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Tools for Forgiveness in the Workplace

by Valerie Hail
September 15th 2021

The Law of Forgiveness has a place in our corporate environment. The reasoning is that this practice can improve the bottomline, employee morale and loyalty. 


Well, yoga wine, Welcome to my podcast. I'm Valerie hale forgiveness in the corporate world, in our workplace. Do you know that you can incorporate the law of forgiveness in your business and it will have a huge impact on your bottom line on employee morale and even employee loyalty. The reason being is that when we use the law of forgiveness, it opens up possibilities, new opportunities grow as a business and in your own personal life, Mary Morrissey had $10 million Morrissey is the founder of Life Mastery Institute back in 2003, she and her congregation, we're building this amazing center that was going to take $10 million dollars to create and she knows how to teach people to forgive what she teaches us is that many people believe that forgiveness is a sign of weakness.

It's better to hold grudges and anger and hate. You can see this in the corporate environment if you are operating on that level, it is going to hurt productivity. Your bottom line employee morale. She also mentions that what we want to learn is that it's the situation that we never wanted. It's the event. It's the betrayal that we didn't ask for in order to control your mind and your feelings. She offers tools for us. It is not a weakness, not at all to forgive Dalai Lama, Dalai Lama calls these people who we have calls them sacred friends because it takes a lot of work. It takes courage in order to employ the tools that mary morrissey teaches us and this is the process and it's not easy mary morrissey tells us, I'll learn to forget I maybe millimeter by millimeter.

It can take years but start the process. Practice it every day. What you want to do is envision someone you really love who really brings you happiness, enjoy that person or whom you're grateful. It can be your Children, that could be a spouse, can be your best friend and be a golfing buddy. Get on a higher frequency when you begin to envision this other sacred friend who you feel has betrayed you or you're remembering the situation that you're still holding holding a grudge about to bring this vision of the people you really love and stay there until you're feeling the gratitude and the love and the appreciation for this person gently let that image fade.

Then you're going to bring in the image of what Dalai lama will say is the sacred friend. All this feeling that you had your best friend, your bows, golfing buddy, you're going to imprint on this person. Then you're going to repeat these four statements. May you truly be happy. May you know true peace. May you walk in ways that bring you happiness, may you know love, You must repeat these several times and it does take practice. I know this is difficult to believe that it works, but I can share with you my own experience with this. Recently I owned real estate in new york, everything is for sale and because of covid and cuomo with pro tenant laws, two of my tenants in separate buildings stop paying rent.

I knew they were going to trash the place. But what I kept saying and seeing in my mind where these four statements, may you truly be happy, may you know true peace, May you walk in ways that bring you happiness may you know, love, this is very powerful because you're not only transforming these words to those sacred friends, they are coming back to embrace your life. And that's why forgiveness is so powerful because you are now in control of what you're thinking and what you're feeling. Desmond tutu says those who think forgiveness is weakness, I haven't tried it. The other aspect about forgiveness, it's an inner cleansing kundalini yoga astound. The science of sound is something that guru jagat and my other teacher harper Cash teaches us they play specific music when we do Korea's.

This music is specific, it can be for prosperity or abundance and be a calming healing sound. It can be fun and joyous. They have played music for us that they had us jumping around like silly jumping beans, mexican jumping beans, enjoying this music. The music is very powerful because it also opens neural pathways again, dopamine oxytocin, oxytocin and serotonin are they happy hormones? And these can be initiated by the right sounds of music will give agent who brought kundalini yoga over from India a gazillion years ago Teach us that it usually takes 40 days. The change of habit change an addiction. I am of the belief and so is guru jug up that when you find a career that works, just do it, do it every day, do it for the rest of your life.

This that this virtual class that I have on the podcast details is one of my favorite that I had just started studying with guru jagat virtually before she unexpectedly died and I'm going to keep putting it up in hopes that other people will start practicing this. I have mentioned that when you combine kundalini yoga with mary morrissey's teachings or matt bugs or bob proctor. You have created an orbit of wealth and abundance prosperity, happiness, health that surpasses your wildest dreams vastly. Wine september for me is a little sad because in new york it's the end of summer. I lived there for 29 years. That's where my investment property is. Somebody buy it please. I'm ready. Therefore it's still in my D.

N. A. To be a little sad when september rolls around, luckily I drink roses. However, all year long others don't they think that also spring and summer is the end of rose season. I will be sharing with you folks from now until eternity. Great rose wines to drink all year long and I would call these next three wines, you may think of them as end of summer roses, but they're not there all year round. But let's just say september as the end of roses season just to humor the masses. There is a wonderful wine store in ST Petersburg called fourth and vine Edith knows or wine. She grew up in a family who operated a liquor storm in ST Pete Beach, her palette is exceptional. The three wines that I love is paul di, it is from Austria, the grape is the rattle is black belt.

It's delicious by itself, but it's also delicious with more of your summer fear. I like the olive, the tapas, You can do a cream sauce with this, but it's actually a little bit delicate. It does love grilled vegetables. You know, I'm the vegetarian very versatile. No, nothing heavy with these foods though. If you were gonna do a nice grilled fish with dill or something like that would be absolutely perfect. And that's about $17. The next one is Mariana, that is from Portugal. I love Portuguese wines also in paul d is in a leader, which is a great price for $17 bottle of wine. The Mariana is from Portugal. The varietals are Escudero and madero wonderful wine because it is also versatile, not quite as delicate as the paul d. It has a very vibrant cranberry and mild strawberry flavors again, you can do like grilled meats, even though I'm a vegetarian, you could do a nice simple chicken again, grilled vegetables is always the fair.

I do like mexican food with this guacamole is great. But this one too last one dill sauce. But that's a rosy, that sparkling. And alsace is not known for any red wines except you know what? That is going to be the great that is predominant. Well, it's only great Rydell. That's in fremont Dill sauce. Roses do have a tendency to be a little bit um sparkling roses have a tendency to be a little more pricing and that is about $25. In conclusion, forgiveness deserves to have a home in daily practice in the corporate world. Let your employees know that eight and grudges will not work in a corporate environment. Let's start a new world order with the law of forgiveness. Remember it's an inter clean cleansing kundalini yoga. Play some yoga music at work.

My goodness, let me an email and be happy to. I'll put some on the podcast details of course, powerful music cleansing um virginity, prosperity and abundance. And lastly wine. Some people look at september is the end of Rose season. I will never let you down. I will always include a rose a sometime in the in the following months. Well, for eternity. And lastly, I am not a life consultant, I am not a life coach. I produce these podcasts on a weekly basis to help hundreds of people globally. Mm. And I would love it if you signed up for one of mary or math multi week programs, because you will learn so much information and improve your life in immeasurable ways, and that's how I get paid in there. See?

Tools for Forgiveness in the Workplace
Tools for Forgiveness in the Workplace
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