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October 8th 2021
Dealing with Superiority Complex With George The Founding Director TakebackyourmindUk..... ✨
Met Mr George on Instagram and well we scheduled to have a conversation on Superiority Complex, George is the founding director of TakebackyourmindUk (A Mental Health community) To you know help Peopl... More
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June 24th 2021
7 Tips on how to Combat Loneliness...💜
Have you ever felt all alone in the world? We all do sometimes and it isn't easy. When you're going through a difficult time and feel there's no one to turn to for support, it's hard to know what to d... More
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February 18th 2021
Today's Episode talks about the importance of being the kinder/accommodating individual. Talks about Eliminating self-doubt/Fear, Contentment and Who to live a life worth of emulation. --- Send in ... More
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