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History 101 on Arabic Perfumes

by The Middle East Council of Shopping Centres & Retailers
June 14th 2020

Another exciting episode with Mostafa Diga, Operations Manager at Abdul Samad Al Quraishi Perfumes Company. An exclusive, with a 150 year old company in the Kingdo... More

Welcome to the voice on the band podcast by the Middle East Council of Shopping Centers and Retailers. Wear with Mustafa Adiga, operations manager off Abdel Samad al Karachi perfumes. The perfume industry in the Middle East is one with a long an extensive history. And did you know that it is a hub in center of this product? Since ancient times, it take backs from 5000 years ago. Many discoveries originated from this region on. Eventually, perfumes arrived to Europe and to many places through Alan Dollars in the West. In too many places all over the Middle East, one of the oldest with over 150 years retailing. Perfumes in their portfolio is Abdul Samad, a Karachi, the legacy of Shaykh Abdul Samad al Karachi from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to share with us the culture

and history off the Arabic perfume. We'll talk about the culture of the rabbit fragrance, especially in Saudi Arabia and you a tell us. When did the idea off Arabic perfumes begin to spread widely and became so important? Actually, the Arabic perfumes idea it's very old, started from the the foreign Egyptian time starts from Egypt, actually 7000 years ago. We have a queen, a very good queen. The kill you, Patra. She likes so much perfume, especially the Arabic programs. Like I just mean she used to bath with this one. And after they start to collect this oil of this flower Arabic people appreciate this kind of oil also, that the it's related with our religious actually Topi religious thio like toe follow they recommend of our prophet Mohammed You the perfume and all your day before you pray and before you have a guest or you go outside. So from these two points to start the

attention for the Arabic person become very important for us. For the Arab people on do they they using everything in their life like in occasions and wedding on. Also, if you have like new child, so you need toe make some like some gift nothing better than the perfume basically in your daily and everyday lives, especially also the instance that before we called in Arabic before the instance we used at in the home all the day when the people gathering together, they must about like a piece off food toe like a give appreciation for your guest before the guest coming and even when you make some coffee but the court smoking all the time when you say it was your guest on after cooking like this one, it will change. It will make a purify perfuming the place. We have a mask from the deer from the animal, so for them

, it will. It will be very strange, but they need to try. We can say very rare, because it's not easy to find it. The amber, also from the whale, can find the wood tree. It's a very, very old trees. It's only grow up in there like Asia area. That's incredible. Let's talk about Abdul Samad al Qurashi. It's Ah, 150 years started in Saudi Arabia. It's a legacy off Shaykh Abdul Samad Alcaraz. It's been in the retail industry 450 years. How did it became so strong? And it even reached here in the U. A. Actually, this is the oldest company in our big history. It's started in Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. Like this man, Abdel Salam al Qurashi, he started was like shell fields, you said, like small piece off perfume. First after he started toe make like one show to shop. Three Shop till it's become more than 350 French and around the world now, and we have, like 65 on the new A. What's the next step? The French companies started to make good on

amber and musk also. So it's our challenge now. Toe also compete toe this companies and to make more new perfumes and new new style off perfume new types New way for other customers and to attract. By the way, we have, like 40% now from ourselves and buy more, for example, it's from Europe. That's incredible. Staff is a member of the M. E C s place are and to reach out to him into abuse, a matter of driving. Three sentiment email at a remove dot com. Connect with us here at the Middle East counts of the tropics centers and three theater Way

History 101 on Arabic Perfumes
History 101 on Arabic Perfumes
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