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Hudson Valley, Hyde Park 40acres, Renovated Farmhouse for sale!

by Valerie Hail
August 24th 2021
Hello. My name is Valerie Hale. I am the creator of the podcast, health yoga wine Ever. I'm going to use my property in Hyde park new york, which is for sale during this podcast and I'm going to include the video drone that my real estate agent, Trevor Volpe Creative. This property is one of the most unique properties you'll ever come across in Hudson Valley. The reason being in the 1900s, it was a working farm. I bought it 21 years ago from the original owner. It is 40 acres. The re houses. Well, we're going to include two houses because my former house is actually on a separate deed. It's a little confusing for people. So let's just talk about the 40 acres the renovated farmhouse which I made into a lovely bed and breakfast, but I'm, it's closed now and you can use it as a residential rental or live there yourself because every room has its own private bathroom.

The 1900 for the 1900 Circle Farm house was completely renovated back in 2000 and five and everything is in good working order in. The rooms are beautiful as you'll see on the drome. It also has a two bedroom single family home which we call it was the original carriage house. When you look at it, you'll see that it has four horse carriages below. But now there is a good old garages, also has a chicken shed which we use for storage and a two acre spring fed pond. This property is amazing in its uniqueness. You won't find anything like this, especially at this price. In Hudson Valley. It is half a mile from the renowned culinary Institute of America. It also Hyde Park itself is famous for the first presidential library FDR and his home and museum. It also has Val Kill, which is Eleanor Roosevelt's private residence and it has one of the bander built homes, which was Actually an everyday summer home for them.

Nothing like the homes in Rhode Island. As I mentioned, it's literally 10 minutes from the train station, metro north, which takes you into the city and the local river towns. It's also the hub of Amtrak. The property is close to maris college, which is a famous liberal arts college and about 20 minutes from Vassar College. So click on the drone and you can certainly reach out to me. You can send me an email which will be there. Or you can certainly reach out to my real estate agent, Trevor Volpe. You see if we

Hudson Valley, Hyde Park 40acres, Renovated Farmhouse for sale!
Hudson Valley, Hyde Park 40acres, Renovated Farmhouse for sale!
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