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51: 3 Uncommon Marketing Tips for Realtors

by Speakeasy Podcast Network
April 26th 2021

In this episode, Rob discusses marketing specifically for realtors. He has personal life experience of working with realtors and now professional as well, causing him to have a lot of experience in... More

What's happening friends, welcome back for another episode of Waynecast. I'm your host, Rob Johnson. On today's episode, we're gonna be doing a topic that I've covered before. But I want to cover it from a different perspective because it's an issue that I'm seeing more and more, especially in the Livingston County market and I think we'll just be helpful to bring this up.
So I posted this on my stories earlier today. But the topic for today, It's gonna be three uncommon marketing tips for realtors. And I want to go through these relatively quickly because I want to post this on LinkedIn and LinkedIn for whatever reason doesn't allow you to post videos more than 10 minutes, so that's cool. So let's go ahead and dive in.

So if you're a realtor, really encourage you to check this out. Really think about the way that you're doing marketing compared to the way that what I'm seeing being very effective. So first off realtors have been kind of doing the same type of social media for a long time and what has happened is different agencies have picked up the flow that realtors and brokerages want to run marketing and they've created businesses for marketing service catered to just the real estate industry.
So what it typically looks like is a agency will create an ad that has a hook that someone would pay attention to. So for example, If you're in a let's say, you're like a median county in a state and your homes are selling for like $150,000 right? They would post an ad that says, you know, click here to subscribe to get all the latest information on homes that become available starting at $150,000.

They'll post a nice picture of a house and then they'll run lead generation on that ad to get agents names and numbers of people they can call and try and retain as either sellers, but most likely they're going to be buyers. So you have this an insane amount of volume coming through that can be very hard to keep track of. And the biggest complaint that realtors have told me is that it's so much volume and it's so much garbage in terms of what types of leads they're getting. It's just not effective.
So what I've put together is three tips that I've seen work and it's what we execute for our clients on a daily basis. So the first one is networking. Now networking is one that seems pretty common. Everyone's like, "Yeah, networking is something that we do. It's something that we've, you know, we've tried were chamber members." But largely what I'm talking about here is networking with service in mind first, meaning when you go to a networking event, everyone knows you're a realtor. Everyone knows that you buy and sell homes, you might do commercial, you might have a specialty here and there. But by and large, everyone understands the dynamic and the need for a realtor.

What they don't know is who that realtor is. What's the other dimension? What's the other angle that that realtor can offer? So when I look at networking, I look at who can you serve well for that space? What relationships can you foster to network more meaningfully? And then who can you educate about different processes? Because people might have questions, they will be locked into an existing relationship, but you can educate them and show them how to do different things in the real estate industry more efficiently.
So then the next time or if they have a referral, or if they know someone who needs a realtor, who are they going to call? Well, they're going to call the person that has been helping them educating them, serving them. It's really a good byproduct and most realtors focus solely on the buying and selling. This is what we do, this is how we do it. What I want realtors to focus on is who can they serve in their network from an authentic, genuine standpoint. And when you do that, when you invest in those relationships, when you invest in those people, sales, referrals, leads will come as a natural byproduct, but it has to be authentic, it can't be disingenuous.

The second thing is LinkedIn. So we talked about networking, now let's talk about LinkedIn and how you shouldn't be using it. We have this little game that were, that's not really a game, but it's just kind of a recurring joke in the office every time someone gets someone on LinkedIn that says they want to talk to them and they have something important. And then we just say, wait a couple days, you'll get another message saying "Hey, I noticed you didn't see this message. You know, are you willing to do A, B, C, D and E?"
And what happens is they're using LinkedIn sales navigator. So what happens if someone connects in your network, you get an initial blast email and then there's a series of four or five emails that will follow along the similar cadence, right? We checked out your website. They didn't, we notice that you're interested in this. We're not, It's just the whole type of the copy and paste a language trying to get someone to set up a meeting. And largely it doesn't work well, it's not a good strategy. It is largely ineffective. We've seen about 1% conversion ratios on them and that's just for people to sign up that doesn't include actual paying customers.

So LinkedIn sales navigator by and large over promises and under delivers. What I'm talking about with LinkedIn is someone that's posting organic content to LinkedIn about, you know, day in the life of a realtor, what's going on? A deal that fell through why it fell through just kind of pulling back the curtain and explaining things that people would want to see in the real estate market and, and really just attaching people to you through your character. Not through what you do and what you sell, but who you are as a person. That's how people follow along on social media. They want to be attached to something that they can believe in and typically that someone's character.
That's why for me, when someone says "Hey, do you know someone that can sell you a home down here in Livingston County in Ingham County?" I know about three or four realtors, I wouldn't hesitate to refer someone to because I know their character as people and I don't really have to worry about, you know, are they going to treat my friend well because these realtors are also my friends. So it's a really good spot to be in. So we were posting organic relatable content on LinkedIn, but we're also running ads in feed.

Maybe we've created a really nice video or we have a really good image of the realtor shaking hands at a table. You know, just things that are real life photos of that realtor or real life video, which is even better explaining how they do things and why they're different and what makes them stand out. And then you're running that against professionals, people with a certain demographic or interest inside of LinkedIn towards the main feed. So that when people are scrolling through LinkedIn, they're seeing the video, you're not blowing up their inbox, you're not sending them five emails on loop Or five Inbox requests on Loop. You're literally just dropping a video in their feed, offering them, showing them educating them about something that you do as a realtor.
So one is networking two is LinkedIn and three is Google my business and Youtube. So this is the biggest, probably value ad for a realtor that I can think of. This goes along with mortgage brokers as well.

So what you have here is Google my business is the single, most underutilized platform across all local businesses. There's a lot of really good organic local opportunities that can be fleshed out through Google my business if it's set up and utilized and action in the right way. Now think about this, if you're a realtor and you're trying to bid on google PPC, the pay per click ads, the ones that you see at the top of the page, Zillow and Realtor are buying up a lot of those ad spaces, so cost per click, can average between $9 to $19 here in Michigan depending on what county you're bidding in. So what happens is when you have Google my business. This is a local platform for local businesses that Realtor and Zillow cannot utilize because they don't have local offices here, so they don't have Google my business, but you do.
And if you have 50 great reviews and a bunch of photos that you're uploading weekly and you're pushing social content from Facebook or Instagram to Google, Google starts to think about your business in a way of you being active and it ranks your business up higher on the local search.

So when someone is looking for realtors in the area, you show up on maps, you show that you have 50 great reviews that you've collected over time and then things really start to turn over for you. It's a way to get ahead of Zillow and Realtor that they can't utilize because they're not local. So obviously this has a great impact for local SEO. And if you're using Youtube, if you're uploading videos to Youtube, backlinking your website, then you have some cross pollination happening, which is also good for your SEO.
So I think when a lot of people think about networking and marketing for realtors, they think of the traditional meet and greet, you know, shake hands, here's what I do or they go to the heavy lead generation side whether just creating a tremendous amount of volume, but the traffic is garbage. I don't prefer that method. I don't think it's overly helpful. It's the same thing like when a realtor posts on loop, you know, I can I can help you buy a house, I can help you sell a house. It's like, man, we know we know you can do that. What more can you do? Tell us more about who you are as a realtor. Tell us more about your backstory, how you got in the industry, why you do what you do, then you'll have followers attach themselves to your page.

So, to recap again, we're talking about the three uncommon marketing tips for realtors, we're gonna be looking at networking LinkedIn and Google my business. Do you have any questions waynemedia.com. You can follow me @thatrobjohnson on all social media platforms and apart from that, I'll catch you on next week's episode. Thanks for watching. Take care.

51: 3 Uncommon Marketing Tips for Realtors
51: 3 Uncommon Marketing Tips for Realtors
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