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Dealing with Superiority Complex With George The Founding Director TakebackyourmindUk..... ✨

by Iriketoma Favour
October 8th 2021
Met Mr George on Instagram and well we scheduled to have a conversation on Superiority Complex, George is the founding director of TakebackyourmindUk (A Mental Health community) To you know help Peopl... More
Yeah. Mhm. Yeah. Mhm Hi Ben. Warm. Warm, welcome to all about meant, I hope podcast I am your host fake until today basically are going to be talking about security, complex and how it affects our mental health. So today we may I'm having a professional, the founding director of taking back your mind u. K. Mr George and is going to be and his games giving us sharing more insight, how have its purity, complex effects are mental health setback and enjoy the right. Mhm Yeah, welcome to the show. Mr George was so happy you could join our podcast and we need to really mean so much to me and also to my audience. So I'll come to the show through a little bit off. Just tell us what you do and what your foundation is about. Missing. Yeah. Hello. Um it's going to be here.

Thank you for having me and I appreciate you reaching out to the uh to gather. I didn't sorry about biology. Looks um my organization is and was founded actually in 2000 and 18. Disappoint individuals with mental health ranging from, you know, anxiety, too complex mental health, these and problems, complex PTSD for example, um which is something that we will be covering a lot of people with complex PTSD sometimes from the military background, there may be a veteran they may currently be serving and military position. Um so we we cover a range of um we we'd like to encourage people to reach out and speak up about their their experiences and talk to us and tell us how they're feeling.

Um We wanna, we want to tackle stigma around certain mental health problems, conditions, long term or short term whatever they may be. We're going to be there to support people taylor coping methods for them and with them so that they can pull through and see their recovery in real real life and perhaps even go on to help other people, which is really exciting. So yeah, let's talk about superiority complex. Yeah. So the complex is an interesting subjects because it's actually really common. It really is. You know, you see it in managers of businesses, in large corporations and I would say, I think that Jeff Bezos is probably in that kind of zone. He probably falls under it a little bit because he has that power and he feels like he's above everyone else.

Um I mean I may be wrong, I may be totally wrong, but I feel that someone with that kind of power with that kind of money potentially have some kind of anxiety insecurities and we're going to cover that. We're going to talk about that. Um Yeah, so it's an interesting subject and with it, both parties are usually affected. I mean the individual on the receiving end, the recipient is likely to feel spoken down upon and disdained depreciated. Um and it's going to affect them, it's going to affect them in how they feel about themselves. They may come away feeling emotional um anxious and may even start having panic attacks and their panic attacks may arrange from different severity. These, you know, and they may region timescale as well. Panic attacks are a very funny thing. We're not not funny as in humorous, but they are something that we need to talk about more as a society and we need to cover it a lot more help people to feel comfortable in expressing that they suffer with them, you know?

Okay, well I really love your insights on the superiority complex, but basically we'll actually is okay. Let me use myself for an example for example. Rather I have, I think I have a security complex in the sense that I can't let people into my war. I can't let people break my world. So I'm speaking on that aspect of mental health like me for example, I find it very difficult to like talk to people on certain things. Like I can't let people see my vulnerable side, I feel like um, so no, I will say I'm high and mighty, but I feel like I just can't let them see me at that point. And basically, and it really affected my friendship and relationships. So I feel like basically when it comes to friendships and relationships, it's all about being naked, like in a vulnerable states, right?

I understand, I mean it does sound, it sounds possible that you might have a level of superiority complex in terms of mental health though, superiority complex is not a mental health problem, It's more of a behavior. So it's only something that's going to affect other people's mental health and relationships, friendships and yourself. Um I mean because there's no there's not an official diagnosis for it and so it can't be recognized as a condition, but rather a behavior. I would say it's it is possible to break that kind of that behavior. It is possible to do that and yeah, yeah, you can do that by expressing how you feel about yourself to others and if you feel like you have to be um above someone, you know, talk to them quietly somewhere else and just say I'm really sorry, this is what I'm struggling with.

Um I don't want you to feel as if I'm talking down on you, like I'm being condescending. Um but I'm just trying to protect myself because I've experienced something in the past perhaps and I'm protecting myself. So I apologize if I come across in any way that hurts you, offends you and makes you feel afraid of me or worried okay with with your um well with you believing that you may have the form of the complex. Do you show aggression towards other people or is it more of something that's quite silent? Okay? Talking about? Talking about, Sorry about your cough Mr George was sorry to the terms have coffee at this time. Okay, so talking about you, you mentioned something earlier concerning how, you know people, security complex has probably been like those things are probably due to past experiences, you know, now that say speaking in my own terms, because I like relating to everything I am feeling because if I can't lead to what I'm saying, how with my audience related to what I'm saying.

So basically I feel like for me, how I have been shaped like to be this person that I am, it's also a very big problem that is also affecting me. Also, I I I subconsciously tend to push people, you know, push people away because I just have this issues. You know, basically my friends like they have this general ideology that I'm proud, I'm sure. But basically these things don't really come to my mind. It's either you are not messaging first or who's texted first or who hasn't checked up on who. But Growing up these things really come to my mind and COVID, 2020, messed up my home. And I held that I can literally stay alone without really talking to anybody. Most times I just come on social media, I have nobody to talk to because I don't feel the need. Well, I don't have anything to talk about other than hey, how are you?

I'm fine. Okay, so you know those those kinds of conversations don't interest me. So it's either um on social media just keeping little things posting here and they're replying to a few D. M. S. And you know just doing all that so I feel like it's posing a very serious problem and I know people are they're also facing the same problems. Okay I understand. So pushing people away um subconsciously of course you don't mean to do that, it's likely to do with you're internalizing and attacking yourself internally in your head, thinking about all the things that could go wrong that are perhaps going wrong um and you're trying to protect yourself from those things happening and as a result your not intentionally intentionally sorry pushing those people away.

So what should I do about that problem? What do you think should be like a solution to that problem? You know most times people subconsciously tend to push people away like I do it's basically feeling that I don't want to have to hurt you so I just have to end it before it's progresses to something and I subconsciously end up leaving you again. So it's posing a very serious problem and I know people up there also having that similar issue as I am having that issue so I want to talk about it because I feel like me talking about it and sharing it with somebody to have their insight would also help me heal to know everybody struggling with something and it's like a journey and all have all need each other to help ourselves. So yeah I just confided in you sir George and obviously my audience would also have an insight of that side of me also. Mhm Okay.

Well basically I would answer the first question If I have more aggressive, I wouldn't really say a more aggressive, it's more of a silent thing I do. You know, it's for me losing interest in conversations and just no have anything to talk about. Probably if like somebody is saying I care about you a lot and I'm having all that. So it's something that's more silent. It's me questioning everything. Everybody say like it's like those lives with triggers. I feel like why do you want to know everything about me? Why do you want to know these things? What are you, what are you, what are you scooping? So I'm more of a more private person. So this is why I can't I don't think I can let anybody see my vulnerability and some vulnerable side of me. It's something I'm working on myself too.

So yeah, I think it's good to be proud of yourself and just be proud in general. So, you know, your friends saying that you're proud, um I don't think that means you're smug, you're condescending or anything like that and that doesn't make you mean depending on how you come across as proud? I mean by the sounds of it. Being proud on your end means taking over here. You are grateful and you are aware of your achievements but you're not plastering it in their faces. Mhm. I think it's a bad idea to worry about who's messaging first. In all honesty, people have lives. They're not going to be thinking of all the people that they could message if they're busy.

Um And that sounds awful. It does and I apologize if that upsets anybody, but the way that psychology works Mhm is almost like you need if someone puts a photo in front of you suddenly you remember what that photo means. Do you know what I mean? So if you see a post on facebook from them, you might think this is um you know, see how they are or you are quite connected with them. You know them really well and often talk to them. It doesn't matter who's missing who first, because you can catch up at any time. Same with anybody. You know, I have a lot of people that I know and that know me, but I don't always message them first. But I know that if I had something that I wanted to talk to them about, I can message them and just like, hey, how are you?

You know, I hope you're well this is happening in my life. How are you? What's happening in your life? I don't have to update somebody on the nitty gritty if you get where I'm coming from. Mhm. Perhaps you have a level of social anxiety, You're questioning what everyone's saying. You may have levels of trust issues. You may not trust what everyone's saying, because your trust has been broken in the past, you know, if you've been in a relationship and that person has lied to you and that relationship has broken down, you've gone through the grief of losing that relationship coming out of the relationship, you know, and looking back on it, and that's that's upsetting enough as it is, and then someone new comes along and breaks your trust again, and you go around in this cycle of grieving And putting up a wall and another wall and another wall and suddenly you've got 10 walls and one person is trying to break it because they want to know you and that's part of social anxiety and trust.

Yeah, there has to be a level of trust um to feel comfortable ensuring things with people. Social anxiety comes in different branches as well. You know, whether it's, you're going to the shop to get some milk and there's probably 10 or 15 people in the shop, it's it's that fear you're fearing, who else is in the shop before you got there, So you're living it twice, you're worrying about something you don't need to worry about. So when it comes to trusting people, I think trust and social anxiety work together, in a sense, I don't think it's bad that perhaps you don't message people all the time you want to spend time on social media reply to dems when you want to reply to dems because you you're a human, that's my answer.

Your human, you can only do so much, your mind can only handle so much and you have a social battery Yeah, your social battery might run out after an hour of interaction with somebody else and then someone else comes along wanting to interact and you just haven't got the energy for it. So yeah, I don't think you're pushing them away from that. It's more of protecting yourself because your social battery is low. So like I said, there are there are different aspects in different branches of it all. And talking about it is definitely very good expressing how you feel, telling people what's going on where you're at. Mhm mentally is a good idea so that they can be clear and patient with you and you don't have to worry them because they know and it's good that they know and there is a stigma attached to that attached to telling people what's going on and there is then this fear of telling people and it's this cycle, it's a nasty one.

There are many nasty cycles in terms of mental health and that's what I want to try to break with my organization. It's it's okay to be vulnerable. It's okay as well to work on yourself, you've noticed and you've identified the issue and you're now talking about it with me and that is good. So you're doing all the positive things. So it will change and you have the ability to do exactly that to change. So do not worry about that and it's okay to tell people as well, somewhat into their own business if they are asking questions about you and you feel uncomfortable, it's okay, it's okay to tell them that you feel uncomfortable with them asking those questions and just so I don't want to answer that I'm not answering that, that's okay because I do that.

But do it a lot, I tell people where to go and that's fine, but I think that's because I know my boundaries and it's good to know your boundaries as well, and it's it's a lesson. Everyone's got to learn where their boundaries are, and it's good to put those across to people so that they can, they know the limit. Really? Okay, basically George. So what would you advise? Somebody who, who has, how will we always be your advice? Somebody who has a friend with me be having these issues that I'm having, like, what would you tell them? And how would you pass out? They love the person and understand that person's anxiety. You tell it to, you know, having to go to the person to and just make conclusions are aren't supposed to be there. My advice as a human rather than a professional. Even then I wouldn't call myself a professional.

Well, we're learning um is patients learn to be patient, learn to respect someone and their boundaries, learn to respect someone limits. Um and try and understand exactly how someone's mind might be functioning when they are anxious when they are struggling with anxiety when they and their social anxiety is rising. Yeah. It's good to have some kind of empathy. Empathy is a big thing and I think it's important been trying to understand mental health and conditions that affect us. Depression, anxiety, stress ptsD C.

PtsD abuse empathy. It's almost our key two showing other humans but that it's okay to feel to just feel, be comfortable with feeling so people can be comfortable with other people feeling, then we can be comfortable with ourselves I think. Mhm. Tell that person, the person with the friend um to do some research to speak to professionals and ask their opinion, Speak to friends, speak to family and just say I'm worried about this person. I'm worried about my friend.

I'm worried about whoever it may be. How do I approach them about the issue? Because if you don't know there's no point in trying to make it up or trying to comfort someone when you don't quite know how to comfort them. It's okay sometimes to say I'm I'm sorry, I don't know what to say, but just know that I am, I am with you and I'm here to help you and I will do my best to learn. People don't always have the answers. We can't always have the answers. We all a server when we're not robots were not databases, we are humans with firing synapses. You know, we've got neurons firing faster than light and Mhm. Yeah and so they get mixed up.

They get mixed up. They clash sometimes, yep. Which I think is what's just happened now. I'm not going to lose you, I've lost my train of thought. I mean who would have known that me talking about something like that would have literally caused exactly what I was talking about. Well thank you so much. Mr George for giving us your wonderful insights on the topic, superiority complex. I really had lots and lots and lots and lots of fun. I hope we can do this again and you know, shame our thoughts and hear your thoughts as well. So before we wrap up this episode I was just like you leave let's stop bits of motivation. I mean everybody is going through something right now, you know, we just give us a little bit of motivation. Oh it has been brilliant, thank you very much for having me. I've enjoyed doing this with you.

I think it's gonna help a lot of people. I mean I would hope it does. So if you're listening then it's great to have you here but I think something motivational um for me to tell you is when you wake up in the morning for the first couple of hours of your day. Yeah. Do not check your phone prioritize things like breakfast, shower, get dressed even if you're going nowhere, make yourself look nice, dress yourself up. Do you? Where do your makeup, do your nails shave wax, put some nice perfume on a nice fragrance, pamper yourself. Make yourself feel good. Positivity is a choice. You can choose to be happy or you can choose to use your phone and be stuck in the digital world. Don't do that.

Don't allow yourself to be stuck in a place that is optional. Like being positive of course you can still be positive online. You can share your experiences, you can share your opinions, you can do things like tick tock, tick tock is fun, but be careful with the amount of time that you use on social media because the time you spend doing that, you could be starting your own business, your own foundation, your own trust, your own charity to help other people, You could be writing something that's inspirational for people to feel like they can push on. Yeah, good to work. Do things that make you happy money and it's okay to take the day off. Sometimes if you need a day off, take the day off. If you don't like your place of work leave. If you don't like someone tell them leave if you don't like something somewhere, don't do it.

Don't go if it makes you feel uncomfortable, if someone makes you feel uncomfortable, Tell them you make me feel uncomfortable, don't be afraid. I think the world is just riddled with fear and I think it's good to be different, be different. Do things differently? Speak differently, create your own path, create your own story After all. You are your writer, you are the writer of your story to write it. Make sure you do things you enjoy, go and jump in that puddle, stand in the rain if it makes you feel good based on listen to it. Listen to that song you've wanted to listen to for hours on end. Have it on repeat If it makes you happy to do it, kiss the person you love, hugs the people you miss. Yeah. Call someone you haven't spoken to him a loyal what's that to be afraid of?

I would be grateful. You'll feel better for it if you're making other people happy, it's going to make you happy. So yeah, there's my little motivational speech. I mean might have it might not be any good, but if it's put a smile on somebody's face and that's all that's all I'm worried about. That's all I care about. If that's made you smile, it has made me smile this whole time that I spent doing this today has made me smile. This made me happy, made me happy. I really appreciate it and I shall look forward. I do look forward to doing it again and sharing more insights into different subjects and topics and removing barriers of difficult conversations, There is no such thing as difficult conversation with let's make it and I agree let's go into detail you know what I mean? So here's the next time it's been great. Thank you very much. Yeah we are very happy.

I mean really I am really really happy we could talk about this. I had so much fun. I don't think I've had this amount of phone talking to somebody in a very long time and it was really really talking to you and your his life isn't all that difficult kiss. The person you love with that person tell that person in love with them. You know we shouldn't be all scared. I mean what's realistic 100. They won't kill you because I feel like life is not all that difficult. So let's say a big thank you to mr George and please go online on instagram and follow take back your mind U. K. It's really really wonderful talking to you Mr judge. Really really so happy we could have this wonderful conversation until next time. Thank you so much for listening. And then you have it. It was a really blast talking to George the founder that the founding director of take back your mind U. K.

It's a form of mental health community. Like I said go online there are so many men to help communities you can join you know if you just see like a safe haven like he said having a superiority complex is not a mental condition. It's more of a behavior that you can always change. You know, you can choose to be vulnerable. You can choose not to be vulnerable. So yeah, let's try not to make our lives as complicated. Life is sweet, Life is beautiful. Do what you love today? Wake up in the morning, be free, be happy smile. Thank you so much for tuning in the next time. It's me, your favorite host again. Queen Fe. By God Bless us all. Mhm. Uh huh.

Dealing with Superiority Complex With George The Founding Director TakebackyourmindUk..... ✨
Dealing with Superiority Complex With George The Founding Director TakebackyourmindUk..... ✨
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