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E33: Chasing Gains with Chronic Pain (Panel of Spoons)

September 21st 2020

The panel of spoons convenes from across America to discuss all the things we’ve tried to escape chronic pain. We already explored medication and marijuana, on this episode we discuss body work, ac... More

This is disabled girls who lift. We are reclaiming what's rightfully ours. One podcast at a time, it's mary beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Welcome guys. We have another panel of spoons. Don't get spoiled. This is Marcy A from south florida is a land of the Seminole tribe and today we're going to continue our conversation on pain management. This time, we're gonna talk about all things weird or all things bodywork. Just all things outside of prescription medications and cannabis that we talked about last time. So in no particular order, I'll introduce you to the voices on the show. Today we have Ryan from roanoke Virginia and we have chlamydia from san Jose California. Hi, we have joe from Detroit currently in colorado. Hello, we have Andrea from Melbourne florida. Hello everyone. And we have Ashley from Tacoma Washington.

How's it going? All right, so we're gonna talk about pain management with other weird ship. Um, some stuff that's not so weird. Some stuff that is weird, whatever, but this is the category of, have you ever tried insert blank here? Um, so I think we could start off with not so weird and talk about body work maybe. So there's tons of stuff people can do massage, physical therapy, chiropractor, Ricky, maybe dry Needling. And there's different kinds of massage and then there's also cupping acupuncture acupressure. So let's start with what is everyone's favorite body work for pain management. So if I've been self grass turning and cupping. Mostly your hand doesn't get tired. I can't do it to myself for sure does I kind of wrap the handle and the like my grip tape so it was a little bit less awful. It works. Okay. Okay. All right. Before the summer I got my tool, I was like just using like the handle of the butter knife which was worse.

So I'm going to prove it. But if you go deep into some of these cultural things is that um grassed on is like the white do term, but that's like really gua sha wa from chinese medicine or the people that have done it with coins or spoons. So that's not totally out there. The butter knife idea oddly enough, grasping for me is not great. I use it on other people all the time. But for me it's actually not great. It makes my spasms worse. Try to I've had experience with Kristen and it wasn't really great for me either. Uh I bruised to use. I actually I have E. Ds as well but just it wasn't the bruising itself, but it was just really too painful. It was just too painful at all to handle. It wasn't worth it. I've had good experiences with like really really deep tissue work. Um that was really painful. But even everything out. But my thing is just the expense of it is just adds up really quickly.

So I really do it too often. I use a lot of I have a percussion massager that I use and I have a tens unit that works really well for me and I have one of these like the hip flexor lay on this thing. And yeah, I love a tens unit. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So that's another one I can't do that doesn't really always work out well spasm so it causes you probably more right. Well the thing is it's like you get medically into it. It's like there are different reasons that people have spasms. So is it from your brain, is it like, you know like the connection from your brain to your muscle or is your muscle just excited for no fucking reason and doing its own thing. And that's usually my category of spasm. Like it'll be like a twitching just switch on its own so I could put tens on it. It kind of just either makes it hurt worse And then when I do grass and it makes it more intense weird. I feel like Preston is pretty similar to cupping.

I'm not really sure as far as medically. I just thinking about it the same concept. Well, I mean, yeah, so I don't think I don't know the medical benefits specifically to each but I've done both and I've found cupping to be really really helpful but grass and I can't handle cupping is really painful to but for me I I do feel immediately relieved afterwards where the grass and I just never felt that relief. Yeah. The difference is like grasping is like if you have scar tissue or let's say you have like a muscle not or whatever it is. That's like a bowl of spaghetti, like grasping is lining up the spaghetti for you. But cupping is more like lifting and separating so that blood could come through. So it's kind of similar you would think, but they are two different things. So cupping for me is amazing grass in like, you know. Yeah, I know, but I don't know if you went to a chinese medicine doctor, they're going to cut you like specifically to the way that system goes, but you could just stick a cup where it hurts and call it a day, that's what I do.

I have my massage therapist, I see a couple times a month and she's real badass. And I totally, I think she gives me a pretty good deal for what I get because I spent a lot of the people I trained to her because she's just really knowledgeable and she cut me for the first time and she cut me like around my abductors and my hip flexors and it was amazing and I never felt that way. I felt so airy and light. Like I'm very skeptical about this stuff because when you're telling me that it's pulling toxins out. I'm kind of looking at you like, you know what I mean? Like I don't really know about that, but I just know that afterwards. I felt amazing and I went and trained and my training felt was great and like I was hitting depth on my squats without my shoes, which is amazing. You know what I mean? So I'm like, I'm I'm all for it. The bruises were pretty cool. Like everybody's walking. They're like, oh my God, what do you do to yourself? Yeah, but the bruising everybody's questioning it and I'm the same way.

Like I really don't know the medical benefits, but I I know that it feels good. It makes me feel good and I think it helps with my blood pooling. It's like moving my blood around for me in a way, but I agree that the bruising definitely makes people question it. And the drugs are after I got cut on my leg for after my surgery, she asked like, hey mom, like is that chick like part leopard or something? And like I overheard that and I'm just like, yeah, you know, I got the tiger tattoo on my ankle, like obviously part cat, like this is just a showing and and the mom did not appreciate me one bit for it, but it's like a, it's fine. Well you gotta have fun. You get control kids. Everyone's in oil builds character. So I have, I do train people. One girl has lupus and she seems to think that, you know, anytime she gets a massage, they're able to kind of get in there because she's unable to do it on her own with like a lacrosse ball or um like a phone role or whatever.

And I've noticed that you know, the people that have these conditions um need that type of like manual manipulation more often than somebody who doesn't like, especially if it's affecting the blood vessels and whatnot, you know what I mean? Like we're more apt to like be bound up and we won't have enough blood flow to that area for to heal properly. So we have to like initiate somebody to help us like really get in there, you know because we're not going to like put ourselves through that pain of grabbing out ovaries trying to release our hip flexors. We've got to have somebody else do it, you know what I mean? Right? Somebody. It's hard, it's hard to, it's hard to reach some of these spots too. I know for me I do have some specific muscles that are always like raring to go and I can't always reach them. So yeah, you need a hand. I had a uh we have like this place called massage envy. I don't know if it's everywhere. It was everywhere. So I did that for a while because it was $60 a month. And then I found a girl that I liked and I was like, all right, she gets the job done and I always requested her and things were good.

But then I went long enough that she tried to talk to me all the time and she'd have like my leg in the air while she's talking. And I was like, well, this is ruined. Don't talk to me. I just want to relax. Yeah. You know, I can't be mad at her honestly, because it's a black woman who lifts weights and she's never met another black woman who lifts weights. So like, honestly, I can't even be mad at her. I have to talk and be talked to like, she'll have, she'll have her elbow and my shoulder behind you. Like, so, you know, how is Travis doing? Oh, you know, I got uh All right. This is that I don't know. Like speak to me. Don't ask me how my day was. I don't want to hear about the weather. Just just do your job. I'm going to do my job of sleeping. Then this is over. It's like one of the dentist is all up in your mouth. And I ask you how you doing? Oh, how do you think I'm doing? It was like getting my hair cut your dress. This just cut my hair. I always, I always get like, oh, you have so much hair, wow.

I'm like, how do you think I'm getting a cut? That's why I'm here, touch my shut up, do the thing, do the thing because I am absolutely yes myself. I've wanted to learn. I've seen it. You know, I've seen in your videos all the time and I've never had anybody instruct me how to use it, but I've always really curious about it. I've never used it. I'm afraid I'm gonna do it wrong. I'm gonna break something out of joint and not realizing it's stuck. And I don't know my one thing with this is that everyone's always told me like, oh yeah, I lost the whole week. Like you can shower with it and two days later it's just peeling off my body. I have to get rid of it. Mm Not only do you have to buy the right brand, but you have to buy like the durable heavy duty of the brand. So my brand of choices rock tape and then I get the extra sticky. Any any other every other brand is trash. There's like a rock tape.

It's like flossing thing. I don't understand tape has a whole Yeah, so there's flossing, which I don't know anything about. I'm gonna be honest, I don't have opinions on things I don't know about but it's like you wrap your joints or your whatever it is and then you take it off and something happens. I don't know is that different from like BF IR training. Yeah, because you don't train with it's just or do you train? I don't know. I don't know. I think, I think is it I thought flossing was like a similar thing though. Like instead of the cuff, you just have like a giant band around like the joint above the one you're trying to restrict. I've no idea. Did It's just like a roll of like this thin rubber. It makes it I mean, it sounds like the same concept. Like you could use it the same way. I don't know. I don't know anything about it. I have no opinion. You let me know. Okay. I have no opinion. But KT tape is like it for me, man. But the thing about my fucking skin.

So if I use it on my neck, I'll get a rash. If I use it on my foot. I won't. So I use it on my growing depends where might get a rash. Just she don't make no sense. Just not set up for success. Um Covid times. I'm not doing my usual chiropractic unless I find somebody that is clean. But I don't know what your guys experience with that is. But down here, it's like there's like three extremes of chiropractors. There's like one the like I'm gonna tell you how to do exercises instead of going telling you to see a therapist or you have like to the quack. That's like I didn't hear you. God healed you and don't take vaccines. Like. Mm hmm. Oh yeah. And then there's a third where they're just normal people doing their jobs. That one is very hard to find. I feel like that's an inning job. So I'm I see, I see one that's kind of like the second variety. You know, they have the slide shows in the office and they have like signs about anti backs kind of stuff and whatever. Innate healing.

But they don't talk to me about it. It's $40 cash. I'm in and out. I'm like cool live in covid times. They're like, they don't even wipe the mat down and they got like these seats from the seventies and I'm like, you know what? I have a lot of experience. I have a lot of experience with chiropractic, but it was only because last august, so actually a year ago I ruptured my spine really bad right before I was training for a competition and I am absolute really bad. Like I could not get off the gym floor for like two hours. I was actually in early and no one had to drive all the way back to Melbourne with a ruptured back and I ended up driving directly to the er like to a hospital, not even close to me. But um I started going to a chiropractor then and I went three days a week initially for about six months and then I went one day a week for probably another four months or so until quarantine started and I haven't been since quarantine happened earlier than around maybe March, but I I absolutely loved it. Um Not only did they heal my back without surgery, which is great.

I mean I haven't done anything super heavy um lately to really test it, but I feel like it honestly helped me in a lot of other ways to with with my condition and just it was almost like another form of physical therapy. You know, in a way they give you exercises you had to do and it was like mobility training that I wasn't doing prior that you should always do. I feel so I like I like the chiropractor but I will say there are cracks out there and I saw a crack before that who told me that women should not be working out and his wife was in there and she was like, oh yeah, she was going to school to be a chiropractor with him and She was like maybe 85, 90 lb. She was so unhealthy. And she said to me straight up that I should not be weightlifting, It's bad for my heart. And I wanted to cry for her. I just literally wanted to cry for her. Like the support truly believes what she's saying and she's about to treat people every day.

I just couldn't believe it. So you do have to watch the clacks with that with anything, but that's what I'm so working about. I've never been to a chiropractor and I'm so nervous because it's their spying, you know, but I don't want to, what would you how would you pick out a quack from not a flag? So you look somebody up, whoever it is, masseuse, chinese medical doctor, Cairo physical therapist, like you should be doing your research. Do they have a website? What kind of verb each other using on their website? Do they have social media? What are they saying? And I ask all the questions like I'm not I don't give a sh it I'm paying you like you're going to let me know what the vibe is. Like, I'm going to call and ask if you wipe your ship down and like what's your waiting room like? And what kind of services do you have? Because some of these chiropractors, you go in and that's why I like tolerated the quack because you go in and they just just you. Which is great because I'm all out of whack all the time and then I go home. But then some of them are trying to sell you, oh well first we do this and then we do that and then we do this and then we adjust you and at the end it's $200 like, whoa, I was able to choose my chiropractor pretty easily because when I hurt my back, I was really training for my strong my competitions and stuff.

And when I went into the chiropractor after I had already seen the crack one, I went into this chiropractor? And the first thing I said was I plan on dead lifting again. I plan on competing again. And if you tell me I can't I'm walking out of here because I was just in my brain I had it that chiropractors especially from the previous one I have been to. Just they didn't agree with dead lifting, didn't agree with that movement in general. So I was really nervous going in there but he was just gonna say you're never gonna do this again. And so when he actually wrote on my card it was like with your goal and it was dead lift. And when he wrote that that was solidified it for me for that for him in particular. Yeah. Yeah because you could find a P. T. That's a quack to that just wants to put like east him on your back and walk away and not tell you how to do anything so that anybody could get it really can hire and fire whoever you want. I do think that people don't understand the schooling behind some of these things like the same kind of schooling that a chiropractor gets the same kind of school that I get there. A doctor of. So they got a bachelor's and then they went to school.

So they're a doctor of chiropractic medicine. The same way I did. I'm a doctor of physical therapy. The same way of like a pharmacist co there your bachelor's then you go to school for it and it's a medical license and what I didn't know is that it's the same for chinese medicine doctors. Like they go to school for that people to just say, hey I do acupuncture and that's kind of why I never tried it the same wavelength. I'm like somebody sticking needles, what do they know? Like they go to school for that ship and it's a license. Like they have to pass and take tests and actually stick to some sort of rules and regulations which not alone makes you like a good health care person. But at least that part made me feel a lot better. It's even thinking of trying acupuncture and all that other stuff. I've tried the oral, the oral acupuncture the years. Yeah it was pretty nice but nothing long term I think like acupuncture um could have to do it regularly to have any effect. It's like not covered by any insurance.

So that's another hurdles. Yeah. When I first started I went to the student clinic so it was like $20 but then after a while it got kind of old. So it's funny because if you guys, if any of you guys, I'm sure it will happen if you go to a Chinese medicine place once they check your pulse and it's like their own kind of pulse and they're going to look at your tongue and when I tell you these people knew my life, I was like shook like they knew my life. Like they looked at my tongue, they're like, okay, just ridges on the outside. I was a little swollen and so is your skin very dry and you have a lot of dandruff, I'm trouble falling asleep at night. How's your stool? What do you still look like? What color is your your and I'm just like, how you guys know me, you know, according to Western medicine, they don't know what the fuss is wrong with me, right? I don't even have a real diagnosis, but I went to chinese medicine doc and you're like, oh yeah, it looks like you have a little bit of damp of blood deficiency in a little bit of wind will clear that right up like google in chinese medicine doctors and grown up now, man, that was wild.

Like I've never had the experience where somebody was telling me my life, like never. That's what happened with Ricky. My first session, like two weeks, two weeks ago. I have a friend that I'm training and she's, we're bartering together. So she trained and I trained her, she gives me some Ricky and she, we haven't been friends for so long, you know, so she doesn't know a lot about me, but I was laying down and she just barely tapping me and anywhere I have pain, She stopped, but she doesn't know that I have pain there. And then, so if I had like sinus pressure, which I usually have and she'll move it down into where I'm having this pain in my stomach and then I'll feel a heaviness and then I'll have some like weird gastric ship going on that night. And then I wake up and I'm just like what the hell happened? And it was weird because yeah, it was weird because she was like, she writes notes and she's just barely tapping me and then you know, she started saying stuff like you have a lot of expectations of other people and you are a good mom and you have um oh I don't even remember, it was so weird.

Like I'm just trying to remember all that she just told me a lot of stuff about me that I'm like, she didn't know about like personal stuff you really like Peppermint. Is there an association with peppermint? And I'm like, dude, how that fun. You know like peppermint is my ship and then she does this thing called the muscle test where you put your hand on your stomach and you hold your other hand out and she applies the same amount of pressure to the top of your hands. So if you say like eggs shall apply pressure and if your body has a good reaction or a bad reaction, like a bad reaction to your arm going all the way down. So she was having me say like roast beef and eggs and beer and all these foods that she didn't know that I was allergic to my arm would go down. I have a, I fully believe in Ricky, I have, I've done it for years and years also and I'll never ever forget my first experience with it either. I remember the same exact thing that you just said, I was laying there, she barely had her hands over me and anytime she get to an area that was a problem in my body that she didn't know about previously, it would, I could feel the heat radiating from her hands to wear that spot was and she would just sit there and I got that same, like just I actually got goose bumps the first time I was like the most out of body experience.

Honestly, that was probably one of my first like real holistic treatments. I was really hesitant at first I'm into like crystals and stuff like that, but this was the whole another level of weird to me and I did it for years and I haven't gone recently because quarantine and because it's pricey, but I love it. I think I don't know if it's a mental thing or not, but my experience felt real and I felt relieved and felt later who's who started to come from, I think it was um Hinduism maybe like I think they said that the physician who created it was born of thunder and lightning or something like that. Like I looked it up because the thing is is they're very, both of them are kind of similar and they have different words that describe similar ideas but like the idea in chinese medicine and I evaded medicine but I don't personally know much about, but I only know because I'm a certified yoga teacher and that's like a part of the like but anyways uh you know it's referred to as energy healing.

Yeah, so we have like a life force quote unquote, right? And this is acupuncture all of that ties into it. We have a life force that's supposed to flow freely in our body and when we are unbalanced, it doesn't flow freely. So chinese medicine that's called cheating and then I evaded, I think it's in africa prana because Japanese uh it comes from a Dr. McCormack. I oh he's a Japanese seeker of spiritual truth and it was brought to awareness in 1922, thank you. Maybe I was just, what the hell was I talking about? I don't know because I know I know that I looked it up and I saw that there was like chinese medicine and like a robotic techniques and stuff have the same ideas. They're just, you know what I mean? I don't know and it's like they have stuff that's where that comes from their own terms and whatever, but but it's all related somehow. Yeah everything is related, it makes sense. So when I told them that I have reflux and that I can't drink water without bending over and like water shoots up. Like I told I told all of my M.

D. S. And they're just like okay take take some, take something I don't know but like I told them that and they're like oh no that's terrible, your body's unbalanced, you should be able to keep it like like that that got them like really hype because to them they're thinking about like oh your bodies so unbalanced it, everything's supposed to flow the right way but you can't even handle it and you get dizzy. Oh no that's not okay. Like they got so high. I'm just over here like taking mental. No it's like alright I gotta look this, I gotta go get that. Yeah like I grew up with a super hippy family so I didn't know a lot of the things that were just normal in my upbringing were actually types of holistic medicine but like my grandmother called her mammy and if we ever fell or anything, she would do mammy magic over where we hurt ourselves and she was a reiki healer and that was just our normal and then I like get sick and we'll find out about this disability and totally forgot about these things that I loved as a child.

I'm like I should be using though you know that they actually do Ricky long distance too so you don't have to be physically with the person you can you. Yeah this is a girl that used to do mine. Um, I would be feeling bad or something and I would text her and then she would send her reiki energy or whatever my way. And I mean, I believed it. I don't know. Yeah. That stuff is, I don't know. Like I said, I've only had one session and it's so weird. I don't understand like, and it's, you can't explain it. And then, you know, as a science student, you're like, well, if I can't explain it, then how do I make sure? Yeah. And then I'm just like, it's just weird because, you know, there was a few things where she was like, you need to let people compliment you. I don't, I think, I think you had a psychic professional. Yeah. I think you had a little bit of both. I guess it goes, we're stuck in that, right?

Especially when we're actually health professionals were stuck and this isn't in my book. This isn't Yeah. Because nobody looked it up yet because nobody figured out how to make money off of it doesn't mean it doesn't work. They don't get up yet. Like acupuncture was in the same boat. There wasn't tons, there's tons of research now, but there wasn't before because guess what? People have to pay for schools now. Those schools pay leases to somebody, then they pay the state for the license. They're making it's a business now. Yeah. I do it regularly. It's the same weird feel like it would literally feel like I'm like floating in a pool of water. That's how I feel. And then usually I'll fall asleep. But I feel like waves, is it an instant, um, release or like feeling better or is it kind of like overnight if they do it right, you will feel relaxed and like something is happening and then you'll sleep really hard or the opposite. You like, feel like you had a red bull and be ready to go. I've had both, depends on the treatment. So, have you ever had a tibetan bowls ceremony?

Yes, that's what, that was like i, is that where they stick the thing in the boom? They're making that noise. And yeah, there's like a, it's a half a half circle and the lady and her husband that I went to, they had like 100 and something bowls and we would go, our heads would be pointed towards the bulls and they would play them and then they would go around and play them in a specific area that they think you need to be healed, which was always my gut. That's what you did to Yeah, I went to, it was like in the middle of the desert in California. It's called the integrity tron and it was built by Nikola Tesla, er something had to do with it. And uh, it was me and me and my mom went and it was like kind of a circular hut and you like, go up into the second level and like, it's like built so like the sound waves kind of go in a certain way. And um, everyone's like on the outside and the people are playing the bulls on the middle of the circle and it was very, it was really psychedelic, really trance.

E and I've seen that and I've always been afraid of it because I have pretty high anxiety when it comes to sound and, and noise and it's something that I wanted to try but I'm afraid it's actually gonna do opposite. So they say that when the bulls are made there every time they're the hammer hits it, a blessing is put into the bowl. So anytime that music is being played and that sound is being played, you're getting thousands of tibetan blessings. That's interesting. I'm going to be any, you said bullet first. So I was 15 horns. I am now on the same page. Sound bowls? Yes, yes. My gosh! This entire time horns. I was a cow. Oh, that's you get it All right. I'm on the same page. I think you smoked a bowl. I think we all smoked on the break, jeez, I've been, I been doing, have you guys heard an AMG are at all the tapping.

What is your method? It's so I've been doing it for a year now and what my and my therapist do their buzzers. So I have like they're just these things that you called that vibrate. It's supposed to kind of reminded me of the full experience where it's kind of psychedelic. But you you're re processing traumatic memories. So and that's supposed to give you like a lot of um uh releases a lot of tension in your body. So you like reprocess traumatic memories and then you like focus on a part of your body and then you have these buzzers in your hands. Or you could just like tap on either side of your body and you just go into this meditative state and you just kind of explain these memories that come up and as you're re processing these memories it makes a physical release in your body and the more the physical release in your body, like all these different memories come up and it's really interesting.

But the whole thing or the person does the same thing. You you can do the tapping. We're doing it distant now because of covid. So um but you do the tapping. It's really I've done that once before. I don't know if it's the exact same things. I don't have any buzzers. It's strictly tapping but I did it through facetime also. I only did it for like a week. It just I don't know I didn't feel like it was working for me personally. But she basically would tell me where the top she would be doing it on the other side of the screen. So like I was watching her and she would tell me, okay, close your eyes and do this and then she would say, okay, say this and you tell me what to say. Like um well she would ask me like, what am I thinking about her, what's one thing from my past bring up? And I just say one thing and then she tells me to repeat a sentence. So as I'm tapping, I'm repeating whatever sentence she's telling me to repeat. I didn't quite understand it fully. And I think I need that other person to just be doing something to me physically. A lot of thing works for me. The distance is definitely harder what I had there like buzzard things that I held and she like control the intensity of the tempo of the buzzer you guys found the body keeps the score.

It's all based on like somatic trauma responses and how your body hold stress and traumatic experience. So it goes from like so I thought it was a physical, yeah, it's physical but more and really it's like you're breaking up like in a way, kind of like it's some sort of a mindfulness moment because you're holding the stress in your body for this and that reason and then you're addressing this and that reason and you're breaking up that neural connection. Yeah. Also, so like you are breaking that connection that causes that tension. I know what I did it. I cried a couple times I was doing, I was crying. So I would say it's definitely a very meditative, like I don't know if I would try it though because I don't like anyone talking to me and I don't like I don't listen to anything, I don't do it. Like I just sit there and maybe I'll do like a thing where you repeat a word over and over. But personally I don't like someone asking me questions or telling me anything. My therapist doesn't ask me anything, she's just trying to get into that state.

All these buzzers are going and then she'll do what do you see, what colors, whatever you use, whatever and then the color. Yeah, she asked me the same thing about the colors. I still don't really understand it, but I was like purple, I think black, I don't know, adding it to my list. Um But speaking of meditation, do you guys meditating other forms like purposefully as a separate thing? I do sometimes. I feel like, I mean I guess that's the whole point of meditation which is like I don't really have the attention span to do it all the time. I'm say. Mhm. And I guess it is just a matter of practicing like the modality I use is counting breaths and just focusing on the air coming in and out. But I have heard of meditation where like it's very visual like you visualize a path things on the path and stuff like that. There's a Spotify is for it. So I do want to try that as well. Like I mix meditation I do want to get yoga where I'm just like holding poses for a long time.

That can be very meditative for me. But it's been a while since I just laid down and meditated. That meditation was another thing that we did as kids. So it always felt like a punishment. My man was a yoga teacher. I told you hit these raised me like oh my gosh yeah we did not take like actual medicine for years. Yeah so we always had to meditate and I hated it because I was like that undiagnosed A. D. H. D. Kid so I'm sitting there like twitching and being so obnoxious about it. And so every time I go back to the stereotypical meditation I just automatically like uncomfortable. I'm thinking about everything that hurts but doing it with like yoga or something where I'm actually moving and active. That helps me. That's basically what I do. So when you're in corpse pose like to me that's meditation. Yeah I don't I don't I don't ever do like oh I'm sitting down and I'm envisioning like I don't really do any of that to me meditation just means I'm just with myself and I'm not worried about anything and whatever comes comes and whatever doesn't doesn't and I do feel like so what you're saying earlier, as far as your body holding stress, I do feel like that helps with that for sure.

That's what I noticed. Like, okay, I'm really hunched over or like I'm like, I'm really folding into myself and that's when I kind of noticed like, okay, well just like open up like why why is your heart so heavy? Like chill the funk out? And that's when I really started making those connections and then, you know when I'm done with that, then I walk and I'm like straighter and I'm feeling better. It's not because I stretched right. Like I just brought attention to something, The mind is super powerful. Um but back to your race by hippies things now that you bring it up. So my family's Haitian and there's so many things that a lot of people I realize don't relate to. Like if I had a tummy ache, my mom was like, I'll be right back. She'll go outside. She has a specific plan this when you boil the leaf, you don't boil the flour. This is for that, this is for this. And then um we have an oil. It's just castor oil I think. But to us it is a miracle. Like it's fixed. It's like the way people use lavender, essential oils. Like it's like all of that all in one, everything. It's good for your hair. It's good for your skin.

It's good for your cough. You can't break a fever up to rubber body in it girl. This entire thing just reminds me of the mantra that I tell everyone. Like I believed in the placebo effect 112%. I don't care if it's my brain making me feel better. I don't care if it's the actual act making it feel better. I feel better. Cool. We're doing it. So do I have to sleep in like with my feet covered in mayonnaise with socks on every night. If I feel better I'll do it. I don't care go. That's what convinced me to stick with breaking because it was like I don't know if this is a placebo effect or not but you know what? It's working and there's no shame in and it working. Whether it's a placebo or not it's working. I know it's made me more mindful so I don't know maybe that's why like I said I've only had the one so I can't and afterwards I kind of you know, I felt like less stress but it was probably because I wasn't like freaking out about something. I was having to lay there and be still and breathe and whatnot. But it's made yeah it definitely made me feel more mindful about not being such a dick to my husband when he doesn't do something, how I done.

You know what I mean? I'm like oh there's those expectations? Okay, three deep breath. We're good. I mean that's improvement growth, right? Has anyone tried any other random weird shits? Like magnets, copper ship, whatever supplements. Micro dosing mushrooms. Yes, that's fun. Small amounts of mushrooms in capsules and my friend gave me one and it was like 90 degrees on the Oregon coast and I was posted up on a chair like, so I can't even explain how great I felt like I didn't feel high. I was like, yeah, I don't care about anything like whatever, you know? So we'll do it for long periods of time too. But I know people can do with LSD also producing jobs did it. So I mean, but he also had cancer and died. I don't know. Yeah, I know. Well google re so people could look at, it was just not medical advice.

I tried the micro distilling mushrooms for a while and oh my gosh, it's exactly how you're describing. Like that feeling of just like I'm not high, but is this what people feel like all of the time because jesus, right? I was like, I want to swim and I want to like go do things and be very active, but I'm also cool just laying here. Yeah, I just laid there and like my kid, my kid was running around with, it was just like pert is so great. I mean, do you think that's what healthy people really feel like, Where do you think that you've got a little high on top of, I don't know, I don't know. I feel kind of like when you do stuff like psychedelics and whatnot. That is who you are without the baggage. So I feel like I was high enough to not have my baggage, but that's who I'm supposed to be if I don't have all this anxiety, you know what I mean? Like I felt like myself, which I never feels, but I, I know that it was me.

Like that's the only way I can explain it. It's pretty bad. I don't know. I was also like, yeah, I was running around saying it's like all the able bodies like you feel like never had that thought and that was, that was huge when she was like, is this what a normal person feels like? That hit me pretty hard when he said that because I never really thought about that. Like, what does it feel like think about it too much. That's old news. Never mind. I mean, at least for me, I didn't always feel this way. So I have some glimmer of what I used to feel like. So at least I have something to compare to like when I try shit, I'm like, all right, that's, That's, that's 22,005 Marcia. Okay, okay, this works. That's True. That's a good point. Like the comparison of like six or chronically ill since birth versus kind of feeling this later in life? Like maybe, I mean I always been like this so I think about it all the time.

Like when I take a new med or like try something new, I'm like is this this is what you guys feel like my best diagnosis is new. But I've had other stuff since I was born, so I don't have I don't know what it's like to feel good or like healthy I guess. Um So it's hard but I know what it's like to not having us versus having a sense what's it supposed to feel like to be healthy? Like I haven't seen a lot of healthy people walking around this earth, you know? That's also true. Like I feel like we're pretty healthy. I feel like I'm pretty healthy compared to a lot of the people around me. You know what I mean? Like but I don't know if it's true. Have any of you guys tried on the cold therapy? Cryo cryotherapy? Yeah I've tried it. So it's funny because you mentioned M. S. I tried it and that's the only research I could find was related to M. S. And I'm like I don't really have that but I'll give it a shot.

No that was terrible. It's a terrible I was. And first of all there's like levels they're like well there's level one, it gets this cold and they tell you the degrees I picked the warmest level I guess and I could not hang it was not good and I felt good For 20 minutes tops. But it didn't last. Yeah. I kind of wondered how long it lasts because I'm always, I haven't tried it because I'm afraid that I will put me into like a seizure like spasms because my body shivers with the temperature change. And even if you know, 75°, I'm shivering so I was terrified to try it. But I wasn't sure if the benefits would outweigh the risk of having a seizure from it. I don't know about that. I don't know. I don't and I know what you mean to in terms of like if I'm in a place that snows and whatever, like it feels like my fingers will fall off. Like I got that feeling. Yeah, it's like that's horrible. Yeah. I was gonna say I like sitting, I can after my hikes. I like to submerge myself in glacier water and snow. Oh my God.

And I can sit there. I like, I love cold therapy. That's why I asked how cold it was because I can sit in glacier and just be like, yeah, this is great. I mean it's something it's like negative 140 something, but it's not, it's not actually that temperature because it's nitrogen. Mm It's not really Yeah, it could be and it might be different and maybe an ice bath is not the same because just like blowing the nitrous nitrogen on you. My kinesiology instructor is, she kind of told us a lot of her personal views on certain things and she's very big on cryotherapy and heat therapy only because there isn't efficient evidence to prove that it works. It's only anecdotal, which I mean, honestly, if it works, it works. But I don't know about cryotherapy, but maybe like cold therapy, especially with different illnesses, it's better. Like for me, like, I'm always inflamed. I make fun of myself because I'm always like a heat magnet to mosquitoes because of all this, like inflammation and cold being cold.

I love being cold. It's like, I love, I had hypothermia and I'm pretty sure if I didn't like being cold, I'd probably be dead because it was like 19° and I was like, you know, I have nerve damage and stuff, but it's like, maybe that's why I like cold because I almost froze my assets off. I'm terrified of the cold. I'm terrified of the cold. Cold. Cold therapy has always scared me. Like I can't do heat. I feel like a lot of my symptoms are elevated and aggravated by heat and me being hot. So anytime that I'm cold or any time that I feel myself flaring up, I know that when I get cold, my symptoms aren't as bad and that could just be because of my unique situation, You know, I mean, we're our own doctors because half the time our doctors, you know what the hell they're doing with us. But for acupuncture, they add heat sometimes too. So they're the chinese medicine thing that I've experienced is like they're always into heat. They're always into circulation and I stopped circulation. So they would tell you we'll be careful with it. So that's pretty interesting.

I don't know. Oh man. That's that's all weird. It's weird that there isn't any scientific evidence. You all want to live on mars and the moon. But you can't tell me if dipping myself an ice bath is going to give me physiologic, they can't make money. Money. Make money off you go and tell them how they can make money. They'll research it. Okay. You know those real housewives who want to get like a whole cryotherapy like dungeon? You know what I mean? Like it's some things are so convoluted because you're trying to look into it for pain management and people are looking into it for like just bullshit. So like cupping when I first looked into cupping, it was like people using it for cellulite. I have a vibration plate and I stand on the vibration plate when I have a lot of spasms When I went to look to buy one, they're all marketing weight loss. Have you guys ever tried the like infrared saunas? I can't do it. But I've had it, you have it this is it is it hot hot?

Like actually hot? So it's just like it's just like, oh like lasers, Wait, I'll see what I did was a sauna and it had the infrared lights. It was both together. You know interesting. Yeah so I couldn't I couldn't do it because of the heat it was supposed to do. I don't know it was like calmed you down this weird way. There's different colors. So I think you can either choose what color based on which what you need for that session or you can go through the colors and the lights change around you. And again it has to do with energy in your body and it all goes back to that same that same concept. Really. That's really cool. I liked it. Okay I've seen people selling like infrared mats. It's weird though because isn't the same infrared that damages your D. N. A. I don't know because I know like in all of my science that we work with infrared light it's just like wear protective goggles and gloves and everything.

And then you have a sauna. You just said I got you know we're going to go. Well that under no idea. I don't know. Well where did you see it? It was we went to the hot springs resort for Labor day weekend last week or last week last year and that resort had like an infrared situation in their locker rooms. Um It was separate from the sauna they called it the infrared sauna but it sounds like maybe it was just a sauna with infrared too but I had no idea what was just before. Never heard of it. I think that it uses a light to create the heat. So maybe it's not actually like a sauna sauna, but it gets hot because the light is creating. That's what I would picture because that's what hot yoga is. Infrared lamps. Right. I think it's pretty similar to the lights are used for hot yoga. I'm pretty sure that's the case. I'm yeah, I get too dizzy for in that I can't do heat. So anything you know. Mm No, I have a very very small window of optimal temperatures like 72-76.

That's it. That's it. That's it, that's all we got. Not too cold, not too nothing in between. Uh So I know you mentioned briefly in our other episodes, some supplements everyone might have mentioned who was and now I can't remember who. Well remember I mentioned one. Yeah, I was like get off tracks, getting off track So early on when I first started having issues and nobody knew and nobody still knows anything. But I used to really go hard. I used to go so much, but I spent too much money. I kind of chilled out but I used to go hard on subs and any time a doctor said anything in passing at all. Like Oh you should try to see that acid for nerve pain. Okay, I only like 30 supplements. I would like cycle through and try out. Did anybody have that madness? Uh Absolutely. What's the encyclopedia for nutritional healing? I just like read that everything I just bought like this like everything. Yeah. 11 that I tried that actually really worked for.

You have digestive issues was slippery out. Yeah. Well it's it's yeah, like strengthens your small intestine. I think that stuff is in that fit aid stuff that I was talking about. Uh there's like a bunch of like it has vitamin E. And omega threes in it, but it's kind of like a random little cocktail and I was like, I don't know about this, you know, because that type of stuff I've sucked up with taking too much of the supplements and the natural stuff so that, you know what I mean? Like when I when I get something in a box and I'm like what was this? But I took it and it I don't know man, it just, maybe it's a placebo, but it made me feel good and it makes me able to like go balls to the wall with my spots and not feel like I got hit by a truck afterwards. That's amazing. Yes. I'm like, I don't feel like I worked out, I'm going to keep taking it. Nothing bad happened, Let's keep let's keep this going, you know? So yeah, I think uh tropics.

Try that 1? Oh yeah, I didn't get anything? It got me through school for sure. What is that new tropic is just anything that enhances your brain to pat. So like caffeine would be a new tropic, What did I do? But it's like a specific brands of them and they have their cocktails and or whatever. But they make it seem like it's like that limitless movie. Like you take the pill and you're just like whoa there's like modafinil, a lot of people take for I think 80 80. HD. When people like offering take its speed, it's all speed. Um I don't remember what I used to take but it was like a stack of neutral because I used to take every day. I don't know if you guys are familiar on it at all. But they have like the alpha brain, whatever. It's like 30 35 bucks a pill. And it's all just like different herbs into this one pill. And I used to take that and that it just keeps you focused and help with my memory but expensive. So I mean that's why I don't take nearly as much supplements as I used to because it adds up really quick.

Like craig. Um Have you guys heard of that? I've never taken that either but it just kind of sounds similar. Yeah so there's some show on vice where a guy like goes through different drugs or whatever and that's where I saw the kratom thing. So I'd be interested to try it. But I haven't seen anything that doesn't look like, you know, it's mostly like Vape shops that are selling like I always see them in gas station like a little baggies right by the register. It seems so seedy. But in the special he was talking to a lot of people that quit opioids and switch to kratom instead. So I'm like all right, there must be something to it. Then people have done that with Kava to uh yeah, don't talk with Kava basically so nauseous really? Uh there was this like Kava bar up where I went to college and it was like this is like the healthier way to like socially do substances or whatever, but they literally serve you like dirt liquid dirt in a bowl, you have to drink it and I just could not, yeah, you have to like this extra shipping it to make it taste.

But but everybody, we had a cover part back in my old place and everybody, they would hang out like as if it were a bar and everybody that hung out at the Kava bar were like recovering addicts or alcoholics and stuff like that. So it was, yeah, we have one downtown as well and I went through a kind of a kick for like a couple of months to the point where I actually went on amazon and bought all the stuff to bring it to make it to smush it. But um at the end of the day, it was so nasty. I was just trying to supplement my my, we didn't take with something different but at the end of the day it was it was so so nasty. Heard too. It's like it's not toxic to, it's really easy to be toxic took this like the higher levels I guess. I mean anything can be a higher levels. But I will say it gives you that same head high if you're if you're smoking pot it's more of a head high though, more than like a body physical because I mean I made my mom drinking and she's never smoked pot or anything like that and she drank and she's sitting there and cash like oh is this what you always feel like the funniest thing I've ever seen is my mom doesn't drink or anything like that.

So it was hysterical but it does give you like a little head high but definitely to me taste and the texture is just not worth it. Oh yeah it's like literally like mud, you know where is you'll get your cava from. I have cava and it's just like very witty and I have been a tincture. I haven't taste like ship but it's like it's woody and I'll make a tea out of it are just like, it was so much for a pleasant. Well yeah when I went through the bar here it's very like clay material. I've never heard of a kava bar just got it from me. I no, we had with our downtown also. I've never went in there. What the response to try. It makes your tongue numb. You're completely numb. Your lips get numb. It's a very interesting, I mean it's worth trying one time I'd say, you know, just to feel it, but I haven't in my cupboard, just like a bottle of it like, So back to Ryan was raised by hippies. So this is like my mom, My mom started working at a natural food store when I was 10 and so content in my, my mammy, the same yoga teacher, Ricky instructor.

She was obsessed with Edgar Casey and his whole following of his stuff. So we constantly like, you didn't feel well, we got slippery elm or cava. So if my mom was stressed, she was like, all right, kids, mom made Zarkava, let's go. I remember this one being like how you need tiny kid, but I had no idea there were kava bars that's best fascinating. It's nothing, it doesn't sound great. There's a lot of herbs and whatever sometimes with the chinese medicine, but they didn't really work for me and I have trouble with pills anyway. So anytime someone's like try these pills usually I'm just like, yeah, I like to tease like marshmallow root and Tulsi holy basil okay. And good old peppermint teas. I just can't get, it makes me really dang, whatever relaxes relaxes your throat in a way. So fill to relaxes the throat too. That was really, it's like I really like for throat conditions you realize, oh is it?

So I can't do that. What's it called? Let me avoid it. Holy basil mm not great. Not not for me. I mean I juice heavy. I don't, I'm not a big tea person because I love coffee so I can't, I try to force the habit but it doesn't work out. But I do juice like heavy constant. Like I drink beet juice every morning. I drink ginger shots at night for you can drink beet juice, you can probably drink kava. Uh the only, the only difference is the only difference is you might feel like you're having an allergic reaction when your tongue starts swelling up. I grew up eating beets so I don't know, my family was like two Haitian Super Catholic. Every good Friday. That was like my favorite meal, boiled eggs, fish and beat. So I'm good with beets. It's kombucha considered a supplement. I guess it could be a probiotic. It's basically probiotic. Yeah I drink it every morning when I wake up on an empty stomach and if I don't drink it, I know that I don't drink it and I get my as to the store and I get a bottle and I chuck it, you just have to have the right brand and the right mix.

That's why the synergy one, that's why center biotics because there's way too many kinds and the one that's right for your gut probiotics is so confusing. There's so many, there's sounds better cold in the fridge and some are and everybody wants to tell you something else is better than something else. So it's confusing. I feel like that's another industry that's just money and I feel like the best probiotic is just a good diet full of fiber. It's still good. Well that's why that's the other thing when I'm juicing and if you pay attention to what you're eating and a lot of these like cultural things, the Ayurveda and whatever they'll tell you, oh this is good for that. This is good for that. Oh papaya for constipation. Oh, ginger for not, you know, their food is medicine for real, but you don't know anything about it then. Like what are you going to do? You can funk yourself up to, if you don't, you know what I mean? You don't know anything you're gonna, you know, give you too many cherries or groups and you're like pissing out, you're ask, you're just like, oh my God, I was told to take this because for my UTI or something, you know like, you know, I, I think this episode is definitely going to inspire some people to try a couple different weird or maybe be jews, who knows?

Uh man, I think we covered all the weird ship that I thought of. Oh, has anyone done hyperbaric or float therapy? What? No, I want to do float So bad. I did the solar foot one time and one time only. Uh huh. There's a story there a little bit but I think I think a lot of people would really enjoy it if you can get into that meditative state. If you like being in a meditative state, if you like that feeling, if you do not like being in that meditative state then it's probably not for you. What happened was I went in and she, the lady instructed me to turn the lights all the way off and close the lid all the way. Okay, this is my very first time going in so I go into it and I I try to do as instructed but now you're floating and she's telling you don't get the salt in your eyes and trying to get your ears. But if you get your eyes there's a bottle to spray right here you want to. So I'm like freaking out because you're floating and it's literally covering half your face and if you turn even just a little bit, it's probably gonna go in your eye and so I'm in there in the pitch black, it's pitch black.

It's hot because you're basically in a spot so it's steaming. I'm kind of getting dizzy, my pots is starting to act up and then my anxiety I'm like I can't I don't know where the, you know the thing to open it is, I start freaking out. Honestly. I had an anxiety attack ended up opening it and stopped halfway through. She convinced me to go back in, but just leaving it open and with the lights on it was better that time. But I definitely don't think I'll be trying that again. I don't, I don't know. I don't know what she's just in the room or is like a speakers know. She'd be like, I love, like after my bad experience, I got out, got dressed and walked out. It was like literally like five minutes of me being in there and she, she convinced me like, I'm in the hallway to go back in and give it one more try. I don't know. It just, it didn't sit right with me. I was honestly afraid, but I do think people who can get into that meditative state and maybe people who also aren't bothered by the scene like being enclosed with steam. I think you would enjoy, I just, for me it wasn't, I think it's not cheap. So I don't need to take any chances.

Haven't tried the chamber though. So the weird thing is that down here, there are a couple of places that are like really selling dreams like, like people are going there thinking that it's going to cure cure, quote unquote, cure their kid of autism or cure their spinal cord injury. It's like actually really fucking weird, but that's how they're selling it. I mean that's how they sell essential oils to, isn't it like a secure get me wrong. I love essential oils. I really do. But I love them for the smell. Yeah. You're not supposed to ingest. You are not supposed to drink them and they do drink them. Yeah. I was gonna ask digests then from joe terra, I'm like, are you supposed to be drinking up? It's for your digestive system. You're not supposed to digest their digesting them. And the crappy thing was, is the person who posted this, They posted all of these supplements that they were taking vitamins and how it's helping them.

And I'm like, really probably should be doing this on instagram because people are going to be like drinking that sh it. And they're gonna be like, she told me to my old job, my old job, we had this one woman who was a daughter Sarah woman and uh, she convinced my boss as a barista. She convinced my boss to make um essential oil, uh, coffee drinks. So we had a whole like line of different drinks. We had the colony cappuccino with lavender and all this other ship or the anti inflammatory with two married oils and stuff like that. And I was like, I don't think. And they have this book and they were like, this is okay to injustices, okay to jazz. And I was like, I don't think any of them. Yeah, there's like lavender ship, like, yeah, like lavender is edible and that's fine to eat. But when they're put into an actual essential oil, if you can't absorb any of the benefits, like through your track and through that lying.

Yeah, you're right. That the real thing, like just get the actual piece of, I don't, you're just wasting your money and it could make you sick. Like they loved it. They loved hot hot sellers. I believe that for sure you guys tried the ph nine water? Basic water. Oh no. At age nine. I think the whole premise behind it is that like everything we eat is super acidic so we have to neutralize your body's ph and it it just confuses me so much because like we have a natural buffer system in our body and our blood to be able to handle changes like that girl preach. Yes. That is what I I just don't understand. It's like, I need to bring the ph down in my body. It's like, your body isn't all you do. Stupid man. Always ask me if I've tried it though and I just get so angry every time my old gym used to sell that ship and I'd be like, what is the plan?

It's like, you know, like I need to detox. Like, did you literally don't know anymore what happened? Oh, I know that obviously some people have to literally go on diets and they can't eat foods, there's such a thing as allergies. But in general like when people want to sell you the restrictive diets, like I can't hang with that either. That's not for me. I'm going to spend all of my energy making sure this is alkaline or this is doesn't have histamines or this is the auto immune protocol and I have to make sure that there's no listen, no, like by the time I spent all that energy that I just then what am I going to train? I got no spoons left, I was doing the autoimmune, Hollywood ever. And it's like you can't eat anything at all, you can eat no meat, nothing. And I don't know, a lot of these diets are also just super like Eurocentric, like the A. I. P. You can't eat beans, like I'm from the caribbean bitch, like half of our meals or beans, what do you mean?

And then to tell someone that this is gonna be better for you, but these aren't things that you've been eating your whole life, but they'll be better for you. That's not really how bodies work. Yeah, I like the gluten like the oh man, that gluten thing. And I try I try not to say anything, especially because I'm in scoring now. So this is like very active right in my brain and when I go to a like I meet new people, I met somebody new last week with a group of friends and she was like, I'm doing the gluten free diet because I have a sensitivity and I'm like, how do you know that you have a sensitivity? And have you gotten a test? Yeah, well it was negative and I'm like, well then how do you know you have a sensitivity because my doctor tells me, and I'm like, I don't really think anybody knows what the hell they're talking about anymore in regards to that, so I can buy home testing kits now. Yeah, you'll buy some random ship and like there's people who are allergic to it, but just like, it's a thing to not eat gluten. And I'm like, it's a protein inbred, like some people's bodies can break it down, some people's can, it's not like it's arsenic, you know what I mean?

Like high doses, I don't understand you don't want to be an asshole and be like, oh, you shouldn't do that. You're just like, yeah, okay, smile and nod. You know, I definitely thought, so when I got diagnosed, that was kind of the first thing that was told me was to cut out gluten and I was like, all right, I'll cut out gluten. And I noticed that I feel better. But then I went, I went to europe and I had breads and pastas and everything and I didn't have any issue at all. So I don't think it's a gluten. They have been in all their breads and all their pastas. So I think it's more what was it? The fascination preservatives and like the extra round up. Yeah. That and our lifestyle, like everybody is just so quick to blame some outside source of their problem. And it's never like something that you can actually fix on your own. It's always a food that's trying to kill you. You know what I mean? Drink cow's milk, it's cow's milk, you can't have bra, you know? So it's like, what the do I drink then food is medicine.

Yes, but now we're taking it a little too far once we get to restrictions, like, and that's a conversation amount. Especially people like, but have you just tried it though? Like have you just tried it? Are you my meals for me? You're going to go shopping and do it for you. Just try it? S for it is expensive. It's all we're back to this money making scheme. Yeah. And sometimes it makes sense. And sometimes, you know, like I can have bread and it will be fine and then I'll have bred the same bread another day and then it will be fine at all. So it's like, it's not that easy. I don't think for most people any who is there any other weird ship that we should talk about. So we're clear, no one's lick the frog. Right. I never looked at, you know, dogs have not done. I need I don't I'm not I'm not doing it. I just need to hear. I would like a frog. I'll totally do it. Yeah, right there.

You gotta look at it. You got a frog a lick at one. I just love it. You guys are an interesting bunch. All right, Well, this is not medical advice. We didn't kill you. Don't sue us. We don't have any money anyway. Disabled girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe. Rate already. Review of our channel. We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player, FM, google podcasts and more. You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left.

E33: Chasing Gains with Chronic Pain (Panel of Spoons)
E33: Chasing Gains with Chronic Pain (Panel of Spoons)
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