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September 7th 2021
77. Yoga & Practical Spirituality ~ Part I of II (featuring Dr. Mark Uridel)

Today I’m excited to have back on the show for the second time Dr. Mark Uridel! Check out his previous interview #14. Yoga & Anatomy when you get a chance! Today is the first half of the 2 part... More

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May 25th 2021
67. Yoga & Boat Docks (featuring your host, Ashley Weber)

Today it's just me your host delving into all things Yoga & Boat Docks! In this episode i share with you what I have learned and how teaching out on the water has made me a better yoga ... More

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May 18th 2021
66. Yoga & Helping (featuring Dr. Jo Eckler)

On today’s episode we will sit down to chat with Psychologist, Author and Yoga Teacher Dr. Jo Eckler we will explore the subject of Yoga & Helping.  If you are in the professional field of... More

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