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E57: DGWL’s 2021 Wrapped!

December 27th 2021
In our last episode of 2021, Marcia & Marybeth discuss podcast milestones, favorite moments, and much more. As we always say, this podcast is a labor of love that has built a beautiful community. We t... More
this is disabled girls who lift, we are reclaiming what's rightfully ours one podcast at a time. It's mary Beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Last episode of the year, What it is the year 2021 Podcast host or Marcia and what Mary Beth the podcast is disabled girls who lived. This is R 2021 wrap. Oh my gosh, that's nuts, That's 2021. Alright, so we have to do it like Spotify because they don't have the visuals, so you just have to say like all the catchphrases right? Like yes queen you guys and girls who understood the assignment. We had tons of followers period, do what she on Fleek. Oh God done, just like Spotify.

Whoa! Anyways, this is Marsha uh she, they sitting on Seminole tribe land coming in from south florida, the panel thing we did a visual description so I forgot to talk to you about that. But essentially I am a black spoon FM wearing clear glasses. I got black dreadlocks. I'm wearing a frumpy blue shirt sitting in front of a colorful wall that she painted herself beautiful. I'm mary beth she, her sitting on a lonely land here in northern California, always wearing my blue headphones which I need to throw out and maybe that I could get that for a christmas present. Um Filipina fam wearing a blue gray hoodie and a bun, no glasses today, but Oh yeah, I just got out of the gym, no classes today. Alright, well, but what this year is over. I can't, I just can't, It felt like a lifetime but also not but also not.

Yeah, we're Lumping 2019, 2020 and 21 into one year. I have to think very hard to distinguish the years at this point. You know like I'm like, oh yeah, you know, I go to a doctor's visit and they're like, yeah, so you, you haven't been here in a while. I was here last year. You haven't been here since 2018 man. Oh ship three years. Hold on a second. Let me shift your right. Well, yeah, because they were closed and everything was virtual a lot of the times, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it's just so last year time is relative anyway, so I'm still not wrong. Damn. No, I see it as like before I got laid off after I got laid off when I was scrambling around through different jobs and yeah, all the crazy stuff that happened. What a time, what a freaking time. But in terms of this podcast, Spotify did give us a wrapped so we'll talk about it. It's not as corny as the other one and not as much bad graphics so we're not really going to share that kind of stuff and I think it's really cute and really sweet.

Like yeah, I think the podcast version is a little more Sentimental. So our first episode of the year we came on strong episode 41 titled Usa pl are you even listening? That's how we started the year. Y'all remember that. It doesn't even feel like that long ago. I feel like us CPL just created those rules and listen. Did you see how they got dropped? Oh yeah, victimizing themselves. Like we're just going to do our own ship, We're gonna, we got penalized for testing over and above the requirements now, we're just going to do our own thing. Cash prizes, sponsored this, blah, blah blah or become a pro lifter. Like get the out of here. This. I didn't see that coming, definitely not did not see that coming. So they're definitely not gonna listen now. They're definitely not gonna listen now. No, because now they're just going to milk it.

They're they're fan boys, I have no faith, but I mean, you know, still respecting all the athletes that lift with them. I just I can't see myself giving them my money after the way they've treated us, the trans community, you know, lots of people in our disabled community to Yeah, that's going to be a pass feeding us crumbs us bullshit. That's going to be a pass on our end, but whatever. So that that was we started out strong January 11. So that was pretty nuts. Um, so according to spot to fi, we've got two new countries on our streaming list. Spain and Austria come through Spain come through Austria, I guess we speak a little bit of spanish here and there. Yeah, I mean, you know, I love, I love that. I know at least one listener that was in Spain in 2021. Oh, maybe that's them.

I guess we'll have to ask. Oh, you want to see if he talks about it? I think he listens, we still love each other. Alright, alright, that's dope. That's really dope. And I think we're across different countries and it's, it's a lot of countries like those were the two new ones this year. Right? Yeah, So Australia, Canada, I mean we've had definitely guests from Canada in the UK. We've got Belgium listening or maybe that's Rose. We got Italy and Ireland on deck, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Czech Republic come through India South Africa through y'all. Amazing. Nigeria Costa rica greet you want to go to Greece. Yeah. So we had a serious amount of countries and 90% growth in followers on modify though. I think only, I don't know, I don't know how that stuff works because we are on separate platforms.

But this rap that we're talking about is from that Spotify thing. So I think people listen to us the most on apple. Yeah, Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Was it really a 90% growth from last year? Last year. People hit that follow button on Spotify. Hmm, we've been doing this for like three years or so now, so that's, that's a big deal. That is pretty big deal. And so we need to know like who, who are the, Who are day ones are because it says 12 fans listen to us more than any other podcasts. Three fans listen to most of our episodes and then three fans listen to our podcast first. Like when in the new year, like somebody is really pulling up for us who are y'all like, like there there first thing in the morning, monday morning. As soon as it comes out, listening to everything that pops up more than whatever other podcasts they follow on Spotify.

That's oh, come on. That's kind of me. I love that loyalty. That's a lot of that's love. I don't even love your podcast. I record this and I don't look back doing better than me. I'm transcribing. I'm like, okay, that's good enough. No, I'm just kidding. It's, it's again, it's very sentimental. Like even hearing when it's when it's just us, when we've got Chloe and some of those episodes in the beginning and the fans that come with the fans. Sorry, the guests that come back to, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We found a lot of awesome Guests. So we had 14 episodes this year. Yeah. So I guess we switched to once a month later in the year then because that math doesn't add up. Um, but 961 minutes of podcasting. That's wild. It tells us to remember to drink water because we talk too damn much. You know, it we'll talk forever.

Um So we can also see from anchor the most favorite edited edited top episodes of the year. So before I even look what do you think? Do you even know what the episodes of this year are? Do I even know? Yeah. Well so the top episodes it says um where did it go? Episode 42 rolling into bodybuilding with Marie remember Marie Ponti? That was a great one. Just very resourceful about bodybuilding and the stress and the mental anxiety that comes with you're doing it all by yourself you know feeling like you're alone and no one really understands like why you go to the gym and how this livelihood or and how nobody can relate to your you know your experiences your own you can't say her M. S. And her E. Ds. And everybody's M. S. And E. D. S. I think. Yeah everybody takes it differently. Everyone has their own like coping mechanisms.

That was pretty that probably was I don't know I can't say I have a favorite but it's so hard. We've had so many people. Well so and then Ashley um was the second this year episode 40 for science sickness and strength with Ashley I think that was just the two Of you. Yes and that one it's probably like one of our nerdier episodes because she's going to school and like digging deep into strength training and concepts and ideas. So I guess we need some more nerd episodes. Which what is she going to school for um exercise science? Like a bachelor's I believe I'm pretty sure that's what it was. Something like that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But um we're just talking about the coursework and just like some of the B. S. Information that's out there, some of the B. S. Information that coaches give out especially our instagram. Yes exactly and also a little bit more into like her hiking and her other fun stuff that she's into.

I don't think we've had any other hikers besides Ashley so I don't know, y'all are gonna have to tell us if it wasn't the hiking or the nerd ng out that got you on that episode, definitely the nerd ng out. I mean hiking is great too but you can only think it was that much of it. Yeah. Yeah. I mean we love, yeah we love sharing facts and also experience like everybody has their own, brings their own unique experience to the table, you know um top three or number three of the year was episode 45 with trivia squats trivia. I've been working on it. I don't I can't roll the tongue the way it's supposed to be said but but yes. Deep squats, deep thoughts. Oh yes that was just wait were you there? Yeah. Yeah sorry I'm there like 95% of the time you know? But now that you mentioned that actually when I'm like, I don't know what's real anymore.

Yeah, I'm glad we made that connection with her too. And she came out again on your panel of spoons, right? Yes. So we had on, well, how many Panelist spoons have she's somebody that started on panel spoons that did not have her own episode. Mm hmm. Oh so she's so she's been on the episode or the podcast? Yeah. So last year we had to spend to spanish to spanish spinal panels. There was one about Covid and us freaking out about Covid as a collective. And then there was one about just like medical marijuana and like prescription meds and just us asking each other like what kind of weird ship people have tried. And and that that episode, That was probably one of my favorite episodes from 20. You see 2020 from 2020? I think. So shoot. So then you had one on that episode. Yeah, at least. Yeah. Yeah. Because we were talking about like frogs and like fucking kratom and frog ship and just everything.

You see what I loved about the, well the episode that I was on with her was how she was talking about yoga and how yoga has been like turned into this european like white centric sport in the US. Oh yeah, right. How allies fucking whitewashed and sold back to us. Mm hmm, yep, yep, yep. And it's got to stop. Pretty nuts. Um I was actually I saw a meme and I wish I saved. I don't know if I did, maybe I did on some account. But it was like, can you really achieve spiritual enlightenment by appropriating. Mm I was like, oh hmm. People might not want to hear that. No. Because in their mind it's all namaste all day namaste, it's them saying there Yogi like even some words like, like stuff like that. Like there's some things you don't even take lightly like that. Some people just claim all these things like guru and blah like what are you doing?

And that's all because they spent a week in the woods on some spiritual adventure. Yeah, they paid somebody four K two do a yoga retreat right? Like yeah, come back wearing all white and cleansed. Um Yeah, there was somebody's accountant. I just started following. Of course, I can't remember their name right now. Um But it's a south asian dude. And he was describing how he went to his first in in his like in India, he went to his first like yoga training or whatever. He was just checking it out. Um But it was mostly white people and everybody had yoga mats yoga blocks and he just had his blanket and some pillows and he was just like what the funk is all this ship that they got. Why do they have all of this? But this was in India Yeah. So I don't know, maybe I don't know if it's one of those retreat things or something that's standing, I don't remember but it was essentially him pulling up and being like why do you have all this stuff like what are you spending money on?

No, I mean think about these fancy Manson 80 $90 get you some yoga blocks for how much and then you have to have specific yoga bolsters like come on. Yeah, I can't believe companies are selling yoga mats, yoga yeah, yoga socks, grip socks, yoga headstand like apparatuses, meditation stools. Like you can't just sit on the floor now This one specifically blessed for meditation. Oh God, well see I saw I've not seen that one, I want to watch that one but I saw the one on the history of Bikram oh yeah that is and how fucked up the guy was and nasty and that that is the um that is a great example of and old an old saying from the blacks from the black community skin folk is not always kinfolk that right there is a peak example because he saw what they were doing with yoga and was like I'm gonna get mine too.

Yeah, essentially tap scary. Yeah like yeah, he that is the history of Bikram yoga and he is you know but like he stole from his previous, he stole from his group like he took a page out of the white man's book and did all the moves and was successful for it honestly. But I think he also, the way that he profited was because he sold it to white folks and he was younger. Right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah. He made, it was like sensationalized and whatever. Yeah. He, he took a page out of their book. He was just like, what are they doing? I could do that to let me steal. Let me sensationalize this. Let me charge. Yeah. But he didn't realize in the moment there would be whistleblowers about his nasty touching and christ. Yeah, that, that's a, an episode that was the whole last thing. But anyway, Yes.

Yeah, that was great. Yeah. And then, I mean next up there. Next above that it would be, I mean after that it doesn't seem like as drastic is it? Mm hmm. I mean, I'm telling you just the number of listeners we've gotten this year compared to previous years were in the triple digits. I'm just so thankful to have everyone like listen episode after episode, we're on episode 57 coming up and they're all in the triple digits. This is maybe it's great that we switched to once a month because I don't know better quality. Well, yeah, people have time to digest I guess. I don't know. Yeah. Yeah, that's true too. It gives people time to make a whole hour and a half. Sometimes sometimes it is, sometimes we go in, but I just feel like it's um, I don't know, we're not doing this as a Jeb right? Like there's no need to like feel like we have to pump shit out or like, you know, like we're not machines.

Um This isn't really for money making because we feel like it and I mean what everybody else is doing right? Like some people do seasons and they like released by a week and then they take months off or you know, other people do intervals and obviously we're just gonna be like, all right, well we want to do a podcast. So let's do what they're doing. But like, yeah, but I think it's great. It's just great that like, not only do people love to listen in, they can relate and they recognize that there are a hell of people out there, like them experiencing the same. That's it with their doctors, with their employers, with their peers at the gym, whatever. Like we exist. That's the only reason why this podcast exists is pre show the fighting world. Yeah. And to normalize those conversations, I think that's pretty awesome too. So I feel like our community gives that to, I don't know, I feel like they get that.

I mean of course we get our spam D. M. S from like collaborate with us, right? But like, like otherwise in general, I think people get this is truly a passion project. Yeah, anybody you ever seen on this show? Like just DNA I saw you on this podcast thought you were cool, then you could have a new friend, like Yeah, like it's amazing. And it and it truly is just about that, like, we're not looking to sell ourselves out for money. Like, Marcy. Marcy said, like, we get those D. M. S all the time, those partnerships, there's nothing we have time or interest for, like, it's not going to benefit the community precisely. So yeah. Um so, was there any other stat you wanted to share? I kinda wanted to just, like, scroll through the episodes real quick and just shout out our guests of the year, like, let's see what we had because we mentioned some of them, but now I'm like, damn, who else was there? Yeah, no, I'm looking at them right now.

I mean, besides, so we started with the usa pl we met Marie jo jo jo Okay, so this is when we started our panel spoons tours because we did joe Ashley and shaving and all of them were on the panel spoons the year before, but didn't have their own episode and we did episodes with them back to back, we went on a tour and joe shared with us their um weightlifting, like slash bed bedroom and desk situation, right? Yes, they're doing it all in one 10 x 10 yes, room space. But if you listen to that episode, if you listen to joe, well, actually didn't make it to panels, but if you listen to joe and show via like make sure you listen to the panel spoons reunion because life life comes at you fast. We talked to them at the beginning of the year, at the end of the year and it's like yeah, So much, so much happens. COVID-like makes 10 years passed by in a month and everyone's careers have shifted during that time to write, it's like oh wait, you're doing this so you're not a trainer anymore, okay.

Like a million things whose even para lifting anymore. Once a month maybe, you know? Yeah. So yeah, that was pretty interesting. Oh ship we have Maria, our first roulette. That was she's that? Yeah, that was freaking awesome. Then we have Katie Babe with hearing aid. Who by the way, Yeah. Oh by the way, wait, you want to change it? No, I said that's my favorite title probably by the way that we've ever made. I think that's a hashtag to hashtag babes with hearing aids. You get a lot of amazing people from the deaf community, you can follow Katie's been super helpful and resourceful and making sure that we're also accessible to the public, you know, or a podcast so you only hear audio but how can we what, what platform are we using now? So yeah, thanks thanks to Katie because we're trying to figure it out for the longest, you know, we don't have money, how are we going to do this without that much money. We don't have the time we tried it by time it wasn't working. How do we transcribe? So we ran ideas by her um elastic pod is what we're gonna do because you can listen along and watch along.

You could scroll back and forward. You can click the words so that'll be ready. What next year? Well yeah, so the second half of our podcast is fully transcribed. So even our latest episodes, they're being transcribed and you can just listen and read from there. Um but the next, the first half should be done by next month. I think I'm going to start the new year ish off fully transcribed. I'm so excited because it's so much work. Yeah. We finally figured something out. Yeah, we had, you know, people offered their help but It's a lot of work. It's hours and hours in one episode of work to do it. So I mean although it is automated transcripts, it's not going to be amazing. But the transcripts are not terrible. And the website Youtube. Yeah, the Revenue Youtube, the website is pretty nice and it's, it's very simple.

It's great. So if you are yourself or a podcaster look into elastic because you can set it up to be like pretty automatic. Yeah, but it's necessary. You know, we're going to do whatever we can to make sure that we have transcriptions and all podcasts. Um what else do we have? Oh Alexis came back to talk about the baby. Yeah. Return of the stump. Yeah. I've had a few people actually um talk to me about this episode directly and they were like, yeah, I'm just so impressed with all of the ship she thinks about for this child and even the fact that she could just switch between all of the pronouns with ease and like, you know, teach them sign language and this and that and food and then like that's like next level parenting, but the way that it should be, we should live in a neutral world. Yeah. And it's not even like, you know, like there's even even that's like commodified, right? Like mom influencers. Like it's not even like this is how you do it, look at me, pay me for this.

Like she's literally, she's just like, yeah, this is what I'm doing. Yeah, yeah. And and if you follow her on instagram, like she shows to just how she does it all with a limb difference even with her baby on one arm, right breast feeding her and using her left elbow, elbow to feed herself is just freaking love it. Amazing episode. That was pretty eye opening. That was great. I love that. Yeah, I did love that. Um then we met Rebecca before the spoon e panel. Yeah right, right, right. So that was pretty awesome. Carlos fitting um on Shinnecock land on the reservation. That was the shred shed made having a kind of quarantine with them to write because she was training um, in the city prior to the judge. Yeah. I mean, yeah, just like a lot of the people that we've talked to that made big life changes.

She made big life changes too because she was in the city and she went back to the reservation because of Covid. Right. Right. Yeah. But she's always been like staff and like a member of like the world always involved in the community. Yeah. Yeah. That's wild. And that was just in july and then SAm we met SAM at a different panel with, Was that 1? Oh, fitness for all bodies is how we made the same connection. So fitness for all bodies in what may or June, which by the way on their website, they have all the replays for their past panels so you can check all of them out. But they did one specifically unable is um, and that was great. That's how we met SAm and you know what I realized two of all, most of our listeners, not all of them. I'm just gonna say most, most of our listeners. Sam is probably the one that has been diagnosed with something for the longest. Yeah. So that was her. So that was interesting too because we meet a lot of people that are like, oh yeah, five years ago or last month.

Like somehow we catch people like, like right in their ship. Um, but like no, 15 years and now she's like, you know, so it's kind of like a different journey to talk about is being in a community that doesn't exist for house. How long? And then you wake up one day and it's like, oh everyone's talking about this now. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I think that's what makes her such a good like person to spearhead. I think the community because you know, she talked so vibrantly about it and she was one of the first at least that I knew. Um Unless it was my old auntie. Yeah, not 15 years ago. Nobody was 15 years ago. Multiple sclerosis was like, because you know, you worked in a hospital or something or you worked in rehab. That wasn't something everybody knew about. Yeah. Yeah. So that was a pretty awesome episode. Mm hmm. Then Monica came along before Monica. We had daria. All right.

Talking about long Covid, Which shoot I I refer back to this episode all of the time just in daily conversation. Because people who I know have had Covid, they're like, man, I feel like I'm still getting shipped. I feel like I'm still a lot more tired. And then when I get coughs or any sort of sickness, it's a lot more intense. You know like the cold or the flu. It's not Covid, But all of my symptoms are like 500 times as intense as they used to be. Yeah, she has great resources. Yeah. That episode is like if you think something's up and you had Covid like listen to that episode for sure. That was a good one. Because that it's just tons of new things that a lot of people don't really know. Because I mean like post viral syndromes are not new. But this is the first time that a lot of people are getting a post viral syndrome at the same time. Mm hmm. And the work that's being put in right now by the long covid community and the disabled community to label it a disability, right?

Because that's fucked up. Like, like what are you gonna do? You're not going to get you're not gonna get the same treatment because it's a new virus. Yeah. And so many things are barely coming along. Like chronic fatigue was like, they would laugh at you like chronic fatigue, you're just leaving, right? Yeah. But now there's my myalgic encephalitis communities. Like, nah, bitch. Like something's wrong with the brain bitch. Like this is a scientific thing. Not just tired. Like that's new. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. That's new. That's nuts. Then we had Monica and then then we had like a shooting the ship. Probably one of the funniest episodes to talking about shipping. Monica's are right. I have used her tips for home depot bathrooms. Um because she's like um the best tip yourself is using women's bathroom in the home depot. However, be prepared to walk. It's like a walmart size like a super walmart. Like you know they're in the fucking back like you better have extra 10 minutes.

That's the thing. It's like I've never ever used the bathroom at a home depot and I go I go fairly frequently, especially when I first moved that was in there. Like I was there all the time. You don't even think that they have a bathroom, never use the bathroom in there. I mean she knows she's in construction. Yeah, she knows. So that was that was Illuminating. I mean clearly because we talked for what is this hour? 47 minutes is a long time sees but that really opens your mind. You know, like not even thinking about how accessible public bathrooms have to be to begin with like having a large enough stall, having a short enough toilet but also having them in proximity of your workspace. And then on top of that, like if you're diabetic right? We're talking about needing um What are those boxes to Yeah, if you're diabetic or you do anything where you inject yourself with something, you need a safe space to dispose of them.

And her workplace literally didn't have a sharps box. Like Yeah just things that people don't think about because it doesn't exist for them. Like it's not in the reality. and either their company in all of these what? 50 plus years that they've they've existed have never needed one or no one's ever spoken out about it? So if I don't know any of us feel like we got to be the first ones were most likely always the first ones to speak out about it. Yeah. I mean our needs. It's true though. And then somebody else is going to do um what they call it whisper activism right? Like once you speak up they're gonna be like, yeah yeah mary Beth I want to, you know, I was always going to complain about, you know. Yeah man, I support you. I'm so glad you spoke up but like they won't save this ship. You had it. Yeah. Let's talk about this at the next staff meeting where all my um supporters, let me print out these D. M. S. And bring it to the meeting like damn.

But people really are like that. It's, it's really sucks. You have to be the bearer of the labor and the bearer of the oppression at the same time. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know if you get this. But like obviously a lot of my friends and old colleagues who I'm not like close with um know that we do disabled girls, both the page and the podcast. They, I've been getting a lot more DMX of like videos of people lifting with one hand or one leg or disabled tiktokers now. Like they're just sending me all this media. I'm like, well some of those are my friends, you don't, you don't need to send me that or you know, thank you. Is this is this who you think that like I'm your token disabled friend and I would love this because that's the one person I can relate to. I relate to all filipino people. You know, like I'm more than just someone with one hand.

But are you getting more? Um, No, but I get what you mean though. It is pretty interesting to see what people dM me like, like I'm definitely like a meme sharer. You know, so if we have a joke about something, I'm going to send you something related to that joke for years, right? Like, like I send um Ryan chronically where I like gay jokes, gay memes all the time because that's always the joke. Um or I send like joe like frog, those weird frog memes because she thinks those are funny. But like if we've never had a conversation about something, you just start sending me videos um about something very specific. And then I'm like, mm hmm mm hmm. That's interesting. That's very interesting. I will give you a like, but I'm still gonna side eye it. That's interesting. Yeah. Or you know, like if somebody's, yeah, I have it very rarely though. But um, I have gotten every once in a while, somebody that sends you like an inspiration porn kind of thing.

Not like, oh, check this person out for your broadcast or you know, it was something like that may be fine. Or like, hey, do you know this person or whatever, but like, somebody just literally just tripped DM like a video and I click on it. It's like, wow, inspirational boy walks for the first time. I know I'm like, oh, like actual inspiration porn, That's weird, jesus. I'm not sure what you think I'm going to get from this just reminds me of you, or like, do you want me to repost it? That's obviously not the kind of ship we post, like, what? I don't know. Yeah, but for that kind of content, not as much my pt stuff. I get more DMX that annoy me than my personal stuff. Like, people send me other pt people's videos and like, what do you think? I look at my page, I'm gonna tell you what, I think I already make content. I'm going to watch somebody else's content and then review it for you. So, those VMS make me mad more than the kind of you mentioned. I barely get. That's so funny. That's so weird. It's the weirdest, like, that's the weirdest thing to me.

I guess they need your like, um approval. I don't know. It's like, is it like maybe an external validation thing they got going on, but still, like, that doesn't sit right? Like, oh, here's another person that reminds me of, I don't remember if I mentioned this in one of our early episodes, but third grade sitting at the breakfast, lunch tables at school, minding my own business, my friends And suddenly all 400 kids are like, Oh My God, Mary Beth there's another guy missing one Hand and another like, little kids. 2nd, third grader, you guys are going to get married. And so all 400 kids are trying to like match us up and make us sit next to each other, say hi and watch that interaction like, fucking gross. And I got so red. I think I was so comfortable with my disability up until that point, who knows? Maybe just a few years later, I realized like, oh my God, people just see me us all.

You see me as Yeah, creature walking around and now, like, it's taken decades to embrace that again. Mm I love that for you. Yeah, thanks to you. I love that for you. Uh Yeah, I think you know what? Yeah, that's to me, probably the thing that I love most about this community in this podcast is that like, sure it's disabled girls who lift. But that's just the one thing that connects us beyond that we're all very multidimensional beings. Like there's so many levels to every person we talked to. Like, nobody is just, oh, that one handed athlete who dead lifts. Like nobody is just that. I like that idea is like not even a thing. And sure there's some people that come on this podcast and they're like, oh, we didn't even talk about lifting. Is that okay? Like, you know, we're like, oh, do I have to talk about my diagnosis story? Like, no, if you don't want to Yeah, this is our red table talk or our couch, whatever you want to call it.

It's just our bar. This is the shop. This is the red table talk. The barbershop. Yeah. The view, the Oprah Winfrey show. Like, what's she calling? The new thing that she does. I thought it was just like, oh, or something like that. The Osho don't actually never watched memes were not giving away free ship. But yeah. Yeah, yep, yep, yep. But I think that's like, like that's fucking peak of the show. It's not like, wow, listen to this person. This is how they lift even though they have that. And this is how they got the story of that. And this, Let's talk about their accident and that's all. Mm hmm. Obviously people want to talk about it sometimes because that's a big part of their lives. You know, it either goes uphill or downhill or a little roller coaster. Whatever you want to. Yeah. But I love though that it's not like an interview style platform podcast. Like everyone can come out here freely and just vent talk about what happened yesterday.

Talking about, you're stressed about tomorrow. You know, let us not necessarily help you, but help. All of us understand. Mhm. Um a little bit more about each other. I don't know. Yeah, it's called signed, sealed delivered. I'm yours. I would also like to take this time to remind anyone who's listening that we are not special. We're just two people and we happen to love each other and we love you and you can talk to us at any time. It doesn't matter who you are because I mean, okay, but I guess, but yeah, because people do that a lot. But hey, you know, I might just, I might talk to somebody for a while and be like, oh ship, what if you want to come on the podcast and they'd be like me, I didn't think you would ask me like you Yeah, you yeah, you, I love you. Yeah, we're not better than you or something like that. We're just people talking to people. So if you as a people, yep, that's it, that's the only requirement. There were people who own dogs who eat food and sometimes train that is all, that's it.

You like any of those things and come on down. Yeah, Well, and also, I mean, since like this is a little separate, but when we're talking about transcribing, um we would have been, we wouldn't have been able to do all of those things without, y'all without people like Katie to help guide us without like the anchor, we have some anchor subscribers who contribute to the podcast every month. You know, that's a big deal. And like, yeah, like we don't do this for money. But the money goes back to this podcast, goes back to the community, um to make sure we keep it going. Mm hmm. No, this is like the thing on NPR fundraising, We'd like to interrupt your, not an ad. Get back to this podcast. So we're not putting an ad in this. It's no, it's just uh it's just funny that just made me think of it, you know, like that week of fundraising thing and like they just like stop talking and they start talking about fundraising.

Yeah, Yeah. No, 2021. We made it another year. I'm thankful. I'm grateful. Still hard out there. And we're not saying we're living the best lives. But this is always a nice, safe, lovely space to be in. Yeah. Even when we're stuck in bed and can't get out because we're menstruating. This is our mm hmm. This is our even our uteruses choose violence. Still showing up. This is a great place to be. You know? So yeah. Thanks y'all for making it 2021 with us. You're alive. You deserve to be here. You're a wonderful being. And we love you. We love you. I love you mary Beth I love you Marsha. And guess what? This episode is airing a little later, but happy birthday tomorrow. It's your birthday tomorrow At the time of this recording. I am still 32 years old.

That will not be true for much longer. Yeah. Yeah man. Good Times. Yeah, December 19 Baby. You want to look at my, my birth chart. 11:20 p.m. Go for it now. They're gonna start judging you in 2020 to know. Oh, that's why she says that. That's why her house of whatever is in the thing. I can't even make up the link. I forgot all the words already. I got my big street down. That's it. You are rising. You're And on every single planet. It's different too. Right, Okay. Yeah. No, there's like houses. I'm not that deep. I know my big three. That's it. You know, there's like more. I don't know the rest. What are your big three? Um Sun sign? Yes. Sun sign is Sagittarius son. Shit, hold on. Um okay. Sagittarius. Sun Taurus moon for go rising. Oh ship. Mm hmm. And most of my closest friends have a tourist. Something in their big three at morning.

Which is I think tauruses to are like the dominant. Like, I don't even know. I don't even, I never mind. Never mind. I am obviously pisses ascendant and Sagittarius. So that's right. Yeah, Moon and cancer. You. That's it. Yeah, I know Mercury in Aries. I have something that Aries. But yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So yeah, most of my closest friends are either like they have a statutory something in their big three or their main thing is tourists. Mm hmm Which is pretty interesting. So you just proved my theory further there it is. Hmm, interesting. Take this down from my notes. Take that co star. I don't need your compatibility thing. I already figured it out. Exactly. And it changes every day. Right. And I feel like communication styles sometimes change.

Some of them changed by years. Some of them changed by decades. Some of them blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. We need somebody that goes hard. Monica could come back. Let's yeah, let's bring someone on that goes hard on astrology. We should, we should do the big three of every pocket at the end of each episode. People would love that though. Have been like a new fad. Yeah. Pandemic copy dog. That was my pandemic copy. So yeah, I got crystals all up in my astrology as a pandemic copy is free. This is why you see this is like, that's the draw. It's free. Like, like the way that soccer is such a worldwide sport. Like you don't need anything, right? Just roll up and you just get some shitty balls were playing soccer. That's it. You know, I got the internet astrology now. Yeah, Like you don't need to buy anything plants. I'll kill them, crystals are not cheap. No, it's not bread.

Making you gotta buy ship. No. Astrology is free, baby. It's me. It is free. I'll live off of astrology. Who needs coffee bread. No, I don't need to make any bread unless my air fryer can make bread. I gotta look that up because this air fryer has changed my life. No, for reals, I have the attachment. Anyway, we are going off on a major Oh yeah, yeah, we're just gonna go back to what? The wrapped 2021 wrapped is wrapped. We're wrapping the wrapping is done and putting a bow on it, putting a bow on it. See you all next year, smell y'all. Next year old girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe, rate already. Review of our channel. We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player, FM, google podcasts and more. You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left

E57: DGWL’s 2021 Wrapped!
E57: DGWL’s 2021 Wrapped!
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