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Ask The Expert: PR That Works In Times Of Uncertainty with Jill Lublin

by Michelle Abraham
May 26th 2021

Master Publicity Strategist, Publicity Expert, International Speaker, and Best-selling Author Jill Lublin joins Michelle in today’s episode of Ask the Expert Interview. She’s been working in the pu... More

Yeah, yeah. This is amplify you the podcast about you discovering your message and broadcasting it to the world. If you are a coach, author or speaker, you'll want to tune in. If you're looking for the best return on your time investment to get your message out to the world in a bigger way. We're giving you full access behind the scenes, look of how we're running our podcast, how our clients have found success and what you can do to launch your podcast today. The world needs your message. I Michelle Abraham, the host, join my family as we unleash your unique genius and find the connections you need to launch your adventure today, join us and let's get amplified Hello Hello, amplify you. Michelle Abraham, your host here today guys, I am bringing you someone I know personally, I met this wonderful woman in person several times and I am excited to bring her to you today and just ask the expert interview on amplify you.

So today we're talking to Jill Live Allen and Jill is an expert when it comes to visibility and pr and just referrals. Jill is the amazing, amazing woman behind several books. If you want to be a number one influencer in your industry, then you want to get bigger media and visibility. And Jill is the lady you go to for this. So I learned so many great things from Jill's books and she's an international best seller. She's got a gorilla publicity and you've got you've got several books till I know you several books, I own two of them. They're amazing. So Jill, I just wanted to welcome you to amplify you and let's just dive right in. So today we're talking how to stay visible in uncertain times, using publicity. Yes, thank you. I am so delighted to be here and staying visible is so important, right? Um, and really if you want more business, more credibility, more trust in the market place, if you want more prospects and to make more money and um, you know, I think really the key and the power of what publicity does is it brings you all of those things and it's an attraction factor.

So that's why I love publicity. I love that will take us back. How long have you been working in the publicity space? And what could you started in it? So, I've been I'm going on more than 25 years, which is great. I've seen all kinds of changes you can imagine. And and I got started in it because I was actually in law school and I hated that. Don't tell anyone, but I did. And I was going to go, you know, be an attorney. I thought that would be the way I'd make a difference in this world. And well then I got to law school, it just wasn't for me. But in law school I started in the music business and um from there I became the director of promotion and publicity at actually four independent record labels. And I just kept going, I opened up my own PR agency and then frankly, when my first book came out, gorilla publicity, I closed the PR agency and I wanted to help entrepreneurs really get the word out and do it without spending a fortune, which honestly, you know, publicity agencies are more expensive.

So I I created a virtual publicity course and now I'm teaching thousands of entrepreneurs simple, easy ways to get your name out there fast and effectively, uh, and have a blueprint to do it. So that's been a lot of fun. And I'm having I'm having a blast doing what I do, which is speaking and training and teaching the virtual courses and just really helping my clients get out there. I love that Julia and I showed up singing passion for helping her clients get more visibility, getting their voice out there in the world because I know you feel the same way about this is that we can get our clients voices out there, the impacts and the ripple fact that they're going to have out there on the role is so great, so far grander than just getting our own voices out there. So I love that we both share that as something that we hold dear with our clients that we're working with. Just I just wanted to say like I just I love that about you as well. Thank you. You're welcome. So today, I want to talk a little bit about what are like, what are the opportunities in publicity right now?

I think there's a lot of confusion around what's working right now. What's not working anymore. And like, you know, it's, it's we've we've gone away from traditional media. On one hand, that's what one says then. They have had social media is actually still working great. So tell us the landscape of what's happening in publicity right now. Well, hey, listen, I'm happy about what's happening in publicity right now. Why? Because in my opinion, opportunities have doubled and tripled. Why do I say that? We got podcast? We've got blogs. We didn't have that before. So it is much easier to get on a podcast these days to maybe then get on your local abc Tv affiliate or radio affiliate. And um, you know, here's the other opportunity if you're smart and looking for a way, um, shall we say? Expansive opportunities to get yourself in there. I'm finding all kinds of great ways through things like help a reporter dot com is a wonderful resource to check that always has media who absolutely need someone right now.

Um, so I think between all the digital and then all the duplication. So for instance, when profit of kindness came out and I was on seven Fox News tv interviews literally in the first eight days, some by zoom somebody Skype. Um, you know, it was super wonderful. Is Ellison got replicated on the website. So every time you're in media, guess what else here? Also in there in there dot com. So I think that is incredible. And that's why I really say media is multiplying your opportunities for getting out there and, and what I've also seen is that everything matters and everything counts, including the small ones and the big ones. And uh it's just, it's a plethora of opportunities right now between podcasts, blogs, radio, tv, print publications of all kinds of, all kinds. Yeah, I love what you said about, you know the, you know where you're getting on a newspaper or on media on tv.

Well now they have the website component to it and then you know that they even have a podcast component to it now. So that is living on longer. And those podcast episodes especially, that's why I love podcasting. So they're working for you 24 7. you know, it doesn't go away. Like it used to write like used to be disposable where it was in the newspaper this week, then it's no longer there. But if it's in the newspaper is also on the website which stays there. I like that. It's a lot more longevity. Head of the, head of the opportunities. Yes, lots of longevity. And then of course, where it's gonna go, it's, it's gonna live on your website. It's gonna live in your blogs and you're gonna, um, you know, have an opportunity to show your clients where you've been. I mean, really, you, you get a one podcast which, you know, the good news is, there's lots of them, lots of varieties of them, lots of podcast matching services for free that you can look for and um, what's wonderful you even get one and then imagine the ripple effect of that because then you send that to your prospect and also uh, celebrate it with your clients.

Hey, I was just featured on Michelle Abraham's podcast and you know, send that out. And then what happens is people get that ah factor. So, you know, it, it elevates your status, raises your credibility and gives you that visibility that you deserve. I love that. And so what are some of the things that media outlets are looking for, like so forth out there promoting ourselves or trying to get on scene on some of these platforms, what are people looking for? So, one thing I like to say is look for what's happening right now, Okay, so what's happening right now, Covid 19, we've got health concerns, we've got money issues, we've got first quarter, uh, first quarter thoughts, we've got real estate market going wild. Um, we've got people who used to work in certain places, shifting. A lot of shifting is going on now. So if you're an expert in any of those arenas and and could become one, like you're already a consultant, so you know what that's like, right, or you're dealing in real estate and you've got some great tips on how to find a new home or you know my interior designer for instance who we were doing a great story about how to sell your home and then when Covid hit I said forget that let's do how to create a covid friendly home.

How do you set up multiple workstations and home stations for home learning and how do you deal with the kitchen that's on 24 7 and that kind of fun stuff. Right. So what what is super great is you need to pay attention to what's going on right now. I call that planting your seeds for right now take a look what's going on and then plant your seeds for 36 and nine months ahead. Right Because particularly let's say magazines also tv and radio, also podcasters and bloggers are planning ahead. So start looking at well where do I want to be? You know, in this month and sometimes what I really think is super as you can correlate that with let's say a holiday. So I had a parenting coach, she helps um mothers and fathers raised their kids well even though they don't get along anymore and I had her doing a uh a how to fall out of love for valentine's Day which got around to tv radio.

Is that fun? Yeah. I think the key is like being relevant and staying relevant and how can you take what you do and your message and keep being relevant in whatever is happening in the current current situation. Is that right? Perfect. That's a great way to say it absolutely stay relevant, be relevant and and keep getting your name out there and looking for ways, be practical about this. You know, one hour a week, we'll do it. Um, go to Itunes and and put in your keyword and see what podcast show up, right and get on some of them and start small. Start with The smaller ones. It's all good because everything does matter and everything does count and all we're looking for specifically is to have 1-5 to demonstrate, to show your clients to be in the media. Absolutely. You know, it's one of those things that we teach our podcasting students to like, you know, if someone invites you want to be their podcast and it's in the 1st 10 episodes, don't say no, I'm like that.

Most people listen to the 1st 10 episodes, the first like whatever they come to a show. So that's just gonna live on forever out there. So I love your also the same philosophy on, there's no podcast too small, no podcast. You know what, it's all media, it's all worthy. It's all worthwhile spending your time being on these places. I love it. So how do we approach? Uh so you mentioned help a reporter Haro, I love getting their emails. So what's the strategy around Harlow that you can share with us if it is overwhelming. Yeah, Well, help a reporter out, which is what we're talking about is a wonderful service that delivers media. They're called queries. They're looking for people right now. And I do mean right now, right, so, um a couple, a couple strategies for that, number one have a pre done email ready to go. That has your bio, your short bio ready to go and then answer only what they ask.

So they will usually ask a very specific question and you address that and then, you know, everything is in the email ready to go for duplicate ability. Um, and that's your bio and just, you know, I'm Michelle Abraham et cetera. The other thing is only stay focused in the arenas of what you would typically answer. Maybe it's only the business, right? And don't look at anything else. And I think putting the blinders on, particularly when you get, you know, list serves like that is really important. And the other thing is let an assistant sit through the first around and and let that assistant then send you what you're to answer next. And that that makes a big difference and will really help. That is a great strategy. I love that because when I was looking at that decent three emails a day with lots of things on that. Again, so overwhelmed that you don't do anything. So yeah, but they're not relevant. Most of those aren't relevant for you. And that's why an assistant is just great affordable assistant overseas, whatever.

Right? Let's let's get And this is the other thing, you know for everybody, you all need team. One person can be a team, right? And especially these days with the opportunities to hire overseas and really great people. I mean I have five people on my team. All of them are independent contractors. Um Three of them were consistently right and uh and they have different areas of operation. But I have one particular woman in the Philippines and she handles all my linkedin requests. She handles all the podcast. She searches for podcast. Right? And these are her assignments. So how perfect is that? Like I don't have all my eggs in anyone basket. I like to spread them out. I think you know different people have different kinds of skill sets. I have my admin person. She just does admit she handles all my clients on my virtual publicity course. But you know what? My one guy also actually in the Philippines, he's calling everybody in my publicity of course, making sure they're on time and and getting their, that they have all the details they may need to join the virtual zoom.

You know, like that kind of stuff, right? Or if they haven't clicked, the link will be the one calling them kind of thing. Yeah, I love that. It's great. It's great. It's good reminder that there's no I in team, right? It's right here. You've got to have people that help you out with everything. We can't possibly do everything. What's your favorite? And joe what's your favorite kind of media exposure right now? I love podcasts. I love this. They're so easy and they're great because they're on zoom. I love that most people are using uh multiplying them on different platforms, like facebook or instagram or Youtube or, you know, wherever they might live, linkedin, etcetera. So, um, I think this is a great platform and also enables, as you know, it enables so many people to be their own host and be a media person and join, you know, join so many others in interviewing the right people, which is a great way to create recognition and clients. I mean it's just fantastic. Yeah, I can't agree anymore.

I love podcasting to, there's a reason that I do this. I absolutely love it. So, um, what are some strategies that you teach your students that I've been really successful in the last couple of years, especially with things being so uncertain this year? I think there's a lot of people that are holding back out there promoting themselves out there because they, you know, it feels a little uncertain. Things are uncertain right now. So um, you know, any any ideas are strategies around that. Yeah. First thing is don't hold back. All right. I mean no time like the present to be promoting yourself and I have people who we've done some pivots in their promotes like the interior designer I mentioned, you know, pivoted her promote and guess what? I have a woman, she's a confidence coach. When black lives Matter burst out. You know, I said, listen, forget everything we're doing. She's black. I said I want you to talk about being a strong black woman in today's world and that was her. That was her peace and message that got her so much more media.

I have a woman recently, my virtual publicity of course she owns a media company and she's like 26 years old and she's filipino. I said you are going out on hashtag stop asian hate. That's what's gotten her tremendous media. So you want to be picking up on what's going on in the media right now and guess what? There's always something going on and if you're in the arenas of health transformation, mindset goals, money, real estate consultants, um these are just some of these are just some of the topics that have really elevated the possibilities of you getting your message out if you're anywhere in those arenas or can talk to any of it. So part of it also is, you know, get out of what you think you are an expert in and be willing to expand the possibilities of what you can be talking about in the media. And not don't always be concerned that this is exactly what I do or not being interviewed on because I just want you in the media foot in the door.

Then you can multiply that and demonstrate to your clients your prospects that you have something to say that you're an expert and people respond and respect that that's so great. I love that because I think people feel like it has to be the Saxon message every single time, otherwise they shouldn't do it because it dilutes there. But I think being an egg, just better positioning more media attention, you're so great. I love that joke. Well, this has been so grateful. I want to dive in more. I want to talk about you talk about more, but we I know your time is so limited today and I just appreciate you so much for spending this time with us today. Where else you talked about your visibility of publicity? Of course. Can you let us know how to find out more about this? Sure. So first of all I've got a free gift for you. Go to yes, go to publicity crash course dot com slash free gift. And please um accept my wonderful gift of my action guide which will help you with very specific pr uh tips that will support you with your messaging and getting out there in simple, effective and low cost ways.

And then check out publicity crash course dot com. Look at my wonderful code to get yourself in my publicity course at a really reasonable rate. And would love to help you get your name out there because your message matters. That's what's key. Oh, I love that joe. Thank you so much for that. And definitely check out those books too. They're so valuable. I've gotten so many great nuggets from your books to their just their timeless right? There are all things that are so like worked a few years ago. They work now. They're going to work in the future. It's just like the bones of publicity and, and I love that your whole essence is profiting with kindness because I think that's, you know, so we're so much needed in the world here. So thank you Jill for all that you do. And thank you for spending your time with us today and I hope to bring you back again sometime in the future. Empathy. I your family. Thanks so much Sheila next week. Thank you family for joining us on this adventure. If you're ready to be heard, head over to my podcast coach dot com, well, you'll find out all the tools and tips.

You'll need to launch your podcast today if you have a show already and you need some help managing it, please head over to manage my podcast dot com and the amplify your team would be happy to help you manage your podcast. Please also head over to itunes like subscribe to review our show so we can spread this message and until next time be your own unique genius. Yeah. Mhm.

Ask The Expert: PR That Works In Times Of Uncertainty with Jill Lublin
Ask The Expert: PR That Works In Times Of Uncertainty with Jill Lublin
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