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46: Fear of Podcasting

by Speakeasy Podcast Network
April 5th 2021

In this episode, Rob talks about the natural fear that podcasters have before they start and how Speakeasy Podcast Network helps mitigate those fears with our onboarding process. 

What's happening friends, welcome back to another episode of Waynecast. I'm your host Rob Johnson. For today, I want to talk about fear surrounding podcasting and there's really two levels to this. The first level is what we've noticed through the selling process. When we're explaining the concept of Speakeasy to business owners. The second thing is, I would say probably a byproduct of that individual's fear when they step in and see how a podcast fully works. It becomes a lot. So in that first section, when we're selling a podcast to somebody, there are a lot of things we can do. We can bring people in remotely. And when you come into our studio it can be a little overwhelming. You have all the studio lights, you have the microphones, you have the cameras, you have the monitor.

And it can just be like, "All right, this is a lot." So for our capabilities, you know, obviously we can do live streaming. We can bring people in on remote and you know, do a split screen and level them up and make everything sound really nice. But whenever I'm selling and what I've told other individuals when they're selling is that we need to start really small and then as someone's interest and want grows in what we have then we can articulate those products to them.
So, for example, when I start talking about podcasting with someone, I'll explain the audio process.
"What's it like? Will you come in? We're gonna do a pre-production meeting. We're gonna sit down, we're gonna help you sketch out a few episodes, get you in a good rhythm and then we'll go ahead and go live and start recording". That's really the first thing. And then through that course of conversation, they might say, "All right, well, what about video?" It's like, "Great, so we have single frame video in the studio. We can also bring your guests in on video or you know, they'd be on video if they came in the studio with you." And then they say "What about live streaming?"

"All right, well, we can do live streaming to Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, pretty much any platform that you like, we can simultaneously livestream to." And then they might say "Well, what about like news clips and video clips?" It's like, yeah, we can we can insert those into the feed as well. So long as we have them before we go live. So when someone starts out and they think about podcasting, it's almost like anything else.
Even when we do marketing planning, I think one thing that takes most businesses by surprises, I say, "Yeah, we have this signature package, but if you're a smaller entity and you don't have the manpower to execute this plan right now, don't spend the money, spend less money, get your feet under you. And then we can scale into that plan when everything is working really well." And that surprises people were like "Well, wouldn't you you want us to spend the most money?" And it's like, no, I want you to have the most success." So we maintain this relationship the longest.

Now for podcasting, if you're thinking about it or if it's your first time, it can be really scary. It's like, "Man, what am I gonna say? What happens if I stumble? You know, who wants to listen to what I say?" And all of that is just your inner critic telling you that you can't do it.
And what I tell business owners all the time is that if you can sell your product, you can do a podcast. Because when you're going and talking to the client, when you're going and educating your salesforce, when you're writing up procedures and policies for the operation of your organization. Those are all elements that are in podcasting.
So you have a guest in you're talking about their company. You're interviewing them like people interview you about your company when they're trying to buy from you. But now you're in the host seat. Now you're sitting there thinking about "Oh all right, well this isn't so bad. I can ask the same questions that I've been asked 1000 times, talk about their company, their start-up, their origin, what they do, what makes them different."

Or if I'm talking about my company and it's a solo podcast, I can certainly sit there and say "All right, well, hey, I got great news. you know, here's exactly what I do and exactly how I explain it to the client." And what people have found is as they go through that process, they discover that they are much more comfortable selling after they've started a podcast because now they're getting even more comfortable articulating what they do and how they do it.
Because now they're engaging in dialogue with other business owners, network partners. It's really a great, I will say a holistic structure to conversation because it covers every facet of business and that's why I really like podcasting as a medium for business owners. Because it's not just, "Oh, how can I start a podcast and get advertisers to pay me?" No, it's much more. It's networking. It's learning the process of sales. It's building more detail and depth to your knowledge base and credibility as a business owner. So many layers to this and I think a lot of business owners think of podcasting in a very straight narrow path and really there's a lot of branches on that tree.

So if you're getting into podcasting, if you have fear over doing a podcast, I encourage you just to sit down and think about what you would talk about, how would you talk about it.
Start really small and then scale up because if you try and drink from the firehose, if you try and do everything at once, it's going to be overwhelming. That's why I always encourage people start with audio, do five or six episodes, build a following, then move to video, then potentially move to live streaming if that's what you want to do. But do it in doses, like no one's going to get 10 episodes into a show from a listener perspective and say, "Wow, why didn't they do a video from the beginning?" Like people understand it's a progression. If you go back and look at episode one of Joe Rogan's podcast, like I think the first 10 minutes is those guys trying to figure out how to do a live stream. But now you look at where it has progressed to and obviously it's a worldwide sensation, we'll call it. It's a very well produced show, but it took time to get there.
So there's no need to come out of the starting gate 10 out of 10. You always need to look at where you're at and then keep improving along the way.

And the cool thing is too, if you're working with us here Speakeasy, you'll have professionals guiding you along the way. Helping you map out episodes, explaining concepts of how to interview how to start your first podcast, what questions do you need to prepare for, what do you need to ask yourself.
There's just a lot of movement and I will say there's a lot of really good advice and collaboration that takes place between our podcasters and our talent here at speakeasy. So again, that is my two cents on the fear of podcasting. I know it's a very real thing and hopefully this helps ease your mind a little bit more as you're considering doing something like that.
Well, our friends, that'll wrap up this week's episode of Waynecast almost said more than marketing, it's been a minute. Um, so if you have any questions at all, just feel free to, you know, reach out rob@waynemedia.com. You can reach out to our podcasting staff podcast@speakeasynetwork.com and check out our Web sites, all of which are in the show notes.

All right friends, we'll catch you on the next one. Take care.

46: Fear of Podcasting
46: Fear of Podcasting
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