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Ep #2: the importance of taking a mental health day

by Elizabeth Jankovic
October 24th 2019

I talk about my experience taking a mental health day and how important it can be to reset and ground yourself.

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let me talk to you guys about anchor the platform. I use to make my podcast best yet. It's free, no fees, nothing like that. They're also creation tools that allow you to record and edit your podcast right from your phone or computer. One of the best parts about Tinker is that they distribute your podcast for you. So you can be heard on Spotify, Apple podcasts and many more platforms. It's the easiest way to get started making a podcast in my opinion, you can also make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. So download the free anger app or go to anchor dot FM to get started right now. So if you guys listen to my last podcast, you would know that I want to start a podcast and this is me finally taking that leap of faith and just starting this podcast episode will be significantly shorter than my first one. I rambled on so much in that one. And yeah, I don't really know why. I don't really know. Maybe I was just feeling some type of way, but definitely go check it out. I think I'm naming this Virgo vibes, Elizabeth Jankovic's podcast Virgo vibes and I'm very excited to put these out throughout the semester and um just in the future on my channel.

So I was filming with my airpods last time and that was probably not the best idea. It literally sounds like you're having a phone call conversation with someone and it does not sound like clean, crisp audio. I definitely want to get an audio or like microphone. I mean for podcasts would be dope, but I don't want to buy the yeti yet or whatever it's called, the like $120.01. I just want to find something for like less than $30 but like semi good quality for what I'm trying to do. So right now I'm just filming with um well I'm just recording with no microphone, I'm speaking directly to the microphone a few inches away, maybe like six inches away. So hopefully that's good and it probably sounds way better than last time if you guys hear any sounds in my dorm room, like doors slamming in the hall or sirens outside. It's because I live in Manhattan and in a dorm in a, it's not a super busy area, but it's not like dead either, if that makes sense. So um today is october 9th Wednesday, october 9th and I had off from classes today, if you guys know my schedule, I only have class three days a week.

I only have monday Wednesday and thursday, so I have all Tuesdays and Fridays and this week we had off, everyone had off Tuesday and Wednesday for young kapoor. So today I actually had off as well as yesterday and I just had a weird day yesterday and the past few days before that and my digestion and just like mental headspace was very off as well as my sleep schedule. So I slept in today, I got up at like 10 30 I didn't even wake, I woke up at 10 30 I didn't get out of bed until noon and then I ended up taking like a 30 or 45 minute nap around 4 30. So I slept a lot today. I did not see anybody today and speak to anybody today. I spent the whole day with myself. Um My last podcast is about being your own best friends, so it's just like learning to spend a lot of time with yourself and I haven't had a day like this in so long just because I was at home over the summer and I've had so many friends this semester so far but I really needed today as like a mental health day. I know some of my friends went back home for the holiday so there were less people in the dorm anyway.

But I just like I took the time to do what I knew I needed to do. So I as I said I slept in, I just like I was honestly in pajamas all day, like I think I didn't need to shower because I showered yesterday morning but I showered at night like once my day was pretty much over and I just did a little bit of laundry, I wash my pillowcase and my sheets and blankets and it just felt really good doing that. I vacuumed, I wiped my mirrors down and I Windex them and that just felt really, really good and cleaned my little work space a bit. I tried to intuitively e and only eat um what I knew I needed today, especially considering I didn't leave my dorm and the past few days I've been overeating so I just really needed to balance everything out. I stretched. Um I just like as I said, I took a shower at the end of the day and that felt really good and I'm just feeling really good and clean and I didn't do homework at all today.

Like I woke up, I knew I wanted to do some laundry. I did my usual YouTube and acting stuff. I edited and I edited a video which was my college freshman advice part two which you guys would have already seen by the time you're seeing this podcast and you should go check it out. I think it was a really good and insightful video. So yeah, please go check that out if you're interested. And yeah, so editing that video was the main thing I did today. I just because of laundry and sleeping in and just having a chill day. Like I really didn't do much before editing that video and then I napped halfway through editing the video, woke up again, finished editing. I did a couple school related things but like very minimal school related things. So I really, really took the day off from like school seeing people, I really just took it for myself sleeping and then I um I think I made a playlist on my Youtube channel as well. I watched videos, I showered like I said and then I quickly just like went through some lines for tomorrow, like acting lines and on Thursdays I have a 9:30 a.m. Which is my earliest class ever and I would be leaving at 8:40 a.m. For my 9 30.

So if it's a day where I'm getting really where I'm getting ready really fast, I can wake up at eight but I tend to wake up at 7 30 and even more recently since I've gotten contacts, I've been waking up at seven a.m. To give myself like an extra amount of time to put my contacts in and just get used to that if anything weird happens and to have breakfast and not be rushed while I'm eating and to eat slowly and be able to wash my dishes and everything. So yeah, I really just like told myself, hey Elizabeth, you're gonna wake up at seven AM tomorrow. It's 10 41 PM right now as soon as I film this, record this little podcast going to bed, I'm watching some tomorrow and going to bed. But yeah, I just like I really prioritize going to sleep early today because I know I have a long day tomorrow. Um It's actually not that long, it's like 9:30 a.m. To three p.m. But I think I'm staying in my school's library to get some work done. Maybe grab a drink from Starbucks and just kind of grind a lot of work out so I don't have to do so much over my five day weekend because columbus day is coming up which gives everyone a three day weekend.

But I have Fridays and Tuesdays off. So I actually have a five day weekend and I just I'm really really trying not to stress and get upset about anything. And I've been having like a few breakouts which I feel like people who know me would like yell at me and be like you don't have acne and what are you talking about? But I had some stuff on my forehead and I usually don't have like five things and I'm like okay these need to go away and I swear to you like I slept in, my skin looked great when I woke up this morning and then after my nap my skin was glowing. It looked so beautiful and I was like oh my gosh, this is amazing. I also took to to probiotics today. I'm trying to take like my multivitamin more. I'm trying to eat more nuts as a snack to get protein and just keep full longer. Um I'm going to buy protein powder soon from trader joe's. They have like a cool vegan vanilla one. Um Which I'm excited to make in either chia pudding or oatmeal overnight oats which I've never made before or blend in a smoothie. That would be really awesome.

I just really want to clean up my diet. I don't know, I feel like I'm getting in a really good headspace right now and I want to really be able to balance work completely like Youtube and um acting stuff if I do background acting or babysitting and I also want to be able to completely balance like school and homework and socializing, which that's what my um college advice video was about and I feel like watching that made me ground myself again and be like, oh, okay, I need to do this if I want to be happy and stop sacrificing my sleep. So I just wanted to pop in here and do a quick little podcast because I took a mental health day today and I feel like I've never done that in my life. Um maybe I have not known, but like this morning, I literally woke up today and in one of my group chats, my friends were like, oh what is everyone doing today? And I literally just said taking a mental health day, I'm going to be in my room all day and two of them liked the message and I was like, oh my gosh, like I'm getting support from my friends for this, that's so sweet.

And another friend hit me up around 10 asking if I wanted to do homework and I just said I'm actually going to bed soon took a mental health day today. I didn't really do work, but I think these people are doing homework now and he was like, oh my gosh, good for you, Like, so I don't know, I just got a lot of positive feedback um which I didn't even expect from my friends and I haven't had a day where I don't do any work really in so long, so it felt really good to just put time into my Youtube channel. There's a little room, room happened happening outside. Um and I want to make more playlists on my channel for like uh clothing hauls I think. And I made one today for all my grocery halls, which surprisingly, I have so many grocery holes on my channel and I was very surprised and almost all of them are trader joe's, which is really funny. But yeah, I'm just very happy that I'm prioritizing myself. I'm going to bed, you know? Um hopefully I fall asleep by 11 or 11:30 so I can get almost eight hours asleep and I feel like tomorrow is just gonna be such a good day and this whole weekend is going to be a good weekend and I'm just proud of everything I've accomplished so far and I'm very dedicated to school and just doing the best I can be.

And I hope all of you guys do that as well. So let me know what you thought of this little episode as well as last week's episode. What audio is better doing? Airpods or just speaking into my microphone because I don't know until I listened back to this and let me know if I should get a particular microphone, if you guys know of one that's like less than $30, but still going to be significantly better quality than what I'm doing right now. And if you guys like these podcasts, how often you think they should come out? How long do you think they should be because there for now, just being uploaded on Youtube, not on anchor or anything like that, because I'm just a wee little youtuber making my way up in the world, please subscribe and share this channel if you think other people like it. I'm really trying to grow my channel ideally, I would want to hit 200 subscribers by the end of this year, that would be amazing. And I graduate in like 2.5 semesters or like almost three semesters and it would be great if I could have like 1000 subscribers by the end of college. So yeah, let me know what you guys thought of this episode and future topics you want me to talk about?

I have a whole list of like eight or so. Um give or take. So yeah, thanks so much for listening. Uh be sure to check out my other podcasts and other videos on this channel. Have a wonderful day in a wonderful week, and I will see or talk to you guys in my next video or podcast.

Ep #2: the importance of taking a mental health day
Ep #2: the importance of taking a mental health day
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