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E65: Just the Two of Us

September 12th 2022

In this episode, we welcome ourselves back from a two or so month hiatus… After Marybeth’s wedding and long summer things, we discuss the lots that’s happened and what’s to come. Marcia is no longe... More

this is disabled girls who lift. We are reclaiming what's rightfully ours, one podcast at a time. It's mary Beth Chloe and Marcia bringing you the thoughts and unpopular topics to get you out of that. A bliss comfort zone. Welcome friends. We're reporting live from space. Welcome back to another episode of disabled girls who lift that joke only makes sense if you're watching the Youtube version that's on you. Anyways, this is Marsha on Seminole Tribe Land. She, they happy to be back in your headphones, your ears, your eyes, whatever. Um, of course we have so happy to be back from outer space. I choose Pluto because it's so underrepresented. I'm mary beth on northern California, abalone land. Wait, Oh, shoot. I'm not since I moved. I don't think I'm on a lonely land anymore. I need to look that up. I'm in South Bay, san Jose.

So folks, let me know where I'm sitting. Um, but yeah, shoot, it's been way too long. Three months since we've talked online officially for disabled girls podcast, you've been doing a few things. We were a host were a guest for another podcast. Yeah. And you know, somebody that feels like we're doing this as a passion and also people like, oh my gosh, your podcast has done so much for us. Thank you. Like you do feel kind of bad when you miss to publishing days or months. I mean, but at the same time We got a solid 60 something episodes. So you know. Yeah, no, I mean, I think it felt bad because we've never missed an episode. We did change our schedule from every week every other week once a month.

We missed 1-month guys and I'm so sorry. Well We missed one. No, we missed two. Well now we're late for this one. We're a little late, so we just spent a month and technically we didn't miss this one. Yeah, just kidding. But anyway, so, but you know what to say about girls are never late. Okay, Hunty, we're always on time. You just gotta, you just gotta push your clocks back. Time is relative. It's a construct anyway, you know, especially since we're in outer space for Us, it only took two minutes for all y'all down on earth, like four years. It's like that interstellar thing, we're on the planet. It literally felt the amount of time since we The last recorded, literally felt like that planet and we're back up to the spaceship right now and that dude's like, it's been 27 years, like Damn ship. I know it's actually been that long. Well, and I think since it was like the biggest summer in the last three years for the world, you know, all of a sudden Covid doesn't exist to the world.

Um everyone was out doing shit and celebrating ship and not being home for the summer. Yeah, lots of happenings, lots of happenings. Um Yeah, for both of us, but you definitely were outside this summer doing something special, like Yeah. Oh my gosh, that's like three months ago almost. It was just No offense to everyone out there trying to get married and my husband and he knows I love him, but it was just an event for me, you know, you know, cause I put on so many events. Yeah, the Greek theater. It was just like I got to get this ship down, get all of my vendors in place, make sure all 200 people are happy. Only 1 50 show up. That's cool. But it was still big. It's still big. It was all outdoors, but um, I'm just so glad it's over.

We haven't even changed our last names yet. That's not a big priority. It was just making sure everyone's happy. It looked nice, look pretty. My family got along. Thank God. This is like families on my side combined. You know my mom, my dad, her first ex husband, my stepdad, her second ex husband and her fiance, my future stepdad sounds like a Tyler Perry movie, but it was fun. It was so emotional for that reason. Like my dad and my stepdad both walked me down the aisle and I didn't think they would all get along or it would be awkward. But no, it was fine. It was dandy through it. Um, since we moved to a new place. Um, literally a month ago, I also had like a small housewarming. Um, and I, I told my parents in passing they both showed up, both my step dad and my mom and her fiance and they got drunk together like what kind of world are we living in?

And they're both of their names are frank, which freaked everybody at the party out. I was like, I was like mom, this isn't weird to you. She's like, no, both of their names are frank. They have to get along. I just spoke with frank, what can I say? Okay, whatever, whatever floats your boat, whatever. Yeah. I mean it's been busy but it's been fun. Especially like redecorating homes. You know that interior design. Ship painting? Lots of painting. Oh putting wallpaper up on walls and stuff. I want to do that. Okay so do people look at you sideways and home depot when you're buying paint and ship. Oh they know my name. Birthday Social security number there. I've been there way too often until that guy who tried to man explain like what freaking garden soil was just okay. Just one of them didn't understand the assignment, but the rest of them were like who is this tiny person?

Don't worry about it. She's got it, don't worry about loading like what? Two by 10 by eights onto the card. And yeah, lots of stuff yikes. What about you? What about me? Um So I'm no longer physically dead. I am in a state of emotional emotional turmoil that I'd rather not discuss but I'm no longer physically dead. It turns out I had very low, very low vitamin D. Which I've always had, but when I asked doctors about it, they were like, you're good. So I got a new PCP and that's uh that's pretty much where everything changed because she was like, yeah, no um those people suck and your vitamin normal, this is not normal. Yeah. Like let's say the normals like 30 to 100. I remember the numbers, but let's say it's like 30 to 100. My vitamin D. Is always like 10. Oh my God. Yeah. Dude, it's been that way since I've started getting sick. So I started supplementing some vitamin D.

And then P. M. P. M. What do you know I'm up? And some people are like, oh it's because you don't go outside it off. I'm like, okay I'm very heat intolerant and photosensitive now. But when I started getting sick like ***, I was outside, you know, I was doing strongman events. I was always outside and my vitamin D. Has been for years, so it's not exposure to the sun, it's, I don't know, some shift in my body that's like eating it. I don't know. And you're in florida where there's just so much sun, All this exactly strong. But like when did you realize? Like there's there's something like there's something there low energy. Well no I pretty much was having another flare up in general, I'm dead, right? But I was like dead, dead all caps. Um I had like a lot of stress in february and then I had an infection, I had to change my toilet and a piece of ceramic cut me and that like messed up my whole shit.

So like after that I was like the energy level of like go to work, come home, sit on the couch, like I cannot do two things in a day. Like that kind of fatigue. So dead, dead, dead, dead max to the max. How do they never check? How did they never notice your vitamin D. Level? Nobody cares man. Everybody's like, you're young, you're fine. And it's not like I don't ask because you can read when you get your lab results, they push it in red. You know, I'm like, hey, this is red and they're just like, oh that's fine, don't worry about that. They're like, that's fine, it's okay, don't worry about that. Bright red, bright red. Notice me, notice me, look at me, witness me. Yeah, she is nuts. So this doctor is out here. Yes, she's out here doing the thing for me. Um So I'm actually paying cash for this lady. I have good insurance and whatever. I'm actually paying cash because I was like, there's a lot of words for this.

Some of them call themselves functional medical medicine. Doctors, some of them call them this lifestyle medicine or whatever, but essentially their cash based PC PS sometimes they're nurse practitioners or whatever. Um It did take me a couple tries though because with that cash private pay arena there's a lot of like quack ish type ship like that wants you to like change your faucets to alkaline faucets and like stuff like that. Yeah so it took me a couple of tries but this lady is legit, legit legit so that vitamin D. Thing alone changed my life. And then I you know I told her about my stomach stuff and she was like if you've ever been to a G. I. And I'm like well yeah she's like well why don't you go back to him? Like I guess you're right and I forgot what a great guy my G. I. Is like I just told him my problems and he believed me and there are tests you can do for the problems and he was just like no you got this mobility, it sounds like that's enough like reflex.

So yeah you're actually think there's probably a little soft check. Like he didn't want to like my PCP wrote like a letter of tests just in case he didn't believe me. Yeah that's the cool thing about like knowing specialists they already know this is common for him. Yeah well for not just that guy, just a G. So I wouldn't give everybody because she because I told her how hard it is for people to believe me. She literally wrote me a letter like alright take this to him if he doesn't believe you and like tell him your PCP wrote it like I didn't have to show him that he was just like okay anyways anyways here's what we'll do. So you know it takes a couple of things from my acid and like I'm taking mary likes like a granny but I'm feeling great. Dog. Shipping on time is a life changer. I had no clue. You were just talking about it this morning on time is a game changer Because # one, you know how there's fighter flight? The opposite of that is rest and digest and like if I'm never pooping I'm stuck in that like I feel like I need to take a nap but I don't like I literally feel like like God yeah and then plus you you're always constipated so you never feel hungry.

So I was literally eating that's still not totally great but I'm literally eating based on time, it's been three or four hours I should eat. Like I wouldn't even feel hungry ever because I was literally full of shit. Yeah Set a timer. Yeah three hours. So it's a game changer. I feel good physically I feel great dude, I go to work, I can cook in the same day and I can get a lifted in the same day and I feel fine after this ship is weird dude, what are you what a what a change but there were such small changes, you just had no idea how to navigate it. You know a vitamin D. Supplement that's it, vitamin D. And some me relax dude, That's it. Not not anything drastic. Um I mean because this dude is saying that there are surgeries I could try but like they're hit or miss and nobody nobody knows they don't study this kind of stuff. Nobody really knows.

He's like you're young, who knows what it'll look like in 20 years and like you're right, we're gonna leave my parts alone. Yeah but that that diet and nutrition like even though it's a little bit of supplement makes such a big difference in our bodies freaking curing huge difference man, huge. I could get so much done and just vibe and be fine, it's great. I love it Here in space, in outer space. Oh and all the other third thing finally wrapped it around on the tail end of fucking revelations is all the things I'm allergic to. All right? Yes. Wait, but you got a longer list this time. Um I always have like, yeah well well my mom used to always joke that I was allergic to the world and I used to snore and like have inhalers as a kid but I quote unquote grew out of it, but here's the gag guys. If anyone ever told you that you don't grow out of it, it just your body's changes the way you react to it.

So having like itchy skin or every time that I get sick and it goes down to my chest. Like that's because you have fucking allergies. You didn't grow out of it or walking around going shit isn't normal. You're going down to your chest. Yeah. Like if I got any common cold or whatever, I get bronchitis right away because all of your insides are already inflamed and aggravated whether or not you realize it. So yeah. And they're hypersensitive. Like I I won't I won't forget the time when, when you were like, oh yeah, my allergies like are a lot more aggravated when I'm on my period. And I was like, me too, why am I sneezing so much? Why am I so itchy? And her immune system is a little lower. During that time it's like a histamine. I've looked it up, but I forget. But like your histamine goes up or something like that. But basically the things that make you allergic to things go up when you're menstruating, which is stupid as sh it um Yeah, man, it's a long list.

I am allergic to um everything inside and everything outside. So that's nice. Not food, which I was surprised because some foods made me feel bad. But then I realized and I learned I'm allergic to nickel nickel. Yes. Holy crap. I thought you were gonna say dust and pollen that's in and out. Oh no, I could give you that. Like I know that, but I could give you that list. But the Nickel one was the biggest rebel because I would eat like nuts out the can and like that my stomach would kill me. It's the metal. It wasn't the nut. That was, that was crazy to me because I'm not allergic to any food whatsoever. I am allergic to fucking house flies. What kind of bitches? Allergic to a fly? Like who gave me this? I want to find my ancestor and I just want to talk duda, fucking house fly my dude. We got through slave ships, but a house fly is going to take us down. What? Oh my God. And, and like the proximity of them to like whether they land on your skin, whether they're breathing the same air in your air ducts.

Like I'm allergic to sleep with your mouth open. I'm allergic to roaches and mold and the allergies. Just like, it doesn't matter if your house is clean. Like they're outside, your pulls in air from everything right? There's always mold outside, especially it's raining is florida. It doesn't matter if you're, you can do your best to keep the inside of your house clean but is cockroach fly particles in the air is nothing I can do about that. Oh God. Okay. You're gonna be walking around in a hazmat suit. It just reminds me of like you can't, you're not safe outdoors because because of the fires here in California, you're not safe indoors because of Covid protect yourselves and figure it out essentially because outside I'm allergic to the pollen to the trees inside. I'm allergic to dust, flies, roaches, mold and dogs. Any kind of dog. I can't even have a hypoallergenic dog doesn't matter. All dogs and horses. I've always had an irrational fear of horses. So that tracks where's where's Chloe at?

Where's our horse girl? Um Well, so also like keeping dogs clean. Like I, whenever the dogs get dusty, you know, they have all the, what is it called er like and it's a lot stronger, but I throw them in the bathtub and then my allergies get a lot better. Does that help? Yeah. So I start, it's hard for me to wash because it's like fucking laborers. But the biggest thing is that my brother got this cordless vacuum game changer. So I vacuum way more often than I used to and I washed their sheets more than I used to wash their sheets way often. So even if I don't get to bathe them as often as I really should. But the vacuuming really helps because they shed, like even for an indoor hair filter thing? Air hair fits an air filter, sorry, your own hair to show air filter. And also I was taking, so I started taking Zyrtec when I started having random allergic reactions on my period.

But now I doubled that. So with all of that, I'm feeling pretty okay. Are you the one that told me or somebody told me that if you switch up your allergy pills, you're the brand of allergy pills. That also helps because your body is usually like, so used to the specific anti histamine you're taking. No, it weren't me, but it's interesting, switch it up a bit like Claritin to whatever to whatever as opposed to taking more Zyrtec, take something else. Just something that doesn't put you to sleep. That's that's what I've been doing, interesting. No, I haven't tried that. I did get a new nasal spray from the allergist and I can smell for the first time and like most of my life for the most part of my life, I've never had a good sense of smell and um let me tell you, I don't know that I like it because you smell like, I don't like it. A lot of things like, I feel like, so I don't know if you've ever seen how people think of like implants for babies, Like they think that oh wow, it's just going to be magical.

Like, no man, that baby's confused the shit every sound they hear, like what the is that like, that's how I am now I'm like walking by, I'm like, is that like, that's what your farts smell like. I want a divorce. Like I smelled cilantro, I was like, oh, like soap to me? No. So cilantro is a weird one because there are some seasons where cilantro smells like a, like an herb and then others where you become allergic to cilantro and it starts smelling like hand soap like that. Like, like I'm walking and it tastes like it too. It didn't taste like maybe my taste buds didn't catch up. Yeah. So you become allergic to cilantro and like some seasons of your life, it's so weird and then it goes back to normal. Yeah, I don't I didn't ask for this. I don't I want clear sinuses, but I don't want to smell anything. Well, yeah, that's that's exactly what I was thinking too when they've been, I've been seeing on social media where they surprise their partner with those color blind sunglasses and and suddenly the world is so colorful, you know, and you know, it's a big emotional thing, but it's not what they want half of the time.

Yeah. It's a lot of new. I don't think people realize that when you don't have something you're used to it and your brain has categorized the world, it filed it away. You got a nice little like office file folder. Like, alright, these are dogs, this is that right. And you come and you add a new sense. You essentially took a leaf blower and fucking through my office like in a disarray like start over smelling the whole house. Like literally I'm walking by. What is that? What the fudge? What is it? This is my life now. I don't ask for this but you can breathe better. Yeah. Ok. I feel great. It's just I wasn't ready for that. You know, it's like when they asked me if if if I woke up with a left hand one day, how would I feel? I'd feel fucking confused. Yeah, I've been doing everything with one hand my whole life. Yeah. My brain has already been like we're good here, this is our life, fine, we'll figure it out because that's what we do.

Our brains are that adaptable. So that ship was drawing. But yeah, all in all yeah, physically doing pretty good there. So that's uh mm quite quite a quite a good summer in that hot as sh it too. So that came right on time because that still hot. We had our one weekend of of heat and everyone was dying. But I can't imagine. Yeah I need I think I need to go I need somewhere that is sweater weather at all times I guess cause this shift out here it could be 10 p.m. And it's still 100 degrees. No, no thank you. It doesn't make any sense. Don't make no sense. But anyways so you moved is the garage they're making a comeback. It is it is I'm slowly going to start getting my equipment back from a friend because they've been using it as a working clothes hanger.

Like they've been hanging their bras on it and they which isn't bad. Like they tried I think a lot of people when they get equipment they try and I'll just give them the dumbbells and take everything else back. Yeah. All right. You got free storage for some months? No. Yeah. That made a huge difference. Like that was a huge favor for me because I had a one bedroom apartment. Now I have a three bedroom house and the space for it. I just want like a shade and stuff you know? So Finally getting back into moving something more than just a 30 minute walk with dogs and hopefully some squat and bench and dead lift in. But not a lot though like something that's a five. Yeah. No in this place it's a good thing. I had this coach because she helped me. She's the one that was like yo are you good? Really? Yeah because I was not I couldn't handle even like squats or I was I haven't dead lifted it all this year, this year, this year, this calendar year.

So I was already not really doing my dad left from last year. It was like ramping up in terms of the flare up and then I got to a point where I couldn't handle doing the squats but you could do olympic weight lifting off the floor. Yeah if I was like sharp enough for that day because those um the thing about only lifting is a lot of technique work. It's not actually heavy. Yeah it's super light but so it's not the kind of thing that leaves you, I mean maybe your arms are sore if you've never done overhead, but you're not really going to be left sore. It's not volume, it's like two sets of three or like a complex a couple of times. Yeah. Light to you. I mean I see that weight and I'm like holy crap, I can't, I'm tired just watching your videos. That's fine. I still watch other people's videos and feel the same way. So it keeps going, oh man, and then wait, but you have been able to bench, bench is always fine. Bench is not was not like taxing in that way.

Um So I totally understand all of the bench. Only grandma's I used to see it meets, I understand now. Yeah, you're laying down on the bench, whatever, Let the weight come, let the weight go, that's it. Take a nap halfway through. That's my favorite part. So yeah, take your time coming back though when you coming back is a great feeling. So just you know, enjoy that, enjoy the comeback tour. I can't wait. Yeah, but like a slow comeback, you know? Yeah, Yeah, no, you don't have to do that much to get back into it like at all. So when I say I'm squatting again, I'm doing like 3-5 sets of three. Like I'm not yeah, killing it in volume. Like I can't believe I used to do like 85% like, you know like four sets of five and then do hot yoga after like how my God. Yeah. That or like attempting uh crossfit olympic weightlifting all at the same time.

I was a power builder. I was power weight lift, power weight lifter. Like. I'm sorry what? I can only do half of one of those now. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Who who was that? And go on a run. We don't know her. Yeah. No. Oh my god. In college I was training for both a half marathon and a and like to powerlifting competition. Not I think you know what I hate about that though, is that so many people will be like, well, welcome to your 30s, welcome to adulthood. It's like, Nah, like welcome to more responsibilities that are just as taxing as physical activities. That's all. Like really your work week Is like 50 hours as opposed to 20. And some school. Yeah. It's not the same like you're not, maybe, you know, I'm not in my mom's house anymore. I gotta do the grocery shopping now. Like. Hello? Yeah. That all adds up kids.

Okay, you gotta take care of him. I can't even imagine that people taking care of other entire humans and not even just kids right? Some people are taking care of their like parents and ship it. Yeah, it's hard. Hearing me take care of somebody else and pay the bills and remember to like shower, eat bathe nourish right and work out and go to work and also don't forget to like work on yourself your mental health right? And also do like self care and no, that's a lot on the checklist and then and then are pregnant. Mamas I've been seeing working out on my on my like a lot of my friends to like holy crap, you got a baby inside of you too that you're trying to nourish and feed and take care of their mental health. They can hear and feel everything you're feeling. It's a lot. So please don't let anybody just tell you it's getting old. It's getting more responsibilities. Be gentle with yourself. Yeah, that ship is heart.

But speaking of power lifting though, the, I'm laughing at these bench rules. Oh my God, this is what I was doing at midnight last night just like reading and looking at the diagrams of what they're requiring now what they're not allowing. And so that that started like 23 months ago, I am still trying to figure out what complaints and why. Um This came up at world bench press championships. I'm guessing somebody won and the person that didn't, I'm just going to guess right, the person that didn't win is salty and I would also venture another guest that the person that is salty is a white and and like small and has no flexibility in the arch because the biggest thing is they're trying to like, decrease the range of motion really. They're trying to like um which they're trying to decrease that, that freaking how big the arch gets in a lot of those.

Yeah, but you can't quote unquote level the playing field by setting an arbitrary rule when people have different bodies. Like if I have long arms, like you can't force my dead lift to be harder. Like it is what it is. Like it's going to be easier for me. Some people have short ass arms, different proportions. They can arch whatever, whatever. Like it is what it is. And so the rule that they came up with also doesn't make sense because it's also arbitrary. It's like essentially squat depth, but for bench. But like, those body, the body parts don't work the same. No, they don't, they don't work. And like you said, if you're a bigger person versus a smaller person, that's going to make a huge difference as well, can you imagine you have large breasts and imagine now you have to be like, all right, I need to touch below. Like maybe you didn't touch below before. Now you have to so you can get elbow depth, like Yeah, and how dangerous can that get to like, well, because it can be between the chest and the rib cage or the at the abdominals, but basically your elbow joints have to come below the top of your shoulder joints.

Again, ridiculous. Not everybody has that range of motion and we have different proportions and different body types. Like it doesn't make sense. And it's true even just a range of motion alone. That is actually yeah you're requiring someone to have a certain amount of shoulder extension and some of the stuff comes out there ain't got it boss and like are not even talking about the arch stiff, everyone's stiff and they said What? It would only affect 5% of power of power lifting. And where Did they come up? I want them to show their work on this. Show me. Show me your math on that one. Where'd you come up with? 5% because first of all the pictures they showed of the example lifts the good lift that they posted. I would have red lighted it because his elbows were uneven in one of those examples. So like what? Yeah that's your examples aren't even making sense.

Yeah. Well that's the other thing is some some people have to elbows and if one's off and the other is off what is that like? Or one is higher and the other lower. We all have imbalances. So what but they're also saying so you've got you've got 33 judges right? One head judge is just right head right in front so they're the only ones that can see head coming off the bench or um your elbow fucking depth is that we're calling it elbow death But the two sides judges can't see that the two sides judges are only looking at like you're but staying on the bench and whatever else. So if you were to get red lighted by the head judge and white lights from the side judges it doesn't really matter but it has to be perfect and you can't put your feet. So the one that first of all, okay so if you're so concerned about the arch knowing that everybody has different setups then decrease at least the like hand position.

Right? Because all of those all of those heavy arches have wide as grips to for the most but those are still considered legal like it has two rings or three rings like if that was your gripe you should have made the rule for that for the hand position. But now on top of that you have the rule for the feet on the bench which is what happens if you put your feet on the bench anyway. No it's during setup right? You know how during setup some people put their foot on the bench to do that arch. Yeah I do that even without an arch like or whatever. That's how I take my shoulders in. That's it. That's the rule you can't you can't do that that's like a. D. Q. Disqualification you get disqualified for putting your feet on the bench. So stupid and what's the reason for what is? Okay So okay they said 5% of people will be affected but I want them to show me how many people put their feet on the bench because that alone is going to affect people. You just fuckinwith setups.

Yeah. Come on. And I guess it's not that major of a change either. Like some people can get into their position without putting their feet on the bench. Like I learned how to do that just because I got lazier but You're already affected by like 5%. Are you telling me only 5% of power? Let's just put their feet on the bench. But why add that to your list of rules as their board? I am surprised like you said this is I. P. F. And not us A pos. Yeah but I did read recently that U. S. A. P. L. Was starting to allow head coming off of the bench out of I PS. Anyway right so they can and all their sins could go hard simp in them. And then all the other people that like still want I. PF cloud did the powerlifting America thing right? Which looked pretty intense. Yeah. Pretty interesting. Yeah. I don't know where I read this. I was looking for super late at night also but in passing I heard us A.

P. L. Was also trying to add creating to the list of supplements. Can not see the creating. Yeah. Obviously not on water and like olympic weightlifting like no one's going to put creating because it's a naturally producing hormone or whatever creates your body. But I read that it's, it's in the works. I thought the only thing I saw was that they're going to start doing cash events, but creating my dude, I don't know, it's probably dead. But I saw it maybe, maybe it's social media doing its thing. But I saw somewhere that, you know, if you saw it, it might be real because I saw the bench thing a couple of months ago and I was like, this can't be real. Yeah, but that's on the real book rule book with diagrams and everything. Yeah, that's real real. So you might be right.

I'm telling you, man, not everybody needs to be in positions of power these beaches out here, get drunk with it, I can do anything, I can do it. It's bad. Crazy. Why? For what? What what my my one of my partners said, um like they're, they've been trying to throw it on the wall to see if it sticks and see like how many of their followers will, will just continue to abide by the rules, no matter how ridiculous maybe I mean, Yeah, that's also a part of being drunk with powers. You're trying to make a cult essentially, you just inching towards that line. It sounds real normal in the beginning and then all of a sudden next thing, you know, you shaved your head, you left your left your family and now you're in the middle of the desert. It's true because no one else will accept powerlifting. We've been trying so hard to get it in the olympics. Um, but it's still going to be that niche sport with niche rules, stupid as hell.

Um somebody else brought up this point about the power lifting too, is like, we're over here fighting about stupid ass rules when we should be figuring out how to make the sport more exciting for non lifters to watch. I'm like, damn, that's a great point because strong man, you don't have to sell it, Everyone's yelling all day, There's like a ton of different events, It's never the same event every time I'm like, you know, like everybody doing it as dramatic as hell. It's, it's a show, it's a spectacle. Oh, for sure, But if you go to a power lifting me and you've never done when you don't compete, you're not interested in competing, You're gonna be like, this is boring as fun. And it's also like, oh wait, that's £1000 I can't believe it, but it's £1000 and I'll clap for it, but that's it and it dies after three minutes. But for strong man, I think it's very visually appealing because of how large everything is, everything is real world items and holy ship a truck holder of freaking, you know, two to 30 ft pillars that you're trying to hold together.

Yeah, that's true, this thing is massive and everybody's all, I mean you're not really supposed to be yelling like that in powerlifting. I mean when you get to the dead lifts, I feel like it always got rowdy, but by that point the people getting rowdy where the people that were done lifting, it's not like the, you know, it's still boring unless you're into it, it still didn't get outside of that, but strong man, everybody's yelling the whole time, like there's no rules for politeness or whatever you can say whatever the hell you want. People could be right in your face while you're competing if if that's if that's how the event is set up. Yeah man, I remember I was doing um I remember I had one event with a car dead. No, but that's the vibe, I had one event with car dead lifts and the people were probably like an arm's length and a half away, the crowd watching you do the car dead lifts and then this man went and he was like failing it and his wife walked up from the crowd, oh my God, like she walked up to his face and was like, you're not gonna fucking fail this and he was just like, the crowd went wild.

Like that's gonna happen in power lifting, This is not gonna happen. I have to say you ain't coming home tonight, motherfucker. Yeah, that's not gonna happen, It's power lifting. It's like well he failed his temper and he'll come back at it for the second. Okay. Oh my God. Well that's that's you know powerlifting. Trying to be this very professional sport when in many ways it's not like water disowned um or some you know powerlifting. Sorry. U. S. A. P. L. I. P. F. Disown us a pl and worlds are trying to create these rules. But there is another thing too was like um you're going to try to this was the assumption that they're trying to like add um creating to the list of banned substances. But it's also like they allow um what is it called ammonia?

They allow ammonia before the platform. Right? And that's I feel like that kind of a hit is just as dangerous as freaking cocaine. Like might as well let them take a line of coke before doing a dead lift attempt. As long as the crowd doesn't see it, you know? But you can take a hit out of ammonia and that's legal. People use that in ambulances to wake there. That's true. Do they have that in? I've never really washed and only meat is that allowed in olympic weightlifting? I mean I'm sure it's allowed. It's not in the rule book but nobody does it but it's such a big power lifting. Yeah packets all over the floor. Yeah. Red ammonia capsules. Or you can smell it all over from the bottles. But um I hear that's just as dangerous to your head as taking a line of coke. I could see that. I've never looked into it.

I never thought about it. But I mean, it's not an addictive substance I think, you know, but you're using something to make like huge vascular changes. It is like your body. Yeah, that makes sense to me. I mean if they use it to to wake an unconscious person up, like to use it before a lift in powerlifting, which you said wasn't even as intense. Like you're you're lifting a barbell off the ground or you weren't dying. You weren't dead. You didn't need to be revived. I mean, maybe a lot of us are dead before I left. Oh my God, I'm going to do later. Thank you. Very questionable. But I'm still gonna lift lifts. You try to squat? Yeah, I'm still gonna lift computer phase ammonia. I did have a phase, but no, thank you. Me too. I mean, it was great when I needed it and the caffeine wasn't hitting hard.

I don't know like I needed a little bit to wake me up gave me some, but I also felt a little scattered like I was on coke. So yeah, that tracks because I'm thinking about how I felt. I didn't like how I felt. I liked like the rush. Yeah, but I didn't like feeling like which way is up. Like you're I mean, you're killing at least two brain cells for every inhale I'm sure but who knows I ain't a doctor. We're going to have to have somebody on here explain to us and something. We need a doctor. Yeah we needed to act. Yeah so we're not we're not we don't care. I mean we're gonna laugh about the I. P. F. Bench rules but personally uh we're not the 5% of lifters that are affected because we're not lifting with them so we don't give a sh it but we are gonna laugh about it from a distance because y'all are messy, messy.

I mean the people up above running rules are messy. That's what I mean. We still have not allowed trans athletes to compete in U. S. A. P. L. But that's a whole another episode. Yeah. Powerlifting America. I think I forgot what the rules are but I think they actually made some fucking attempts to be inclusive. Oh yeah. Yeah they don't care so much about. Yeah. Um I think it's really all just like showing the paperwork to and the levels of testosterone you're taking if taking any. You know not everybody takes it. But um I think our girl jaycee competed at parliament in America. That was freaking awesome. Oh yeah I told that about that actually. Damn. Yeah I forgot so we'll see but I'm definitely not interested in doing any of that stuff right now? I'm with you there. Well on a positive note your what are you doing? You're writing a but oh yeah, what am I interested in doing?

So the thing is that I'll write it down for us a couple of minutes. It's not, it's not that expensive of a story. But the thing is that all the work with fitness for all bodies, they were like, hey, we're writing a book, you want to do a chapter, and I was like, cool, sure. So I did a chapter in that book, submitted. The book is like in the editing part right now, but like, my chapter is done. So the publishing company read my chapter and they're like, oh, this lady fucks. So then this lady, somebody emailed me and was like, oh, have you ever thought of writing your own book? And I was like, well, yes, now I have now that you mention it, I am suddenly passionate about this idea. Oh, hell yeah, yeah. Pretty much at the phase of trying to make a book outline, kind of, proposal ish, Like, get the ideas together. But in general, the idea is like, a, like, a self exploration guide for Finding Movement, especially if you happen to be chronically ill disabled neurodivergent, um because there's not really books out there for people, like, it's not especially for yeah, like athletes, like, how often do we even see that on, on the screen not to mention a freaking handbook uh lifting with a chronic illness for dummies, I'd love to library.

Come on. So that's the general idea is so a lot of it will have movement. Um like so far the outline is like every chapter has some sort of topic or whatever and there's like some movement and also some like uh work book kind of assignments I guess. I can't think of the word right now but shipped to think about hell. Yeah. So this is shipped to think about and shipped to move about the ship to move and learn from really? Yes. And like you know, everybody's different, everybody works in their own ways but that's so helpful. Um So this is you expanding on the topic or the chapter that you are already covering for the Fitness for all bodies different topic. Not necessarily. So that anthology is kind of similar to the disability visibility kind of similar to that where people are just sharing their stories and their experience.

Um so basically people sharing their story and their experience with fitness. So um other people in the book or probably sharing things about being queer and trans. But mine was mostly about you know, coming to terms of being disabled. So that's kind of my it's like a personal story chapter. But the book is more of when you finish reading the book, you feel like you have something you you had something to start with and now you have a foundation for actually fucking exercising and enjoying it. I can't wait. That's so exciting. Holy crap. Yeah. That's pretty nuts. Um So yeah she somebody from that publishing company literally just sent me a cold email was like let's see what she thinks. So I'm glad they did that because I wouldn't have thought of it by myself. You know how imposter syndrome and you know, I'm surprised you haven't. I mean it's not like you're one of the many freaking um social media folks just selling their e books overnight.

You know, it's not nothing like that at all. You're an expert of movement in your professional life, you're an expert of uh you know, therapy of the body. Yeah. A lot of sense. Like why haven't you written dr Marciel? What the fuck? I guess sort of done this sooner. Yeah, I got a pretty solid idea I posted on the move with Marsha page. So if you're listening, you're welcome to go back to that post. It's a black text on blue background where I was asking questions for the book for audience input. So you're welcome to find that post and commented on instagram on moving Marsha because I don't actually read nonfiction books. Mm So I was kind of curious like what makes somebody choose to read a book and like what would make somebody choose to read my book? Like they would open it and want to see what like why would you buy that book.

I mean the subject itself, like you said it's just so rare. It's just such a rarity. So many of us felt alone in their journey. They're like athletic journey, their healing journey. All that good stuff to here to read that on paper. It's so relatable, you know, so different disability. I think that'll be pretty all encompassing. Obviously. It's not specific to like, oh, if you have autism, this is how you move or you know, if your limit different amputee, like it's pretty generic, it's not going to be specific, but um, I think that we want to make a difference. I also ask people for what are their favorite books about movement or anything like that. They're non fiction because I'm telling you, I don't read nonfiction books. Yeah, we'll start a poll on disabled girls, but you should still head over to move with Marsha to check that post out. Yeah, I could tell you some of the book.

It is interesting because I asked on twitter and that's more of my like appears for other medical providers. Um, so a lot of those books or books about how to understand the way people move, but definitely all those books were by white people, definitely. So instagram, the books were not all by white people, but not necessarily about movement, but they were like, this is the vibe and they're all able bodied white people know, not necessarily, not everybody. Um, like one of them was like, I want to look into that was called lifting heavy things, healing drama, one rep at a time by laura. I'm not sure how to pronounce your last name. I'm going to say kodori, K H O U D A R Y. So I'm like, okay, that sounds lit. That sounds pretty lit. That's super cool. Yeah. So that one sound that.

So people, a lot of people commented that book actually, maybe three or four people were like, if you wrote a book about movement, that was like this, I'd be down. So I need to check check out that book. Well, yeah. And that's the thing about writing a book, you're referencing a lot of writers and books or publish publishing already. Oh, I don't know. I don't read nonfiction. I don't know. What do they? I don't know. Yeah. I'm the kind of person that just wants to read like a list. I want to just read an article and be done with the idea. I don't really, I don't read nonfiction. I don't books books are for me or for escaping from reality. So this is why I asked these kind of things. Yeah. Yeah. I'm definitely going to have an interesting time getting this book together, but you know, I didn't think about it or care about it like a couple weeks ago. But now it's like, yeah, it's real and it's new, exciting news and as long as you know, you can take your time on it to a lot of publishing companies will try to rush you.

But you want it to be good. You want it to be fruitful. Yeah. I mean if I work with the same company that did the finished Royal Bodies book, I know the timelines and I was okay with that. So hell yeah, I wrote this down. I want to read some of these books too. Yeah, that was a book that I wanted to look into. Um Suzannah Barca Taki, who I follow on instagram. I love her stuff. I didn't even realize she had a book. She has a book to embrace yoga's roots. I don't even know. Um but those two are probably the only books and I'm like, oh, I'd love to look into this. But the other books is white people, white, skinny, able bodied people. And that's probably why I'm not interested in nonfiction cause I'm like, I don't want someone you don't know me. I think that's really why. So it'll be interesting. That's all I have for now. That's where I'm at for now. It's a lot though, at least for the last year of Discovery it's been that's super exciting.

We have both been going through it in good ways and bad ways. Both good and bad. That's for sure. That's for sure. But do you feel like now though you have a lot more control than you did say two years ago because that's I'm happy with myself about that. Like controlling that, like where you're going to take yourself, your profession, your lifting your personal life. Like I feel like I'm a lot more grounded and I can make these decisions like both logically and emotionally, but like make decisions like to better my future rather than on a whim. I don't know, I just know I'm with you so much better about this year and the crazy shit happening every week I'm with you for me, the only difference that is changes therapy in the pandemic. I started going to therapy. That's literally the difference for me is really recognizing patterns in myself and also recognizing patterns in other people and figuring it out.

I think it was only four or five episodes ago where you're still um looking for a therapist and now here we are. Oh no, no I had one. I've had, I've had a therapist, I did switch at some point in time because the office was stressing me the funk out which is the opposite effect. The office was stressing you. Yeah dude, they don't know, they didn't know how to build my insurance, they canceled my appointments and they're like telling me I need to call my insurance like what the fun they were charging me copays and it was supposed to be no copays like hot mess. Yeah, I did end up switching but um that actual therapist was still good, although a totally different style of this one, but I'm not mad at that. I got to see both styles. I think they both served me in a way. Yeah. Yeah and I think you kind of have to shop around like you do with friends, somebody you got to rely on like holding your worlds, your life's worth of trauma.

Yeah man, you got your things. Yeah, so uh definitely the gym was not my therapy, you know, my friends were not my therapy, the therapy was my therapy as as it's meant to since we're paying them the big books, so I definitely feel more grounded and more secure and the things that I have control over and it's not even just having control, it's like setting up your environment to write like you put yourself in a place where that's how it is? Instead of letting things happen to you? Like I'm not I don't want that to happen to me so I'm not even going to have that as a possibility like Yeah, I would have thought three years ago and I guess that's that's the whole point of making choices like you have to make these tough decisions, whether it's like yes, I'm going to focus my attention on this or no, I'm going to save it for tomorrow or next week then it's going to affect my professional life, my all of this stuff you know mm do I move, do I switch this, do I cut this purse?

All of those things man, at least somebody talk to somebody. Mhm. Yeah Yep. Here's to changes, here's to tomorrow, tomorrow September 12. We are Recording on September 11. Um tomorrow's the first day of school for my partner for my house and and so he left his job two weeks ago to focus on yeah to to focus on a boot camp for like um Web developing and for the next 3 4 months, that's what he's going to be doing work school, home work school homework. But I did not totally understand what that meant but I still don't understand. Well that's what joe did and joe fucking we got to catch up with them that moved states like what is she doing?

Three scholarship. Yeah it was a scholarship for tuition. Yeah so that thing I guess it's like that from what you're saying, it sounds like one of those kind of things. No It's exactly like that, it's very intensive. You're you know you're in class for seven hours and you're you're doing homework and writing code for another 12 hours of the day and that's your life every day for the next three months. And so you know like even making that decision together like Okay we got married, we went through all these things and I'm somewhat a little more stable in my job. We can do this now is the time before Children before like it gets even more hectic, there's no break, there's no break in life, but this seems to be a more stable year where we can do it, you know? And yeah, so saying yes and no to some of these things like comfortably has been, I think the motto of the year I'm with it, it's gonna be interesting.

Shit. It's gonna be interesting, but it sounds good. Yeah. Yeah, it sounds good. I can't wait to see your the conference. You just did too. Yes. So last this, yesterday and the day before was the long Covid conference put on by long covid physio. And I'm not sure if you could purchase the replay if you didn't already have a ticket, but you know, long Covid physio, that's the website. Also the handles are all the same. So check them out. But it was great. It was a lot of like provider to provider information. It was a lot of people with long Covid talking about lived experience, not people talking down to people on Covid. And I was there as a part of a panel just talking about disability and bias and just the experience with it. So we were literally just talking and it was very much the vibe of when we did the fitness for all bodies one.

It's very much that vibe and people are just in the chat like, holy sh it like, thank you for saying this. Like I'm crying right now. Like it was, it was very much that vibe. It was like 300 participants. Um So after the fact email it was over 700 750 people signed up and depending on the time of day they had up to 400 people online because it was for real for real. For real for real international. So. Oh wow. Wait how long were you on for? Like 45 minutes in the panel. They had a lot of breaks built in because again these are this is put on by people with long covid. So they had breaks throughout the day. It wasn't back to back to back. Everything was like short and then breaks. Yeah. Do they mention if there's going to be a possibility for like the A. D. A. Or even like the U. S. Government to put long covid on the list of disabilities? I'm not sure. I'm not sure what I don't think I was if they talked about that, I didn't see that discussion.

I mean that's like I think policy wise is pretty, yeah I have no idea how that's gonna go. Yeah for employment for school and all that. Yeah we're still at the part where nobody's recognizing it as it were and all the risks. So that's a great question if they talked about it. I missed it. Well I mean that's that's the whole point of amplifying it and holding these types of conferences and really getting people to understand if they haven't through lived experiences, you know. Yeah that it's real. I mean if you're not honestly, if you're not heavy, if your algorithm doesn't show you these things, you would never know. You really wouldn't. Especially if like your cousin or everybody, you know is totally fine. Like you you would have no clue. Well, yeah, I mean especially if you're following things that say Covid doesn't exist and shutdowns, lockdowns didn't work. Like if that's your algorithm, you would have no idea.

Yeah. So this is nuts. Dude, it is very very, very much needed because I I know like even my own family, they tell me they have Covid or whatever and I'm like, alright, y'all make sure you rest drink up there just like whatever. I'm not living my life in fear. I'm fun. Like okay, do your thing. I don't know why you're talking about me. I don't know why you talked to me about it at all then, but okay, do your thing. I don't know why you're attacking me right now because I'm telling you should take care of yourself because this is not a joke but alright, have a great time. Yeah. Yeah. So I think a lot of I told you so, but also not putting in that energy anymore. Yeah, I don't want to have any. I told you so I'd rather not. But yeah, so that was great long. Covid physio is a pretty pretty legit, pretty legit organization. They're doing some things. Yeah. Go follow them on instagram. We had dart daria right on.

She started a lot of that foundation. Yeah, they're instagram, twitter and their website to see if you could get to the conference stuff because I'm not sure long. Covid physio. Right, correct. Okay. Oh, so much, so much catching up. So much knowledge today, So much catching up with you. And I talked to you every other day and I had no idea about this book. So thank you. We tried majesty. Yeah, no, you know what? I have a bad habit of number one not remembering who I talk about things with you write because I told one friend. So to me, I'm like, that was you, wasn't it? And then also number two assuming that you saw whatever I post on social media. Oh God. So that's a really stupid assumption because number one instagram hates all of us. All they want to share is the cute people making reels. They don't care about us anymore. They're not even going to show it to you. Um, number two, what the funk? Everybody's not like hounding my ship like that.

Why would I assume that? But I keep doing it anyway. No, that's, that's a fair assumption. Like I ain't mad. I'm just saying this is exciting. That's uh, yeah, that's a lot. That's a lot of stuff. So thanks for catching up with us. Um, you know, we've got some emails to check for guests and whatnot. We're getting back into it. We're out here soon. It'll be just the three of us. Yes, we're going to get some recordings rolling and keep it pushing disabled girls who live podcast. We're not going any fucking where we haven't. And while we can't promise that we can post, publish these right on time because life happens, we will continue to hold this space for ourselves. Very much so from outer space, from outer space. So, uh from outer space or from a mound of breasts because both of us side by side, it looks like an ash shot or something.

Anyways, it doesn't matter. So reporting live from outer space back to you all disabled girls, Gays and days on earth disabled girls out. Thanks for listening to disabled girls who left. We appreciate all of your support and everyone who's taken the time to show us some love. Don't forget to subscribe, rate already, review of our channel. We're on apple podcasts, Spotify player, FM, google podcasts and more. You can also find us on instagram at disabled girls who left

E65: Just the Two of Us
E65: Just the Two of Us
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