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How Alexis Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous. Episode 96

by Dr Orlena Kerek weight loss coach
October 20th 2020

Dr Alexis shares her transformation from overwhelm and frustration to living  her healthy "dream life" on autopilot. And how having me, Dr Orlena as a coach made it easy and fun.

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if I had a miracle cure that would guarantee you and your family living to a ripe old age whilst feeling vigorous, fit and fabulous, would you be interested? Well I do, it's called healthy living. Hello and welcome to fit and fabulous with me. Dr Alina Carrick. Healthy living for families made easy Mhm Hello and welcome to fit and fabulous with me, Dr Alina Carrick. Today I am super excited, I have really big treat to you, I want to take you a bit behind the scenes of and have a look at the work that I do with people and I'm talking about my one on one work, so I'm always talking about how you can make a transformation, how you can steer your ship from wherever you are now, whatever that means in your life, normally from overwhelm and frustration two leading healthy life and feeling amazing and creating these habits such that you can do it in without having to think about it, do it on autopilot.

So this is a recording that I actually did around a year ago and I'm re releasing it as a proper episode because it was sort of hidden in the bonus section and I think it's actually a really valuable tool to be able to listen to somebody and their coaching experience. So today we're chatting to Alexis who is a client from my mind, she recently graduated, which, I mean we've got to the stage where we have done so much work her life with her healthy living life was on autopilot and she no longer needed my help, which is absolutely fabulous and my goal for all of my clients now, as you listen to this podcast, I want you to have a think about where she was when she started and the journey that she went through and how it was actually easy and simple and I really want to emphasis easy and simple. I would also like you to have a listen and think about What would have happened if she hadn't have had coaching now, I'm sure she would have made some changes but I suspect that she wouldn't have made the amount of changes that she made and she wouldn't be where she is now and where she is now is fit and fabulous at 40 with an amazing length of life to go feeling amazing and feeling healthy now before we dive in, I just want to remind you that you can sign up for my doctor Alina's super simple system and it is super simple.

So many people say to me, oh it's so simple and yes, it is simple, I want you to see that it is simple and it doesn't have to be complicated. And one of the things I really advocate is enjoying the journey from where you are now to that transformation and lastly if you are interested and at all interested in doing one on one coaching then feel free to reach out to me at Alina at dr Alina dot com. So that's O R L E N A at D R Alina dot com and we can arrange a time to chat. It's absolutely no obligation and I love to chat. And often what happens is I end up having a couple of chats with people because it's quite a lot of information to take. So we have a preliminary chat and then we might have another chat and think about coaching and if we are a good partnership together because a coaching relationship really has to depend on confidence of both people and it has to be a relationship that works. So if you're interested, reach out and I would love to chat to you.

So let's dive in and chat to Alexis. Hello and welcome to another episode of fit and fabulous with me, Dr Lena Carrick. Today we're doing something a little bit different, We're going to be talking to Alexis who is one of my coaching clients and she's going to be telling us a little bit about what it's like to be coached. So Alexis Welcome and thank you for being here. Thank you for having me. Would you like to just start by telling us a little bit about yourself. Sure, So I am a I live in London, I'm a dentist. I am a mom of 23 year old and a five year old And I'm Australian, you probably hear from my accent, but as I say, we moved to, I moved to England about 15 years ago, so I've been here a while now. Fabulous, I love your accent. We first met, well I say met, we've never actually met until september, we're going to meet in september, but we first met online when you were worried about your Children and the amount of sugar they were taking in.

So do you want to talk a little bit about that? Yeah, sure. So, so part of my background is that I have a doctorate in Public health and so I am very aware of my Children's diet and and it was concerning me, I guess that I had the knowledge that my daughter was, my daughter in particular should be eating differently, but I didn't quite know how to apply that to a small child who didn't necessarily want to eat the things that I wanted her to eat? So I had the academic knowledge, but I needed help in the application of that into real life situations. Fabulous and for those of you who don't know my, what should I say, previous persona, I have another website which is about parenting and how to help Children eat healthily. So that's where I first met Alexis and then when I opened up doors to do one on one coaching Alexa said yes me, so can you remember, can you take us back to where you were? I think it was last december and what issues you were facing then.

Sure, so I guess well the kids are young are still young and um but I felt as though with the ages that they were, I was just starting to sort of poke my head up, you know how you feel like there's a fog and then I was just starting to come out of it and be able to think about myself again as a person and I just felt like I was so In a rut with what I was eating and how I felt and what actually really appealed to me about you was I really liked the title, I like to fit and fabulous and it was the right demographic. I was around around 40 and I just, I liked that there wasn't a focus on weight loss in particular, although that's absolutely what I wanted. Um but I liked the focus on health and feeling good. Um so yeah, I was just, I was just, I remember eating loads of crisps and chocolate and again with the academic knowledge that I had, I found that, so I was so frustrated with myself because I know that that's not what I'm supposed to eat and but I just couldn't apply it to myself and I should also say I wasn't, I wasn't overweight.

I was still within a healthy weight category if you looked at my BMI, but I just felt so annoyed with myself. So those were the emotions sort of frustration and how do I take the next step. So then we started working together. What was your experience of working with me? I loved it obviously, but you think it helped having someone there to talk to? So at one level you can say we just meet up and we chat a little bit, but how did that change what you were doing? I think it helped me accountable. So at every session you would say to me or how did this go, how did this go? And I thought God had forgotten that I was supposed to do that or whatever it was, I would forget or you know, something hadn't gone right, and then I had to actually think of why that hadn't worked and what what had happened. So that was great because I think if I obviously I've tried to eat healthier before, but I've never done it with a one on one person who is then going to come back and ask me how did this go and what happened with this?

Um and so, and and also the other thing, which I really found was good was that the coaching, the sessions were not just a short period of time, so often I'm fine to do something for a month, and but then I sort of forget that I'm supposed to be doing something different. And so the regular kind of check in over a longer period of time reminded me of, that's right, I'm supposed to be doing this or I've agreed to do this because I wanted to do this and and it just was that reminder over a longer period of time, which is long enough to build a habit. And then now I probably don't need them, I need reminding about other things now. That's very interesting. And I do think that creating habits so that we don't have to think about things is really the goal of whatever change we want to make. So you started to lose weight. How did that feel? Great? Excellent. I started to get lovely comments from other people. Um and yeah, so my initial kind of goal was to fit into a certain pair of jeans that were way too tight and we achieve that actually pretty quickly.

Was it easy to achieve? Or do you feel like you really had to deprive yourself and make an effort? No, it was very, it was easy, it's really easy. And it wasn't rockets, like it's not rocket science, it's so funny. It wasn't there was no kind of crazy like only eating this food with this food or you know, there's all these crazy diets and stuff and it really wasn't, it was just easy. And do you like the way you eat now? Yes, absolutely. So it's interesting because my parents are staying with us, they're visiting from Oz, so they're staying with us at the moment. And so my mom has been cooking and she's a great cook, but she doesn't, I'd sat down to a meal last night and I had cooked it and I just thought it was all just all the stuff that I like or that I had, I guess come to like over the last year and it was just fresh and healthy and lovely and I just, it was lack of relief. So yes, I really enjoyed the food. That's really interesting as well. And I think part of that is habit and I wonder if some of that is our bio, my recorded a podcast on our bio recently all those organisms we have in our gut.

And I think the more healthy, you eat more vegetables, you eat, the less processed food you eat, actually, the more you crave that fresh, healthy food, which just makes it easier for you. Absolutely. So do you see yourself now sticking to this way of eating and eating like this forever? Yeah, definitely. And do as well feel that you know where that limit is so that you can have treats and things like that if you want, but they don't have that hold of you. Yes. Although that is still like, I'm still learning that. So we had a goal a little while ago that I was gonna give up chocolate for four weeks, which was really easy. Um, strangely easy for somebody who really quite likes chocolate. And then, and then what I found is that I thought, okay, those four weeks are over and I didn't reintroduce it particularly well and every time I ate it I was like why am I doing this? I don't even want to, and so I have to learn that balance still.

I think that is something that we're constantly working on and looking at ourselves and just being aware, I think that's the first step, so we hit your first weight goal and then decided that actually we were going to do some work on creating your amazing life and applying some of these tools to other areas of your life. So can you talk a little bit about that to us? Sure, so I guess I hadn't even really realized that that was an aspect of the work that you did and I only discovered it listening to your podcasts and but it did make a lot of sense because I think a lot of what I got out of the weight coaching, it was just that I enjoyed the sessions, like I just felt good after the sessions, it's like a mini therapy session, so I just felt good after it and I I guess I noticed that there was improvements in other aspects of my life, having just had worked with you um so then I came back and asked you specifically about you know, life coaching or other other other things that we could focus on and I've really enjoyed that absolutely fabulous and would you recommend me to other people?

I say yes, of course, of course and I have, yes. So just to to explain, I also work with Alexis's husband and in the future in september Alexis is coming here to my retreat, it's a very exclusive retreat which is open to other people if they want to come, but obviously it's here in Spain and the idea behind that is we take a little bit of time out of our lives and focus on what we want to create in our lives, so that's going to be super exciting and I'm really looking forward to seeing you. Yeah, me too, I'm looking forward to that a lot. It was great. Do you have any other comments that you would like to make about coaching? And I think I haven't had, I haven't done coaching before and and I know that people have said to me at various points throughout my life that it's a good idea to have and I've never really understood why because I've not had any particular problems and that I really wanted to work on, but I guess everybody has is not doing not doing everything perfectly at all times.

There's always something that you can work on and I think to have some help with that has been really nice, but fundamentally I just I just enjoy it. Yeah, I always think the difference between having coaching and not having coaching is I always say people can get to where they want to go, but the difference is either walking there or taking the quick route and going in the car and the coaching is basically going in the car. Yeah, absolutely. And there's definitely things that I can point to. Again, a lot of it is just is just changing thought patterns. So you will say to me why why don't you do this? And I will think afterwards at the time, but then afterwards two weeks later I'll do some action. And I think why did I do that? Because there was what's happened and obviously subconsciously something that you've said to me has gone in and then I've done some sort of action which is and and then that's that's been amazing for work or for kids or for whatever aspect it is. And so yeah, just it's like you're a fresh perspective and you can ask you can see clearly what I'm doing because you're not in it and give some good advice.

Yeah. Thank you. And I think that's really true. It's it's almost like your life is this bubble or hamster wheel and we keep going and we keep going and it's really easy to see other people's bubbles but when you're inside it it's difficult to see the outside of it. Yeah. Absolutely. Five years. Do you want to just tell us about your dental practice. Thank you. Yes. And so I'm based in London as I said and I work in as evidence of a dentist. I work in one's worth which is in South west London and Epsom which is in sorry. And if anybody would like to come and see me, they are very welcome. I think they're probably the easiest way to see some of my work is to have a look on instagram um which I've only just started on instagram and I'm just getting used to how that works. But if you look up Alexis, Xander dentist and you can follow me there and then you can get in contact if you would like to fabulous. And I recommend everybody e o to the dentist regularly. Absolutely get your teeth cleaned as well as checked up.

Thank you so much. Thank you. So there you go. Wasn't that an amazing interview and an amazing transformation and just remind you if you are interested in working with me as a one on one client just reach out and email me at Alina at dr Alina dot com. Okay, goodbye. Have a fabulous week. Thank you so much for listening to this podcast episode. Remember you can sign up for dr Alina's simple system to healthy living for families at Dr Alina. D R O R L E N A dot com slash simple dash system. If you have enjoyed this podcast, I ask that you share it with somebody else who would also benefit so that I can reach more people and help more people live healthily. And lastly if you are interested in working with a coach, then just email me at Alina at dr Alina dot com and we can set up a time to chat. Absolutely no obligation. I love chatting. So come and chat with me. Bye bye.

How Alexis Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous. Episode 96
How Alexis Transformed her Life to Fit and Fabulous. Episode 96
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