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Junteenth Told Not As A Celebration

by Brandy Singleton
June 27th 2022
The ugly that came before and during and after. It wasn't as many make to be with just celebrating...but telling g the truth and what really went down and how many were not freed and luves taken when ... More
Hey, there everybody. Thank you for tuning in. This is another episode of voices of courage with your host Randy J. And today we will be talking about June 10th, the truth. And why is it that in the black community when it comes to these very things, we like to color it up for the Children and make it seem all learn and what a great day it was when actually it was more than a great day. It was a very messed up road to that day and a messed up road after that day. And then here we are now. So there's so much to unpack here in this episode because we like to talk a lot about within the school systems and what they do not teach and how they do not teach and what they are trying not to teach when our very own selves communities.

And you know, families don't even truly give these days these stories, these events that we have stemmed from the type of energy that it needs, we will celebrate them. But yet are we truly the community? Are we truly ones that have come together? So what's really going on here and are we just going through the motions? This is going to be a very insightful episode here. And please believe this episode here with voices of courage and the June 10th reality check. Does the box to get real real? You all ready? Because I've been ready. Let's go.

So, so let's go ahead and make this make sense right here, Juneteenth. Right? Because leave it up to many, leave it up to the black community. It's just a day to celebrate because that's when the slaves um down out there was free, knock it off and stop making it a learning lesson for the Children. And what a great day it was and what date was it? And what part? And you know what, let's just cut to the chase because this is why very much, why I think you so much taken lightly and accepted and with no movement with no voice with no you, you know, with no foundation on what this day or these days that these things that we take and we celebrate and we just embrace and, and for what when uh this very the time we live in is not and, and he shaped that we need to be sitting here acting like we done did some things.

Excuse me. Let me make this very clear. Trust me when I'm done. You'll understand. Sadly, if you don't understand now, OK, Juneteenth. First of all, let's make it very clear. It's basically the people in Texas that were not given the memo actually their slave owners up and moved them to Texas where there was less, you know, the whole confederacy thing. And, you know, because the simple fact that when in 18 62 Abraham Lincoln, you know, did his thing with slavery and said, oh, ok, that's the Emancipation Proclamation that was supposed to take place January 1st. You know, well, that didn't, you know, really cover all grounds because the confederacy and it really only affected the board of States, Texas being one and you know, they don't have pagers and phones and stuff like that.

But trust and believe they right. It wasn't a beautiful day and pray day. Like people just found out and they're like, oh, and they just got all the respect and non lynching that you can hope they didn't get. Right. June 10th basically symbolizes the fact that after slaves were so called free, there's still some years that went by that there were some slaves that were not informed because you have to, you know, I like, you know, understand or you know, fathom the fact that this wasn't a happy day for slave owners, pissed, angered, very angered, so very angered that when a lot of slaves were told that they were now free and that now that slavery was emancipated that they are now employee, an employer.

And a lot of those slaves took off, took off like there was no, tomorrow didn't even pack anything up. They was out of there thinking that this was the their dream, their dream to happiness and equality, right? Some didn't make it because some were attacked, beaten, lynched and some were caught swimming across rivers when in, when in specific and were shot and killed. This probably shouldn't even come as a surprise because like I said, this ended what a lot of slave owners did not want, right? Makes you think where the whole employee employer thing kicked in? Because what would that even have a place for if everyone was able to have slaves? And now you have to have employee employers. So when people say that today is the modern slavery, open, those eyes pay close attention because people have been sleep way too damn long, conditioned, way too damn long, foolish, way too damn long, naive, way too damn long when things have been blink right there here in our faces or just not really willing to educate, pick up books do crap like that.

But hey, where you end up, people like to just believe what someone tells them, believed that they were given all the information that they were needed to be given and history itself should it tells you that you're gonna have to do that shit all on your own. But let's carry on. So it wasn't some grandiose day where soft kind memories came along with that so-called freedom and some slaves didn't leave because they couldn't leave. And then there was two female slaves that spoke of them never being freed. Even with that announcement that change and that they stayed into slavery up until the day they died, they're beaten.

Oh, even though they were supposed to be free, there weren't protections by the way, or laws or anything that would create or make it a crime to attack Lynch. I mean, since they were doing that already. Well, I mean, to be honest with you, that was gonna start very much at a high rate now that slaves were so-called free, but the hate was still there, there was no protection. And so for some slave owners, the evilness and cruelty of slavery already itself just, you know, was not a thing for them baffles me.

Actually the way this day the black people are colored to be vicious animals and wild when you can track back to these very times and clearly one plus one is two. Don't take a fool. Are you kidding me right now? What was that? Complete and utter disgusting roots of evil is what that was? Trust. Nothing good about a person that could do such a thing. I think that shit was normal. So June TTH that's what that symbolizes the last of the slaves that were commonly told some years later because people didn't want to let go of their slaves. It was intentional. So, wow, they're sitting here at Wuhan Juneteenth and uh teaching the kids as if it's some cool day and wonder why, you know. Yeah. No crap. We don't know how to see the, the bigger picture right in front of us because we don't know the true story, let alone the stories that we weren't told and the things we were lied to about and then the one that's given to us within the black community, it's not delivered correctly.

So sh sh when it comes to the school system and your mouths trying to, you know, criticize when you should be criticized and you're criticizing your very self because it's your responsibility in the first place. And then how are you delivering it? So is it any better than what the school system is? Especially how they painted Abraham Lincoln to be some saint? Yeah, I knew something was off about that right there. If you really want to track back to 18 58 when he had this little speech, when someone asked him how he truly felt about slavery and he felt like, OK, well, let me just go ahead and tell you how I didn't and don't like a five minute speech how he wasn't for it. Spoke about the superiority, spoke about the la the the non wanting of integration or any of that stuff. So therefore you tell me ulterior motives. I say, yeah, coming from the backlash of the confederate states not wanting to set the freeze the the slave trade, right?

And the rebelling. So Abraham thought he stick a good one to him, right? And go ahead and uh you know, make that happen along with some other things. But it really, really based itself around money. It had nothing to do with caring about the freeing of human beings, which is crazy to even say that that could even be a whole human being, being someone's property and then a slave, but then also treated inhumanely. So many things going on there that no one talks about a that a damn load of cracker shame but any who let's move right along. So even though the Emancipation Proclamation was supposed to be that grand final day, you know, there was still a whole lot of slaves.

They did not know that they were free. And so there we are with drink tea now for these people which it used to be called, did you believe day would get together by rivers and eat and feast and tell these stories, you know, because they weren't allowed to get together and you know, in crowds and out in public and things, there were still things that weren't so very grade four. Now freed slaves that no one talks about during this whole Juneteenth and the freeing of slaves, right? It's just up, that was the day we free. No, tell them the truth. Stop playing because this is the conditioning of why it's so easy or why I love black people. Just accept a lot of shit. Excuse my language. Hm. Or maybe these people aren't very educated on this. The damn, you know, information themselves as clear as it is that books are everywhere, right?

She internet let me dig deep or is it just, you just wanna keep celebrating shit? Just like the Fourth of July, please. There was no freedom. Fourth of July. What are you talking about? Weren't even free yet. So it's silly that black folks even celebrate that day. That wasn't their Independence Day. I guess any reason to celebrate and have a barbecue. Yeah, I said it and I say it again and I say it louder and louder because it's silly. But let's carry on and not one person explained that crap. Why we celebrate that day amongst many others. But hey, anything to get together, that's a whole showing itself and trust we will get to it. But we're gonna take a little break right here because there is so much more to unpack. So don't go too far because we are going to shed light. Hold accountability. Really stay and stand strong in the truth.

And what is going on today and how this shit just keeps cycling itself through and just accept, accept, accept, this is some bull crap in itself and I'm here to call it out. So don't go too far. Be right back. Voices of courage, the girl, Brandy Jane. Hey, everybody and we're back. This is voices of courage and thank you for tuning in today's episode. We are talking about June 10th and how it's been Cher told not unpacked, not given the broad and bigger picture of what it truly meant and what it is instead of just a great day as we usually think everything is. It's, I, I, I don't understand but hey, here we go. So Juneteenth last jubilee day, right? Which was a, a day that slaves are they free people now come together as a community and to unite, to support, to embrace something that we don't even really do here today.

So the fact that we just oh and don't even take in the very, you know, the the embodiment, the truth, the what it signifies and meant for those very people, but just a day of celebration. However, that comes however you accept it just like some accepted that ice cream. I tell you it just, I wasn't even surprised to be honest with you just accept, accept, accept another day, another day of what? Because for them, I mean, it was way more than what we can ever imagine and it's a torch to keep moving and keep going forward today, stronger and not forgetting but remembering and not sugar coating as they already try with in the education system, you need to know what history you have came from.

So, you know, where you are going and you know where you are So you are not a fool to this treacherous world. It's still holes those very beliefs today. Yeah. But, ok. Hm. So as of June 10th is a day, even the Emancipation and Proclamation was a huge day. But since they didn't get to the, you know, the very last of them until June, that's why they stamped that day. But I just want to point out the fact that that day so significant why?

Because they weren't told and that's why is created, right? And well, some people say, oh, no, because that was the last, is it because of course, we want to color things up and not show and say and point out and hold accountable for what it really was and what it meant. Accepting the lies and the indoctrination without doing the research or true education, right? Because Manny didn't even know trust. I wasn't really that thirst on it. But um I see how quick it did didn't take me not, you know, how, how quick it took me to get the full scope of things because I read I research, you know what I mean? True education. But hey, they weren't teaching these things because Juneteenth jubilee day, it started to dwindle down declining like in the 19 hundreds, right? Because they weren't really teaching this in school and things like that. So it really wasn't being celebrated or anything like that because I mean, shortly after here came the Jim Crow era says, like one from one, you know, system.

So the next, just a little impression to the next Jim Crow here at Cam. Right. And when you think about it, it shouldn't be really big surprise because it was like, uh, was hit them with, uh, right, because all that did was just set free, set them free. And that being said there were still so many things they were not capable of able to do. Matter of the fact when it came to their crops and everything, they can only really take their share. They really didn't benefit too much when it came to them. Now being free and then working as an employ, you know, being employed, right? They weren't given, I mean, they couldn't even be in certain places together celebrating uh many confined more to the home. It, it was so much more that came with it, the abuse and violence didn't stop there. It was just the free part and free to what extent up until they were un alive because there was no protection.

There, there was no law that said, you know, that lives mattered. And um that, that would be a crime, right? So they created the whole little force that came about to go out and get those little, you know, what's, that's how the whole food source was created. But yeah, these things aren't taught. I haven't even heard him really be taught within the black community. So I'm just like what the, huh? But, ok, so that being said here comes along the Holden pro era, right? Become segregation. So it's like they jump from one and they're like, oh, wait, what, what is this? Because they saw freedom and, and they knew that this was gonna be their time for equality and to be able to be treated as human beings, but instead some more bullshit. Right. Huh. You know, it's crazy how black community celebrates uh, a, a holiday that, um, we weren't even free.

I mean, if we're sitting here claiming and jumping up and down for June 10th, I mean, she, well, you have to know that the independence was not of any slaves because they weren't free. And so therefore we are just so used to this indoctrinated shit that we are so conditioned that we can sit here and celebrate Juneteenth another day just to celebrate some stuff like, oh, what do you even know what you're truly celebrating? Do you know you're just like, oh, that freedom, freedom from what? And what happened during that freedom? And what's going on today? And how is it that you celebrate a day that you weren't? So, I mean, I'm confused here. Make it, make sense for me. Why? Independence Day, the Fourth of July that day? It's a day for your fireworks and beach parties and here we go, Juneteenth. Oh, now we get to June. I mean, what is going on here? Are we confused or just a little conditioned and um basically just accept a lot of shit without even truly knowing that it, it makes no damn sense as you check out the 13th amendment.

Slavery is still here. But, but uh all you gotta do is read, stop teaching these Children some bullshit and teach some real stuff. So they'll know what they're up against, what came from what's still here, where they're going. That's all I'm saying. It might be a little different instead of sitting back and judging, maybe we could hold accountability and do a little better when it comes to teaching, to sharing. And this is not just teaching as a teacher or teaching, it's from parents and all the community and all that would mean to educate yourselves, to educate us or to do better because knowing the lack of knowing the, you know, just how much was not told. And you think once you find that out that you would go even harder and then not falling for the same BS this holiday crap, what does it signify? What does it do? What does it say because it wouldn't make or break or change the fact that that happened and that today we're still in an era where people now are in denial saying racism doesn't exist like some freaking buffoons went clearly.

It has, it's not made up, don't let people tell you that you might want to wonder why they're telling you that too because some will tell you, oh, this is just the separation. Yeah, it is. But who's playing it? You understand? Because it exists very much so, but it exists now even more so in a way of separating. So people do not come together. Yes, we know that. But to be silly and say it doesn't exist, it sounds like people that celebrate black people to celebrate the Fourth of July. And then was like, yes, June, that's what, that sounds like. Some silliness, some straight up nonsense. So this doesn't take away anything from what it meant to, for slaves to so called be free, doesn't take away from it. But it's more about how we go about it, how we receive it, how we share it, how we embrace it, how we pick it, pick at it. And don't really look at the overall picture where we should still feel away.

Now. Were you like, all angry and stuff? But where, you know, the, the fight, the courage, the strength of the voice and the need for truth and real education, you understand it's necessary it's needed. Hm. Yeah. That Fourth of July thing. Oh, my goodness. This, I just can't, I can't. Yeah, I used to but I didn't, no one need that to see. That's the thing when these things get passed down from, you know, generation to generation. And it's like, at some point, somebody I learned something and that's supposed to keep carrying on the same tradition. It's like when we grow, we grow up a tradition, our family. No, maybe they didn't know any better. So I think at some point somebody got to take off the ignorant cap and really this together for goodness gracious. There's so much more meaning here, so much work to be done still and it can be done when the intentions are good and when you respect human life, it's never an issue.

It's really basic, you know, your place, you know how things are lined up. It's truly the people that need to get their shit together of all shades human beings, humanity, the lack of empathy, kindness, love, respect, really to respect and have empathy are very much solutions for humanity. And if you think different, I'll wait for you to tell me what some Bs is gonna take you 10, 20 minutes to say because you're a negative nancy because you bought all this shit like I said in the in respect because we with that things change when you don't have it, it doesn't change so you can't have it and not, not willing to help or change.

So many people speak about empathy but yet where is it? Oh In certain situations. Yeah, that's not empathy. Get it together, right? It's not really that hard to have respect and empathy and values, human beings and human life unless you don't really value yourself and trust and believe one that don't value themselves, cannot possibly value another. So what that means is the hate and the hatred and the evilness towards another human being will only reflect back to say, hm, you must know, love yourself too, very much. Don't buy the bullshit and think that someone can actually do that shit and really mean it and say it and say they love themselves but can treat someone so poorly, so inhumane. No, that's called program bullshit. OK? And for people that really think that no wonder why you celebrate Fourth of July, not even funny, but for out this episode here, for me is barely scratching the surface.

But all I'm saying is stop tying this stuff up in bowls and selling it and giving it to the kids as if it's um day and if that's the case, then don't even teach it to them. Wait until you, I guess you feel they can handle the truth, the harsh truth, right of the reality. But how about you just go ahead, teach them anyway because in this world don't really have those choices as for the simple fact, look at what the world is trying to serve them. So let's start pointing our fingers and start holding ourselves more accountable for our information that we receive that we've seek or not seek out and how we share it with our youth. What is your, I don't know but I know this much. It ain't what we make it out the scene wasn't some nice and, and, and, and pretty fun day for people. Some people never made it out. She did, you know that Abraham Lincoln had to pay rein compensate or compensate how we say that.

Um, have, you know, and, and here we, here, here people sit waiting to, you know, get a hold of some reparations. Our slave owners got some money, some reps did you know that? I mean, there's nothing wrong with some education just so you know what you're in that what you're in now and what you're walking, you know, it helps it, it's a, it's a better mind frame mindset when you know where you're going, when you know where you came from and what you're in now and where you're going forward. But the ignorance, it leaves us where we have been unsupportive of one another. Not really trying to bring the communities together. They're just so willing to accept and hold on and, and then cherish and then go celebrate these things that are given to us. Not because someone gave a crap or cared just by default.

Why do you think Juneteenth they passed as a holiday? Let me say this before we go before we shut this down. Did you hear much about this at the day? And I don't know about you guys, but I heard here in San Diego there was a flag that was risen, but San Diego supposedly was like the only um I guess when it came to local or, I don't know, don't quote me on it, but definitely, supposedly the only ones that really gave tribute or acknowledged. I don't know. Then it made me think how many black people didn't get the day off, but how many non-black people got the day off? But how many black people didn't get the day off? I wonder, were they given the choice? Should there have been a day where someone got the choice to have the day off or acknowledge in some sort of way? I, I'm just saying, since Juneteenth and All right, not a holiday. I mean, she, you would think the very people has to do it would get, you know. Right. But hey, people made money, right. That ice cream they were trying to sell if they took off the market. Yeah, Juneteenth ice cream Walmart. And then somebody thought it would be a great idea to create the watermelon salad.

So you tell me where the bullshit comes into play and when enough is enough for you or would you be willing to take the ice cream and the watermelon salad? Sad part is many probably would have. And that's what I'm saying right there. People treat you how you allow them to, you accept that you accept. So if you want to move forward and you're wanting more, well, uh, you might want to stop accepting the dimes and crumbs. Start building a foundation for our youth on wisdom, true education and intelligence, the mindset to be able to make a difference and not just accept what it's given, but to know their worth and to believe in that worth and to know better and to know they're just as great. But thank you for tuning in. This is your host, Brandy Ja, voices of courage and I hope that you gain something out of this episode.

I know I did. Until next time everybody stay educated, stay empathetic kind, supportive to acknowledge truth, to acknowledge history doesn't mean that you have to hold on to. It doesn't mean you have to ignore it and make it, it's not real, it's not real. No, it doesn't mean that it separates just because you have knowledge and you know, truth, right? That comes into play on us as people actually hold on to these ideologies and beliefs that one is lesser than the other or one is more superior than that's when that comes into play. And once we stop doing that and realizing that we are our very own issue and get it together with this conditioning and programmed thinking, you might have a chance.

And until next time pace the anti lynching bill that just was passed in 2022. Doesn't make anyone wonder ponder and think that's wow, so long and the countless amount of times that have been and the very courts for how many years, I mean, come on here this wasn't its first goal. And for the fact that it even took this long, the fact that even had to have some time and, and the fact that it just was something that was not accepted, not tolerated and didn't need to have uh a bill, a court date.

People deciding, ruling on this, this is just an inhumane ha act that shouldn't happen. Did anyone did that play it? You know, or was it just like woohoo? It's about time. Yes, because I saw a lot of people like yes, they finally I'm like, first of all ain't nothing to jump it up, up and down for shit. This shit never should happen. This is inhumane. You see what I'm saying here? Great. Yeah, that they passed it but stop, you know Wuhan and celebrating some shit that should never have happened anyway, this was inhumane. Took way too freaking long all of a sudden now they want to sign off on it and what does it really say? Does it stop it or does it just get signed? But yet will accountability really be held because it, it didn't stop to. This is the part where humanity needs to kick in emotions that strike that humanity and people to know that these things are wrong because let me tell you no one would want it to happen to them.

And that right there my friends to tell you a whole lot if you wouldn't want these very things for yourselves or others that you love, then why accept it for others, why not say anything? Why accept it to say nothing doesn't mean much. It means you don't care if you wouldn't want it for yourself and how dare you not speak up on the realms of it? Did you run that deep? The hate? Because it's gonna run a lot deeper on that very fine judgment day. Our humanity was thinning or many. But there are so much and so many good, good people that come in all different shades.

But these very things happened, things are still happening and as much as people say, they don't want to make it about it, but yet they do just by their very actions or lack of acknowledgment, right? What are you scared of? Sure, I tell you is as if people inconvenience people with their slavery and racism, the issues. Well, how do you think people that lived it felt? But the lack of empathy is right? There just shows that there's some rooted problems here. The sad part is all of it, all of it. It's going to come smack dab right back at. People can't do heinous things to individuals, to human beings and not think for one moment that you won't have to ever hold accountability.

Very so. Hm.

Junteenth Told Not As A Celebration
Junteenth Told Not As A Celebration
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