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E45: Deep Squats, Deep Thoughts with Shravya

March 7th 2021
Marybeth & Marcia get to know more about Shrayva from the previous panel of spoons episodes. We speak on cultural appropriation, toxic fitness culture, California wildfires, body policing & fat shamin... More
this is disabled girls who lift. We are reclaiming what's rightfully ours. One podcast at a time? It's mary Beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Mhm. Mhm. Hey folks, welcome to another episode of disabled girls who lift. This is your girl, Marsha in south florida on a Seminole tribe land. We have to host and a special guest. I will allow them to introduce themselves. Good morning y'all. Or whenever you hear this on a fine monday morning, um it's mary beth in northern California on Aloni land joining us today. She also sits on Aloni land very, very close by Shafia Gouda. You've definitely heard her seen her on our page. I believe you were on the panelists boonies not too long ago speaking her word. Um but one of our fellow 26 year old power lifters who also works in healthcare technology, a really huge topic in um the spooky world.

So I'd love to talk more about that. And certified cat mom, let's go, hey guys, serious cat lady over here. Deep down inside I'm a cat lady, but I have three dogs. It's currently clawing into my leg because she's bored. So it's real, it's real commitments. Real. She has nothing else to do. A section of damaged nerves on my leg from my A. C. L. Surgery. And she said how just picks like that one spot just to call into every time she knows she's trying to she's trying to help you out. She's trying to reproduce it. So what do they do when you're lifting? Because as it stands now you're lifting in a living room, right? Yes, I am lifting in my parents living room. I'm very thankful that they are allowing me to transform this room that we literally never use growing up into a gym. Finally. Uh So so my goal is my apartment cat. She doesn't ever, she she doesn't go to my parents house so she doesn't care that I lived it.

It's fine, Pumpkin is the cat at my parents house. She's the big orange one. She will, you know, spot check me, she will, you know, make sure I'm hitting my dip. She'll make sure I'm positive benches. She looks hella judgy like for real. Um She'll just sit there on her little like cat castle thing is right behind my setup so she'll just sit there for about two seconds, pause it. It's like you do that right? Yeah, for real, like she's never really gotten in the way of the weights which I'm, you know from about a max out or something. I'll make sure she's another room just in case something happens. But um Yeah, she uh she's enthusiastically nonchalant about it. Yeah, that's what I was gonna ask if they get in the way because mine like they think we're coming to the playroom to play with, you know, like they get in the way of the dead lift, sit on your bench. Little dogs that act like cats, but Mhm. Yeah, just doesn't really care for the most part, she's like humans doing some fucked up shit again.

Alright then like where's my attention though? Yeah, she doesn't mind. My dogs are not allowed in my garage so they're not allowed in the gym. I have a lot of no areas, I don't have the tolerance for it. If it was like to up to my partner, they'd be everywhere, but like they're not allowed in the kitchen, they're not allowed in the gym and he'll be in there and they'll be like, oh hey, we slide in and I just turned around like I'm not going to have dog hairs in my mouth while I bench like I'm not, I can't, I can't, the hair is everywhere, I can't do it. I know, I don't even notice that anymore. I go to work uh with black sweaters and just hair all over. I'm like, oh yeah, party keeps telling me like, well you have a lint roller yet. And I was like, honestly I just keep trying to buy one like you just get used to it, you just are the priority. Exactly like whatever live the fluff, This is my truth. Who am I seeing? I'm not even going outside, like who am I seeing? You know, I'm going from my apartment to my parents.

I was to like trader joe's peter jobs can see me covered in cat hair, I don't care. So you still live in your apartment. So yeah, I was living in San Francisco. Um I recently moved in October two, a one bedroom apartment, so it's like my own space. I love it, I love living alone. Um I was just telling my doctor like two weeks ago that she was like oh how's isolation treating you? Like there's an adjustment. I try. She actually asked though. Yeah my luck is awesome. Just the only one like I've ever actually liked, which I'm thankful she's doing remote visits because I didn't want to find a new one after I moved. So you move to, so you're not in san Francisco anymore because I would think of one bedroom in san Fran, I wouldn't say you're paying for. I'm in the leg living out there. Oh yeah, no, I'm I'm down in the south by now. Um I got a really good deal too because I think the previous tenant just kind of up and left without much notice. So the rent on my place I think I'm pretty sure is significantly cheaper than what it usually would be.

So I think I locked it in knocking on wood. I don't want to like shoot myself in the foot here. Okay. Yeah, so what's happening in the South Bay to like Marcy I'm sure you know a little bit, but like in the tech hub, we've got netflix, we've got google apple, like all these big tech companies where they house like thousands of employees, you know? But now that they're going to be working from home for the next two years at least everybody's been moving out of state freaking out of the country. Not even here anymore. I mean at least a good amount. So rent prices have either been going down just a little bit in the South Bay or given out like $200 a month of rent discount, which has been great. Mm That makes sense though. You have like a mass exodus because like I don't need to be here anymore. Restaurants are, well your restaurants and stuff are still closed or now there are you for delivery I think. Yeah. So you literally have nowhere to go.

A lot of like the downtown areas will have like roads blocked off so the restaurants can do, they're like Outdoors and make it indoors make it outdoors. 10 things. Um and it's cute. I like, I think, I honestly think they should stay blocked off. I really like, you know, it's lot more chill in the downtown areas like downtown san Jose downtown mountain view. Um It's cute. It's really cute. Let's driving, let's traffic anyway. Yeah, that's interesting. Yeah. Down here. It hasn't really, it's not that kind of a town where it's like, you know, one big company is, it has all the jobs and whatever happens with that company drives the market type ship like this. I really break that down. Yeah, I mean it was stupid drives the rent prices most definitely kicking everybody out of their hometowns. You know like people are probably glad that a lot of the techies are leaving for except for like all the s able places and shipped. Right?

I With 20 bucks, I can buy my own damn bananas. You know? Instead of getting a bucking bull. Yeah. They're probably hurting you off the juice places and whatever. Like the $8 a cup coffee places. I'm looking good. That's too real. But I mean so like it sucks for a lot of people. But so far at least when it comes to housing you've been alright. So that's good to know. Yeah, but I'm thankful for that. But your healthcare. So you're one doctors remote. But is there other like ongoing stuff that you've skipped or haven't had access to since the pandemic started for a while. I was really putting off one of my rich routine blood tests because I didn't want to go to any hospital medically space where you know, I'd be sitting on a chair with like someone poking into me. Um So I was supposed to get a blood test last March. I put it off to like late august uh finally got it done but I was like not unhappy about having to do it.

Um I mean other than that like that's kind of just a maintenance for for my body just getting blood tests every now and then making sure the beds are all working. It's expected. Um, so I mean if I had to do anything that's like, that is the most important thing that I should be doing to make sure that I'm on track. That's the one thing I was like, I don't want to do this. Mm hmm. Yeah, I get you. I have like a, she's great. So you have like One go to person at least you don't have like five different specialists for now. Yeah, I have one go to person who does a really good job. I actually picked her because her bio, it said, you know like I treat the body like as a whole, she's really wonderful. And when I'm with her are my care really is it feels collaborative. She acknowledges that like I am, I feel what I feel. And she also knows that I've probably done some research into what I might be feeling and she'll honor that.

So she'll, she'll ask me like what do you think it is? And then we can, yeah, please drop the name for for California people so they can grow up to Juliet Mandel. She's with one medical, She's fantastic. Like highly highly recommend. That's great. What a doctor that doesn't gas like you holy ship take my money. I go to her and like look, I've been feeling like ship like my meds perfectly. But I feel like she's like, okay, let's talk about it, wow. Yeah. I'm never giving it up? I love her. She's great, wow. That's amazing. Oh man. I'm in a back in my season of like a million specialists. Which is like, what? There was a year where I kind of just took breaks and then last year was Covid. So I was like, oh yeah, I'm definitely taking a break from appointments. So that's what happens to me. I'll go to one person and they'll be like, something's up. I'm not sure. Maybe you should see this guy. And then I go to that person. They're like, maybe you should see this person.

So that's, that's where I'm at right now. Those have all been around the world. No, they're not all remote because some of these people are like, no, I need to see you in person. But why? Yeah. So if you're a new patient for the most part down here, they're like, we need to see you in person. And I'm like, okay. I guess I'm not going to feel great about it, but fine. Here we are. Oh, you know, it's so they can charge you an extra $300 to the insurance. I had one video call because I thought I was getting like COVID symptoms after the flu shot. Mm hmm. And it was like the gap where I didn't have insurance from my previous job to my current job. Like two weeks. I was like, why am I getting 100 and $20 bill for a fucking video chat. But You were in person that would have been like 450. It's it's a very interesting to see those bills from insurance. So I have good old government military insurance so everything works out pretty great.

But you know you go in there and I'll be like hospital built $1200 insurance allowed. $187. Yeah give me a line item receipt. Have you seen those hosts on it? They just make these numbers up. What what is you have insurance for your job then travel to. Yeah I do. I um it's just like taking out of my salary, how much you pay for it. Um The biggest switch in transitioning off my parents insurance to make insurance was my pharmacy. So um I was doing mail order meds like just like United a supply. Um my birthday is in May as I turned 26 in May and I had to get new insurance and I mean like it was, it was from blue shield to blue shield. So like surely I cannot have been the only person to turn 26 stay in the blue shield system but on a different plan. But like the pharmacy just dropped the ball man, it was bad. Um I was off my meds for like half of june when they're going to ship together so it didn't ship and like like june june 5th or six.

I'm like, why haven't had shown up yet? I running out. Um So I, I look into it and uh they're like, oh, you know, your plans in active? I'm like, no, no, no, the old plan is inactive for when I was 25 I turned 26. Do not have a new plan. They're like, oh yes, you're right. Like, I know I'm right. Yeah, yeah. Um and then they're like, okay, okay, we'll have that shipped out and, you know, two weeks passed at this point. Like, there are no meds, like I have run out and I'm like, so I called him again and I'm like, trying really hard to like, not being mean because I'm very impatient and he had very stressed very easily. But also like, I don't want to be addicted people on the phone. It was like, where are my medications? Like, I just, I need, I need, I need the supply of my medications and that's it. Um and they're like, oh well we're very sorry, but it's just says that your your new plan doesn't start till september, but it didn't, but that's not like I had the in writing, you know, your new plants effective june 1st.

So I'm like, someone obviously like, Oh no, confuses six for nine. Like, I don't know, the whole transition was just so bad. I just switched pharmacies. I was like, fuck it suck you guys, but no, now they're emailing me telling me, oh well you know you need to pay for your medicine. You never gotten like no I don't. Yeah. Yeah I'm liking me. I have to call someone tomorrow after this. I'm like I've gotten like three letters. They're like oh you owe us money. Like I you never sent me the medication could not figure out that I was the same person on a different plan. Like how I cannot be the only person I turned 26 in the world. It's so hard. It's so complicated. I had to leave. I used to just do Walgreens because you know they got drive thru wasn't that much of a hassle, but then they started fucking shit up like oh no um we're out of these pills. Um So you could go to the other one on 46th Street, so we feel do like seven And the quantities 30.

So you can go get the realm of what the fuss don't, you may get the rest like what? You could have called me on the phone and tell me this before you wasting my time. They give you any one. I wasn't ready. Seven 1000 after that. I was like, I gotta go like a free sample ever since then. I've been doing the mail in. I was like I'd rather just no thanks. I switched to this place called Alto Pharmacy. And like so with the old pharmacy I had to just jump through hoops to put in a fucking prescription with this one I I put in the order within like an hour and then that same data that showed up to my apartment. Oh they mailed it to you and everything. Yeah it's like I mean it's literally like Uber but for meds it's that's amazing when the future that's why not order iphone I got it the same day they used Postmates.

What's the difference? Why not? Why can't you just see the drones and just the drones like hovering over your front. You can track you can track the guy who's just like you know coming to your apartment with your medications and if if the signature is required like they'll send you a link to like sign it. Um Or you can schedule it like you know like a same day delivery next day delivery. Like it's it's amazing. My friend was my friend started working there she's like yeah you give him a try given that you know you been off your meds for a couple of weeks. I was like I should their internal like within that pharmacy or is it like a group or like a third party company that delivers it? I think it's internal I think it is the carriers work for for the company as well. Um And they're based in a lot of like major metro areas. I know you know Bay Area for sure. Um Maybe like Seattle and like Chicago honestly it pisces me off that were like so fancy and tech savvy but like ship like pharmacies is still so behind like damn dog.

Can we get some innovation to like what? It's too much just some nice thing. We can't have nice things. That's how it is. You can't have you right because it's our fault that we're sick obviously anyway right. It should have done more juice cleanses in my youth, more should have done more juice clinched a cleaner, Praying. Yeah, I dropped the ball on that one. Real real quiet up. It's your own fault. Whatever. I mean what good what's also kind of wild, it's just like Covid has given all these other people so much time to think on how they can get treated by the health care system that everybody and their mother is trying to get doctors appointments, prescriptions for things that they never like really had side effects for until they suddenly were stuck in their house. So everything is just like backed up, you know, I had a friend over here who like whose daughter had a crazy fever of 100 and 20 or something and was like throwing up, you know and they couldn't find a Children's hospital within 60 miles that had a space for her holy ship like it's backed up but the frustrating thing is people are just making appointments when they don't necessarily need appointments you can't get to your PCP then like and you want to, you want to handle that like you have nothing else to do.

Like I'm trying to schedule my regular annual, you know just regular blood work and they're like well since covid we're not taking that many people and my appointment is months out so that makes shit. That makes sense to me. I can see that happening. You have nowhere else to go and you're like funk it. Yeah there it is. You guys have urgent cares? Yeah. Yeah. I went to one actually last year for really high fever um in january. So it was before everything started but I had like a 104105 fever. It was really, it was like it was bad, I was like hallucinating. Um So I get my as to the urgent care and like I mean the only thing I've been really drinking all day is like orange juice and like water, you know, I'm not going to eat when I have the higher fever. And the doctor was like you know, orange juice is very sugary. It's not good for people like you, I'm like yo I'm just here so you can fix my fever. Like am I in septic shock or I just have the flu?

Like tell me that. Well you know you just you should really avoid, you should really avoid sugar. It's like I haven't been able to eat anything all day, this is well all I'm doing, oh well you know, I'm like, okay, so if I were like half the size that I am, would you have actually considered that I'm not here because my orange juice and because I'm actually feverish, you know, what is that the criteria? Yeah, So I haven't been sent urgent care since I just like this, but is that common for you when it comes to, I mean not even just health care, even just if you wanted to hire a coach or be at the gym, you're getting a lot of stigma just for not being in a small body. Um So my coach is great. She's, you know, it's Amanda, you know, Amanda, Amanda is looking fantastic. I love Amanda. Um So you know, hiring her was never, never had that issue.

My old coach a little bit like he kind of spent a lot of assumptions about my goals and you know, he he didn't program the way that he didn't program in a way that was conducive to my body not getting injured basically. Um He was programming a lot of movements. I just physically could not do, like sucking like dragon flags. You know that crazy like Bruce lee ab thing, I can't do that. What is that? You like, you hold on to um like the side of the bench and then, but your body is hanging off and so like when people are doing the flagpole, whatever ship. Yeah. While Yeah, he was like, yeah, just do like do like, you know, 10 reps of that. Like where would you what? Oh yeah, yeah.

You know, once you get them like, hi, I have never done a dead lift before. You want me to do this like, and that was your first ever coach. Yeah, that was my first ever coach. That was a whole mess. So you did get injured that I'm guess or would you realize like I wasn't going to work? Um I, I was just, you know, not really happy with uh he basically told me that I was a trash athletes in the trash person. Oh, nice. Um and he wouldn't even give me my openers for my from the next meet. So I kept texting him like, hey, what do you want my openers to be like, you know, I'm like two days out, you know, I don't know my openers, Whatever. Eye openers literally like midnight the day before my competition. He texted my openers and I'm like, yeah, we're done. Oh wow. And I'm paying you bro, I'm paying paying you for this.

But it's so tough because if you and I don't know if you were lifting before that or if you had any experience before that, but if you're brand new and that's your first experience, you don't know shit about ship. Like you could just buy into that. Like, well this is just the community or he surprised just because I'm not that good. That's why he's treating me like, you know, you might really buy into that and not realize that like now he's trashed. Yeah. I went, I went off program once. It's the only time I've ever gone off program. It was with him. And um, I was just, you know, I was like four months into lifting and I had a really shitty day. So I just did a heavy dead lift. Like not super heavy either. It was like a, You know, to £25 dead lift because I was heavy. Like when I, when I first started, I just did like two reps of that and then you know, went on with the program as, as you know, but I felt really bad. So I want, I want it to be honest with them and tell them, Hey dude, I just want to let you know I did these two extra reps, which like, well they made a difference.

No, but I'm anxious. So I told him you just do just went off on me like, you know, like you'll never progress this way. You're, you know, this is why you're a trash athlete. What in the actual, I was like, okay, I mean, have you not ever dealt with a power lifter? Whoever chose to lift a little heavier one day? Every power lifting coach has experienced that. What the heck are you talking about? See that like scared me into compliance basically. So I haven't gone off program since I'm just like, oh God, Oh God. It's like sucking traumatic man. Like that was like, you know, mm I don't know either so much there. Have you, do you know anyone else that was coached by him or were you um, you know, like in the gym with other people coached by him? I do know one person who was coached by him who also, I think stopped around the same time I did, this guy actually is no longer coaching. He kind of just good, got fed up of instagram lifting and yeah, I've gotten also random comments, not, not really in strength jim's I think people and strengthens our fairly respectful for the most part at least that I've experienced around here.

I have been yelled at for not knowing kilo conversions off the top of my head and I'm just like, I'm not doing math right now. We're in America uh, what, what I'll get actually is if I'm at a commercial gym. Um, a lot of like the older indian ladies will be like, oh, you'd be so pretty if you were so little thinner, like a good job, sweetie, good job for working it off. And I'm like your daughter was a bully through high school, worry about her, don't worry about me, that's fine because I'm doing great for real, like stronger than your family come by. So good that you're biking. It's a low, it's low impact. I just like biking bitch like you don't know shit about fun, can you leave me alone please? Oh my God, it's like where about yourself? Come on, just don't talk to me. I haven't had impossible. It's so oh God, it's so ask backwards because you have to deal with like jim bro dudes, I think they know the best for you because you not only fan presenting, you're, you're in a larger body, you brown is funk.

Like you've got all these things that make somebody assume you don't know ship and they think they can yell at you like that guy did and then you come back to your own peoples and they got their own fucking bullshit about bodies like you can't win, you can't win. I stopped talking to when it comes to my family, I'll talk to them about lifting ship whatsoever. Like my mother used to tell me my uterus was going to fall out like everyone told me that was honestly like I'd be, I'd be okay. Like if that means not having appeared in the rest of my life. Oh cool. Not not by me sorry. But anyway, we let it let it fall. I don't know. Oh my gosh, it's the worst. My my immediate family is super supportive lifting. I'm really happy that they are like my, you know, I started my home gym with like a PVC pipe and bands and now that what it is, what it is like I have a whole lot of rack and like he's gotta wait tree yesterday.

My brother, dad and mom are really, really into it and I'm so happy that they are because it's a cool thing that I got to share with them and that is like I'm coaching my brother right now. You know, I got to see my dad, he was, He was benching 45 in like July now he's benching 65. Oh you got the okay, okay. What about mom? Mom's doing more like isolation work. So she's doing her single arm out lot races. She's doing her face holes. Yeah, strengthening. Yeah, she will tell me like, yeah, I actually taught her how to squat earlier this year, so she was like, I can't squat my knees, can't take it. I'm like mom, you're just doing it wrong. So I taught her how to engage your glutes. I taught her how to like, you know, start using her knee torque and she was like, oh this doesn't hurt anymore, this is so Wholesome, I love it. Um but then, you know like you go to India, I went to India last year before, um not last year, I went to India 2019 Because it's 20, now, Yep, Continue 2019 or 2019.

And the thing is my family like me, my mom, my brother and my dad were all tall were all broad shouldered, we are significantly larger than like most people in India just like the Philippines. Yeah. So the average indian woman's like five ft five to average indian meals like 5658. So I'm taller and bigger than like most of the dudes are so you know, we'll go and no matter how much uh I tried to like blend in like, you know where my indian clothes, I'll talk the language is like, I'll do everything I can, but I just stick out like a sore thumb. My brother does to my mom does too because you have like these like three people and like when my dad, when he does go, he does too because like he's, we're all, you know, like everyone's down here, everyone's heads are this level and we're just up here like you like you like sucking notice. Yeah.

And you know like it's just the conflict like this the way we carry ourselves. Like I, you know, I stand straight. I don't, I don't slouch. I don't like you make eye contact. I don't make myself small and that's what a lot of indian women are trained to do. Um so people know I'm not from there and then I got all the harassment like, oh like, you know, all the like the, like the older way, it's like, oh it's so pretty. If you lost weight, it's just that something there to give unsolicited advice. It's sucking ridiculous. That's funny. You either get that or like you get you get treated like royalty right when you're like so tall, you've got like european features and that. I don't know. You just don't look like the rest of the country. Yeah. Or it's like, you know, like your hair so well, you know like your your hair is curly, like that's such a thing. Um I put it in braids and I'm there because the humidity is just not, you know, not friendly. But if I do leave it down, it's like, oh wow, like your hair is so long, it's so thick.

Like what do you eat? Uh You know, you're, I'm like, I just ate rice this morning. I don't know. Like I'm just like that shoot. I don't know. Stop talking to me. I'm anxious. Like I just came, I came to you just like to buy a fucking like bag of chips or something at the corner store, leave me alone the stairs, man the stairs. All right. But at least you can speak the language because our languages because anything outside of that, then you're fucked. It's like, oh, you american. Get out of here. Yeah, well, so people can tell I'm not from. So let's assume. I don't. So then a lot of the guys are like cat call and assume, I don't know what they're saying. And then I was talking to shut the frak up. They're like, oh sorry ma'am sorry. Um this happened and my brother was like, we were we were doing touristy ship finally because you know, I was telling my parents like, yo we've been to India so many times and I've never seen the Taj Mahal like what is that about?

Like why haven't I seen it? So we did a whole like north and I'm south indians. We hope we did the whole like north India excursion. Um and it was really fun. I it was so beautiful and nothing like I've ever seen before, but in this one city um these this group of guys was like staring at my ass my brother, he's like, hey are you gonna want to freak you out? But those guys really talking about, you look at your gas and I was like, oh who, oh who? So I go right up to them and I'm like, what, what do you want? How can I help you? Like, wow! You know what? Yes, I know what you said, I'm not fucking death, I'm not an idiot. Like I know what you're saying. And they're like, oh how did you hear? How do you understand what I'm talking to you in your language? I know what you're saying what you're speaking back to them in the language and this? Yeah, they're just, they just cannot put the two together. They do not know how one, I heard them talking very loudly about me and to that, I understood what they were saying, I'm like you were screaming about my ass in front of my ass like yeah.

And literally like you're like, you're literally not saying this like as an insult to deaf people, but like literally I can hear you exactly precisely like like hello. So they're just astounded precisely like I am a hearing person who heard what you were saying. Very simple. Well and and you responded right? How many like how many women kind of just walk away and the cognitive dissonance? They're like, oh I'm sorry, sorry ma'am, sorry ma'am. Well we'll never do it. I'm like, oh of course you'll do it again. Funk right off. Never do it again. But they went away. My brother just like how did you do that sorcery? That's like, dude, I come from generations of brown women who make people cry. I got it in my blood. It's all good. But I wanted to go back to what you said about, you've been there so many times and never been anywhere. I think that's like peek immigrant culture like you travel and vacation just to stay at somebody's house right?

Like, oh my God. And then like if you so like new age us, right? Like this age us, we want to go, want to go out, we want to see things we want to hike and explore and then you'll come back to whoever you're staying with and they'll be like, but I made dinner for you and you didn't like this. I ain't travel on a plan for your dinner, you can't say that. I cannot say that. You can't say that. Like I got an itinerary. No, I've stayed with like in new york or something. They're like, well what do you want me to stock the fridge with? I won't be here. I don't, it doesn't matter. You don't have to find the groceries for me ladies. I've got 20 restaurants that I saw on instagram. I got to try on. Yeah. Like, I don't know what, you know what the hip kids do in India because I don't do it. My aunt actually this uh, you know, this, this has this past visit. She finally realized like, oh, I want to experience the city as A young adult.

My aunt's only 15 years older than me. So she was like Kind of more like my big sister cousin almost um when I was born, she definitely introduced me to her friends, not as her niece but as her cousin because she was 15 and didn't want to feel old. Uh huh. So you know, we'll go on her motorcycle and like we went to the mall and like, you know the malta are fucking fancy like there's like rooftop bars at the malls and the mall. Yeah, yeah, yeah. So you go, there's like courtyards and rooftop, you know, dance floors and shit. Um there was like a, when we, when we went there, there was like a special yoga event happening. Um, well, you know, it was like Soulcycle X yoga, it was a very fancy. I was not dressed to be there. I was like, oh, people dressed up. People dressed up to go to the malls. Okay, okay. You could have told me, I hold my flip flops in my ripped jeans, but not the cute jeans. Okay, You could have told me, I didn't call my hair for that. Like, uh, and that was still northern India or so this is southern.

Yes, So the Bangor, it was called Orion mullets, you know, it's fancy. There's like fancy soap stores, not like lush, not like the normal fancy soap stars we have here, but like locks attain. I'm told, I don't know how to say that I was talking about. Yeah, like little hand things would be like, you know, there's for the sample looking size ones. Yeah, that place is fancy. Wait, so since you brought it up, let's talk a little bit about yoga and like I've been enjoying on your instagram stories, like all of your brand call outs, just like all these random mass, like white girls see you and then all these like yoga connoisseurs who are either, you know, sterilizing the history of yoga first of all or like modifying opposite like, oh, I was like, um, tattoos and shit or you know, thomas, lay Marcia's sends me all of the one she finds and I just pick a fight with every single one.

Yes syndrome. I think my current favorite strategy is just to kind of play dumb, be like, oh, can you, can you please explain to me what what nama sleigh means, please, what is that from? Where does it come from? Um and like thing that they don't understand is not this day is a very normal greeting. It's like, it's hard to say hello in India, you just put your hands together your battles and I must say, and that's just how you say, hey, how's it going? Um But I was like, I bow to the soul in view, what's good in me, bows to what's good and do like yeah, I mean it's a great, it's a great says, a man loves the light within you me. The great sentiment. I'm like, that's what this is. You're just saying hello, oh my God, I can't, I can't.

It's like, oh there's this one that tried equating the hindu god of fire uh guinea to this like gross fucking health, health nuggets um for like digestive fire and you know, whatever the funk else, it was like catchphrases ship. Yeah, I was like, I think it's like, it's like of me for all and was like, what do you know, like, oh my God. So I think they blocked me. I'm pretty sure they blocked me. I had a friend also do a whole audit of their website and talk and give them free advice on how to make it more culturally culturally. Um you know, give the culture appreciate. Exactly yes. That um and you know, like just, she wrote the whole thing and they're like, well we can give you store credit. And she's like, I don't want your fucking store credit. Like I don't want your gross health nuggets that appropriate my culture.

Fuck off this thing. Like the point absolutely missing the point man. The part for the appropriation that that really just bothers me the most is how much people miss out on yoga because of what they think it is by people that don't even like they're selling you white thin, oh, you must be vegan and you much juice and wear leggings or like these fluffy dresses and you have to look like this and has to cost this much and it's like just bullshit. I've been liking your Yes, you do yoga already. Series. The most recent was like the hip airplane. I was like, uh yeah, she called that out. I like it. I like does she get so I'm like, oh yeah, look at this new hip cool thing. Hip airplane. Like do a half moon pose that she'd been gone for centuries. You and just ship it, Come on. How many people are like, check out this new warm up lunge into is like when you, when you tell someone like, oh yeah, sit in goddess pose as a, as a hip opener.

They're like, oh no, I'm a power lifter. I don't, I don't do yoga. I don't sit in goddess pose. And then they just sit in the deep squat and like mm hmm hm interesting concept. Yeah. It's that's the part that probably makes me the most upset. It's like people take it and they made it a brand. So anyone that wants to use what it really is calls it something else. Like that's not cool. Or what about that? It's like too feminine, right? Yeah. That's probably why power lifters try not to associate. Yeah. It's supposed to be like graceful and pretty. And and you have to wear your different and there's so many different types of yoga too. And I'm just like, there's different yoga's for different purposes. Are different practices. You know like My 88 year old great uncle does yoga every morning. The dudes jacked like jacked. Yeah. I would not consider him feminine. Yeah, like dude stronger than I am.

But that's what, that's what we've been sold. So we think that it's true. And you can see, I mean I got my yoga teacher certification. So I got like somewhat more of a taste of the actual community per se. Um Like sh it I never really paid attention to like apparently there's a big journal publication called the yoga journal and they just shipped all the time. That's like obviously racist and fucked up. Like they had a black woman on the cover. But they didn't tell her that they didn't choose her for the cover. They took a picture and they had a white woman and they took a poll like which one do you think should be the cover? Like they didn't even give her the cover or like they took a picture of a bunch of dizzy women. Like I had a whole photo shoot but the cover they settled on was like a white lady's prayer hands. Yeah, because what's gonna sell? Yeah. And who it's it's very obvious and a parent, but you know, but I do wish it about it and like I feel you know India was colonized for so long.

The sentiment that is there too. I think a lot of people our age are doing a good job of you know, calling that sh it out and um you know, making, making content that's more authentic to you know, our culture, but also the older generation at the same time, you'll see that like that the color is um the idealization of colonial ideals that they were raised on because I mean, and you didn't get independence still fairly reasonably so you know that that ship stays. And it's unfortunate because Hinduism at its heart is a very sex positive, a very clear positive culture, very you know, it's a very open religion. You have, you know the Kama Sutra like encouraging you to have good sex. But then the colonial period happened and then everyone's like, oh, you know, sex is bad. White man said sex is bad guys.

Come on really good. Never mind precisely like, oh no. Like there's a, unless you're having sex with a white man, right? And then, you know, like you have so many gods who are, who are dark skinned and celebrated for it. But then you have a baby girl who's born dark. And you know, people are asking your mom like, oh, why didn't she get your fair color? This is this is me. I'm the baby girl. My mom's a lot lighter skin than I am. Um, my dad starts in there. So I ended up somewhere in the middle because of science. Um, so people are asking him. I'm like, oh, why? Oh, so unfortunate that she didn't get your coloring like dark. Like how you gonna insult the baby girl? You know, mm Like what the fuck? I can hear you. That's what I mean. It's I could see that though because I don't watch um, Bollywood movies. But I know like one of the most popular Bollywood people probably because she's pretty fair and she has blue eyes.

Anybody else? Blue eyes. I don't know anybody else. I wonder why like the queen of the 90s. Yeah. And I knew her name. That's all I knew. So did you guys have. Um, I mean the mothers, the aunties, whoever did they like have this tradition of whitening soaps or whitening cleansers or anything that's huge in like yeah, I want to know because we had like papaya soap, you know everybody, we had carrots, soap, carrot, carrot, did you say? Yum? Yeah, carrots, like they made it seem like it was nice and healthy, but they didn't chomp chomp, wait, let me wipe my skin a little bit chomp chomp, not the carrot isn't focused. Okay, so there's a whole, there's a whole industry for this brightening soaps fairness soaps fair and lovely is the biggest brand there that's uh you know, it's, it's a cream that bleach is your skin basically.

Um and there, I think currently under fire, which I'm very happy about, they were forced to rebrand, I mean there's still some of the same ship, you know, but they're no longer advertising themselves as a skin lightening. So if there was just like, oh yeah, we are age your skin time. It's the same, it's the same clown ship, but you know, they don't have the photo of the dark thin girl, like gradually transforming into a white girl on the packaging, like I'm not going for them. Um my mom has stuck up for me every time though and I'm so thankful. So my great aunt, you know, she'll be like, oh you should use this, my mom would like know the function is not, she is not and she's like, oh, but she goes up, like I, I swim, I swam competitively. So you know, I was much darker than I am now because I was in the sun for like 3.5, 4 hours a day. How dare you in the summer. You know the sun is out, I'm in the pool.

Oh tan the goal. This is how melanin works. Yeah. I was like their protector who would have thunk. Um, and then you know my, my mom was telling my great aunt's like you cannot be proud of her for being an athlete and swimming like this and also tell her that she needs light skin, that's not gonna work. So throw that shirt away, don't put it on her, don't put it on you. Like she went off, I was like, oh yes go mom. So where does that come from? Is your mom just a fucking rebel? Like yeah, okay trends in the family. We're just all very argumentative and stubborn people in the family and it's great. We're all just really big personalities. Yeah. Because if, if you guys don't like back each other up who will, you know, that would be stuck in that that mindset. And I think for my mom too, she out of her sister, she was the biggest one. She was the darkest one. So she's, she wants to protect me from a lot of what she had to go through an India growing up whenever we do go there. Um, and she was doing, she did a really good job.

I think she raised us right there is really good. Did did the boys, boys definitely got different treatment when it came to skin color. Right? Yeah, because because like going up to fairness career, he's right, he's darker than I am man now the thing is like, okay boys, go outside, go play girls, you stay in here and try to read a book or something like, you know, there's just that difference of yeah, once you don't need a, how could you do that? I don't know, stay out of the sun. Uh help your mom in the kitchen, learn how to cook. A lot of it's like the clothing things. My brother like, I mean India is hot in summer. You all like it's hot and humid. I don't want to be wearing pants, I don't want to be wearing long sleeves, but we were going to Delhi for the Northern Day excursion and um my mom when I was packing, you know I was in san Francisco when I was packing my bag do in India. She was like, yeah, I packed some tank tops. Um you know, well Delhi is much hotter than south India so pack some tank tops or that I was like okay, yeah, sure.

So I packed some like some razorbacks, you know that's that's what I think I think tank top. Um and they're really cute. I was like, yeah, it has a cute fucking outfits for this new city in India, you know? Um The thing is my mom's idea of a tank top is not what my idea of a tank top. My Mom's idea is like muscle tank but not down to the ribs. Just like literally just chopped the shirt right here. Really? Yeah, exactly. Actually, she was like, you know, you know Exactly. So he was like, yeah, like the wide, wide strap. Um So we got in this huge fight at like four in the morning right before one of the airport to go and slide to Delhi. Just like, you're not wearing that. Well, I don't have anything else. Mom. This is what I packed. I'm only when, when my brother is showing off, like all this leg wearing shorts, I can't wear a tank top. And then it's like, well no, Deli is, you know, not not safe for like, I think it's like four women a day or kidnapped or something. It's not safe rule say that. So she had reason to worry. Um But also I am just, I was I was just annoyed because I'm like, oh, so he can wear a tank top, but I can't wear this like, no.

So I'm wearing the damn tank top. I will put a scarf over here. Do I have to? But I'm wearing the same shirt. It was the whole thing with my grandma was like, well why do you want to show so much arm. You know, if you will see your tattoo, if you will see your you will see your shoulders with a look. That's his fucking shoulder. Yeah, So, like, it's a great shoulder there myself. I worked hard for the shoulder for for real. Like I did my fucking lateral raises. I paid my dues. Yes. Yeah. No, I get that. Oh man. That's a mess. That's a hot mess. Well, actually, let's just take a quick pause for a second before we talk about anything else for a word from my sponsor. All right. All right. All right. All right. All right. So, yeah. Colorism is a bit uh But quick question just to clarify, were you born here? Did your parents immigrate at a certain point? You grew up in California because that part I don't know about you. So, I was born in Virginia. Um My parents, We're living in Arizona, but they had to relocate for dad's job to Virginia for 6-8 months, whatever it was.

I was born in Fairfax during that stint, moved back to Arizona. I lived there till I was seven. and then we all moved to California then. So then I've been here since I was said, I'm like, I can't stand the California. Native because I'm not. Um But yeah, I'm here. You've been here enough to know you've been here long. Arizona is basically a hot as California. Yeah, it's an extension. I do. I actually really like the phoenix weather though. I like everyone hates it. I love the hot and dry. Isn't? Yeah. What is it not thinking? I don't even know what that means. All I know is humidity, so I don't know what that means. I mean your skin, your lips like everything like you can't, I can't live in the desert. So, but the bay doesn't get hot like that at all. So I mean I was a dangerous on fire. Yeah, so it gets hot when there's a fire. But I would think if you were still in Arizona now, wouldn't you be affected you have a heat intolerance or like photosensitivity or any of that?

Um My body gets triggered with sudden changes and and in the weather, but not necessarily if it's constantly hot, I'll be okay. But um Like last month here, it was like 50°1 day, then like 80 the next day I thought was not good. That was very bad. Um Orally sudden shifts in humidity. Oh, fire season was bad. I had like, oh, fire season here even though there was a seat how you have a season proof fires because everything's on fire. But it was pretty much all year too though, to be honest. What does that mean? Does that just mean there's less rain. Like what? So it's like really windy? Yeah, it is dry out. But then also hot. Sometimes we've been in the nation for so long that we just have like all the dry shrubbery, you know everywhere. Yeah. Um So it really is just you know it takes not a lot to start a huge thing. Um I think a couple years ago it was PG and E.

S. Fault. Um And you got stupid people doing the gender reveal parties. Oh that one. I don't know what they blew up but like a smoker thing that like literally lit like half the northern California on fire cause like $6 million in damages. It was. No those those pictures were scary and that was one of during one of those, I was in one of my teacher trainings um like this extra one I did, it's so weird because when you see stuff like that you're like oh that's must suck man. I'm thinking like hurricanes, you know like you just bundle up your chill like you wait it out like maybe a loose panel where but people were like crying and like fearful and they're like, you know, I literally cannot breathe like if I open the door, I'm sucking coughing for two hours and I'm like oh ship yeah it's like it's like you know snowing ash? Um like how like we had a historical event happened last year actually um the last time this happened in the world was like in the 1700s maybe.

Um But the smoke grows so high in the atmosphere that the sun couldn't get through. So it was dark all day. Like the sky was a very dark orange. It was terrifying. An apocalyptic. It was awesome. My family was on evacuation notice for for a couple weeks there because of the standard cruise fires which were uh kind of creeping into our area. We were like 22, 40 minutes away driving from the closest fire. So we were on evacuation notice while my cat was missing. So I was like really scared that I would have to leave her behind and evacuate. And that was terrifying. Yeah. Yeah. Like everybody had to have their cars packed up and just ready. Like you don't know if you keep your homes because they're actually like the San Jose mountains to they were they had their own fire. You have like 20 fires going on all around you with all these heavy winds going in all directions. Which is why you can kind of like sense to like when it's starting to get ashy in the air or the sunsets looking red.

I'm like oh sh it where's the fire here in California? It's coming. I stopped pictures of people like on, I don't know what part it was. I don't know geography either. So. But yeah in that midst in that fire and it was like they were trying to evacuate but it was so hot that their car tires are melting and so people, the cars are just running on the street. No funk that. okay. So that was probably like just weigh close to it. Yeah. Mm. And then yeah, you see all the pet videos like these pets were, you know, they were separated from the humans and they're in the shelters and like it's, it's scary man. Then you have the people who think climate change isn't real and I'm like bitch Yeah, the world on fire. Shut the funk up. No, I know a lot of people that are like when covid hit, they're like, oh I got tons of 90 facts fire baby. I'm like, what do you mean? Oh yeah, I want to say we had it before.

They were trendy but we did. It's a city that we did. It's really bad that we did. Everyone's gotta pack in the country. It's like this is the thing I don't get is like there's this giant fires happening. We're in a pandemic, right ship is like fucking wild and then people are still like, I want to be able to go to the gym. Yeah. Like how is that story like florida to, I feel like you're in the, you're in the worst state to be in the pandemic. Yeah. Well I see every, every single time I see in Miami headline, I'm like ship yo the bars are open. People are straight chilling. Like ain't ship habit that's some next level privilege. But during that time it wasn't just the California fires. Everything was going on at once Like florida was getting, you're getting your hurricanes, Iowa and all of the midwest they were getting those, they were getting, what did they call their, you know, they call, Yeah, there's like tornadoes flat and when there's a word for it just happened to Chloe after because I would have never heard of that.

I didn't know that happened. It was like a super tornado or something. It's like hurricane level, but it's not raining like the wind level of hurricanes. Like the, yeah, the roof in her backyard was totally destroyed. And uh, and then like corn crops of like thousands of acres were all destroyed and that's pretty much all of their, you know, their economy in the midwest as well. So that was like huge all at the same time. I forgot. Yeah. And people like to wear a mask and then just like how is it, you know, I see everything like that. So that's all you got to worry about right now. Yeah, I can't understand it. People call me, it's like a fake pandemic. I'm like, people are dying. They have to see it literally in front of their face. Like you have to hold their hand, let's go to the ICU today honey. Like what do you need or the videos, the videos that, I don't know if y'all have seen this in your leg circle. But the videos that come up after all the partying, all the hanging out.

I'm sorry guys, you should all take this seriously and I'm full of regret. But I just tested positive for Covid and like bitch, I told you most people I know that have just go back to home and after that, you know, a fine. Yeah, they're like, I survived. Here we go right back at it. There's so many like instagram and I'm just like, how, how are you not to get honestly every time. So I've had a couple like, you know when I get a scratchy throat, if I get, you know, a little bit cough, like, like it could be allergies, it could be something else because we're in the age group, we're like ships wack and doesn't present the way it's supposed to whatever. So I will go get the test and sit at home, literally not leave my apartment, the four walls of my apartment until until I'm clear. I'm like, and then there's the other side. The other side of the spectrum, who is like, how's the fever?

But yeah, whatever. I'll go to the bar, I'll do this, I'll give a fuck like, oh my God, that's nasty. I could see germs in the air now there's like levels to that though of how mad it will make me because every pretty much every to everyone and I don't like people that, that are doing what they're supposed to do. Like that's that's less, that's the lower percentage. So everybody on my timeline is like being a hoe out their social home ended up just freaking breathing particles in people's faces and ship. But the ones that get me that are like the fake woke people, you know, like they'll post the black lives matter ship and then go huff and puff in somebody's face or like, you know, the post some like liberation or Whatever it is, whatever thing is cool in 2020 because everything was cool for a bit. But so yeah, I had to yell at a bunch of teenagers do both of those a couple weeks. Target. Yeah, They were, you know, like talking social justice and all the ship, but also literally right here over my shoulder.

I'm like, can you Read a book six ft away from me please. It doesn't please like you have, you know, Blm. All cops are bastards and your profile, but you do not understand that being this close to people and screaming in public places is not helping. Yeah. You're making it worse for the people who are affected the worst by this. Shut the Cluck up. I don't get you away. Like I, I just, I was like, I've become that old lady and I'm okay with fine. Yeah, but we're done with saviors. We're tired of them. Like you want a pat on your bag because you read a book that was written by a white woman posted it. I'm okay quote I care. I post the black square y'all a thing. I totally care. I posted a picture of a white hand holding of black one guys man or that meme, the meme where it's like a few arm wrestlers. What do you mean from like the rocky son of a bit thing or something?

I don't know where it's from, but it's like, it's usually just like use, it's like white people, black people coming together. The two, you know, end racism posted that me and it's like did the thing, did it, that's it fixed it. But also I want to go vacation in Mexico and have brown people serve me drinks fixed it because it's cheap. It's cheaper over here. It's just a bucket list item. Guys, you know, I just needed to do this before I turned 20 finding my, for my mental, it's for my mental health. Oh, it's a vacation. It's a mediation. Oh, I hate it here. Worst. Oh man. Do you, do you think you will compete in 2021 Man? I don't know. So I was supposed to compete in 2020, I have a meat credit from that. Um, that I can use in 2021 if I want to, I, there is one meat that's very close as being held locally and I would love for my family to come see me compete because you know that then he was like, it's in santa clara, it's like 30 minute drive from their house.

Um, the convention center, it's, I think it's the Fedex so, but it's a fit exposes everyone and that is going to be there. Oh it's september yes or something like that. Something in august. So your family has never seen me compete before. They have, they came to my first meet, my mom's come to all of my meats um and my brothers went to a couple of, my dad came to my first one, but I want them all to be there and like, you know, a huge thing, a huge thing. It's like, you know, I compete, like I've only competed a couple hours away, you know, so sometimes they're just not all of all to the drive. I'm like, okay, that's fine. Like I wouldn't want to drive two hours at four in the morning either like, you know, um but santa clara is so close so it would be really awesome to do that. But I it's the fit expo and everyone's gonna be there, it's gonna be a fucking huge thing. So I'm a little on the fence for that one because I don't want them to be at risk of getting covid just to see me compete. I don't want to be at risk of Covid just to compete. It's all indoors, everybody's gonna walk around with their spray tan shirt, that's what joe what did joe say last episode um if the consequence is death that no.

Yeah, exactly. The consequences, death. I'm out just to get your max Oh yeah, completely. I'm, you know, like everyone out there, I'm just, I want to get on the platform but I also would rather not be in the hospital. Yeah, I can feel is reasonable. What I remember about the convention center and just thinking back to it is like, it was such a big space for a small event, like, you know, it's just like power and bodybuilders, but all of our booths were like super far away. The power lifting center was like in its own little corner of 100 acres, like nobody was around or like in the outside tent over in the san Jose convention center is just like a huge space for a small stage. I went to the sacramento Fedex for a couple years ago and it was, it was the opposite like it was, it was packed. I mean it's a pretty big space in general because it's the, that's the convention center, but it was packed.

There were a lot of people there um especially in the power lifting zones. Yeah. And the thing about these competitions and events is like everybody is going to be itching to compete for the first time in two years or go out and get their free muscle milk, you know, it's just not uh not a travel. That's the thing about it, people travel for it. So it's like, that gets me is people at least in this state they're like, oh well it's only bad in south florida. We're in central florida, we're going to have a competition and we'll be safe. Like everybody driving two weeks. Yeah, that's not how it works. So I mean maybe maybe if something opens up like november december, if it's better by then I as it stands with the numbers now and just I I work on some covid studies at work um knowing how that's going. Like I don't think I'd be comfortable doing anything before september at the very least at this rate.

Dude, that sounds so close for now. It's like february held up. But also, I mean here in California, they're talking about the, like I already know a lot of people who work at a clinic or a hospital who got freaking Marcy got her vaccine already eh, like vaccines hopefully come. What april will be just a little better distributed. I'm hoping so. I'm wearing getting it soon because she, my mom's um aquatic fitness instructor at the gym. So you know, they're opening up for outdoor classes now. So she's eligible to get the vaccines. I think she's getting it like next week this week. So you guys are running things different than, I don't know. I don't have that much hope the way things are going in good old florida in the country of florida, I don't have that much hope because it's february and most health care professionals are not vaccinated. So it's not much better here to be honest. You know I think it's going to be freaking end of the year by the time there's 10 more strains like California has their own strain now to Cali The us.

Okay so I think that's what? 3? But yeah. Yeah because L. A. Is a mess. L. A. Is a hot mess right now. So a new mutation was discovered there fairly recently. I was like oh good. So That's separate from the UK1 and the South African one. Yes and the Brazil one. Alright so then we're hold on. Yeah we're at like over five were 51 hand. We're on one hand it's only february. Uh We're doing great Guys are doing a really good job. Five fingers. New Zealand has concerts in New Zealand has concerts now. Yeah that's another thing. I'm just like okay all these other countries, especially in New Zealand like yeah they got a good leader, they are doing everything. They are actually complying but people are still traveling. So why is the world still open? And I feel so like in this just because money talks like no one gives a fun because people got to make their money. It's like pretty much dude but it's trash.

Listen, dying is only for the poor. Okay that's their fault. They got covid that's a poor people problem. That's what it is. Poor people can't get helicopter to the hospital. That has space. That's your fault. Yeah. Right. That's for the pores. Tiny cough. Just gotta work. It's fine. Don't forget. I mean new Zealand sounds very white because it's like where a lot of people go to travel. It's so green and it's beautiful. It's what you see in the pictures, but it's like got a huge history of Polynesian like native brown people that we're not talking about that have also suffered from Covid. Yeah. I didn't even think about that angle. I'm sure it's the same here. I would not be surprised if they are entirely fucked right now. I would not be surprised. I would hope they're doing okay. But I just people are so opposed to everything just shutting down for like X amount of weeks to just get it under control.

And it's like, do you do you want this reality for the unforeseeable future? Like do you never want to do things with your friends and bars again? Like All right, man, it's just algorithms are against us. People will see the information they want to see and just keep feeding into their falsehoods thinking their truth and everything is like policy like politics. Like, you know, I don't just because I think Covid is real doesn't mean I don't think this politician is trashed. These are two separate things like I understand and you could global warming. Even though there's fires all around you. Yeah, but I don't see it. It's not affecting me. So even if you go on people's like comments like let's say AOC had some post um somebody shared about multiple sclerosis medication, price going up. That's a very specific problem, right? And I made the mistake of going to the comments section and it's just like a bunch of vitriol about ship that's unrelated like they're not even watching the video because they're Homey and their friend and whoever else posted and said something and that's what they saw.

So they go to the video and say, oh well you're a jew hater because you signed blah blah whatever, right? And it had nothing to do with what she said. But since everybody's talking about some other bullshit, that's what you saw and that's what you were like uh registered. Got it. It's never, it's a never ending cycle. I see these stories about health care in other countries. Like there is that one going around um a while ago about that guy who was like Denmark or something and he thought he had cancer. So his doctor told him like go go to an oncology clinics. They went to the oncology clinic and they, you know, he didn't have insurance because he was a visitor to Denmark. But I think the whole thing cost them like $15 to get, you know the scans, whatever blood work he needed and like there was there was no there was no hoops to jump through. They just like they were like, well you have a mass so we're taking you right back. Oh I don't I don't need to fill out know what forms you have a mass.

Come on, let's go, let's go. Um They were like okay we can take your blood. He was like oh I can make an appointment to get my blood. No no appointment. You have a mask, let's go. Yeah. And he was in and out in an hour and I was just like that. That is beautiful. That is so efficient. It's beautiful like wow. He didn't have to talk to anyone on the phone to get an appointment convincing Prior authorizations in a referral from here and know that doctors out of network can't go there. You need like a referral from reach your deductible so that you've got to pay 80% of that. And like but you have coinsurance. So that's different. That's a different form. You'll have to come back later to fill out that form because our printers are broken right now. We get for you. Yo it's a hot mess and you hear about all these things and you wouldn't know about it unless it personally affects you. I love to see it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well in other news um Chlamydia is somewhat thriving. She's lifting in her lifting in her living room.

She is alive. Her lungs work now. Covid free. So good things could still happen. All right. Yes good thanks good. Still sh it's good. That was good. I mean like, you know, for the greater, greater saddle of the world is not great, not great. My personal life world I'm driving. I'm happy. I'm going to hang on to that. You know, doing well for that. You keep doing well. Thank you. Doing my god damn master for you. Something good can still happen is great. Oh man. Is there anything that you wanted to talk about that we missed out on this conversation by chance. I feel like I want to just like say something about advocating for your damn health care. Like we've all been through the wringer with it and I still see people who are surprised to learn that they can request testing or request a second opinion that it's important. Like especially if you have an instinctive city, it's your body.

If you take something is wrong, it's worth looking into. It's your body. So there's different ways to go about it. But especially if you have a doctor that doesn't like listen to you. I feel like getting argumentative is okay. I've definitely done the thing where I request like, oh you're gonna ignore me, okay, I want you to write that down, write down that you ignored me. And I've been the bitch and it's it's highly effective and not going to lie. Um So it's kind of just like what I wanted to spit out roadwork. Yeah, you're for it definitely write down that you requested tests and they refused. Here's the thing that um request your medical records to and not like the little pretty after visit call us if you have any flu symptoms like no like request the actual visit notes because you'll be surprised how many people will write ship and they never talk to you about it. They never ask you the questions and maybe that question would have changed the course of you trying to find a diagnosis or whatever it is that you're trying to do like request the notes and call them out on that ship.

I've done that because that that's like literally malfeasance. Like that's literally like the oh they didn't talk to me about whether or not I have muscle twitches and spasms and I have sleep disturbances. But the note says did patient denies. Yeah. I ended up going back to my urgent care orange juice debacle. I ended up actually reporting that doctor because I was like Homeboy was more worried about my orange juice and it was about my 104° fever good. And people can report, you can report, you can file grievances, most insurances to your, your actual state as the department of health. It manages licenses, all that good ship or if they work for somebody fuck them, let them know to same letter, send it to everybody bucket because like at the end of the day these people are sucking up and nobody's checking them. So what are they gonna do? We'll keep sucking up. You pay them a lot to care a lot.

I show up with a 105 fever. You're talking about orange juice. Uh this is like, I mean, I mean, I would not drink a leader of orange juice on a day. What? I'm not. Do you think I just drink orange juice like this everyday? No bitch. That O. J. Is bad for your health, which is not good for you honey. Like you look a little fluffy, You must not know anything. Let me tell you about orange juice. I'm freaking stupid. Advocate for yourselves. You don't have to be nice to your doctors. They need to be nice to you. Okay, the end. All right, thank you. Shreya via. Mhm. Thanks for having me. Yeah, disabled girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe rate or ready review of our channel. We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player, FM, google podcasts and more.

You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left. Wow, II

E45: Deep Squats, Deep Thoughts with Shravya
E45: Deep Squats, Deep Thoughts with Shravya
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