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Kaja Talks to His Past Self

by Kaja The Coach
October 30th 2021

Hey guys long time no see, today I had a conversation with my past self and gave him some valuable advice that I hoped people gave him when I was young and dumb. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Do share ... More

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of casual talks and I know I've been gone for a very long time and today they're going to talk about a conversation with my past self. So what would I tell to my past self if I get the chance to meet him. So that is the concept for today. So basically casual talks to his past stuff. So before I go talk to my father, let me introduce my past off about In a few minutes I guess 12 minutes, let me introduce my pass off. My pastor was someone who lost easily hot tempered was annoying. Person was uh emotionally, I was very depressed, very anxious. He was lack self confidence a lot. He had no one to believe in him. He had very few people who believed in his potential and he was always compared to his siblings and his family members because he comes from a family of very high a comedy accommodations I guess.

So this is a brief summary. I will talk to stop him and fast forward Now you guys should know who I am today. One of a public speaking coach. I'm inspiring a few. I'm inspiring young kid people to believe in themselves. So this is a short summary. So let's go to the conversation. So today we have caviar from the past Kasia in 20 16, 5 years ago. So what an adviser give to cut off the past number one at Wifi will give him, yes, ignore what society thinks about you, ignore what society thinks about you because it's very proven that society only knows how to talk. Society doesn't put words into actions like more society like you see all those chapters that you will never be good enough. You will never succeed as much as person, a person b You will never grow into a better person.

You will never be successful. You will never achieve the heights that you're suppose you you know, the height of other people. So one thing I'll tell my past service, number one, avoid them. Because trust me, those people are just piece of annoying pieces of female dogs. Okay, honestly, that's how you sum up them, ignore them. Because number one, they're not gonna decide the future. Number two, they're not going to be there with you. And number three, they don't know your struggles. So the first advice I'll give my past self was you Sorry grammar is never listen to society. Number two take risk. Take a risk. When I was 16, I used to be so scared of taking risks because I was so stuck in my comfort zone, not thinking of coming out of my shell. You know, I was so protected in a way. You know, so that stuff, I think the risk I was given an opportunity to become a very good leader in an organization.

And I said, no, I was given the opportunity to head up a specific division in my school. I said, no, our many opportunities came my way all I said no, because I was scared to take risk and trust me, those organizations that I said no two are doing really well. And the members in that organization are actually striving to do amazing things in life. The second advice that I give myself is take a risk. The third advice they'll give is high school is not everything. Your SPM results is never going to define you. I guess for those of you guys who don't know what S. P. M. Okay, I want to give the benefit of doubt that you guys are not Malaysian SPM is the second highest government exam in Malaysia. First being S. T. P. M. If you take it, but if you don't take S. T. P. M. S. P. M would be the highest government paper you ever take in your life. So actually it's not everything we got the 1st 16 years of my life.

I used to think the spm was everything SPM is this or we don't expect you never have a proper future spm. Now you do badly in spm no screw. But by and that scared me. That scared my past self thinking that S. D. S. P. M. Was everything. I was scared, I was pushed into a corner thinking SPM is everything. But in reality SPM is not everything. Ladies and gentlemen, one thing you should try your past office, your exams doesn't define you. So my past, I've got sPM, I only got three A's in my spm and most of you guys. Oh my God, that results is so bad. And so we were talking about that result is okay and there will be a fair few because all the result is good. But trust me, I was emotionally broken at that time and I like what she is what I'll tell my past us PM doesn't define you because you look now, it's because of those that specific bad as firm results that you're doing so well in your career right now you're doing so well in your studies right now, that's what you are doing so well and you're inspiring people.

So that results didn't define you as a failure but that result actually projected you to do better in your future. So ladies and gentlemen, the next advice I'll give my past self is Spm doesn't define you. And the fourth advice, stop wasting your time, pick a book and start reading. You Know, if I started reading when I was 16, trust me, I would have been so much knowledgeable and my speeches would have been so powerful from the start. But it took me so many years to start, you know, reading is important, reading is important, you know, so through reading, I started reading books and I This year alone, I've completed four books and I only completed one book and that's a storybook, Which is not academically related for six, 18 to 19 years of my life In one year, convicted four books in 18 years.

I completed one book. So you look at that little advice. I'll give my past self is to read books. Got two books honestly, ladies and gentlemen will actually allow you two and hunters are better improve your vocabulary, improve your listening to just improve your observations because improving another tech skills. Remember reading is very important for us to stay ahead of the game. And the final and white tail GIF is choose your friends wisely because when a high school I haven't had bad selection of friends superbly bad. I mixed with the wrong crowd and it really screwed up my studies. I mixed the wrong friends. I mixed with the wrong crowd. But eventually when I went to university I met the right group of friends. The group of friends that have the same mine as me. The group of friends that you know had the same like notes. And so the next day I sell your Kasia, she's your friend wisely because your friends, I couldn't determine who you are. I had opportunities to hang out with smart people.

But I said no hang out with the people who like to skip classes and have fun and I regretted that by what I tell myself is if I didn't make those mistakes right. I wouldn't be the man I am here today. So the fifth advised I give myself is do not. I mean choose your friends wisely overall. Why did the advice I give myself is to not let society define you take risk your spm is not everything read read more and finally choose your friends wisely. So that is all from me. Thank you for watching another episode of contract talks and do let me know do you guys like this type of video podcast or do you guys want to keep an audio? But I really think in audio podcast as well for those of you guys are my Spotify listeners, my apple podcast. You guys can still listen to me while they're driving and to all the Hindus and to all my followers and listeners who celebrate the power Happy Deepavali to you guys. Made a light, the festival of light.

Light through your darkness. And if you're in a bad place right now, trust me, it will shine bright at the end of the day. And I end with my favorite coat done by Australia, even the darkest of nights and with a real hope so do not let one failure define. Yeah, that's all from me. Take care. Ladies and gentlemen,

Kaja Talks to His Past Self
Kaja Talks to His Past Self
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