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June 16th 2021
Ask The Expert: Dive into Publishing a Best-Seller and How-To With Kelly Falardeau
Amazing woman, Kelly Falardeau joins Michelle on Amplifyou for Ask The Expert interview. Kelly is a burn survivor. She got 75% burn of her body at the age of 2. She’s been on the TEDx stage not just o... More
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June 8th 2021
Ask The Expert: Connecting with Celebrities and Everyday Powerful Women with Tonia DeCosimo
Tonia Decosimo joins Michelle on Amplifyou today as our Expert. She is an entrepreneur, author, publisher, columnist, host, and founder of P.O.W.E.R. Tonia founded this organization to recognize, empo... More
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June 2nd 2021
Behind The Mic: Ignited Entrepreneur, Podcasting has Changed her Business With Jessica Coulthard
Founder of The Women Who Inspire Conference 2019, host of Ignited Entrepreneurs podcast, NLP Practitioner, Certified Life Coach and Strategic Interventionist, Jessica Coulthard is on Amplifyou today f... More
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May 26th 2021
Ask The Expert: PR That Works In Times Of Uncertainty with Jill Lublin
Master Publicity Strategist, Publicity Expert, International Speaker, and Best-selling Author Jill Lublin joins Michelle in today’s episode of Ask the Expert Interview. She’s been working in the publi... More
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