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WomenWILL Podcast Trailer 0000

by Laura Kuimba Yu
January 6th 2021

Episode #000— Welcome to the WomenWILL Podcast with Laura Kuimba. 

In this series of Women in Leadership Limelight, successful women leaders share their stories of lead... More

you're listening to the women Will podcast in this series of women in leadership limelight. Successful women leaders share their stories of leadership growth and self discovery if you're an ambitious woman who wants to live larger dream, bigger blaze trails and manifest your destiny. These conversations will inspire you with new insights and fresh perspectives from different segments of business and society and various countries all around the world and now your host, Laura Queen ba hi my name is Laura, Thanks for joining me on the Women Will podcast where I host conversations with influential and successful women to understand the challenges and opportunities for women in leadership by creating a space to share their stories, their background and the real life scenarios that have shaped them as well as the insights that they've gained along their leadership journey.

The women I talk to are inspiring, motivating and authentic and I'm interested to learn and hear their ways of thinking how they continually set the bar high, how they've developed self awareness, overcome obstacles, faced success and failure and keep moving forward. Are you an ambitious woman, an entrepreneur or a leader? I invite you to join me on this journey of discovery and together to become a community of women who keep showing up and becoming your best self to dive deeper into these conversations with show notes. Episode transcripts, Case studies, topical summaries and community engagement, join us on women will dot world craft your own path to achieving your destiny through deeper self awareness, clearing self saboteurs, unlocking an empowered mindset and healthy beliefs, developing individual success skills and building your team or organization so that you can make a bigger impact and leaves a powerful legacy.

Thanks for listening to the women will podcast a community where ambitious women support each other to get to the next level. Be sure to visit women will dot world to join the conversation, access the show notes and discover our fantastic bonus content. Subscribe to our podcast for updates and join us to chart the way forward for women and leadership. If you love the Women Will podcast, we'd love for you to subscribe. Great and give a review on Itunes. It's very much appreciated. Thank you. That's this week's episode of The Women Will podcast with Laura Q. Kumba. Join us again next week for another episode. Thank you for listening.

WomenWILL Podcast Trailer 0000
WomenWILL Podcast Trailer 0000
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