifestyle, um just everything about it, you know, because I see the creativity, the uniqueness of the design and I just admired it for many years. Mm that is a very cool passion. You and my stepdaughter will get along very well, she's an architect and thats her jam, She loves mid century for sure. Oh, very nice. Okay, okay, so mid century, obviously you watch Mad Men? Yes, yes, I have, how could you not love in mid century, Okay, and then I think, you know, as we kind of, you know, conclude here, is there anything else that you feel like you want to share with the listeners before we wrap up?

Well, I just want to say that, you know, um I noticed that in your episode you have that pain, this quote for everybody to share. So I wanted to share one of the oh, peace of wisdom, A piece of wisdom. You keep handy, You're right. I wasn't doing that in the masala Maui stories, but you're right. Please share a piece of wisdom with us. I would love that. Yes, I love it. Okay, what's your wisdom? So I think so. I think with the current events right now, what we're going to? Yes, Oh, they come across often, you know, different box of life is what john f Kennedy quoted was ask not what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country. And the way I look at it is, it doesn't have to say country per se. It's just pertains to goodwill. You know, it brings you the challenge of everyone to contribute somewhat to a good public service or goodwill. I think there's a lot of expectations with, you know, what's going on right now, a lot of sensitivity and it's all about.

Sometimes I feel there's people are saying me me me. So I feel there should be an acknowledgment that there should be a balance if there's an expectation, there's also what you would have to give contribute so that it's equal. Yeah. Oh that's so beautiful. Yeah. That really is beautiful. And that's a really, I haven't heard that quote in a while and that is a quote that I definitely keep in my head and it is about, yeah, not just thinking about me, me, me, me, me, but you know, how can I yeah, by giving you know, by giving you end up getting as much, if not more uh you know, the act of giving gives you so much more than I think. Well, my my my my tongue, my tongue is twisted right now. You understand what I'm trying to say. Yes, yes. In order for to have an expectation to come to you also contributed contribution to others.

Yes, exactly, exactly. I love that. That's wonderful. That's really well said. And um I'm hoping that the next time we chat that you've been to the beach and you've been able to enjoy the ocean and that wonderful Aloha spirit at the beach because as you said, you haven't been able to get there as much as you'd like because you're a home body on your days off. I understand home body. I really do. I mean you're in my home right now and and we're in your home. So we're both home. We get that. But the boy there sure is something though in uh really rejuvenating about being down the ocean. So I'm hoping you can make that a regular practice and thank you for bringing up the wisdom piece that's uh really should keep that in no matter what series I'm doing. Because I think in a way that's one of my favorite parts of of each episode is hearing the peace, negative wisdom that somebody really values.

Because it's speaking life into us. It's reminding us that, you know, whatever the wisdom is. And today it was ask not what you can do for your country, ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country for you, but what you can do for your country. Gosh, my brain today. But isn't that when he didn't, isn't he one of the ones that originated the Peace Corps kind of based on that sort of concept of giving back, Giving back. Yeah, that's very good. Okay, well, yeah, I didn't conclusion. I am so glad you took this risk. I am so glad you decided to you know, take the risk and do it. And I hope right now you feel really good about this experience as it concludes. And I want to thank you for the push. If it wasn't for you and you push, I don't think I would ever got it. I was, I was just determined. I was like, I know I know once he does this, he's going to feel really good about it.

I just know it. I know it. So I just listened to sort of your episode, you know, I came across like I did your recommendation. Yeah, Santana and then I also scroll down and look at some of, and listening to some of your older uh uh, podcast. I try to find some similarity and I found one that was bad, it was with episode 57 like, okay, let me go listen to this guy and I was like, wow, there's a lot of similarities, not only fight of names, but also the three words that he chose guys is like, you know, being open minded, um, flexibility, adapt the ball, you know, which is pretty much going on right now, you know, we all have to be flexible, we all have to have that balance. If you want something, give something you do what's good for everybody. That's so good.

I've been, I think you need to start a podcast, look at all and you have oh anyone and it was so pleasing to hear from somebody who is at that generation at a young age, you know, because you wouldn't, you want to have, expect someone from a generation that is new to say these kind of inspirational things too. Everybody, you know, to podcast it, you would think that somebody young all they want is me, me, me, me, no, he had some life, good life experiences to share, which I also took away with and um, I was very happy to have learned about this podcast and going through the episodes and picking up a little wisdoms and here and there, because sometimes you don't come across these um wisdom of words and it's a good reminder or sometimes inspirational, thank you. Oh my gosh, you just, well, you've made my day, made my week, you've made my month, you've made my ear.

I mean, that's really what this is about. It's it's talking to people that aren't famous and getting a little bit of their story and hearing, you know, it's not like we set out to be inspirational in the sense that it's not like, okay, Ben, you're not going to have a conversation and you're going to be really inspiring, okay. You know, you're being you, and that's the whole point. You're being you. But I can really gather and glean a lot from what you have to say by sharing some of your story. I can I can walk away and be like, that's right. We have to give as much as we get, if not more. And so that's such a good reminder as I go through the rest of my day and thank you, thank you for your wonderful words. They really touched me and move me, thank you. No, thank you. You really pushed me for that change and I have to say, contributor, you're a big contributor to that. You got change and changes are always good.

I love it. I love it and we're going to stay in touch for sure because I want to see these next things that you go through. And last question, does anybody call you Ben hur? Or does everybody call you? Ben? Only my father does. Okay. Yeah. You know, Yeah, I guess it's more sentimental for him because it would give him the reminisce of reminding himself. I told that means for my son. Right, Well, and you're, you're so young. It's not even like you say your parents like that movie, but you're, I mean, you're, it doesn't even feel like they're old enough to have like that movie unless they like vintage movies that maybe they like vintage movies because because that, that movie is very, I mean, I'm gonna know I'm going to have to look it up. I want to say fifties. I mean in the 50's something. Yeah, I mean, yeah.

Anyways, okay, they like, they like, they like, they like their child and Heston wasn't Charles was Kirk techno. That's oh, I am Spartacus, I think. Okay, I'm thinking I'm Spartacus. Okay, right. Yeah, similar, similar timeframe. Right. Oh, Ben, this is, in fact, is that, that's the only movie that is still a lot of 11 Academy Awards that I know that has the only movie that movie that tied it The same 11 Academy Awards was the movie Titanic. However it was said that the Ben hur, classic had the most prestigious type of award, like you sir, walter kind of catlike best music that you know whatsoever, best coffee. But when you're looking at the type of Bull Lord been her kind of, I guess very good look at you know it all your benefactor, I love it. Oh, that's great then this has been such a pleasure, wow. Thank you so much for again for your willingness even though I did take your elbow and just just, just very gently just come on, come on.

I know, but thank you for that. I just knew, I mean just having connected with you and your just your energy and all that. I thought he's going to end up loving this. I just know it. So I'm so glad you said yes, thank you. And let's be in touch soon. Okay, will do. Thanks Ben. Talk to you later. Bye. Huh, perfect, mm hmm, mhm, mm. Yeah, he did the thing. Ben took the gentle arm twisting I supplied and took the risk of doing something new by being on the podcast and he doesn't regret it. Ben shared great insight through snapshots from his life And don't mind my tongue tripping toward the end, Yada, Yada, Yada. And by the way, the movie Ben Hur was from 1959, the ana bastion. You website has a page for each guest of photos, quotes in a blog with embedded audio at unabashedly you dot com you can find the show on other podcast platforms.

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Something Different can be Something Good - Episode 81
Something Different can be Something Good - Episode 81
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