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E50: DGWL Talks Training

June 14th 2021

Marybeth and Marcia chat about germs, gyms, and chasing gains after a year of COVID-19. At the time of this recording in April 2021; large meets were rescheduled, most gyms were reopened, vaccines ... More

this is disabled girls who lift, we are reclaiming what's rightfully ours. One podcast at a time, it's mary Beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Mhm Hello? Hello, yet again. Here we are, disabled girls who lift, Welcome back to the show. This is Marcia from south florida on Seminole tribe land. What is up? Everyone? It's mary Beth from northern California on Aloni land. Amazing. It's been a while, it's it's been a minute since it's been just the two of us and we kind of wanted to chat some things about training, how it feels to be training these days. Maybe some people are back in Jim's, maybe some of you are just like funk, that noise. I'm never going back.

We're kind of all over the place in this disabled girls who lift community. Some of us are competing, like sh it ain't changed. Some of us are like not renewing any membership fees, um we're kind of a little bit everywhere, so just again, just Marcy and mary, Beth for today, Chloe is not on today, Khloe is currently competing or she just competed, right? And then yeah, she's got another, I think in three weeks, well, by the time this is out, probably a week from now, probably happening, but I mean, personally, I've been out the game and I don't plan to compete this year at all. What about you, mary Beth Yeah, that's a that's a nice like, I don't know, it's a good conversation to have because sometimes I feel bad, you know, we're disabled girls who live but I was the last time I trained before this past weekend two months ago so I'm not necessarily lying. It's still part of my identity. I'm still lifting, lifting shit like groceries into my mouth.

Yeah, it's still it's still work out. I don't know. It is, it's hard to juggle because I think we get really hung up on that and you, like you said, it's part of your identity. I think we get really fucked up with that. Like if I'm not doing it, can I am I a power lifter? I don't know. Do I even power lift? I'm not sure. I've just been doing hit circuits like what can I even call myself? Right. No, I mean and just movement. Right? Getting up and some of us who everyone's jobs have changed now, right? Not everybody has to go out to work to an office or out on the field. So getting up and moving from room to room as long as you're moving. I'm proud of you that part. And I know there's also the Okay, well it depends, right? Some people, they're jim's never closed. That's a fact. We know that's a fact. Some people, the gyms have opened and closed again and opened again. That's your that's California story.

Right? Close and open and close and open. Yeah. Yeah. What do they call that? Wishy washy Yeah. So you don't even know what to do. So let's say the gym is open, it's like, okay, do I even want to go back? I don't know. It's hard, it's hard to unsee the germs back in there, you know? Especially as parallel figures. It's grungy. It's like indoors, it's lots of breathing, grunting and shrieking and yelling and screaming platform, lots of blood fluid, jesus blood all over the bars, you know, like, yeah, bleeding shins. That was so normal. And then you, like, even if you had blood all over your hands, you still stuck your hand into that. What is it? The sour patch kids bag. Yeah, you're still truck pulling it up, you still, you're still sharing your inhaler, You're still throwing that bottle everywhere after you sniffed it. Like you can't, you know, it's, it's different.

It is, well, you've always had a home gym though. Um I mean, ever since I had owned a home, I've always had this little home gym, but I would still go to the gym and I did um you know, half of my training at home and half of my training at the gym because I was doing like log press and yolk walks and I needed the big hefty strongman equipment and my garage is actually not really a garage, so the ceiling heights too low. Um So overhead shots kind of like sketch, depends what I'm doing incline is like really ghetto, like it's just a ghetto situation? It's really a carport and somebody covered it and and slapped a garage door on it. How tall are the ceilings? Like if I reach my hand up, I'm touching the ceiling. What I thought I've seen you do overheads in that gym. I have, there's certain that's the thing. It's real sketch. It depends what I'm doing where I can do it. If I'm doing snatchers have to stand in a certain little strip.

If I'm, if I'm doing trying to do jerks, I have to stand over here. I'm doing a log press. I gotta stand this way because everything is like a different width and height and whatever incline in one part is a little worse than the other and then like the floor is not exactly even. Yeah. Yeah. And you don't want to break a light bulb, break a window or whatever you have hanging around. Yeah. And it's still a garage with like ship and it's not like it's only jim, hey, we've got friends who've got their gym in their bedroom. So yeah. Yeah. So you can't, you can't train the same. Like you can't, you can't go hard and I'm definitely like not doing strong many things like I don't, the last time I tried to do a stone? I, I dumped an entire whole like that. I still have to be careful. That's real my ankle and God no, but I can get behind that. You know, just the idea of going for specific movements for specific exercises because we're limited no matter what, how, how much we adapted.

We're limited with what we have at home lifting bags of rice lifting what uh broomsticks, uh using bands picking up our dog's like, man's can only take you so far. Yeah. But what's good though is like, I'm you and I, I mean I'm fine with like not competing for a while. So that's the thing. Yeah, that's the thing. Once I got past and I think in the beginning I was kind of in that denial part of it with everybody else. Like, oh, it's gonna be fine. Oh, it's gonna be fine. And you know, like, oh, everything you had planned in your head, like, oh yeah, it'll still happen. Oh, it's going to be fine. Oh, it's gonna and I'm, I don't know when maybe thanksgiving is when I finally turned around like, no, it's not going to be fine. Like thanks to me last year. Yeah, I think, yeah, when I started turning around like, oh, this is never going to end and I need to change the way I think about what I'm doing. Like, what am I moving for? Like, fuck this training hard going heavy.

Oh, I'm going to compete and I want to rank at nationals. Like, no, not for me, not right now. Thing is though, some people had that same idea, but did or acted the complete opposite. They're like, oh, well this isn't going to change for a while so I'm going to fly all over the place, I'm going to visit my family, visit my friends anyway. Um As long as I get covid tested, you know like november december. That was a time where ship peaked. We picked his gross to well over like 300,000 cases. Gross and I think it's going to get worse. So I think yeah, when I got to that point is when I stopped feeling bad about not training and when I stopped feeling like I'm like because at the end of the day like what am I doing? Like anybody paying, nobody's paying me for this, nobody's like I'm not getting sponsorships and like this isn't my life it's a part of me but it isn't wholly me. It's that identity thing again. So like I'm not competing strong anytime soon but I still call myself strong woman.

Yeah. For sure. As you should eat For what? Strong f. Yeah. I mean that's that's another conversation to write because Chloe's an elite lifter. I mean so top really? So like where do you find that balance right? When you do have sponsors, you do have those responsibilities? Sure there aren't like nationals or nationals or worlds going on right now but they are competing for money right? Those are still grand prizes. Yeah that's how you can make your life money. They're like your life money. Um I don't know if that current is ever happening but I know the current price is like 40K. I think I think that's what she's doing in a month. The current price is up there and these other ones are like 10 15 20. Like for sure there is money to be made at that level. Yeah. Put yourself at risk. Well I mean I don't know, it's kind of hard to say without being that person. What I what I loved about usa weightlifting.

So completely different sport, right? Um They found a way to just get everything online. Youth nationals, just a regular nationals. I think the way that they recorded their lips make sure that they weighed in did all of that. Um And had it like you know just had a rulebook already for online um meets because there's literally no way they wanted to get people from all over the country in one place. Um So I mean I I can get behind that. Um So I heard some sketchy crap about you s a w this past year and some you know sexual assault stories of USa w coaches. So uh you know there's a balance, there's always something happening. I don't know much about the culture of that federation, but I did feel like everybody who I've seen personally on my feeds doing all the lifting was always virtual and like filming virtual things. But I mean that makes sense that it would carry through like that because it comes from the top.

So I mean if strong and corp is out there or if U. S. A. P. U. S. P. A. Is out there still sanctioning local meats. People are still going to do local meats. If from the top they're just like nah like that it wouldn't happen. Yeah then even if you're not a li I get it some people do need that structure. I mean if I didn't have a paid competition if I wasn't paying for a membership um I can see why you would want to keep that that structure throughout your year or else you probably wouldn't train. Yeah. Yeah I know there's there's a lot when it comes to that. And I know personally I'm definitely the kind of person that if I have um competition coming up then all of a sudden I'm like tracking my macros and all that ship. You know like I don't do that regularly. I don't make sure I get 100 and 50 g of protein right now. Like food scale? Who weight protein? What Like I don't know it's 5:00 and I'm like Oh I guess you should eat.

There we go. Yeah so um there is definitely a part of having a deadline that changes the way you play in your life. Yeah but then there's also like well it's a pandemic so maybe uh maybe some ship has to change. Maybe it doesn't I don't know sometimes we really fight for for things. It's not changing. It's just not there. Yeah and I'm not saying I'm anti gym or anti meat so long as those uh you know federations are abiding by all recommended safety practices. Especially like the mask thing. Um But so I did go into a gym like this past uh like two days ago, first time, Year 1/2. Um And that was because even though I have a gym on my porch with literally fucking everything, I need spotrac bench dead lift. I'm not going to do it by myself without some accountability. Um So it was nice to have like one person to just be with.

Um But you know it just like freaked me out all over again, you know full sanitization. Like you're not touched. Like they're literally sanitizing. Um The bars after ever used the the benches, the clips even like you put all the used clips in a dirty bucket and all the new ones that are sanitized, you get from there, everything's wide open and that like you can do outdoors Mixed with indoors and luckily at 7:8 p. m. when I was there it was empty. Uh But can you imagine like I've seen videos even now of 100 people indoors trading. Yeah not everybody is taking those precautions and there's levels to that right? Like let's say you go somewhere that is taking all these precautions like I don't know personally. I don't want to have to worry about that because that's not the point of the lifting. The point of lifting is like movement makes me happy. But if I have to go somewhere and be like, all right, movement makes me happy.

But let me worry about this list of things. Also, like that's just gonna mess up the whole vibe for me. Did that, were you even able to enjoy your workout or we're just anxious the whole time? Like, oh well, like I'm gonna die here because I'm gonna catch Covid. Well, it was yeah, and it was also my very first time doing cardio with a mask on, you know, like I already have um breathing issues. Um You know, I think I have a history of asthma. Like my mom has asthma, so I most likely have it. I've seen it in the past when I try to run a half marathon and almost freaking died. Um but that doesn't like that doesn't mean I'm not going to wear the mask. Um It was just like, damn, this is different. Yeah. Which, you know, I don't know, but I think we're talking also just in the perspective of what, you know, disabled, chronically ill adaptive athletes. These are things that we have to think about what all of the time getting groceries.

Training. Yeah. Going to work as essential workers. Yeah, I don't know, I don't I don't feel the same anxiety, you know, that say you would feel or others so that still comes from a place of privilege. Yeah. There's that also. So for me personally like I don't want to like if if you came over my house and we were like you're on the porch, we're outside, you have your mask on. Like I'm still going to have a level of anxiety about it because I know that there's always a risk and whether or not there's a certain point where there's like rational fear and irrational fear like it doesn't really matter. Like the fear is the fear, worry anxiety anxiety. So I just feel like if I tried to go with jim right now I would just be wrecked. Like I literally have nightmares where I'm in crowded rooms and I forgot my mask. Oh my God. Like that's where I'm at mentally so I don't think I can just pop into a gym and like and more than likely where I'm at be the only one in the gym wearing a mask or caring.

So no, I don't think it's gonna work like going to being the only one with hand sanitizer. I don't think that's gonna work. Yeah, I mean I can't, I really, even if everybody were to get the vaccine, I just cannot imagine living in a world where everyone's walking around and messed like I got trust issues too and you know like you know when you go to the grocery store and somebody's like reaching over to get a gallon of milk and like you are too close. Yeah. To close. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For real when I see people with the chin guards, I'm just like certain back up. Sorry, I just can't, I don't know how people um are doing out there. I don't know if that's just me, but yeah, definitely have mask claimers. Yeah. I don't, I don't know. So what what is your plan are you going to go back? Um I mean, so I'm probably going to limit it. That that's a that was a good start. It's like, okay, this feels good.

My entire lower body is just wrecked in a good way. And I needed that feeling to come back to motivate me um because you know, I don't want to lose my strength. It only took me a year and a half to realize that. But it is motivating me to at least uh do more on my porch with my stuff because I have it even if it's by myself just put on some bomb mass playlists and I'll be fine. Yeah. I think there's definitely some folks out there that have figured out um the virtual thing better than others and like they, you know, like they go live and lift or they like have like a zoom thing up. Like they just have like a tablet up in the corner while they're lifting. I haven't even, I haven't gotten into any of those things have you? Oh God, like a zoom classes and stuff. No, not even classes. I know people that have like lifting in their living room lifting on their porch and then they'll have their other friend who's also lifting in their living room and also lifting on their porch and they'll just put like a zoom zoom meeting or whatever, google, meet whatever people use facetime anything and just put the tablet like in the corner just so you can have somebody like talking to you while you're lifting.

Yeah, no, that was definitely a huge consideration. Like even wanting to get back into stretching yoga movements. Me and my best friend had plans to do it every monday. Never happened. I mean, you know, Yeah, that's the idea sounds great, but it sounds, get my body back there. It sounds good on paper. But I didn't work out personally for me. I'd love to hear about people that are doing it. I mean, yeah, I mean if we get enough people excited about it, maybe we'll start a discord and do that. Uh Yeah, just like live, live, live workout. Yeah. Work out with me times. Yeah. I wanna uh then you also have to navigate like, okay, so how are you going to get back into things because a year and a half is a long time. Yeah, that's true for some folks, this might be the first time they're touching a bar bell in ages.

Like I don't want to mess that up. So now have Covid, but also you have, like, your regular body things to think about. You can't get too excited there. Yeah. You gotta pace yourself there. I can really, I mean, shoot, luckily it was a good sore feeling. Um, not one where I just hated myself, but I think a lot of people in this community have that same, you know, response to movement or fitness, which is nice. And if you don't, that's okay too. But like, although I haven't written myself a program or asked Jeff to write me a program, like, I know that I'm going to Like, okay, I started with squads. Start with three x 6. Okay, cool. I can add pause squats. Alright. I could do some accessories. See what I can do that first day and then do a different, um, you know, I'll do upper body the next and then slowly get back into a full program.

Just playing around baby seals. No. Yeah, you got to. And I definitely, I know for at least me, especially the beginning of the pandemic where she actually closed and I didn't have access to things like my body was not hitting the same. So I've like started over probably at least three times since the pandemic started, you know, like in terms of fitness level, like, oh yeah, all the time. Oh, yeah. And it's usually, it will usually be the same thing. I'll do, like 20 minute workouts or something twice a week, and like, Okay, couple weeks, like, all right, I've survived all right, maybe I'll go a little bit longer for like another week. Okay, I'm not the last 40 minutes, cool. And then like a month and a half and I'm like, okay now I could do a program. There you go. Yeah. Yeah. I mean honestly, it might take me a month and not a week, but yeah, They have already done that like three times. Mhm. Yeah, I mean she starting from square one for me, legit, like it was 100 and £35.03 by six.

And that felt like 2 25. That felt like, you know, But in a good way like I could do a little bit of uh cardio with this higher rep movements. Yeah, it's definitely more low percentage higher reps in the beginning. Just trying to get a feel for where a body is anymore. Yeah. Don't go straight into your one rep max from two years ago. And then, you know, get sad about not being strong anymore. That's definitely going to take a process. Yeah, it'll come back, but it starts slow and then there's also people who are like, I don't care if it comes back. I know I know people personally who are like, I don't think I'll go back to lifting. You know, I'm cool with like about this peloton or I bought, you know, whatever else I bought this boxing thing or step class or I do dance now and they're like this is fine. I don't think I'll go back to lifting. Or I've been loving hikes. I've been loving just going on hikes every sunday or you know that's that's great too.

So what if we don't go back to lifting? Yeah. I think if you find anything that brings you happiness and you could figure out how to make it work for you, let's just do that, that's fine, that's fine. Or even what I picked up macro may uh pandemic. It's like all right, I'm gonna d I y everything, I'm like one and done for me. That's over. It's fun, it's soothing, but like I can't do it. That was not going to last. Okay. Um I don't know. I don't think, I mean again, you know, I've had my gym the whole time, so I didn't pick up any non lifting uh movements. Not really. But I've definitely seen people out there that are hella into hiking now that we're hiking before, like super into the peloton bike bike. Yeah. Everybody bought a bike too. That's been nice to see. Yeah, I get it in where you get, who cares what you do.

Even the little kids, even the grandparents are involved, like I've been loving it. Yeah and I've seen a lot more in terms of um just like body weight, slow controlled. So maybe it's Pilates or maybe it's not not really it doesn't even have to be Pilates but just like focusing on movements. And because I think a lot of people in the beginning were like oh I can't lift weights and I guess I'll just do cardio now and then that that only takes you so far if you don't like cardio. Yeah. Yeah. No, I'm not going to last. So yeah I've definitely seen some people take that energy and just do like body weight slow I guess Pilate is like I don't know what to call it a lot of that on my feet also. Or just people just picking like you know you know what I'm going to learn. Yeah I'm going to learn how to jump rope or like I'm going to learn how to do a handstand and just put all your energy in that Push up challenges that came I could do 10.

I can do 20. All right I can do 30 now. You know. Yeah exactly that stuff or like the plank challenge thing. Ah Some people I work with sent me then I was like, nah I'm not the kind of it's not the kind of fitness that I do. We're not there. Like we should do this. We I don't know I don't move in that direction. Not me but really wherever you can get it it's just everything is it depends everything was always depends before but now it's like times 20 in Covid can't even say post covid because we're not over yet. I know. I know people are still getting vaccinated. I mean too. So you got yours, are you are you done with your second already? Yeah. And it's going to open up to everybody this week. Yeah, same. Except like we got as essential like farm um sales schools. We got it um sorry, we got the letter like a week ago.

But I couldn't even schedule anything until june because more people are filling up the slots. The slots. Yeah. It makes just the logistics of having running. It's just dumb like just um it's just not good. And the thing that pisces me off the most about that is like people are getting paid for that. Like the one in my area was like, they went through like first it was a phone line and then it was this website hosted by this company. Then that website crashed. And then there's some counties that just use like eventbrite like what, like it's everywhere. It's all over the place. I Oh man. So then like every time you check, you know, you might like, it took me a while to get an appointment and every time I would check, it's like, okay, it's not on this website anymore. Okay, it's on this one okay, it's not hosted by these guys anymore. Now it's on this one. Yeah.

Yeah. We got like 68 going at the same time the same county. But I mean it's just I don't know what kind of drug stores you all have their but CVS Walgreens, Rite aid all those are starting to open up a lot more. Yeah, grocery stores walmart has it now. Yeah. But then even that it would be like um like they picked Publix and west like um West Palm Beach County, they were like, oh only Publix is distributing vaccines in this county. Like every county is on their own ship. And and that's what they were only publix and it's like mm well in Palm Beach, Publix isn't in all the black and brown neighborhoods. So wow. Well now it's that store, it's a grocery store. Yeah. Okay wow. It's like our whole foods. Yeah it would be like that would be like they said hole only hope it's not that level of a grocery store. But in terms of like, you know, whole foods doesn't end up getting a quote unquote.

Yeah. So you're just leaving those people in the dust. What's funny is for here when I was trying to book them like all of the available time slots were in like in the country part of California. So you had to travel 34 hours. Um but then you couldn't book an appointment, you know if you didn't live in that same county so it's such a mess. But I mean there's people out there that are getting vaccinated and I'm sure that those people that's also like levels to that because some people are getting vaccinated, it's like for me I'm doing it because I feel like every day I'm out there playing with kids and seeing people like I'm risking my life every day. I feel good now. But I know there's other people out there like I want to get vaccinated so I can start going out. Mm That's not how it works bro. You're still spreading germs, you can still spread the virus. It would be interesting to see how many people rejoin gyms or reduce some things. Or maybe there's people out there that are like, once I get vaccinated, I don't mind competing.

Mhm. I wouldn't be surprised if that was a thought. Yeah, I can see that. No, I wouldn't be surprised at all. But I'm not really sure how I feel about, I'm not really sure I feel about that. I don't think so. Yeah. I mean that's the thing too, is like with vaccinations you can't require 100% of the population and get it. Like there are still tons of anti-vaxxers people who are like I'm not going to wear a mask even though I'm having a full conversation with you as my customer. Like No, it's for my protection, not yours. Yeah. That sh it on nobody cares. Nobody cares. Yeah. You have those you have Yeah, there's no way you should have anti-vaxxers who are just straight up like conspiracy theorists and you have some people that have auto immune things and they're just like, I don't know, I'm allergic to the flu shot. Should I take this? Like there's that? And then there's still then of course there's people like black folks in this country historically don't trust medicine.

Like I can't blame you. Like I get where that comes from, yep. So unless anybody's like actively working on, not the conspiracy theorist, but the other folks that aren't getting it, like unless somebody is actively educating these people and like making access good for them. They're not getting it either. Yeah. Because they don't know. I've definitely talked to people like that. Like, well I'm allergic to pretty much everything. I don't know if I should get it. And then that's it. They don't know who to talk to. Yeah. Because even if you talk to your physicians are like, well you're just taking a risk, your choice and it ends. Like you don't know where the research things you don't know what to look up. Like she's hella confusing. Yeah, it just ends. So I don't know. I don't know about if I'm being vaccinated does not make me want to compete any more or less. I'm still on the same boat. Mhm. Stay at home staying. It's just Yeah. And that's just it's just such a wild thing at being such an unknown virus, you know.

Mm hmm. Yeah, there's still things. People do not know. I will say though. I definitely underestimated the feelings of the vaccination. Because the first dose I felt pretty okay. Just a sore arm for like half a day. And then the second dose totally kicked my ass. And I mean when you're chronically ill, there's always the conversation that you have to have with yourself. Like am I actually for real tired today? Should I rest or am I just like regular fucking sledging through the mud and I'll be all right. Like that's amazing every day question. And for some people it's easy the answer Maybe they like they're like, oh well if my muscles are twitching. I know it's too far. Like you know some people have, I don't really have that. I just just go with my gut feeling and sometimes get it wrong. And boy did I get it wrong with the vaccine? So in this case you are just like done. So I got it. And I felt pretty fine. I felt the same way that I felt the second dose.

I felt the same way I did on the first dose and I worked out no, it's the next day. Not like the day of its usually always the next day. Right? Mhm Yes. And again like when it comes to information, everything's confusing out there. I saw people say their experience with the vaccines. But nobody ever said It's the next day. So I'm thinking it's been like 12 hours. I'm feeling pretty good. I'm just going to work out when I tell you by the time that I wrecked my weights through my Barack the barbell through the weights on the floor and walk to the bathroom to pee. I was just like melting on the way to my closet. Like just like my closet back to the closet. I go back to the closet. I go like, I'm like, all right, let me just, man, I feel so good. Let me wreck the swim, go change my color. Oh no. Like, yeah, capacity. Imagine like a light switch, but it could, I was wrecked.

Poor life choices. We thought you were superwoman. But sorry. Body. No, I did not. Yeah. So I did not engage that day. Well, and then I arrested for like three days. The next day and a new ship. And then the next two days I did like, maybe I did laundry or something and that was it. Um And then the third day I was like, all right, I don't have a headache. Um I'm walking around in the house feeling pretty good. I drink some water. I like ate my meals like all right, let's give this a shot wrong. The third day I walked in. Um I opened the garage door and then I felt immediately dizzy and tired and I laid down on the bench and then like half an hour my partner came out because he heard the garage door opening and nothing else and he's just like that she just fucking eat it. So he thought I was like dead on the bench. Um. Uh huh. So then he put the garage down, he put the door down for me and then uh you know I went back inside. Oh man.

Yeah and you didn't have like work with the kids scheduled or anything You know luckily I had my second dose like thursday morning and then friday head often at the weekend. So by sunday I thought I was cool to work out. It was not that's okay. I mean that's huge. And not to say that lifting the same day you got the second dose had any effect but 10 out of 10 do not recommend. So I would definitely say if you are that's mooney that every day you're like I'm not sure if I need to rest a workout today if its vaccine, post vaccine time you rest. Don't just go with the rest, don't test it. And I'm hearing a lot too because now there's that one with just a single dose johnson. Oh yeah I have no idea that's going for people since since the vaccine is just so potent in one. You know you literally have to split it up into two um doses that one just hits everybody like a wrecking ball.

Um I've heard um You know blackout stories? I heard a throw up stories just uh it's too much for one body to handle no matter how a stronger immune system is. Yeah. And I think there's a lot of people out there have no idea like what their bodies can't handle because they're always like, I don't get sick. Just like listen. Yeah. Well this past year was the first time I had ever, well as an adult gotten the flu shot and the next day that was when I was like, oh ship it feels like I have covid what's going on. I need to get tested. And it was literally just my response was shot. Yeah. So I'm a little scared. But you know, I'm gonna do it anyway. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It's gonna be, you're gonna have some wild fever dreams. That's for sure. You're gonna you're gonna be having some cold sweats. It hits, it's so when you get the whatever appointment slot that you get, is it any vaccine or is it only johnson and johnson over there?

Yeah. No, luckily, I mean there's just so here and kelly, they're just having a lot of um johnson and johnson clinics open. Like there's so many available but not everybody wants to take it. So all the other ones. It just says, oh we're going to either give you moderna Fighter or the third one. So one of those three, the johnson johnson I haven't seen in those lists where my insurance takes it, your insurance what your insurance got to do with that also has to be free. Free. It's free. But they still charge. I mean they still charge the insurance. Somebody's making money off of this. Well, like I thought I was supposed to be free for me to get a covid test. Covid consulate education. That bill came next week. No. Oh, you know what the thing is about the test is you have to go to the county or the state sponsored sites for the free testing. But when you go to CVS or Walgreens depends. It depends. That's the insurance one and that one, like you have to straight up lie to get, make sure that it gets covered.

Like let's say you only had sniffles. Like you're going to check all the boxes and yes, I had contact. Yes. Yes. I don't feel good. Yes. Yes. Yes. Because you don't want to get the 100 something dollars bill later. Mm hmm. It's not cheap. That's wild. It's pretty lame. Free my ass. No. And even the vaccines that are actually free, right? Like it still takes time. Like you have to wait and like time is money down. Yeah. I mean the time it took you to to book the time, it'll take you to wait in line. Yeah. Stay in your car. You have to stay in your car for like 15 minutes afterward. Um, no, all of the ones I've seen, they're like, oh yeah, free covid testing with an asterisk with insurance. Like no ship with an asterix. Yeah. And whenever I did it it's always like there's no guarantee your insurance will pay for this. Like there's always a disclaimer. Yeah. Otherwise you have to go to the county or the state one. And then those lines are like 23 hours long, goddamn. Yeah. When I got my first vaccine does it was a five hour wait, wow.

Second one was like two seconds was like one hour and you legit had to be in the location for five hours. Yeah. Like the D. M. V. Yeah. And at the time it was health care workers only. So I'm like the only young person, there's just a bunch of old ladies and Grandpas and I'm just like, you know, somebody's going to, somebody is going to have like a diabetic coma out here because I know these old ladies did not pack snacks like max like ours, this is not gonna work. So time is money. That's five hours. Just the vaccine was free. Yeah, cancel everybody. I had to see for that day. And and I remember back when you would like donate blood, they gave you water and snacks. Is that the same case? Oh no, no, nobody's touching you. Nobody's nobody's doing anything. Just porta potties that's about it. Water snacks. There's no water. You would think they thought about that. But now I guess they figured since you're waiting in your car, you should be fine. I don't know. Okay.

Yes. I mean, it's a lot of people, a lot of people in the nation that needs to be vaccinated. It's a mess. So yeah, if you get vaccinated and you decided that means you could go out in the world and do things. I don't know how I feel about that. I don't know. Yeah, I have feelings. Didn't you post on your story the other day? We will remember who went out to party during, Okay. All these people on their freaking boats and ships, especially in florida. No, they're going hard on these boat parties and there's like, y'all have both parties like bars. Wait clubs, two clubs. Yeah. If you were going to clubs and bars. Oh, shoot. Mhm concerts, no concerts, No, no concert but bars parties. Um you know, if there's a big fight, if there's a big boxing or m M. A fight like everybody is going to be at a lighthouse, like nothing happened. So yeah, people are out there hashtag don't forget hashtag never forget.

Well anyways, back to disabled girls who are lifting. Besides now we'll move away from disabled girls who are petty for now. Back to disabled girls who are lifting. But that actually, no, but that's related. That's the other part of why I probably wouldn't go back to a lot of things that I know that all of those people didn't give a ship and they were out there doing whatever they wanted and you're touching their barbells, You're touching their benches. No, not even that just the idea like, you know, if you and me, we're gym buddies and Covid started and you, my gym buddy was out there huffing and puffing on the world, going out to eat bars, having hosting parties at your house like ship like that and now here we are a year later. Okay, everybody's vaccinated. Cool. Like I'm not going to go back to being your gym buddy. What the funk were you doing? Like, I can't, I don't know, like I'm not gonna feels comfortable in that space.

And there was a lot of people that are, I mean sure there's people that are just like, oh well I live alone and uh, you know, I had my bubbles and etcetera. You know, there's levels, you know, these people are like, oh, I hung out with these people and then I would isolate like whatever. You know, we can talk about it fine. I'm not really talking about those kind of people. Exactly. I'm more talking about the people that posted like if you're sick, stay home Like those, we should be able to do what we want. We're not going to stay home for the 1% of people that are dying. This isn't worth. Like I'm talking about those people like the nasty negative people that just like the strength community is full of that. I don't know if I want to be in there again. Yeah. You know what I heard a lot too early on and it's so freaking able ist and ages like oh well you know natural selection so let the strongest survive. Like let's go hand in hand mono El mono and let's see how strong you are.

What's the fun talking about? Like what are you talking about? It makes no sense. It's just gross to me and you know, mostly white dudes sure. But other people are out there saying they're shipped to like it's not just not just a Cis white dudes out there doing their thing, their usual stupid ship. Everybody was saying it and I don't know if I could forget that. No. Yeah, no, I mean that's how relationships have just gone down the drain. Friends, family, I'm sorry I'm not going to So what if I didn't want to attend that gathering that you hosted? It's not because I'm less of a friend or a cousin. It's because what you're doing is ridiculous. Yeah yeah. No, I'm going to want to partake in that or approve Of that. Yeah, I'm not going to your restaurant, 20 person dinner party that's indoors to eat next to everybody else and get drunk and stuff like no and literally just a few months after the pandemic could hit yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah So no disabled girls who are petty are the same to save the girls who are lifting.

I don't know if I want to lift with people that decided I don't deserve to live right? Like basically that's very relevant basically. Yeah. And then something on social media, it's also easy to unfollowed. I, I got oh so many times. Yes, those folks and there's definitely times after big meets where I have to like mute or unfollowed people because they're sharing other people doing it or they were in it and I'm just like, I can't see this. Like I don't want to see all these people out there just doing doing it up, nope, nope, no thank you. Can't hang with you guys too much, nope. Don't want to see it. And even besides the covid just the fact that the nation is going through all this ship like you know june black lives matter. And finally people are like, oh yeah, asian lives matter to um, you know, there's still the same people that are out there. I don't see color. I don't know if I want to go back to the gym with you.

I don't know. Oh my gosh, I don't know. There are still people that are like, I don't have to speak on this. I just post my lifting videos. This is my training look like, I don't know if I want to go back to the community that includes you. I don't know to be determined. We will remember, oh y'all like that, who said hashtag kung flu, who said all that anti asian ship, Who said chinese virus? Who said all this bullsh it fucking and and the dummies to that said Bill Gates puts five G. And vaccines like like y'all just dumb. Okay. Yeah. I was just dumb. Like you'd rather believe in a wild conspiracy theory than the wild things that are the truth already. I don't understand. Yeah, I just feel bad. Four things. Yeah. Like yeah, like I understand misinformation is out there but you preach this ship it and it's like to whose benefit and at what cost, you know can affect you does not affect you.

It doesn't, it's not killing your people. Exactly. And I've had, you know, it's not like every person that says again, it's like the people that are passionately confident in being assholes that I have a problem with because there are people that are like well you posted this like but what about if I live alone and what about the uh you know, I've had conversations with people like It's not to say it's like you agree with me 100% or fuck you. Um Yeah. Yeah. It's not to say that, but I don't know. Yeah, I'm okay here. I'm okay here. That's all I'm saying. I'm okay here. That's all I'm saying. He just reminded me of all those people that said well we can agree to disagree about this virus about this pandemic? Not really. Not really, no, no, no, no really? You want to talk That was nice to get all this off of our chest. Thank you. Can say what our chest. So you know, maybe you lift.

Maybe you don't, Maybe you dance now. Cool. Whatever whatever movement works for you. Um, just you know, it's hard. Especially when you're the only one that seems to care. It's hard. Just know you're not alone. Yeah, we out here. We still exist. We still care about each and every one of you. We did all right, disabled girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe rate already. Review of our channel. We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player, FM, google podcasts and more. You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left now. II

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E50: DGWL Talks Training
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