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Deception of a Strong Narrative.

by Tom Baldwin
July 6th 2021

It does seem right to believe the one with the strongest voice with the most listeners, right??  Hard to go against the grain because it just doesn't feel right. It also take a lot of e... More

well, I heard on the news that butter causes heart disease and so you should eat margarine because margarine is made from vegetables and how the heck good vegetables like cause heart disease. Well, I heard that if you have too much sex, it will make you go blind on broadcasting from Bowdre, the Montana here in the heart of God's country where the oven has literally been turned on a welcome. I am tom baldwin. This is a podcast. And let me just say you guys are freaking awesome. Yes. And you're like tom, what did we do? Well, you're just being you and the fact that you turn into this podcast proves to me either that you like listening to me because I make you feel better about yourself and I get it. And that's okay because I don't care what method that has to be used.

Even if it's like using me as something to step on to feel better, causing you to be higher performance. Looking at life better. Doesn't matter whatever your reason is, I'm so glad you're here were of a similar mindset. We are desiring to be has the army commercial says be all we can be, What the heck does that mean? It means that there is so much more untapped potential in you and you know it for a fact. And so listening to this redneck something, I know something probably not all of what I say, Something sparks something in you to say, Hey, I can do that or I can learn that or I can change that. And so that's what this podcast is all about. I am here because I want Everyone out there to have the biggest impact and make the biggest difference for one it's a huge boost for your own self esteem and to, it just raises everybody's like level, you know, it's like when you impact the community, everybody feels it sometimes just a little bit, but it makes a difference.

So hey, that's why I'm here. Hey, just thank you for those that are listening to me on Pandora. I yeah, Pandora's a new, a new outlet that I'm on and thanks for you those and listen to me on Pandora and hey, if you get a chance or you can listen to me on Pandora, you give my episodes of thumbs up that also really helps get this podcast out there and my desire to have reached more people and to grow the audience and have a bigger impact and well, I was kind of searching around, you have to dig a little bit to find some stats. But yes, this audience is growing actually, all three of my podcast audiences are growing and so is super exciting. So thank you, thank you for those of you that support me through Paypal through coffee break and my different donation buttons, yep dot solution is so appreciated, you are wonderful and if you don't do that, thank you for listening and it's never ever required and I totally mean it, I'm just going to be up front with, you know, my desire is to make a living doing this and that's not happening yet.

And that's okay because it's a passion. And so it's easy to do and it's fairly easy to invest money into it to do it. And so, but it's good to have goals and I definitely do have goals. So hey, I'm just gonna do a quick promo. Again, I get nothing. These guys probably don't even know exist other than I order from them. But if you happen to order and you just mentioned, hey, I listen to this guy tom baldwin and yep dot solutions. Hey, maybe they will throw some sugar my way and that would be good. But flying embers kombucha because it is a saturday. And uh, I'm gonna have this, the grapefruit is a little lighter flavor and it's less on the alcohol content of black cherry that I had the other day is uh, it's a bit stronger. So if you want something a little more refreshing lighter. This, uh, this grapefruit is really, really good. So we're going to crack it open here and just, uh, oh yeah, that is really refreshing and a bit tot a, yeah, some tartness there.

So hey, thomas distracted with this cambodia. It's hard, but he's gonna do another swig here. So before we get into the subject matter today. You can also always email me at 406 big T at gmail dot com. Yes, 406 is the area code for all of Montana, wow. And wow, I know. Um, and then big team because I'm a little bigger guy. And even around skinny, I got some muscle on me. So you can still call me big because I am losing weight. Yes. Winning the battle on them. Which well, come on an upcoming episode here. But uh, mm, hey, we are going to take just a break here. I have to tend to something. I'll be all right. Got that taken care of. I just have my phone with me in the closet. I don't normally like to have that. But my wife said a camper rally and I'm just trying to be attentive if she needs things or something's going on there. And because yes, I am that kind of guy. I am what you would call a good husband. So, hey, back to the intro kind of funny, right?

I remember a lot and I'm going to call him narratives today and we're just going to talk about narratives. We can also probably group this into a category which I shouldn't have used the word group, let's say put it in a category called group. I think it's kind of dangerous. And it is like, and I totally remember in the 70s when the attack on butter came and it was like that, this is what causes heart to heart disease and how margarine is so good. And the hydrogenated vegetable oils and they were coming on the market and they were the hot new thing. And so there's this whole mindset and this is and I think it's really dangerous because it causes at least it has for me in the past. And maybe you can relate because I don't necessarily want to group you in because some of you out there are pretty outstanding and you don't necessarily fall for some of the stuff I have in the past. I try not to now, but the narrative was and a couple of scientists that were paid and more than likely it's been a while since I listened to us. But I've listened to a number of research books on the history of fat and kind of the attack on different fats but funded by the makers of hydrogen eventually because they wanted to get it out in the market.

So they fund these studies and you know, they're given a lot of money to these university and research groups and they don't necessarily, you know, it's it's kind of semi unethical, but it's like we're looking for these results. Well, these universities want to continue to have this funding. So they tend to find results or maybe twist the data or the wording of the data to get these results. And so and then this narrative gets put out there through marketing and then these studies get to the mainstream media and they build this uber strong narrative. And so then when it gets down to the local joe like myself and possibly you you're just you're espousing these facts and it's like, oh you shouldn't eat better as you go over somebody's house for dinner and they're serving real butter and it's like, oh you shouldn't eat that here. I have the new healthy thing or the new healthy vegetable oil, vegetable oil. And now we're finding out that these unstable fats this narrative has been built and it has lasted decades and it still lasts in the minds of a lot of people, even though the science, the non funded science, the genuine science, which is really hard to come out because these people have to fund their own research, you know, unless they find an industry.

But it always gets a little sketch because when their funding comes from an industry, they're always looking for results, they promote their industry. And a lot of them unfortunately are not very unbiased and not very quiet about their desire to have the results. And so you're just like when you believe in pure Science, it's really hard and it's really disappointing. And it's why we can't necessarily get into this group thing or believe this really strong narrative because there is this mechanism in our society to build these really strong narratives through marketing and through news media outlets that build this narrative and it is repeating it over and over again, and we believe it is true, but it doesn't necessarily have any more truth are factual basis than the other argument or the other side that gets no attention. And so science is really hard. And so when you're out there digging for the truth, it's really hard because it is hard to go against the mainstream media the other day. And this is kind of what spurred it for me and those of you, The no, I talk a lot about COVID-19 because there's a lot of interesting things around it And agree with me or not.

You have to agree that there's a lot of interesting things around COVID-19 and one of the things is that it's safe and effective. Well, and I talked about this in a previous podcast. The truth is there have been more death from this vaccine than all other vaccines combined in history are ready. And so what does the term safe and effective? But you hear that on the radio over and over again. And even though I've done a lot of research and I follow the vaccine injury website, I even hear that and I just like COVID-19 safe and effective. I am repeating this incredibly strong narrative. And so we found that out with vegetable oil. And there are still there's probably a lot of you out there that think vegetable oils are healthy. There are very unstable fats and when you eat anything with vegetables, especially if it's fried man talk about multiplying it times tent they go into your body, they are very unstable and so they go into your blood vessels and they tear up the into epithelium layer. And then yes, that evil cholesterol that your body produces, that's a wonderful hormone, It is a miraculous substances used to produce so many other hormones.

And you know, if you suppress cholesterol there are studies, you know, they're not very popular because they go against the mainstream narrative, but as you restrict cholesterol, it affects your mood because those hormones that produce that are produced by cholesterol as an ingredient, a main ingredient that for emotional stability and happiness are now gone on these Uber low cholesterol diets. And so there's kind of this zombie thing going on cholesterol, Uber important, so we blame cholesterol even though it's the one that comes and repairs the damage from the oil. And I know I've laboured this a lot, but this is one of those other things, there's been such a strong narrative and one of the founders of this narrative is Ancel Keys and his like war against fat. Well, the truth is, you know, you need a balanced diet and I don't recommend just eating fat. You know, as I discussed in a previous podcast, I have found out how incredibly important fiber is and so we get back to a very balanced diet, you know vegetables, you know, good proteins and good fats and those fats like be fat, they go through your body, butter fat and your body processes them.

They don't tear up that layer in your blood vessels and so they move through fairly quickly and easily. Your body okay. Was designed or evolved to handle this but there is such a strong narrative that there are those of you out there that are even hearing this now and it's just like it's kind of ruffling your feathers and it's like go look at the facts, okay, that's what I've had to do. And when I hear these really strong narratives, the first thing that happens in my mind and this is part of the redneck wisdom redneck logic nuclear thinking is that when you hear a really strong narrative and there's nothing wrong with this is actually incredibly healthy. It's a question it and to go and look like wearing mask, you know now the research is coming out and people are having mass tested like they are taking him to laboratories and finding out what is in those masks, the bacterial pneumonia that is being found in those masks are incredible. Okay, we talked about CV 19 and viruses, they are not alive.

And the viruses themselves, although one has never been isolated, they've only modelled it from bits and pieces of proteins like the spike protein that is on the crown supposedly of the CV 19, you know, it's kind of why it's called the corona virus and they model it in a computer thing, although it's never been isolated. Okay now there's a strong narrative out about that and I would all of you out there probably have heard me say that in a previous episode or you're hearing me now and you're just like B. S. Tom you're full of it. I've seen pictures of it, you do your research and find out that that is computer model that is not an image from an electron microscope where it has been separated and purified. Okay. But there's a strong narrative out there. Okay and so you believe that through that strong narrative that has been separated. So the pcr test was developed from an isolated protein right? Can be because it's never happened.

So the narrative is that the pcr test is very accurate. How can it be? And it's proven if you dig in and find the non biased studies you're going to find out how incredibly inaccurate it is and how it can't narrow down just two CV 19 is detecting like all the coronavirus is across the board and the more they replicated. Okay the cycles that it gets replicated, you know the more inaccurate is and so the current testing was like 40 cycles and they say accuracy is like around 15 max 20 cycles. So we're doubling that. So the accuracy. So there is this really strong narrative out there and so the other side doesn't even get a voice and so we hear this narrative and so when the minority voice comes up which has as much evidence or more, but it doesn't have a strong narrative Built around it, it is totally dismissed. The evidences are the same and sometimes the minority side even has more evidence to it. Okay, neither side has 100% evidence, so conclusions can be made on either side, but the one that gets the most marketing, the one that gets the more airtime through the media is the one that has a strong narrative and then it has this group think that builds in society K US as yep, podcast listeners and you listen to other podcasts probably have the same mindset.

So this isn't the first time that you've probably heard this, I know there are other people out there talking and I'm not asking you to agree with me, but I'm asking you to adopt a mindset where you begin, It's a question and you don't become part of the group think and you're just repeating a narrative because the other side of COVID-19, the vaccine. Okay, the testing mask wearing the other side of that has as much evidence or more and I brought this up before and you know, this tends to be a hot subject for me because it kind of proves I hate when people are manipulated. Okay, I talk about dark psychology and I was one of those people and it disgusts me what I have done to people and how I manipulated people. And it's probably one of the reasons that I can see how this works and how it bothers me so much because human beings have so much value in my mind and so much potential and when they are manipulated, it just oh, it just gets me. And so there's a lot of manipulation going on. Okay. The other thing is that, wow tom maybe needs to calm down a bit and take a drink.

Yeah. Gate the strong narrative about vaccines. Well, no one has talked about except for in the extreme like what would you call it? The extreme media, not the mainstream media talks about how Already even before the vaccine came on our bodies, whether you believe they were evolved or designed or somewhere in between, doesn't matter. Had already dealt with COVID 19. Whether you believe it's an infectious virus, whether you just believe it's information and the terrain of your body, which is a whole new idea that we're going to get to in a few minutes here. Although I'm not gonna my last few podcasts where Uber long and so I'm not going to try to go there. Mhm. But they don't get talked about that. Yes, the vaccine came on and it is for a very strong narrative having let's say not having it is getting The uh what's the word? It escaped me. But getting the credit for dealing with the reduction of COVID-19.

Well, that is absolutely not true. And if you look at the numbers, they had a rush to get the vaccine out to be even close to being able to claim the vaccine has reduced the numbers. I believe the vaccine has done nothing. If not made people more vulnerable for future sicknesses. Because let me tell you wow thomas didn't preaching. When when I say let me tell you the truth is food is the best medicine. Everything else that you put into your body is a toxin and your body has to treat as a toxin. And almost every pharmaceutical is designed to trick your body. One of the natural processes that you have like a vaccine to build antigens which really when when you have antigens, all it proves is that you have antigens. It doesn't necessarily prove that you have protection From that virus. That's also an assumption that has been built through an extremely strong narrative and there hasn't been sincerely been except for anecdotal correlations about that. And that people with antibodies do get sick from that exact virus.

Whether it's CV-19, whether it's measles or whether it's something else like that. So this incredibly strong narrative that is not necessarily built on facts is developed and so pharmaceuticals are toxins okay, they mimic or they suppress or they do something. So every time you take a pharmaceutical. Okay I have done it you are introducing toxins in your body which changed the terrain of your body. Now let's just I had a previous episode when I talked about the name of the podcast was confessions of an abuser. Okay. I introduced a lot of toxins in my body through painting which I did for a number of years plus Uber unhealthy diet and lifestyle. And so the train of my body changed. I became very susceptible sickness developed autoimmune disease which auto immune disease is incredibly linked to toxins. But the narrative is like there's a strong narrative out there well you know autoimmune diseases just happened. Could it be the increase of toxins through my life?

It was painting But when I was a child I've talked about this in previous episodes you know I received like eight vaccines now kids by the time they're 18 are approaching any vaccines and so we know in vaccines they have to have and even the CV-19 vaccine which is gene therapy, it isn't necessarily a traditional vaccine but it still has chemicals and preservatives in it that are toxins to your body. So but most traditional vaccines that are you getting have experience in it like aluminum and a heavy metal and so you're changing the terrain of your body and so the strong narrative is out there is that vaccines are protecting you but there's as much evidence or more evidence on the other side that doesn't have a strong narrative that this is weakening your body makes you more susceptible sickness because of those toxins as exit peons in it that have to be in there to cause your body to have an immune response. And so there's as much evidence on the other side, but you would never I believe that because the narrative is so strong and so when you go against the narrative, there is this way force and people have heard it in the news, in the media and the pseudo science research is research that leaves data out or twist data out unless you dig you can't find that.

And so there is, I'm encouraging when you hear things just dig into it, dig into it a little bit as you find out as you listen to me, you understand that I'm learning and that when I begin, sometimes I sound really a little ignorant because it is hard, sometimes they get a grasp in a field that I don't understand, I think that's why most people don't go there and believe the one or two liners that happened on mainstream media and they adopt that it's important to go through the pain to learn things that you maybe don't understand and hard and sometimes it's hard to get a grasp on and it feels like you're grasping at straws to go against the strong narrative now let's just talk and I've talked previously about louis pasture and so much of our modern medicine is still based on his premises because there is an incredibly strong narrative that has been built and built and built upon over the years about germ theory and the germs you know cause infections and disease.

Well there's something happening that is beginning to corrode the foundations of this and it's about time and I think we're going to find some place that's a little farther from middle from louis pasture to chomp who argued pretty much the opposite of louis pasture that it was the terrain of the body. So the contention of the body and back then you know it was like how healthy are you? And that has more to do with your susceptibility to disease than germs because germs are now probiotics. Oh maybe you don't like that. Okay, those probiotics that you're taking those are the germs and bacteria. The louis pastor was just like these are the things of disease. Okay. And when germs and bacteria because he would find them around wounds and stuff. Well what they were coming to do was prevent infection and they were coming to take care of things. Very strange case some of you are a little uncomfortable with this. But why are you taking probiotics? Because modern science as it's moving along slowly, you need those germs, you need those bacteria, you need those microorganisms in your gut.

What we're also finding out you need those on your skin, you need those on your hair, you need those on your eye, you need those on places where you have mucosal layers and when you don't have them lisa things like eczema dry skin, all kinds of weird things, there's going to be and it's coming but there's like such a strong narrative out there and it's still this germ theory mindset pretty soon antibacterial soap is gonna be like how dare you kill my beneficial bacteria. They're going to demand the stores get rid of antibacterial soap instead getting so that protects those healthy bacteria that can protect us way more than antibacterial soap which comes and kills okay those bacteria that are on you and in you those are your defenders. And so this is a slow thing and it's going against a really strong narrative. But science as it slowly chugs ahead and it comes in contact with a strong narrative. It's really hard but it presses ahead but still hand sanitizers everywhere.

Okay CV 19 is not alive, it is information. A virus are fragments of proteins strung together, it's not alive so you can't kill it. Okay those germs now I am an advocate of washing hands but you just use it with regular mild soap and you get that garbage off that shouldn't be there just you know standard cleanliness. But that good bacteria that works on your behalf is still there and it's on your skin is protecting your skin is keeping your skin moist is keeping your skin subtle. You know I actually do crazy things and this shouldn't be crazy but it sounds crazy because it goes against a really strong narrative. But I spray bacteria on my skin group carefully crafted probiotics that I buy that are designed to be on the skin. That things like hand sanitizer and some of these modern detergents and shampoos strip away. I actually have a probiotic shampoo and I can't tell you how much is doing from my skin.

Okay. There is a strong narrative that pharmaceuticals and that we know best is better. Then when we grew up in environment we interacted in an environment we ate things that were natural and came naturally from our environment. We thrive. And so there's a strong narrative that pharmaceuticals are better than food and eating healthy and that food created in a lab is better for you than food that is grown okay. Maybe when we start cloning people and labs might already be happening, I don't know maybe then it's going to be appropriate to eat these foods created in labs but should we not be eating foods that are similar to us that they were born naturally. Although that's happening less and less and strange. You know the narrative is like when a baby was born at least in my day, you know you should sterilize as much as possible when they were doing c sections they found out these babies weren't thriving long term.

And so what did they do? They went down case, I mean you're gonna be grossed out into the mom's vagina. Got a nice swab of all that juicy stuff down there and rubbed it in the baby's face because the baby needed those germs to thrive and survive. Okay, there is such a strong narrative that goes against which used to be so counter intuitive, there is this thing once we restore our gut there is an intelligence in our gut that we can begin to trust. But as long as you're on pharmaceuticals you're eating food created allowed process in a factory. You can't trust your gut because you don't have those germs of intelligence, those bacteria of intelligence that go against the mainstream narrative. Okay, today I picked some hot topics for me to just give you an example. But louis Pasteur's virus theory. Well he didn't really have virus theory but germ theory and you know that virus theory is just a virus theory. There is as much evidence on the other side that goes with Deschamps view of the human body that it wasn't these germs, these microorganisms that are causing disease but it is the toxic load the things that affect You and how you are as a terrain affects how you respond to this information like the CV-19 it isn't an infectious virus but when it comes across terrain that is vulnerable and damaged then that terrain is already sick and weak and these viruses and this is just speculation but you have to know that infection virus is as much speculation as what I'm going to say the narrative has been strong and it causes us to believe that there is such a thing as an infection virus.

But if you again there has been no virus has been separated isolated. So how could a vaccine ever be developed for it? Yeah, I told you about the case in Germany where they proved that the measles virus and the measles like outbreaks could not be correlated together that a measles virus actually cause measles. And so the narrative is so strong and there is so much funding connected that no one will entertain and they call it ludicrous and stupid. Although the information is a strong on the side of the shop that our environment and how it affects the terrain. Our bodies, our toxic load, the things were affected that make us vulnerable to things out there. So there's these information that you know the speculation around this is this is information that often comes to help our bodies clean up when we have such a toxic load and our bodies go out in the cleanup mode. We become overwhelmed with like the cytokine storm because there are bodies are in such toxic and disease states from the toxins in our environment.

You know modern day diseases like cancer, you know that's related to toxins used to be non existent but our toxic load through environment. If you're like me, you're exposed to a lot of chemicals we have chemicals in our households that give us chemical exposure and everybody, it's different where their chemical exposure is. But it makes to me there's more evidence to say it is a terrain that matters. It is your body and how what has been exposed to what your toxic level is versus this infectious disease and its covid 19 was considered an infectious disease. Still, the death rates were pretty minimal, right? It affected who people with co morbidity. He's obese people, people with more toxic load, auto immune diseases, which are definitely related to toxic load. Older people who tend to lose the diversity of their microbiome unless they're really engage with that. And can I tell you, I've worked in a number of nursing home, like as a subcontractor.

It is atrocious what they feed those older people, in my opinion, they are killing them through their diet. And so there's a strong narrative. It's like no older person in Alright Tom's on his rant here, but they should be feeding them fiber, organic vegetables, cutting their sugar way down. Here's another thing, All right, Tom is going to end up here pretty quick. But there's such a strong narrative out there. One of the most toxic foods for your body for your liver, that makes you vulnerable, causes your immune system to be vulnerable for extended periods of time. Is sugar. Okay, Sugar industry is huge. Okay. And so there is a lot of money that goes into the sugar industry and researching and suppressing of information. But I can tell you if you were a smoker and a soda drinker, it would probably be healthier to give up soda. Okay. They're both not great. Yes, I do smoke cigars occasionally, but it's occasionally and I'm not a regular cigar smoker and I'm working hard to reduce sugar, which is about nothing in my life now and cigars.

So it's a real novel enjoyment thing because I want to live healthier. But there is a strong narrative. So I'm have given a lot of examples around the research aspect as far as topics I'm interested. But it goes to all kinds of areas where there is this uber strong narrative bill. But it's not necessarily true. And so I encourage you dive in. Look at the other side, make an educated decision when you hear something on the news. Just people I'm gonna look into that and not just believe it because it is true. And I know it's a shocker and it's super unpopular right now. But there's a growing movement that there are not things such as infectious viruses, but there are things such as infection viruses because I'll tell you if you look how much money, the who the National Institute of Health and the CDC got through Covid. I'm gonna tell you infectious viruses are huge moneymakers. So I'm just asking you as part of an awesome group of people and maybe I've totally pissed you off and you're just like you You made it to the end.

I don't know. It's okay to be pissed off. Go and find your own information. Okay. Look at multiple sources. I read both sides. Like when I was looking into CV19 I read the pharmaceutical companies information about their stuff and then I also read the other people that were writing about their stuff and made an informed decision. So tom is not going to go on and on and so get on tell you you're awesome. I so appreciate you Have a fantastic day. Go out there continue to make a difference. Yes. Yes. Yes. Mhm.

Deception of a Strong Narrative.
Deception of a Strong Narrative.
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